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  1. +1 for the Rebel Tumbler. I use Yul's formula, but I do de-prime because I think the brass come out even cleaner.
  2. I need an ejector for an Remington 870 12 ga. (right hand model). I'm also interested in the rivets and spring, if you have those too. If you have these items in your parts box, let me know.
  3. Count me in for Powerade or Gatorade. It really helps during hot summer shoots here in the South.
  4. I agree with Goody on this one. Buy the complete grip frames from Midway. Also buy the Super Blackhawk hammers that Midway now has in stock (click on the link below). Buy spring kits while you're at it; simply installing spring kits will make your Rugers feel like they've been tuned by a gunsmith. Try the Rugers for awhile in the Bisley configuration. If, you decided they're not for your, change out the grip frames and hammers and try that. You will have no trouble selling the removed parts on this forum. Ruger Hammer Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter SS (midwayusa.com)
  5. My wife is an accomplished cowboy shooter (gunfighter). When she decided to get her carry permit, we took a wide selection of handguns to the range. She shot a Glock 19 well, but she wasn't confident with cycling the slide. She wanted to stick to a revolver because she shoots them at three matches a month. She didn't like the J framed Smiths and the grip of the Ruger LCR wasn't to her liking. Then she picked up my Ruger SP 101 that has been smoothed up and has a spring kit in it. I couldn't get it out of her hands. She shoots it well double action, but she's much more accurat
  6. Just got some bullets from him. As, others have already stated, he's getting over surgery and I think he also has recently moved. Sometimes life gets in the way of important cowboy stuff
  7. I've had good success with Oxpho Blue. I try to only apply it carefully to the small spots that need to be touched up. A little trick that has helped me is to use several coats of the blue until I got the color I wanted and then applied a little gun oil to the area. The next step is to take one of the small buffing cylinders (wool/cotton - I'm not sure which) that came with my Dremel tools and buff it at a very slow speed. I found that this really helped it blend in to the surrounding blue.
  8. Jackalope is an excellent gunfighter and black powder aficionado who writes most of the stages for the ORSA Outlaws in Oak Ridge, TN. He specializes in examples of short stories including great insults for each stage. The end of each story ends with, "and that's what started the gunfight!".
  9. I had a nice belt from a Texas maker. I sold it, so I don't remember the maker. I had two $29.99 Cabela's holsters that collapsed when the pistols were drawn. After I dropped a gun, because of the collapsing holsters, I revived a long time (but dormant) leather work hobby. My original crappy holsters helped push me into a nice part-time business making quality cowboy leather.
  10. "I never forget a face, but in your case I'll be glad to make an exception." Groucho Marx
  11. It has been reported that they are moving to Texas.
  12. I just upgraded from Endowment Life to a Patron Life membership today. It was a reduced rate of $350. If there's ever been a time to help support 2nd Amendment rights, it's now.
  13. I highly recommend Bill Kelly of Harriman, TN. He know more by word of mouth, but he handles almost all the gunsmithing for Kirst Conversions. He's the only one I let work on my Colts. P.M. me if you need contact information.
  14. I got a great deal on a Sig P320, but the fire control unit is gone. I'd like to buy a new fire control. If by chance you have one for sale, or if you're a dealer and can order one from a distributor, please P.M. me. Ones listed on Gunbroker are $200 over list price. Thanks!
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