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  1. Around here, there are Motels, Hotels and NoTells but they can fill up quickly and even if they don't, the power outages affect them as well. Cost wise: 18Kw Natural Gas Generator - 6300.00; Sound Reduction Pad 350.00; Battery 122.51; Battery Heater 157.68; Oil Heater 157.68; 200Amp Transfer Switch 1185.07 Gas and electrical work and inspections extra and unique to my configuration. Plus applicable taxes. This is all in Canadian Funds which today is 1.34 Canadian to buy one US dollar. I'm in a subdivision, with a house beside me, so I went the extra mile with the installation, by having the unit placed in my back yard with a sound reduction pad thus getting the unit as far from my neighbour as possible. We get along well and I want to keep it that way. The unit produces about 65 db at 24 feet, about like a lawn tractor running, so there was a long run from the electrical panel and the gas meter to the back yard which added to the above costs.
  2. I never considered myself a "Prepper" but all things considered, I think it's just common sense to be prepared for an emergency. Last year, the wind storm we had here left me with w/o power for 5 days. Others were out for much longer. Some were w/o power for 3+ weeks! I lost some of what was in the frig, but I covered the freezers with blankets and was able to get some dry ice to keep things frozen. With the BBQ, the Coleman stove and the camping gear, we made out all right. Listening to no less a personage as the CEO of our Hydro utility, I now stock enough supplies for at least 2 weeks, including bottled water, I use and replace in rotation.
  3. Is it just me or is UB starting to look more and more as a cat owner?
  4. Here ya go Badlands Bob, my backyard and the sheds I use to hold all my "Stuff" and My Precious" snow blower. (Electric Start.)
  5. I have Natural Gas running the furnace, cook top, On-Demand hot water heater, fireplace, cook-top and dryer, all of which require electricity to work. After the violent wind storm we had, coupled with the freezing rain etc. taking down the wires and hydro towers , I thought it would be a wise thing to do, especially here, where it was minus 40 here the other night, more with the wind chill. Big Red and I will just have to clear a path to it from the back patio door and deck to the walkway and keep the air vents clear.
  6. Installers, gas and electrical inspectors have been busy around here, but I finally got my generator hooked up. Ottawa Hydro CEO has been sending out monthly e-mails warning about outages and I guess it got a lot of us worried enough to take some action. My Precious:
  7. Yeah, Canadian girls can be tough as well as good lookin' (Others might just say they were hot stuff!)
  8. Sounds too complicated for me to operate. Guess I'll stick with my digital countdown buzzer and reset as needed.
  9. I agree TTT. (I'm in my 80th year.) I remember class trips to the Victoria Museum in Ottawa where educators would show us tree rings from old growth Redwoods etc. and they would explain how the climate had changed, from time to time, even for decades and they would explain how other disciplines such as astronomers, geologists, volcanologists etc. were able to relate the changes to Sun activities, volcanoes etc. that occurred long before man could have had any impact on climate. They told us about the mile thick glacier that covered where we now stood, long before man could have any effect. (Maybe it was caused by the Mammoth or Sabre Tooth Tiger Industries of the time??) Not so sure our kids hear about that any more. No money in it I guess. If you talk to me about dumping crap in our oceans, lakes and rivers, I can relate and I'll believe what your saying and I abhor it. If you talk to me about the use of non renewable resources, I'll listen. Have some viable alternatives available in your presentation.
  10. Large eggs 3.69 dozen at Freshco here in Ottawa, Canada today.
  11. Prayers are on the way from the Northern side of the Medicine line, from a fellow heart surgery survivor.
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