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  1. WHAT IN SAM HILL IS GOIN' ON HERE !!?? PAGE 4 ? Jabez ! Here's a current events meme
  2. Here ya go. A Webley Fosberry semi-automatic revolver.
  3. Buckshot Bear: The sad thing is it doesn't have to be this way, if we could be allowed to build the required pipe lines. It would be even better if we could be allowed to build another refinery.
  4. Tuesdays would start off with calls asking me to cancel their request from the day before, for a variety of reasons: Expense; Lack of budget; illegal and most often, tried several times before and blew up in everyone's faces. I learned to just note the requests and just get on with my day. After working as a Municipal Purchasing Agent for several decades and having a file cabinet drawer in my office of similar failures and outright disasters, I was able to save the City a lot of grief.
  5. A few years ago, PC (Pre-Covid), the Glenn Miller band came to Ottawa and SWMBO and I got tickets. It was a great show for us and at the intermission, I left Sherron in her wheelchair to get us something to drink. I noticed quite a gaggle of young people outside the door of the venue and the server told me they had come out of another theatre, noticed the Miller sound and stayed around the doors, listening and dancing/moving to the music. They were asking a lot of questions about the sound,
  6. Isn't it a good thing we paid those taxes and did all the things they told us to do? Otherwise, just imagine where we'd be today!!
  7. If you're up a lot on PEE Parade, talk to your Doctor about Tamsulosin HCL CR (FlowMax) After the radiation for prostate cancer and the seed implants, it helped me sleep through the night with out having to get up every hour or so.
  8. It's at 2.109 per litre up here. I'm reminiscing about the days when I paid .35 per Imperial gallon. (160 fl oz) for Regular. I'm getting old.
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