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  1. If I recall right, the terms were casually interchanged, but the “detonator” was actually the device which controlled energy to the “blasting cap”. Somebody might have clearer memory than me.
  2. C4 is God’s gift to the combat engineer. Highly stable under an extremely wide variety of circumstances, versatile enough to cook C-rats, and malleable/cuttable to build shaped charges. But given the right combo of heat and pressure, its controlled fury is truly a thing of beauty. As for the detonators, just one is sufficient to blow a hand off. Five in the shirt pocket would render the C4 irrelevant to the said book character.
  3. An engineer and a mathematician walk into a bar. At the end of the bar sits a gorgeous redhead. She gives them both the come hither look and says, “Which ever of you can reach me can have me in whatever way your deepest desires lead you. The only catch is that you can only cover half the remaining distance with each set of steps you take.” The mathematician immediately throws up his hands in frustration. “Theoretically I could reach her if I took an infinite number of sets of steps, but that is just not possible.“ He turns to walk away until noticing the engineer. The engineer is loosening his trousers while ordering another of whatever the redhead is drinking. He obviously has a different outlook than the mathematician. The math guy tries to explain the sum of an infinite series when the engineer waves him off and says, “All true, but I can get close enough to make things work.”
  4. Write your local station manager. You would be surprised at how willing they can be to publish a correction. I also have to believe it makes them more aware of doing fundamental fact checking.
  5. I find this to be a good milestone, but I will be happiest when such “news” becomes not worth mentioning. Charlie VB Harley, West Point, ‘87
  6. Most shooting sports have a certain ebb and flow. Anybody remember metallic silhouette shooting and all its rifle/pistol/rimfire variations? It was all the rage for a good decade or so in the 70s and 80s. Manufacturers made special guns and accessories. Clubs built silhouette ranges. I only know of one silhouette range still active. It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the sport. It’s just the nature of hobbies and their life cycles. SASS has the added challenge in that the generation who grew up watching westerns on tv is growing older, with younger shooters simply not joining the sport.
  7. As guys, we also have to be aware that there’s a difference between an admiring/appreciative glance and “staring”. My first wife had nice curves. There were men who would look at her in the eyes while conversing, even if I saw them give her the once over when they first walked up. Then there were others who just stared at her boobs, even while standing in front of her and trying to stammer out a conversation.
  8. You’re not going to win with some women. My my wife and I have a friend, mid 30s, whose social media accounts are filled with erotic poetry and images, many of herself. Yet she gets mad when guys say anything suggestive about women. Fortunately, most women are not like that.
  9. Yes. Full disclosure: I grew up in Dayton, Ohio and was 10 years old when the Big Red Machine won the first of two World Series. I idolized Pete Rose. But with the wisdom of maturity, I see his human shortcomings, as I do in all humanity. Im okay with an asterisk next to his name in Cooperstown, which explains his misdeeds as a manager. But what he accomplished as a player will never be equalled, and he did it all clean. Not a drop of PEDs in his veins. Pure Hustle all the way.
  10. The perfect-est pitch is when the poorly played bagpipe hits the poorly played banjo in the dumpster’s bottom. But put them in the hands of the Black Watch or Earl Scruggs, ain’t nothing finer.
  11. Best five minutes ever to grace a TV screen!
  12. Colonel Bogey’s March. aka Bridge Over The River Kwai
  13. GerryOwen and Scotland the Brave are now wormed into my ear. Not a bad way to start the day.
  14. Did you just say “classic 90s style”? If the 90s are now classic, what does that make us? Historic?
  15. I’m with Forty. My daughter was born about the same time as the series. The first time I saw a kid with Bart Simpson’s picture and the quote, “Underachiever and proud of it”, I decided it was not worth my time, not any of my kids’ time. Friends have ave told me about occasional flashes of comedic brilliance in the show, and I respond with something about blind squirrels finding nuts. Thirty years later, my life is no less full due to Simpsons’ absence.
  16. Tapcin screws still need a smalllpilot hole, but they are very easy to use. That would be my vote.
  17. This is what true rivalry looks like... At the end of each Army Navy game, the teams join on the field to sing their alma maters, with the winning team singing second.
  18. My son is a Volunteer grad, and even he confesses to getting tired of Rocky Top, except when the team is scoring, which is not often.
  19. If you can handle a measuring tape, drill, and screwdriver, you can do it. Oh, and a pencil.
  20. Army-Navy ’Nuff said. As I try to tell my kids when they entered the college football passion pool, a true rivalry is when you cheer for the other team every game of the year except one. That shows respect. My daughter went to Alabama and purely hates Auburn and wishes evil upon them. That rivalry does not count. I grew up in Southwest Ohio in the late 60s and 70s during the days of Woody Hayes and Bo Schembechler. I have shouted OH in more than one foreign bar and heard the beautiful response of IO. But I have always cheered for Michigan every day except for THE DAY.
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