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  1. Weird? Yes! Entertaining? Definitely!!
  2. Great news Miss Mo, we will keep you in our prayers.
  3. Prayers answered!!! So glad to hear she is on the mend!!
  4. Ok, I admit it, ya got me!! I was getting more and more "irked" as I read till I got to the end. Good one!!
  5. Okay, cooked up some of this stuff this morning. Cooked it the same way I cook my bacon. On a rack, in the oven at 450° for 14 minutes. Came out fairly crispy. Taste? Meh. Sort of a mashup of bacon and sausage. Somewhat tasty but a hint of greasy-ness. I wouldn't buy it again, partly because it's over a dollar a pound more than bacon and because I didn't find the taste worth the extra cost. YMMV
  6. Picked up a package at the local mart this morning, will try tomorrow.
  7. When my Mom passed, I went to her bank and closed out her account for the trust fund. A month later I get a statement from the bank stating her account has a balance of $0.02. Two friggin' cents! I contacted them twice, sent in the paper work closing the account, and yet still, once every 2 months I get a statement from them about the $0.02 balance. It goes straight from the mail box to the shredder.
  8. So sorry to hear this Allie, East Coast Filly and I will be praying for you and your family.
  9. We have enough issues in CALIFORNIA without individuals painting us with such a broad brush of insults and degrading comments.
  10. I can relate MMH. about a decade plus ago I blew out L5-S1 disc. After many, many, many visits and referrals it was decided that a fusion was the best course. Well, it didn't take. Not sure why but 10 months later the pain was getting worse. They had to go back in and this time used rods and screws. This time it fused, but because of the time delay I now have 24/7 level 5 pain. If the last doctor I saw had been my first I think I would be in much better shape.
  11. I believe the blue outnumbers the red almost 2 to 1 so it wasn't surprising that gruesom survived. California needs the worlds prayers as the left will be out for revenge against those that had the temerity to oppose them.
  12. Huh, I guess I beat ya to it Hardpan, I hit my 14 lustrums back in May this year!
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