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    Well for one thing, the servers, technicians and software that keeps the SASS Wire running. For another, the staff that handles all the day to day operations, keeps track of all the alias' so that there's no duplication, who get those SASS badges and Regulator badges made. The staff that publishes the many Handbooks, SHB, RO courses, WB HB, WB RO courses, Cowboy Clays, multiple translations, that the ROC works so diligently on throughout the year. The ones who represent SASS at many gun shows and gatherings across the country, the same ladies that haul steel so folks can shoot EoT. The staff that makes the Chronicle that everybody can see... it doesn't layout and publish itself. The staff that battles local politicians and disgruntled neighbors that want to close down Founders Ranch. The ones who work tirelessly behind the scenes keeping an organization going, without much thanks from it's members...
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    So, I'm king of the woods! Kaya says last night that she is going to go out and sit after work. Would I like to go? You bet! Might get a shot at a coyote. Ok, so I'm KING OF THE WOODS! For three whole days..... That .243 is wicked! 213 pound 11 pointer......
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    7 December 1941 Picture of my father some time after the attack. He was a Seaman 1st Class at the time.
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    They did not have to walk to school in the snow! What other lies have they told us?
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    If I ever saw someone get turned away for something like that I'd be leaving right along with them.
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    My new favorite, Other than my Colt SAA's of course!!
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    "On my flight from Des Moines to Minneapolis this evening was none other than Senator Elizabeth Warren. " Her broom must have been at the dealership for service
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    Buckle up buttercup cause this was just my first post
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    Total rebranding of SASS. Marketing blitz. Required target sizes and distances, not recommendations, if it's going to be a legitimate shooting sport it has to require a certain skill set. Get rid of some restrictive rules, shoot with some movement. One or two steps isn't a big deal. Monthly newsletter not a magazine, something simple to get people interested and include links to full articles and other info. EOT needs to be in a more centralized location. Reduce annual fees. No extra charge for annual and above shoots. Regional shoots are not centralized in the regions. Either move Regions or shoot locations. HQ needs to listen to the shooters. $1.00 from every shooter goes to SASS from every monthly match, this will get money from Lifers, non-members, and current members, should offset the reduction in annual dues. Pay to play. National scoring data base.
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    It was the ungulates moving through the area. They were squaking a lot. Usually they're real quiet. I'm glad they made some noise or I might have missed em. About 200 yards from the house.:D
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    I'd keep wearing the vest, but find a different bar to hang out in......
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    Seat and crimp in 2 separate operations. Best for all calibers. OLG
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    Thought the opening few seconds were real.
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    Had a guy show up at one of the last End of trails in Norco. Someone mentioned he looked like a movie star. He said,"Which one, Robert Redford, Henry Fonda, Tom Selleck?" His wife stepped back and look hard at him and finally said, "More like Agnes Moorhead."
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    After this years Tusco yearly shoot when I got home and reread the shooter handbook written by Prarie Dawg I was again impressed by background story written by him for each stage. I know he has done this for years but I thought this issue was exceptionally well written, maybe it was because I had seen all the movies. I looked at it this week and reread it again and was again impressed. He has to spend a lot of time writing these books for our yearly shoot. I must be getting soft in my old age but I wanted to express my appreciation to Dawg for the effort he puts into our sport. You can call me cheap but this is all you are getting from me for Christmas. Charlie
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    Dang, I thought FJT had won the lottery and moved away to his own island in the S.Pacific. GREAT to see you on the Wire FJT. There is a host of really, top notch info posted above. You might be able to adapt to some of it quickly and some info might seem to hinder you. Just take it 1 step at a time. I like to shoot early, even 1st if possible. I come to shoot and have fun, not stand around worrying about what someone else might do, yet I learn a lot from watching others that I might be able to adapt at another point in time. I'm never nervous. Get all this crap about nervousness out of your system. You came to shoot with your friends and nervousness isn't included in any stage scenarios that I have ever seen...... Besides Safety and Have Fun, I basically have 1 guideline that I like to include in my matches..... I try to minimize small talking at the Loading Table. This can hinder your stage concentration AND more importantly, can become a Safety factor. You could end up leaving the LT with a cocked hammer on your rifle (presently a Penalty) or even a live round under the hammer on a pistol. As others have mentioned, don't overthink it. Its a fun game and should be approached as such. Best regards. And Merry Christmas to all my Wire Pards. ..........Widder (Walkin in a Widder Wonderland)
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    They turned on the TV to Oprah?
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    5 minutes left. Kicking serious butt. Got my own cheerleader.
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    All you amigos and amigas I hope your turkey isn't as tuff as this one.
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    If you are not welcome than neither am I.
