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  1. Besides, everyone knows the firearm should be laying on its left side for easier retrieval. Sheez...
  2. Among the dumbest items known to man. If anyone here has them on their vehicle, I have no apologies. Anyone who puts something like that, or some of the other crude, inappropriate and suggestive things on their vehicles should be forced to describe what it is and what it means to their grandmothers, in graphic detail.
  3. Maybe... Just maybe... It served as a teachable moment. I say you made the right call.
  4. @Cyrus Cassidy #45437 That's odd, because I think I read "That said, IT DOES NOT WORK ON FUEL INJECTED ENGINES, because everything was designed to function correctly as designed" the exact same way @sassnetguy50did, with the same thoughts. I don't see where he wrote anything regarding your commentary on carburated engines. Seems you're more interested in defending what you wrote than reading for comprehension yourself?
  5. When I was first in the Army Reserve, then in my early years in the Guard we had LBE (Load Bearing Equipment) with the ALICE clips before going to the MOLLE stuff. When I was first in a Special Forces unit and then on into my early years in field units and combat arms units in the Guard we dummy corded pretty much everything to our LBE. Ammo pouches, compass and compass pouches, canteen pouches, and usually canteens themselves. Pistols too, but back then I wasn't always issued one. I recall going to Ft. Dix to complete my 91B training, and we were required to bring out own TA-50 from our home unit. The Sergeant Major of the training brigade wanted all the students to be uniform. Me, along with a number of infantry and cav types were pretty annoyed when we had to strip our dummy cording so we could get rid of one canteen and butt packs, among other things, to be uniform with the others.
  6. My brother and I were camping on family property down in Kentucky once when one decided to let out about three shrieks. We were both certain someone had been murdered. I don't believe either one of us slept that night, and we both kept our hands on our pistols.
  7. Ironically, don't do it and you will die...
  8. Have you been talking to Mrs. Doc? Unfortunately, I think I'm lacking in both at the moment.
  9. Unless they took the image from a photo to do the work.
  10. I wish I had more money than sense.
  11. Thanks! We think so! At least I didn't receive a bill like the last guy sent me.
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