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  1. Just letting you know that we are all still here praying for Michele. Nice to hear that you are seeing daily improvement
  2. Might check with the Ruger forum and see about the collectible value of it. As a cowboy shooter I think they are all meant to be shot.
  3. Condolences to the family. Shot with him and his son in the early 2000’s. A good cowboy and a pleasure to be around.
  4. Searching for a pair of original Ruger Bisley Vaqueros in 357 with 4 5/8” barrels. Prefer blue but will consider stainless. I know some of you probably have a pair hiding in the back of the safe. Feel free to pm me if interested in selling. Thanks, Doc
  5. Happy Birthday Michele and wishing you many, many more. Doc & Pinky
  6. Prayers up for all the family. Was just thinking about him yesterday when I was voting for the members at large for the Wolverine Rangers. Seems like he has been involved forever. Gonna be missed.
  7. Allie, Truly appreciate you keeping us updated on Michele’s progress. Thanks much...Doc
  8. Prayers on the way from Pinky and I. We have shot with her and her husband several times in the past. Very nice people. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
  9. I’ve had a couple sets of elk horn grips for several years. They were always a little blocky for my grip. I filed and sanded them to where the panels are nice and slim and fit the gun and my hands well. In the process I had to remove almost all of the bark and the grips look more like bone now than stag. They are really white. What’s the best recommendation for darkening them a bit. I’ve heard soaking them in tea would work.
  10. In my early days I preferred the pistol grip only because it was offered with checkered grips and forearms. Now you can also get the straight stock rifle checkered from the manufacturer. I shoot both equally well but do notice that the pistol grip rifles tend to be slightly heavier.
  11. Sent our apps in today along with apps for the Kentucky state. Now just hope winter rolls by fast.
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