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  1. It was a bad day Lumpy. It was a bad accident, all three of us could have been dead on the side of the road on I75. Due to some luck, and the Iron Cowboy keeping his cool, we made it. Our vehicle was toast, couldn't be driven. Loaded with guns, ammo, all the stuff you need to put three shooters in the field, now stranded on the side of the road almost 100 miles from home. Eddie came through for us. He doubled back, in heavy traffic, and found us. He helped us transfer all our cowboy gear into his vehicle. He waited with us, in the 100+ degree heat, until our car could be t
  2. Have you ever been on the wrong end of a bad day? Things just went wrong? Hot, tired, stressed out, stranded, totally SOL if someone doesn’t step up? Really, really need a friend to step up and help, no questions asked? That’s where Shootin Sharyn, the Iron Cowboy and I found ourselves this afternoon. We were in trouble. Fast Eddie came through for us, big time. I’ll never forget it. Eddie exemplifies what the cowboy way is all about.
  3. That seems a bit long. This was the case for me, transitions and fundamentals came first, then I gradually got faster. I started out by reading Doc's book, a couple of times. I also read "With Winning in Mind" a couple of times. I worked transitions and dry firing for several months before my first match. Then I spent a half a day at the range shooting with Easy Rider. A bit more dry firing and transitions and I was ready to go. My first match was at the North Alabama Regulators in February 2011. By April 2011 I was shooting in the low 20s. By the summer
  4. Just reserved our AirBnB. The four of us are looking forward to it.
  5. It sounds like you have two questions. The first is does it make sense to start now with mismatched pistols if that's all you can get. Given you said you're not worried about the money, I think the answer is yes. Buy some pistols and get started. The second is what level of 'matching' is called for to be competitive. I shoot a set of SASS NMVs in .357, 4.62 barrels, SS, set up by Jimmy Spurs. Visually I can tell the difference because over the years they've each picked up a bit of distinctive wear. By feel and when shooting them, they are indistinguishable, which is important
  6. Some of those are available. Ammoseek shows Fiocchi, Servicious y Aventuras, CCI, MagTech and Cheddite as available in the US at different retailers.
  7. That may be it. But I have been updating regularly with availability. It would be nice to let it run and let others post what they’re finding like @John Barleycorn, SASS #76982did.
  8. I'm not sure why a post giving updates on primers and shotgun ammo would be deleted? Moderators, something wrong with my post?
  9. I think this is true. Banter can be fun. We’ve differed in the past, probably will do so again in the future. So have Phantom and I. But I believe the things Cowboy’s have in common far outweigh their differences, at least most of the time.
  10. I’m going to disagree, respectfully. This is a pet peeve of mine. I go to matches to have fun, not to be subjected to stages, shooting orders, or anything else designed to ‘make me a better shooter.’ Fun and friends, period.
  11. Midway has Federal LPP and Remington SPP. There is also shotgun ammo available for less $10 a box with Remington Gun Club for $9.99 at Firearms Depot.
  12. I'm sold. Next time our paths cross Scarlett I'll want to buy at least 4 lbs and maybe 8lbs....and I'll want two hugs if I get 8 lbs.
  13. Federals are finally gone, but Midway has CCI Magnum SPP. $76.99 per 1,000 with a limit of one.
  14. Back when I was first getting started Easy Rider mentioned that lighter springs could slow down lock time and cause problems. I'm running pistols set up by Jimmy Spurs and I'm not fast enough to outrun them.
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