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  1. That is just wrong on sooooo many levels. Good grief, dogs are man's best friend. Why do this to them?
  2. I know this is an old thread, but I just found a picture of Sir Rodney of Whitehall. Our girls were wanting a dog, so we found Rodney. He was Brittany and Springer Spaniel cross. Very protective of the girls and my wife. Thought I would share. Thanks for looking.
  3. Well, we have reeds, but that seems to be of little or no help.
  4. Maybe Captain James din't have any ammunition. There is a shortage.
  5. A barbless hook too. Sure I'm in. What are we after, Trout, red fish, salmon, bass. Tell me.
  6. Well, I have not lost my sense of smell, I still smell the same. Perhaps it is my teenage boy body wash, I donno. But I am curious to know what Michigan Slim thinks a box of crayons smell like.
  7. Tommy Lee Jones played the roll of Captain Woodrow Call, in Lonesome Dove. Robert Duvall, pictured at the left end of the picture above played Gus.
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