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  3. I used to live across the lake from there ....... 🙃
  4. Looks like Rep Kelly- IL introduced it in '21 and '23. Neither bill made it out of committee.
  5. I read elsewhere that when a 52 year old woman begins a relationship with an 84 year old man, she does not expect that he will be the one to bury her.
  6. Jimmy Stewart (about Pie): “The horse was amazing. I rode him for 22 years. I never was able to buy him because he was owned by a little girl by the name of Stevie Myers, who is the daughter of an old wrangler who used to wrangle horses for Tom Mix and W.S. Hart. He retired and he gave this horse to her. He was a sort of a maverick. He hurt a couple of people. I saw him when I started making Westerns. Audie Murphy rode him a couple of times. He nearly killed Glen Ford, ran right into a tree… But I liked this darned little horse. He was a little bit small, a little quarter horse and Arabian. I got to know him like a friend. I actually believed that he understood about making pictures. I ran at a full gallop, straight towards the camera, pulled him up and then did a lot of dialogue and he stood absolutely still. He never moved. He knew when the camera would start rolling and when they did the slates. He knew that because his ears came up.”
  7. It seems that more than a few are having tough going lately... Let us help them be truly Grumpy... Jabez Cowboy
  8. I never really thought about it because I usually de-prime my brass before cleaning using the Dillion de-priming and sizing die, then load the C45S after the 45 Colt by just changing out the head on 550 for to the one I use for 45ACP (if there was wild bunch that week) and since it's all de-primed I don't put the case in that first position until it's time to press in the primer then advance. Then load the 45ACP after changing the plate.
  9. im sorry but whats so difficult about these ? a hole and cotter key would do it unless there is something really special here - then go to the factory for correct p[arts ,
  10. no word yet as to her preferences , lots of speculations but then she wont be official till the convention and a lot will play out in the next couple weeks ,
  11. i liked and respect jimmy and henry fonda - not so much the fonda kids
  12. What weight bullet have you guys tride to run in the 45 Special ?
  13. I thought this was what you meant...
  14. no add on parts yet , save my holstered carry and knife that i donet leave home witrhout anymore , but i dont wear it into the doctors ,
  15. Biden, Harris, it doesn't matter. Both are puppets. That's exactly why they haven't liked the other guy this whole time. He's not a D.C. puppet.
  16. i no longer even think about eating there - they are overpriced and we get underserved , then they think its our fault when they fall short --will not step foot in the establishment again , there are other choices
  17. kinda hard to mispronounce my home town of CEDAR FALLS , but then im thinking about it and wonderin
  18. Who will Kamala pick as her Life Insurance Policy. She was Biden's, just as he was Obama's. It's gonna be tough to find someone who is more incompetent... I still predict her choice or the Dem's choice will be Michelle Obama.
  19. Back in 80 I worked for a construction company. We built pre-stressed concrete water tanks. Company down in Hallandale was using several of our tanks making methane out of garbage. And someone was up on top of one of the tanks with an acetylene torch, and blew the roof off. So we were called in to reroof it. The first day on the job, we are all standing next to the tool trailer which is on the other side of the road from the methane factory. And it is explained to us that if anyone needed to smoke, they were to come down off of the tank and come over to the tool trailer. If anyone was caught smoking on the factory side of the road - no matter how long they had been working for the company - they would be fired on the spot. So we are all inside the tank with the hole in the roof. And for some reason there's a oxy acetylene rig in there. This guy that works for the methane company climbed in the tank and walked up to one of us, stuck a cigarette in his mouth and asked for a light. We told him that was not happening. And he grinned, and then he fired up that acetylene torch, and lit his cigarette. And he stayed in there, probably hiding from his boss, for about 15 minutes. Smoking all the time.
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