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  1. Wrecker with a long winch cable is about the only option I see.
  2. One of those in 22 Hornet just sounds perfect to me. I wonder what the length of pull is on these guns. Are they shrunk too, from 13ish inches down to 11 or so?
  3. I’m just a DFE (Dumb Friendly Engineer) with a lifetime of hobby experience with Sacred Incense and its Smokey-less counterpart. Even I could have told them what 7700 lbs of black powder propellant would do when lit at once. It burns very different than the same amount as C-4 or RDX explodes. Jeeesh!
  4. Nothing wrong with celebrating good wherever and whenever it happens. Glad and you had a good time with your sons.
  5. I shot a few Feinwerkbaus when really into paper punching many moons ago. Currently there’s a Gamo in my garage that’s devastating on varmints. And yes, I still have the first Daisy BB gun that Grandpa bought me.
  6. I wrote Dicks off after their store opened here about ten years. Kids were active in sports so we bought a lot at Dicks with their frequent buyer card. When I tried redeeming the coupons they sent, was told they were not valid on guns, ammo, or “shooting accessories”. ’Nuff said. We went elsewhere.
  7. Dad called his favorite shotgun “Ol’ Bessie”. She was never offended.
  8. Selling recognitions. Its no no different than the qualifications for Life, Patron, Benefactor, etc... A way to get more money. Says me the NRA Endowment member.
  9. It’s folks like that who make it hard for others who are truly wrestling with gender identity issues.
  10. I can’t speak to the specific video you saw, but the 50BMG will create the described effects. I’m speaking second hand, but it was shared with me by someone with first hand experience.
  11. Looks like the Dawgs’ coach had a talk with his team at half. A close win over the Vols would knock them out of CFP discussions.
  12. That night was also some of the final Wild Weasel missions of the Air Force’s F-4s. Knocking out radar sites ahead of the main aerial onslaught.
  13. I googled “fifi” to see what you meant. Glad my first thought reading this post was the B-29.
  14. He’s a better man than I would probably be under the circumstances.
  15. I’d say let her cook something for you. It gives her the opportunity to give you a gift, use the gift she gave you, and show off her skills. My youngest child of four was the only one not to become a college educated engineer. She went to culinary school and now makes as much as her siblings while having the time of her life.
  16. Sad day on many fronts. Prayers up for the people and their families.
  17. A number of family members and close friends are in the LGBTQ community. I cannot relate to what they go through, but what they feel is real. It takes minimal effort for me to use a masculine or neutral pronoun around a friend who’s identified themself as a man but can’t afford transition surgery. Courtesy and respect go a long way. We are all sojourners together.
  18. I forgot about the ejector spring. It definitely makes the in and out more tricky than it needs to be. But you’ll find that Marlin to be one of the sweetest shooting 22s ever built. I am in love with mine (1950s vintage) and shall never part with it.
  19. The Cynergy with a set of choke tubes would cover your entire spectrum of shooting needs.
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