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  1. You can remove the rivets. Carefully, work on them with a needle nose pliers. You can use a small drill bit through the center of the rivets to help with their removal. I dislike screwed/riveted down holsters. I feel there is enough friction to secure your holsters in place, in the majority of cases.
  2. As July Smith said, a pair of Piettas are the closest thing going for a reasonable price to a second generation Colt. My Piettas are my main match guns because they shoot well and I have less in them than a set of Rugers. I have several pair of real Colts and a set of USFAs. I shoot them occasionally, but I almost always shoot my Piettas. Both of my Piettas have 2nd gen Colt parts in them including a real Colt cylinder in one pistol.
  3. Well done! I've struggled my whole life. I have belts that range from 36" to 48".
  4. The link below should help you determine a year of manufacture. Black Powder Arms - Welcome I don't think Navy Arms is currently importing revolvers at this time. You may find the model name in the following link> Navy Arms Past Products
  5. I own several .380s. They can be very "snappy", One of the easiest shooting .380s is the S&W .380 Shield EZ. This is a great pistol! It's a little big but, has little recoil and the slide is easy to work. s&w 380 shield ez - Search (bing.com) As a second gun, I carry a Beretta Pico in .380. Very small and flat: double action only: Pico (beretta.com) It shoots well and is very small.
  6. I like these: Klein Tools 5104MINI Mini Tool Bucket, Leather-Bottom - Tool Bags - Amazon.com Amazon.com: FOCCIUP 10 Pcs 8x10 Inches Reusable Muslin Bags with Drawstrings Cotton Sachet Bags for Jewelry Party Favors : Home & Kitchen I have a ton of Crown bags from when my kids bartended.
  7. SKB carries parts 12 GA Parts | SKB Shotguns
  8. Good advice listed above. Rugers our quality guns and seldomly have serious problems. I have had to send a few Rugers back over the years, but never for any really serious problems. I've always been well treated by their service department.
  9. The wife and I left Chicago in 1977 and moved to Chattanooga, TN. We love Tennessee! No state income tax, reasonable home prices, gun friendly, and wonderful people. At first the "ethnic food" scene (such as a good pizza) was pretty grim, but now, anything that had been available in Chicago, is available here. When we first moved, I remember asking the guy behind the meat counter at the grocery store where the bratwurst where? He had no idea what a bratwurst was. We like to tease northern friends about the difference in culture. I'm fond of telling them that in Chicago, the word "barbecue" is a verb, in the South, "barbecue" is a noun.
  10. This maker is big with the Civil War guys. I've spent time with him talking historic military hats. He really knows his stuff and makes authentic period hats. Dirty Billy Dirty Billy's Hats (dirtybillyshats.com)
  11. +1 for D Bar J hats. I bought a 100X "crappy" hat a Border Town and I love it. I also have purchased several top of the line hats for pennies on the dollar off of Ebay. Each of my Ebay hats had to be reshaped, but I have several really nice hats from that site.
  12. He cracks me up. He's one of the main reasons I watch Gutfeld.
  13. Sorry you had to deal with this CC. I just went through this again last week.
  14. Ashley, Regretfully, almost all Uberti or Pietta parts will need some fitting. Any decent gunsmith who knows his/her way around Colt style single actions should not have a problem fitting these parts. If you need recommendations of someone good in your area, this group will gladly hook you up.
  15. The new SKB company does have replacement wood for Japanese guns (click on the link below). I'm sure they're not cheap, but main springs I bought for them were well made and reasonably priced. Replacement Wood | SKB Shotguns
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