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  2. Winchester 1873 imported by Cimarron -kings improved model. Aged to look period Correct. 45 Long colt first generation short stroke kit with large brass front sight. No rear sight. Straight trigger $1100 Local PPT In 92028 area. +$100 for shipping to your FFL
  3. I ended up buying a set from 2 different bids on GunBroker. No one else had any. TM
  4. About 20 years ago I had a safe work permit audited , the thing they found wrong “yes they always find something wrong” was I wrote manhole in the description instead of person hole . I told them if I did that no one would know what I was talking about. They weren’t amused. PC started a long time ago
  5. They filed bankruptcy in New York to get out of there.
  6. Oh great, now I'm gonna be a mindless, liberal, egg laying zombie. Won't be long before they start asking "Why did the vaccine receiver cross the road"?
  7. The first gun I bought for SASS was my Stoeger Coach Gun. Still my only SASS shotgun. The other three, two Uberti Cattlemans (Cattlemen?) and a Marlin 94, didn't last the first year and have long been replaced. My Stoeger ain't going nowhere.
  8. Yesterday a neighbor told me that the NRA in the U.S. declared bankruptcy. Is that true? I always thought that was one of the strongest lobby groups in the U.S. I remember film clips of Charlton Heston holding up a musket at the NRA convention saying, "From my cold dead hands."
  9. My wife cannot take the annual flu vaccine because it is “egg based”. It makes her very sick. She was afraid of the CoVid vaccine because of this but the CoVid vaccine is not egg based. She had the normal reactions most folks get from her first shot, though she isn’t looking forward to our next shot.
  10. Absolutely! This pic was taken in my garage just to show the magnets. Thanks for pointing that out.
  11. Yeah, I have bear paws too. I love the Army grip and the grip on my Schofield.
  12. I registered early and got one of the RV sites on range with power and water. This is a sweet setup. No running generators, no hauling water and no commuting to the match from a nearby RV park.
  13. I've heard of guys who named their guns, but never anybody who named the individual gun parts. Bob the barrel. Chuck the cylinder frank the frame Tom the trigger Sam the sear. Armie the hammer?
  14. You might want to consider a set of Chiappa 1873 SAA 22LR if you can’t find a set of Stallions.
  15. I usually have problems with CBC .38s. If they won't fit in the cartridge checker, they get pulled and tossed.
  16. My first after seeing a Chronicle at work is my Marlin 1894 in 45 colt. Then a Bisley Blackhawk with a Vaquero style 45 convertible Blackhawk. Then my Stoeger. Rugers have been replaced with Jimmy Spurs New Model Vaqueros in 45 colt. Jusdt couldn't get used to the different grips on the Blackhawks.
  17. Since speed is not important here I use 18" barreled revs I got from a SASS guy back East. Never had been cleaned and cylinders in the wrong revs
  18. I only load 45 Colt and 45 Schofield. When I used to set the seating die to also crimp, about 5% of my loaded cartridges wouldn't load smoothly, but the Lee FCD fixed them. Now I have two sets of dies, and I seat and crimp in separate operations (single stage press). I took the seating stem out of one of the seating dies, and locked down the adjustment ring to apply a good roll crimp. Now I very rarely have to run anything through the Lee FCD; maybe once every 300 rounds.
  19. My new camper with a Furrion 12 volt only 10 cu.ft. unit. It sucked the juice. Batteries dead by morning and had to run the generator all day to sort of get thru the next night. It finally crapped on our last match last year. They are currently replacing it with an Everchill. There are plenty of complaints about them too. Mine drew about 11 amps. to keep the freezer at -17 and the fridge at 38-40. Fridge would stop working at a little above 10 volts on the battery which was about 4:00 in the morning. It's now being suggested I keep block ice in the freezer and fridge. Sure beats th
  20. Yes! What a loud noisy place so calling that behemoth of ice cream “The Zoo” was appropriate. I thought they also had a platter of ice cream with something like 30 scoops.
  21. I got a stomach ache just thinking about it.
  22. I dry fire quite a bit and the gunsmith that setup my 73 advised against using snap caps...I am 2+ years into the sport and dry fire multiple times a week and have seen no problems to date.
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