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  1. My theory is he got locked out like I did when the software upgrade. Then he created another alias and got caught and banned for a while.
  2. One of my college professors told us at the end of the semester, "if you've learned anything in my class I hope it's how to search and find answers". Barney vs Festus was the first thing that popped into my head to search for. I don't know you as well as @Widder, SASS #59054 so I'll bow to his expertise regarding the ice cream.
  3. Was it this one: https://m.facebook.com/groups/69006365118?view=permalink&id=10156578994105119
  4. They are not legal for SASS nor should you shoot it.
  5. WTS Chiappa Fast Load w/Lassiter action job. Bought new last year and sent it to Lassiter to smooth it out. Got it back recently and ran a couple boxes through it. Selling because I just like the IAC's better. 22" barrel, 12 1/2" LOP $1350 OBO shipped CONUS(Recieving FFL must accept from a non FFL) Might consider trade for 1860 Henry .44-40
  6. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yellowstone_National_Park OR https://www.paramountnetwork.com/shows/yellowstone
  7. Looks like a moderator has already moved it to the classifieds for you. Any trades?
  8. Neither, it's an IAC. Lassiter can put a drop two on those and they are fantastic.
  9. Taylor's, Cimmaron and EMF are importers/distributors and DO NOT make firearms; Pietta, Uberti, Pedersoli make the firearms.
  10. Pay attention @Tennessee williams, need to take the front sights off to be real fast
  11. https://www.hamiltondrygoods.com or @Buckaroo Bubba has a lot in his shop https://www.uprangeexchange.com and can order pretty much anything you want from Wahmaker or Frontier Classics.
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