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  2. Colorado: Semi-Auto Ban Introduced in General Assembly
  3. Great news for our friends north of the medicine line. Ontario Latest Province to Snub Trudeau’s Gun Grab The wheels are coming off the mandatory “assault weapon” gun ban and confiscation scheme that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau launched four years ago. In late 2022, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, followed by New Brunswick and Yukon, indicated that their policing resources could not be used to implement, or assist in the implementation of, the federal government’s gun confiscation (“buyback”) program. Responding to a letter from the federal minister in charge of the program seeking “partnership and collaboration that support the safe roll-out of this program in your jurisdiction,” Alberta’s Minister of Justice/Solicitor General at the time stated that no provincial resources would be available for the “politically motivated confiscation,” and that Albertans “will not tolerate taking officers off the streets in order to confiscate the property of law abiding firearm owners.” In a fresh setback to Trudeau’s ban and “buyback,” gun rights sources in Canada advise (here, here and here) that Ontario’s government has likewise issued the feds a “heave-ho” notice. According to the reports, the Ontario Solicitor General’s statement reads: Ontario recognizes that targeting Canada’s licensed firearms owners will not stop gun and gang violence. More than 90% of guns used in crimes are illegally imported into Ontario from the United States. At a time when crime is on the rise, Ontario’s police resources can’t be diverted to criminalize farmers and hunters. Punishing law-abiding citizens will not reduce crime while illegal firearms continue to be smuggled into Canada. If the federal government wants to take serious action on gun crime, they need to spend the resources on securing the border. We will not request that our police services administer this program as it is operational and ultimately their discretion. Ontario should not be spending taxpayers’ money towards the program. Ontario has, by far, the country’s largest share of adults with gun licenses (a Possession and Acquisition License, or PAL), and the number of licensees continues to grow. Like millions of other licensed gun owners across Canada, these are the individuals who face confiscation and potential criminal charges under Trudeau’s legislative mandate despite being, as a class, “exceptionally nonviolent,” “less likely to be accused of murder than other Canadians,” and statistically “less deadly than moose.” Even without the added burdens of executing Trudeau’s pointless gun grab, police in Ontario’s largest city are struggling to provide adequate law enforcement services. Toronto’s police chief, Myron Demkiw, addressing proposed cuts to the Toronto Police Service (TPS) budget this year, outlined that the response time to 911 “priority one” calls was already 22 minutes and “continues to increase,” and the city currently has only 37 more TPS officers than it had a quarter of a century ago, despite population growth at “exponentially high rates” since then. Resources lag behind as “major crime, including violent carjackings, home invasions and auto theft …have reached unprecedented levels in our city, contributing to a feeling of insecurity amongst many of our constituents.” Elsewhere, Chief Demkiw spoke about the city’s epidemic of car thefts and “the escalation of violence, threats and intimidation, where all sorts of weapons and firearms are being used to steal vehicles… In Toronto, home invasions and break and enters for auto theft occurrences rose 400 per cent in 2023...” Political leaders still undecided as to the merits of the gun ban and confiscation program would do well to recall the results of the Liberal Party’s previous gun control experiment, the billion-dollar bonfire that was the long gun registry. Promised to cost taxpayers no more than C$2 million, the price tag climbed north of C$2.5 billion, with the federal auditor-general “uncover[ing] irregularities including mismanagement and corruption.” It had no discernible impact on violent crime or firearm homicides, but diverted billions of dollars that could have been spent on actually effective public safety measures. The Liberal government’s latest gun policy has failed Canadians as well, as one source observes. “In 2022, firearms-related violent crime hit the highest level since 2009. Firearms-related violent crime is under 3% of violent crime but has grown by 55% since 2013. The 342 homicides with firearms in 2022 represent the most since homicide data began being collected in 1961… total homicides jumped from 609 victims in 2015, when Justin Trudeau took over, to 874 in 2022. That’s almost a 50% increase.” As crime escalates, “Instead of protecting the public from violent criminals, the Trudeau Liberals have focused on harassing law-abiding Canadian gun owners.”
  4. They are intentionally trying to create unrest, trying to get the sheeple to accept blame for something that we can't affect so that they can get them to think that taxing us more will solve the problem, even though the United States is the cleanest industrial country in the world, while NOT blaming countries that are dirtier than we ever have been. It's just another scheme to redistribute money from those that create to those who don't.
