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  1. Well we're being attacked on every front so maybe this is a war.
  2. It's weird and feels totally unnatural. For some reason I miss MORE when I can see the targets
  3. No it's not worth a debate. My experience is different, not a noticeable difference.
  4. Only at the bottom of the checkering, the tops stay pretty much the same.
  5. He just posted 2 hours ago? If you want his attention tag him: @The Original Lumpy Gritz
  6. If you're planning on conversion cylinders brass frames are a no-no.
  7. I'd sell the pair for $500 shipped. They have lighter springs, some polishing in the right places, fitted bolts, cap posts, and Treso nipples. I've shot 3 matches with them so far and some around the house getting them to my liking. I'll clean them up a bit better as well, but not too much as the patina is starting to occur That said if you think you'll get conversion cylinders at some point you'd be better off with steel frames and I don't have any steel frames currently; might check with Texas Lizard.
  8. Well, you could get the Old Silver, they are .36 caliber with 7.5" barrels, put some fake pearl grips on there and you're reasonably close; just no engraving.
  9. I will PM you a price later today. All that said I would suggest forgoing the C&B route altogether, UNLESS you plan to shoot Classic Cowboy. You can get a pair of Uberti Open Tops in .38 for around $900. I just bought a pair of 5.5" 38's and after shipping and transfer it $937 and some change. A pair of cap and balls with Slixx or Treso's are gonna run $450-$500; which would put you half way to a new pair of conversions. My 2 cents.
  10. No gunfighter for TN Wlliams, it's all about transitionins. He has to keep one hand free to grab his drink to wash it on down or napkin to wipe. I believe he does use a competition deep dished spoon though.
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