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  1. You should probably just have @Widder, SASS #59054load some up for you. I'm sure he would be happy to and be extra special careful while loading it.
  2. Safe travels to you as well. Bring a fishing pole and join me by the pond. We'll get there late Thursday.
  3. Same here! If they realize they're in the entertainment business and run their match accordingly the Burts will be there (if it isn't to far away). If they're running matches to 'slow down' the fast shooters with stupid progressions or a steady diet of small and far then we'll go somewhere else. We're fortunate that there aren't to many of the latter in the Southeast anymore.
  4. Not many can. I heard Badlands Bob was going to move to duelist just to get away from Cass, but then he would have had to face Randy.
  5. Harlan told me the same thing. All of the Burt clan run 1873s with C&I 5th gens, mostly dry and cleaned every 2-3 months with CLP Breakfree.
  6. The OP specifically mentioned larger in terms of attendance in his first post.
  7. My experience has been EOT>Comin at Cha>South East Regional>State matches in terms of # of shooters. I'm with @Creeker I don't know of any other metric that matters when comparing the 'size' of matches.
  8. If you can't avoid the exposure to high temps be sure you're rotating powder and primers. From what other's have posted it sounds like you should be ok unless you store powder out there for really extended periods of time. My stuff is all stored in a temperature controlled environment, but I still rotate powder, primer and loaded rounds so that nothing 'sits in the back' for an extended period.
  9. I'm by no means a shotgun expert, but I would be hesitant to do the things to a nice Parker that I do to a competition SASS shotgun. Chop the barrels, funnel and polish the chambers, throw it down on tables, let all my brass rain down on it and chew up the stock. Also that lug looks like it would interfere with a speed load.
  10. Shoot it duelist or put ‘em on the prop cause they can’t be reholstered with the intent to use them again.
  11. These aren't those @Widder, SASS #59054special 'pre-dented' primers are they? I have plenty of those...
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