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  1. I may have to look it up. I have honestly never heard of it.
  2. I will say very little, depending on the situation... And I will leave it at that.
  3. Have you tried wrinkle free/non-iron cotton shirts? I own them from L.L. Bean and Brooks Brothers and have been happy with both. A bit pricey, but with what you're paying in laundry bills...
  4. I'm curious also. What is the justification?
  5. I was reading quickly and my mind read "Hi-Point" before going back. I was going to say, "Uhmmm... Cat, we need to talk about your life choices."
  6. I hope everything goes well for you. I hope I don't take a COVID test, they sound insanely unpleasant.
  7. To an extent it is, I suppose. Now, I'm no economist, but it seems it could arguably be the residential equivalent of "vulture capitalism," creating a situation where those who can't afford to keep up can lose significantly, including savings, without even knowing they are in the game. Imagine a situation where after, paying off your mortgage, you retire and are living on a fixed income. Suddenly, property values, prices in the area, and property taxes start going up, including those on your home, and you realize you need to sell, because you simply can't afford to stay. I know, you're saying, "but with no mortgage, it is pure equity in the home. You can find something similar elsewhere." But can you? Since your home is "dilapidated" compared to the standards of the other homes, and you need to sell, you may not see the price you want. Then you have to find a home that is cheap enough to be covered by that money you have. Maybe a nice house, in a nice neighborhood, maybe not. A mortgage is likely out of the question, because of that fixed income. Mortgage, property taxes, etc... If you couldn't afford just one, why would you be able to afford both. Sure, there are winners and losers in capitalism. But being a loser when you didn't have a chance at being a winner, or even breaking even... I see it as hitting especially hard the elderly and working poor, who have no real way of competing.
  8. Not quite the same thing. That would be more "urban sprawl."
  9. I was trying to figure out how to explain it, but I believe you sort of nailed it. The town I went to college in has become increasingly gentrified, losing much of the flavor and appeal of the small town atmosphere I found attractive, particularly in the downtown area. Another concern with gentrification is that as the property values go up, the original residents are sometimes forced out, because they can no longer afford the property taxes and other costs. Fixing up one home and making it better is not a problem, and I do believe that often if one person starts to fix up their place, others will also, at least to some extent. This is less gentrification and more civic / community pride.
  10. Contrary to popular opinion, I'm not as dumb as I look.
  11. Windex contains ammonia, so a bad choice for that reason alone. My youngest daughter, who lives in Columbus, decided that she wanted to help somehow at the protests, but not protest herself, so she volunteered at a medical tent. With my background, she asked me what was good for OC. She already knows a good bit of first aid skills. We trained to do saline irrigation of the eyes. Tilt the head to the side and pour saline across the eyes to flush. not down the face, just like was taught in science lab, and elsewhere. Milk also works better than most things, based on my knowledge, for the reasons @Cholla gave. I also advised to get sheets, large towels, large shirts and the like so that people could remove clothing as necessary, because it could be persistent in them. This has me wondering. A number of years back some chili heads at MIT determined the best thing to lessen the burn of really hot chili was chocolate milk. I wonder if it does better for OC spray than regular milk.
  12. That's interesting, because I don't think I have a tolerance for OC, but I found CS much worse. CS left my mucosa in overdrive, barely able to breathe, and even after my stomach had emptied itself, the dry heaves left me sore for a couple of days. As for the skin and eye irritation, I did find the OC worse and more persistent, to my best recollection.
  13. I will keep he, his family and you in my thoughts and meditations.
  14. I had to look that one up. Typically I consider someone who deserts to do so for cowardly reasons, while a defector goes to the opposite side. Per the Cambridge Dictionary: Defect: to leave a country, political party, etc., especially in order to join an opposing one Desert: to leave the armed forces without permission and with no intention of returning Technically both could be correct, but I think "defect" is the better choice.
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