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  1. Don, the 649 is the top right revolver in the picture above. The cylinder latch is on the side, like other J frame S&W revolvers. I carry a Glock 26 now, but before I carried my 649 for 25 years with no issues. I love that gun.
  2. This thread has me thinking. I have been considering having the one piece firing pin system by Snake Oil George and Creek County Kid (it significantly reduces the amount of main spring poundage necessary in order to cock the rifle) installed in my 73. Have any of you who run this system had any problems with your hammer falling too slowly?
  3. Yep! The wife and I use to watch it. We even stopped by their Nashville store and it was all about selling T-shirts. The show uses the same formula as Pawn Stars; it's all choreographed. The show interested us because we go to a lot of estate sales. We don't resell tons of stuff. I mainly look for "man-tiques" (gun stuff, knives, and tools).
  4. Yazoo is right on the money. What a great shoot! Copper Head, Cat, and company did a wonderful job. The music and fellowship were second to none. If you've never been to a Black Gold shoot, you need to put it on your cowboy shooting bucket list.
  5. Outlaw Bullets 157 crimps in the canneluer groove, in a .38 case, at 1.52 - 1.53. It runs perfectly in our 73s and Marlins. I like his 125s or 110s for my pistols. My wife uses his 100s in her .32 mags.
  6. Good job Yul! I love mine and now, that they're no longer made, it's good to know how to fix this problem.
  7. Yep! I remember making that rig. The holsters and belt are made from leather from one of the few remaining American tanneries (Wickett-Craig). The holsters are 9 oz. leather with a 7 oz. lining.
  8. 1. Groucho Marx (way before his time) 2. Richard Pryor (you're racist if you don't agree - most woke children have no idea who he was) 3. Robin Williams (at his best while doing cocaine)
  9. Two recommendations of expert shops who can repair shotguns: Mitch Schultz Gunsmithing LTD SKB recommended them to me - the repaired my broken forend lug. Southport, CT 06890 (203) 254-0436 Briley Manufacturing (713) 932-6995 They also do major work on shotgun barrels. A local cowboy has used them and speaks highly of their work.
  10. What pushed me towards a carrying my Glock instead of the J frame S&W was the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting. The wife and I enjoyed going to movies on weekend nights back then. We always sat on the back row. I wanted something that had night sights that I could consistently hit a person size target at the front theater exit doors. Maybe I'm just paranoid, but that shooting really bothered me. Before that, I had always felt well protected with my J frame. I recently fell into a 3" S&W 686 with 7 shots. It's an excellent and accurate revolver. It's very simil
  11. The trick is to find something that you will carry all the time and are proficient with. For years I carried carried a J frame 649 with and extra speed loader, because I was comfortable with it. Today I carry a model 26 Glock with a model 19 mag in it. I carry it in a pocket holster (no need for extra magazines). It's perfect for me; I forget that it's even in my pocket.
  12. Tombstone does a good job on these. I sat through my third one with him to support my wife and I still learned something new. It's good to take a refresher if you haven't been to one in a few years; some of the rules have changed.
  13. Charlie, I have one very similar to the Midway one you listed. It works well, and most importantly, it's very easy to transport. It's also easy to setup and take down. I haven't had any problems with it blowing over. It's probably the best and most convenient stand I've found so far. Another bonus is the fact that this is the best price I've ever seen on this design of target stand.
  14. Jefferson and Adams were the last surviving Presidents from the Revolutionary War Patriots. They had become bitter rivals later in their political lives. Adams was a Federalist and Jefferson was a Democratic-Republican. Although they had somewhat reconciled later in life, both wanted to outlive the other. I couldn't remember the exact details of the day they both died; a quick internet search refreshed my memory. "On July 4, 1826, at the age of 90, Adams lay on his deathbed while the country celebrated Independence Day. His last words were, "Thomas Jefferson still surviv
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