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  1. Contrasting sights is an easy fix, not having the use of a support hand isn’t. Are you planning on levering her rifle for her every time, and supporting it? I don’t think that’s feasible in the long run. Perhaps she could shoot Josey Wales (all pistols).
  2. Coming from Connecticut he doesn't have a whole lot of directions he can drive without potentially having a problem.
  3. What the heck do doctors know about gun safety? You were fine at the regional last year!!
  4. Thanks to Fast Eddie and his South River crew for another outstanding State match!
  5. Congratulations to Georgia State Champions Christian Mortician and Slow Jen. Congratulations to Christian Mortician and Midwest Hale, top man and top woman.
  6. The paper cartridges worked perfectly. No failures to ignite, one miss. More lube is more better, for sure!
  7. I took a scrap piece of 2x4, trimmed it to about 2x4x8 inches, then drilled a hole lengthwise. That slips over the loading lever and makes seating the bullets easy. The paper bullets fit into the cylinders without having to take the cylinder off the gun, which is nice. It takes a little wiggling, but they go in. I get a nice paper/lead ring when each is seated. Seems very easy. Famous last words.
  8. It's almost time. Now, do I go over to the range after work and wander aimlessly looking at the stages, or go home and wait until tomorrow.......
  9. No, I just said 'a man's 29th'. Unfortunately it will be my 59th, though I'm sure everyone thought 29 was real. I have one year left before I age up another category.
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