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  1. I definitely don't have a runner's build. More like a linebacker. At 5'11", I came out of Basic Training at 183 lb., and looked and felt emaciated. I came back from my final deployment in great shape, running sub-27 minute 5Ks, and weighing just over 200lb. I started running because the Army made me, and then kept at it because my daughter ran cross country, and it allowed me to be a part of that. Or, as she will often put it, I run because "screw genetics!" I enjoy hiking, most definitely, and biking as well. Despite having a fair amount of strength, I've never been a gym rat. It was just not
  2. It happens. My guitar instructor and good friend was the same age as me. He died at the age of 52 from a heart attack. If you had looked at the two of us, you would have been convinced he was in far better health, and far more fit. I have another close friend from my days as a medic who barely survived one in his thirties. The fact that he recognized the problem and that another medic in our unit who was a civilian paramedic was there saved his life. Both were victims of the Left Anterior Descending Artery, aka the widow maker. Now, I will never tell someone they should or shouldn't run. I wil
  3. Quick enough that I have seen footage of one flown by my former boss's father in WWII knocking over a box car.
  4. The three leading causes of death in the year 2020 were: Heart Disease 690,882 Cancer 598,932 COVID 19 345,323 Down at number nine we find: Influenza and Pneumonia 53,495 https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/2778234 Now, we can play around with statistics all day. But when something comes out of the blue and jumps up that high, and I can do something to prevent it, I think I'll opt to play it safe. I also I l
  5. Why else would I be here? Yeah, some definite joint aches beyond the norm, along with fatigue. Not yet feeling yet like I have "flu-like symptoms" but not fully up to speed by any stretch.
  6. I received my second Covid vaccination at lunch. This evening I went for a 3+ mile run. By the way I currently feel, that may have been a mistake. My sister-in-law said "live and learn." It seems she doesn't talk to Mrs. Doc nearly enough...
  7. I know my chronological age, yes. I don't really need to think about it. The age my body feels and the age I act are two different things entirely. I agree with this one:
  8. I will let the investigation continue before commenting much. I will say there are very few accidental discharges. Negligent discharges, whether through bad habits, poor or improper training or simple momentary brain fade, yes. Even discharges that can be directly related to the firearm itself can often be attributed to poor maintenance or modifications, and challenges the definition of accidental. If the officer did indeed intend to use her taser, which from the footage I have heard, seems apparent, then it is a training issue. She clearly shouted "taser, taser, taser" in the footage. I will
  9. Yep, that's what we call them around here. I've seen Subarus taken places these guys would be terrified to take their vehicles. Then you have the diesels that remove their particulate filters, EGR valve and what have you and make tons of black smoke. They call it "rolling coal" and it is not only a nuisance, it can be a danger as well. I'm not a violent man, but I've wanted to take a baseball bat to a few of these guys and their vehicles, after watching them blast pedestrians, bicyclists and others with smoke. I try to be non-judgmental when people ask what others thin
  10. I'm going to second what @Renegade Plowboysaid about depression and even pushing yourself to go. It's also no embarrassment to seek a little more professional help to bounce things off of to keep things on an even keel. People are often surprised when I say I'm an introvert. I've even be labeled what is called an "extroverted introvert." Yes, that's an actual thing. I'm planning on shooting a match tomorrow. Here's the thing, for me to shoot a match, I have to really push myself out the door. Once I'm there, I enjoy the shooting, and yes, the people. But by the end, I am mentally a
  11. No, it just turns it into a much more polite "leave me alone."
  12. Trying to think of a worst outhouse story, and suppose I generally consider myself fortunate. I've had to make use of some incredibly awful ones, mostly in the military, but that's about it. However... My Dad's side of the family owns some property in S.E. Kentucky. There used to be a house on it, but it burned in a forest fire. Family cemetery is there, and we used to use it extensively for camping in the summer. After awhile, my Dad and uncles deemed it necessary to put up an outhouse. A very conventional outhouse. Nothing special about it. It served usefully for a couple of years. The
  13. Sometimes? Because that's my answer... Sometimes. Just depends on... My mood...
  14. A redhead who can use power tools to build things... I’m sorry... What was the other choice?
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