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  2. We had a small parrot (I think they are called beegee parrots) when I was a child. We were teaching her to say "cracker." What she learned was, "Say cracker. Cracker." She stayed out on the screened porch since we didn't have air conditioning and would yell, "Shut up, Chris." when the dog barked. Once she told the mailman "Hi stupid" as he walked past the porch which had bushes and vines that hid her from view. When anyone knocked on the screen door, she'd yell, "Come in Pat" who was our next door neighbor. Every time the telephone rang, she'd say "Hello, then mumble something for a while, then say Good bye."
  3. The M die, there is no excuse for a bullet to not be seated straight.....at least by hand... To be fair, I have only had problems with "bulges" from bullets not being seated straight from trying to use .427 dies with .428-.430 bullets. Folks gotta understand that a 44-40 bullet is technically .4255-.427 while 44 spl/magnums are .428-.430. Trying to shove a .430 bullet into a case that is only expanded to accept a .4255 bullet is going to bulge due to the thin "weak" brass. Weak meaning not strong enough to withstand the extra pressure used to cram the .430 into a .427 expanded neck.
  4. I'm all in, on prayers for your boy.
  5. I have one.. or rather had one until Jersey Bratt tried it out, now she has one. Little mods by Papa Dave Imis
  6. I believe Steel Eyed Steve is correct, as to the Span Am War and the following Philippine Insurrection. Otherwise, if it was the Civil War being described as the "Insurrection" it would have been first in her description of her father's service.
  7. Troops were already in S.C. And, probably every other Southern state, since they were all in the Union at the start. 4T is speaking of who fired first, and I believe that would be PGT Beauregard taking aim at his former US Military Academy instructor Robert Anderson inside Ft Sumter.
  8. I was able to get a couple of pictures of my trimmer, along with a short video of it in use. Like Dave said above, my trimmer has a rod inserted so you can run it in a power drill. I used it to trim 200 new hulls for the ammo we will use at EoT, it took about 20 minutes. If you are only doing a few, holding it by hand works fine, but for volume work, you can't beat the power option. IMG_3623.mov
  9. Some folks have reported issues downloading the pdf file. I don't know what the issue might be, so I'm posting a jpg (image) file version here.
  10. It will slide on a 3" gun belt. $47
  11. Here is an example of Illinois democracy in action. Courtesy of the Illinois State Rifle Association. ISRA Alert - HR398 Lead Shot Ban passes out of the Agriculture and Conservation Committee Today’s action in the Agriculture and Conservation Committee should serve as a lesson to all gun owners in Illinois. Today HR398 which advises restricting lead shot shells passed out of committee on a partisan role call despite 1347 opposing witness slips to 2 proponents. Moreover, only one hour's notice was given on today's hearing. Even with such short notice, ISRA members were able to submit well over 1300 witness slips. Thank you for your quick action. All pro gun Democrats were substituted out of the Agriculture and Conservation Committee and replaced by anti gun Democrats. This is a slap in the face to all hunters and sportsmen in Illinois. It is also an attack on Winchester (Olin Corporation) who is a huge manufacturer of ammunition in the State of Illinois. Thousands of jobs would be effected if a lead shot shell ban was ever passed in Illinois. All hunters,sportsmen and gun owners must remember today's lesson, the Chicago Democrats will do anything to try to defeat us. .
  12. Picked up my new Stoeger Uplander coachgun a few minutes ago. Will shoot it this weekend at Thunder River Renegades. Thanks to Long Hunter Shooting Supply it is 12.5 in. LOP and slicked up, ready to go. I'm a happy camper or rather happy shooter.
  13. How about a cartridge conversion unit with very clever safety system? Would be great in 32 S&W.
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  15. Lincoln was sending troops into SC. Sounds like an invasion.
  16. Why Union Aggression? Who fired on who first?
  17. Not comp;etly, Savy Jack. The M die still won't compensate for a bullet started into the case a little crooked, which takes us back to the issue of a thin case.
  18. You're welcome. Never tried it from my phone.....wouldn't be able to see it anyway. From a regular computer/keyboard, it works great. Charlie, don't know if I'll ever be in Seattle but if I am, I'll check it out. Thanks.
  19. Joannie Stubbs, when asked why some guy did what he did: "I don't know. I'm not a man."
  20. I'd take the focus, but I'd reallt rather have a better Toyota Tacoma. Mine's sorta shop worn and shabby. When I was still into cars I'd have gone for an Xk-120 or 140, an Austin Healy 100-6 or 3000, a TR-3, an MGA of any model, a Datsun 1600 or 2000 Fairlady roadster, or 240Z, a Lotus Eleven LeMans version, or a whole herd of others for fun cars, and a Chevy, Ford, or Dodge sedan for everyday family stuff. Except for the Lotus I had one or more of each of the others
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