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  1. I’m in the crush line too. Sad day.
  2. My wife and I have a running discussion when we drive. How should the view be set on the GPS? She prefers the view constantly rotate so that direction she’s driving is always at the top of the screen. Sometimes she’ll switch to point-of-view (POV) so the screen is from street level looking forward. To her, if the screen looks like the turn goes left, she turns left, and all is good. I prefer the screen show north at the top. I guess a lifetime of paper maps has made it easy for me to put myself in the screen’s “car” and orient to the roads. I also like that the north map helps me stay oriented to the big picture of where I’m driving. What settings do others use? PS. It’s not a debate between us. We both get there safely. I’m just curious.
  3. Th e compass app on my iPhone frequently comes up 180 degrees out. The earth has never done so. I don’t hit the trails without a magnetic compass.
  4. I got nothing to add to these two comments but to be wary of strangers who enter a forum and make strong accusations.
  5. Great show! Us cousins used to take turns “wrecking” our Big Wheels and rescuing each other, all inspired by the show. But I don’t believe it was that long ago.
  6. Or Paris, Arkansas? Have a great time in the original town!
  7. “Zero” is a number. “Oh” is a letter. That’s just how I roll. And if navigating a car with anybody and they ask me if the next turn is a right or left, I respond with “correct” as an affirmative answer. Using “right” with two distinct meanings is asking for trouble.
  8. Cary Elwes, who played Westley, wrote this great book. A must for any fan of the movie. https://www.amazon.com/As-You-Wish-Inconceivable-Princess/dp/1476764042 The movie bombed at the box office, apparently because the studio didn’t know how to market it. Adventure? Fantasy? Rom-Com? Children’s? Nothing fit. But this was the dawn of video tape stores, and people soon discovered it by accident for what it is, a delightfully unique movie which is unabashedly its own genre, and a simple joy to watch and quote a zillion times over.
  9. Looks good! Tonight for us was a new food truck serving North African cuisine while listening to our favorite local band.
  10. Churches who teach the “Prosperity Gospel” are an odd culture. They remind me a lot of any multi-level marketing scheme. The person at the top will always have the most dollars, persuaded from the hands of those lower in the pyramid. The preacher isn’t hiding his love of bling. His congregants still go every Sunday and put money in the plate. Why? It’s beyond me.
  11. Great movie with two,of my favorite performers : John Wayne and Katherine Hepburn.
  12. Dude on the left has too many teeth to be on meth, unless he just started.
  13. Tomorrow I get to celebrate my 57th lap around Mr Sun. All things considered, that’s good enough reason in my book for a party. But 3o minutes ago I got word that my daughter gave birth to her first born, a healthy boy by name of Lucas. Mom and baby are doing great. Lucas’ two cousins, or at least the one old enough to understand, are quite happy. Much to be grateful for on many fronts. Bottles has the top shelf stocked and my tab is open to all. To Lucas, Emily, and all that’s good and right with the world!
  14. I had my helmet bag stolen several years ago. They left the SPH-4, which I thought would have been a priority for the thieves, but they said the bag was probably used to carry out other items. Army helmet bags become a lot like naval aviator jackets. After a while they’re records of crests, ranks, assignments, and unit insignias. Oh well. The memories are still there.
  15. Old #4 gave me some sound advice for my BSS. I didn't do a full slick-up, but did deactivate the automatic safety. It's actually kind of a tricky thing to do. Way harder than other hinge guns I've tweaked. He'd be my go-to just because I've worked with him, but heard nothing but good things about Johnny Meadows too.
  16. It's a no-call. Unless there was something not included in the original post, somebody needs to exhale a bit. Be safe. Have fun. Ringing steel is a bonus.
  17. I was at a neighborhood meeting yesterday with the new chief of police. Several of his escorting officers recommended Wyze cameras. After researching today, that's what I'm going with.
  18. Times do change. I bought my first old style Vaquero in about 1995 for $240-ish. 44 mag, which they don’t make anymore. Best of luck to the new folks searching.
  19. Stored in a cool basement it’s good for near forever.
  20. Our neighborhood has had a rash of smash and grab break-ins of vehicles parked on the street. The neighbors on our block are looking for some type of camera to mount which would look at the sidewalk and record activity, especially at night. It does not have to be Internet connected and all that stuff. Something that simply records a decent quality video or photo and then purges the old images once storage is full. When we wake up and find broken windows, we want to have images of what happened last night. I appreciate any insight the Saloon might offer.
  21. The Cotswolds are an area of England that have intrigued me and my wife ever since our first visit to the UK. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cotswolds We’d like to go back and do a walking tour of the area, staying at inns and enjoying the beautiful local scenery. Has anyone ever done this trip? Are there any UK pards who could offer insight or guidance about how to not act like a tourist? As always, the Saloon’s help is much appreciated.
  22. Cool idea! That widget just screams for a 3-D printer! If someone could make one at a reasonable cost I’d buy it after scraping my knuckles too many times.
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