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  1. I plan to take full advantage of this opportunity! I will need someone to distract Shagbark Steve and English Tom though...they do not need to participate in this training.
  2. Midway had some last week... Brownells had some yesterday that were available for at least an hour... MSS had them today... Maybe they'll be be more readily available soon.
  3. Dang...wish I had seen this before I ordered. Oh well, I'm just happy I was able to resupply, I was about to have to crack open the Wolf primers I have as a last resort.
  4. Brownells has Federal small pistol primers right now. Limit 2 boxes of 1,000, $75 ea.
  5. I was able to scoop up a box of CCI SPP and box of Federal LPP this morning. I started keeping ammoseek open on my computer and refresh it occasionally. When I saw these pop up, I jumped on them.
  6. Not anymore. I keep finding out about these too late.
  7. Unfortunately, I think this is the new normal, at least for a while. I jumped on a case of Winchester AA's a month ago that cost me $155 shipped, and was glad I could get them.
  8. I am interested...I see the wear on the ejection rod housing, which you mention. Are they good to go otherwise? No rust or anything? Do you mind posting a photo of the cylinders seen from the loading gate? Thanks.
  9. I bought one late last summer and it was a good fit. I'm a big guy and detest tight clothing...for me the sizing was appropriate.
  10. Wow.... I love the Dudley Do Wrong character and can't believe someone could take offense. Keep doing the good work Branchwater and Belle, I appreciate it!
  11. This post seems kind of silly.
  12. Hard to call just one a favorite. I guess my top 5 would be: The Searchers, Rio Bravo, Hondo, Fort Apache, and She Wore a Yellow Ribbon.
  13. I just got 10 boxes from Palmetto State Armory ordered. They were $155 with shipping and tax. High prices for sure, but Winchester said a couple of months ago prices were increasing significantly. I think the new norm on these will be $12-13 a box. Also, Midway USA has some in stock but it's a 3 box limit. Midway also have the Remington STS same limit.
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