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  1. Wise words, Sir. Since we are playing detective, can we all agree that he did indeed have a firearm, presumable a revolver?
  2. Well, yes it would, I suppose, but Ballard is full of Norwegians, and they would have trouble pronouncing Chawda.
  3. I doubt that I will be able to sleep tonight, Hardpan. Thanks a lot.
  4. I understand what you are asking, Alpo. But I do not think either would cancel the other, just enhance the other.
  5. I suspect that your observation is incorrect, Pat. You are overlooking the fact that the SKY IS FALLING, and it is much closer to the earth. We have perhaps two years at most. In fact I have puddles all over the yard to prove my part.
  6. Slim, you are a very fortunate man. Kaya didn't do too bad either. Bless you both.
  7. Who drinks that stuff on a regular basis? Oh wait, my daughters. Ok, I am good with it.
  8. I saw a coffee creamer that was marked "NON DAIRY COFFEE CREAM", but the ingredients listed MILK as the first ingredient.
  9. Try Chinooks at the Fisherman's terminal just south west of the Ballard bridge. They have some great seafood, their clam chowder is great, both New England (white) and Manhattan (red). It is served with warm focaccia bread. Great sea food menu and a view of the ship's canal just above the locks.
  10. Google in Fort de Chartres for information on the French living neat St. Louis during that period. The fort is restored to a degree and the have information available to the public on campus.
  11. Sgt. Schultz comes to mind. " I KNOW NOTHING."
  12. Hard to tell if the original picture has a reinforcing band at the breach or not. If it does, it is not a 3 inch ordnance rifle. What ever it is, it makes a big bang.
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