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  1. Mmmm yeah. That'd big a big negatory there, Rubber Duck....I ever see a 10 speed or thirteen speed split shift truck again it'd be too soon. See the outfit I worked for was cheap. Got a truck with no sticker like some a youse guys put up and the knob was a bit worn... well, the shift pattern's are usually the same, right? First is upper left, straight down for 2, up-right for 3 and so on. Oh, wasn't long that first time I hadda holler for Charlie our mechanic to show me. Once you got the hang of it, wasn't too bad really but have a brain fart and skip a gear is but one way to see if your load is properly tied down. That part wasn't fun.
  2. I have not yet ventured into DMR. I have an allstars repeater on the WIN system that is local to me which covers a big chunk of AZ, CA, TX and a few others. In addition, the Arizona Repeater Association has several linked repeaters for regional use that are right handy. I mention these as they were my first forays into more-than-local traffic and DMR is an extension to that. Besides, it's a new mode like PSK was to me as one point that I'd like to give a spin, hopefully soon.
  3. Friendly Fire.....ain't all that friendly ! LOL Generally, Tasers worked for me. Not always 100 percent, and I had more than one dude or dudette surrender immediately when the Taser cleared the holster. I did manage to taser myself once or twice, mostly by inattention and getting tangled up in the wires by accident or something like, or just being in wrong place, wrong time. But everybody I got two probes into, got to Ride The Lightnin'. (beats pluggin'em and doing all that paperwork.....)
  4. Dillon Precision sells a reasonable set of calipers. I prefer a digital readout. My go'to is a Mitutoyo I've had over twenty years. Yeah, got to zero it every time on powerup but once its on, zero doesn't change. I've got the usual set of gauges for machining, and I learned the hard way. Buy once, cry once. Mitutoyo or Starrett are my picks.
  5. It ain't rocket science and ya ain't building a skyscraper. LOL. Firearms are mechanical devices just like cars, plumbing, 'lectrical and so on. I was eleven or so when I had my first mishap. Noticed how similar my mom's Spanish Ruby pistol was to a Colt 25 auto. Actually, they share almost the same design. Reading an article about the Colt in some gun rag or other, I decided I should "clean" mom's pistol. Luckily, I didn't break anything when I managed to shoot the slide off the frame because it landed on the couch. Oh. That was what that little hook on the safety does...LOL. There were others. I've had to "repair" guns I broke while fixing them, even after I got me some book learning and such and was doing smithing professionally. Happens. Don't feel bad, we all been there. Learn and move on.
  6. Sigh. I've seen select excerpts of Yellowstone along with the "new" StarTwreck series. Quite frankly, I got bored with cable years ago and dumped it. It wasn't the "news" that was just boring, got tired of watching Dallas rebadged as something else and the character JR replayed and the same old movies shown over and over. Feel free to insert pretty much any show in there in place of Dallas and JR because in my experience, none of them was worth the subscription. Amazon Prime is going that direction perhaps, we shall see. That's the only streaming service we have but it represents maybe three percent of what we watch. If that. They too shall go away if the slide continues.
  7. Yes. The declass on the SL-1 is interesting. There's a couple YT videos on it, the last one I just watched went into detail about how bad the contamination was for the three that died and how the remains were transported/interred. It also went into detail about specifics in the design of the reactor and the control rod design which was unusual. Also appears that there was some personal issues between two of the team members about one's wife. If you know what I mean.
  8. On another forum I ran across a thread which someone posted a patch for the USS Enterprise CVN65 having the nickname "Mobile Chernobyl." I'm sure there is a story behind that which unless you have a proper clearance, they can't tell it to you LOL. But. The Navy has an exemplary nuclear program and every systems operator I ever ran into was trained by them seems like. On the other hand, Both of those mentioned accidents were due to operator error. Granted, Chernobyl was running a test of safety systems and ran into some one percent type problems. One in a million shot according to the detailed information I've seen over the years. TMI...well, running the core out of water because of a stuck/forgot and left it open/no indicator valve indicator while dealing with other problems that (if I remember correctly) weren't exactly in the book. Double/triple that with a bunch of idjit politicians who, not wanting to panic people, lied to them instead. And they still panic'd LOL. So yeah. Nuclear got a bad rap from TMI and Chernobyl didn't help. At all. Neither did Fukishima but that's a bird of a different color. The good thing is they actually certified a new reactor in Georgia this year.
