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  1. The great thing about these two are that Speer and Hornady (and maybe others), make personal defense rounds in .22WMR that get a fair amount of expansion, considering we're talking a .22. If you're going to shoot .22, you might as well go for every advantage you can get. I want to get my hands on one and let Mrs. Doc do some shooting with it.
  2. I’m happy to admit I’ve been to a number of them locally, but that is one I’ve neglected
  3. I live about 25 minutes or so from Huffman Prairie. I'm a little embarrassed to admit I've driven past it many times, some of them on my way to the much more popular Museum of the U.S. Air Force at Wright-Patterson. I suppose that article should be impetus to actually go there. Interesting tidbit of information. The piece on Huffman Prairie mentions the Wright brothers riding the "interurban" to get to Huffman Prairie. It was the Ohio Electric Railway, a branch of which ran parallel to my property about 30 feet or so from my back fence. My place is sectioned off a farm, and the line evidently had a right of way along the farm. Mrs. Doc used to ride horses at the place as a kid and teenager, and they would find railroad spikes even then. I'd love to get out and metal detect it, but the more recent owners haven't cared for the land as well as the old owner.
  4. When it comes to grammar peeves, I don't have pets, I have a menagerie. The above is is one of the biggest, though. Also on the list is the use of "pacifically" instead of "specifically," in spoken word, and many of the others mentioned above.
  5. Of course, the story about the Wisconsin reminded me of another, from WWII: https://ww2db.com/ship_spec.php?ship_id=377
  6. And badder. When I worked behind the gun counter the first time, I was dealing with an annoying customer who was trying to impress my with his claims of shooting things like the .500 S&W Mag, and .338 Lapua, etc... I don't recall the exact conversation, but he scoffed at one point and asked what the biggest gun I'd fired had been. I shrugged and said "155mm." From down the counter an older gentleman lifted his voice enough to say "I've got you beat." When I looked over and asked "You do?" He grinned and said he was a Gunner's Mate on the USS Iowa. I laughed and said "Yes Sir, you have!" The annoying customer just seemed to disappear.
  7. I've not seen anything, although I have read and heard a number of people expressing the desire for a .45ACP Ruger carbine.
  8. I somehow missed this at the time you posted it. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and meditations as you recover
  9. Agreed. My instructor is 74, and when we're doing lessons, the speed and power that he still has in his techniques is amazing. Thanks to the time he was laid up after breaking his leg so badly, as well as age, I'm sure, he doesn't have the ability to kick as high as he used to, and doesn't spar, but I have zero doubts he can still take care of himself quite well.
  10. Looks more unimpressed to me... But then, what cat would be?
  11. The couple of times now that I've sparred, I've certainly been the oldest person there. At 53 and high mileage, I will certainly feel it later, but I do believe it is a necessary component of my training at this stage. Oh, and I drove home just fine, without calling Mrs. Doc. She was pleased she didn't have to get out. Hopefully my daughter is enjoying her D&D.
  12. I believe I mentioned I have I have gone back to attempt to finish earning my black belt in Kenpo. I finally have a Saturday where I am free to attend a sparring class. I was able to make one about six weeks back, but the turnout was very low due to weather, among other things. I commented to Mrs. Doc and my oldest daughter that I thought I would go "remind myself how old, slow, out of shape and out of practice I am" by attending a sparring class. My wife's response. "Don't get clocked until you can't drive, I don't feel like coming to get you." My daughter's response "Don't look at me, I'll be playing Dungeons and Dragons." Yes, I think they were kidding. Yes, D&D is still a thing.
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