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  1. Yes he did. He was having trouble seeing the original sites.
  2. My brother JB Sledge just returned from a successful moose hunt where he used an original 132 year old Winchester Model 1886. Congratulations Sledge! Dutch
  3. Thanks! I’ve been waiting for the 2019 Gunsmoke to show up. Dutch
  4. If you need to hear more about Fast Eddie’s credentials, Matt Black uses a Fast Eddie shotgun. Dutch
  5. I’ve got 2 pairs of chinks and one pair of batwings that I wear when the weather is ugly. Chinks, especially the light weight pair I picked up at EOT from Docs Old West are great in the heat and humidity. I will get a pair of shotgun chaps at some point both for the way they look and for a little more authenticity, FWIW. Dutch
  6. 6 I’ve never shot at a club that shoots 5. However, the Virginia City Marshalls that shoot inside at the NRA on the first Tuesday of the month shoot 4 stages. Dutch
  7. The Mason Dixon Stampede was held in Thurmont, Maryland last weekend on August 2nd-4th. We had 135 shooters. I wanted to give everyone a feel of the match so, I've attached some videos. A thank you to my brother for recording Calamity Jill on the swinging target and to Tombstone Coty for allowing me to use his videos. Coty told me he shot his best match ever, unfortunately for him, he lost the overall by .02. 10 stages over two days in 90 degree heat with high humidity and the difference between our top two shooters was just 2 hundredths of a second. Just remarkable shooting. Congratulations, again, to our top Man and Woman, Two Gun Tuco and Spinning Sally. Below is a picture of our top 3 shooters, Tuco, Coty and Mista Spike. Great young men and great shooters as well! The Stampede will again be the first weekend in August next year, come visit us and have a great time! Dutch Coroner Mason Dixon Stampede Match Director video-1565374271.mp4 video-1565375532.mp4 video-1565375563.mp4 video-1565375596.mp4 video-1565375618.mp4
  8. How far are you willing to travel? I’m the MD of the Mason Dixon Stampede held in Thurmont Maryland. Our 2020 match will be the first weekend in August and I’d be happy to play host to a bunch of Classics. Dutch
  9. JB is my brother. I used this gun a couple of times when I started CAS. It’s a really good little gun. Dutch
  10. Congratulations to a couple of great shooters and even better people! Dutch
  11. Way to take one for the team, Yul. :-)
  12. Well, dang, I didn’t know that. Thanks Hopidy. Hopefully, we’ll both be out there next year.
  13. That's Shamrock Sadie and Knot Hardly Dunn from South Carolina
  14. FWIW, there was a club in PA, that is no longer active, that had a club rule that specifically did not allow the shooter on the line to get a sight picture with their guns before shooting the stage. You were not allowed to bring your rifle to your shoulder while in the process of staging your guns.
  15. SASS Alias: Dutch Coroner SASS #: 82128 Where you are from: Virginia How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 10 years
  16. That is really something. Thanks for posting.
  17. Absolutely will do it, I've got one in the gun safe. It takes a special carrier, that you can get from the Smith Shop. Dutch
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