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  1. Reilly’s Luck. Sorry, it would bothered me
  2. Very nice! Nothing wrong with an Epiphone. My Epiphone Les Paul has some minor differences from it’s Gibson brothers, but for most of us, we wouldn’t notice unless pointed out.
  3. Tell him thanks for me, and there's no reason to wait!
  4. This morning, after much studying, I sat for and passed the exam to earn my Extra class license in amateur radio. My daughter, Rachel, also passed hers. That puts us at the top, licensure-wise, although I still feel very much like a beginner, and I know I have much to learn. Like any other endeavor worth the effort, one never really stops learning or improving. As for the "until" in the title, there is one more test to pass, to become a volunteer examiner (VE), but I'm being told it is quite easy, and mostly a formality so one can help others into the world of amateur radio. 73, KE8PHY/AE
  5. Not at all. The rifle that is said to have taken down Patrick Ferguson at King’s Mountain was named “Sweet Lips.” They should be named for a girl, though. Unless owned by a girl, then I’m not sure what the na mi protocol is.
  6. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/40bd903d-bb06-4b36-9d66-bde3d279a33f
  7. No photos of the eclipse, but I had a great seat. Traffic stopped as it neared totality, and I was able to view it. I could make out one prominence. I did get a picture of my truck complete with antenna and "EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS" magnetic sign attached.
  8. Last prediction I heard for our area is light high level clouds. Before, during, and after the eclipse I'll be sitting in my truck as part of ARES working with our county EMA as a traffic spotter, keeping an eye out for problems.
  9. I find the prices at my local exchange to be on par with what I can buy elsewhere, until I account for sales tax, then the exchange is a winner. Of course, I'm not 65 miles away, more like a fifteen minute drive.
  10. This'll take some thought on my part. My top ten fifteen. What can I say? I got to ten and realized there were a few I needed to add. Top five, middle five and bottom five ar generally in no particular order. I stopped short of including Blazing Saddles because it is a comedy first, western second. If I run across any of these playing, I'm watching. Tombstone The Magnificent Seven (original) The Outlaw Josey Wales Open Range Shane El Dorado (Michele Carey trumps Walter Brennan) Hang 'Em High The Shootist Quigley Down Under Silverado The Fastest Gun Alive Big Jake The Quick and The Dead (Based on the Louis L'amour novel with Sam Elliott) Last Stand at Saber River Two Mules for Sister Sara.
  11. Yes, only because Walter Brennan is in one and not the other. It does make me wonder how they define the Western genre. There are a good number of movies on that list that I wouldn't consider "westerns" as I understand them.
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