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  1. That day is burned into my memory. I was 9 and we were off school for a teacher inservice. My father came home early from work, unexpectedly, about 1:30 p.m. crying and told us to turn on the TV. I also remember watching Oswald's shooting on live TV two days later.
  2. I bought one pack of these and they are a great concept. I did, however, have problems with some long guns. Some shorter rifles like M4 length ARs didn't work well because of the length of the rods. The rods weren't long enough for some guns and the plastic rods bent with some heavier guns. I decided to make my own rods to fit my various long guns. I bought brass rods at Lowes for .22 rifles and plastic shafted driveway markers (with the red reflector on top of the shaft - cut off the reflector) for larger caliber rifles. I was still having a problem with short barreled shotguns; used golf shafts worked great for those. I cut small wooden blocks and then used a drill press to put the right size hole for each rod. I then epoxied each block onto the shafts. I purchased some self sticking Velcro at WalMart and attached it to the top of the wooden blocks. The adhesive on the Velcro wasn't strong enough so I used a staple gun to attach it better. As others have stated, It has at least doubled the capacity of one of my gun safes. I do have another safe that is now not nearly so crowded and that's where I keep the wife's and my main match guns for easy access.
  3. A simple temporary solution may be to wrap a piece of athletic tape around your finger on the spot that's getting hit. You can tear a standard roll of athletic tape to the width you need. If necessary, you could add a small moleskin to the exact spot and then wrap tape around it. Several of our really fast shooters tape their trigger fingers because they have stuck triggers through their fingers. The other solution, as other have suggested, is to pad the part of the trigger guard that is hitting your finger. Some suede leather would work well. If you don't have any on hand, Hobby Lobby carries small pieces.
  4. My looks similar, but luckily the wife also shoots. She does get excited, however, every time she sees me cleaning up stuff.
  5. Good for you! I just acquired a Colt Lawman III subnose from the estate of a cowboy friend. I carry a Glock 26 with a Glock 19 magazine daily and I wouldn't part with it, but I love my newly purchased Colt Lawman.
  6. Curly Bill Kelly and Widder helped me convert a Marlin .44 mag carbine into a .44-40. They did a great job; it's a sweet rifle!
  7. http://thesmithshop.com/beadbrass.html I've used Sure Hit Sights, but I like the one listed above better because I see it better.
  8. I started with one, but as others have mentioned, mine preferred .357 rounds with an OAL of 1.53". Mine was also sensitive to bullet shape. It was a good solid gun and was reasonably priced, but I run tuned Uberti 73's much faster so I sold the gun.
  9. I have a Ruger Blackhawk in .357/9mm and a Blackhawk in .45/.45 ACP. I bought the .357/9mm from a work friend for a great price and acquired the .45/.45 ACP in a multi-gun trade. I've kept them because they will shoot 2 different calibers each. I guess my "inner prepper" is strong. I had a pair of Ruger Vaqueros in .38-40/.40 S&W. I shot them as my main match pistols for a few years using the .40 S&W cylinders. It was like shooting .38s and there was a ton of free brass laying around at my gun club. I miss those pistols, but I didn't like having to load different ammo for my rifle and pistols.
  10. Garrison Joe might be on to something. Replacing my worn carrier with a new skeletonized brass carrier modified by one of the top cowboy gunsmiths has finally solved all my feeding issues with my re-built .357 Uberti 1873. I did all of the following, but the new "tuned" carried was the final step that really solved all my remaining issues: 1.53 OAL cartridge length - I'm also using a chamber checker on fired brass to weed out cases that "balloon" when fired aluminum magazine tube liner new 4th gen short stroke - properly timed de-carbonized chamber new hammer, lever, sear, and fitted trigger new bolt assembly with replaceable bottom tab new carrier
  11. Yep on the nickle! The Lemi - Shine and nickle cases do not mix! I still use a little Lemi-Shine, but if you over do it, even nickle plated primers leave my cases with a grey-blue hue. I use Strat-O-Sheen, a 1/4 teaspoon of Lemi shine, and a little Dawn. I have been using a Tablespoon of Strat-O-Sheen and no stainless pins (after de-priming my brass) and running the batch for an hour. The results are just as good as using stainless pins.
  12. All of the following carry new bolt assemblies. Buy the entire bolt assembly rather than just the bolt; it's a much better deal. The new style bolt assembly also includes a replaceable lower tab which was a part that had a tendency to break. I would also consider getting your old one fixed and keeping it as a "drop-in" backup. Unless you have real gun gunsmithing skills, have your new bolt installed and tuned by a good cowboy gunsmith. www.vtigunparts.com www.taylorsfirearms.com www.cimarron-firearms.com
  13. A lot of good thoughts. If she is really set on a .380, a S&W .380 Shield EZ is a very nice choice. It is also now available in 9mm. Although I either carry my Glock 26 (with a 19 mag), or my Glock 43X, my wife who is active cowboy shooter, loves her Ruger SP101 loaded with .38 hollow points. I've put a spring kit in it which has really improved the trigger pull. It's a little heavy compared to other carry guns, but she shoots it well and is confident with it.
  14. Always great to gain another Jedi!
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