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  1. Thanks for that clip of John Schneider, Rod !!! Always nice to see a favorite actor move into a successful career in production and apparently, a right thinkin' one at that! Yes Rod, media is out of touch and this is NewsMax which isn't as left as some others so it's systemic. I spent my entire adult life working for dot gov and I could tell ya a thing or two about systemic idiots because I've seen a thing or two LOL.
  2. Hat tip to Creeker and particularly to John Kloehr for that csatf pdf. Most imformative and is pretty close to other documents from other organizations that conduct "reality based training scenarios" and organizations supporting film activities that I have seen and worked with during my career. I'm no longer "the Guy". I'm a once was. Being a rangemaster/armorer, there's always ONE guy that is responsible...along with some others for activities on a range, training facility etc. It's not always just one thing nor one person that causes an accident. I've BEEN that guy and done that kind of training for all sorts of people. I've built those blank firing guns to standard or used other systems off-the-shelf shooting everything from blanks, nothing, paintballs, wax or foam "bullets" and live ammo. Trust me on this; you don't WANT to be "thet guy". Fair enough? My personal feelings about Mr Baldwin are immaterial. Likewise Ms. Hannah Gutierrez-Reed who was apparently the assigned armorer for the set and is the daughter of Thell Reed. Some of you know who he is and if ya don't, you should look him up. Hell of a guy. Dave Halls was the assistant director and figures into this, according to what I have read. I know as much as y'all, but I'll share. the Reader's Digest version. Ms Gutierrez-Reed was the armorer for the set. Several firearms were placed on a cart outside her control at some point, where Mr Halls retrevied the one in question, possibly a vintage revolver. Condition unknown. There was already one accidental discharge on the set when Mr Baldwin's stunt double fired two "rounds" during a rehersal with a "cold" firearm. For the instant event, Mr Baldwin was rehearsing "firing into the camera". The first attempt nothing fired. The second was a live shot which struck two people. We do not know the specific firearm nor do we know the type of ammunition. I'm not going to cover adapting semi-autos to blanks. Several safe ways to do that but it's outside the scope. Revolvers normally use standard or sub-caliber munitions and can have an open bore or plugged. Plug is normally welded but I have seen threaded plugs. Blank munitions come in many flavors. Used to be the 5in1 was common. Brass case, black powder, roll crimped cardboard/fiber wad. Today blanks are manufactured like this or with lengthened brass/aluminium cases crimped shut like a shotgun shell. Some have cannelures. THAT's important, sports fans. Any of you folks use or seen say, 38 special that has a cannelure (grooved area) just below the case mouth? They put that there to help prevent the bullet getting pushed deeper into the case. That there...is a weak spot. Surely, someone here has had or seen or heard of someone getting a seperated case in a firearm's chamber? Mostly they stay. But not always. So. A lot of unknowns. Who's fault? Well, by the rules, the assistant director who violated a few ironclad safety rules plus the person whose RESPONSIBILITY it was....the set armorer or property master. As far as criminal liability....well, lets just say the law generally holds whoever held the firearm to account. Operative words in any applicable statute would be recklessly or neglegent. By the by. Ever been on a movie set? There's a lotts stuff and people you don't see on the silver screen LOL. Lotsa lectrical and lighting guys. Stage hands carrying ladders and coffee and such. Assistants to the assistants runnin' round with coffee and clipboards. Boom guys trying to bonk everyone in sight with their mike on a crane....and the director, assistant director and producer, some assistants mebbe... sitting right next to that big ol'Panaflex camera on a dolly. Because ever'body knows the director wants to see what the camera/AUDIENCE will see. Why they didn't have a plexi shield...dunno. I do know likely a number of people will get to "kiss the donkey" before this one's over. I reviewed a number of articles and social media posts which led me to (more crap LOL) some other articles and such, but I found BitC and LATimes to have what appears more correct info. The local NM newsies well, go look.
