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  2. My son had Screwtape diaries as required reading. So I decided I would read it. Instead I got the audio and listened while I worked. I enjoyed it and have listened couple times. I need to get more of his work.
  3. .............. so, how do you call her if she's not at home; and you have an emergency that requires her immediate attention ?
  4. G'day Mr. Mark, Get your wife out there too. ...... be sneaky if you have to ......... ................................... she'll thank you for it
  5. As long as we could fit it in a shooting schedule I would be interested. kR
  6. Brilliantly written, as is nearly all of his work.
  7. Everybody is different. Some take more time than others. Ive been shooting with both hands since day one. Not only since I started sass but since the first day I shot a handgun. Im willing to work with anyone that's interested in trying it. Ive been doing it 4 years now in my classes. Im by no means an expert but I hold my own
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  9. Really nice videos! I second what the other pards already said. But I know that making videos tends very quick to be very time consuming... In my experience, for people who weren't there and don't do CAS themselves all the shooting looks quite the same, but details around the shooting are very interesting for them that might be normal/unspectacular for us, as you did with the stage number for example. Here are some more ideas for some short "filler" shots to catch the eye and build a story: Wide shot of the range ("Oh, so many bays") Showing you pushing your gun cart Showing some props, you seem to have nice buildings there! Loading your firearms Showing various posse duties and camaraderie in CAS A spoter raising his hand indicating misses or clean stage Most important: your smile after a nice stage A second camera on a threepod while filming with the other in hand gives various options and still only one operater is needed. In the making-of "El Mariachi" Robert Rodriguez describes an interesting technique using just two cameras (all what he had) looking like multiple cameras: he zoomed or moved very quick with one camera and used the footage of the other camera in those seconds. But this seems to be rather advanced, just came to my mind... A body cam could also contribute some nice views! So long, Equanimous
  10. Info I picked up from a bench rest shooter who shot moly. 50/50 mixture of Butch's Bore Shine and Kroil to clean the bore. My takeaway was never shoot moly.
  11. look at the remingtons in my avatar, those are made from muzzle loader rifle sights i ordered from TOTW ( https://www.trackofthewolf.com/(S(hu4jr2rmo22tri45s0kwbeiz ))/Categories/PartDetail.aspx/874/7/FS-TC-TWB). took some trial and error to get the dovetails to fit right and i modified the heck out of the sights themselves so they didnt protrude past the muzzle, but they work and look great! if your remmys are piettas, you'll have to cut your own dovetails, mine are uberti and the front sights were already dovetailed from the factory
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