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  1. I just love it when people like this get the whey knocked out of them.
  2. Did we have another Government shutdown and congress was the target?
  3. Person could write a rather thick book on this matter. But what the heck, punctuation and capital letters seem to have gone awry also.
  4. Love watching the little critters. Had one at the house we named George. George was a wonder. When ever the feeder would get low, he would hover just outside the sliding door to let me know. After I refilled it, he would fly away other humming bird things until it was time for a refill. Stayed all winter. I had to bring the feeder in at night in the winter time, to keep it from freezing, but we managed. Got one here at the apartment, but he is not near as sociable as George.
  5. A couple of boxes of hot loads should straighten that right out. Locating hot loads in .22 caliber might be a challenge though.
  6. American Rifleman, April issue. Page 69 has an article about the 1st Ranger Battalion landing with the Canadian Commandos in August 1942 in Operation Jubilee. The article also mentions the M1's use beginning in December 1941, with the defense of the Philippines. I was not aware that the M1 was issued prior to August 1942, but apparently it was. Anyway, I found it to be an interesting, short read.
  7. Grandpa & Grandma. Never got to talk with anyone previous to them.
  8. Well, the perp had it correct, only .44 calibers are true revolver cartridges. Oh wait this was a muzzle stuffer.
  9. Well, if they all go off, I guess the sky will blow away, and not fall any further. This could cause a significant increase in the amount of toast in the world. The good news is that the CO2 will not be an issue. Oh wait, CO2 nourishes the trees that give off oxygen. Oh well, oxygen is so over-rated anyway.
  10. Sunk in the battle of the Coral Sea in 1942, she was located by underwater R/V Petrel. I guess she was the only ship of her class. Perhaps some of the local sea jockeys would have more information.
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