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  1. Based on perform, reliability accuracy and cost I'd place my RIA in #1 spot. I had a very very good gunsmith, who is also one of the most reasonably priced, put a wonderful civilian blue job on it, junked the smooth wood grips for some Sarco machine checkered (NOT laser engraved) "double diamond" walnut grips, and found a dozen Colt magazines. Dropped it in a Ted Blocker holster and I'm ready for town. Colt might be a bit better...for double the cost or more...but I can't see it. Can't speak for Kimber, but again it costs a bunch more. The Springfield is as good as the RIA but I haven't found a GI issue type gun from them. I bought mine from the Bullet Barn in Upland California in 2012 and it has never had a hiccup since I found the right magazines.....maybe 2,500 rounds ago. I've owned a bunch of 1911s in the last 65 years, new, used, surplus military, one exLEO piece, and civilian and stand by this opinion.
  2. I was born some three months after Pearl Harbor, but I clearly remember trains running below our home in Woodland, Washington. Mom set me on the kitchen table so I could see out the window.and watch the trucks and tanks and passenger cars coming and going. A year or so later we went back to Utah on one of those trains, still taking people home from war. We (Mom, my baby sister and I) were going to visit my grandmother. I remember the men coming home, some were battered in ways we will never know, and almost all wanted to "hold your baby, Ma'am?" and to play with me. They were all very respectful and so desperate to just get back to normal. At the time I didn't understand it, but Dad explained that many of them hadn't seem an American woman in years and would have protected her against any assault, no matter how slight From Pearl Harbor to the largest and most successful nation on earth, helping others to recover all across the world, to the beginning of a terrifying downward spiral brought on by many of our own people. I fear for the nation and mourn that which is gone and unlikely to ever return.,,,, but many of us will always REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR!
  3. I wonder what would happen if the police simply refused to respond to calls from them......and fire departments too, because they are subject to attacks at such places. How about medical help refusing to show up because of the danger to their people.? And the list goes on. Mail and package delivery, animal control, utilities workers, child welfare people, teachers, etc.
  4. Reality strikes again....somewhere beside California, where it hasn't in forty years.
  5. Very clever. I like it, but I don't have any stairs in my house and probably couldn't get up and down them if I did.
  6. Looks like the last few days before Christmas at any store you can name.
  7. Probably happy to see the first ship of the season bring stuff they want and need.
  8. I was the one kid in a class. My senior class voted me "the boy most likely to" and I've done my best to live up to it.
  9. I know I've seen them but I can't find ant for the 1-A. Closest I can come is for the .30 and .32 caliber versions. Way too large for the little .22 frame. I'd like some some smooth faux ivory grips but will settle for some of the fancier ones with designs. Also looking for ivory-like grips for the Uberti copy of the 1875 Remington six-gun. Them I can find if I want to pay the stiff cost for custom grips. Thanks. Forty
  10. I have 14 SKS stripper clips of 10 rounds each, all in excellent condition, and will trade straight up for an equal number of 5 round clips. I need these for a number of calibers that I own: .35 Remington, .35 Whelen, .30-40 U. S. Krag, and possibly a few others. You pay shipping to me and I'll pay shipping to you. Please contact me at gun.slick@juno.com
  11. Thank you, Kit. Some very excellent voices in that mob and a lot of practice and coordination went into the preparation. I've only seen two flash mobs, one in Las Vegas that I suspect was staged by the casino where it was held. The other was at The Montclair Plaza in California just a short walk from the Claremont Colleges complex that is home to five or six colleges in about a square mile. Both were excellent entertainment.
  12. Yeah, but "they're tame you know.", I've heard people say that for years. It's amazing to me how many will think that and manage to NOT get killed.
  13. It might be the first in Los Angeles in 25 years, but less than 10 years ago two women were killed by cougars north of Rancho Cucamonga, and one was partially eaten. That is about 35 miles from Los Angeles. The big cats are still fairy common there. Oe of our members, Red Headed Stranger, had a wife who worked for the Pomona area animal shelter. About fifteen year ago she was called out for a cougar on the J. C. Penney loading dock at the Montclair Plaza. She tried to tranquilize it, but the police killed it before it could be captured
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