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  2. gracie , jannis , jimmy , and i liked the doors but then im not doing well on longevity with my list
  3. It's amazing the level of success that some of them had in their early 20s. Steve Winwood sang his first big hit at 17. Dang, Carly Simon 78. I showed my wife that Bruce Springsteen photo. She really laughed.
  4. Many other languages do not have the articles, a, an, the, some do not have present tense to be verbs, am, is, are, Russian does not have Mr, Miss, Mrs. When I see something like that I figure “English as a second language”, probably third or fourth. They insert ‘the’ because they don’t know what is correct. But it is highly likely that something was was made in China, maybe just the label.
  5. 230 RN coated at 700 fps.= 160 power factor, minimum is 150 so why go higher, just beats up the steel targets!! also you can, Put in a lighter recoil spring if needed. JMHO LSL
  6. In the 90's I worked at a motorhome factory. The owner was friends with Donald O'Connor and walked around the plant with him one day. Everyone else was oblivious as to who he was. I worked up on a mezzanine and gave him a round of applause as he walked towards us. He looked up, smiled and gave me a wave. I just thought how amazed the younger workers would be if they saw the type of acrobatic dancing he was capable of when he was younger.
  7. Ah, Grace Slick. Jefferson Airplane, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Moby Grape, Quicksilver Messenger Service....they played at Cal dances in Berkeley when I was a frat boy there in 1966-67. Does that mean I'm old, too? Say it ain't so! We had fun times then.
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  9. 6.5 of unique under a 230 grain lead round nose. 6.8 of unique under a 230 grain full metal jacket round nose. Those were Jeff Cooper recommended loads, and I figured if anybody knew about 45 ammo it was Colonel Cooper.
  10. Well then, by all means, Go forth! Collect trophies!
  11. 230 grain bullets at 830fps would be “mil spec” so I would go for that. I am sure that’s what the gun iis designed for. Or do they shoot gamer loads in WBAS? Some info; https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/.45_ACP Death to Otto.
  12. They are gearing up to sway people’s acceptance of cars that drive themselves. When that occurs retinal scans will drive advertising everywhere you go snd all crime will be nonexistent because of nerds in swimming pools making predictions and notifying the authorities via walnut wooden balls… The whole thing will come crashing down with an investigation into a Minority Report.
  13. I'm not the OP but yes they are, and from the looks of them they are 4-click guns. edit to add: since these guns have a frame mounted firing pin, I don't know if Uberti ever changed them. New ones may still be 4-click, I don't know.
  14. No. You are technically either a driver if in control of the vehicle or a passenger if not. And the increasing use of they, their, and them as replacement pronouns is making news stories mor and more incomprehensible. I watched a very uncomfortable local newsman correct himself 3 times the other night trying to describe a suspect and victim by using neutral genders. I felt sorry for him.
  15. Remember, a thong is not women's underwear. It is flip-flops.
  16. According to ABC News One person was killed and four others were injured following a mass shooting Saturday in Baltimore after a passenger was shot and crashed their car, police said. The incident took place around 6:39 p.m. when a woman was driving in her car and crashed after being shot, police said. Central District officers responded to the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and Laurens Street in reference to a Shot Spotter alert, according to the Baltimore Police Department. I guess, technically, if you are in the car and the car is moving you are a passenger. Even if you are the one that is driving. I guess.
  17. That sounds a lot a lot better than a Flamin' Thong!
  18. I understand that the school teachers there were viciously adept with their rulers. Kinda like Sister Mary Dracula.
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