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  2. And if I tack this on, I’m just being an irritable old fussbudget?
  3. He who knows not, and knows not that he knows not, is a fool; shun him; He who knows not and knows that he knows not, is a child; teach him; He who knows, and knows not that he knows, is asleep; awaken him; He who knows, and knows that he knows, is a leader; follow him. LL
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  5. not that I was in any sort of law enforcement, .... ....... but I have noticed that "shiftwork", of any sort/kind, is spelled with one too many "f"s.
  6. IMHO that whole interview was very telling of the man himself, he’s an actor and he was doing just that in the interview, acting. He is trying to plead his in the court of public opinion. He cried, he said he felt bad, but it wasn’t his fault, someone handed him the gun, someone told him it was cold, someone brought live “bullets” onto the set. Again he was pleading his case, from one left winger to the others. Ultimately he’s responsible no matter what “someone” said. I hoped he’s saved his money, because I don’t think he’s going to be offered many acting parts in the future.
  7. .... ain't that facebook thingy full of them exspurts fellars ? ......
  8. ..... TX 35 WN ........ please explain ...... but only if you think that I need to know .....
  9. Pot Roast for single guys 1-2 lb roast from marked down section from the meat counter at the store 1 bag of peeled carrots (the cheap small ones for $.89 or so) 2 cans of new whole potatoes 1 box of beef broth Remove roast from all packaging and place roast in slow cooker. Add bag of carrots and both cans of potatoes Add box of beef broth. Add water (or beer) until the roast and vegetables are covered with liquid Add some salt, pepper, dried onion, steak seasoning, or any other seasonings the ex-wife left in the cabinet that have been there for years. (Use the ones you have not found a use for but did not throw away) Set on medium (3-4) for 5-8 hours, check with a fork and it is ready when the roast falls apart Serve with butter for the potatoes and broth to add flavor. Note: If she did not leave anything in the cabinet when she left, find the dry pouch of seasonings at the store marked pot roast
  10. Soup or Stew for single guys. 1 lb of good hamburger or beef cut in chunks (from the cow I had butchered and resides in my freezer) 1 Can of Hominy 2 cans of mixed vegetables 1 can of diced potatoes Any other cans of vegetables you have in the cabinet that you have not used that fit in the pot. (use the ones you like) 1 box of Beef broth Added water to fill the cooker to about a 1/2 inch from the top. ( if you don't have any water, beer is a good substitute) Thaw the hamburger some and break it in to break it in to pieces. (microwave works) Dump everything into the slow cooker and set it on a 3 -4. (Medium setting) Add some salt, pepper, dried onion, steak seasoning, or any other seasonings the ex-wife left in the cabinet that have been there for years. (Use the ones you have not found a use for but did not throw away) Let cook for 6-8 hours, check and stir it every couple hours. Serve with Ritz crackers and Co-jack Cheese squares.
  11. Were you referring to my descriptions? If so, I don't believe I said anything about a carrier block becoming bent. I described a bent lever and/or lifter (meaning carrier lifter arm). Please help me understand the mechanics of an OOBD bending a carrier block lifter arm, unless it is bent by continuing to operate afterward with a bent lever that is out of time, forcing the carrier block upward against something immovable--either the bolt front or a round that is only partially chambered. What am I misunderstanding?
  12. A tip on taking the action apart - I use a small pair of needle-nose vise grips with jaws padded with tape to compress the flat hammer spring. Cock the hammer and then clamp down right behind the hammer with the vise grips. Leave the grips holding the spring until after hammer is reassembled.
  13. Can you explain what you mean by "carrier spring tensoin"? I assume you are referring to the spring tension on the arm that elevates the carrier. Lots of nomenclature problems here. In looking at parts diagrams today, I've found the lifter arm referred to as the "lifter", "Lifter Arm", and "Carrier Block Lifter Arm."
  14. No safety equipment, no machine guards, I did see at the indoor firing test one of the guys for sure had ear plugs. I didn't notice the other one. Modern OSHA inspector would be apoplectic.
  15. I was in the Oklahoma City Airport once waiting for my flight when about 6 or 8 young soldiers looked like fresh out of boot camp came in and went to get coffee. I went up to them and offered to pay for whatever they wanted. They politely thanked me and turned down my offer. I have paid for people behind me in a fast-food drive through.
  16. You don’t have to pull the trigger on a single action if you’re already holding it back to begin with. He may not be lying…He’s just not telling the truth.
  17. I was a Pert once…and now…
  18. The magazine spring should be the same - either large or small. . The major difference is the hammer spring being a flat leaf vs coil. And the extractor and ejector being different. The carrier has some kind of toggle part in a window cutout instead of the plunger button. I've never had to replace one.
  19. A suggestion. No real guns on any movie set. Plastic green guns so CGI can fill them in in post production as they do the gun fire. Actors want to play make believe, use make believe guns and knives, and swords and etc.
  20. I am an expert, just not any of those subjects.
  21. We used to have an annual “Cowboys and Cops” match, where local LEOs were invited. Cowboys would write 3 stages and a local LEO would write 3 stages and everyone would shoot them with their respective guns. Cowboys with SASS guns and cops with their Glocks/ARs/870s, etc. (Rifle targets were cardboard for safety) We’d have a big raffle for charity, and everyone had a great time. The match faded away, but with all the attacks on law enforcement over the past few years, I’d love to see it come back.
  22. I miss the days when we would go out in search of a Christmas tree. We never had a pine always a cedar. When I got older I remember going to Great Grandma's farm and searching the pastures and fence rows for just the right tree. I started looking when hunting season opened. Some years it was tough finding one that was filled out properly. When I found one I would make a map so that I could go back to it a week or two before Christmas. We never put up any Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving.
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