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  2. M R Ducks Used in a sentence....Look over there m r ducks in the water.
  3. I'll be your boyfriend if you throw in the '66, Miss SandyCharm.
  4. I single cock each pistol then fire it. The thought of double cocking makes my brain hurt. LOL
  5. Yesterday, I tried last year but it was taken. I had a thought about Tequila Shot but I was able to get Shooter
  6. I think it depends on if you are a double-cocker. Seems most of the really fast GFers these days are single-cockers, but if you still double-cock then changing leads doesn't slow you down.
  7. Watch the locking lug that appears to be a weak point in the Stoegers (from what I've read)
  8. There was a moment during the debate that I caught when Bloomberg almost said that he bought Democrat Senators. Here's a short video you can hear him catch himself.
  9. Hey Allie Mo ,,,,, I'm a Day Older Than I was Yesterday !!!! When I finally Collect My promised Hug ,,,,, do I get it with Interest ??? Jabez Cowboy
  10. When I say "crossover", I don't mean literally crossing the guns over, I just mean shooting with one gun, then the next shot is with the other gun, but in the direction of crossover. I never cross my guns either. You may be right on not changing leads being faster... I think it may be more about fear of confusion? Still learning this game. Thank you for the feedback!
  11. if you look at it from the standpoint of economies of motion... I also do not cross over this way. On the sets of three, my lead hand should stay on target for the third shot from the first shot of the three. Left on 1, Right on 2. -> twist body alignment at the waist slightly to orient to the right set of targets. Left on 3, Right on 4, Left on 3 -> twist body alignment back to the left set of targets. Right on 2, Left on 1, Right on 2 -> twist body alignment slightly to orient to the right set of targets. Left on 3, Right on 4. Right to left would just be the opposite. Which hand I start with and which direction I go depends on weather, wind, and stage flow.
  12. Something different and more challenging is always fun. I used to shoot IPSC with a ParaOrdinance P12-45. Half of the fun was watching the 38 super crowd flinch when they heard my muzzle blast. Different is usually slower and not very competitive but way more fun. Go for it.
  13. This is a good point, and one that I will work on. I don't necessarily have a problem starting from the right... I just don't normally consider doing that. For some reason my brain wants to do it from left to right. Thanks!
  14. Widder(what is now known as the Mouth of the South) had to go to the sleep Dr the other day. They asked him why he only sleeps 4hrs a night. He told them that's all the time that was left after sittin up all night thinking of new lies to tell. I didn't tell Widder, but I called that Dr and told them he might get 4hrs of sleep at night but his mouth only gets about a half hour.
  15. Assuming Utah Bob's info about Chinks descending down from the Spanish Chinkaderos is correct, similar to Chaps descending down from the Spanish Chapadero, why ISN'T CHinks pronounced SHinks? Or doesn't anyone really give a chit about the CHinks/Shinks, CHaps/SHaps inconsistency? Angus p.s. Tyrel started it!
  16. Not so sure about that. If you go out on the open sea and have something level on the ship to compare the horizon, you can see a slight curvature on the sea. Been on quite a few cruise ships. It's there if you look. JHC
  17. I just ripped up a poster of Eastwood as Josey Wales and I'm going to get rid of any movies I have of him. I only have a couple maybe 3. I can't stand the sight of his turncoat hypocritical face! %^$# You Clint!
  18. Republican debates? Trump vs. who???
  19. Climbing Mt. Everest at 29,029' would have given him a better view!
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