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  1. I enlisted in 1978. Most of my NCO's were combat vets. They all had this....stare. After forty years myself, I know why. During my LE career, I spent a lot of time teaching these very same subjects on mental health to recruits as far as survival goes. One can only live in "survival mode" for so long. People have been bombarded with how deadly this is when in reality, it's only that to about point 02 percent. In short, they had the wits scared out of'em over mostly nothing. So that shell-shocked attitude on the part of some people is understandable. Make no mistake, it's real. I've
  2. Saturday Night Special Assault Weapon Ghost Gun Getting The Picture Yet? LOL Buzzwords. Hyperbole. Blahblahblah. The media and our politicos love them. One thing to remember; NONE of their hype means less crime. It is a means to an end that the "masses" will easily digest and nod their heads in assent "yeah, that bad, we should do something...please Mr politician, save me from the (insert stupid term of the week here)" Unlike Pat, I'm up early, not up late so I'm not crabby yet What is their end? Disarm America. None of this has ANYTHING to do with crime or
  3. Not my old agency, third largest S.O. in the US. Standard ten card was all that was used for jail bookings. Our ID techs would do palm or edge prints but you had to ask for it. NCIC can store the Henry classification and the NCIC system which are different. Back when I was doing warrants I went through an FBI school to do that LOL. In the field, I could compare the suspect's fingerprints to the NCIC code listed in the warrant. All it really is is the type of print on each finger, arch, wohrl, loop etc. For positive ID you either had to have an AFIS match or, have an ID tech do it. Matching the
  4. That's right. Be good little boys and girls and we'll let you out to play. No. Joebama's comments were laughable. Seen the Kim Jong Un video? LOL. He had some very unkind things to say about the sockpuppet and all of them were true. Pretty bad when the world's #1 commie dictator calls it correctly! You know this is not a drill, right? You know this (none of it) isn't over, right? This, what we're living in in progress. Live, and in living color. "They" seem confused because they are. SO..... this Fourth, do what you want. What you yourself feel safe to do. Party on dudes, b
  5. Hah? Whut??? LOL I didn't know Mr Potato head HAD a gender. I had one and I'm sure I'da noticed LOL. I shall refrain from commenting further on these people that insist on shoving THEIR preferences down OUR throats. No thank you.
  6. MyMyMy....I never knew LOL Always knew SASS folks were my kinda people...ever since I first laid eyes onna bunch enjoying "after match refreshments" at one of my local ranges. I was teaching a class on another bay and our storage conex was on that there one. Asked "what in the world was this?" that was the start of a journey that so far, has lasted 18 years. I have a number of people I follow on social media and many have fallen victim to the same kind of deplatforming that Patriot Patch Company did. Know what? Farcebook isn't the only one out there. Got your server nuked like
  7. I also know that if you call a Brigadier General "Chief" they get a bit testy.
  8. OhHO! LOL, thanks for that article Joe, I was kinda figuring that and it's gonna suck for the airlines (but the A&P people will be making bank on all the OT maybe LOL) Airbus A300/A330, B767 (dot mil ain't gonna like that one) B747-400. Imagine that. Or, if it was the GE engine, all those other planes can breathe easy because the 777 is the only one uses that I think.
  9. You don't see that every day. The 777 was designed with those big'ol engines so it would be fully certified for overwater flights. It's easily capable of flying on one. Having this happen on takeoff is just extra spicy and not only a testament to Boeing, but to the pilots. Ain't easy flying on just one! (don't ask me how I know that LOL) Either there was a catastrophic engine failure or it sucked up something it didn't like. (I'm purty sure it'd take more than a bird to do that) Those engines have been in service over 20 years and are darned reliable. Unusual to see the cowlin
  10. Gee Bob, all that snow makes it look like you live in Texas Wife & I got our #1 a few weeks ago. Big no big deal. Second is coming up. Thanks for the update!
  11. Potato-potatoe tomato-toMAtoe... which is better? LOL I started in SASS with a pair of 7-1/2 Vaqueros in 45LC, a Marlin and a Rossi 20ga with 26" barrels. Seventeen years later (yikes!!!) LOL I still have the Marlin. Letting that Rossi go wasn't the stupidest gun I ever sold but it's in the top ten. My most recent 20 that I used for SASS, a Stoger Uplander Supreme (long barrels of course LOL) Went to fund, eventually, another 20ga. Indirectly kinda-sorta. At the time I was working at a gun store and had just bought another 1100 for trap. I decided since that Stoger had been re
  12. Thanks for sharing that Joe! I don't remember duck & cover but I do remember the siren tests every Saturday at noon. I remember every large building downtown had a fallout shelter. Mom worked for Motorola in the government electronics division, they had them too as I recall. Before I went into the Army, I was impressed with the government's concern for our welfare whould the big one come along. LOL. Early in my first assignment someone thought it would be a good idea to send me to NBC school. In addition to being the squad's machinegunner, I was that. It wasn't a promotion
  13. Whatever plan AZ is using, appears to be working. Our doc called Thursday and we made an appointment for today. Cimarron and I both got the stick. Moderna. Our doc is a sole practitioner, family office. Wife & daughter both work there so it's a pretty well run operation. I was impressed they scheduled this for a saturday, just for the shots, no regular appts. Our second shot nicely coincides to be a few days before my annual physical where the doc tries to fling me off the back of the treadmill LOL. I sure hope that second shot don't interfere with that there.....
  14. When I was a kid my church group had a trip planned to Snowbowl, which is a big ski place up in the mountains near Flagstaff. For some reason the group wanted a sled everybody could ride at once. Me and my buddy Ken, a guy home from his family's last mission to Kenya I think it was, we didn't exactly have a "budget" so we used the only wood we could afford; pallet wood. Since "the group" grew ( little brothers, sisters some other kids I don't know who they belonged to LOL, we built a trailer for the sled LOL. On the front we fashioned a pair of outrigger steering skis nicely turned
  15. LOL, he's only copying Jason Vanderbrink over at Federal.
  16. Last time I was at Gunsite, after the dozenth black Blackhawk flew overhead I remarked to my friend Ed that they're only following me. "you too?" was his answer LOL
  17. Oh man, I can't watch. Seen too many first-person. Nopenopenope.LOL
  18. Yeah um...mkay. No. More hype to scare the muggles. I read a piece on FOX News about UFC. Dana White had some really uncomplementary things to say about the media and people pushing the covid narrative. Of course the article "alluded" to issues but they provided no hard numbers or examples so that much is probably a little weak on being right. They have been holding fights since about May and I doubt they'll knuckle under. Like some people I know. They have gone way to far with this nonsense.
  19. There ain't no coin shortage! If anything, early in the year because people weren't getting out and transacting bidness, there was a hitch in "the flow". Of course I suppose some people would really like to make ours a cashless country, makes purchases easier to track and control. Oops, my paranoia is showing..... Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're NOT after me.......
  20. "The Duncan-Carter Hearing Protection Act was delivered by GOP sponsors U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina and Rep. John Carter of Texas and aims to deregulate suppressors as a safety measure to help promote their use in protecting hearing." http://www.guns.com/2017/01/10/hearing-protection-act-introduced-to-new-congress/ I would urge y'all to contact your congress-critters and Senators about this bill. Remember suppressors and silencers are the same thing. Stress these devices would still require the same paperwork and background check, along with all the regulatory protection
  21. Pro Ears 200 behind the neck @ 70 bucks Caldwell E-max behind the neck @25 bucks Howard leight, which is my new favorite (sorry ProEars) doesn't have a behind the neck model that I can find. I'd go with the ProEars, they're pretty good.
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