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  1. Probably someone at the store. If so, you’ll see them for sale on gunbroker this weekend for twice that amount
  2. Welcome Charlie. If your talking about the match at Bowling Green, the boys will take good care of you.
  3. +1. Also he will put you on his mailing list and keep you updated on all his manuals. He’s a tremendous wealth of knowledge.
  4. You’re very welcome. I would suggest before you buy one that you try to feel the English stock one also. They are a few ounces lighter because of straight stock. Also go with the splinter forearm to save another couple ounces over the beaver tail one. I know we’re only talking a couple of ounces, but people with wrist problems will know what I’m talking about.
  5. Yes. Best thing I like about the Skb over the Browning is that the barrels clean easier when using BP substitutes. Even though I shoot the Skb almost exclusively, the Browning feels like a more solid gun. I like the Skb because even the 1/2 pound difference in weight is easier on the arthritis in my right wrist when I shuck the hulls
  6. The chambers are slightly farther apart on the Browning. Takes a few times practice loading to hit the chambers smoothly for me
  7. Also, since I know what your shooting. My Browning in the same configuration as my Skb, with the sporting clays pad only the stock was cut about 1/2” shorter weighed in at 6.6 pounds on the same scale. Also, the balance point on the Browning is about 1” farther toward the butt than the SKB
  8. Since this thing has gone 9 posts and nobody has answered your question yet, I will do the best I can. Both the wife and I have SKB 100’s. Both have pistol grip stocks and 20” barrels. Both stocks have had about 3/4” cut off. Mine has a sporting clays pad installed and Pinky’s has a leather but cover. On my bathroom scales they each weigh 6.2 pounds. That’s as accurate I can get with that scale. Hope this helps
  9. A great time had by all!! We’ll be back for sure. Congratulations to all the Alabama state and overall winners.
  10. Congratulations to Duke Skywalker and Hey Sugar. Top man and lady at Kentucky State. Great fun and southern hospitality. Want to thank Joe, Cat, Whiskey Creek, Ringer, and the rest of the crew for putting on a great match. Hats off to all the category winners also. Glad to see some old friends that I hadn’t seen in a decade. Sure did miss you boys. Special thanks to Boots and Rose Jarvis for providing a special place for us all to gather and have fun!
  11. 357’s vaqueros are extremely common at sass matches. Might even be the most shot revolvers in the game. Unless yours were a special run or variation by some distributors they are readily available to purchase. Might be helpful if you mentioned whether original model or new. A couple pics would help. I’m sure with the first few digits of the serial numbers someone on this site could give you more info on build date and numbers produced.
  12. My first actual firearm was a Winchester model 12, 20 gauge that my father let me pick out from a local hardware store in 1965. I was 12 years old. I remember they had another one there in 12 gauge. The first shells that I had for it were from Montgomery wards. They were wax coated paper. I think they called them Ward’s Red Heads
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