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  1. From their vast experience, the [Desert] Fathers have determined that vegetarian foods are not appointed for everyone... nor are legumes for everyone; nor can everyone use dried bread for sustenance (only the healthy, but not the ill)... Illness of the body does not come into conflict with purity of heart, when we are careful to give our bodies whatever illness demands and not that which pleasure desires... The moderate and logical use of food ensures the health of the body; it does not detract from holiness. +Abba Cassian, The Evergetinos, Volume Two, p. 146-147. 4th Century A.D.
  2. Getting some overcast here in Sonoma County California. Sunset is 20:17, moonrise 21:27 local time.
  3. “A pastor of a small church would occasionally call on one gentleman to pray, and every time this one particular guy would pray, he would end with the strangest statement, “And, oh Lord, prop us up on our leaning side.” Finally, the pastor pulled him aside, and he said, “I love the way you pray, but I don’t understand your little closing phrase. What are you talking about – prop us up on our leaning side?” He responded, “Well, Pastor, I’m a farmer. I live out on the farm and, you know, I live in the country. I’ve got an old barn, and it’s been there a long time. It’s been through a lot of weather, and a lot of storms, and a lot of bugs have eaten at it.” He said, “I got to looking at it one day when I was riding on my tractor, and I noticed that it was leaning to one side. So I thought to myself, oh my goodness! The barn is leaning, and it’s a matter of time before the whole thing falls. He continued, “So, you know what I did? I went and got some pine beams, and I propped it up on its leaning side.” He said, “It still leans, and probably always will. But I propped it up on its leaning side. And it’s not going to fall down because I propped it up on its leaning side. And I got to thinking about it. When I was on the tractor, Pastor, and I was riding in the field, I thought about the kind of year I’ve had, and some of the storms I’ve been through, and some of the people that are bugging me, and eating away at my joy and eating away at my spirit. And I just got to thinking, you know, I’m still here! I’m still standing after all that stuff I’ve been through. The storms, and the howling winds – they couldn’t topple me. I’m still standing by the grace of God.” He concluded, “From time to time, I find myself leaning. Leaning toward my old desires, leaning toward anger, leaning toward becoming bitter or hateful at the people who are bugging me, or leaning toward going back to the old habits and the old life I used to have. And when I feel myself start to lean toward that tendency, I just remember that old barn, and I pray out loud - "Lord, thank you for propping me up on the leaning side." - Jentezen Franklin
  4. I messaged him on FB. He said everything is fine. I didn't ask why his hiatus from the Saloon.
  5. Russian oligarchs living in Roswell are collecting data on tomato soup cans and now control our way of life and we'll all be forced to read more Pearls Before Swine comic strips and it starts tomorrow.
  6. Alternative: He needs his long distance glasses instead of his reading glasses.
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