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  2. For the "serious" BB gun cowboy:
  3. Someone needs to show Kevin how to use the ejector rod on his Colt single action. Instead of holding the revolver, and shaking it, he could unload it lots faster using the ejector rod. Besides, in real life, it may not work very well holding the revolver, and shaking the empties out, since the empties swell against the cylinder walls, and may not just fall out when the cylinder is held upside down, as we all know. I have, at times, had to nearly pound the empty cartridge out of the cylinder, when it got stuck, after firing. Yes, one can hone the inside of the cylinder. I am sure the cowboys had the tools to do that, on the trail... Of course they are using blanks, and those may fall out like they were coated with snot, but in for a penny, in for a pound. If they want to be authentic, then be authentic. If the actors, and directors, knew hog jowls, from horse hockey, about firearms, perhaps they should show it being done the right way. No big deal, but some things seem to really stand out in the movies, on the big screen.
  4. Do you dry fire all your CAS firearms with impunity and not a care in the world?
  5. This is almost exactly what I was told by a member I know. I used 1oz instead of 7/8ths as I only had Claybuster CB1118-12 WAA12 and not the Claybuster CB0178-12 WAA12L wads. WAA12 wads 1 oz shot 14.5 gr Clays
  6. Is there no medical evidence or is that just what the Government paid idiots say? I mean we all trust Fauci right and I'm sure the CDC and the WHOI is going to say exactly what Fauci and his handlers want you to beleive. 1% guess thats what Fauci and company are saying. Funny thing is my wife and I both have health problem's, but didn't get Covid until we got vaccinated. Heck of a coincidence IMO. But hey vaccine is so good now they say you have to get booster shots and they are coming out with a covid pill they want you to take daily. Enough is enough. All you really have to do is follow the money. Because it certainly isn't about covid deaths or hospitalizations.
  7. Thats also what you get when you don't pay a decent wage only give enough hours to fall short of having to give benefits and insurance. Businesses are there own worst nightmare.
  8. So there is simply NO Medical evidence that vaccines for anthrax have caused significant problems. about 1% of individuals have a severe reaction but almost no deaths. And the potential threat was real. As to the nerve agent antidote pills, if you had been gassed you would not be complaining as nerve agents are extremely deadly. Additionally those were self administered. The "chronic multi-system illness that some gulf war vets have complained about is not related to vaccines.
  9. Yes and the army forced us to take vaccines for anthrax and nerve agent antidote pills et al in desert storm and 30 years later me and my buddies have a ton of health problems that started during the war and never left.
  10. Go black and never go back! 2.5 CC Lee dipper (about 38 grains) of whatever blackpowder (2FG or 3FG, NOT 4FG) or substitute you got; white Claybuster plastic wad, 1 oz + or - to get a good tight crimp. Tweak the volume to make it work for your hulls and gun. NO felt recoil. Knockdowns fall over. Yes you have to clean your shotgun’s barrels after shooting. So what.
  11. Today
  12. No it's not Illegal(sick bird) but is it ethical (just kidding here folks don't get excited
  13. I would guess that is one of the reasons that statement is on there. Colt manufactured ammunition, or maybe US government arsenal manufactured ammunition, would be loaded with Benet priming, and is throwaway, just like rimfire. But remember that in 1873 Winchester brought out a rifle using a centerfire cartridge that did not use Benet priming, and was reloadable. So one of their selling points would be, "by ours instead of the competition's, and you can reload the empties".
  14. People buying lots of guns is a good thing. Ammunition shortages will be corrected by supply and demand reasonably soon. Several panics ago I learned to buy stuff when I could, not when I needed to. New (and old) gun owners will learn this eventually. One of the benefits of firearm ownership is that it’s educational!!
  15. You might notice most folks are use 7/8 oz shot. That helps considerably
  16. When Open Range came out, a bunch of us from our SASS club went to see it dressed full cowboy and cowgirl (no guns). After the movie, some kids came up to us and asked if we were real cowboys. Of course we said "Yes".
  17. A little known FACT - George Washington required his soldiers to be vaccinated against small pox and did so BY FORCE. Because he knew this would save his Army. Vaccinations are a modern miracle.
  18. I always liked Hour of the Gun with James Garner. No historically accurate but a good movie
  19. Take a look at this match! Would love to see 30 classics make it! Would be the largest gathering ever! (As far as I know)
  20. Sorry I don't see the value of "popping" him. The response was the correct one.
  21. Agree. A masterpiece. I was lucky to see it the first time on the big screen. Breathtaking!
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