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  1. I read the book last year and loved it. I think they did a really good job with the adaptation to the screen…well worth watching. I follow Jack Carr on Twitter and he put the word out Thursday night that they released it a bit early. I started watching Thursday night and finished it Friday night.
  2. Check out YouTube...there a lot of full seasons of Westerns there to watch and some movies as well. I've watched several Randolph Scott movies there recently and several seasons of Bonanza.
  3. A new western movie was released yesterday on the Daily Wire. I am a recent subscriber, in part because I knew this movie was coming soon and the previews looked good. While I respect what they are doing at the Daily Wire with their movie making projects, this one was a let down. If you are on the fence about subscribing so you can see this movie, in my opinion it isn't worth it. The story was pretty weak but the actions of the bad guys and good guys in this movie are just silly and unrealistic. The casting wasn't great, the lighting was poor, it just wasn't enjoyable to me at all. I know life on the prairie was difficult and the first 15 minutes of this movie does demonstrate that very well. It was a rough life. Anyway...there's my review in a nutshell...thumbs down from me.
  4. I would second the nomination of Whiskey Hayes, but after looking at previous posts, I'm going to have to 5th or 6th it. Whiskey Hayes is a fine classic cowboy that does a lot of work for the Wartrace Regulators and SASS. He would be a very worthy recipient of this honor.
  5. I concur...J-M Leather is an excellent place to get your leather. I believe his lead time is usually about 8 weeks or so. As others have said, go to a match! That's the best way to get a feel for what you will like.
  6. Target Sports USA does not charge Hazmat...that price includes shipping and Hazmat. I ordered a case of primers from them several months ago. The price was $599.99 and my out the door price was $608.28. The additional cost was shipping insurance.
  7. On May 5th I placed an order with Starline for 1,000 45 Colt cases, it was on backorder. I received them yesterday, May 10. If it shows backorder available, put your order in, I've never waited more than a week for "backordered" brass from Starline.
  8. I ordered 1,000 45 Colt cases from Starline yesterday. They showed it was on backorder...I just got a tracking number. Even if Starline says it's on back order, they get it out pretty quick.
  9. Maybe that explains why I didn’t get a response to my text message asking for some of that 45 Colt brass
  10. Nice shooting with you again Preacherman! I'll email the Posse photo to you this evening.
  11. Side matches and other activities start on June 2, main match stages start June 3. Go here to download an application: http://wartraceregulators.com/StateMatch.aspx Get that application in the mail ASAP!
  12. Thank you NAR for all your hard work! You guys knocked it out of the park, as usual!
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