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  1. 1st of all welcome. 2nd introduce yourself on the SASS Wire part of the forum instead of the Classifieds. 3rd if you're new that can't be your SASS # in your profile.
  2. Y'all is plural. Bring. Them. With. You.
  3. Moving here could be an option, love to have y'all here in Middle Tennessee
  4. Don't worry Widder. We'll get TN Williams high on DQ nanner splits and he'll mix some chocolate syrup in with Red Knee's extra crunchy lube; that'll lock his 97 up and you'll win easily.
  5. You sure? Current potus had no chance of getting elected. ObamaCare had no chance of passing either.
  6. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=site%3Asassnet.com+chaparral&t=brave&ia=web
  7. Since 99.999999% of CAS matches will use either a Pact or a Competition Electronics timer why get something that's not one of those? I'd suggest getting the one the club you shoot at the most uses; around here that's a Competition Electronics Pocket Pro II.
  8. Yeah, go to a couple of matches and ask around there.
  9. If it helps I’ll be glad to kick you a few times next time I see you.
  10. Is it common to see a bunch of lever rifles at gun shows? I haven't been to one since around 2013, but don't remember seeing many at all, even back then.
  11. My thought had nothing to do with competence or skill. More to eliminate the decision and/or confusion for new shooters. Oddly enough I shot Classic Cowboy my first match, maybe 2 with .357 rifle, revolvers, and not enough of the clothing requirements. I was so slow no one bothered to penalize or correct me
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