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  1. Interestingly, the term redneck can be traced back to the Presbyterian Lowland Scots in the 1600s. The so-called "Covenanters" signed a document swearing not to accept the Church of England as their official church, some in their own blood. They would wear red strips of cloth around their necks to distinguish themselves, and many eventually fled to Ulster, and from there to America, becoming known as the Scots-Irish here. There is reference to at least one Presbyterian minister wearing a red clerical collar into the 1940s. Moving forward to the 1920s, and we see miners seeking to u
  2. I've heard of the old fun stages, but I joined late enough that I can't actually miss them. I would love to try one or two, though.
  3. Well... Let me think... My second shoot, which also happened to be the State match. Between the substantial length of time between the first shoot and the second, I had a major career upheaval, was dealing with a lot of personal issues and more. A number of people had worked very hard to get me to come out and shoot, including a couple who sold me firearms for cheap after I had needed to sell my others, the match director telling me he was giving me a "military / veterans discount on fees, and that a couple of other shooters were covering that... Really going above and beyond what anyone could
  4. The article here had me laughing out loud: https://www.iflscience.com/editors-blog/new-footage-marks-anniversary-of-oregons-infamous-exploding-whale-incident-of-1970/?fbclid=IwAR1-ZXENYazVvebwG02bonRNb38Svt1SfLSUBqvC6rk0-67soXOgUz7EMe8
  5. Hopefully your mom wasn't named Wilma! I've never seen the movie, I will keep my eye out for it.
  6. Why not love a specific team? I'm a Reds fan because I grew up watching the Big Red Machine, and was amazed by them, their talent and success. I'm a Broncos fan because the guy that grew up across the street from me and was my brother's close friend, played for them for thirteen seasons. Whether it is an individual player someone identifies with, or because the team is from their home town or home state representing their locale, people like things because they are drawn to them. Why do you like a specific color? Why do you like a brand or model of car, or firearm over another that is arguably
  7. I contemplated this for awhile, and I'm still not sure I have a good answer. To begin with my conclusion, I will say the reason people are fans of sports are many and varied, and the question is not easily answered, even by the fans themselves. That may be why you have received such negativity, because people can't explain it to themselves. I too grew up in Columbus, and understand what you mean about the fans there. They can be overwhelming, to say the least. I will say that they are not the worst I've experienced. I've seen a Notre Dame fan throw a full beer through a TV when Michigan sco
  8. It has been ages since I thought about that movie! I may need to look it up.
  9. Now I have that theme song stuck in my head. Thanks
  10. I will disagree, and vehemently. The reason they were put up matters, and it matters a great deal. If not, nobody would care a wit if they came down or not. It is also without question that many of those who wish to see them remain, do so for ideological reasons. Yes, just like those who would have them removed. Clearly then, people today still see them as a symbol of the times from which they came. Otherwise we wouldn't have people feeling the need to have them removed, and others proclaiming such things as "heritage, not hate," while seeking to have them remain. To see them as tools of educa
  11. That's a much bigger question, and one I would have to contemplate in order to give what I consider a reasoned answer. In regard to statues meant to honor Confederate leaders, I think my opinion is clear. A statue erected to the rank and file soldier, who did his duty as he saw fit, and many of whom were drafted into service, I would have far greater problems with removing. I will say that if someone were to wish to tear down a statue of Lee at Washington and Lee University, which exists wholly apart from his role as a Confederate leader, I would be opposed to it.
  12. Maybe we could get the powers that be to pin that one, or perhaps start a new one, where alias origins and "back stories" can be posted. I posted my back story in a story, and opted to save it to my computer.
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