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  1. I’ve had plenty of discussions about “buying American” since Mrs. Doc bought me a Tundra years ago. Some civil, some contentious. Like others, I had to show that the year my truck was made, it was more “American” than the big three. So then the argument became “Well, the profit goes back to Japan.” I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve had a couple of people tell me to perform anatomically impossible acts when I pointed out not only paychecks stay here, but Toyota is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange. As for me, I buy American if practical and practicable. I don’t mind
  2. Well, even if he's got nothin, I'm glad @Utah Bob #35998is still here. As for me, I think most who care to know are aware it has been a pretty crappy year and a half for my family. I haven't really thought to mention it before now, but I started a new job January 11th. I work for my County Veterans Services Office. I'll be training to be a CVSO (County Veterans Services Officer), and, assuming the goal of many to begin a Veteran Treatment Court comes to fruition, I will become the liaison between our office and the court. I work with a very small group of really good people, and am
  3. Understeer, the front of the car hits the wall first. Oversteer, the back of the car hits the wall first.
  4. I think it was at my first State Match, a stage with quite a bit of movement, firearms staged down range. I went through what I was going to do in my head over and over, went over it as I was staging firearms, even talking myself through it. At the sound of the beep, I did NONE of what I had planned. I somehow managed to shoot it without a P, but plenty of misses.
  5. I understood, and I agree, it might. The alternative is why it should be done from the best cover available, in case it doesn't.
  6. If Basic Training, there could be a whole lot of guys getting ready to have a bad day.
  7. I think you would agree a sample size of One is not very large. I believe there are two possible reactions at the sound. Run, or open fire if armed. Possibly a panicked fire. I always recommend if going with the plan of cycling an action, to do so from the best cover available.
  8. Thanks for the clarification. I certainly thought otherwise, hence the ability of the government to extend benefits. Yes, the employer would need to offer greater pay and benefits, which is an entirely different discussion. Certainly, the bottom line would be improved.
  9. It is a tax that would otherwise be used to increase the company’s bottom line, and wages for employees. Also, If I’m not mistaken, Federal and State taxes also go into the fund. All of which means we end up paying.
  10. Just remember, both you and your employer paid into that against this eventuality.
  11. This morning was the first for me. Seems you must spend too much time on social media...
  12. Sorry, Rye, but this one is too funny for me not to post.
  13. I think they're a riot. My personal favorite:
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