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  1. Well. I worked for a large Sheriff's Office. Retired from there. One of my duties, among others was the firearms training unit. Yes. ADA requires "reasonable accommodation". We had a deputy who had a stroke. As part of AZPOST requirements, yearly firearms qualification is mandatory. He also had one hand that did not function well enough to fire a pistol however he was able to shoot the course with his functioning hand and wasn't the slowest nor was he the lowest score. Did pretty dang well. Yes. He had an office job which reflected his abilities and was a valuable member of the office. Over the years I had students who had prosthetic limbs who could pass the physical agility part of the academy like any other. I'm sure there are examples in other states specific to your question regarding firearms qualification.
  2. You can also order it right from Knox in 20lb cannisters. That's what I did when I was the firearms goo-RU back when. I was able to get the water heater up to 150 at the faucet but it took 24 hours to get there and the tank had enough water to make six or eight 8x8x24 blocks. No, we didn't use this for any other purpose like showering. It was in an old doublewide we got from county parks used mainly for storage. Not only did we use this for testing duty rounds, I included a segment in our state instructor course and also did demos for other agencies that needed technical support selecting duty ammo. My agency is still using the ammunition specs I did two decades ago. Gold Dot is still it but Hornady/Federal also make some excellent rounds not to mention SUperVel.
  3. During the "height" of the reporting on supply chain issues, mainly blaming the Port Of Los Angeles, I spent some time watching that activity. Didn't see those same issues in other ports around the country, only LA. Without boots on the ground, I couldn't tell if the issue was lack of personnel, transportation in/out of the port or warehouse/storage at the port. What I saw were anywhere from forty to sixty-ish ships waiting offshore. Average time to get to a pier to unload appeared to be 30-50-ish days. Another twenty-thirty days to unload. About. The port only used about two thirds of what appeared (on satellite pics anyway) to be the available dockage. During this same time, I noted a significant increase in semi traffic on I-10 through central AZ, which is a route I drive regularly. (it is still heave, but not like it was months ago) My conclusion was this shipping port thing wasn't the issue causing the problems mainly. My take is there are other things happening behind the scenes regarding the supply chains which are being done deliberately. There's simply no other reason for this to be happening. They have had more than enough time to correct the issues. I'm sure some of you have noticed the weirdness in the economy, inflation, stock market and commodity prices namely gold/silver. The numbers are off and someone ain't dealing off the top of the deck. That's my take, anyway. My own shopping experience is everything costs more. There are hiring now signs everywhere and everyone seems to be short staffed but there sure ain't a shortage of people in my area anyway, more crowded than ever. Quite a few of my favorite shops didn't survive the plandemic. Big box thrives. I generally shop local and the amount of money I spend at bigbox has shifted to local as much as I can. I'm not going to go into the relationship between DotGov and BigBox/Tech because this is the Saloon and if you see it or don't...well, whatever. Fuel pricing didn't go up because of the UKR/Europe. That cause lies elsewhere. Why they seemed to have a specific level to hit and after which prices leveled off at that higher rate but I doubt that will stay the same. None of this is normal, we are in uncharted territory. What comes next? well, be prepared.
  4. I'm thinkin' Pat, coming from Cali to a place like West By God Virginny will need some sort of medication to ease the transition..... Knob Creek or Bulleit, possibly Bulleit Rye might just be what the doctor reccomends. Dr Dubious
  5. After the walls came down, you know, when the Soviet system collapsed, had a coup and out of the pile of rubble that had been USSR they built something new. Something with more democratic values, freedoms. The Russia of today is nothing like the USSR of the 1970's. So what does NATO "defend" against? Seems to me too many of our western "leaders" and I use that term very loosely, are stuck in the attitudes of the 1970's. Perhaps it is as simple as they haven't come to trust the Russians. Well, I can understand that because I am a product of the Cold War. I served in what was then West Germany and I was as well indoctrinated by the policies of MY country as the Soviets were of there's back then. It is hard for me to trust as well but I am willing to listen and judge President Putin's actions and words on their own merits. Only time will tell if he's on the right side of this or not, when the truth of it comes out. The history of Ukraine is quite interesting. No, you will not hear of things like this on the news, nor will you find accurate answers in places like wikpedia. Dig deeper. Whatever the truth is of today's events, I find myself listening more to Russian media. They at least make some sort of sense however, I have my doubts. Regardless, whatever the truth is, it sure isn't what the MSM or the US/NATO governments say it is.
