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  1. The most painful, awful, disappointment of a travesty called a movie it was ever my misfortune to see was Highlander 2
  2. My shooting style, no. But for what it is worth, when I started back to earn my blackbelt, and began sparring again, I realized pretty quickly that I had to modify my style, because some of the injuries I had incurred courtesy of Uncle Sam meant I couldn't throw certain techniques effectively without significant problems.
  3. I never really considered Take Me Home, Country Roads to be an earworm. I like the song, along with a number of other of his songs. If you want earworms, I give you: and perhaps worse:
  4. My favorite movie of all time is The Great Race. Sticking with comedies, my other favorites include: The Princess Bride Ghostbusters Stripes Young Frankenstein Galaxy Quest Blazing Saddles Animal House Blues Brothers And to round out the top ten, the other night I caught North to Alaska. I forgot how much I enjoyed that movie.
  5. Don't get me started... I keep waiting for the next shoe to drop. I know it's coming. The last one to drop was a steel toe boot.
  6. Well, despite all of the "You can't fix stupid" and other negative comments regarding the driver of the Jeep, I will admit to having gotten a '77 Jeep Cherokee stuck far worse than that while out four-wheeling. Amazing what fun with friends (no alcohol involved, even!) can lead to. It would take a long while to tell the tale, but suffice it to say that @Charlie Harley, #14153 is right. A wrecker with a Looooooong winch cable can come in very handy. The question becomes whether one learns from their mistakes in that regard. Come to think of it, I was in a HUMVEE that got stuck in Kuwait that required the same. I wasn't driving that time, though.
  7. I'm sure you got a huge, positive reaction out of that!
  8. The major portion of Mrs. Doc's problem is that we lived there as newlyweds when my Army Reserve unit was activated during Desert Shield / Storm. She was away from family, had no real method of doing much, other than watch the news and worry. We got out as much as we could, but it was still not a great time for her, so I think the memories just aren't good ones. We did get to the King Ranch, though. Probably the highlight of the trip. If I were to live there again, I think I would want to locate around the New Braunfels area, in the Hill Country. I'm sure even that has grown significantly since I was last there eleven years ago,
  9. I lived in San Antonio, along with Mrs. Doc, courtesy of the U.S. Army. I loved Texas, her not quite as much, but I can pretty much guarantee if I start making noise at that time of night when she is sleeping, it doesn't bode well for me!
  10. Bah, not real unless they have chicken wire in front of the stage!
  11. 4,602 targets by a team in 12 hours doesn't seem that many. I've shot 500 bird marathons of trap where I walked away in the 490s in only a couple of hours as an individual. Am I missing something, or is it perhaps one of those records not many people have attempted?
  12. That was the first thought I had when I read the thread title. Ironically, the picture shows the B-52 over water, not ground!
  13. Now I'm wanting cornbread, thanks. I don't think Mrs. Doc would be particularly happy with me trying my hand at it at 10:00 in the P M
  14. The way I was raised, a cast iron skillet is a corn bread mold.
  15. Azas Azas? Autocorrect strike again?
  16. Meh... I've been called worse!
  17. I was expecting a parody of the song by The Doors.
  18. Your comment about Lodge reminded me of this:
  19. I propose all of the corporate types at Dick's cut off... theirs... to prevent rape... Makes as much sense.
  20. I'd hate to think how slow I'd be if I wore a white one!
  21. Actually, according to a couple of the groups I follow on Facebook, you probably saw 'Doc" fly over. It is the B-29 at the California Capitol Airshow this weekend.
  22. Good news. Having had a dentist use my dental work as a tutorial for a new tech in the Army, I can understand anyone being squeamish. I’ll continue to keep you in my thoughts and meditations
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