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  1. 6 hour drive and I’d be flying solo. I’ll consider it, but gotta wait til closer to time.
  2. Yes, kind of. Tennessee State had a shoot off just for fun on side match day. Lucky me, I drew Widder, it was a hoot, and I was absolutely no challenge to him. There's a fairly embarrassing video of the incident floating around on YouTube
  3. I'm not, not even an afterthought. I'm going to Tennessee, Georgia, The BP Championship in Indiana and Southeast Regional this year. In my opinion TN, GA, AL, KY state are too close together to hit all of them and that's why I'm not doing Alabama or Kentucky. I'll hopefully pick up either South or North Carolina.
  4. Thanks. I'm on the fence with this one. I'd like to add another big match this year.
  5. Is this the match where there's two posse's on every stage where one posse works and one posse shoots and they switch?
  6. I consider disarming U.S. Citiziens as aiding and abetting our enemies/giving them comfort and aid.
  7. You mean this one? https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php?/topic/311362-cowboy-gunsmiths/
  8. I'd send it to Sgt. Eli and have him chop the current barrel to 18.5", swap the mag tube out for a stainless one, and have him put in a Cowboys & Indians 5th Gen short stroke kit...
  9. I have a couple IACs I'd let go; 1 is done up by Coyote Cap, the other by Slater(lever welded, similar to Lassiter's work), 1200 for either.
  10. Those look familiar…. AND AWESOME! AND WHY must i be broke when things loke this pop up? Somebody needs to buy these while I scrape for dollars…
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