  5. OUCH. I hate to hear about that. Make sure he heals right and get him back on the firing line in tip top shape. He's a top shooter. ..........Widder
  6. NOAA NWS is over-forecasting almost every day here in central California. Practically every week, in this season, they predict heavy rain that seldom turns out to be very consequential. They predict "Atmospheric rivers" that end up delivering < 1/4" of rain over 48 hours. But they do succeed in discouraging attendance at our monthly matches, even though little rain actually falls. Then in the Summer they forecast 110 deg days frequently, constituting "new heat records", but our actual temperatures seldom reach that 110 deg F mark. They are succeeding in creating a media and public mindset that extremes are happening everywhere, but their predictions, like those from their models for Climate Change, haven't really been very reliable. I wish they could separate weather forecasting and climate predictions from political agendas, but that appears to be impossible for them.
  7. You would have to be the judge. I’ve had three just like this one and they are all about the same.
  8. Do you have to hold your mouth another way to get them to feed? Actually that’s a straight up question. How do they feed?
  9. Iron Cowboy is having surgery for a torn labrum so he may be out too.
  10. A celebration of life will be held Saturday, February 24 from 11 am to 1 pm. It will be attended by family, friends and cowboy/cowgirl friends. Dress cowboy if you'd like. 10327 Ohio Ave. Thonotosassa, Fl 33592
  11. Mid 80's here today. God bless Texas! I hate the cold. I expect it will be back this year. Couple months ago it dropped from 65 to 18 one afternoon! JHC
  12. Don't blame the primers..... Could be your machine. How much up/down play do you have in the shell plate? You want ZERO.
  13. Plus 1 to Cholla. However. There has been recent discussion on the CZ Sharptail and slicking that double up for our game. It’s a really nice shotgun. Outside hammers will be a little bit slower but the CZ Hammer classic is a very nice gun as well.
  14. I have 2, 1 is my every day carry pistol. They are better than they used to be but they still have a wonky trigger. The little 9 I carry is extremely accurate and I have confidence in it. First time I fired it I was worried that I couldn't see any bullet holes. Walked down to the target and there was this nifty little group in the middle of the bull. It was like Hey, I like this little guy! JHC
  15. Just wanted to "circle back" on this and give a big GRACIAS to @Eyesa Horg. He went into town, im pretty sure a couple places just to find my chips. He bought the lot, then drove to UPS store, boxed and mailed them to me, a guy he doesnt know, and says send me a check whenever you can, "im not worried." Well, my love was excited about the chips gift to celebrate AZ Statehood Day, but even more touched by the kindness of people like Eyesa, and all of you who responded or reacted to my post (I printed them out for her scrapbook), that have welcomed us to this amazing group of friends and family. Thank you all and hope to meet more of you at EOT!!!! Yeehaaaaaaaw!
  16. Did you tumble the new brass first? New brass can be hard to reload because of residue from the manufacturing process.
  17. We kinda sidetracked the thread. Is it me or is Mel Gibson looking a lot like Sean Connery? JHC
  18. Used to work with a guy like that once. Big gun nut. He'd buy a pistol and if it didn't put them down the middle it was no good and he'd sell it. I shot with him enough to know he just wasn't worth beans as a pistol shot. He couldn't shoot worth crap with my pistols either! JHC
  19. I was loading .32 S&W in new Starline cases a couple weeks ago. Using Remington primers I had no problems at all.
  20. Today
  21. Been striking out trying to find one and know they don't make them anymore. would love to buy one if someone has an extra for sale.
  22. what the trigger like. I passed on a couple of vintage PPKs as auction the other day, One was a S&W label one that just had too much writing on the slide and the other was a Nazi market war bring back. The both had excellent triggers. The current production make OOB S&W feel crisp.
  23. That milk bottle date just screams "public school"
  24. Just got mine in this weekend and went straight to work on trying to get it to hold 6. By the time I got it to hold 6 and close easily, the spring wasn't putting enough pressure on the follower to cycle the last shell. Ordered one of the extra power Wolf springs and cut it about the same length Deuce cut the spring he used in the above video. Works perfectly now loading 5 in the tube with one on the carrier. No failures with dummies or loaded rounds (safely checked of course)
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