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  1. He'll be driving and I have his key fob limited to 75 mph.
  2. Seems appropriate coming to a cowboy match with a Mustang.
  3. We'll be wheels up in about 8 hours. The Iron Cowboy whined a bit, and Kajun probably alerted law enforcement that we were coming, so I'm leaving the Camaro in the stable and we're taking the Cowboy's car. Hopefully it will have better luck on the bridge than I did.
  4. How about a PDF here on the forum so members can download it and print it out? Ask permission from local ranges and if it's forthcoming, post it on their bulletin board. We could potentially have something posted in every gun club that hosts a cowboy match, for the cost of printing it. I saw a guy at the LGS this week dressed cowboy, so I asked him, why aren't you coming to SASS matches. His response, I heard of those, does Georgia have "A" club? No, Georgia doesn't have "A" club, it has a bunch of clubs. He said he would come watch the Georgia State Match next month. He said
  5. Ok, now that we're in agreement on rifle distances, what about pistols?
  6. You'll be glad you came! Looks like the count is up to roughly 160 with three weeks to go.
  7. Or am I just yanking your chain a tiny bit? LOL. Everything looks great Jack. We're starting on 1, obviously with shared targets pistol has to be a little farther out or you get super close rifle. It will be fun. We're going to try to get there before dark Thursday, depends on traffic and our friends in law enforcement.
  8. Ariats, Levis 501, a Henley, and a good hat, add or remove thermals and wild rag as needed. I won't win any costume contests, but well within the rules and low drag.
  9. I really appreciate how the NARs have made this match so transparent. Everybody gets the same opportunity to look at both stage instructions and an actual look at the stages. Very cool. Thanks. PS On stage 1 those pistol targets are not what I would call big and close.
  10. But it's a dry heat.....j/k. I don't see much advantage to wearing a short sleeve shirt when I can just roll up my sleeves. I also don't think short sleeved shirts help as much with the heat as short PANTS do. Now there's a can of worms, or a stir of the pot, or a stir of the pot full of worms.
  11. It was updated about 6 days ago. https://www.sassnet.com/EoT/downloads/Whos Coming 4.13.2021.pdf
  12. 25 days until the fun begins. Three matches, one of which is Alabama State! This is the best time of year, with 4 State matches and EOT within 2.5 months.
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