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  2. Wonder how those guys like living in a Siberian Gulag.
  3. I think they are speaking/ singing in French, but it sounds like what I said earlier.
  4. Got me. I have enough trouble understanding lyrics in English. Quebecois? Fugettaboutit.
  5. Nope he doesn’t, and there’s no need for him to make money selling cars. Ol’ Elon’s automotive fortune comes from selling carbon credits called RINs. A made-up something by the government, awarded to him and others in the “green” industry. My country ‘tis of thee, Sweet land of subsidy...
  6. It all depends on a lot of variables but as starting point for insurance figure $100 per month or $1200 a year.
  7. I was wrong, it was the Winchester AA Lite powder that was discontinued. Corrected my post. Thanks Good to know about the Adjustable charge bar.
  8. AND...the hammer is rubbing the tang area where its suppose to recess into. Your biggest culprit is probably the hammer spring itself. I would have to actually look at the bolt/firing pin set up to make any suggestion about those. ..........Widder
  9. FIVE MISSES for the "unfired rounds" PROCEDURAL for "Failure to attempt to fire a firearm, engage a prop, or perform a stage maneuver." REF: SHB p.21
  10. I gave up rather quickly looking for an “inexpensive” rifle that I thought would be suitable for me. I wound up instead, doing what I should’ve done to begin with, and contacted Coyote Cap. I bought from hi a new, reproduction Winchester lever gun exactly in the barrel length I wanted, and he performed certain other customizations that suited me perfectly, etc. I.e., the magazine has to hold at least 10 rounds, etc. I don’t regret doing that one bit. I was very fortunate in being able to purchase a very slightly used pair of USFA SAA revolvers in .38Special. In my opinion they are as go
  11. When the three words you used for the topic are combined, all I could my phone could tell is "output not logical; 60 seconds to self-destruct initiated."
  12. So these russian nuclear scientists put a top secret air gapped supercomputer on the internet to mine bitcoin. Remember a LOT of computing power. Turns out their feds weren't amused https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-43003740.amp
  13. “Quit blaming other states for what your state has become while you weren’t paying attention” - Me
  14. IMO, loading Brass shotgun shells is just a novelty. Get you a Mec, get it set up for one load a leave it alone. I used a 600 jr for about 40 years. Now use a 9000. It will crank out shells at a very good rate. I know that some folks like the Lee, they work but I don't care much for them.
  15. Today
  16. You don't get out much, do you? My momma bought me a .45 Colt Ruger Blackhawk with the 4 5/8" barrel in 1973. My dad left me a 4 5/8" .357 Old Model Blackhawk that was built in 1955.
  17. I recently bought a Marlin 39 Century Ltd .22; its a great handling little rifle but something isn't right in the cycling/cocking process. When you operate the lever, it is very hard to get the bolt moving rearward; much easier after it reaches the half cock position. It appears that the rear of the firing pin (a straight up vertical surface) is the "pusher" against the vertical surface of the hammer. Those two vertical surfaces do not make for a smooth start to the cocking action. Sort of hard to envision if you are not familiar with the gun, hope the pictures help. The outside
  18. Picking brass is about the only thing I do anymore. Can't see to spot or score and don;t want to chase shooter carrying the timer. But I would never dump someone else's brass on some one else's JMHO GW
  19. As others have said, if he fired the round, P. Do t fire it miss only. I’ve noticed, and I’ve been guilty of this as well, TO wants to make a call when something is obviously wrong. Often, hurrying the process, makes improper call. Far better to hand off timer, discus (calmly) what happened, refer to penalty/miss flow chart, then make the call. There is no huge rush! Take a minute and get it right instead of 15 seconds and get it wrong!
  20. Look, I don't know anymore about this than the man in the moon. But if they won't sell out of state why do they have this statement under the offer to sell? Restricted Maryland, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, California, Hawaii
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