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  1. https://www.colonialwilliamsburg.org/learn/recipes/english-katchup/ See website for modern version Take a wide mouth’d bottle, put therein a pint of the best white-wine vinegar; then put in ten or twelve cloves of eschalot peeled and just bruised; then take a quarter of a pint of the best Langoon white wine, boil it a little, and put to it twelve or fourteen anchovies washed and shred, and dissolve them in the wine, and when cold put them in the bottle; then take a quarter of a pint more of white-wine, and put in it mace, ginger sliced, a few cloves, a spoonful of whole pepper just bruised, let them boil all a little; when near cold, slice in almost a whole nutmeg, and some lemon peel, and likewise put in two or three spoonfuls of horse-radish; then stop it close, and for a week shake it once or twice a day; then use it: ‘Tis good to put into fish sauce, or any savoury dish of meat; you may add to it the clear liquor that comes from mushrooms. — SMITH, ELIZA, “THE COMPLETE HOUSEWIFE” 1827
  2. https://www.instagram.com/reel/C3lycu5J4C1/?igsh=MTc4MmM1YmI2Ng==
  3. Have to keep blinking fast enough to keep your eyeballs from drying out
  4. I tried....every store was out of stock.
  5. Not so! An enlightened person has become one with everything.
  6. No date given. Thet does look like HMS on hi Donald Duck. ADDED Just searched with Google Lens, November 1942.
  7. https://www.yosemite.com/the-buffalo-soldiers-of-yosemite/?utm_source=meta&utm_medium=paid_social_ymctb&utm_campaign=buffalo_soldiers&fbclid=IwAR3ZgF0_O6Da1s7EjZIyz3BZXQjriDwHvBjIEX1C8wf50GhHb2hcRUlHG-E_aem_AaQYK_IBuf_RphxijRMzbYcBPl9iS-n90qsNFwzpBVZ1sr4bIIgrsvb5ju1A1Ld703ve8EpRv1oHLVI8yHWG2Uuj&amp=1 " Between 1891 and 1913 "” before the establishment of the National Park Service "” the U.S. Army acted as the official administrator of both Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks. This tour of duty took a historically significant turn in 1899, when approximately 500 Buffalo Soldiers departed from the Presidio along the still bridge-less Golden Gate in San Francisco, and rode around the Bay, through the Central Valley and up into the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains. Their destination was Yosemite, a prized assignment which was considered within the ranks to be the "Cavalryman's Paradise." Once there, the Buffalo Soldiers were tasked to protect Yosemite (and nearby Sequoia National Park) from a variety of threats "” poaching of wildlife, illegal logging and destructive livestock grazing to name a few "” not to mention the building of infrastructure which included roads and trails that are still in use today."
  8. From the Australian War Memorial FB page This might seem like an ordinary button, but it has a magnet tucked inside the black Bakelite. What’s so significant about that hidden magnet? It turns this simple button into a compass that you can hide in plain sight. Balance the button on its curved eyelet base and it will rotate until its two carved dots are pointing north. Escape compasses hidden in buttons and other innocent looking items were widely produced during the Second World War. Sister Sylvia Muir collected this example during her time as a Prisoner of War in Sumatra and Banka Island. Accession number: REL35610 #objectoftheweek #AWMobjects #myawm #AWMemorial
  9. It's probably still pretty close to that at minimum wage.
  10. A week’s worth of groceries in 1947. It costs a total of $12.50 a week to buy all of these groceries. This managed to feed a family of 4. #timecapsule #throwbackphoto #history
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