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  1. Reata Pass Auctions in Dewey-Humbolt AZ. An offshoot of Little John's Auctions in S.Cal. Good folks to do business with.
  2. You really need to stop smoking that stuff, Al.
  3. Does the Warden know one of his cons is out?
  4. So have rocks. I have a veritable arsenal of granite in my yard.
  5. Aren't you all sick and tired of people (governments, manufacturers, retailers, schools, and almost everyone else) forcing their crap on us.....AND MAKING US PAY FOR IT?
  6. My mom taught me to take a few seconds to think of something nice to say before answering. I usually managed to do that, but one time about this time of year we were in a mall and she was looking in a window. I stopped and looked a model inside and she asked me that question. I was thinking about the model ( a real knockout) and a said that would look really good on you. It cost me almost nine hundred dollars for a blonde mink coat...in California where it almost never gets cold....and where she wore it about ten times in twenty years. We gave it to our daughter when she got married. They lived in California but have recently moved to South Carolina in a tropical rain forest near Flat Rock...where it isn't likely to get worn much there either.
  7. If that's the reason, explain why it's been happening for forty years.
  8. I like it, too. It really expresses how coffee wakes some folks up.
  9. Why can't I do the same thing with a pump gun? Five rounds, about the same size, not as bulky, and I can get a used one for about the same price, maybe less...and I already know how to use a pump gun. Seems to me be just one more "gee whiz I gotta have one" gun.
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