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  1. Looks like self inflicted birth control (maybe even retroactive) in the making.
  2. When he grows into his head he'll be a giant. Love the color combo. My chihuahua min-pin mix vanishes in the yard if she isn't moving. If she's in the weeds even that doesn't help. Her wagging tail gives her away a lot. Of course being a gigantic eleven pounds doesn't hurt either. I have thought of renting her out to the Department of Defense as a great camouflage pattern...or maybe the Israelis.
  3. Yeah. It's really tough to lose a good friend and some of the best friends I've had sported four paws and a tail that wagged.
  4. I won't settle for less than a buck three eighty.
  5. I used to get tens cents a week for my allowance. It went up to thirty cents a week later on. How much are going to give me now?
  6. As an archniphobe, I can tell you that wolf spiders, not considered to be dangerous, can actually kill you deader that Friday's fish by causing a heart attack. They are ugly as anything alien, faster that greased lightning, and not much given to getting away from you. We have Brown recluse (fiddle backs) and black widows here and neither one scare me as bad as wolf spiders. And God help me, I actually have two spider friends. Boris (bigger, black and light gray) and Bella (smaller, rusty brown with tan markings) are tarantulas that live in my yard between the garage and the work shop. They are friendly, slow, not aggressive and they eat other spiders and assorted other bugs-types of wild life. And they are really fun to watch.
  7. I'll be there, dressed as an old, fat, gray-haired Rambo.
  8. I don't need luck. All the rest of you do, because it's such a burden being wrong so often.
  9. There's gonna be blood on the moon no matter who wins.
  10. Suicide machine. Someone with a bucket full of rocks could take that thing on and win.
  11. They're Italian. My Mom couldn't say "hi" with her hands in her pockets.
  12. There wouldn't be any disagreement if all you people would just see that I'm always right and do it my way. Capice?
  13. Nine minutes and fifty seconds of reinforcing my dislike for Pepsi.
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