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  1. https://historyfirst.com/17th-century-english-guide-to-chocolate-published-for-first-time/
  2. How did you manage to get my quote of Marshal Mo attributed to me?
  3. Could you maybe elaborate before my brain melts down try to come up with " alternatives?"
  4. It's official. Mammoth Mountain in California 22/23 is now the snowiest winter on record, ever, in history. 870" at the summit (22 metres!!) 695" at main lodge (17.6 metres) Mammoth Mountain (there's a chair under there)
  5. Which I disagree with and see it as blaming the victim.
  6. That much I can agree with. And I can't blame the schools for that. That's squarely on the shoulders of the politicians.
  7. How is that different than pro-2nd Amendment people saying that they are prepared to shoot it out with police"when they come for my guns."?
  8. I still can't blame the victim for the act of the criminal.
  9. Again, as long as they don't initiate violence, more power to them. Do we dare start down the road of political tests to exercise civil rights? Who writes the test? Padilla? Mike Thompson? No thanks.
  10. As long as they don't initiate violence, more power to them! That's part of the problem, one side of the political equation has worked hard for decades to make political violence normal and acceptable. That's why the press didn't condemn the "mostly peaceful" riots that convulsed our republic for five years.
  11. I see where your point, but I can't bring myself to agree about criminal liability. That's like saying that if you don't have a heavy duty security screen door with deadbolts, and multiple deadbolts on all exterior doors, and bars on your windows you're criminally negligent if someone breaks into your house.
  12. How many people HERE in the Saloon do you think will be leaving California to preach the Gospel of Failure and Victimhood that California politics is based on? You are saying that 40, Pat, Lumpy, and others left here to convert other states into the Utopian Paradise that is California? Grow the hell up.
  13. It's National Nevada Day! In 2012, USS Nevada (SSBN 733) was boarded by a rogue team of elite seals that tried to take over the submarine. The crew of the Nevada managed to repel the seals (harmlessly) before the marine mammals did any damage.
  14. I just sent this off to the local paper. I doubt it will be printed. Dear Editor, Once again an insane person plans murder and specifically targets a gun free zone with no security. Instantly the press, including this publication, blamed the NRA, the 100,000,000 gun owners who have not murdered anyone, the GOP, everyone they could think of except the criminal who both lied on the 4473 (which would include the background check) and was protected by patient privacy laws. Then, not quite as fast, opinion pieces started coming out in the press, talk shows, and advocacy groups, that cast the murderer as the victim and those murdered as the real criminal. The gun is not to blame. The type of gun is not to blame. Access to guns is not to blame. The NRA is not to blame. The GOP is not to blame. 100,000,000 gun owners are not to blame. Blame rests on the murderer and nowhere else. Cordially,
  15. Maybe this one will play. https://youtu.be/p1o0Y2Sd_8o https://prestonsharp.net/ https://inspiremykids.com/preston-sharp/ VETERANS UNTIL HE CAN’T BEND DOWN ANYMORE.” Preston was recently honored by the President of the United States for his efforts. His actions show the ability of one young person to help inspire others and change the world. Check out Preston’s inspiring story below and then see what you can do to honor veterans. https://www.actionnewsnow.com/news/redding-teen-preston-sharp-has-honored-veterans-in-all-50-states/article_4b7a8d6a-6205-11ed-9cfd-f33be08354a9.html
  16. A few years old, but still inspiring. https://youtu.be/yQn_MR5ZCKc
  17. I found this photo on FB this morning and have been debating with myself about posting it. Supposedly the cowardly thug that murdered 6 people in Nashville. I have not, with about 3 hours of searching, been able to find anything like it anywhere else. My gut says that it's fake. So I'm going to ask here if any of you have run across it or maybe can find a primary source for it. Again, I think it's fake and I'm asking for confirmation one way or the other.
  18. When our parish built a new church on the property we had to fight the planning commission. Because there are no pews they called it an assembly hall and demanded restrooms, drinking fountains, wheelchair access into the Altar (that would have required a ramp about 30 feet long). AND we would need to make the building shorter because the Cross on the top of the dome went about 3 feet into a migratory flyway. It took about a month and a half to convince them that historically churches didn't have pews. About as long to get them to accept that a person in a wheelchair could not serve in the Altar. And that if birds could figure out how to fly around nearby trees that were taller they could likely figure out how to fly around that small intrusion into the flyway.
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