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  1. We installed a tank-less gas water heater a few months ago. It was "pricey", about $1,500. But, because we needed a side-venting regular water heater, if we had just replaced the current unit, it was about the same price. Our old water heater was about 10 years also when it crapped out. With the kids out of the house we didn't need a huge tank of hot water just sitting there. The electric tank-less water heaters are cheaper, but they cannot produce as much hot water, if your demand is high. So far we are happy with our decision. The unit is very compact and works well. Our only complaint is that it takes a few minutes for the hot water to kick in. You also have to have the pipes in the unit professionally cleaned every year, or two, depending on the brand.
  2. John Barleycorn, they include the pin and spring.
  3. https://www.amazon.com/Reading-Student-Record-Book-Levels/dp/0076028186/ref=sr_1_2?crid=35N3FXSCJD8G0&keywords=sra+reading+laboratory&qid=1575235984&sprefix=sra+r%2Caps%2C178&sr=8-2 I'm retired after 43 years in the classroom. There was a program that was available when I was a student and that teachers were still using when I taught elementary school for a few years. It was called the SRA reading program. It still exists, but it's a little pricey for the new version. Above is a link to a kit on Amazon for a great price. It is set-up for kids to do on their own and it lets them continue to move up reading levels. I loved it as a kid and so did the students I taught.
  4. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1021569210?pid=848561 The link above is to midwayusa.com. They are selling SB hammers assemblies for $20.48 each. The normal price is $39.99 each. The picture shows a Blackhawk hammer, but what you get is a Super Blackhawk hammer assembly (the Super Blackhawk hammer and the Hunter Super Blackhawk hammer are identical). I just received my order of 12 of these hammers - I bought them when they were $6 more each, which I thought was a good deal. If you currently need Ruger SB hammers or, you just want to stock up, you're not going to beat this deal!
  5. For you dog people, there is also a diary of a sad dog video on youtube - pretty funny.
  6. Please update us after you talk to Ruger. I'm curious to see if they take care of you. It's been a number of years since I sent anything back for service work.
  7. You can also order all the replacement parts from Brownells or Midway, if you are confident enough (or know a good local gunsmith) to change them out. If the Rugers are short-stroked or have lower powered springs, remove and replace them with the original parts/springs when you send them off. Ruger will replace them with factory spec stuff when they get them (at least that has been my experience).
  8. J-Bar is right on the money. One of my SKBs was acting up so I pulled the stock and cleaned the action out and re-lubed it. It was not difficult at all and helped me understand the function of these guns better. I had the can of brake cleaner spray ready, but I did not need it. My problem was solved by no longer using CCI shotgun primers.
  9. Nice looking knife! I can't see a tang stamp; do you know the country of manufacture? Thanks!
  10. It's a micro-grove barrel. Thanks for the info!
  11. I have a Marlin 94 in .44-40. How often would you BP recommend me cleaning the magazine tube if I shoot BP in it? I run a patch or two down the magazine tube of my 73 every time I shoot BP in it. Some local shooters told me that it wasn't necessary in the Uberti, but I have seen some messed up rifles caused by not doing a proper job of cleaning after running black powder.
  12. I'm with Cypress Sam on this one. I'd send it back to Ruger. I have always had very good experiences with their service department. I've never had to pay for work to fix a Ruger gun, but, even if they said there would be a charge, I would let them fix it.
  13. Mudflat, How much do you want for that stock? I'm also in the market for one.
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