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  2. I would recommend not teaching anyone the load one, skip one, lower the hammer and blow a hole in the loading table technique. Seen it too many times.
  3. Snow Virtue Snow Problem Snow Effinway Snow Charity Snow Moore
  4. Wranglers aren't the only pistols with recessed cylinders. We've dealt with recessed cylinders since SASS started. It's not rocket science. Just mark the empty. Many frontiersman will remove a nipple or paint the nipple to show the empty. I have an old Super Blackwack that is recessed, EAA single actions, and several others.
  5. 55 grain is most common used in the AR s today
  6. I have read that the rising price of the Cowboy is due to collectors who need them to fill out their Colt collections, and there weren't that many made. Makes sense. I don't think people are paying that much for one to shoot it.
  7. Dead as soon as they got in range. Dont come for my Life or Stuff . Just Sayin. Rooster
  8. I love it when my daughter shows up the guys. Especially that little grin she gets.
  9. I have no idea how SASS would approve of this with recessed cylinder chambers . But I have NO intention of using them for SASS . Just Sayin. Rooster
  10. No pins, but wet tumbling works much better for me!
  11. Just because they are priced as such doesn't mean they will sell for that. Right now it is more than possible that a used Colt SAA can be had for under $1500, so take the shop owner's price as merely a suggestion. The only time I have seen the cowboys fetch that kind of price is when they are listed as SAA and not cowboys and somebody without much Colt knowledge ends up overpaying. Often times I see the gun relisted so probably returned once the error was realized.
  12. Oh my! What did I start? Not trying to hijack...
  13. Back in the 90’s I encountered a badger in Holcomb Valley near Big Bear, CA He was making a production of digging for something, probably a gopher. I saw him from about 100 yards away and that is as close as I got. Later I reported to the Forest Ranger that I had seen the badger and he got real excited about it and laid out a map on the hood of his truck for me to show him where I saw the badger. I asked him if they would be going over to check out the area and he said “Oh hell no. Your report is good enough for me...and stay the heck away from that area. You don’t want to tangle with a badger.” I told him he’d get no argument from me. I was just happy I got to see one.
  14. One method is to mark the exterior of the cylinder (a dot of paint or whiteout) on both sides of the “designated” empty chamber. One shooter stuffed a yellow foam plug into the chamber. When the gun is loaded the marks should flank the top strap.
  15. Thanks for doing the video Jedi! That was great to see. We work hard at this unique match every year and it's so nice to see it presented on video. The jail bars were spaced a little close, it was pretty much the one and only "different / tricky" thing we put in the match as kind of a homage to old-school stages. The stages have to be designed to flow quickly to get 8 of them done in one day. I try to change up the unique element each year to keep it fresh. I knew people would ask about the rifle thing. It's a consequence of an incident from long ago (way over a decade, before I started). The resulting deal with the range was to check the rifles twice, once under direct TO supervision and again per normal SASS procedure to make sure the rifle's mag tube is empty and any stuck rounds have two chances to be dislodged. You get used to it and it becomes second nature. We don't expect guests to remember and just remind everyone "show clear on rifle, ok, Guns to unloading table." At least with the newer SASS rule allowing a rifle with a lever that closes during a stage to be shown clear for a "no call" at the end of a stage works very well with our existing procedure. What we are doing is close to the same process so not totally unfamiliar to current rules.
  16. Kalifornica... tooey! My mistake... Minnesota. Got some real winner politicos there too. Sorry for ya.
  17. Last year I posted about a ratty old gun I have. My stepdaughter out-shot most of the guys in her Police Basic class. For whatever reason, she selected this particular ugly looking Stiff & Worthless, and she shot it well indeed. Tomorrow marks the day when she slipped out of her body like a man slips out of a worn and soiled cloak, and she stood up clean and new and she got her new set of wings. Last year I posted about that ratty old gun, and I wrote it through the same blur that plagues me today, but I add one thing. A picture. I won't show you the lower half of the picture, but I will tell you of a joke we shared, just the two of us. You see, at bottom center of the silhouette she shot those many years ago, she fired a nice tight group, but umm ... her shot placement was, ahhhh ... Everyone in her Basic class took a long look at the target, and cringed. I'll leave it to your imagination as to the exact location of that bottom center grouping. (Nancy thought it hilarious, watching the guys wince and cringe at the sight!)
  18. FS: Blued Smith & Wesson "New Departure", .32 Safety Hammerless (Lemon Squeezer) Third Model Serial number 232XXX, circa early 1930s. "Unmolested". This was one of the guns I was going to "get around to" and make into a pocket pistol side-match gun. Very nice tight gun overall but the action over-rotates when fired at speed. Locks up when fired slowly. I just don't have time for it, too many projects in my life. $235.00 includes shipping to your FFL (Must be able to receive from an individual) FFL 03, C&R is fine, if your locale allows
  19. I like ceramic media way more than those pins. OLG
  20. Even better is a tumbler WITHOUT the pins. Whatever liquid soap suits your fancy, Lemishine and a teaspoon of Strat-O-Sheen has my brass looking factory new without the pain of separating the pins after tumbling.
  21. Cleaning out the excess: Paypal "Friends and Family" or money order only 1) River Junction Trading deluxe pistol cartridge belt, Large (44" at middle hole) for 44 and 45 cartridges with 34 leather loops, Was $100 new $40 + $8 shipping 2) Hunter rifle cartridge belt, size large. 45 inch to middle hole. 25 loops for 30-30, 32-40, 38-55, 30-40 Krag or similar $35 + $8 Shipping 3) Cheyenne Pioneer Cartridge period boxes for .44 Russian. four boxes $20 + $5 shipping (Can also have .44 Colt label added) 4) Cheyenne Pioneer Cartridge period boxes for .44 Russian, with 44 Colt label applied. four boxes $20 + $5 shipping 5) Civil War revolver ammunition pouch NEW! Works great for pistol ammo or half a dozen shotgun shells. $20 + $5 shipping 6) Lonesome Dove deck of playing cards Unused. $15 + $5 shipping 7) Antique straight razor, celluloid fake ivory handle with blade etched "The Razor that Fits Your Face" $20 + $5 shipping 8) 1860 Uberti Henry lifter, modified to load .45 Cowboy or 180 grain .45 Schofield. DOES NOT WORK ON 1866 as no slot for loading gate 20 + $5 shipping
  22. Actually it does, Minute Rice has a rough surface and when fresh is does polish brass faster than regular rice. It only lasts one or two tumblings though. As I said upthread I played with it 30 years ago .
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