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I heaved a loaf of sourdough into the pond!

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Okay, so it wasn't the final update, sorry about that!

This, however, should be!


Hello again, and briefly (try not to laugh, the thought of me and brief in the same sentence generally elicits derisive laughter)

(now where was I?)

(oh look, a squirrel!)

Oh yeah.

Good news for a change!

My beautiful bride used FMLA and therefore would normally have to go to Akron to present herself to Human Resources in order to get her back to work authorization.

A year ago, thanks to that rascally Chinese disease, they went to Face Time interviews.

Now it's a simple phone call.

She returns to work tomorrow and she's delighted!

(I am too. I was looking in the Yellow Pages for Avis Rent-a-Tank ... my wife, driving her pretty purple Dodge Charger into Akron, would be like Obi-Wan muttering as he looked over the Mos Eisley spaceport:  a wretched hub of scum and villainy!)

Linn the Rejoicing at this Very Anticipated Step!


FINAL UPDATE, THIS IS FROM FIRECRACKER MEL, SASS 27332, alias my beautiful bride:

"Tell everyone in the Saloon thank you for all their prayers.

I am doing much better.

Last night I received a card from work, everyone from housekeeping through ER and floor nurses, my fellow rad-techs and Ultrasound all signed it.

There are so many people who talked to God about me and I want to thank everyone for their bent knees!"


Thus endeth my wife's missive: the following is mine:


(Let me nutshell a lengthy and clinical discussion)

She's stronger and doing better in all ways.

My thanks, my friends: you've borne up most patiently with my distress, and I thank one and all for your several bent knees on my wife's behalf, and mine:  special thanks to those who offered wise counsel.


Update ends, the following is the original post


I've done many things in my young life, most of them overlapping, running simultaneously: Appalachian Ohio has not the tax base to pay for all the social services that are taken for granted here in the Glaciated Yankee Flat Lands, and the responsible citizen must wear several hats.

I did.

One in which I delighted, was the blue shirt of a working medic.

Okay, a blue shirt isn't a hat, but you get the idea.

I did my level best to deliver the highest quality of care for every last one of my patients.

Cast your bread upon the waters, we read in Scripture, and in the vulgar, "What goes around comes around."

It came around last night.

My wife is being admitted into ICU with multiple pulmonary emboli.

She hit the floor at 3 AM, and when the squad arrived to transport to ER, I am most pleased to report those fine young men exhibit every bit of care, compassion and understanding -- and excellent medical care -- that I did my best to give.

Thanks to current restrictions, she'll be allowed one visitor a day, family is far flung and not likely to struggle this far north: I'll keep them updated.

If the Prayer Posse would be so kind, I would be very much obliged for a bent knee on my bride's behalf.

End of this month will be a quarter of a century as a married couple, and we're still just as happy as if we had good sense.

I hope to arrive at that delightful anniversary, still holding hands.



They ran a cath on her lung, kind of like a heart cath only they made a left at Albequiquie (to quote a certain cartoon rabbit), went into the pulmonary circulation and removed the clots.

One lung's circulation was completely blocked.

Melissa described her relief as immediate.
Did not find out until today -- while I sat in ICU, holding her hand and listening -- they nearly lost her enroute.

Good people, well trained, and my bride yet lives.

Pards, turn to your beloved, give 'em a hug, tell them they're loved.

I learned the hard way, you might not get another chance.

I will have that chance again, by the grace of God alone, a lesson I do not intend to ignore!


UPDATE II: Tuesday afternoon

I am so tired I am shaking.

I also benefit from the sound advice of those who have trod this path -- both as patient, and as spouse: my thanks for wise counsel!

Melissa is being weaned down on her oxygen: with two lungs working now instead of one, her sats are good, if they can get her down to room air with acceptable sats, they'll freight her to a med-surg floor and out of the Unit.
She has a spectacular collection of bruises from where she passed out and hit the floor at home, which is when this adventure started, and the anticoagulants aren't helping the general appearance of having been hit by a truck (face plant on the laminate does no one any good, nor the points of both elbows, nor both kneecaps, ouch!)

After the ICU nurses came in to find I'd already given Melissa her bed bath, changed linens and tended the necessaries I felt safe in handling, they told me to report to the main desk and they'd put me to work. We also traded nurse jokes and they were greatly amused when I told them that, as nurses "back when",  we had to carve the ear tips for our stethoscopes out of horn or bone, the bell was flint with animal skin stretched tight across, and we used hollow reeds for the tubing.

No word of installing a Greenfield filter to catch any more -- there are known clots in both lower calves, she remains on anticoagulant -- she Face Timed her father this morning, and her sister early this afternoon.

I'm sorry. I'm so tired I fell asleep on that last line, had to edit out a long line of kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk's.

Time for a nap.



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Prayers offered from our house!

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Praying for you both my friend. I have been where she is.

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Prayers on the way

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Subdeacon, thank you for a badly needed chuckle!

Chili Pepper Kid, yours is a badly needed encouragement: as a medical professional I've known too many, my grandfather included, who did not survive ONE pulmonary embolus ... let alone the one big and constellation of smaller emboli that plague my bride!

Deacon KC, thank you for your firsthand testimony as well: we've addressed a variety of matters together, and yours is the voice of experience that has been of support and comfort to me more times than one!

Doc Ward, thank you and I'll take you up on that.

Looking at these several responses ... reading them is like feeling the grip of a friend's hand on my shoulder.

Right about now that feels pretty good.

Talked to her this morning, she was just finishing up an ultrasound chest, and she said they would ultrasound her legs to try and find the source of the clots. I'm headed up with her charged phone and a charger cord as soon as I pull on my boots.

Please forgive a brief hiatus in Short Stories.

I fear I am rather distracted.




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13 hours ago, Linn Keller, SASS 27332, BOLD 103 said:


Please forgive a brief hiatus in Short Stories.

I fear I am rather distracted.




....not only Accepted ... but also Expected Anticipated .......   


  See you when your good Lady Wife is back ... and you are back too, also, and as well   :ph34r:





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See first entry, it's nailed on as an addendum.

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