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  1. I enjoy some good inter-service rivalry. Just don't let someone without a DD214 butt in and try to add to the humor. It's like teasing your siblings. You can tease them, but let the kid down the street throw a rock and hit one... Everything you need to know about the four branches of the military (sorry Coasties) can be learned from how the members respond to one command: "SECURE THAT BUILDING!" MARINES: Will send in an infantry squad using well executed CQB tactics "neutralizing" all threats inside. ARMY: Will set up concertina wire, place sandbags and firing positions, emplace crew served weapons and coordinate with artillery. NAVY: Will make sure all the lights are off and the doors are locked. AIR FORCE: Will take out a ten year lease with an option to buy.
  2. I'm not sure where you are located, but check locally for a larger western tack shop that sells hats. They should have numerous sizes, colors and grades / quality. Find an "open crown" shape (basically unshaped like a "Boss of the Plains") in your price range that is the color and quality you want, then have it steamed and shaped to your satisfaction. If you're buying the hat there, this is usually done free of charge, and someone with practice can pretty much shape whatever you want. Go in with a picture or two to help. Edit: This was my intent when I was in Texas recently. I went to Cavender's in San Antonio. The shortages in things has affected the hat market too. I couldn't get an open crown in the color and size I wanted, so the store manager took a normal Quarter Horse Crease and worked it with the steamer for a long time while shooting the breeze with me and one of my co-workers until he got it to my satisfaction. Sort of, but not quite a Tom Selleck Monte Walsh style. I may try again at the Quarter Horse Congress in October.
  3. I will have to listen later, but I've said it before, and I will say it again. Mrs. Doc went through nine months of pregnancy, then 24 + hours of labor, followed by a cesarean section, was stapled up, had to recover... etc... So, just that... Call it 28 hours that she was in the hospital for labor and C-section... I would go through Basic Training again before I went through that. No, there's no WE to it.
  4. Such sad news. Add me to the list of those who had a crush. May she Rest In Peace.
  5. Go South, raise funds, arms, men, etc... and plan to fight again, whether in guerrilla fashion, or something else.
  6. I fail to see the relevance of your statement. Yes, scientific theories come into conflict. Eventually, the one that is best supported by the evidence-- the facts, the data, the current understanding of things as we know them to be-- wins out. I should be more clear. Evolution itself is a scientific fact, Evolutionary theory, by which I mean the explanation of how evolution brought us to where we are now, is based upon the facts as we know them to be at this point in time, across a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines. There have been so many advances and discoveries since Darwin's time that the theory as it exists is far removed from his work. As further research is done, and discoveries are made, one should presume that the established model or models will be modified to fit the new findings. I should probably stop here, before a create problems and ruffle feathers. Anyone who would like to continue the conversation in private messages though, should feel free to message me.
  7. I truly hope I'm not about to get another thread shut down, and I may be typing this because I'm still on my first cup of coffee. Most evolutionary biologists and others I know who accept the scientific validity of evolutionary theory don't call themselves "Darwinians" for a variety of reasons. It is often used as a pejorative by those who do not accept the science. But, I will gladly take up the mantle for now. In response to @Subdeacon Joe, yes, meat made us human, but even though you can't tell it by looking at modern people, so did running after that meat. The below is a rather dry article looking at the evolutionary basis of human running. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4939291/ There's another article I read about six months ago, maybe longer that I will try to locate that is less scientific that discusses how humans would run as a group to hunt. Based on looking at modern marathoners of all types, the article analogized the top runners as those who would be in the lead to actually get the game. But it went on to point out that well trained females, even when pregnant, relatively post pregnancy, and older runners both male and female, are capable of marathon times that would enable them to not only help with tasks associated with the hunt, but in partaking in the spoils as well.
  8. It's always important to know your audience.
  9. My standard morning coffee is Folger's Black Silk. I save the BRCC, among others, for weekends or days off when I have the time to sit back and truly enjoy a few cups. My take on Evan Hafer has been that he is an intelligent, even articulate man trying to run a business that exploded beyond what he and his colleagues had planned, and he had no experience or PR to deal with it. His moves and statements have been what I would consider amateurish compared to the polished, even glib statements and actions of many CEOs. I know he donated to Tulsi Gabbard's campaign, and she is generally seen as anti-gun. Compared to other Dems, she is also often seen as a "flaming moderate" and has impressed many with her thinking. She is also a veteran herself, with a CMB. I met her as her unit was replacing my own in late '08, and was impressed with her intelligence, and even if I disagree with her, I do respect her integrity. I don't question Hafer on the Second Amendment. This is an article he wrote earlier this year. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/op-eds/ukraines-experience-shows-why-every-country-needs-a-second-amendment
  10. My deepest condolences to him and his family.
  11. I’m not sure what to say about any of the above. Although a little misbehavin’ from time to time has a certain appeal. I take that back, I do have something to say about that last part. I’m not a Christian, but it seems to me if you got kicked out of a church for that, then they were doing you a favor, and you have the ability to find a congregation more fitted to your beliefs and style of worship.
  12. Why, I just feel sad for anyone who came away from The Princess Bride feeling it ruined anything. Not to take anything away from Second Hand Lions, another great movie. but there were so many life lessons in that movie. Never get involved in a land war in Asia Never trust a man wearing a mask MLTs are the greatest thing in the world, especially when the mutton is nice and lean and the tomato ripe Be wary of someone swordfighting left handed Cowards should live a long life alone with their cowardice and most important of all, If you rush a Miracle Man, you get rotten miracles.
  13. See my response to Loophole! Will you be doing any battle site touring or anything of the sort? If so, I hope for pictures!
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