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  1. Cookie Cutter Peking Shears Red Beans
  2. Kobe and Wagyu same stuff. And that isn't that much more than it was when I was in Japan 45 years ago, if you adjust for normal increases.
  3. You gotta stop smoking that stuff. It'll make you go blind. too.
  4. Oh, Yeah. Talk, shout, use sign language.
  5. And it's a LOT more fun. Besides, what's to stop me? I'm nearly 80, widowed, retired, and independent. No one can fire me, hire me, promote or demote me or raise or lower my income, transfer me or otherwise do much to change my life style. I'm my own boss. I don't much care anything about my effect on others or whether I hurt their feelings or not, and I can express my honest opinions....and frequently do. I'm not afraid of dying (not that I want to) and the threat of life in prison isn't much a deterrent, and it's likely I'll be out and bail
  6. Had to read that twice. Thought it said "second hand virgin" and pondered on how that could be done. Of course, Pat lives in California so........never mind.
  7. I have a friend who bought one of those a couple of years ago. He and his wife travel all over on it.
  8. Ah, come on over, Pat. I got a shop full of tools here and betwixt you and me we can get it right. Bring your own pain killer.
  9. That may be because they're still mopping up the puke.
  10. Never tried acid, but I did snort coke once. Didn't ever do it again because it hurt too much putting the can up my nose.
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