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  1. Light snow had stopped falling. Road is slightly snow covered. I'm stopped in a dedicated left turn only lane, with a stop light, waiting for the on-coming traffic to clear. Fellow rear-ends me and tells the responding LEO he was following the curb line, instead of the road. He smelled of beer. My insurance company tries to hold me 75% to blame for the accident, because: "You were making a left turn!" I got loud with those friendly folks with Good Hands and asked if the adjuster had actually read the Police report.
  2. Here in Ontario, it's $615.00 or up to $1000.00, three demerit points and three day licence suspension. for the first offence. Things double for each subsequent offence, just to get your attention. The LEO's here in the city are creative in catching abusers, riding in high trucks and buses to look down into cars beside them and catch these birds.
  3. Rain with the fine oil that ends up on pavement can be a deadly mix. Around here, there are sometimes reminders that the first few minutes, after the start of rain, are the worst. The water/oil mixture usually washes off after a few minutes; Then there's just the danger of hydro-planing. P.S. Glad you're OK Subdeacon.
  4. As a Canadian, whose family fled the fledgling US as Royalists, I have to say: The framers of your Constitution and Bill of Rights got it right.
  5. Pair of Ruger SASS stainless .45 Colts 1873 SASS Lever action, in .45 Colt 12 ga open Hammer "Wyatt Earp" shotgun
  6. I've used Tarn-x to clean and polish medals for years and found i does a great job. Could there be two or more types?? My bottle specifically says "Instantly removes tarnish from sterling silver, silver plate, platinum, cooper, gold., cleans diamonds."
  7. I hear you. As a Purchasing Agent, I always made a point of talking to the people actually doing the work, away from the supervisors, if at all possible. In one instance, I had to buy a lot of used vehicles to replace those of a contractor who was unable/refused to continue the work they contracted for, threatened to simply go bankrupt and tried to hold us up for the cost of their then 6 year old fleet when I tried to buy them. I used my purchasing agent network to locate used vehicles around North America and sent the mechanics, hydraulic and body men etc. out to view what was available used and subject to trade-in, around the continent; to evaluate and select the ones I would buy, to be put to use for the 6 to 7 months it would take to tender for a fleet and have the specialized vehicles built. I stayed in the office, negotiated costs and arranged shipping of the units selected by people who knew what they were looking at. The people who did the job did it well and had an adventure they never expected, along with letters of commendation for their work, signed by the Mayor and presented at council. Those letters hang proudly in homes that never expected to get an "Atta-Boy!" and when I bump into the odd one these years later, I still get thanked.
  8. I was reminiscing with a former boss, who has remained a friend in our retirements. I mentioned this and he started to laugh. He was the Fleet Buyer for the city and had been chasing an un-named department for their specs and quantity of vehicles they needed, in order that we could get a tender out, evaluated, awarded by city council and built. The Know-It-All in the operating department allowed for our processing time, but seemed to think the specialized requirements in the vehicles wanted were just waiting to be delivered. In fact, he became very belligerent about Roy pressing him for the information. We ended up missing the Build-Out dates and had to spend a lot of extra maintenance $$ on the existing vehicles to keep them running until they could be replaced. We had a new person in the requesting department soon after.
  9. Thanks. I had family that landed that day on Juno and some in the air over the beachs. A couple of uncles didn't return. It left a hole in our family.
  10. I had something similar happen: I wanted a vehicle later in the year, only to learn I was passed the cut off. The dealer did a search and found one for me, two provinces over and had it delivered to his shop for me.
  11. Thanks Pard. Looks like I'll NEVER reach the dizzying heights that are required for this honour.
  12. OK, so What is a JEDI in SASS? I hear the term from time to time, but I don't recall seeing what it refers to.
  13. Tried that. While it was a good idea, the cold made the balloon brittle and it cracked.
  14. Pat and Alpo: Whatever brand you're drinking? Switch.
  15. Three dog nights? Often, between November 1 and May 1 But we do have indoor heating, so now we only have one dog. Mind you, as a Bichon, when he goes out in the snow, we have to tie a red ribbon around his neck so we can see him.
  16. Five years from now, you'll still worry. My 'Baby" is now 42, and is a good driver with 23 years driving experience. We still worry when he goes out: Not for what he may do, (He doesn't even drink!) but what some dough head will do to him.
  17. I could get my dogs to snooze on a pad, the rug or whatever, during the day, but at night, ours wanted to be with Mom & Dad.
  18. We stand warned. Authorities have been alerted
  19. Prayers heading to the Trail Boss for your successful surgery and a fast pain free recovery. Just remember to do the therapy, even when it hurts.
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