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  1. That is truly a tough question, and I have a hard time putting myself in your shoes, as my parents were together until my mom passed in 2010. My natural curiosity would make me want to meet this half sibling, to see if there is a chance at establishing a familial bond, because the importance of family is something that was taught and impressed upon us from a young age. That is despite the fact I have two sisters and a number of their children whom I have as little contact with as possible, because my life is only better as a result. At the end of the day, I say you have to follow your heart, just understand it could turn out a number of ways, some joyful, some heartbreaking, and you are likely incapable of predicting them all. Good luck, whichever you do.
  2. The big thing for me is the grip angle. I have no desire to go and start building one for myself. I have too many other hobbies that I enjoy. But I will keep it in mind if I'm ever asked by someone. Aside from all that, I'm still among the crowd (that seems to be having a slight resurgence) that prefers my hammer-fired DA/SA for personal defense. So I'll stick with a Beretta PX-4 Storm Compact with G-Mod that has been very reliable for me.
  3. I had to play that one for Mrs. Doc. She got a laugh out of it as well.
  4. Interestingly, my experience has been quite the opposite, particularly during the holstering process. Unless you're talking the aggregate of other brands and types vs. Glock, them possibly. Of course, I wouldn't feel uncomfortable holstering my Glock so much as confused, as I don't own a Glock. Nope, nothing against them, and I've recommended and sold plenty. They just never felt "right" in my hands. Purely a subjective thing.
  5. Problem is, it seems the ones that are out are the old men and women who turn out of parking lots in front of me, causing me to jam on my brakes, then proceed to drive ten miles under the speed limit. Thus pegging the Annoyed-O-Meter and causing my Swear Jar to overflow.
  6. That could be what was meant. Florida law speaks of felons being prohibited from receipt or possession of firearms. While Ohio law typically refers to it possessing a "weapon under disability," the disability being a legal one, I've also heard it referred to as "weapon under prohibition."
  7. That could be my alias. And everyone could just call me Pre
  8. I just sent that to all of my coworkers. I’m considering printing it and hanging it up.
  9. I won't pretend to put myself in his shoes. Perhaps he feared more for his life than his freedom. I do agree, however, that the right thing to do would have been to stand and face the fire, whatever the outcome.
  10. All I know is I made the mistake of popping an Altoids mint into my mouth and putting on a mask to go into a store only once.
  11. I am so thankful Mrs. Doc has never asked me that question. She is probably smart enough to know she doesn't want to know the answer.
  12. One you don't have to bend over for.
  13. One could add when we were recognized diplomatically by another country (France, in 1778 for those counting) Or, creatively, one could argue in 1865, when it became clear that the States were no longer free to secede, and that the shift had definitively been made from referencing one's home state as one's "country." The states were irrevocably bound as one nation from that point forward.
  14. After me and my fire team came as close to death and walk away as I care to experience during my final deployment, when we all realized we were alive and likely to remain so we laughed hysterically and uncontrollably for a good minute or so. There were other times we laughed like idiots not knowing what was going to happen the next day. Those artillerymen were no different. Keeping their sense of humor intact. I couldn't help but share it. I got to pull tail in an M109 a few times, but when we went to the 105 towed, it was the M119, which was fired by sitting on a metal seat on the gun carriage itself and flipping a lever. The M777 was just being introduced to my battalion as I was retiring, so I never got to fire one of those. As for my hearing... My tinnitus is impressive. When I listen carefully, I can usually make out at least three distinct tones in my left ear. My right, while not as bad, is bad enough to be a constant companion. According to the VA, my hearing in my left ear is degraded enough to warrant a service connection at 0%, while my right ear is not quite bad enough to be service connected. Interestingly, the worst my ears ever rang was after going through the shoot house at Ft. Hood for CQB training. Even with hearing protection, my ears rang for a couple of days after.
  15. That's going to depend entirely on the range involved... At, say, 5+ miles, particularly with today's munitions, my money is on the howitzer!
  16. Some here in the Saloon don't do the Book of Faces, and thus won't be able to see the posting.
  17. No, it's not a tank, yes, I spent the majority of my career in the Field Artillery. Yes, I thought it was funny. "Row, row, row your self-propelled howitzer" does sort of lose something.
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