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  2. This will have to do, I guess: https://nationaldaycalendar.com/national-pistachio-day-february-26/
  3. When I was leaving the Navy I was actively being recruited by the Virginia State Police. Sometimes I wish I would have gone that route but one night my wife said "I would hate for you to become a cop and become one of those grouchy cops with a bad attitude." Well, I ended up passing on the State Police offer as I was offered a job in El Segundo California working in aerospace less than a mile from the beach so I took that job instead. Every once in a while I think about what a good cop I would have been, but the funny part is, I still ended up up grouchy...
  4. You guys all started doing that "choklit cake" thing...what...20 years ago??? Has it been that long? I still don't know what started it all.
  5. This was when cell phones were just starting to proliferate, around 2001 or 2. It was my desk phone that rang, and I have no idea how she got the number. I'd wager son-of-soccer-mom gave it to her.
  6. If you like to read, read all four, in the proper sequence. It's a considerable undertaking, but worth every minute. I've been through all four, first time around in order of publication, second time in order of the story. It's a Scotch or Bourbon deal, either way both are damned good. The Lonesome Dove TV mini-series is an absolute masterpiece, the others are OK and worth watching, but merely mortal in comparison.
  7. I retired from law enforcement in 2016, having spent all but two years of my career working the night shift, and all of it in the ghetto (or a different division than the ghetto but bordering the ghetto, where I was called "ghetto north"). I was absolutely the guy you're talking about. I was short-tempered, grouchy, sarcastic, etc. It wasn't until 2019 that my wife told me she could see the old [Cyrus] starting to re-emerge.
  8. Yes, of course. All of the testing was done observing range protocols.
  9. We talk about the changes to this year's SHB this week on The Firing Line
  10. Too funny! I was fortunate that I never had to do more than counseling sessions with a few of my soldiers. And with no cellphones and such, the concept of a helicopter mom had not come about yet.
  11. IMHO ... Monthly matches need to be intuitive. While most "big" matches send out stage descriptions … many monthly events do not. It isn't fun to try to plan an overly "clever" stage (or sequence) quickly. At many matches you can't get close enough to the firing line to hear a stage description and see all the targets at the same time. Without some special emphasis by the stage reader … (while having all the gun carts and lawn chairs all jammed up at the firing line) it is easy to miss something "new". How long do you really want to spend discussing a sta
  12. As an aside, the Army also has a silver oak leaf cluster to denote 5 such awards (it would actually be six, because the ribbon counts as one and oak leaf clusters count as additional awards -- hence, a Meritorious Service Medal with two oak leaf clusters denotes THREE times the medal has been awarded). A silver OLC is five oak leaf clusters, so a silver OLC on a ribbon = six awards. A silver plus a bronze OLC = seven, etc.
  13. Yep. There is a national day for everything Yesterday my daughter told me that one of the teachers at the school she works at was going to bake five Bund chocolate cakes all with different frostings for today. Just for the school staff. I'm waiting for National Pistachio Ice Cream Day, and will not share with no one!
  14. If this guy was testing such a device, he could have done so without hovering directly over my targets!
  15. I Georgia, you are considered an adult the day before your 17th birthday. Mommy can sit in the lobby and complain all day while Junior gets interviewed. Age 16 and under, the interview rules/policies get changed all the time and I haven't kept up with them since my timely retirement. A lot of juvenile interview "law" is based on circumstances and mental maturity of the juvenile as determined by a judge, months after the interview.
  16. You are in a q.... ahhh, weird, section of the country.
  17. I’ll watch anything with Barbara Hershey. She may have been my first crush when she was on The Monroe’s
  18. I added the updated positive return kit to an older used 550 that I had purchased (just like the powder return on the one you just bought) and the binding/jump was excessive. I may be speaking sacrilege here, but I used a small file and a little emery paper to smooth it out a little. It still jumps, but it's not nearly as annoying. I still use one of the springs (like the ones pictured above). My powder drops are very consistent with light loads for wife's .32 Single Six revolvers. I did the same thing to my new 650 Dillon 15 years ago and it has always dropped consistent powde
  19. Aero Precision, one of the nation’s leading firearm parts and accessories manufacturers, warned Tacoma, Wash., city officials their proposed punitive gun and ammunition tax would have consequences. Officials passed the proposed increases and instituted the taxes and fees. Aero Precision answered back. The company and its 800 employees announced plans to expand and grow their manufacturing base in nearby Lakewood, Wash. Instead of investing in more jobs, more infrastructure, and more taxes paid to the City of Tacoma, Aero is literally sending their business elsewhere. Warning Shots
  20. Alpo's question reminded me of another story from way back when. I was a 2LT at FT Carson, in the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment (they lost the "armored" part a few years ago, but they were armored then). I had a soldier who played a prank on another soldier, but it went very badly for him. The nature of the prank is not appropriate for this forum, so suffice it to say the NCOs brought the matter to me and recommended we give the offender an Article 15. I agreed. For that level of Article 15, the approving authority is the company commander, who, back in those days, was the guy I reported t
  21. When I told'em that, they would cry like a child OLG
  22. Interesting fact, Return to Lonesome Dove was the only one that was NOT a book by McMurtyr. Jon Voight was Capt. Call, I thought he did a great job also. Lots of good actors in that, Reese Witherspoon plays the young wife of Gregor Dunnigan but tries seducing Newt Call played by Ricky Schroder. Barbara Hershey is in it too!
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