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  1. Let me open by saying I really like the way you wrote that out. Very easy to follow. But.. What the heck size is "purple?" https://vollrath.com/Standard-Length-Color-Coded-Squeeze-Disher-1685.htm I'm not seeing "purple." You have "orchid" and "royal blue" but no "purple." Maybe a #40 disher?
  2. Or at least unfold them. My Wings Are What?? Any pilot knows the importance of following a proper flow, and making sure that each item on a checklist is properly attended to. Unfortunately as professional as a pilot wishes to be, we are all vulnerable to one basic and unavoidable truth…that no matter how experienced, and how attentive we are, mistakes can still happen. There are minor mistakes that one can simply make a note to try and avoid on their next flight, and then there are the major ones, like forgetting to unfold your wings… Amazingly, this has happened more than once, and thankfully, due to the incredible design of the aircraft, and the cool minded professionalism of the pilots, the aircraft were able to be recovered and the crews left a little wiser On January 22, 1968, a young LTJG at Miramar, attached to Navy Fighter Squadron VF-53 was preparing for a night flight in his F8E Crusader. During a hasty departure, and some unforseen electrical issues that distracted the pilot, causing him to skip an important step in his pre take off checks… Once complete, brakes were released, and the Crusader was quickly accelerating down the dark runway. The pilot brought the nose back, rotated, and climbed into the night sky at approximatly 170kts. 15 degrees nose up in the climb, the aircraft started heavy buffeting. Applying a slight amount of aileron, the Crusader snapped into a roll at 100AGL. Somehow the pilot managed to recover to a semblance of wings level, and carefully brought his F-8 around for an emergency landing. Advising the tower of his control issues, they replied with an unexpected observation…that the wings were still folded! Setting up for a most unusual and hot approach. Gear down, hook up, and leave the folded wings as they were…the F-8 was successfully recovered, but unfortunately the pilots undergarments were listed as a complete loss. May 10th, 1966, Lt Greg Schwalbert of VF-14 launched off a carrier at sea with his aircraft weighing in at over 34,000 lbs in high winds. Immediately after launch the pilot became frighteningly aware that his wings were still in the folded position. After quickly jettisoning his external load, Lt Greg Schwalbert steered towards the safety of the shore 59km away. The Phantom was successfully recovered at NAAS Leeward Point. The pilot and aircraft survived, but no word on the condition of the pilot’s underwear…no surprise to many, but once again, the F-4 is proof that with enough power, even a brick could fly! Not all asymmetric wing conditions are accidental... During the development and testing of the F-14; The US Navy raised concerns regarding the dangers of asymmetrical wing sweep. A series of flight tests were conducted by Grumman's Chief Test Pilot, Chuck Sewell, who took F-14 #3 up for several trials with the right wing locked in the forward position of 20 degrees, and positioned the left wing at 35, 50, 60 and 68 degrees of sweep in flight. It was determined that the mighty F-14 could maintain controlled flight, and even be acceptable for carrier landings in a configuration up to as much as 60 degrees. That is one bad ass cat!
  3. My dad had worked at a sand mining and processing plant. We need some dirt so we got in the truck, 1969 Chevy 3/4 ton with a 6 cylinder, and went to his work to get some. Two and a half yards of soil. I had just enough traction to steer, but could feel it almost breaking traction when I accelerated. Fortunately it was only about 10 miles.
  4. "Lying by ommission." Sort of like, "MOM! Billy HIT me!!!" But not telling mom that Billy hit Little Susy because Little Susy was hitting him a belt .
  5. Yep. It was a simple, simplifed, thumbnail look at Taoism. A quaint little book with the title, The Tao of Pooh. Nothing deep, but a gloss to introduce people to Taoist thought.
  6. Thanks, Doc. One I read put it that the 3rd man was smiling because the Vinegar tasted exactly like vinegar was supposed to taste.
  7. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day. The heaven and the earth were finished, and all their array. On the seventh day God finished the work that God had been doing, and God ceased on the seventh day from all the work that God had done. And God blessed the seventh day and declared it holy, because on it God ceased from all the work of creation that God had done. (Genesis 1:31-2:3) Blessed are You, Adonai our God, Sovereign of the Universe, Creator of the fruit of the vine. Blessed are You, Adonai our God, Sovereign of the Universe, who has chosen us from among the peoples, exalting us by hallowing us with mitzvot. In Your love, Adonai our God, You have given us Shabbatot of rest, feasts of gladness and seasons of joy; this Shabbat day and this festival of Pesach, season of our freedom, a sacred occasion, a remembrance of the Exodus from Egypt. For You have chosen us from all the peoples and consecrated us to Your service, and given us Shabbat, a sign of love and favor, and the Festivals, a time of gladness and joy. Blessed are You, Adonai, who sanctifies Shabbat, Israel, and the Festivals.
  8. Or pickles At the dry goods store.
  9. Better now? I really do dislike it when it shows right after I post it, but then no one else can see it.
  10. I haven't found the examples I want - yet - but I know that "bbl" for "barrel" has been around for longer than Standard Oil. Even the history of Standard Oil written iu, I think, 1904, says that. Sometime this weekend I'll find copies of manifests or estate inventories from the 1700s that show it.
  11. A different version of The Vinegar Tasters:
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