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  1. I've sold and bought a number of guns off of the wire. If I list a gun for sale, I put a price on it that I feel is fair. Yes I do like to make a profit, but many times I've just gotten my original investment out of it. I really don't care who purchases it, as long as their money is good. I've sold to individuals and dealers on this forum; all have been gentlemen and a pleasure to deal with. I've paid asking price for some guns on the forum and others I've sent a PM offer. If we can work out a deal, great, if not, no problem. Honestly, I prefer to buy or sell a gun face to fa
  2. Manchester is correct. These are the lower hammers you want. You should be able to drop these right into your NMVs. The picture in the link above is not correct, however. The spur on SB hammer is lower than the one that is pictured. The wrong picture has been on this product for over a year. I don't know why Midway doesn't fix it.
  3. I've got no problem with .22s. When/if reloading components start to become more readily available, I would not oppose a "plinker class" being added as a permanent addition. Age, physical ailments, gun and reloading equipment costs and availability, or recoil sensitivity can deter people from joining or continuing in our sport. I'm not aware how things are in other areas of the country, but locally are numbers are dwindling. Infirmity and death (not to mention the current plague) have hurt our numbers. Anything that would help us add new friends to the sport would be welcome IM
  4. As a leather maker, I would say +1 to Trailrider's advise. If you want to be sure, click on the link below and go to their contact information and get their recommendation. I always appreciate my customers talking to me first before they do something major to something I made them. https://epsaddlery.com
  5. About halfway through the video below, on installing a short stroke kit, the guy shows how to check the timing. He's working on a 66 rifle, but it's the same on a 73. PGW Short stroke kit installation video - YouTube
  6. It's all good! I got a proof of life text from Waimea the other day. Monty Python Not Dead Yet clip - YouTube
  7. 1. Glock 26 with a 19 mag carried in a DeSantis Superfly pocket holster 2. Beretta Pico .380 in back let pocket in a self-made wallet holster 3. Benchmade 4" axis lock tactical knife in left front pocket 4. Gerber folding LST for actually cutting stuff 5. Leatherman Micra (with a plyers instead of the scissors) Living in the South with high temperatures and humidity makes wearing a vest of light jacket unbearable for much of the year. Most everything I carry needs to fit in a pair of jeans or shorts. If it was cool for an old "ethnically challeng
  8. Kid, As a leather maker, I can get a very exact measurement by asking the customer to lay their current gun belt on a flat surface and measure from the center bar of the buckle (the bar that contains the tongue of the buckle) to the hole that they are currently using. I found that you get a much better fit than trying to actually measuring the person. When measuring a person, the rule of thumb for a gun belt is: the actual measured waist size plus 4" to 4 1/2" inches. I normally use 7 oval holes on the billet of a Ranger style belt (the center hole being the measured length and
  9. I added the updated positive return kit to an older used 550 that I had purchased (just like the powder return on the one you just bought) and the binding/jump was excessive. I may be speaking sacrilege here, but I used a small file and a little emery paper to smooth it out a little. It still jumps, but it's not nearly as annoying. I still use one of the springs (like the ones pictured above). My powder drops are very consistent with light loads for wife's .32 Single Six revolvers. I did the same thing to my new 650 Dillon 15 years ago and it has always dropped consistent powde
  10. I've had a carry permit since 1980. I started by carrying my 70 series Colt Government model for a year or two. It was way too heavy and hard to conceal. I switched to a snub-nose S&W model 66. It was a little better, but still on the heavy side. I picked up S&W model 49, but, in an in the waist band holster, it was soaking wet by the end of the day. I traded it for a 649 SS and I still own that gun and carry it occasionally. Today I carry a Glock 26 with a Glock 19 magazine in my front pocket (I use a saf-T-block trigger block and a good pocket holster) and a Beretta
  11. My wife (also a gunfighter cowboy shooter) finished 3rd in her carry permit shooting qualifier of over 40 people, using one of her Ruger Single Six revolvers. The instructors were very impressed.
  12. I've been happy with the 97" stocks I purchased from them.
  13. These are nice looking rifles, but, If I remember correctly, short stroke kits are currently not being made for this rifle and kits made for Uberti rifles will not work in these guns. If you were planning to install a "drop in" short stroke kit, this may be a consideration before your purchase.
  14. Yep, as others have stated, Lemishine and nickle cases don't like each other. My cases are shinier if I knock out the primers, prior to tumbling. I'm not sure if silver colored primers are nickle plated, but they seem to also react (somewhat) to the Lemishine. I have also found that having the primers out gives me a better shine when tumbling with no SS pins. Another benefit to removing primers are the primer pockets are cleaner, the brass drains better and dries quicker.
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