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  1. As usual there is no way to comment on the decision. Not even the "I accept the decision" "I think the decision is wrong" "I don't think it went against community standards" or "I think the community standards are wrong" check boxes. I've done that once or twice when someone I didn't know started in on me for something I had posted on my timeline. Also reported them for harassment and death threats. Of course, FB said that the death threats "do not violate community standards."
  2. Posted by one of my FB people HOW COOL IS THIS?! One in a million shot of a blackbird catching a ride on an osprey's (broom)stick in Michigan! Credit: Jocelyn Anderson Photography
  3. https://www.armytimes.com/news/your-army/2021/05/11/chicago-gun-pipeline-traced-to-three-fort-campbell-soldiers/ " Glock and Taurus pistols recovered from the scene of a fatal March 26 shooting in Chicago’s Southwest Side were traced back to purchases made by the three soldiers from licensed dealers in the area around Clarksville, Tennessee, according to the complaint signed by an ATF agent. Firearm transaction records showed that since September 2019, the trio purchased 91 guns from multiple dealers in the area around Fort Campbell, including towns in Kentucky and Tennes
  4. Recorded at the Buck Owens studio in Bakersfield California.
  5. Timely post, sir. I had opened up FB when I got home from work and found a notice of one photo I had posted being covered. Here is my response on my FB page: THREE YEARS! Three, long, effin' YEARS!!! And now they cover it even though it doesn't violate their standards. If it doesn't violate their standards they have no business covering it. What was th
  6. Saw two, on different occasions, get shot while on the air when covering a firefight.
  7. There was also the 5"25. http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNUS_5-25_mk10_New_Mexico_pic.jpg
  8. He used up all his luck for the month. That is what training is for. You rarely hear panic in any of the voices.
  9. May God watch over you and yours, sir.
  10. Since I wasn't there, I can't say. And I can't say because I could face the same situation 5 days running and react differently each time. But the advice of a bit of liquid steadiness afterwards does have merit.
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