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  1. I've seen nice Uberti 1873 clones and I've seen some pretty slick Marlins. Stoegers and Baikals are serviceable SASS shotguns. I would not buy a Rossi, though I'm sure someone will chip in with a comment about how they can be made to run fine. You're correct, there's a reason you rarely see them. You can turn on notifications here on the SASS Wire Classifieds and you'll get an email every time someone posts something for sale.
  2. Definitely! The Iron Cowboy and I have identical rifles and very similar shotguns so we could share those if needed. Our pistols are pretty different, he has a New Model Vaqueros with Montado hammers and much heavier mainsprings while I have Single Sixes with traditional hammers and very light mainsprings. I would not want to have to shoot his pistols and he doesn't like mine because he outruns the hammer fall (starts to cock the hammer again before it's finished striking). Sharyn, Lethal Liz and Kid Flash have virtually identical rifles, with the same LOP, so if needed they could swap out, but their shotgun LOPs differ. Kid Flash is moving up to New Model Vaqueros while Shootin Sharyn has Single Sixes. Lethal Liz hasn't shown a strong enough interest in CAS to justify buying her a dedicated set of pistols though we've had a set of birds head Single Sixes on loan for her (we're returning those soon). Long story short, yes we could and did share until I was able to purchase the additional guns we needed, but since we have different needs I wanted different guns. Sharing the rifle or pistols can be challenging at the loading table as well. When you have four shooters sharing two sets of guns, or as we did for a while, or five shooters sharing two sets of guns proper spacing at the table is crucial and if it's a medium to smaller posse sharing can slow everyone down.
  3. I've purchased a cowboy gun here or there that I later decided wasn't for me, or wasn't appropriate for one of my kids, but I've never lost money on a resale. I think if you shopped around and purchased Rugers you could almost certainly recoup your cost if your son lost interest and you decided to sell them.
  4. LOL. Nope. It's not about the recoil. His shoulder is too unstable to be slinging guns around.
  5. I told the Iron Cowboy that if his shoulder is healed up we’ll drive up for Black Gold. Fingers crossed.
  6. That type of Cascade has a transitional metal catalyst as an ingredient. That may have reacted with the brass. Armor All Wash and Wax cleans well and the wax seems to add a little lube to the cases. Works for me (without pins).
  7. I’m a complainer by nature and quick to whine about targets that are small and far. I’ve shot Tennessee State many times and never found fault with target sizes or distances. This is a top notch shooters match put on by people who know a thing or three about running a high quality match. If you ever go to TN State and I’m not there check the hospital or the morgue.
  8. I pick on you so no need to discriminate, I might as well pick on TW too. I may just stand next to him eating a banana split while he's shooting...and be talking about how good it is.
  9. Years ago my dad advised me not to get in fights with little guys. He said if you win you're a bully and if you lose you lost to a little guy. I never listened to my dad much so it's doubly on pardner.
