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  1. Then I shall make the sacrifice and free up your shelf space for more useful items. I’ll even pay postage to TN, ‘cause that’s the kind of pard I am.
  2. Exactly! Now if it were a shelf stable meat product that I could take backpacking, heat over a fire, and pretend I was eating bacon… I’d buy a pack of that.
  3. This product looks like another answer in search of a question. What does it give me that bacon, or sausage, or spam doesn’t offer? Personally, I like all three but never felt the need for bacon-flavored spam.
  4. We used lanyards on our issued 38 revolvers when flying helicopters in the late 80s.
  5. Let the bidder beware anytime a gun comes up which claims a special provenance.
  6. I stick with the bell pepper image. It will override the first thought that came to my head.
  7. My dad’s #1 in 22-250 is what started me down the lifelong road of loving single shot rifles. But I’ve never forgot my first love, which now sits in my safe.
  8. That’s the funniest comment I’ve read in a loooong time!
  9. We’ll done, Buckshot. One of my favorite breakfasts, but I usually substitute a splash of Tabasco for your Worcester’s sauce. I might have to try it your way next time.
  10. Old Testament said that the cursed shall hang from a tree. It was foreshadowing the crucifixion, but it’s also the root of hanging as an execution method. Yes, Jake deserved to die.
  11. And the tapered 44-40 case fed more reliably than the straight-walled 45 Colt. As to the OP, that’s why I trust very little of what the YouTube “experts” put on their channels.
  12. Well said. No sane person should feel totally at ease with space flight.
  13. Not horse cavalry, but the Lipizzaner Stallions can practically waltz together.
  14. Same with me. Marlins were most common, with the pre-safety models most desired. There were a smattering of 73s. Short strokes were still in their infancy. A different time for sure. I understand Ruger’s first choice being the 1895 in 45-70. It’s probably by far the most popular of their line. But it I gotta believe there’s a desire for a quality Marlin 1894 in 357 and 44 mag. Not that I’m wishing for one cause I already have mine. Or or maybe a 39a. But I have one of those too. 1950s vintage.
  15. Our son and his wife are on their first date since our second granddaughter was born. Pops and Lulu get to babysit. Happy place!
  16. Outside the Cowboy community, the 45 Colt just isn’t that popular. It’s all about the economics.
  17. I keep a Damp Rid bucket in each safe. Never had a rust problem. When the desiccant gets saturated, simply dump out the material, wash and dry the container, and refill from a bulk bucket. https://www.homedepot.com/p/DampRid-10-5-oz-Fresh-Scent-Refillable-Moisture-Absorber-FG01FS/203908838 https://www.homedepot.com/p/DampRid-7-5-lbs-Fragrance-Free-Moisture-Absorber-Super-Refill-FG37/302360059?ITC=AUC-59204-23-12145
  18. Betty White is 99 and still going strong. Tony Bennett is 95 with Alzheimer’s but still sings his songs. I hope I’m still having that much fun after nine decades orbiting the sun!
  19. And I as a dog owner keep him on a leash, in my yard, or in my house. Also, there’s a cultural difference that thinks it’s acceptable for cats to freely roam the neighborhood. It’s that mindset I’m trying to understand.
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