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  1. I'm told there are meds for that. I must try some.
  2. Or maybe he was going for that new craze: Truck Jousting!
  3. Eight seconds! Felt more like 8 hours when they turned it on. The guys holding me up said I went limp as soon as it "fired". Glad they advised me to empty my bladder beforehand.
  4. When I shot Holy Black from a pair of Great Western/Uberti '58 Remington's, I always removed the nipples and used a pick to clean the flash holes. Soap and water, followed by oil, always did the trick for mine.
  5. I think that is what they called it when the sales techie demo'd it. It fired a 37mm or 40mm rubber type round from a big rotating drum. Ottawa Police Tactical was looking at alternative less lethal kinetic energy devices after a poor mental case was killed when struck with a bean-bag round fired from a shotgun. The fellow was bare chested; no shirt, slashing his own arms and no one could get near him. He was not wearing a shirt, the round turned edgewise, hit him between two ribs and entered his chest cavity, killing him. The officer who fired the round was very upset, even weeks later when I had coffee with him in the cafeteria.
  6. I've been exposed to it in a trial, to show us the effect. That and tasered, which was NOT fun, again to demo the effect. I bought the dang things, but I do not want to be on the receiving end again. Tactical tried to get me to wear some protection and experience the effects of the WEN, but I passed on that.
  7. We had one get into our hunting cabin on Depot Lake. Pushed on the spring loaded door until the hasp broke and entered for a look around. The door apparently swung closed on the spring and the bear couldn't exit. We had a mess of torn up bunks, clawed tentest walls, broken tables and chairs, turned over wood stove and oil stove, stove pipes knocked down, with soot everywhere, propane cook top bitten and chewed etc before the bear went out through a window. Oh yeah, and lots of bear poop.
  8. I keep remembering all the roads in Northern Canada with no fueling stations. Will we be able to recharge by plugging into a currant bush?
  9. Loophole: You have likely added 25 years to your life. I've been retired now for 20 years and I'm looking forward to being an even Grumpier OFWG. Congratulations. Enjoy. You deserve it.
  10. In three months you can use it to start removing snow from my drive.
  11. Once battery cars reach the 60,000 mile mark, we will all start carrying Honda generators and a can of gas. Something like having a spare tire.
  12. In other news, scouts for the Toronto Maple Leafs are visiting the cat and his owner.
  13. AAWWW!! Why not? (Stamps feet in tantrum, trying to get his way!)
  14. Oh Lord! Now ya done it! I'm on the RCMP watch list for sure, as a subversive, seeking to overthrow our Dear Leader. If I'm not on here after the next day or so, you'll know I'm in internal exile around Baker Lake or somewhere in Nunavat.
  15. I don't blame the people themselves, rather the government and an education system that promoted the ideals. The people themselves were desensitized and taught what they were doing was somehow "Normal" and part of their "Right and Destiny".
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