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  1. Unfortunately the closer we get to what is likely the most important election in our country's history, the more texts show up on my phone. I don't open them I just use the "Report Spammer" function and delete them. I think that of the hundreds of texts I've received in the last 4-5 months, maybe 1%-2% are from candidates in my state!!
  2. I think it depends on the model/style of platform. Some are drill platforms and some are "pumping" platforms.
  3. While on the subject of F-150's, I have a question regarding a power assisted tailgate. Here's the issue for me. Our 2019 F-150 has a very heavy, to me, tailgate. Heavy enough that I need a firm grip to keep it from slamming down when I open it, and occasionally using one arm to close it is a bit dicey. I can find several after market units that slow the opening so the gate doesn't slam open, but can't find a thing to help close it. Anyone?
  4. Back in 2019 my son and I, thanks to an inheritance, each picked up a shiny new F-150. I got the Lariat, he picked up an XLT. We both signed up for just about every extended warranty they offered. Anyway, a couple weeks ago the low pitch half of his horn assembly started dying. I finally gave up the ghost last week and now his jet black F-150 sounds like a 1970's era civic! So he contacts the dealer. Not covered under any warranty. WHAT !?!?!?!?!?!? Okay, so what'll it cost to get it replaced? Well, they say, 1-2 hours labor @ $185/hour. Excuse me? $370 in LABOR? To Replace a Horn Assy? Anyway. the estimate is $450-$500 No way we said. Had son do a search on Utube, after all shouldn't be much more than a couple screws and a connector, right? WRONG. In their infinite wisdom the horn assembly is hidden under a molded housing. A molded housing that is Part Of The FREAKING GRILL ASSEMBLY!! It requires special tools, and special body work skills such as knowing how and in what order to dis-assemble/re-assemble about 85% of the front grill!! Well, unfortunately Jr. is going to have to [ut up with high pitch horn while he earns some extra cash. @$tge^$ns h& eid% ie&&i #$ y$uqw^i w FORD!!
  5. My personal pet peeve are the idiots that slowly amble down an aisle while walking BESIDE the cart. Thereby taking up enough room that in most stores you can't get by them.
  6. A veery classy Lady. Rest in Peace your Majesty.
  7. Thanks for all the great input folks, I'll be passing this along to my friend. Well, actually more acquaintance than friend, we haven't hung out together for some time. But I digress, he says they've done some research but other than that I have no idea as to use or preferences. Thanks Again.
  8. A non-SASS friend of mine told me the other day he was looking to purchase a .380 for his Mrs. and did I have any recommendations? Well, I know very, very little. I have a Springfield Armory 1911, and my Dad's old Nationale Fabrique .38 which hasn't been fired in probably 40 years. What say you?
  9. Our house hit 90° with the therm set to 78° and it was laboring mightily. We were told when we had the ducting replaced 3-4 yrs ago that the 3 ton unit we have is borderline for our 1600sqft home. Add to that the fact that medically the wife and I both suffer in temps above 85° and you can imagine our reaction when told "WE" have to "suck it up" to protect the power grid. I do NOT believe that awnty p's nephew has any of his thermostats set to 80°. If the outside temp falls below the inside, the whole house fan goes on, then the therm gets set to 72° until inside hits 74° then therm is set to 76° and left there. If grusome wants it lower he can heigh his little arse over here and set it himself. (Of course it gets reset the second he leaves.)
  10. I have often heard of illegals being referred to as "undocumented democrats".
  11. Born in CA 70 years ago. was immediately taken to AR till I was 4 then came back to CA. Lived here till I joined the Army in 1970. Lived in MA for the next 26 years then moved back to the Sacramento area, been here since then. When the wife and I returned in 1996, the lefts embracing of the illegals was just beginning. Then there was 9/11, and the first of one of the lefts favorite weapons, a lockdown and the formation of TSA and Homeland Security. How could those institutions possibly be misused? Well, we would soon learn. When Obama won the election in '08, I was disappointed, but at the same time thought here is a President that has the potential/opportunity to do amazing things for bringing Americans together. We saw how that turned out. It seemed that from my viewpoint that the current climate of America-bad, white America-even worse, white history-must be destroyed, and all the "woke" crap started. What does "woke" even mean? It was also during this time that it seems like New York City, and Sacramento and Los Angeles entered into direct competition for who could produce the most and the nuttiest of nut jobs. Then President Trump derailed the lefts dynasty building with HC as the next monarch of the realm, and the masks came off. Since Nov 8th, 2016 the attacks on life, liberty and freedom have intensified to where it is not safe to walk in almost any blue run city in the country. The illegals, referred to by some as "undocumented democrats", are now the fair haired children, welcomed, housed, fed, given medical and legal care/services. To keep this on the CA nutjobs, we have a whole crop that come up with things such as CRT in schools, allowing biological males in biological females sports, restrooms and dorms. They squash any speech/idea that is not in lock step with their agenda. And they also come up with the hysterically laughable policy of banning the sale of new ICE vehicles by 2035 on a Wednesday and 2 days later telling folks to NOT recharge their EV's and to set AC thermostats to 80 because our power grid cannot support the load. The worst thing is that they have been operating without repercussions/consequences for so long that they feel untouchable, able to do, say or act in anyway they want, and that nothing can be done against them, while anyone that disagrees in any way at all can be figuratively and even literally, attacked without consequence. Sorry, didn't mean to ramble quite this long.