  10. Total Shooter M7 Category Matches Counted RP Groundhog Cowboy 1st 3 5 Copperhead Joe Senior 1st 3 12 Captain Bill Burt Senior 2nd 3 20 Christian Mortician Cowboy 2nd 3 22 Shelleen Senior T3rd 3 23 Tin Can Sailor Senior T3rd 3 23 Preacherman GF 1st 3 25 Brazos Belle Ladies Senior 1st 3 30 Badlands Bob GF 2nd 3 32 Crooked Bullet Frontier Cartridge 1st 3 34 Krazy Kajun FC/AAC 2nd 3 49 Cat A. Tonic Cowgirl 1st 3 52 English Tom Senior 5th 3 56 Max Payne Cattle Baron 1st 3 57 Uncle Ethan GF 3rd 3 66 Scarlett AACG/LGF 1st 3 68 Carolina Yankee Senior 6th 3 70 Pecos Pete Cattle Baron 2nd 3 74 Gunnby LGF 2nd 3 77 Jimmie Gunnfighter FC/AAC 3rd 3 87 Smart * Outlaw 1st 3 89 Arcadia Outlaw Senior 2 4 Midwest Hale Cowgirl 2 5 Santa Fe River Stan Cowboy 2 6 Fast Eddie Elder Statesman 2 7 Doc Roy L. Pain Duelist 2 7 Wabash Valley Slim Cowboy 2 11 Delta Glen Cowboy 2 12 Leadfoot Luke Gunfighter/AAC 2 13 Randy Saint Eagle Duelist 2 16 Purly Cattle Barron 2 19 Dodge City Dixie Lady Senior 2 24 Hey Sugar Lady Senior 2 25 TN Tombstone Outlaw 2 34 Tyrel Cody FC 2 35 Trail Bandit Cattle Barron 2 35 Reno Mustang GF 2 36 Ophelia Payne Ladies Senior 2 38 Tuco Forsyth Cowboy 2 39 Lucky Lead Pepper Duelist 2 40 Crawdaddy Elder Statesman 2 41 Lawman Mark FC 2 48 Cahawba Kid FC 2 71 Cotton Mouth Cole Senior 1 3 Hanso Lowe Cowboy 1 6 Koda Joe Gunfighter 1 21 Yohan Senior 1 22 Justified FC 1 27 Midnight Rider FC 1 30 Mister Badly Outlaw 1 32 I've sorted these by matches completed, then by total rank points. Those who have completed three or more matches are in the first tier, those with two matches are in the second tier and those with 1 match are in the third tier. I'm hoping those with 1 match completed are signed up for both Mississippi State and Tennessee State!
  11. Georgia Results Shooter M7 Category GA RP GA Time Santa Fe River Stan 49 Cowboy 1 174.88 Christian Mortician 49 Cowboy 2 182.84 Groundhog WR Cowboy 3 191.65 Wabash Valley Slim 49 Cowboy 4 199.47 Fast Eddie ES Elder Statesman 5 204.57 Delta Glen S. Cowboy 6 205.91 Copperhead Joe BW Senior 7 217.89 Purly CB Cattle Barron 8 231.32 Shelleen S Senior 9 231.95 Captain Bill Burt Senior 10 235.15 Dodge City Dixie LSS Lady Senior 11 252.82 Crooked Bullet FCGF Frontier Cartridge 12 255.34 Tin Can Sailor S Senior 13 255.53 English Tom S Senior 14 255.62 Badlands Bob SGF GF 15 257.3 Trail Bandit PAT Cattle Barron 16 259.06 Preacherman SGF GF 17 259.3 Brazos Belle LS Ladies Senior 18 260.24 Reno Mustang SGF GF 19 262.36 Max Payne CBAR Cattle Baron 20 273.28 Koda Joe GF Gunfighter 21 286.15 Yohan S Senior 22 290.81 Cat A. Tonic LW Cowgirl 23 293.25 Tuco Forsyth FC Cowboy 24 294.07 Ophelia Payne GD Ladies Senior 25 314.31 Gunnby LGF LGF 26 321.57 Krazy Kajun FCGF FC/AAC 27 323.41 Uncle Ethan SGF GF 28 336.18 Pecos Pete CBAR Cattle Baron 29 366.97 Carolina Yankee SS Senior 30 402.95 Smart * ESO Outlaw 31 419.31 Scarlett LFCGF AACG/LGF 32 443.77 Jimmie Gunnfighter F FC/AAC 33 526.48 Cahawba Kid FCD FC 34 579.61
  12. Georgia State is in the books. Congratulations to Slow Jen overall Georgia Ladies Champion and Christian Mortician overall Georgia Men’s Champion. Congratulations to Pearly Heart Top Lady and Santa Fe River Stan Top Man. A lot of hard work went into this match (not by me!) but it was well worth it. Fun stages with some neat twists thrown in, extremely well run, amazing awards, in my opinion the best Georgia State match ever. The final of the top gun shoot off was amazing. Santa Fe River Stan against Delta Glen neck and neck all the way. The stop plates actually rubbed against each other on the way down with Stan’s plate pushing past Delta’s giving Stan the win. https://www.srscowboy.com/GA_state_24_match.htm
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