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  2. UB - Where did you order the sling? (I have purchased slings in the past and can find them but still curious.)
  3. Picked it up about 3 hours ago. It is going to need a thorough cleaning. Quality Hardware, Fine. And, as promised in another thread, the M1 Carbine and the CMP 1911:
  4. Believe the only thing you are missing is a knowable sales person GWA
  5. plus UPS charge? When I clicked the link, a free-shipping code popped up. When another pard alerted the Wire a few weeks back, I ordered two cases from them (same price) and got free shipping, although they did charge tax. Right now it says they have 45 cases left. Yeah, almost double what I always paid at Walmart but that's what I get for ignoring shotgun reloading (actually I do have it all except 209's)
  6. So, my friend who has recently begun CAS was at a gun shop today, and they had Uberti 1873 and Winchester / Miroku '92 rifles in. He was about to purchase one, when the salesperson informed him they are ".357 Mag only," and not .38 SPC. I was somewhat befuddled, and nothing I could spot on the respective websites mentioned .38 SPC. So, I bring the question here. What am I missing? As an aside, I did steer him away from the Henry in .38 SPC/.357 Mag, with side loading gate and tube loading. I'm warning everyone... Don't make me break out the Meh...
  7. The most common is a ratio of 6:1:1, water:lemon juice:sugar. I'm a fan of 6: 1.5:1. Naturally, start off scant on the sugar and increase if needed. I've never been able to make decent lemonade using the bottled stuff. Always fresh. To give it some zip run an inch or two of fresh ginger through your microplane and then squeeze the juice out of the resulting pulp (or just put it all into the pitcher). Or muddle some fresh mint.
  8. Ya’s never know WHAT is gonna’ happen next when this bunch gets together and gets goin’!!!
  9. Simply put, I don't know what I would do. I like to think I do in most situations, based on my experience and skill set, but I don't know for sure. So, I choose not to guess, or second-guess others, from the comfort of a chair. It is different altogether when faced with the situation.
  10. It will DEFINITELY mean that Nevada will never get a dime of tourist capital from me!!
  11. Smoked and kippered herring are great but you can have my share of the pickled.
  12. Interesting. When I clicked on that and hit "Open in new tab" I got "l3harris-w2.prod.fire.glass... is taking too long to load." What makes it really interesting to me is that L3 Harris is a company that sends a lot of work to the shop I work at.
  13. Leather. Mostly a Don Hume PCCH these days since I'm back in a Combat Commander/Para P.13 phase again.
  14. Would this mean you can't put a conversion cylinder and a black powder pistol
  15. You need to contact Copperhead Joe at Ponderosa Pines in Manchester, KY!!! Best lemonade in fifty states, four continents, and the better part of the rest of the world!! OR BETTER YET! Come to The Black Gold Shootout the week of July 12th thru 17th and get your fill, straight from the source!!
  16. DocWard


    Like I mentioned above, I might have something by then, I just don't know what. I belong to QRZ.com, and someone else suggested eham.net, so I will give them a look. I need to dive in and ask questions, but I've been researching to see if the answer has already been given out. In reading threads, I'm often more confused than I usually am.
  17. While all of those are very good, number 2 on the above list might be the be most important.
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