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  1. Texting is texting. And I don't think it matters much to the scammers how you use your phone, using your phone is using your phone.
  2. Or just a scambot that is programmed to send the same message to a gazillion phone numbers in sequence.
  3. So I don't completely take over the thread on Cures:
  4. No problem: https://myproductivebackyard.com/homemade-no-nitrates-low-sugar-bacon/ https://grownorthwest.com/2016/03/making-bacon-how-to-cure-and-smoke-nitrate-free/ Also, for other cured meats, check in the Viands and Victuals thread for Salo and Basturma.
  5. I get texts like that. Also emails. I always report them. USPS and UPS (who each subcontract with the other now, and Amazon uses USPS for some deliveries) will NEVER contact you that way. I'm always tempted to go to the site and give 10th and L Streets Sacramento, CA 95814 as the address and update the telephone to (916) 324-0333. I have to chuckle at the fear of texting, the OHMYGAWD!!!!IFITEXTI'LLGETSCAMMED! mindset. First, if you EVER make a call on a cell phone, you will get spam/scam texts. Doesn't matter if you text or not. There's a good chance that landlines get attempts at scams like that, think about the scam calls you get - car warranty, pay off student loan, Hi grandpa I'm being held hostage and you need to go to walmart and get $600 in gift cards to set me free-but your landline isn't set up for text. Hell, I bet fax machines get attempt at scam texts. Want to avoid any chance of scams? Cancel and disconnect all forms of communication except hand written letter or face to face conversations.
  6. Best advice yet! Morton Salt puts out "Tender Quick," a curing mix. I think it's been in the last ten years they added: but there are quite a few cures and rubs out there that show it for making bacon. HERE is a thread about it. One bit of interest from that: Cure #1 is 93.75% salt and 6.25% sodium nitrite. Cure #2 is 89.75% salt, and 6.25% sodium nitrite, and 4% sodium nitrate. Morton Tender Quick is ~97% salt, 2% sugar, .5% sodium nitrite and .5% sodium nitrate.
  7. I've not done much with making my own bacon. Local stores usually sell pork belly in about 1 pound squares at an outrageous price, and the bulk places have 14 to 18 pound slabs, for which I don't have space. A couple of times I've found pieces around 2 pounds. When I did, I used a method similar to: https://ilovemeat.com/homemade-bacon-part-1-cure/ Even unsmoked it was pretty good. I've also given cottage bacon, aka buckboard bacon, a try. It's made from pork butter rather than belly. I found out about it quite by accident. I wanted to surprise my wife and make Eggs Benedict for our Paschal breakfast, so while she was still asleep at 0700 (we hadn't gotten home from the service until about 0400), I went to Safeway for some of the ingredients - English Muffins and Canadian Bacon. No love on the Canadian Bacon, but I saw "Cottage Bacon" and it looked to be a decent substitute. https://alaskapublic.org/2013/03/27/making-your-own-cottage-bacon/ The hardest part is the waiting.
  8. That's 200 miles or so. Owens Valley Paiute-Shoshone Cultural Center · Remembering the Forced March of 1863 As we commemorate the anniversary of the Owens Valley Paiute Forced removal, July 11, 1863, Bishop THPO Officer Monty Bengochia wanted to share some words in regard to the Removal of our people from their homelands. From THPO Monty Bengochia; Yes I have thoughts; And I have a copy of an old Tribal newsletter article, that in brief mentions the “forced march”; Which is a quote from Chalfant, “Hunted like animals, and with their women and children starving, about 400 Paiutes surrendered at Camp Independence on June 4, 1863. Very soon thereafter many others followed suit. There are some other written accounts such as “The Boys In Sky Blue Pants”, by Dorothy Cragen; A pioneer ranch family from Walker Basin has unpublished descriptive stories written in 1863; At the National Archives in Washington D.C. I read Captain Moses McLaughlin’s journal that contained an order to his subordinates to stop raping the women. Another recorded U.S. military letter was by Colonel R.C. Drum, who gave a warning to the soldiers that there would be consequences for raping Indian women. Since most the soldiers were California Volunteers, it’s speculated there was few if any court martials. By sorting through written accounts of the oppressor - the Indian killers, and one verbal account by one of my old relatives, I can speculate rape, hunger, thirst and murder happened during the 1863 “forced march” to Ft. Tejon; Which was in the time frame of the Civil War (April 12, 1861 – May 9, 1865), as well as the so called Owens Valley Indian War. Since this tragic event has been termed an anniversary and Camp Independence was founded on July 4th, 1862 and named in “honor” of American Independence Day should the American Indians shoot off some loud colorful fireworks to celebrate the genocide of the Indigenous this July 11th, 2021? We encourage community to learn more on this tragic event and the genocide attempts of Indigenous that are still affecting us today. We are strong and resilient.
  9. Should have been prosecuted as the hate crime it was.
  10. From: http://www.uscarbinecal30.com/triggergroup4.html#:~:text=The design was adopted 7 Mar 1945.&text=ordered the replacement of all,safety on all carbine models. Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4 Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 See my post above for Type 4.
  11. https://pacificwrecks.com/aircraft/g4m/bataan2.html
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