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  1. We have enough to make the category, but we could always use more.
  2. I just reserved a nice place in Bell Buckle. I haven't told the Cowboy @Widder, SASS #59054 and @Tennessee williams were trash talking his 'old' man yet, but I will for sure.
  3. How did I miss this post? ‘Can’t shoot’? Them’s fighten words! Just for that I’m going to encourage Iron Cowboy to whoop up on both of you. Assuming he’s healed up in time.
  4. We have Calico Cove reserved (Iron Cowboy, Kid Flash and I) and are dragging Tuco Forsyth and maybe Koda Joe along as well!
  5. We have a shortage of Magnificent 7 Outlaws!
  6. This one is only four weeks away!!! Shooting season in the Southeast is about to kick off!
  7. Yep. Drop $450-500 on an AR, buy a pack of magpul magazines and you’re set (with more versatility and firepower).
  8. Like @Cypress SunI use it more for the cleaning and protecting aspects than for lubrication, though it does provide that.
  9. Buy replacement rods and do the work to them. If things work out, great, go to it. If they don't, put the original rods back in and chalk it up to experience. Then send OLG the bill for the rods.
  10. They're on GB for $1,499. Kind of interesting. Wait until they offer .357. Take off the rail and that front sight and replace them with something more traditional. Get a smaller lever. Put wood furniture on it. Find a gunsmith who can smooth it up and you might have a fine cowboy gun, if it was deemed legal.
  11. That makes three and that's enough to add Outlaw!
  12. I would like to go. I'm not sure SWCNBN would be up for me going out of town three weekends in a row. This would be the perfect match for the Outlaw leg of All Around Cowboy.
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