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  2. I agree with you pardo, didn't you catch my misuse of too and your?
  3. This is the SASS Wire...take this somewhere else. Just my suggestion... Phantom
  4. Thanks Dirty! The kids have a pair of Stoger/Uberti 1873 clones. (Almost identical to my Vaqueros) She wears her brothers gun belt at about 33-34” Thanks again ! TTT
  5. Sold out! 400 applications the first day and they're only Taking 320 . ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ☆JUST FOOLING ☆
  6. Tyrel , I can't help it. It's the result of being married to a school teacher for 49 years!
  7. I, like, literally feel that way to. Opps, used that wrong
  8. Good, I hope your happy now that you've pointed that out too us.
  9. The 737 Max8 is a game changer airplane. Range, fuel efficiency, noise, ROI....the next generation of airliner. The problem was not technology but not enough pilot training on a very new system. Someone at Boeing really dropped the ball in this regard.
  10. The difference here is, the revolvers were not staged on the table, they came from the holster. I think a P is in order irregardless of the first touching the table.
  11. The misuse of these two is beginning to bug me. So excuse my grammar lesson. Here is an example of their proper use: If you lose your mind you are said to have a screw loose. While I'm at it. It's Oops not Opps. There, now that I got that off my chest I feel better!
  12. Darn I sure hope so...It could be the only one I get... Texas Lizard
  13. Use your spoon to scoop from the bottom of the bowl and push the dry cereal down into the milk as you go along. It's really not that difficult to get cereal with milk in every bite when you just float the cereal with milk.
  14. Watch out for them cocroaches . . . . can be dangerous prey. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6828155/Michigan-man-50-shoots-foot-throws-shoe-cockroach.html
  15. That is my hope, that BOTH are a no call because I dont see how one can be if they both arent.
  16. No call. It has been determined and ruled (when staged on table) that the pistol remaining or being in contact with the table does not constitute in hand.
  17. They are really nice guns Red Eye & the lowered hammer makes 'em a breeze for Duelist or Gunfighter. Thanks --Dawg
  18. I really enjoy talking with the spectators, letting them check out the guns. We try to get them right up close to see how it works and show them that not all of us shoot like Deuce! Facebook, website, YouTube still I think. Kaya is normally very shy but she enjoys talking to the folks too when she can.
  19. A FAUX Win Model 12 trench brook. Heat shield, bayonet mount. No disconnect. $500 SHIPPED from my FFL. Usual terms: First PM, USPS MO, posted on other forums.
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