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  1. The Beretta cap from England in the post by Pat Riot works like my dad’s did only carhart tan to red were the colors.
  2. That’s a Stormy Cromer. Named after an old baseball player.
  3. My dad had one just like that in the early 60’s. It was normally carhart tan and turned inside out to red. Have no idea where he got it. I don’t know whatever happened to it nor have I ever seen another one. Just reading your post brought back some good memories of my dad and I hunting. Thanks much!
  4. Listened to him for several decades. Gonna miss his commentaries.
  5. I wouldn’t take that list as stone just yet. I know at least 2 shooters not on it that had already entered and paid and found their names on the waiting list.
  6. Couldn’t get through on the phone so I went the email route. They got back with me and I’m in!
  7. Reminded me of all the stories told about people on the east side of the country having to stay up till the middle of the night to register for camping at Ben Avery for winter range when camping registration opened.
  8. I can’t even get the mail in app to come up now
  9. Not going to worry about it. Maybe the dust will settle in a couple days. This must be what it’s like trying to get hold of the unemployment office lol
  10. Only get a recording. Can’t leave a message because box is full. It says send an email. I may as well just print the application off and send it by snail mail.
  11. Well, I’m one of the ones that were already registered and they sent my money back and told me I had till March 1 to reregister and I can’t even get online. Lol
  12. Happy Birthday Marty! Make sure before you leave Michigan again, you first have Ethan check those trailer tires
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