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  1. Finally got through........to a parent company switchboard. Another ten minutes to get a very nice young lady who is dumber than a gob of spit and though her English was pretty good I'd bet her native tongue isn't English. After a bunch more time I finally hung up. I'll still buy their product, but I have no emotional ties left to it
  2. I have lost so many over the years....and it never gets easier. Be thankful for her time with you.
  3. Last movie I saw in a theater was Star Trek Insurrection.........years ago! I don't like theaters and can usually find a DVD (or several dozen) that I want want at my local public library.
  4. That's just EVIL!!! Putting that much pastry where a fat guy can see it should be illeg....ah, crap! I'll take a half dozen maple bars and an apple fritter.
  5. Best solution. No politics being taught in a college. Not putting up with communist ideolgy. Not having to tolerate the idiotic people who think this will work. More fun. Less money. One more idiotic "we know better than anyone else" group of self-important proplr that will not / should not / must not exist.
  6. I got a library card when I first moved here. The Last four digits of my account number are the same as the last four of my phone number....which I got three years later. Not many coincidences in my life, though. Not any that were worthy of remembering.
  7. My Mom's family were mostly Italian. Mom couldn't say "good morning" if her hands were full or otherwise encumbered. The Irish are also similarly into hand talking.
  8. A friend turned me on toCommunity Coffee out of Baton Rouge. Seems expensive until you realize it come in a 32 ounce bag. I'm told it has a dab of chicory in it but I can't taste it. Keep it refrigerated and it will serve you for a long time. It's really good.
  9. I wear a size 7 7/8 or 8 hat. Hard to find but worth the search.
  10. Many might be using that gesture to show how big their tiny brains are.
  11. How do you take your coffee? Very seriously.
  12. Got that right..and you don't have to wash it, find parking, do the laundry, maintain anything, and usually have breakfast either on site or close by.
  13. That young "damsel in distress" is cute enough that I'd have been after her like a duck after a June bug. Yep, I would have been.
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