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  2. People are prone to "riding" the slide" back into battery when doing it by the sling shot method. The slide release utilizes 100 percent of the spring pressure.
  3. I never buy store ground beef! I buy a roast or two and grind it my self. Costs a little more but I know what I'm eating.
  4. Our club is looking at replacing the dirt berm between two of our bays with a block wall (aka mafia block or Jersey barrier). I know that the club where the NJ State shoot is held has a number if not all of the bays with block walls on the sides and I believe the back. Do you have to line the wall to prevent splatter, chipping or ricochet's? We are only considering doing the sidewalls at this point. Do the targets need to be a certain distance from the sidewalls in order to not have the above issues? What about your loading and unloading tables? Care and maintenance? Any hints, suggestions, etc? Thanks. Roper
  5. Look at this photo: See the screw blow the hammer? There is one on each side of the gun. These hold the tang (the long part the trigger goes through.) When taking off the butt stock, I find it helps to loosen those to help reduce the tension on the wood.
  6. Sometimes when people slingshot they either don't pull the slide all the way back or they don't quickly release it from all the way back easing it down for a short distance before releasing.
  7. Nearly all progressive presses can be used to load individual cartridges, so that is my preferred option to learn. Then you don't have to spend more $ to switch to a more efficient press and you will know the press. If you do care to waste $, buy a used single-stage press realizing it may help learning, but you will have to relearn the progressive eventually, unless you have many extra hours to doe the single process. As mentioned, Dillon's are one of the very top presses but not the only excellent option. But since you are relatively close, start with them. As to bullets, we all started with plain lead but many have switched over to coated bullets - coated with some type of plastic or possibly moly-coated. The plastic coated work very well and are clean but cost more. I still have a lot of lead bullets to use up and they work just fine. (As noted plated bullets are similar to jacketed and not allowed.) Check with local clubs to talk with other reloaders, although you may already be pretty experienced.
  8. Could someone post a pic of these three click retractable firing pin Uberti pistols, both cocked and not? I'd like to see what they look like, as I have never yet seen one.
  9. Alpo, I was thinking the same thing. How can a shorter movement of the slide be more efficient in feeding rounds from the mag than the longer movement of the slide? ..........Widder
  10. Plus one for the Lee dies. When was your revolver made? Originally the gun had a bore diameter of .375" for use with the original heeled bullet. Eventually, when the cartridge changed to the inside the case bullet, the bore diameter was reduced to .357". I know this for a fact because I have two of them, one is an older one with the larger bore made in the 1880s and the other is a "newer" one made in 190something. Personally, I use a .358" round nose hollow base bullet weighing 150 grains. The hollow base expands to get the rifling in the older large bores, and fits properly in the newer small ones. If you've got a newer one, any .358" bullet will do, but go with pure lead due to the age of the gun. The only place I know of selling this bullet is Buffalo arms, and they ain't cheap. But, given how these are for me only very occasional shooters, I find the bullet to be worth the effort and price. I wish I could find someone else who sold them for a more reasonable cost, but it does not seem to be an option. Also, the Lightning, unlike the Peacemaker, was NEVER okayed for used with smokeless powder. It is strictly a black powder only firearm. Many will tell you they have run low power smokeless rounds in them to no ill effect. I'll be honest and say that I have done so, but that was before I fully understood why it's a very bad idea. Good luck! Lightnings are fun guns to own and to shoot, even if they are not SASS legal. (Well, the short barrel ones are okay for pocket pistols, but that's not the same.) Still, a boy can dream... A pair of Lighting pistols paired with a Lightning rifle would be SO much fun...
  11. I have an 1863 steel Remington bp with both the bp cylinder and a 32 S&W conversion cylinder Very low round count, just enough to test it $450 shipped If you are interested
  12. When I was about 10 years old, my Dad took me to see Red River. WE both enjoyed the movie, and seeing it with my Dad made it all the more so. We often laughed in later years, about the long horns and wondered if they just kept the same ones running through different scenes. Later when The Quiet Man came out it became a Father/son ritual to come together for one of Dad's famous Bar B Qs and then watch the movie over a cold brew.
  13. I tried that with ballistol but maybe wd40 will free it up. I do not see rust as I kept it clean but wondered if the wedge coming loose warped something.
  14. Opal, let me know if you got my message the guns are yours P Dog
  15. Today is John Wayne's birthday! My favorite quote. Life is tough, but it's tougher when you're stupid What’s yours
  16. Please define :OLD WEST". Westward migration by Europeans Started much earlier than 1860, and didn't really get into high gear until Gold was discovered in California circa 1849. That said there was a fair degree of commerce on the West coast prior to 1803. The tribes had been trading across the western half for centuries, I would suppose. Dried/salted salmon for clay pipes kinda thingy.
  17. Hey guys, I've migrated from C&R to replica BP. I like the pocket revolvers in .31 and .36. If you have the conversion cylinder that is a plus. I am also open to a .44 that has the .22LR conversion, seems like that would be an easier load on these steel frames. In order of preference: 1863 Remington Pocket Steel .31 Uberti 1849 Pocket .31 Steel Frame Uberti 1848 Wells Fargo/Baby Dragoon .31 Steel Frame Any points to seller will be much appreciated! Thanks!
  18. TTT- Now that ranges are opening again, and we're all getting out there for matches, there must be somebody looking for a great brace of pistols. These are the ones.
  19. The Angel and the Badman and Hondo should be added to the list. Oops, some one got those two.
  20. First, Berrys (as I understand their business) supplies plated bullets. CAS requires lead only bullets (coated is OK). 125 grain bullets are a popular choice. Since you know how to load, buy a progressive press, I agree with AW, drive to Dillon in Scottsdale and check out the Square Deal, 550 and 650 presses. Price their cast lead bullets too. Try to find a local caster in your area so you can obtain bullets without shipping. Some out-of-area casters will deliver to Winter Range without charge. Evil Roy has a set of DVDs that show you how to train. Sportsmans Warehouse is selling primers at a good discount right now. Buy all the Federals you can while prices are low. There are many powders that will work well. If you have a powder left over from loading 45 ACPs it will probably work. Search this Wire for threads listing pet loads.
  21. If the chains had no slack it should be quite stable.
  22. Blackwater knows his stuff! That being said, I want in on the race action. I'll bring something nasty and ill mannered (and not my former MIL)
  23. There are FIVE on the spire in this photo (from the video above)! (And the guy in front does have his gloves on in this photo but the two on the left don't.) Wonder what happened to the fifth guy?
  24. Because there is no law requiring anyone to wear a mask, only recommendations and shaming by the overly fearful (some politicians believe they can mandate it, they cannot). That said, your club may have a local rule that requires it while you shoot(I've already seen it to be the case in a couple of places), so ask the club first; if you don't feel good about that then stay home.
  25. Interesting, it looks like it would be very stable to me. I would imagine it can move side to side a very small amount, but it should not be able to tip in any direction Then again, I might have welded all the chain links if I built something like that that
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