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  1. Looks like it might have been a submarine for a period of time. Imis
  2. I had some great NCOs and worked for a super Captain. I also was pretty good at land nav, but I learned the rest from the non-coms. Imis PDD say hi to DFW, all my grandkids are there
  3. 1Lt Armor M60a1 Imis no I was not lost most of the time
  4. The TN State Match is in the books. I shot a 4 stage side match and 12 stage main match in Josey Wales, 5 pistols, duelist style and did poorly but I did it. It was great fun, Im looking forward to the SE Regional in 10 days. I am not working there only shooting and not in JW category. Keep of the grass/snow/mud(whatever you have)or sandybeach. Imis
  5. What means this "uff dah"? Imis no speaka da ....anything
  6. Buy one of each type, buy quality, experiment with each until you become adept with each, then let nature take its course. You will naturally choose what works for you. Then you can sell the others for close to what you have invested. sound expensive, mebbe. Or go to lots of matches, help work, talk to everybody and some will offer to let you try theirs. You can make a choice that way. I like to have lots of seldom used guns in the safe, variety, you know. Oh, and get yourself a good hat. Imis
  7. I got to meet more folks, this year, even Tequila Chase, had a great group of shooters on my posse. It made the work worthwhile. And HatII is alive and well Imis
  8. Welcome back, now get yourself a good hat Imis
  9. Tyrel was right, look what showed up, me. Welcome to this great game,you may have to come a little south to play this winter, we are having the TN State Match in two days, but we shoot through the winter. There are some clubs north and west of here that shoot regardless of weather. Wartrace cuts matches off at predicted high of 40f. But we schedule through the winter because it might be 55f in January. Anyway, get yourself a good hat and come play cowboy. Imis
  10. Stationary bike for torn ACL, after the repair. Ya did great and will make it. Imis
  11. We had a family move two months into my seventh grade school year. I was multiplying and dividing fractions in my head. First day of new school, we are learning The New Math, SMSG program, now discredited 50 years later. I was told I had to do it the New way. It messed up my math ability so badly I couldnt balance a check book without a calculator. Fast forward many years I actually used a little of what I remembered in various jobs, so I guess I learned more than I thought or it finally made sense This I believe is the Core of why this stuff is taught. Imis
  12. Why do you think I drank for so many years? Imis
  13. It is Nicaraguan palm, tan in color. About $100 good for tons of style points. Imis no need for more
  14. Too much edgumicashun fer me Imis
  15. Happy _________ Day and thanks for being there Imis
  16. And neither one of the ego-freaks listened. Imis
  17. My pa, Blue Boy sass 46773 had one that someone had over slicked to the point the trigger was too light. It shot well,was a joy to handle but just too touchy on the trigger. He turned it into a 3gen Colts .357, 7 1/2 Nickel and never looked back. The Colt needed trigger work, go figure. Imis
  18. Make your own, Nickel cases, drill cross hole leave in the spent primer. Or come to TN State and I will give you some Imis
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