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  1. When I make corn bread, I don't add sugar, but I do add a can of diced green chilis and a half cup of shredded cheddar cheese.
  2. Prayers for you and the missus UB. Will look for your return soon.
  3. Can we PLEASE just cancel the "cancel culture" itself? Or at least ask for a full refund?
  4. East Coast Filly and I are covered under Kaiser. We just received notice that they are now taking appointments for April for seniors 60-75. The wife has not decided if she wants to take it. I told her that we better watch out, the next thing you know the libs will pass laws requiring the "showing of our papers" to be allowed out of our house.
  5. If they don't have the courtesy to contact you if they can't make the scheduled time, you have no assurance that they have any regard for their customers, and likely none for the quality of their work either. I would suggest calling to cancel further contact. If they offer a sincere and logical explanation, then you can decide whether or not to give them another chance. Personally I would move on to the next one.
  6. Many Congrats to a well deserving man. Clay Mosby and East Coast Filly
  7. Me too Forty, I'm on here every day, and I missed it as well.
  8. It was indeed impressive!! (I won't make this political, I won't make this political.......)
  9. It should be titled: "Beautiful Things: Or how I screwed over America and made millions for myself and my Dad, the vice-president, through lies, deceit and corruption." Otherwise I have nothing to say on this forum about what I really think of them.
  10. That, unfortunately, has become true in many ways. As I mentioned in another thread, an illegal can come into the US, and be handed a drivers license and a voter registration form, while I have to jump through hoops to prove I can be trusted to board an airplane. Good for Elan.
  11. Forgot to mention. After reading the form that came with my renewal notice that listed the various documents required, I saw where it said that because I'm hitting 70 I had to go in person, take a test and get a photo. So just fer sh*ts-n-giggles I went online. There it said that because of covid I might be able to renew online. Oh, what the hell, I started filling out online forms, expecting at any time to be notified that I was not allowed to renew online. But damn if I didn't get all the way through, paid my $38, and received a receipt that said I should have my lic
  12. I'm being stubborn and a grumpy old man about this, and that's my story and I'm sticking to it!! I would have to get a new birth certificate, the one I have isn't embossed. I would need a new SS card. The one I received way, way back was laminated and says Not For Identification on it I don't have a passport. Utility bills and mortgage payment stubs are in East Coast Filly's name. So basically I guess I'm screwed. And basically I just don't give a damn about it. I have no plans to travel on an airplane, primarily because I did a fair bit in younger days and d
  13. Got a renewal notice for my drivers license. Inside was a notice that unless I jump through multitudinous hoops I won't get a "REAL" ID and will not be allowed on domestic commercial flights or enter federal buildings. (Hmm does this mean I won't have to worry about jury duty if I don't have it? ) I am born and raised in this country, and except for a 4 month stretch working in Germany have lived no where else. So for 70 years I've been here, for at least 55 of those years been paying taxes and had a drivers license. And now, while illegals are handed licenses and voter registrati
  14. This reaction to a crisis, any type of crisis, has been prevalent for many years. I get disgusted when people get angry because they weren't helped first, or didn't get more help than they did. There is no actual thinking in their thought processes. Like you stated Forty, they don't consider the scope of the issue, they don't consider what is involved in getting aid distributed. Do these folks need/deserve aid? Of course they do. But when they start biting the hands that are trying to help, my sympathy and desire to go above and beyond evaporates pretty damn quickly.
  15. She was a great Actress. Rest In Peace Ma'am.
  16. Now this right here is funny!!!
  17. I thought it was almost funny once, but now, not so much. If I never have to see that ....=........, ........., ....... again it would be just fine with me.
  18. If I had the funds I'd print a few thousand of these and hire some youngun's to stick them on windshields of cars across the city!!
  19. Back in '19 when my Mom passed, I went to Chase Bank and closed out her accounts to move them to the trust. Several months later I get a notice that her account has a balance of $0.02. That's right, two cents. I replied that she had passed and that I had closed her accounts, included copies of the forms that I had signed. For the past year I get notification from Chase about every two months that there is $0.02 in her account. After the third time I contacted them, I gave up and just shred the notices.
  20. Chuckles and the squad are WARNING SCOTUS? The height of their delusions is astounding. But then if SCOTUS actually listens, America is in for very scary times.
  21. Not sure I can agree with this one, only because IMHO Biden is nothing more than a sock-puppet for one world government Soros and his ilk. Bidens opinion on anything is whatever opinion they give him with his morning Metamucil.
  22. Utah Bob recommended Annin flags to us a few years ago and that's all we've bought since. Two years ago I put in a 35' telescoping pole with a solar light on the top to fly 24/7. I picked telescoping after a couple folks around here told me their flags had been stolen by cutting the lanyards. I put a clamp at each joint so if they want my flag they'll have to bring tools!
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