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  1. Yes, I'm guilty of looking at women, and looks, and their curves. To be honest, an amazing pair of eyes can do wonders for me, something I've realized more and more with the mask mandates! But I have to say, I've gotten into more trouble from Mrs. Doc for looking at cars driven by women than anything else. I vividly recall a conversation where she told me to stop looking at a woman. I told her I was looking at the car. She didn't believe me. (This was after I had gotten my Neon R/T, and I'm a bit of a Neon enthusiast so don't judge, but bear with me). I replied that since it was a first generation coupe, with four wheel disk brakes, and what looked like 15" wheels and low profile tires, I was trying to figure out if it was an ACR (American Club Racer) or not. After she mentioned it, I did glance up and it was driven by a young attractive female. Mrs. Doc's response was something to the effect of "Fine, stop staring at the car, she thinks you're looking at her, and it's annoying me."
  2. After having watched the display of horsemanship with approval, Abigail insisted on having Linn, Jacob, Captain Burcher, Curly, Hal and Capper join them and Calder for dinner. When Doc raised an eyebrow, she returned the look and said they could make room. As they rode toward the ranch, Abigail told of a Hungarian gentleman she had met while in college who had regaled her of stories of the Hussars during the Napoleonic Wars, and how she loved horses and riding. Once at the ranch, Doc went inside with Abigail to see what she needed while John Calder tended to their horses, and the others tended to theirs. Abigail smiled at her husband, "It has been a very long time since we've entertained, and I miss it so, even if there aren't other women. I know there's so little room, but we can make it work." When Doc nodded and smiled, her smile in return warmed his heart. Abigail turned to begin preparing food, looking over her shoulder at him, "Besides, I think poor Jacob was quite disappointed when he found out I was married, despite the fact I am old enough to be his mother." Doc chuckled, "Not quite, my dear, but I will only add the young man is quite refined, in both his manners and his tastes." Smiling, Abigail turned and gave a slight curtsy, then instructed Doc, "Bring in some more wood if you please, then go out and enjoy the company of your friends." Doc walked to the cupboard, and pulled out the bottle of Irish whiskey along with some enamelware mugs, and replied, "I'll be back with the wood in a moment." Doc handed the bottle and cups to Linn to pass around, only saying, "Save me some, will you?" Looking at the bottle then back at Doc, Keller nodded, giving a severe look. "I shall endeavor to, Sir." Both men laughed at the comment, out of the ordinary for Keller, and Doc went to the wood pile to split a bit of wood. Before he could swing the double bit axe, Jacob, approached, taking off his coat and rolling his sleeves. "I can take care of that, Sir, have a drink and relax. I insist." Doc handed the axe over and walked back, taking a cup from Burcher. Later, as everyone went inside at Abby's call, Doc was surprised she could put such a meal together on short notice. But in front of them were a ham, beans and potatoes, bread, butter and honey. Doc noticed the table set with their fine china and silverware, despite the fact that several men would have to sit on stools. Upon seeing the food laid before them, several of the men turned and went back outside, to dust themselves off, run fingers through hair and wash faces and hands at the outside pump. Running boot toes over the backs of pant legs, they filed back in. Everyone remained standing until Abby came to the table herself and sat at the far end from her husband. As she sat, the others followed suit. Abby watched in pleasure, but also with a little amusement as rough men, all used to a life outdoors, worked to remember their manners as they dug into the food. After everyone had finished their meals, and were sitting, elbows on table and talking, Abigail excused herself and decided to step outside for a moment before clearing plates. Opening the door to the house, she suddenly screamed and twisted away, falling back inside as the sound of a solid "thunk" of bullet hitting wood and the door sill splintered. A heavy "boom" followed, and men scrambled away from the table, Doc diving for his wife to put his body between hers and the doorway even as he worked to drag her back inside. Slapping at his hands, she struggled to her feet, cursing in terms that let everyone know she was alive, if not unhurt. Keller, Burcher and his men piled out the door, as the heavy gun boomed once more, then again. Doc, John Calder and Jacob began tending to Abigail. Fighting to keep Abby from putting her hands to her face, Doc called out for more light as he lifted her and sat her on the table. "Keep your hands down," Doc snapped, "and let me see what is wrong!" Her right eye closed, Abby snapped back, "My face hurts, that's what's wrong!" Taking a deep breath and trying to remain calm and patient despite his pounding heart, Doc looked, moving her head gently with his hand. "You have a bunch of splinters in your face, nothing that appears serious, but I need to get them out. Is your eye OK?" Abby slowly relaxed, letting her eye flutter open. "It stings, like something is in it, but I can see." Relieved, Doc nodded as he let out a sigh of relief. Going to a small chest, Doc grabbed an old kit and pulled out tweezers, gauze and witch hazel. As gently as possible, with Jacob and John looking on, waiting in case Doc or Abby needed anything, Doc began pulling splinters from Abby's cheek, jaw and ear, looking for more in her hairline. Every time Doc would pull an especially deep one out, Abigail would curse and pound her small fist against the table, much to the chagrin of Jacob, and the amusement of Calder. When he was finished, Doc patted his wife on the shoulder, and grinned. As he looked at her, he gave a hidden glance toward Jacob and said, "Don't worry, I don't think there will be any scarring, and the young men will still want to dance with you." Abby laughed despite herself and shook her head. Glancing at Jacob, she replied, "Good, maybe they won't step on my toes like you do." Doc frowned, giving his best hurt look, but kissed his wife gently on her forehead. "I need to go see what's going on." Walking outside, followed by Calder and Jacob, who was looking confused and concerned, Doc saw Keller and the others waiting. "She's fine. Took a lot of splinters, but they came out OK. What did you find?" Curly pointed and replied, "He was up on that knoll, 'bout eight hunnerd yards off. Big gun. Probably saw the door open, took a chance on trying to hit one of us." Doc stood, his eyes emotionless as he listened, then he asked "Leave prints that can be followed?" Curly nodded, "He left in a hurry, but I can't say how far." Doc looked at Calder and Jacob, "I want the two of you to go with Abby into town. I want her to stay with Calamity Kris. I'll let her know, I don't think she'll argue. After you drop her off, John, see if that other Ranger is still in town, and will join us. Let Utah Bob know what happened. It's time we start to put an end to this nonsense. I aim to find whoever took that shot and kill him. I'm not particular how. If he's working for Hammond, the old man better throw whoever it was to the dogs, or I'll kill him too" Doc turned on his heel and walked to the house to Abby know his plans and gather his gear. The other men glanced from one to another for a moment before heading to their horses. Hal muttered loud enough for the others to hear, "That just ain't right. I was just workin' up to asking Miss Abigail for seconds."
