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  1. I don't believe that is allowed on the SASS site and it's been nearly a year and I couldn't tell you his name if you put a gun to my head. Sorry.
  2. I have bought a number of guns from guys on this site and only had one bad deal. Didn't get the gun and the guy wouldn't return my cashier's check......not at all what I have come expect from Texans. I guess there's a cull in every herd. I wrote it off as loss.
  3. I recently sold one simply because I needed five 1911s like I need the mumps. I sold an Auto Ordnance, a Springfield, and an old parts puzzle gun that I have had since college. I kept my RIA because it is the best of the bunch, mostly because I worked it, or had it worked by experts....and it was the prettiest (due to a nice custom blue job and some fine double diamond walnut grips) and the newest of the lot. Nothing really wrong with the others, and I kept a Colt that had belonged to my dad for nostalgic reasons.
  4. Thanks, Ringo. I ordered it. I swear that said back ordered when I looked yesterday. (I'm old, you know. ) Sorry, Red. I didn't see your post before I bought theone from Brownell's, but thanks anyway.
  5. Any idea where I can get either one. (I'd prefer Marble's) Everyone lists them as "Out of stock" including the manufacturer's sites.
  6. Your legs aren't all crippled, are they?
  7. Going on a Uberti '73 rifle with 24" barrel. Adjustable for windage? Would the Marble's sight be any better (or worse) than the Lyman?
  8. I'm gonna take your birthday away from you.
  9. Yeah. You wouldn't want to be known to associate with people like that. Could damage your reputation. I don't know about you but I've spent a lot if years honing my rep as a horses....well, you know. O don't want that damaged.
  10. Stand by your writing and I'll be proud to stand beside you. Others should, as well.
  11. More people need to take the initiative to walk away and let the HA parents (and others) get by without them.
  12. Noooooooooooo, he ain't either. Sorry, 'bones, but that just doesn't fit your profile.
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