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  1. I was a Tank Commander, it was a simpler time. Also, we did little with water except muddy water. ...So I was a brown water navy man?! Armor-Land Subs Imis
  2. I never got to go there but I will still miss the prospect of going. Imis
  3. According to Win they are lead shot but will likely be WAY too heavy for our short distances and you will probably be asked to use something else. Most of us use mild reloads and frequently carry extra to matches. I think Wartrace will probably reduce the round count for SG to cut down on ammo consumption at monthlies. You could contact Whiskey Hayes( contact number is in the Chronicle) Imis
  4. Seamus, could the 43 years of CC products have anything to do with your obsession with pink longjohns? Imis (you just had to go on national television)
  5. Am I gonna have to officiate this whole affair again, so as to keep it on the up and up? Hint I too can be bought for a nanner split. Imis
  6. Hope the other one doesn't arrive too soon, not sure how you would fare aging that fast. Imis (who is envious of the present)
  7. Snow all melted today, washed the driveway down and then my truck, now I get to be lazy while Jersey Bratt works til 10pm. Just dont get close to my soggy lawn. Imis
  8. I wear suspenders for my cowboy pants all the time when I shoot. I had a set of suspenders made up for my Josey Wales rig cause 5 pistols are heavy and they hold the gunbelt up well. I am wearing it on the recent Shooting USA about CAS. Imis
  9. At Wartrace we have decided to have a .22 class. Not category. It will be scored separately and not eligible for top honors, no Cadillac. In addition it will only be for monthly and mid-month matches, not at the state level. We would have started this past Saturday but we had a weather cancellation. I am going to the range tomorrow to try out a new pair of Wranglers and a couple of rifles which may work ok. It is my understanding we will lessen the number of shotgun targets to save ammo, also. I think Creeker is being very reasonable in his statements. Maybe I will get to shoot with him somet
  10. Needle Nose Tom We shoot in Wartrace on the first and third Saturdays of each month, if the high temp will exceed 40F. Come out and watch, bring what you have, be ready to have a ball. Let me know when you are coming and Slim or I will have stuff you can use. Imis ( Be ready for a socially acceptable(?) addiction)
  11. I think you will find LRP to be .010 to .015 thicker than LPP and would potentially cause pistols to jam on high primers and even worse, possible magazine detonations in rifles, so, that would only work if you machined the brass deeper to compensate. you would then have to use LRP in that brass from then on. That is my understanding of this deal. Imis
  12. I was hoping they would show the view from the upper stages, it is beautiful. Well done, Outdoor channel. Imis
  13. I won a Stag grip set as a door prize from NC Ordnance at the Tennessee State match last year. They are poly but dont look cheap. took a little fitting on my Uberti but worth it. Priced about $55 as I remember, he exchanged the set I won (other brand SAA) for $5 shipping, good customer service. He has been a sponsor for our match for several years. Imis
  14. We have 1-2 inches of ice crystals in Middle Tennessee, that's enough. Imis (I lived in Co in my teens, I don't miss it)
  15. I recently added a LEOS Red Dot w/Integrated red laser to my main go to rifle. $125 from Optics Planet. I like it a lot, however it has no flashlight , magnification or light gathering cap. The manufacturer claims 50,000 hours battery life, integrated riser and pic rail mount. Imis
  16. Pawn shops can be a great source for guns not sought after by panic buying Imis
  17. And if you are in a hurry, they are less than $20 at your local sports store, but I would hold Captain BB to his word, even if it is a long time til yall meet. Imis
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