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  1. What did you shoot salt for? They're mostly harmless and other than being hard on your blood pressure ( like my kids were) they can be pleasing to be around. Bud K is it. I bought a manriki because it is easier than making one. I got to be pretty proficient with one I made when I was on Okinawa in 1966, but that one vanished in one of our many moves. Not proficient any more and I nearly killed myself trying some of mover from yesteryear.
  2. Just came back from my mail box. Had a letter for someone in Lansing, Michigan from somebody in Farmington, New Mexico. I live in Prescott Valley, Arizona.
  3. Don't make yourself obnoxious because some old redneck cowboy will twist your head around until the brim points in thee right direction.
  4. They'd be scarier if they were here...and if the were six feet long.
  5. How about camo bikinis and tactical toilet paper.......to name about 2% of the useless crap you can find.
  6. I get a lot of catalogs and I want to take a recent one as an example. I have bought a number of things from them in the past but am unlikely to do so again. The front cover has a guy who looks like battle ready wannabe with a sword thingy that has a knobby sheath that is supposed to double as a club...I think. He has a "please don't hurt me" look on his face. He isn't fearsome and if I encountered one like him and felt the least amount of threat to myself I'd simply shoot a half dozen holes in him, go home, make a sandwich and watch TV. Inside they have pictures of dozens of "fantasy" knives and swords, accessories such as sharpeners (Each the best there is dontchknow.), some hatchets and tomahawks, a gizmo made to break into cars, "replica guns" of guns that never existed, para-cord, some impressively useless shop tools, lock picking kits, a super-dooper lighter or two, goggles and night seeing gear, novelty signs, cheap bandoliers and holsters, a crossbows ( one that shoots toothpicks), badges, lights of many kinds, saps and brass knuckles, junk jewelry, a manriki gusari (one of the few things I bought), copper stills, whips of questionable quality, scary looking "non-lethal" guns that look like assault rifles and will get some one using one killed, make believe Viking drinking cups.....and on and on. This is only one of many, that I see, so someone must be buying this junk.. It doesn't make you tough or frightening and most people who have this gadgetry probably don't any clue whatsoever how to use any of it. If you want to be tough and frightening may I suggest a trip to to the nearest armed forces recruiting office. They will be happy to see you and unless you a total zero you will at least get paid to learn a trade. If you are already tough and frightening you can disregard all of this and join me in a laugh or several at these people's expense.
  7. Gun shows have been a waste of my time for about the last five or six years. Nothing I can get there that I can't find somewhere cheaper and with less BS to put up with.
  8. I watched about ten minutes of the show when it first aired and never bothered again.
  9. True, but that was before my time so it slipped by me.
  10. Assuming that the "we" you mention are going to get up off their lazy and/or indifferent butts and vote instead of sitting around griping about it.....and that the votes aren't rigged.
  11. My dad named his Remington 08 "Old Meat In The Pot".
  12. The Brits perfected the square in Africa long before that. Someone (Kipling?) wrote a poem about breaking the English Square.
  13. If someone wants to show me that I'll give him two options; take it away with right now under your own power or take that finger home In a Dixie Cup.
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