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  2. TTT------these will be a gift to a new kid in the neighborhood-----pm me ya mailing info & I'll send em to ya!!--Dirty
  3. No, I'm on my Android phone.
  4. If you'll take $30 shipped, tell me where to send the dough.
  5. You've added a new twist to the OP. The OP was about staging, now you add cocked revolvers. ANY cocked revolver that is either set down or re-holstered is a SDQ as soon as the shooter releases their hand from the revolver (be it on a prop or holster). BS
  6. If I start a thread, on the eire or in the classifieds, and some self-appointed forum guardian doesn't like it there, posting, "THIS DOESN'T BELONG HERE. MOVE IT" does no good. I don't have the ability to move the post once I've made it. Instead, try clicking on the little flag in the top right corner. Report the post that is in the wrong forum to the moderators. They are the ones that can move it.
  7. If you have or use Outlook for email you could forward as an attachment. You would go to the toolbar and click on the "More" icon next to Reply, Reply All, Forward. Once you click on that it would have a selection of "Forward as Attachment". Click that and then send it to their address. If you aren't on Outlook, I have no idea.
  8. Damn, crow tastes nasty at breakfast time.
  9. Yep, very few venues out here have a LTO.
  10. Just found that out. I apologize, but if I can't be grumpy and assume the worst I'll be out of affordable hobbies.
  11. You bet we do! My email is timothyhruby@gmail.com Please tell me where to send the check and how much. Thanks again! TTT
  12. Today
  13. TTT-----got a feeling they gonna fit----belt has loops for 22 cartgs----ya probably gonna need to have it worked on to make it fit her-- some one w/sewing machine or Chicago screw rivets---20 ga slide on shotgun shell holder well used but good----if ya wanna give it a try I'll send em to ya!!!----Dirty
  14. California state match didn’t have one. Maybe that one is too small?
  15. Dan!! You should automatically include Maryland in your group of states run by idiots!!
  16. Howdy, McDonald burger has bacon...not bad. Mc Fries with cheeze and bacon....wow. My new candidate for worst food in the world...but very tasty. Best CR
  17. I fond it while looking for parts to service a DeLorean!
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