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  2. This is a fantastic measure at a fantastic price. I just purchased a second Uniflow two weeks ago or I would happily snatch this one up! Somebody is gonna get a great deal. Jackalope p.s. I know it's not recommended for black powder use, but I've been using my original Uniflow for black powder for many years.
  3. AAHH! A little Bach in the morning! Perfect! Thanks SD Joe.
  4. A: if asked by authority I respond: legal concealed carry in x location. 2: I detest being 'disarmed for officer safety' by authority when their authority stems from the government made up of citizens, of which I am one. I was going about my business and have not opened hostilities but authority gets to stay armed. iii: I have had my firearms returned in pieces because an officer was unable to return it to working order after he field stripped it to 'make it safe'. I am not a dog or a bear or any other animal I am a capable grown human in the Heinlein vein. I am a citizen and maintain my obligations as such.
  5. Beware of the early Marlin pump shotguns, many were deemed not safe to shoot.
  6. Yeah, the firing of the guns aboard the Constitution was quite a let down. Kind of like going on a date with a gorgeous woman and finding out she… Nah, I ain’t finishing that statement.
  7. I went on a July 4th turnaround cruise (literally a trip into the harbor to turn the ship around) in 2019. I also visited the ship in 2018. Love that ship. When I was in the Navy we got word that the Navy was looking for sailors interested in serving on the Constitution. I was interested but the Navy wasn’t interested in me doing it because I was in a critical rating and I wasn’t a Four-O sailor.
  8. I'm not saying that they should be using the full 8 pound charge. but part of the reason they fire those salutes is public entertainment. Going from 8 pounds down to less than half a pound, and from a gun modified to us a 40mm shell no less, in my mind robs the public. And, to wear out those tubes, which will never see shot nor shell through them, nor chain, grape, or canister, would take centuries. Give it at least a 2 pound charge to produce an appropriate amount of smoke.
  9. I have grown to love the 9mm round. I’ll bet with a 124 or 147 grain XTP bullet loaded to +P velocities one could have a slick little short range (100 yards) hunting gun for animals up to deer sized game including zombie’s and chainsaw wielding carnivores.
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  11. You might need a fork. Just yesterday, I got a 'fork' in the mail from Red Knee. So, I call him on the phone and ask why he sent me a fork. He says.....'You're gonna need it to eat that humble pie the Dynamic Duo from New Mexico will be dishing out'. What a friend! Always respectful of the ole man. But he is cheap..... its a plastic fork. ..........Widder
  12. Performed on Tenor, Bass, Great Bass and Contrabass recorders. so it’s like barbershop quartet of recorders? …
  13. Reb, get a factory letter on the finish. Shipping "in the white" would be highly unusual and add lots of value if it really was, cowrustler
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