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  1. The limiting factor for the size of the Georgia State match is the Banquet facility. If Black Powder Match shooters get banquet tickets the number of people shooting the main match would have to be reduced.
  2. No poppers. Maybe next time. I would like the Texas Star next time too, with little devils faces painted on the targets.
  3. Just cause I like stirring the pot to see what floats up. If the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction, in the circumstances this rule addresses, why is using the trigger to determine the chamber is empty stupid. What bad thing might happen?
  4. I thought Cowboys went commando! Definitely not tightey whiteys.
  5. I don't really worry about a lot of repair and maintenance items. If something breaks during a stage my match is pretty much done at that point (never happened, but it's just a matter of time). I'll stick around and finish it out, but any chance of winning is gone, so I won't much care if I'm shooting my guns or my wife's at that point. If it's raining I'll add an extra towel or two and some WD40. I usually have CLP in the car. I have a screw knife on my belt and a Leatherman in the range bag in the car. That's about it for maintenance and repair items.
  6. No misses or shotgun makeups on my part, though I did concentrate so much on seeing the targets I picked up a P on the third stage. I've always had excellent night vision though, so that may have helped.
  7. SHB page 16 A shotgun is considered SAFE to leave the shooter’s hands in the following condition only: - Empty. SHB page 17 If the long gun is not discarded empty prior to the next firearm being fired, only the shooter may return to open and/or clear the firearm at the end of the stage under the observation of the CRO/TO. Should an empty casing/hull be ejected or found in the action or chamber, or a live round on the carrier of an open action, a Minor Safety Violation (MSV) will be assessed. I would call a MSV.
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