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  1. Been on the Admiral several times. Back in the late 1940's, early 1950's there was another paddle wheeler called the Avalon that took excurision rides out of the local water front in Chester, Illinois. Being a waterfront town, the pull of paddlewheelers was strong. The Avalon sailed up and down the river giving out rides. Lots of fun. You really need to read this book.
  2. That is because some freckled face kid caught them all, about 35 years ago.
  3. Alilene Slim, You need to read this book. I am up to July 1805 at the three forks of the Missouri river. The have used sails, push poles, horses and ropes of elk skin, and men pulling as horses do. There were no snoflake characters this trip. I have no doubt they used sails and/or pushpoles between Cario, Illnois and St. Louis/Alton.
  4. According to the news locally, that is prezactly what they did. Be interesting to see what happens in the Spring, when they come out of hibernation.
  5. You guys are forgetting THE EARTH IS A BOWL , not flat. IF IT WAS FLAT THE WATER WOULD ALL DRAIN OUT.
  6. I shoot .44 Specials in my virtual Marlin 1894. I find it is more accurate than thre .44 Maginum ammunition I load and buy. I have often thought of a .44 virtual pistol. I do not notice much difference between both calibers in the recoil department.
  7. I have a modified one, (Virtual of course). The action seems to very robust. It is more accurate than my virtual Garand. But then, that is a virtual bolt action vs. a virtual semi auto.
  8. Just hope the thief isn't hungry or thirsty for a cold brew.
  9. I just learned that the First Division, in WW I was 100% armed with the Springfield 03 Rifle. Apparently the Enfield design was issued to other Divisions. Never too old to learn something.
  10. Well, the left says be what you want. What if someone wants to be a horse? Or a Duck? Or maybe just the back half of a horse. No wait we have a plethora of those.
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JACK My Jack was a black lab/mix. Got to love those Labs.
  12. November, or October? I got October a couple of weeks ago. It had a list of pro gun candadates in it.
  13. Once in love with Amy, Always in love with Amy. I forget the words. Sombody call Ray Bolger.
  14. HAPPY BIRFDAY YOUNGSTER. Hope you have many many more, each one better than the last.
  15. It is dang hard to keep track of all them targets. So I just shoot what is close. Besides, that is all I can see.
  16. Reading Pat Riot's post about shooting a full stage with shotgun and getting a P. Got me to thunking, a bad omen. WHAT IS WRONG WITH A P IF YOU ARE HAVING FUN? I sure don't shoot for score. But I sure do enjoy the COMPANY and the BANG AND CLANG.
  17. Oly and Sven were sitting in the boat fishing. It had been a slow day in the catching department, and neither one had much to say. Finally Sven speaks up and said, " Oly, I tink I am going to divorce my wife". Oly was quiet for a few minutes, then he speaks " Why are you going to divorce your wife?" "She is a nice Lady". Sven said, " She don 't talk to me". Oly puts his fishing rod down, gets out his pipe and stokes up. He gets the pipe going and he is making smoke signal size clouds of smoke. He then speaks up and says, " I would tink hard, Sven". "Wemen like dat are hard to find".
  18. Ours was filled out yesterday, and dropped off at the drop Box today. IF YOU DON'T VOTE, DON'T COMPLAIN LATER.
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