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  1. Look for beef on sale and grind it yourself. I'll buy tri tip on sale at 3 bucks a pound, likely 4 bucks now, and grind it for burgers.
  2. Ah. Snapping your fingers to stop a charging elephant. Thought so.
  3. How will a flashing red light deter crime?
  4. The guy in front isn't wearing gloves.
  5. Either Wings of Eagles or Sands of Iwo Jima
  6. With a roasting pan, some foil, and a disposable foil tray you can rig up a stovetop smoker. Something along the lines of this just a few modifications because of the type of pot. Or maybe sort of like
  7. I hung the black ribbon on our flag about an hour ago.
  8. Now, now....don't make fun of him because his knee locked up on him!
  9. Lisa and I really like that version. Especially the portraile of the Constable. The supporting actors of the Tuscan Chefs Regiment are pretty good too:
  10. Looks like they need to weld on a pipe wrench.
  11. The comment by Mr. Bob about Polonius got me to browsing. Wonderful speech, and very sage advice: That site also provided a "translation" into contemporary English (I'll not say "modern English" as The Bard did compose in modern English). Talk about pressing the juice out of something: Good GAWD! What dreck. Now, re my subject line:
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