  6. Allrighty then. Dubious done got his errands for the day done (or as done as they're gonna get, LOL) Got us some pork shoulder for a buck 29 a pound, didn't get no smoked sausage because they were out (good sale, 2 for 5 bucks) got butter, coffee creamer and some other sundries like a few more NATO fuel cans, found some really cool soldier's manuals for my old MOS 95B along with one for physical security which is otherwise known as Tower Rats to the Military Police community. Found the lens I was looking for my Canon (some dork put it in the Nikon drawer) pulled some weeds, stuff like that. So. On to bidness. Disclaimer; Scientific methods were used. Accuracy guaranteed to reasonable standard. (close enough for gubbermint work, LOL) No warranties expressed or implied. Use at your own risk. As always, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. I used a new Wolff B 1911 recoil spring. 16lbs, measured 6 3/4", 31 full coils. Spring was tested in a custom test apparatus using regulation trigger weights of 16 pounds. Spring compressed to a mean length of 2 1/2" while under full load of 16 pounds. Fully compressed the spring measured 1 1/2" Cutting two full coils from the spring resulted in a compressed length of 2 inches. The length of the cut section was 1/2" Cutting another 1/2" section the spring held 16lbs with a length of 1 1/2" Please note. The accepted "standard" for the space inside the recoil spring tunnel at maximum rearward slide travel is 1.625 inches. So in theory, you would still have a 16lb spring but it will be shorter. The risk here is it will allow the slide to contact the recoil spring guide. Over time, this will peen the edges of the guide resulting in possible sluggish function. Possibly. It's also hard on the frame and can lead to cracks. So there ya have it Sports Fans, science in action !!!
  7. I suppose one way to take that story is that the average Ukrainian doesn't have an AK to begin with, IE; no RTKBA but IDK. No idea if they're restricted to water pistols or whatever. Another way to take it would be that the average John Q Ukrainian WOULD fight for the current regime...or would they. Again, no idea. Given that their government has been pretty corrupt for decades, authoritarian, not really nice to certain "classes" but as we have seen, people will put up with a lot of crap to live in "peace" if someone's not dropping artillery rounds willy-nilly about the neighborhood. Once the arty starts....all bets are off I suppose. On the other hand, there appears to be a lot of wag-the-dog disinformation coming from every side of the media and including places I normally see much better reporting.
  8. Odd I never thought of that Widder, LOL. Spring is a function of the wire diameter and thickness of the wire itself. Length will have an effect but I've never measured the effect of shorter. Since I have the tooling to do that, I should. (PS; I prefer using a weight rather than a fish spring scale) In a 1911 spring length is necessary to maintain the proper tension all the way forward or the spring runs out of "oomph" as the slide nears closed. Feeding issues and/or failing to completely lock into battery happen. I generally change recoil springs every 3000 or so rounds in a 1911. (glock springs go a bit futher but I digress) If you take a new 1911 spring, measure it. Go to range. Shoot some. Say, somewhere between 100 and 1000 rounds. Measure. About half inch. A spring that's been in service a while will be almost an inch shorter. (I prolly got a few of these in my "junk" boxes so guess what Dubious is gonna do if he finishes all of his chores today, LOL Yeah, you can probably get away with shorting a spring but remember to keep an eye on function. I prefer to use Wolff reduced springs. Same length, thinner wire. Lasts better. On S&W revolvers. The hammer spring controls hammer, rebound spring controls trigger. They must be balanced or the hammer spring, now being too "fast" for the poky light rebound spring to get the trigger forward, this can negate the internal hammer block safeties. Not good. Yes you can shorten the spring to lighten the pull, but only do much before you must ALSO adjust the hammer spring tension. It is NOT adjusting the screw. The screw itself should be shortened or replace that spring with lighter.
