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  1. Yep. The wife likes it. Besides, some nice eye candy.
  2. Oh LORDY!!! This one she's clearing a house and her pistol isn't in battery!
  3. Watching a Hallmark murder mystery. Lady detective gets knocked out, has her gun stolen. Bad guy gets the drop on her love interest. She has her back up gun out and says "Go ahead, shoot him." Bad guy pulls trigger, gun goes click. "You let him shoot me!" "He didn't shoot you. Like every cop I KEEP THE CHAMBER EMPTY. " Yeah, right.
  4. It depends on how much metal I need to remove. If there's a lot, I push. If a little I pull, then strop on the stone.
  5. If you use the 39/40 mentioned above, you come up with 0.45045. Add in the 0.020 that a 0.010 thick patch would add and you have 0.47045". Figure that there will be some compression of the patch and I think a 0.450 ball should work.
  6. What galled me was the court saying that the job had been "performed," even though negligently, when it was obvious to a reasonable person that it hadn't been completed. The wording of the decision implies that once the tires had been swapped around the job was complete even if not one lugnut had been put back on. Not just this, but we have all seen an increase in the rate of consumer protection cases that cause us to wonder how reason seems to be a foreign concept now. As I wrote above, I draw a big line between this type of case and criminal cases where I confide
  7. My wife was watching an episode of Good Eats from late 2019, October or November, and Alton started off with something like, "Say there was a worldwide pandemic...."
  8. It may be attorneys that argue in court, but it is judges who write the decisions. Hell, it's the judges who don't look these people in the eye and say, "Are you kidding? Get your sorry butt out of here. Dismissed."
  9. Prayers on the way. Oh, any action or inaction is behavior.
  10. In context I would translate it as "young man."
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