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  1. That figures. They don't pay attention to very much else.
  2. My grandson (only grand child) turned 20 on the 20th of February. Today (his dad's 55th birthday - another senior citizen in the crowd.) he informed us that he is starting a class to learn and get certified to be an EMT, and has been approved, assuming he gets that certification, a place in the fire fighters academy in Las Vegas. I couldn't be prouder of the kid. I guess he isn't a kid any more. Drinks are on me.
  3. There is a Department of This Is Offensive To Us in the US Capitol. It's one door left of The Department of Stupid Acronyms....and it's mighty hard to get any lefter.
  4. How do I cancel one? I've tried since I ordered it three weeks ago and get NO response for Amazon nor the seller. Is it possible to talk to a real live human person there/
  5. Dodgers used to have a team trainer name of Paul Padilla. I worked with him for about eleven years after he left the Dodgers. His nickname was Mister Potato Head. I wonder what ever became of him.
  6. Don't confuse rhese idiots with truth or logic. If thet were forced to change their minds it might prove to be fatal! . . . . . . . . . . Wait! That might be a solution to....never mind.
  7. That's your choice, but no one has the right to force their choice on everyone else. They are crossing a lot of barriers to get this BS pushed through.
  8. Sorry. Credit where credit is due. Especially when it comes to words of wisdom.
  9. There is NO SUCH THING AS GRAVITY. The world sucks.
  10. I never have any around long enough to spoil. I eat about a dozen a week, sometimes more, and under those conditions they last long enough. One of the very few things I miss about California is the chicken and egg farm a mile south of our house. Their prices were about half what the stores were getting and they seldom had any eggs over a day old. I've gone in mid-afternoon and found them all gone.
  11. Look like a mid-winter grizzly bear.
  12. I fell a couple of months ago and suffered with painful ribs for about five weeks. I don't like pain because it hurts. I'm going to try not to do that anymore.
  13. I generally carry a 2" Kershaw Silver Spur, a 3 blade Diamond Edge 2 1/2" blade and two smaller ones, and a 3" AKC side lock switchblade. I sometimes carry a 4" Italian stiletto switchblade for contentious social encounters, and for out doors stuff I have Longline Charlie Glackman 7" "bowie"derivative that Charlie gave me just before he passed away. It came with a really sad sheath that he told me had on hand, but that I should get a better one for it. My grandson sketched out a design at the kitchen able and I had a local leather craftsman make it. It's my very favorite field
  14. I bought a pair of AWAs about twenty years ago and only had one minor problem, an out of true cylinder pin, which was corrected by a local smith in about fifteen minutes. I have a 1950 Colt .45, 5 1/2" barrel that I got as a high school graduation present. Over the years it has been re-blued twice, has worn a half dozen grips and ridden in five or six holsters. The only problem I ever had with it was a broken spring....but I don't recall which spring. I've also owned a bunch of others from Ruger to Swiss masterpiece (that I sold because it was to nice to
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