  9. Fulda Gap. We spent a lot of man-hours figgering out ways to bottle them pesky-russkies up there long ehough so's the cavalry could come-A-stormin' over the hill. A common theme was three days for that to happen and our forces there weren't much but a speed bump. My old First Sergeant said if we can get clear of the kaserne and disperse like we were supposed to, we might just make that but chances were, minutes, not hours or days was our expected lifespan. That was when we had hundreds of thousands of troops there. And a plan. Today, there ain't no plan and Germany is effectively sabotaging the rest of NATO. The other countries aren't much help and Vlad can pretty much do as he pleases IMO. FJB is an id10T. 100,000 Russians and he's putting 8500 on alert? Hocus-pocus would be better than that. State already declared a level 4 but find yer own ride because we ain't doing it. (repeat of Afghanistan I suspect) There are already reports coming out of the UK's arresting teams of Russians behind the lines disrupting things like infrastructure and such. And all because there's probably some other deal a certain basement dummy has with them not-the-Russians and the fact that Putin doesn't like globalist idjits telling him what to do. This ain't 1914 and it sure ain't Sept 1939. Whatever it's going to be, all we can do is watch the show. Because it's just a show.
  10. No, I am not a locksmith. Amateur at best, sorta a hobby. Sorta. No. I didn't stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night or any other night LOL. I took up lockpicking because people get mad at you when you bust down a door or...call fire. (Know what the first tool the ladder truck guys take off the truck? A axe. And firefighter #2 usually carries a halligan. They can get into most anything...but they're really messy usually) People getting locked out, people inside locked houses fallen and I can't get up, etc and glory be, the County locksmiths actually put on classes for us so's the bosses don't hafta answer complaints why deppity Barney did two hunnert dollars damage getting in to help mabel who fell outa bed and couldn't get up. Yes. They sell locksets, knob AND deadbolt all keyed alike. The home store will have sets. If you look at the package, somewhere on there is the key code. Get you packages that "match" presto. You only got one key to carry for two, three, four etc doors. Most homestores will have someone who can rekey and mocks that take the same key. Kwikset keys are different than Schlage which are different that the chinchester junk they also sell. Me no likee Kwikset. Cheap crap. Too easy to strongarm, they pick easy, they wear out easy. Dubious like Schlage. Yes they too have a budget grade. A little searching you'll see what I mean, get the "better" or "best" security ones.
  11. Lol, got that right. If I had the space, I'd have a deuce! They're not exactly a joy to drive, but they can carry.
  12. During my service to the State, as a duly designated Minion of Investigation I conducted investigations to get to the bottom of whatever issue troubled the overseers that day. Many had a common theme. Find out who was responsible, prove the facts of the case and present actual evidence of such to the Minions of Court. A most common task was finding all of the participants. Often, I found it helpful to find out who benefitted from such action(s). So I followed the money. Who got paid? Who benefitted? For instance. In order to sell your electric windmill, you have to convince people it's "better" than the current tech. More efficient. Cheaper. That sort of thing. Electrical service isn't a constant sort of thing. There are peak hours, early morning where everyone is taking a shower and wants hot water from their electrically powered hot water heater. Evening when everyone comes home and fires up the electric stove and oven to cook dinner. By monitoring usage across a community, power companies can deduce trends and anticipate where these peak hours happen and have power plants on standby to act on a moment's notice. If they guess wrong, somebody don't get their 'lectrical, LOL. So windmills are a poor choice for this. Most electrical grids don't have storage of the energy (but that's coming) and it's basically right from the powerplant to your home or business. The generated capacity has to mostly match the load. More or less, kinda-sorta. But with wind, you get power when Mother Earth wants to blow the wind. So these, over time are poor providers of energy. Never there when you need'em. And, when they die of old age, there are major parts that cannot be recycled. The best they can do is cut'em up into barely manageable pieces and bury'em in the dump like a dead cat. Like lithium batteries. Know how much environmental damage occurs from that waste? How much it costs on the other end to do something with all those dead Tesla batteries? How much environmental damage occurs from mining and refining for use? Oh yeah. Climate change. The ice poles will either get bigger or shrink. We'll all be popsicles or drown when the seas rise. Last time I looked, all those people like AL Gore who promote these conspiracy theories have yachts, private planes, mansions. Even little greta seems to be doing good. Myself, I have little use for a vehicle that needs to charge for six hours every three hundred miles and can't carry bricks, ten foot pieces of wood, yardage junk, several people and such. If I want to visit my friend in northern AZ an electric vehicle is out because there's no way I'm making a four hour trip into an overnighter because...charging. If however your daily commute measures in two digits of miles, knock yerself out with a lectric car. Or golf cart. But I would submit that the way they seem to be trying to "coerce" people into electric vehicles that A the power grid cannot support and B does not meet the needs of the people who would drive them, that they are only interested in one thing; making money for themselves and their cronies.
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