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  1. I remember the secret stages well including that one. I enjoyed the SS but some of the faster shooters didn't much care for it. I always thought it would make a great side match stage. At least the secret might stay a secret until at least lunch.
  2. It was fantastic ... again, Not sure how they keep getting better each year but they seem to do it year after year. Thanks to the whole crew, it takes a team effort to make a match run like this one did.
  3. Just a heads up, we are still in the area, a little south of Wartrace and yesterday I had to pull over and let a bunch of chicken feet pass heading south. In the back ground I could hear them singing "Ghost Chicken in the Sky". It was a passel of chicken feets I tell you. Come to Alabama and you will hear the song you own dang self.
  4. There were so many chicken feet running around that match I thought we were having chicken legs at the banquet.
  5. It was awesome to watch. Congratulations Slo Jen
  6. Lady T and I are also here, saw Kid Rich for a short time. Slight drizzle after we got set up, the kind of drizzle that will drown a duck. See everyone tomorrow or at least by Thursday.
  7. RO I will be offered on Thursday morning. Cost is $25 first time, $10 refresher course You dont have to be registered beforehand but we do need an idea how many will attend so we can have enough material. So far we have one.
  8. RO I will be held Thursday morning at 9:00 in the school house. Ruff Cut and I will he teaching again this year. We will have you out in time to shoot side matches if you want to.
  9. I am one of the ones that had to drop out this year. This is my favorite shoot, Tombstone adds to the flavor. There is no way to have as much fun as we would have but I hope folks will give it a try. No better shoot anywhere.
  10. I aint got the words. He was one of the best
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