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  1. Sweet golly once again I have a case of gun envy.
  2. I loved it!! But I have a reason. When the first movie came out I was in the Navy and I looked a lot like Goose. We were in-port at the Naval base in Rota, Spain and we took a bus tour to Sevilla, Spain. Our guides were a couple young ladies that were daughters of Naval personal on the base. They kept looking at me. Finally I asked if there was anything wrong. They asked "Are you Goose"? My shipmates all joined in and made up a story about how I was an advisor to the movie and ended up with the part of Goose. They keep asking me about Tom Cruise and I'd make up silly stuff. They bought it for a bit until we couldn't keep from laughing.
  3. I ended up being ill and hospitalized after the 1st day of main match shooting at the Iowa State Championship. Just wanted to let everyone know I'm out of the hospital and doing well. Turns out that I had E-Coli in my blood and it was effecting my liver.
  4. I didn't know this could be an issue with Hoppes. I've transferred to several different plastic bottles with out any problems.
  5. I throw it and all the other parts in my ultrasonic cleaner and let it run thru two cycles. While that’s running I clean the rifle & bore. The smokeless cleaner I like best is M-Pro 7.
  6. I believe the Illinois State Shoot is the following weekend 15-17th.
  7. My prayers and condolences. He will be missed.
  8. I was making out my calendar of shoots and I realized something. Since May starts on a Sunday, I won't miss any of my local monthly shoots attending the CCB Showdown!!
  9. Don't know what got into me sending in an application so early.
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