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  1. It's NOT, but: "Shooting Style categories allow participants to compete with others utilizing the same shooting style (e.g., shooting revolvers one-handed instead of two-handed). In addition, every shooting style can also be subdivided by gender, age, and propellant depending on demand and sanctioning category mandates" Same thing with BP categories.
  2. I searched YouTube for TBone Dooley Shotgun based on memory.
  3. As little as possible on the belt. Most of the time it's two holsters, and a screw knife; that's it. NO Cartridge loops; those are on my shotgun belt. If I shoot Classic Cowboy I add a real knife. Lately I've added a leather pouch with a small can of beeswax/lard for lubing revolver bullets.
  4. What caliber you need? I'm planning to be at Bowling Green next Sunday afternoon and can bring you some there or I can run over to Gallatin one day week after next.
  5. In no particular order: J-M Leather - http://www.jm-leather.com/ Michigan Rattler Leather - http://www.michiganrattler.com/ Hastings - http://www.hastingsholsters.com/index.htm All make great rigs. There is no one better at carving than Michigan Rattler if you want something truly beautiful.
  6. I think he was... Just a different century than us...
  7. Yes, you're more than welcome to buy me 2
  8. Well it is 2020; so it does kinda feel like we're adding days instead of subtracting.
  9. He's doing RO2? Where do I sign up for that?
  10. That point was crossed quite a long time ago.
  11. As punishment the first round is on you
  12. I love Ranch dressing myself; though maybe not quite this much:
  13. I'm sure there's a dead horse to beat on somewhere around here; so I'll take some of that snow now...
  14. Do you have a steady supply of 16 guage ammo?
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