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  1. You have to go slow. The roads are very narrow and nothing moves over for you.
  2. Why would I talk to anyone? (I always do, but why would I?)
  3. Bunratty Castle and Folk Park. My wife asked if it was for sale and a lady guide told her to ask at the local pub. She did and never paid for anything. I personally never got a cent out of it. Don't kiss the Blarney Stone. A guide told my wife the locals pee on it.
  4. My favorite nurse told me that with the technology already used in me and the rate that new stuff is coming up I could conceivably live forever.......if I don't die first. Say what? She grinned and told me she was just seeing if I was paying attention. I just love my nurses at the VA.
  5. Joe, you nailed that one right on the money. Thanks for pointing that out. Might be a good argument for home-schooling, too.
  6. NO! I see it every day and the state isn't what I moved here to live in. It's being California-ized at a terrifying rate. If you don't like Arizona the way you find it then I'll personally invite you to go the hell back where you came from.
  7. translates roughly to "mine room" so I'd guess a mine sweeper of some sort. The turret has what appears to be a mantle for a couple of machineguns
  8. And the idiots who were interviewing her are clueless boobs who are stealing money paid to them to be better. That young lady has an IQ equal to both of their's combined...and then some.
  9. Yeah, sell it only happens once because I also stop going to those stores most of the time. That also cuts into their profits, just a tiny bit, but if more people did it they might have a effect on the marketing policy in the store. Nah! They'd rather do a Sears Roebuck than cater to anyone except the management.
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