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  2. Athlon Helos BTR 1-4.5x24 Scope w/ DZ Picatinny Forward Scope mount Perfect scope for CMP competition or most any other rifle use Illuminated reticle Parallax adjustment 10 yards to infinity Includes: 30mm DZ Freedom Reaper Forward Scope Picatinny Mount Butler Creek Scope covers Box & all factory accessories Excellent condition – see pictures Please PM me here for more info Zelle or discreet PayPal Friends and Family $400.00 Shipped USPS Athlon description: HELOS BTR 1-4.5x24 ATSR3 SFP IR MOA The Helos BTR 1-4.5×24 rifle scope family is specially designed for service rifle matches and AR platforms with short and mid-range applications in mind. The scope is loaded with robust turrets that have 23 MOA travel-per-rotation, true zero stop and revolution locking feature, and fully multi-coated lenses. The revolution locking feature limits the Up Adjustment of your elevation turret within one revolution from your zero position, while still providing total 23 MOA adjustment that is more than enough for your target at 600 yards. The ATSR3 reticle is specially designed for the service rifle matches with the center circle at right size that fits most of your targets and the center dot for precision and horizontal line for wind hold over.
  3. If you want a look at some of the great stages Scott Wayne and crew have at the Lincoln County Cowboys range have a look at this playlist of videos recorded there. This range hosts some great shooters of all ages and categories. It will be an excellent warm-up for Land Run and a great time for everyone.
  4. Just funnin’. Believe me, I know all about picture hanging in all it’s forms and functions. I also know all about replacing and repairing drywall too. My wife hangs a lot of pictures.
  5. Did you try shooting them a second time, or in a different rifle?
  6. The primer strikes look a little light. What are the springs you're using? Might need a little more there.
  7. Paring down a lot, including my library, so offering up these two books: "Sixguns" by Elmer Keith "The Standard Reference Work" for single action pistols and "Colt Single Action: from Patterson to Peacemaker" by Dennis Adler. Both of these books are in excellent condition, but the Keith book does have a couple of small nicks in the front of the dust jacket and a small tear in the back of the dust jacket, all of which are evident in the photos. No markings in the text or photos on any of the pages that I've ever run across. The Colt book is pristine, and contains many, many excellent glossy illustrations. $25 each plus shipping in the US. Send me a PM if interested. Thanks
  8. I've had three failures to fire with Federal 100s this year. One cost me a clean match at EOT.
  9. Hi Dutch,

    Sorry, but when i didn't receive an email response I thought that you had changed your mind. I will send the pictures.

    Flat Top


  10. The soaring profits is only from production. Refining profits change very little unless the refining & or refined products imports change relative to supply. US refinery capacity has been dropping for years. This is reason diesel fuel prices are typically higher than 85 octane gas. The crude oil market is a world wide futures market where the buyers bid for oil to be delivered by the seller on a specific date. Like market for corn, wheat, pork bellies, beef, etc. there are market markers who are buying & selling the commodity prevent wild swings in prices by functioning as a market shock absorber. Also, not all the market participators are producers & refiners some are speculators. Ideally these investors never have to take delivery when the futures contract expires. The speculators had to take delivery or default which means they have to find another occupation. During the Trump administration when the US became a next exporter of crude there was for a time the supply far exceeded the demand. Crude futures prices went negative when there was no place to store the excess capacity in oil tankers or tank farms. There were hundreds & hundreds of full tankers floating around the oceans. The oil cartel countries had production floors determined by their country's budget so, they couldn't cut production to levels that balanced the market. Russia & Saudi Arabia had a crude oil price war that only ended when other cartel members negociated a truce. The independent producers in the US that had drilled during the Obama administration when crude prices were $90 & higher were loosing money on paper. However they continued to pump as long as they had a positive case flow. When they could no longer cover debt service they had to fill for bankruptcy. There were a lot of these shale boom producers that went Tango Uniform.
  11. At today’s match Shortcake and I apparently angered the primer gods. I had 3 rounds not fire and she had 2. All were reloaded last week with Federal primers. She shoots a Marlin 94 and I an Uberti 73. Prior to reloading the cases were wet tumbled without primers, and dried in a food dehydrator. The reloading room is temperature and humidity controlled to 72 degrees at 35-40% humidity. Both rifles had been stripped down and cleaned 48 hours ago. The Uberti had a new extended firing pin installed this week. This has never happened before. Wondering what to try next before contacting Federal. Suggestions?
  12. Best for boom, smoke and flame. It burns a little more inconsistently, larger granules appear to be finishing further down the barrels
  13. Today
  14. My Mom was left handed. She was pretty ambidextrous since pretty mimics everything is designed for right handed people. I remember I found her a left handed can opener in a second hand store when I was a kid. They were the manual type shaped like funky pliers. She was ecstatic.
  15. .................... I really don't think so .......
  16. Keep in mind Reenactor is a mix of sizes. Small stuff tend to settle to bottom of can. If you use and use, you'll end up with the fine stuff left. Per equal volume the fine stuff produces more power than those proceeding. I found this out when loading shotgun shell and had just enough in bottom of dipping dish for one more load. Is I shot them up, one was noticeable more powerful than the others. Didn't damage the modern shotgun but with an antique it could have. Being a mix of grain size, you could go to the trouble of sorting it into more uniform sizes. Biggest stuff for shotgun and everything else for cartridges. If Reenacter is all that's available.
  17. It’s all in what you’re used to. Truthfully, I would rather have it colder than hotter. We partially moved into our house in West Virginia on August 2nd. It was in the mid to upper 80’s and very humid. I was questioning my own sanity last Friday when I was mowing the lawn. It was 89 and humid. My clothes were drenched in sweat and I could feel my pulse beating heavy in my neck. For just a moment I thought “Boy, I sure miss the weather in west Garden Grove” and then it hit me…”this weather is just fine. Take a drink of ice cold water and suck it up, buttercup. I am not in California any more and that’s just fine with me!” I had forgotten all about humidity. You just have to pace yourself and drink cold water and maybe a salt tablet once in a while.
  18. No, with nails the pressure pulls down on the outward part of the nail and the nail hole can elongate and the nail can eventually fallout. Picture hangers put pressure on the base of the nail, mostly negating that problem. Also, most picture hangers have a longer piece to hold the frame wire compared to the head of most nails.
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