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  1. If your talking about the hammer main spring, the answer is no. It has a completely different profile than the originals
  2. I’ve been shooting a pair for the last 15 years or so. I love em. Mine have 2nd generation 38 special barrels and cylinders. They in no way feel or handle like Ruger bisleys. Also the clones are not the same feeling or profile as the originals. The main springs under the grips of the clones have an entirely different profile than the original Colts. I would like to see if the USFA’s matched the originals inside but they are extremely rare and I have never seen a set up close.
  3. Been there, done that, several times. Super glue is my friend lol
  4. The best way I found to fix the situation was to practice rifle reloads. Once I got it through my head that I could reload fairly fast, the number of rounds jacked out went down considerably. I’m a firm believer that if you think you might jack one out, then you probably will lol
  5. Don’t have a score list for all the category winners, but I know Three Gun Cole was the overall winner.
  6. Condolences from Pinky and myself. Papa Dave did as much or more than anyone has to promote SASS in Tennessee. The game and the organization will truly miss him.
  7. Never had any grief but I’ve had a couple LTO’s tell me my hammer is back. I usually tell them that my bolt is back also. They give me a funny look and then I explain how the gun needs to be loaded.
  8. Shooter was walking from stage to unloading table. Let the shotgun barrel drop to about a 45 degree angle instead of keeping it straight up. One of the match officials was walking across he stage at the time and said the shooter swept him in doing so. Was given a stage DQ for the one just shot prior to heading for the unloading table. Shooter appealed the call and it was reviewed by the powers that be and they ruled in the match officials favor. That was in 2019 at EOT.
  9. All 3 incidents can be stage dq’s. May or may not have anything to do with the 170 rule. All are considered unsafe gun handling. I’ve seen both the first 2 called at EOT. At the very least the 3rd situation would get a swift talking to.
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