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  1. Well, it was in a small Canadian town beside Ottawa and Mother's family was well known in the area. (Part of the Red Scarif Clan from Ireland.)
  2. My Mother and Father had an incident about 40 years ago. "Lady" barged in front of my Mother and Dad in a line-up waiting their turn at the cash. "Lady" pushes her way in front of them with the words, " I'm in a hurry!" My Father, a usually patient and courteous man, in his 70's says "Yes, but so are we" to which "Lady" tells him to "F.O. Old Man!" Now, my Mother was about 5'2", 1/8 Algonquin and 7/8 Fightin' Irish. Mother reached up and back-handed the "Lady" and knocked her on the butt.
  3. Hey Pat! Here's one I'm getting pretty good at myself!!!!
  4. Keep a positive attitude UB. Prayers on the way from the Northern side of the Medicine Line for whatever you are facing. Blessings+
  5. Good Lord, even here in Canada, we wouldn't keep the chamber empty!
  6. Possibly, but with the Channel, the RAF, the Royal Navy and the Commonwealth soldiery starting to pour into the UK, I doubt it. That said, December 7, 1941, my Father told my Mother "We just won the war!" when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, but it's worth noting that at that time, the British Empire had been at war with Nazi Germany for 27 months. While kicked out of France at Dunkirk and enduring a slow build up of men and material from overseas, including what was coming from the neutral United States it would have taken almost twice as long to defeat Nazi Germany, but it would have ha
  7. Their hearts weren't in it, otherwise, you'd be speaking proper English.
  8. I can see our CBC wasting money on that. They have to use up the 2 Billlion dollars they receive annually from our government.
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