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  1. No gunfighter, but maybe frontiersman
  2. With the shortage of reloading supplies and all the wire posts lately about frontiersman, I’ve decided to dedicate myself to my cap guns again for a while. Checked my inventory today and I have about 1500 balls and a little over 1k Remington #10 caps along with enough powder to get me going. Who knows, this cap and ball thing might not be just a passing fad, lol
  3. I have enough to get the wife and myself into next spring shooting the frequency we do now. If we run out then I guess we’ll just spend more time fishing and will read about matches on the wire.
  4. I don’t find myself saying this often, but I agree with Griff lol. For small local shoots where all the work is put on a few, I see no problem with running two stages on the same bay. Easy enough to go down range and take down a couple pieces of steel and run a totally different scenario than the first.
  5. Brings a tear to my eye just reading this post. So happy for the both of you.
  6. That’s why I started using app for shotgun only and hand dipped. I couldn’t get it to run through my 650. Had the same problem that you described. Never did figure it out
  7. Can you lay a cylinder over that and tip it up to load all five chambers with powder at once? Like to find out more about this
  8. We were told end of December or early January by the crew
  9. bottom looks like s single locking lug
  10. Great match!! Thanks to all involved in putting on the match. Congratulations to all the regional and category winners. A special congratulations to my shooting buddy 3 Gun Cole on his overall win. My first time to the regional, but you can bet I will be back
  11. Just got an email from Drake. His posse list and yours are not the same. You have my posse as #7. He has us as posse 12
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