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  1. Rip Bill. Pinky and I ordered leather quite a few times through Bill. He had great customer service. I remember calling him with an order one time and he was driving through Texas. He said “hang on a minute. I’m gonna pull over so I can write this down”. He was at most major shoots donating a full rig to the middle of the pack shooter for many years. He was greatly appreciated.
  2. My main match duelist revolvers. First gen Colt Bisleys
  3. The top gun in the first pic with the bluing buffed off looks like a good representation of natural aging
  4. That’s right! I forgot to mention that!
  5. I’ve been watching the Korean baseball on tv. The umpires wear face masks and they have cardboard cutouts of fans in the stands behind the plate lol.
  6. In Kentucky there are only 3 causes of death anymore. Gunshot, automobile accident, and covid 19. In Louisville at the rate it’s going, gunshot deaths will eventually pass covid 19 deaths.
  7. Gustav7 Welcome to the sport. First thing to remember is that it’s a fantasy game. Shoot whatever suits your fancy as long as it’s sass legal. If you look around you can find the Norinco copies of the Winchester 97 just as cheap as you could find a stoeger SxS. Have fun. If you decide to join the competitive side of the game, I’m sure you will change guns several times till you find what you like. Start simple and enjoy.
  8. I used to own one minus all the glitter. Wasn’t too bad to shoot but it weighed as much as an anvil. I went to 454 freedom arms after that
  9. We live in a log cabin in the woods. I have feeders set up in the back yard. Suet and seed type. We have around 5-6 different species of woodpeckers including the large pileated ones. They look like the size of a crow hanging on the suet feeder. We have never had any of them peck on the house. Only on the dead trees scattered around the woods. One of my new hobbies since the staying at home thing has been buying a bird book and trying to identify all the different ones coming to feed.
  10. That’s how it is here starting today. You must wear a mask to enter any business that is open. One of the requirements for the businesses to be allowed to open is that they must require all staff and customers to wear a mask before allowing entry. If the business doesn’t comply they will be forced to shut back down until they do. It’s the way our governor can say that he doesn’t require individuals to wear a mask. He forces the business to require it or he will shut them down. Just political BS so next election he can say I never forced anyone to wear a mask.
  11. That’s what I mean. If the highest quality PPE isn’t completely effective then how can we think cloth and paper masks will protect us. Most of the ordinary population wears a mask when required and then take it on and off as needed. They handle it many more times than the professionals do that wear them for a living. Each time transferring more and more germs when we handle it. By the time you take it off at the end of an outing we probably have been breathing in everything from the places we shopped to the gas station we stopped at on the way home. Some people will wash them at then end of the day but I bet most will put the same cloth mask on again tomorrow and start all over.
  12. Great story and pics. Nice to have some uplifting posts during these times. Congratulations to the young man!
  13. If masks are such a cure all then why are the doctors and nurses still contracting the virus.
  14. Glad to hear of your upcoming nuptials. You both deserve many years of happiness. On a side note, I hope this isn’t one of them shotgun weddings with Juan holding a hammer double lol
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