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  1. Well, the way I look at it is this: I bought all my needed guns, (plus some spares and ones for side matches); I load my ammunition; I pay my SASS annual membership fee; I drive to the matches and stay overnight; I pay my match fee and work the matches doing what I can. After all that, I want to take my time and enjoy the BANG/CLANG (Where possible) I want my money's worth on the line!! That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!
  2. If you get up to Sitka, visit the Raptor Center for some awesome up close encounters with Bald Eagles. Last two pics were taken at the Raptor Center, where injured birds are recovering prior to being released.
  3. I had a Rossi Puma in .44 and a Great Western/Uberti "Remington C&B in .44 before I discovered CAS and SASS. That's when the real fun began!!
  4. That's too true, in some instances. I like to set the cruise control at least 10 over the posted limit, unless I have a big cross wind. On a one lane, I'll pull over if I see people behind me. Usually, after they pass, even at 30 to 40 over my speed, I catch up with them in 5 to 10 minutes.
  5. You'll feel sick when I relate this story: Around 1947/48 the RCAF was transitioning into Vampire jets, and turning the Spits over to Crown Assets. Aircraft would be flying on Friday and turned over to Crown Assets on Monday, stripped of guns and radio, if I recall. Crown Assets put a price of $50.00 each on them.
  6. So, How many proposals of marriage has she received from the sons of members on here?
  7. Reporter = Budding Fiction Writer
  8. Ahh! Scammers! And the gullibility of people. Even smart, sophisticated people. The City Treasurer of Ottawa, Ontario, sent off $93,000.00+ to a scammer, who infiltrated the City's e-mail system, pretended to be the City Manager and directed her to send the money. And she did. Almost did it twice!! Your Secret Service was "observing" the scammer, but most of the money has disappeared. When I was the Purchasing Agent, I was criticized for warning users of our Small Order System that scammers were targeting us and what to watch out for, since, once on the Sucker List, the Dark Web sold the names, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses to others who would try their luck.
  9. Thanks Pards. I found a lot of the parts on VTI, but I'm having trouble finding catalogue numbers for the Trigger Sear and the Lower bolt tab suggested by Fast Enuff Yul, special thanks to you Pard.
  10. Yul Lose gets a big YEEHA from me. Never met face to face, but, he's shipping me something entirely on trust. Yep, The Cowboy Way is still alive and well.
  11. It works well, when the students are motivated to work and learn. We hired some 3rd year students and put them on job sites to act as inspectors/clerk of works etc. to keep an eye on the process and ensure things were built to spec. before things were covered up and buried. A few thought this opportunity was just a vacation and party time; I had one who thought it was great the contractor took him to lunch and drinks every day, from around 11:30 to 1:30. My buddy, the Technical Assistant who actually designed the highway in question, learned more work was done, road laid between the lunch hours than the rest of the day! After taking bore tests of the areas in question, the contractor was made to pull up the areas and re-build them to spec. Another new, young, naive Engineer of my acquaintance, was clerk of works for a large water line leading into a rural community. Same story, lunch and drinks with the contractor and, since it was being done in Canadian winter, he didn't feel like walking the line, viewing it as it was being built, staying in the construction shack, relying on supervisors reports. When a pressure test was put on the line, almost every mechanical joint leaked badly. The workers had trouble getting the gaskets in place between each section of pipe and threw most of them into the bush along side the trench. I had a number of …………..interesting experiences with engineers over the years.
  12. Cleaned and oiled the shootin' irons again, hoping the road and the parking area at the CAS range are dry enough to get in for the 27th Hoping to be able to shoot Classic with these. Now, Get off my soggy lawn!
  13. And when Black Bear is played and it's coming at you, there is only one thing to do. RUN
  14. How well I can relate to that!! I was the Purchasing Agent for my municipality. In regards to Engineers, my City disliked hiring newly qualified Civil Engineers from North American universities. Little or no practical experience and too many horrible .............. errors. (I'll bet you thought I was going to say something else didn't ya?) We had a lot of P. Eng's from the UK because they had served an apprenticeship in conjunction with their studies and could hit the ground running.
  15. I think it's a pet deer, out for a drive with "Daddy".
  16. I want to follow this. I'm in Canada and was looking at a Fulton Armories product, but recent political developments, (talk of banning semis and handguns) made me forget about buying the Garand and instead, donating the money to an opposition party, who doesn't think that way.
  17. You guys haven't heard anything until you've heard stage instructions from Yorkshire Bob of the Wild Turkey Posse. Or shot one of his stages and said his start lines.
  18. I was fortunate to find and purchase a SASS 1873 by EMF, in .45 Colt, carbine version. I've shot it now for a couple of years, but I'm starting to wonder what might let go on it. I received some good advice, years ago, on my Uberti 1866 Yellow Boy, regarding the loading gate failures and when mine went, I had a spare ready to drop in, right at the match!! So, I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts regarding things that might let go on the EMF? Any thoughts out there, and where the spare parts might come from? Also, where can I find a short stroke kit for the Uberti 1866 rifle in .45 Colt? Thanks C.L.Kid
  19. You cancelled because of a little snow!!!! We glory in it!* Pictures from the Winter Camp Match *Yeah, we're masochists!
  20. I grew up around Grande Centre, Medley, Cold Lake. Somehow I couldn't figure out a name worked around the first two, but the last kinda jumped out at me. I am thinking about changing it from Kid to Grump.
  21. I have one with a the straight stock. Modified and Open. I find it fast to shoulder for flushing birds. Haven't tried it for CAS.
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