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  1. Plenty of folks mount boxes on the back of a golf cart. Mighty be a little expensive if you required a new one, but doable. Imis
  2. P-38, I have one my uncle brought back from WW2 Imis
  3. Mornin yall Gonna lunch with Jersey Bratt's family today at Bell Buckle Cafe. stay off the lawn Imis
  4. Barkeep, can I get an OJ and a Cinnabon? I just got up. Glad to see Mary is still around Imis
  5. I have an Colts 1860 Army pistol, in dugup condition. Not firable but it launched many a bottle rocket 60 years ago. Dixie Gun Works catalog says it was made in 1860 by it's serial number. The steel is badly rusted but the brass frame is only a little tarnished and the numbers are very legible. My pa Blue Boy SASS 46773 and his brother found it on their uncles farm in Central Iowa in the 1920s. Imis
  6. That is a govt sponsored hotline, from the govt that betrayed and continues to betray us, why would I want to call them? I volunteered for a real Suicide Hotline , not this sham. Imis
  7. Lists? I dont gotta have no steenking lists. Said the guy with no pistols. Imis
  8. I use Blackhawks for the rifle targets in Josey Wales,and a SBH for SG targets , only a couple of times a year Imis
  9. Well Carlos, let me help you with that. Its raining, lets all grump on that a while. Stay off the soggy lawn. Imis
  10. While we are laughing at others, are they laughing at us? Imis
  11. Alpo This dream/go pee thing only gets worse as we age. I wont relate my dreams. Imis
  12. There are knives and needles involved in the coroner, mortician thing. I would think self applied penicillin might also be a good thing, mebbe not. Imis
  13. Widder that was before Red Knee got his knee fixed. He may really be in his prime now! Do you know if he is coming to Wartrace this year? Imis
  14. My rig has 5 pairs of SG loops. I wear it centered in the front, buckle to the rear( which I understand is not your desire) but I only have to wear one belt. I like the look of the belt Tyrel showed but I dont think it would work for me. Imis
  15. I believe we could all be considered good sources of natural gas. yard is mowed, new tree planted , stay off the lawn Imis Loading SG shells this week, 400 so far
  16. In the words of Danny Glover's character in Silverado "That ain't right" Imis
  17. Eileen Welcome. Please avail yourself of the many years of collective knowledge available here. And get yourself a good hat Imis and dont listen to a word that Tyrell Cody utters, he is a notorious ner-do-well
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