  3. How drunk do you want to get?
  4. I'm not a smoker, and despite the single holster, I like it! If SASS were to make one with the logo on it, I would be interested too. I kind of always wanted a Zippo lighter. Maybe time to get one.
  5. Nah... The gun guys and gals will never go for something that simple. Besides, how do you tell the difference between an original Marlin, a Remlin, and a Rumlin without a goofy nickname?
  6. Those are for people with warped senses of humor... Like me! I want one!!!
  7. Pretty bold talk for a one-eyed... Uhmmm... Navy SEAL... Uhmmm... Yeah... OK... Big fan of Dan Crenshaw. He's so polite when he is making his opponents and people on news shows and the like look like idiots.
  8. I think many were missing the point of BGQ's narrative. Yes, he said he refused, and yes everyone agrees, probably even BGQ, that if the warden had wanted, he could have pushed the issue and searched. I read it as an important reminder on how those in law enforcement treat others. After the exchange, the young warden may have been more than happy to let BGQ go on his way, and hope his treatment of the old man didn't elevate to a report to his supervisor. Which probably should have been the case.
  9. Sights? We don't need no stinkin' sights! (I'm assuming lasers?)
  10. The only answer I have is to answer politely, but firmly, "No Sir, I do not." People generally want to be helpful, whether in their actions or their comments. The best thing to do is politely limit your answers to the extent possible. In this day and age, even I would likely turn the video on on my phone and set it down to play. Having said that, understand that if the officer wants to search your vehicle, the officer will find a way to do so, especially if there is malice involved. From "I thought I smelled marijuana" to "eyes are bloodshot / glassy and you appear unusually jumpy and nervous." Heck, even politely invoking your rights ("I don't believe I need to inform you where I am traveling from / to") has created problems for drivers. If a drug dog is brought to the scene, it is not unreasonable to expect that some damage will be done to the vehicle, and there can be headaches with filing claims, etc... On the subject of the dog hitting, U.S. courts, up to and including the Supreme Court, have, in my opinion, given not so tacit consent to this particular Fourth Amendment violation. In Florida v. Harris, SCOTUS pretty much created a standard that, if a dog is "certified," nothing else matters, despite significant literature showing that dogs and handlers alike are prone to error. Error rates among dogs have been all over the map, and can be so high you're better off with a coin toss for probable cause, but that is the way it is, and is likely to stay.
  11. Welcome to the Saloon! As was previously mentioned, nobody here I wouldn't trust to have my back in a fight, or to share a campfire and coffee with. Now, trusting my bar tab to is a different story...
  12. Checking on the Henderson's, Doc and Abby agreed they should be up for travel into town, and that they would help them get there in the morning. Both husband and wife expressed their concern about being able to afford a stay while Mr. Henderson continued to convalesce, but Doc insisted it would be taken care of. It would be safer for the family, particularly with the trouble Doc knew to be brewing. Captain Burcher and his men had been staying on site, but were ready to move onto the land he owned, and begin building a headquarters. Abigail finally broached the subject that had been on their minds, "Where do you intend to go to, once you're able?" Maury replied, "Frank's brother sent word that he has land enough for us west of East Fork. We heard someone mention it, is it close by?" Abigail looked at Doc and he looked at her, both puzzled by the answer. Doc thought for a moment before speaking, "Yes, it is the local town we've been traveling to and from, and where we'll be taking you. But we're not familiar with any Hendersons hereabouts. Would he be closer to the Mormon settlements over west of here?" Frank shook his head, "No, he said West of East Fork. He's a number of years older than me, and takes more after our father's side of the family in his appearance. But he's a devout man, I would think he is in church every Sunday." Doc frowned, not wanting to tell the man he was mistaken about his brother living in the area, or that he and his wife didn't attend services, for that matter. He could tell religion was something very important to Frank and Maureen, and he respected that it was. Doc smiled, "Well, we'll sort it out soon enough. First thing is to get you into town tomorrow morning, and let you get some rest indoors in a bed instead of in a tent on a cot." Frank returned Doc's smile, "Maury and I are simply thankful that God sent all of you when he did. We feel blessed to have your help." Doc nodded, "It's our pleasure. We'll see you in the morning." With that, Doc and Abby headed for home.
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