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  1. You have mt sympathy and prayers for recovery of your hearing Larsen E.P.
  2. Pat: On behalf of all your friends, no more of this when you can ride again! OK?
  3. I guess the noise from the rotors is low enough that it doesn't annoy the neighbours!
  4. Mothers Day tomorrow! What are you doing for your Mother or the Mother of your children? SWMBO has ordered BBQ'd hamburgers, (She has been dreaming/drooling for one all winter!), my Overnight Bean Salad and Tuna Macaroni Salad. Oh yeah, and a card and some No Sugar Added candy. She has simple tastes for a city girl.
  5. Page 3 You all knw what that means! (Yep! Not a joke. This is what our government it trying to do)
  6. Still too cold for Humming Birds around here, but the male Robins have been here for over a month, establishing their territories. SWMBO has two new Hummingbird feeders she wants me to put out, where she can watch them easily.
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