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  1. Always great to gain another Jedi!
  2. +1 on the Alanon non stick pans. I try not to get them much over medium heat and I use a mister/sprayer with real olive oil. I also never use metal utensils in them. If I need higher heat, I use one of my cast iron pans. As stated before, if you are careful, they work on any cooking surface. I have cooked my entire life (a short while in restaurants) and I enjoy it. My wife is very happy to have me grocery shop and cook. Maybe that's why I've managed to keep a beautiful woman happy for 43 years.
  3. I own two SP 101's. One in .22 and one in .357. Both of them have had spring kits installed. I love these revolvers. I own several S&W 5 shot revolvers, but my wife choose the .357 SP 101 as her daily carry gun. She shoots it very well. I also own a GP100 (with a spring kit) and it is a pleasure to shoot.
  4. NIB Uberti 1873, pistol grip, Short Rifle 20", octagonal barrel (Taylor's) in .32-20 for sale - $1,200 plus actual shipping costs. As stated earlier, this rifle is new in the box and has never had any work done to it. This rifle is only available my FFL to your FFL. (PM me for pictures) Payment: USPS money order
  5. Yeah! This is great news! Heal quickly my friend.
  6. This 2" wide leather belt works great for a beginning buckaroo. You will have to cut it down to fit, but for the price, you won't mind. An older local shooter in our area has used one of these as a shotgun belt for 15 years. https://www.harborfreight.com/embossed-leather-tool-belt-47637.html
  7. I've had two Redhawks. My current one is a 5 1/2" I love it. My current Redhawk has had a spring kit installed. I love it! It has a great trigger pull.
  8. I had a Miroku Browing 92 in .38-40 that I traded to a good SASS friend. It was very nice rifle, but the first thing he did was to remove the rebounding hammer feature.
  9. La Sombra, They are sold PF, but if that falls through, I will pm you.
  10. I was also afraid of carrying a Glock in my pocket without a safety. That was until I discovered this device: https://www.amazon.com/Saf-T-Blok-Post-Read-Fit-Description/dp/B0050R9CNO/ref=sr_1_7?dchild=1&keywords=safe-t-block&qid=1596077563&sr=8-7 Now I carry a Glock 26 with a Glock 19 magazine. 16 rounds of 9mm that drops in my pocket and I feel perfectly safe with the Saf-T-Block safety.
  11. Jasper Jack, I'm about to send you a PM about the Mec bushings.
  12. Sam, The Lyman case trimmer is their Universal model. It's in like new condition and comes with a 2nd crank shaft for power adaption (I couldn't find a motor), an extra packaged carbide cutter head, and the following shell holders 22, 24, 27, 28, 30, 31, 35, 9mm, 44, and 45A. There was also a like new Lyman Case Prep Multi Tool in the box he kept the case trimmer. Midwayusa.com if running them on sale right now for $21.59. I would include it for another $10.00. PM me if you want the trimmer and if you also want me to include case prep tool. I'll ship in the medium size USPS FR box at $15.05.
  13. Sam, I'll be at his home in the next two days and will get you that model number. Jasper, All mark those as sold pending funds and will get you shipment and payment info when I have them.
  14. Rowdy, There are 2 flip trays. I'll go to his house in the next few days and retrieve the items and then pm you your total with your best price USPS shipping options. I've marked the other things you asked for as SPF - sorry I missed them the first go around. Mongo
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