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  1. A simple two wheel dolly with something to restrain long guns from falling over, most folks are a little skittish about being swept by guns in the cart area. Imis
  2. If the small ones at the top have two individual loops on the back they are gun buckets. They are extremely versatile and can carry most hand guns and even some rifles. I use a gun bucket to carry my "SG" pistol to the line when I shoot Josey Wales. Imis
  3. The Lyman book is a must for cast bullet users. Both my CZs want a short COL because of tight barrel mouths. Imis
  4. O. Vure Tinker- alias solved. You are welcome. Imis
  5. Good read, Im gonna try that one of these days. Imis (until then I remain _ MidPack)
  6. My ex used to call it "cowboy heroin", Welcome Imis
  7. I have only used .44snake shot capsules. It is very effective with #12 shot. I bagged 11 (10 copperhead and 1 water moc.) in one year at a place in Middle TN where I lived. I left the next year for more hospitable living. Imis
  8. Some of us can only count to 12. Twenty is "higher mathematics" Imis
  9. Lucky, Try NC ordnance, they have a huge variety of Ruger grips...and they are one of our sponsors. Imis
  10. I would check any new bullets with a straightedge to make sure they are absolutely flat on the tip. Imis
  11. This happened to Blackwater Desperado several years ago. The follower slipped in his hand while loading resulting in a chain fire. Repairable damage and stained pants later we found the flat nose bullets actually had a very slight cone shape, probably only a few thousandths of an inch, but enough to play firing pin. It does happen. Imis
  12. I saw a 1905 1873 in 32-20 at the gunshow this weekend, boy was that feller proud of it. It was nice... Imis
  13. We came to admit we were powerless over buying guns and our life had become unmanageable( or at least the gunsafe) Imis
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