  12. Good Lord, don't give the lunatics more ideas! Don't remember the year, but a few of them ago the Sierra Club, politicians and some other activists startled a campaign to ban the use of ALL diesel trucks in California. IIRC it gathered quite a bit of support before someone used a brain cell and figured out that not only would prices skyrocket but that there was no viable alternative to get the goods distributed across the states without the trucks! Similar thing here: auntie p's nephew is panadering to libs and illegals and completely ignoring the damage it will do to our infrastructure and economy.
  13. I don't "hate" EV's. But I do hate the politicians and tree huggers that scream that I'm killing the planet because I didn't immediately scrap my 2019 F-150 and go into debt to buy an EV. I hate politicians that virtue signal and vote pander by deciding that the vehicles driven by approximately 97% of the drivers in CA will be banned from sale, that gas stations will be banned, while the state suffers through rolling "brown-outs" because our infrastructure cannot handle the current loads. I personally have no use for an EV, as there isn't one out there that meets my needs, like my pickup does.
  14. This is true, but no one seems to be talking about it. Even the wicked witch P said last year I think it was, that the prez had no authority. But it seems in typical fashion that the libs can do whatever they want without fear of consequences. Imagine the furor if President Trump had tried this.
  15. We generally get hit with $400+ per month during the summer because our AC runs almost 24/7. Both the wife and I have medical issues when the temp gets above 85°. Our elec company said we could apply for a discount if we had a letter from the doctor. I got said letter, submitted it, and they deducted a whooping $15 per month from our bill. I have a portable AC unit as back up.
  16. About the most pc thing I can say on this is that for several years now I've been referring to the ILLEGALS as Undocumented Democrats. Some, not all but a very vocal some, on the left absolutely despise everything about this country that reduces their grasp on power. Freedoms are only worth while if they can be used to benefit them and oppress others. The only free speech allowed is what they label as free. Pandering, the buying of votes/loyalty through rampant spending, loan forgiveness and supporting illegals over American Citizens is nothing more than a power grab. How they grab that power is a case of anything is legal if they're doing it, illegal only if an opposing view does it. Sorry, rant off.
  17. I never cared for casseroles using canned soup, always seemed way too salty to me. My Moms recipe was tuna, wide egg noodles, 1/2 small onion chopped, sour cream, heavy cream and crumbled crackers. 2 cans tuna 8 oz wide egg noodles, cooked 1/2 small onion, chopped 2 cups sour cream 1/2 cup heavy cream 1 sleeve crumbled saltines 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 tsp pepper While noodles are cooking sauté onion in small pat of butter Drain noodles and mix all ingredients in large bowl. Pour into 9x13 baking dish. Bake at 350° for 20-25min or until top is browned.
  18. How about we offer them a 3 for one trade? If they send her back, we'll send LGB, giggles and the wicked witch of DC. With the caveat that they can't send them back/
  19. I always keep a bag of the frozen Southern Style biscuits in our freezer. Way better than the canned ones, fantastic for bacon/sausage-egg-cheese or B&G or even as dumplings for chicken stew.
  20. Prayers for a successful surgery and a full recovery.
  21. They can be either. They start floppy and stand up as they mature. However during this time they are fragile and the cartilage that holds them up is easily damaged. We have 2 rescued GSD's, one has floppy eatrs from abuse, the other has very expressive stand up ears.
  22. If you send me the wood, or at least a dimensioned sketch and type of wood desired I'll make em for ya, just the cost of shipping.
  23. She was an absolute treasure! And like every other teenage male with a pulse back in the 70's I had a monstrous crush on her! Rest In Peace Ma'am, you will be missed.
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