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  1. First thing we'd do is rewire those Brit cars, reverse to polarity, replace all the parts with American stuff, improve the mounting fixtures, and label everydangthing. I finally discovered a man who would make a manifold so we could put Weber carbs on them, too, and in 1968 I bought a Datsun 166 toadster and my mechanic put in a capacity discharge electronic ignition set up. Add a roll bar, flywheel explosion shield, and three point seat belts and we were track ready.
  2. My next door neighbor, age 83, sold his 2016 Corvette for just that reason. Said he came home from church and wet himself because he couldn't get out of the car in time.
  3. You don't need a green stick if you have a good water supply. Simply take off all the bark and soak the stick for an hour or so. Avoid conifers. They taste terrible because of the sap. Sane reason I stopped eating venison taken in the Wasatch Range. They live on pine trees and taste like crap matinated in kerosene.
  4. I quit smoking the second 1999 became 2000. As to ads, it like anything else that offends people: if you don't like to read it, listen to it, drive by it, or associate with it any other way. Otherwise you're just as bad as the anti-gunners and other who want to take our rights because the are offended by them. I don't like people like that regardless of their "offendedness".
  5. Wire wheels were designed mostly for European sports cars in order to give drivers a reason to spend time in the garage balancing and tightening them when the SU carburators and Lucas electronics were already in shape and the car hadn't been driven yet.
  6. Didn't have a single solitary microchip in it either, did it?
  7. In addition to two robocalls I have now received two wrong numbers for Dennis. I haven't known any Dennis since high school.
  8. In got a brand new cell phone with a new number. I activated it about fifteen minutes ago and the first two calls I got were both robocalls. And people wonder why I don't like most of the new technology that has been foisted off on us and misused against us for the last forty years.
  9. I had a Red Ryder BB gun ca. 1953-1955. It had a brown sort od wood-looking plastic butt stock with raised figures and lettering on it and a matching plastic forearm. The butt plate was a softer plastic that popped off to reveal a storage chamber in the butt. Never saw many of them but I'd sure like to find one for my wall. Don't even care if it works as long as it looks good.
  10. First saw a floating faucet at Utah State Agricultural College's (Now Utah State University) annual Agathon festival in 1952. They had a standard garden variety brass faucet over a wash tub. There was a rusty, twisted strand of wire attached to an eye bold in the ceiling holding it up. I wonder if they still have Agathon.
  11. If I said what I really mean it would take dozens of pages, use up most of my personal vocabulary, and get me banned at the least and shot at the worst.
  12. Finally, something to display "man size" clothing. For years everything was made for skinny teen agers in styles as practical as a barb wire jock strap.
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