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  1. Max, Although I’m not a candidate yet, I appreciate you taking the time to create this post and share your thoughts and info on the implants from your point of view. Thanks, Doc
  2. If you buy it and don’t care for it, I’m sure you won’t have any problems getting rid of it.
  3. It’s great powder and price right now
  4. Does the Simple Green leave any type of residue on your brass? Also what’s the best way you’ve found to get the brass dry and moisture free.
  5. I shot some earlier this year that I had marked on the box EOT 2012. They all went bang.
  6. Thanks PW. I stand corrected.
  7. I thought that was only the case if the pistols were the last firearms used on the stage. Original post did not state if they were or not.
  8. Thanks to you Waimea for all the bullets you donated for prizes. Also want to let people know that at the end of the awards Copperhead Joe announced that Black Gold was going back next year to a two day, ten stage match as it was before the last couple years.
  9. Not sure what the problem on your SG is, but I know my Winchester will feed Remington hulls like a Swiss watch, but others are iffy and it will not feed a Winchester hull up from the magazine at all. I talked to the smith that set it up and he said he used Remington sts to set up the guns he works on.
  10. Congratulations to Billy the Avenger and Turkey Legs as the Illinois State champs. Also to Matt Black as the overall match winner!!
  11. I also agree with what Widder said. My chronograph can’t tell any difference till it gets below 50 degrees and then I start to see more consistency between shots using the magnum primers. I also prefer the magnum primers when using black powder subs like 777.
  12. Facebook ain’t the official Black Gold website! I went by the printing of the official match schedule on the ponderosa pines website and it doesn’t say anything about no PIE
  13. Nobody said anything about it having to be a pie as far as I know. Schedule just states that the dessert must feature whiskey
  14. Just goes to show your all getting old and have poor circulation lol. We’ll be there tomorrow
  15. 463 views and only 5 people commented. Apparently there are not as many bending their levers as I thought. Must not do anything.
  16. For you cowpokes that shoot a side by side with a bent lever, what are the benefits? Do you feel that they open easier? Does it allow your hand to sit further up the wrist while your shooting? For those that have done it, have you put it on the clock to see if there is any benefits in time on your shotgun runs?
  17. Probably nickel. I would clean and leave as is. A lot of old colts were replated. Most will show some flaking. Can’t tell for sure from the picture but doesn’t look plated. May be just patina. All the old blue and case colors have wore off.
  18. Atta boy Randy. I understand your organizational skills completely!! I do it like that to keep my wife away from it
  19. You were right to begin with. If it’s not mentioned as an allowed external modification in the handbook then it is considered illegal in this game.
  20. Thanks PaleWolf. Your expertise is really appreciated.
  21. That’s a good question TW. I’ve also noticed some longer that what comes stock on them. I’ve wondered about that being legal also
  22. Just arrived home about an hour ago and have the camper cleaned out. Thanks to a great Wartrace crew for a wonderful weekend. Reconnected with some old friends and also met some new ones. Already looking forward to next year. Thanks to all that made it possible!
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