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  1. Because there is no law requiring anyone to wear a mask, only recommendations and shaming by the overly fearful (some politicians believe they can mandate it, they cannot). That said, your club may have a local rule that requires it while you shoot(I've already seen it to be the case in a couple of places), so ask the club first; if you don't feel good about that then stay home.
  2. Are we sure this isn't the second wave? Yeah, I'm one of the tin hat guys that believe the first wave was late Nov19-Jan20, second wave was late Feb20-early May20 and that this whole lockdown was unnecessary.
  3. Mispelled? Seems correct too me
  4. Not all, Uberti is still making the black powder frame models/old models with 4 click hammers. Their pre-war/Cattleman II and other new models they come out with have the 3 click retractable firing pin hammer.
  5. Not my text, direct copy from the S.A.S.S. guidelines that just went out.
  6. WTS Springfield Trophy Match 1911 .45 ACP $975 + Shipping. Not looking for any trades. Excellent shooter. Comes with everything pictured.
  7. Text from the SASS email earlier. SASS® Affiliated Club Bulletin Best Practices for Conducting Matches in a COVID-19 Environment May 20, 2020 2020 has brought a whole new set of challenges across the globe and as restrictions for gatherings have begun to be eased in many parts of the world, many clubs have begun readying themselves to begin holding matches again. SASS’ number one priority has always been the safety of our members. As such, we have composed the below “Best Practices for Safety” guideline. Please understand this is only an outline meant to provide guidance. Above and beyond (or below) what is listed, all local and state mandates and restrictions pertaining to the COVID-19 Pandemic specific to your area take priority and must always be followed. Thank you for your continued support and dedication as we move forward with a vision of remaining the world’s greatest- and safest- shooting sport. Administration & Liability Clubs should consult legal counsel regarding an amendment to their general liability waiver to include a release from liability due to exposure to any infectious disease, including COVID-19. - Sample: An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 and other infectious disease exists in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is a contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. By signing this waiver, the individual understands and assumes all risks related to exposure to any infectious disease, including COVID-19. General Safety • Do not attend the event/match if any symptoms of COVID-19 exist, if you are feeling unwell in any way, have been exposed yourself, or have had contact with anyone exposed to COVID-19. • If you are 65 years or older and have serious medical conditions, please consider the increased risk prior to participation. • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, should be a priority and the responsibility of the individual. Adhere to all local regulations regarding masks. Do not dispose of PPEitemsontherange.AllPPEshouldbetakenwith the attendee to be disposed of at home. • Drinking water stations that include cups and water jugs should be eliminated. All competitors should bring their own water and snacks. If the host club/range is providing water, offer individual bottled water. • Whenever possible, the host club/range should have handwashing stations/supplies readily available.Glovesarenosubstituteforhandwashing! • Maintain 6’ distancing at all times. • SASS members are friendly! In most cases, our SASS friends are some we have not seen in a while. Avoid the instinct to engage in hugs and handshakes and embraces. Introduce a new (fun) way to engage each other instead. (tap elbows, feet, fist bumps, etc.) • Avoid indoor activities. Whenever possible, keep folks outside in the fresh air. Move any previously indoor interactions to an outdoor location. • Thoroughly clean and disinfect all match supplies and registration/gathering areas prior to and after all activities. Registration/Safety Briefings/Awards • Set up registration and one-on-one interactions outdoors whenever possible. • Providehandsanitizerforuseaftereachinteraction. • Safety briefings should now include all COVID-19 restrictions, requirements, and guidance to all attendees. Single Action Shooting Society® 215 Cowboy Way, Edgewood, NM 87015 Phone: 505.843.1320 / Fax: 877.770.8687 www.sassnet.com 1 SASS® Affiliated Club Bulletin ~ May 20, 2020 Best Practices for Conducting Matches in a COVID-19 Environment (continued) • Do not hand off any awards or certificates, including clean match pins to any contestant. Prepare awards prior to the engagement by disinfecting them individually. Awards and pins should be individually bagged whenever possible. Place awards on a table or surface and ask that the individual pick it up. Posse Guidelines • Posse Marshals/Posse Leaders should be selected and educated in advance to be prepared for the environment. • Depending on your local restrictions, limit posse size in accordance. (5 people/10 people, etc.) • Posse members must maintain 6’ distancing at all times. • Handling of firearms: avoid handling/touching another person’s firearms or supplies whenever possible. In the event of a squib or firearm malfunction, modifications in behavior should be made to keep the firearm in the owner’s hands only. If a match official needs to handle a competitor’s firearm in an assist, all necessary precautions must be taken. (Gloves, handwashing, sanitizer, etc.) • Do not utilize designated spotting sticks or spotting flags for spotters that are handed off. Use a disposable marker of some kind for spotters to be identified. • Scorekeeping, when possible, should be handled by as few people as needed. Fresh gloves are recommended for each hand off scorekeeping equipment. If using electronic scoring tablets, place the tablet in a bag to avoid contamination. Designate pens for paper scorekeeping and eliminate any requirement for the shooter to initial his score at each stage to avoid passing off pens and paper as much as possible. Eliminate individual shooter score cards being completed by the scorekeeper. Shooters should maintain their own scorecards if desired. • If targets need to be reset, designate as few posse members as possible. Gloves are recommended for each rotation of tasks that require handling any object by any posse member. Time to Shoot! • Maintain 6’ distance at all times. • The competitor may remove mask when shooting. • No more than 5 people on the firing line. (Shooter, TO, 3 Spotters) • No more than 2 people at the loading/unloading tables- one on each end. • The TO should wear gloves when handling the timer and the timer should be prepared by being freshly wrapped (plastic wrap or plastic bag) or disinfected between hand-offs to/from alternating TOs. Personal timers are recommended if possible to avoid the handing off situation altogether. • Designated Brass pickers should use tools to retrieve brass and generally avoid handling another shooters brass. Gloves worn by brass pickers is recommended. SASS RO Training Courses All current COVID-19 restrictions for NM and safe practices must always be followed. • Limit class size in accordance with your local gathering numbers. • Maintain 6’ distance at all times. • Observe all guidelines for range time (ROII) as indicated in this document. Single Action Shooting Society® 215 Cowboy Way, Edgewood, NM 87015 Phone: 505.843.1320 / Fax: 877.770.8687 www.sassnet.com 2
  8. Like already mentioned, make a day trip, get to a match, etc. Don't buy based on availability.
  9. PM an admin or a Moderator and let them know your preffered display name. @Olin W. Moderator @Eliphalet R. Moderator @Sam C. Moderator Should put your SASS number in place of "guest" too.
  10. He's a pretty damn good singer, not sure if he plays anything though.
  11. Bump for a nice pair of revolvers and great cowboy to deal with.
  12. I've got a couple of Remington(Swedish) Rolling Blocks made 1868 and 187? I shoot occasionally at long range matches.
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