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  1. Almost too good to be true! Keeping my fingers crossed here.
  2. From the NOT SAFE FOR ALPO file:
  3. Nope, .30-06 or a .338WM I left the hand to hand stuff to younger and ........... OK, we'll say tough* * Canadian for STUPID
  4. We were tough* Canadians and lived off the land! LOL Drilled holes, by hand, through 8 feet of ice to catch our suppers of fish! Peeled bark from trees to make a kind of soup. Boiled cedar and pine leaves to make tea. Trust me. I'm a Liberal, I wouldn't lie! * Canadian for stupid!
  5. It escapes some memories that on December 7, 1941, the Commonwealth and Free French Forces had been fighting Fascist Germany and Italy since September 1, 1939. The surreptitious and sometimes quite open transfer of Material, from the USA certainly helped us keep going before that, but it was a blood price paid. There was a number of US citizens that came across the border and joined us before Dec 7, in all three branches of the military In fact my Father was training some in the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.
  6. If I was one of the villagers, I would want to ensure the vultures and coyotes were fed.
  7. Texas Joker: Yes those are what we use(d). Lead Joint compound on the threads to make sure they don't rust or stick when you want to use them. What do you folks call them?
  8. I've used the small primers in .45 ACP cases. They worked OK for the Wild Bunch match I shot and for the practice I do. Price seems almost too good to be true! I hope we start to see that soon in Canada.
  9. When I was commissioned, there were still some of the NCOs around in the Cameron's Sergeants Mess, including my future FIL.
  10. How did you get a picture of one of my off road trips??
  11. I thought of that and wasn't sure if you preferred Wallabies or Kangaroos. Please complete the following form and We'll get back to you. LOL
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