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  1. Yeah, you're just weird. LOL. I can't tell the difference between mine, so I would be constantly checking the serial numbers if I wanted to identify one as exclusively right and the other exclusively left.
  2. This is a great thread, thanks Clay. When I started Dirt Merchant recommended I read 'With Winning in Mind' by Lanny Basham and 'Breaking the Shot' by Doc. Both were very helpful. This is a great reminder for me that although I've been working on pistols to try to find another .5-.75 seconds, upping my mental game is probably more important to help get consistency up. Thanks to all for the resources! Looks like I have some reading to do.
  3. RO1 class Friday at the clubhouse, 10 am.
  4. I don’t like the look of pearl grips on any gun. Ivory on Colt revolvers just seems right.
  5. Look ok to me, though not for Classic Cowboy or B-Western.
  6. So Kid Flash shot a stage clean yesterday at South River Shootists. 684FAC82-EC12-48FE-8DA5-EF70B881E501.MOV
  7. I wonder how close it would bring the two? It seems to me that if you allow a duelist to have two guns out at the same time and they can be cocked, there's not a lot left to distinguish the two categories from each other. Can they both be cocked at the same time?
  8. Walther PPK/S at a gun show in Mobile Alabama, that was probably around 1984. I already owned some guns but they were gifts.
  9. Pete, if the rule were changed what would then be the difference between duelist and Gunfighter? The logic you use to justify duelist being allowed to do what gunfighters do could be used to argue that the reholstering loaded guns rule for gunfighters should also apply to duelists. You ok with that?
  10. Probably not. Having read the backstory on this rule I'm left asking myself, if the argument is that a duelist should be able to do it because a gunfighter can, then why shouldn't a traditional shooter be able to do it too for the same reason? I know some pretty fast shooters who would probably fire their last round out of their first pistol one handed if they knew that meant they could be drawing their second pistol.
  11. I see what you were referring to. That was a hypothetical, but fair enough. I certainly didn't mean to offend you with that statement, though I have to say that I do think anyone who deliberately walks into the street to do a quick draw with his life on the line, when there were other options, ain't quite right in the head. I don't mind high surrender, nor do I mind Texas surrender, hands on hat, holding stuff, all those are fine. I really don't mind standing upright hands at sides as a starting position, I just don't like it as the default starting position. PS. I have been involved in two armed confrontations over the last 30 years, both of which I 'won' (defined as they went to jail and I didn't) and I can assure you that in both cases my gun was in my hand(s) well before my opponents had any idea I was even around and I gave them absolutely no chance to 'win'. They were both very 'unfair' confrontations.
  12. Come on Jim, you're going pretty far afield here. Nobody came close to calling LEO's idiots. Creeker called the SASS default starting position idiotic and you said that since that's the way Matt Dillon starts every Gunsmoke issue he was calling Matt an idiot. That right there is a stretch. To then take that and stretch it even farther and claim you're taking umbrage to LEO's being called idiots isn't even close to the reality of what was said in this thread. Please cite a post from this thread where a LEO was called an idiot. James Arness doesn't count, he was an actor. You defended the default by citing movies you had watched where they were basically in that position. I responded by citing movies where they weren't in that position. Nobody discounted reacting from a neutral position either, nor was it discussed as a necessary skill set. Yes, it's certainly possible to start from a neutral position, but I would rather not for my own reasons which have nothing to do with targets shooting back at me and everything to do with rules being consistently applied without subjective interpretation of what is fully erect, where my eyes are looking or any other clearly irrelevant criteria. If you think SASS's default position is great because that's the way traffic stops are conducted you're certainly free to have that opinion though the connection between the two isn't clear to me. If you think SASS default is great because every western you've ever seen had gunfights start that way then I suggest you may have missed quite a few good westerns. I think we've wondered pretty far from the OP's subject, so I'm going to leave it at that. No hard feelings on my part, I just disagree with your position and the reasons you cited for it, respectfully.
  13. That's not true, the P comes when one of them is cocked.
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