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  1. I was asked yesterday by a young black woman" From your experience, should I start my own business? I want to be self-sufficient." I told he yes, of course. There is hope. Imis
  2. Congrats to everybody. Jersey Bratt and I have only been together for 11 years, we both had to have a few side trips, but they (the 11 years) have been great. I have a shooting partner. Never happened before. Lovin my SASS family. Imis
  3. Dixie Gunworks had a serial number lookup in their catalog in years past. I have not had one now for over twenty years. I did not find the lookup on their website. The last one I sold brought about $750 in comparable condition about 12 years ago. Imis
  4. Nineteen years ago I built a cart from 3/4 inch marine plywood. It weighed 56 pounds empty, would separate into three pieces, so it was manageable loading and unloading to my car. With four long guns, ammo for two, lunch and stuff it would hold down a nine foot umbrella in the wind until one day the wind said "Mine" and over it went. I no longer have a picture of the cart or the cart. If you appreciate craftsmanship of epic proportion look up carts by Yul Lose, he is an absolute master. Imis
  5. Well, Pat, now that you are so SHORTthat you can decide on where to move to, you can also determine that you are only eleven or twelve hours from Wartrace. Therefore we will expect to see you there in the future. Tn State match is June 2-4 2022. Can you make it? Imis
  6. Dan, we have talked about this "neatness" thing. ...Well done May B Knott!! Imis
  7. It all depends on your definition of accuracy, some folks are not all that attached to accuracy. Imis
  8. Personally, I think they are overrated Imis
  9. Welcome you will find some of the best people on earth right here. Remember CAS is a speed and accuracy game and your reloads dont have to be powerful or fast. We have maximums that are way over the velocity needed to ring steel at very short distances. Since it may be a while tro your first match you will have time to research 45c loads. I use 4.4 gr of Cleanshot (very similar to ww231) behind a 200 gr RNFP lead bullets. We dont shoot jacketed bullets for safety and to extend the life of targets. Have fun Imis
  10. I like to reload(sg and R/P) in batches of 100. That's how primers come so it seems to make the most sense. Shooting a hundred before reloading more will give you time to try them in local matches, the opportunity for family members to express their opinions and to decide if you really want to invest in a big bucks loader or will you be content to make them in smaller quantities. I load now on a Dillon SL900 that my father bought for reloading for skeet and trap. I wouldn't spend the money for this machine just because it is overkill for a single shooter. Having multiple shooters in the family may make it worth the expense. Imis
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