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  1. My speedo goes to 200, sadly the car will only do 181. But to the topic at hand, I suspect my Camaro will be parked in Edmond for a few days in 2022. This change is a good one for me.
  2. LOL, you might find the back seat of my Camaro a tad cramped (Sharyn would be with me) and some folks object to driving 90 mph. I never have understood why, it's only half the car's rated speed.
  3. I didn't see a stage that called for 12. Trying to get me a P are you? If that's stage 8, and the closest target I'm thinking it will get 6.
  4. No sir. The idea is to feed him nanner splits continuously. Kind of like that Simpson episode with Homer and the donuts. Hmmm, TW, Homer, TW, Homer....makes you think.
  5. Great minds think alike. I was just calculating the travel to Edmond. I think I could probably make it in 11 hours, long day, but just one day. I've always thought if I went to Winter Range, or EOT, flying would be the best option. Now driving to one is a viable option.
  6. I think we get a little of both type matches depending upon where you shoot. Accuracy can matter more at some matches and the ability to 'run the gun' matters more at other matches. Some matches reward both skill sets. Sunday Sharyn and I went to a match that had a stage with 5 standard pistol targets at about 5-6 yards with a ~3 inch by 3 inch 'bonus' target at the same distance. It also had 5 standard rifle targets at about 12-13 yards, with a ~3 inch by 3 inch 'bonus' target at the same distance. Five rounds on the standard target, then dump five on the bonus target for a 1 second bonus for each hit. To be successful you needed to be able to run the first five at high speed, then back off a bit for the 5 round dump. IIRC the stage winner shot that in 17.54, with 8 bonuses taking it down to 9.74 total time.
  7. Thanks for posting that! Those are gooood looking stages. 12 great stages for a State match, what a deal!
  8. Ahem. Let me draw your attention to the name at number 2 with 94.5 seconds and number 6 with 106.99.
  9. No way! I hate heights. I would get vertigo standing on the edge of a sheet of toilet paper.
  10. Stop with the food porn! I think I’ve gained 5 pounds just looking at it.
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