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  1. Prayers for family and friends. I'm certainly gonna miss him.
  2. Now wait just a danged minute, ain't hardly nothin' as satisfyin' as a nanner split, unlessin' it's 2 nanner splits...
  3. https://www.sassnet.com/mercantile/Patriot-Badge.php
  4. @Black Hills Barb No matter what he tells you he really wants those made in Royal Blue Red has so many adoring fans he just has one of them do it. Hey y'all, I gotta have some fun with my ol' pard Razorback Red...
  5. Will do. Sounds like here's gonna be a bunch of mighty fine 97 shooters at State; again... Almost makes me want to switch categories and learn to run one myowndangself.
  6. I replied to your PM, but I can post it here I think. https://mikebrooksflintlocks.com No that isn't me, I just created a site for Mike a few years ago to help him out. He's a master Flintlock builder from Iowa.
  7. Really? You think Facebook would sell ads to Ruger or any gun manufacturer? I have trouble believing this. I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm just curious. It's an interesting topic. I own/run 3 web sites too. None have been signed up to track user data. 1 deals with Flintlock rifles, one deals with Bibles/Christianity, one deals with Banjos/Mountain Dulcimers. For some reason when I go to Facebook I get hammered with banjo and dulcimer related stuff, but NOT Flintlock rifles or Christian related things.
  8. BUT, is the reason they aren't "tracked" like other sites because they are gun related and the social media giants won't sell advertising to gun related entities so they can shove them in your face?
  9. What happened to the 3 click Uberti you're always telling us there's nothing wrong with?
  10. For what it's worth I'm not against a LTO. If I'm at a match where a LTO is being used, fine; I'll not say a word against it. If I'm at a match where there is no LTO, I'm also not going to demand we use one. I'll never be at your range, but I would follow your rules if I were. Yes you are talking about adding a rule, because currently there isn't one.
  11. If we add any more safety rules we won't be able to shoot.
  12. Dark Days? If that's a match in Florida, probably not gonna happen.
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