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  2. I find this somewhat amusing, but only because I am coming at it from a different perspective. See, while I did have a Henry and a 66 and a 73, and for that matter a 92, they all have in common the fact that yep, you can lever out a live round without pulling the trigger. I've never thought that this was problem in need of a solution. But, apparently some folks don't want this to be possible. Well, there is a solution that does not require you to perform any modification to the gun; use a Lightning. Once a round in chambered, you can't work the action again until the trigger has been pulled and the hammer has fallen. Problem solved. But then there is the question of how do you unload the gun. Well, it was me, I'd just tell the Posse Marshall that I've got a problem and request permission to fire off the rounds in the the rifle safely down range so I can then "reset" and shoot the stage later instead of next. This to me seems to be safer than having to lower the hammer on live rounds. Of course, in the ten years that a Lightning has been my fave main match gun, I've never had to ask.
  3. I like DocX idea about using self tapping screws. Drill some small starter holes into the wrenches then use the self tappers. I've used them for a bunch of auto related repairs and customization. You be surprised how easy they are to use and how well they hold.
  4. Hardpan, just a word of caution. E6000 will eat some plastics. Styrene is one that it will eat. If your plaques are plastic test the glue first. Good Luck! CJ
  5. Lyman Receiver sight 57 GPR for sale. Fits a Lyman Great Plains rifle or similar rifle. $50.00 shipped in conus. Thanks for looking, Castalia
  6. Since it is my favorite, I'll say Quigley Down Under. I will say the best cast of any western he was in had to be The Sacketts.
  7. Hes the one that told me how to spell brockli.
  8. There’s a difference in scary, dreadful, and heartbreaking in my opinion.
  9. I was enjoying a nice glass of Jack Daniels on the rocks and the dog sat there begging like he is prone to do. I told him "you wouldn't like this" as I held it out for his inspection. And fast as lightning his tongue shot into my glass. My wife got a good laugh as I weighed my options.
  10. Quigley Down Under for my choice , with Monte Walsh as runner-up. Rex
  11. Need to change that one of these days ……..
  12. I always like him. There was always a LARGE selection of him in the Base Exchange.
  13. Are the girls attired in period correct swimwear, or something more modern?!?!
  14. I am torn between Crossfire creek and Sabers River (except for the ending ). Monterey Walsh is a close runner up.
  15. TO held the line and did not allow a score. I don’t necessarily think allowing a shooter to shoot for no score in this situation is a terrible thing. I’ve never done it, but I’m not totally against it.
  16. Everyone had an outstanding time! I was on Posse #6 and it couldn't have been any better. We all pulled together and moved through the stages smoothly. My PM was Pick and he did a great job. We had 3 of the top 10 shooters in the Posse so I got to learn a lot about efficiency and ways to improve gun stability. You and your team made the stages fun and just right with challenges. Thank you for the prizes - next year please draw my ticket for a 750. Kudos to Black Jack Ketchem and Avery Wade for excellent work as TO's. They really were keen on safety and control of the firing line.
  17. Marshal, that's great # FORD514@SBCGLOBAL.NET....I'll be needing your address for shipping. Happy trails QDG/Mike
  18. Others have given reference to what is printed in the shooters Handbook. It has not been amended or changed. Upright does not mean standing at attention like you were going through an inspection or kneeling on the ground. It does mean that you can't be bent over your long guns with hands hovering in anticipation of the timer going off. You will find detailed references and photographs in the RO-III handbook which has been misplaced...... If you find it let me know.
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