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  1. Almost. She was born 25 October, 1941, he on 21 January, 1942.
  2. If they just say "armed," or just say that someone was murdered, you can bet that no firearms were used. Although after a certain former vice-president made a comment an unarmed man coming at you with a knife or something I have seen the term unarmed used by some members of the press to mean armed with something other than a gun. Just as since 2014 it has been used to imply peaceful and harmless.
  3. I think that "The Army" (the Brass Mounted Army) is catching on to what every grunt knows instinctively - catch what sleep where you can, when you can. I'm seeing, or think I'm seeing, a failure to differentiate between what happens in training/garrison and in the field. Train for the worst conditions, including sleep deprivation, and then real world conditions might be easier to cope with. Just like the insane demands put on doctors during their internships. While it may sound "incredibly stupid," I think the push in training for decision making and problem solving when short on sleep, tends to help soldiers/sailors/Marines/Airmen stay alive when they have no chance to get solid rest in combat. Just the uninformed thoughts of a civilian.
  4. I had figured that it would take off on either a "Women can't see ..." or "who puts catsup in the fridge" direction. That it drifted off in the most common direction is both expected and somewhat disappointing....I had thought this bunch had more creativity! Snakejaw, you left out beer and coffee.
  5. Fantastic talent. Thank you for sharing it with us, Ms. Reddy. Rest in peace. She and Mack on the same day. Make one heck of a dup.
  6. Interesting turn this thread has taken. Thanks for confirming my view of human nature.
  7. Ah! That's why! When they jiggle or wobble the movement is what draws our eyes! I've got to remember that. I guess I'm lucky, my wife will point out good looking women to me. I enjoy looking, she knows it, she enjoys me enjoying looking. A few days ago I was in a store and a woman was wearing a shirt with huge side cut outs. Could see everything. Why is it that almost invariably the ones who dress like that are like watching a car crash? You really don't want to see it?
  8. Fiddle around with names, rank titles, and places and it sounds like every crusty, war-weary EM that ever existed. The Old Guy
  9. Yep. Pretty much it burned right to where the Tubbs Fire burned in 2017. We are at the 6 pointed star in this map.
  10. Exactly. We're thinking about putting some garden arches over the walkway out to the sidewalk to give perches for the birds and a place to hang our wind chimes.
  11. We have the mixed blessing of onshore wind and fog. Good because it is cool and damp. Bad because it keeps aircraft grounded.
  12. Just saw the park manager and one of the landscaping and maintenance crew looking around and pointing at the trees next to us. One, right next to the sidewalk, has been dying back for a year or so. Guy had noticed it from the clubhouse roof. Looks like they will be taking it out. Sad to see it go, but also takes away a big concern.
  13. In spades. When you can feel the heat, hear the roar, and watch glowing embers landing in the trees next to your house it's way too close.
  14. We took a short walk around the trailer park. Looks like we didn't just dodge a bullet, but an 8" shell. We have LOTS of trees around here considering it's a trailer park, both conifers of several types and oak trees along the creek. Pretty safe assumption is that is one catches the place will go up. Lots of ash, lots of scorched leaves, lots of charred leaves, lots of burned out bark. A few examples of ash on the ground, as well as scorched and charred leaves, and an incident map.
  15. It is. The incoming seniors, I think the football team, from Maria Carrillo High School - see the photo in the OP - climb up the hill and cut the date in. They had been changing the last digit, or in this case two digits, to their graduating year. It's getting kind of muddled. It looks like they were thinking about going vertical with it.
  16. More at the Facebook link. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3538056612882310&id=100000340183042&sfnsn=mo
  17. Odd. We use a certain bank with a stage coach logo and when we have had situations like that just the call and a few questions had our account back and restored within 24 hours.
  18. Weuns is home! No damage. Not even much smoke smell. The hills just east of us, on the other hand. Second one is blurred because it was taken through a window screen.
  19. Yeah. Deja vu all over again. Went through it in the Tubbs Fire in 2017, but not quite as close. Got help from your neck of the woods. The fire crews labored like super Stakanovites and seem, from what I can tell from the maps, to have checked it at Calistoga Road, about 300 yards east of us. Still waiting for the evac to be lifted. Staying at my bosses place until then.
  20. This was at about midnight. 800 yards east of us.
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