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  2. Howdy, I will take these. Berry's Bullets 9mm 124gr. RN FMJ 220 ct. $30 shipped let me know how to pay you. Thanks!
  3. Nothing makes a woman's butt look better than a wide belt and a pair of single action revolvers.
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  5. I did finally get my order from Choice Ammunition. It took several months.
  6. I guess I never realized what a problem this can be for some folks. I found some videos too. At 4:13 the scenery gets ugly on this one... I remember years ago I got DQ’d at an IDPA match for racking my slide with my left hand over the gun but with the gun pointed the length of my forearm, kind of almost like the pretty lady above at the start of the video. The RO thought my gun was aimed so that if it went off it would have shot me in the underside of my forearm towards my left elbow. I was standing sideways with the gun pointed down range. I started to argue with him but decided against it as I was fairly new to the sport and that club. When I went home and did the same move looking in the mirror I found the the RO was absolutely correct. I was aiming the gun directly at the meaty part of the underside of my forearm. The moral of the story: Practice a new racking technique in the mirror so as not to cause a potential injury, problem or safety infraction.
  7. Think of all the money he makes from those retailers. He advertises everything and anything. Hate to work a contract with that guy.
  8. Why go to skool? We never learn from our mistakes.
  9. I do not like scotch, and I won' touch it with a 10 foot pole. I have a "southern taste" in whiskey and I prefer good ole Tennessee corn mash and drink Jack Daniels, I prefer Gentleman Jack for a smooth corn liquor and if I want a good tasting corn liquor set me up with a tumbler of Jack Single Barrel.
  10. Lumpy was the first to reply so he gets them. Bob and Weave is up next if something happens. Thanks John Lee
  11. Looks similar to the condition of some of the firearms that were returned to their Louisiana owners after being confiscated in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
  12. Lumpy, Thanks. Please send me the address of your FFL and I will figure out your shipping, how much insurance do you want? E-maim me at John_lee1947@yahoo.com Thanks
  13. I must confess, I gotta love for that Pizza Hut.
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