  3. HaHa...snickersnicker....nobody shoots twenny gauge in CAS. That's rich. I started with a 26" Rossi hammered double in 20 (dang, I sure miss that'N) I know many other shooters do and I've gone through two episodes of proscribing twenties in my own armory. The first time was a while back when I was sure my son, who was a little tyke back then was going to go straight from 410 to 12ga-lites. I'd done up a special 97 for him with a short stock and a dead mule that he liked. I sold all of the twennys the "theeory" being I didn't want the smaller shells to work its way into a shell bag for 12's. (we all's shoot more than one shootin' game) Then I found me a sweet little Stoeger uplander supreme single trigger. That of course led to other irons and I was back in the twenny game. Crap. Then a couple years ago, AFTER I'd managed to sell off all of the twenny's AGAIN lol, along with some other stuff to thin down the armory to A make room and B use that for other iron.....a guy came into the gun shop I was workin' at with a sweet little 1100. Trap. Now anyone who knows me knows I have a weakness akin to a gamblin' addiction when it comes to iron, 'specially certain kinds like...."Leven Hunnerts. After that it would seem "someone" took a special interest in aim'n people with good twenny deals at me that I just couldn't pass up so now that "first" 1100 has a few brothers and a sister....LOL. Good thing I "found" all that twenny gauge I plum forgot about in the back of my sheds when I cleaned last year. Yeah. Twenty shoots a mite less shot than 12. Quarter, half ounce, something like that. Shot pattern is a little smaller, but not by much. Never did much scientific but just shootin games, them twenny's bust as much clay as a 12 if the shooter does their part. Recoil is a bit less and the smaller shells mean ya can carry more. Sorta. Ya, I'm keepin' them tweenys this time
  4. Ad-Vice. LOL. Well, one of the reasons I was drawn to SASS was that. People. Being good people. Sure, you take the good with the bad. Compared to some of the other shootin' sports, they're still the bestest. Never be afraid to learn new things. You never know where that good idee is gonna come from. BTDT.
  5. Ditto here, Rod. My son works for the same agency I retired from and went into several specialties, EMT, Search&Rescue and is currently working on paramedic. I can tell y'all that in my area the fire/medical personnel are tops. Bar none.
  6. H&I Network, Heroes And Icons might be on cable but it's also on OTV LOL, which is what I have. Dumped cable years ago for on air TV and ain't lookin' back. Rat Patrol is on Saturday evenings. Their schedule is on their webpage. Always something good to watch.
  7. Or Europe. Nothing like leaving the barracks one morning to walk across the base to the MP station for duty and seeing the local Air Defense Artillery unit lined up for a convoy with their toys. Since they had one of our "sister" MP units with them, I knew those were the "other" ones LOL. I'll just mosy on over to the MP station and hide under a desk or something until youse guys leave LOL.
  8. I suppose all of them had growing pains LOL. For some odd reason, Redstone comes to mind..... Sometimes, when I look back at things like the baloon design of the Atlas or Davy Crockett W54 recoiless rocket or SADM's I just have to wonder, how crazy were we? LOL
  9. Winchester, Privi, Fiochi (haven't seen this brand in a while) Remington and Federal all list 8mm. But they're not going to make another run until they get caught up LOL, so what is out there is out there. Your brass is probably good enough if it's cheap enough. Yes you can load berdan primed (I'd rather not) I'd sort out the boxer primed commercial and use that for now, save the rest for a rainy day.
  10. Pretty cool, Joe! For whatever reason, these things interest me. The last surviving Titan II silo, 571-7 is right here in AZ. I've been to that site enough times I could probably get a job as a tour guide LOL. They still have the giant discone antenna and it is kept in working order for any ham radio people who want to use it. The other seventeen silos in AZ are in varying stages of abandonment or fixer-upping LOL. I know of one Minuteman complex open for tours, don't know about any Atlas E/F silos restored to museum quality and there are one or maybe two surviving examples of Titan I silos in Colorado I think, but it doesn't look like anyone has restored those.
  11. Well, I don't think there's anything wrong with that repair!!! Of course, that's coming from a guy who repaired the exhaust on a Ford Pinto with a Mtn Dew can.....LOL
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