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    Oh now... I can think of more than one. And undoubtedly pretty effective ones at that.
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    Wonder how they clean up all the manure and what they do with it. There’s a good reason most of the roads in Love Valley, North Carolina are called ‘trails’ instead of roads, or lanes, or even streets. It’s because this tiny town in the Brushy Mountains of North Carolina doesn’t allow cars.
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    Hmmm... the warm fuzzy feeling of "belonging" isn't enough?
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    Pay a professional manual writer consolidate and organize the rule books. Nothing against the ROC but the three books need to be condensed into one that is professionally organized. Have the ROC review and provide feedback.
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    Ya gotta hate days like these... Random
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    I just wish hunters would ask first. It annoys the hell out of me when someone I don't even know just come parading into my set. Some have even said "Well it's not posted". Permission is just simple courtesy and at least you could inform a prospective hunter to please avoid certain areas or call the night B4 to inform he will be stalking around on your property. Sorry for the rant---- it just makes me nuts, and that's a short order!
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    some folks enjoy the game more than the need to know everything Allie.
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    One day I was in a fast food restaurant and the nice young man saw my POW/MIA bracelet and offered me free coffee for being a veteran. I'm of the right age to be a Vietnam era veteran but I was never in the service. I immediately told him I didn't deserve it because I never served, it was my grandfather who served in World War I. The young man ended up buying coffee for me and thanked me for my grandfather's service. I belong to the Sons of the American Legion and sometimes have to immediately inform people that I didn't serve, my grandfather did. Pawpaw passed on in 1970 and I don't want for even a second to take his valor.
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    So two guys, fifty feet away, no guns in hand and I have my Uberti stoked with 10 rounds? So two man sized stationary targets at just over 15 yards shooter starts gun in hands, ATB triple tap sweep targets, last four rounds can go on any target(s).
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    . . . And THAT is why, if I am interrupted in the middle of a loading session for any reason (phone, door, 'Honey come look at this', etc.) I leave the 550B with the ram fully raised.
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    Pealegumes Butter Cookies just doesn't sound right..... ..........Widder
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    He should have shot him the moment he pulled his gun out.
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    There were a couple of reasons for the initial high-accident rate in the B-26: First, the recommended approach speed was placarded too low! Second, the original wing area was too small. The wings were lengthened and the approach speed was increased. Because so many pilots were afraid of the aircraft, Gen. Hap Arnold asked Jackie Cochran to wring out the aircraft, which she did, discovering the too-low approach speed as part of the problem. "If a woman can fly it..." Of course Jackie Cochran was a fantastic pilot (later, first woman to break the sound barrier), and in those days, a female pilot successfully taking on "The Widow Maker" did the trick psychologically for the male pilots. Jackie Cochran, it should be recalled was head of the Women's Air Service Pilots.
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    I started shooting SASS back in 2006 at the Plum Creek Shooting Society outside Lockhart, Texas. Back then it was about costuming and having fun. Life forced me out of the game until this year. Fortunately, at 58, I am able to handle the burden of acquiring new guns, leather, and costuming. I visited two different clubs before making the initial investment of re-entering the game. I was amazed and baffled at the target shapes and locations. I was also amazed at the speed of some of the shooters. I went to YouTube and watched what i could about CAS and SASS. I was pretty sure that there was no way I would be able to compete because all I saw was folks doing things with there guns that seemed impossible. Everything I saw was how fast these folks could cycle the guns. I was impressed by the skill level but unsure I should try and get back into the game. After all, I didn't have THAT much disposable income to fancy-pants my guns. I made the decision to go ahead and get back in the game. To heck with the prizes...I like dressing in full cowboy garb and I like shooting. I am concerned that if all anyone sees on the webs is the best of the best...they might think it is a sport for elite shooters. There are lots of normal folks shooting and having fun but it seems we only concentrate on the top-tier folks. We all like watching highlight reels but, for those that aren't familiar with the game, some average and everyday video examples might just help those on the fence. Just thinking out loud.
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    I guess after his stint in the NAVY and helped whoop up on the Japanese in the Pacific, he was sent to Germany in the Air Force to help Patton whoop up on the Germans..... Just think, if some newspaper columnist reads my post, they will be totally confused now..... ..........Widder
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    That would be me. I spin them every time. Then I index, take it to full cock and lower the hammer on the empty. Works like a charm.
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    Didn’t you sing a song for awhile about yer affection for the Old 97? It’s good to see you back.
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    Here I am minding my own business and I get dragged in to something. And, I was gonna be nice. On a side note, Widder. I really like what you've done with your hair...how do you get it to grow out of your nose that way?
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    Needle telegraph https://youtu.be/XFl7T4aBZAA https://youtu.be/VZEu84uR0bw
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