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  1. Bought a case a month ago at my local academy sports. $79.99. Looks like prices are all over the map.
  2. I’m in favor of keeping the speed matches split like you have been. I’m also supportive of a warm up match. If workers are a problem getting you might try what one club does around here for speed matches. They require the shooter to start themselves with one hand on the timer button for all speed events and you time yourself. If you beat the fastest posted score for that speed event, then you write your time down. If not you may get in line and try again.
  3. Thanks!! Looks like congratulations are in order for Duke Skywalker and Shamrock Sadie for their wins!!
  4. Any scores or news available from the Indiana state match.
  5. And to think, he broke his wrist just 5 weeks ago. Nice job Ringer
  6. He must have some kind of super vision. He can see through all that smoke. Great job Jon!
  7. Well done Lefty. Always a pleasure shooting with you and your father.
  8. I love to watch him shoot. Smooth as butter. Congratulations my friend!
  9. Great job Marty. It’s been my pleasure knowing and shooting with you for the last 20+ years. Now, get that hip fixed so we can go another 20.
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