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  1. On Amazon. Summary here https://m.imdb.com/title/tt1694118/plotsummary?ref_=m_tt_ov_pl#summary-ps0580762
  2. I think it has been done in a few places already.
  3. Does it go through both slots in the barrel assembly? Does it go through the arbor? How far does it go in? Is that arbor straight?
  4. Can you post some photos of what's going on? Is the wedge out? Is it deformed or have a burr on it? Were you able to get the cylinder off?
  5. But driving with that tiny spare tire would be a witch and a half.
  6. In the top 3 of the reasons why I don't watch movies in a theater. Between blaring music and sound effects you can't hear the mumbled dialog.
  7. About like the genius at the company who decided that showing black parts against a black background is a good idea.
  8. U.S. Embassy France Like This Page · June 6, 2015 · Edited · #Aujourd’hui en 1944, 73000 soldats américains débarquaient sur les plages de #Normandie. 6603 furent tués lors du #débarquement / #Today in 1944, 73,000 American forces landed in Normandy on #DDay. 6,603 died
  9. Then and Now photos. First link they change back and forth about every 5 seconds. https://apimagesblog.com/blog/2019/5/22/d-day-now-and-then This one there is a bar in the photo you can move left and right to see the difference. https://nypost.com/2019/06/06/dramatic-photos-show-scenes-from-d-day-then-and-now/ Next two don't really do the comparison but have good photos. https://www.bostonglobe.com/news/world/2019/05/30/photos-take-look-day-then-and-now/Dt8w4btRZaOOlyMz25VDgL/story.html https://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2014/06/scenes-from-d-day-then-and-now/100752/
  10. 1st Infantry Division · June 6, 2019 · #OnThisDay: The first wave of #BigRedOne and 29th Infantry Division Soldiers hit ground at 6:36 a.m. The 1st Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment, Iron Rangers among the first to assault. When the landing crafts were 400 yards from the shore, German shells began exploding all around them. The first wave suffered heavy causalities, and by mid-morning more than 1000 Americans lay dead or wounded on the sands of Omaha. Despite slow progress, by 1 p.m. the 1st Infantry Division had secured a 1.5 mile foothold. #DDay75 #DutyFirst
  11. 1.) I don't understand how it can be more difficult to clean a woman's shirt than a man's shirt. 2.) Tell them you identify as a cross-dressing male, so that is technically a man's shirt even though a woman is aring it.
  12. Watching the Food Network, Molly Yeh "Girl Meets Farm." Molly just said "One of the things to remember about cooking bacon is to always cook extra." What is this thing called "Extra Bacon?" Cooked bacon comes in two amounts, not nearly enough and almost enough.
  13. I was able to click on them then open in Youtube. One not from the company:
  14. How many like this really happened, I wonder? (last line edited)
  15. You've seen a lot of people do that, eh? I know, you being the wise, experienced, illuminated, and competent person you are that you could never have done something like that!
  16. Western Pennsylvanian for "all y'all." I have a feeling it comes from "you ones." If it's Western Pennsylvanian then more likely Pittsburgh than Philadelphia.
  17. Supposedly somewhere in Philadelphia.
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