  9. By the way Pat, the I could always get a straight answer out of my Glock reps. Factory....not so much LOL. Not liars, but not well informed or, they are careful not to speak out of turn. S&W? Colt? LOL. If you can get'em to answer and only with the right guy. Got straight answers out of Kimber, RCBS, CCI/Speer and Hodgdon Powder, among others.
  10. Um, you might have the barrel description reversed maybe, up to Gen 4 they used the standard polygonal rifling. The Gen 5's have what glock calls "marksman barrels". The rifling is different in Gen5's. Gen5's also use mostly standard Glock parts but a few are different for the generation AND model. Unless someone swapped the barrel. Does the serial match? Also, like every other gun manufacturer the last twenny years they all strive to do more with less. Or something like that. There are differences in sights for vintage and model and I've been unable to keep up with every twist the factory likes to toss out LOL. Fit& finishes are different Not as much care is taken and if the thing was made during the last two crazy years, good bet they was in a hurry. MIM parts replace what was milled steel. Less care taken for finishing touches. Mostly, all a Glock needs is shot. As I recall the G34's came with minus connectors which should give you around 4.5lbs. About. Give or take.
  11. I used a Canon A-1 up until oh, 1990-something when I got a Canon Powershot for work and that sorta took over all my photos for a while. I didn't get my first digital SLR until 2015. Used Nikon D50. Um, wow! Of course that guy, little camera store also sold film cameras cheap.....next to a retirement community so they were plentiful and that coupled with shopgoodwill and a couple other sites....well, I'm re-discovering film and the joys of. Your F-1 is a fine camera. You will get some fine use outta that one!
  12. I feel your pain, guys. Non-stop, every channel, back to back. One party isn't afraid to tell lies. The bigger the better. They are blatant about it. The other decides which candidate they want to support and since they're mad at Dat-Trump-Guy, any candidate that he supports, they don't. Even if it means they will lose the majority. Again. Here in AZ we had quite a few propositions on the ballot. Hoo-boy. It took me hours of research, not just the voter books that the county/state (which I've come to find are as crooked as they come) but the interweb makes that easier but. Yeah. Lots of BS out there. It's even worse when the third candidate in a race drops out with two weeks to go when early voting has been going on here for almost a month. How many people wasted their vote? Yeah. That's an old story, too. I hope y'all had the time to investigate matters to your satisfaction and didn't just take the "party line" because for the most part, BOTH parties are crooked. Oh, don't go mistaking me for some other body, there's some dang good candidates out there all across the country. If you can find'em through all the chaff that gets tossed up. Which is why they do that. Just remember, Tuesday isn't the end. It's simply a trail marker. This ain't done. Not by a longshot.
  13. Yes. The last threee years of pandemic policies has left their mark. Yes. The damage to our children is real. And adults too. Here in AZ things are just about normal, "the current thing" is slowly dying of it's own design. People aren't stupid. They see what a scam most of it was. Of course, go to a doctor office, hospital oncology clinic and there, the protocols are still in force. Complete with border guards in some places but mostly, people seem to pretend to go along with most of it because-----> job. All we can do is be kind to one another. Don't judge someone unless you walk in their shoes for a time. Some people are dealing with a lot under the surface and what you see is the best they can manage. Don't ask how I know any of that.
  14. I see I'm not the only one watches MeTv LOL AZ7.2
  15. I'm thinkin' Earl's right. Those chambers look a bit rough.
  16. Well doggone! While I've been to Gunsite, I have yet to meet the new gunsmith. Appreciate the info, as I am in need of some T's and do not wish to deal with the "other" T guy.
  17. Dining by Halliburton? LOL. I'm sure there was a well-reasoned need for civilian contractors to replace the "traditional" unit mess and not just to line the pockets of politicians.....LOL
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