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  1. I am impressed! I ordered this on Thursday 1/7/21 and it arrived today 1/12/21.
  2. I'm new to this game as well, been in it for about 7 months. I decided to buy once cry one and get a good rig from the start. I called Johnny Ross and talked through everything with him and am extremely satisfied with the rig he made for me. I highly recommend him, and I highly recommend calling and letting him guide you through it all. http://jm-leather.com/
  3. Funny story... Yesterday on the Dillon Precision Facebook page they posted a question asking how many tool heads people have. I replied that I had none yet, but was about to place an order for a new press with them. I got a response on FB from Dillon asking which press I was planning to buy. I replied that I was getting a 550 and listed all the other stuff I ordered with it. I was joking with them and told them I was told it would all ship tomorrow, followed by the laughing emoji. I told them I'm patient and understand the crazy times we live in. I got a tracking number this
  4. It comes with the primer alarm.
  5. I pulled the trigger. I ordered the 550C with extra primer pickup tubes, caliber conversion kit, and deluxe quick change assembly. It should all be here tomorrow...I wish. I'm thinking I will probably order a KMS Squared UFO lighting kit for it too, anyone use that light setup? Thanks for all of the insight and suggestions from everyone!
  6. Thanks Chief. Very sound advice and much appreciated. I'd expect nothing less from a CPO...what rate were you? I'm a retired ET1(SW).
  7. I appreciate the link but I'm kind of funny when it comes to Amazon and gun stuff. I prefer to support people in the gun business (Midway, Brownells, Natches SS, Mid-south Shooters, etc, etc) and not throw my dollars to anti-gun Amazon, even if it costs me a few more dollars.
  8. Thanks for the info. I'm especially interested in the LED lighting kit. I assume you are pretty happy with the LED kit? I definitely like to have my work spaces well illuminated.
  9. Good call, I hadn't considered cheaper flip trays. I'll drop that out of my cart and get an RCBS.
  10. Here's my cart. I can use my Lee dies with this until I decide differently.
  11. The current lead times are 12 weeks for a 750 and 6 weeks for a 550. Pistol dies and the Square D press are both at 14 weeks. I will probably end up ordering a 550 later today.
  12. Thanks for all of the great answers, I appreciate it! I know no matter what I choose it will be a big improvement over what I am using now. If i can load 200-300 rounds an hour, I'll be doing a lot more shooting. At least until my components dry up. Fortunately I dipped my toes in the reloading pool before everything disappeared and I have a little bit of hoarder in me when it comes to ammo. I was able to get a decent supply before it all went away. I'll think on it for a little bit longer and watch a few more YouTube videos, but I'll likely order a 550 or 750 very soon.
  13. I'd say that's pretty bold talk for a one eyed fat man...but then I don't know if you have one eye and are fat Thanks, I thought it was a pretty fun alias.
  14. The difference in cost of the two presses is $150. Caliber conversion is about $30 less on the 550 and deluxe quick change setup is only about $4 less on the 550.
  15. I'm sure this question has been asked many times but I did not have much luck with the search feature. I've been loading on a Lee single stage press this year and am ready to speed things up. I load 45 colt for myself and 38 special for my dad, a minimum of 200 rounds (per caliber) a month but would load more if it were less time consuming. I know with either press I'll need another tool head, dies, powder measure, and the other change over parts. I know that will be pretty costly initially. My plan is to load 45 colt on the Dillon and 38 special on the Lee until I get the 38 special stuff
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