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  1. No, but there's no reason you can't dim the screen on your phone/tablet/monitor.
  2. The horse is out of the barn. You can change it, but you've been Rye Miles so long, were all going to call you that regardless.
  3. Let me preface this by saying, yes they should be commended for all of the effort that is put into keeping us informed. Part of the problem is that a lot of us come here to get away from that stuff and simply have no interest in seeing it; yes, we probably should look and we definitely should be contacting our capones and let them know how we feel. Secondly if I have to click a link that causes me to navigate away from this site then: I'm not going to click it. In the event that I do I copy the text and paste it in a thread. Knowing most of them are like that, then I don't even open it to begin with. Lastly, I use the "Unread Content" filter most of the time. If don't come to the site before 10am those posts are pushed off the results screen and I don't even know they exist. Maybe I should make an effort to visit Team SASS...
  4. We have a full serve station here in the little town where I live, but it's more like .50 cents extra per gallon. They also have 4 self serve pumps behind the main building. They have 1 full time mechanic and will pick up your car and change oil, routine maintenance, etc. Pretty busy place.
  5. Agreed, she is a 10, but... I still prefer Mary Ann
  6. Behold the awesome Mortimer Smith and his MIGHTY SPENCER!; the shooter of which J. Mark speaks.
  7. Not to disagree in any way, but how does that explain the fact that he can run the snap caps through the gun without issue?
  8. Call Hamilton Dry Goods in Sparta, TN. https://www.hamiltondrygoods.com/contact-us/
  9. ^^^^^ And if you aren't shooting BP, you must get a good crimp.
  10. You're bullets look a little short to me and it looks like your bolt isn't retracting enough. OAL needs to be 1.575-1.585; I run mine as close to 1.580 as I can get. Not sure why the bolt isn't retracting enough, something may be binding it up. If it's only happening with 10, the crimps may be failing and pushing the bullet back in the case; try a harder crimp.
  11. Why are you cleaning your grill? Burgers/Steaks/Chicken taste so much better if you never clean it. No really, why would a person ever clean their grill? I'm kidding, I clean mine with aluminum foil after heating it up for a few minutes.
  12. Negative Ghostrider. Our choices were, Nina, Earlene, Ora, or Inez. We went with Megan. Not that we find anything wrong with any of those names; we just wanted something more modern.
  13. I would post a WTB here and contact @Johnny Meadows,SASS#28485L and see if he either has a Cimarron or TTN or could help you locate one.
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