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  1. Hurray for Gearhart-Owens powders. They have always worked perfectly in my guns, including BP cartridges.
  2. Jack pretty well nailed it. Don't forget to thoroughly clean the flint and the face of the frizzen if you're shooting a flintlock, too. I oil them and leave the oil onuntil I'm ready to hunt, then wipe the oil away with rubbing alcohol (a small container and a clean cloth are part of my hunting kit). Don't forget to re-oil them when you're done for the day if you haven't fired the gun.
  3. I'm as happy as a pig in s--- with my RIA 1911. Fussy about mags (likes real Colt mags, bur won't accept lot of high dollar junk) and I replaced the slick wood grips with checkered double diamond walnut, but other that that it's a stock as a stove and very reliable and accurate.
  4. That pup is too cute to be lunch. I don't have 'gators, but my dog almost never goes out alone because of bobcats, coyotes, owls, hawks, and bald eagles.
  5. Face up to it: We are old. My son turns 56 in March and my daughter will be 54 in May. Doesn't seem possible because I'm still a kid playing with toy trains and cowboy guns and going "VROOM VROOM" when I drive my car.
  6. Ha d lots of bobcat and cougar in southern California within anywhere from a mile to forty miles east of LAX. Had two women killed, one partially eaten, by cougars just north of Upland-MontClair area about the time we left. Saw a bobcat the night after I moves to NWS Seal Beach crossing a road at the NW corner of the base. A couple of years later there was a momma Bobcat and two kittens practicing being predators in tall grass right next to the freeway between LAX and the landing field for the Goodyear blimp. 4:00 pm and they flat stopped traffic so rubber-neckers could get their fill of ogling.
  7. I go about 160 feet to my work shop for almost anything I need. A near shortage of .380, 9mm, and 12 gauge are my only concerns and I frankly have enough of both for most foreseeable requirements. I'd like a cushion, but probably don't actually need one.
  8. I still don't consider my Model 8 Remington an assault rifle, but I know people who do. Semi-auto, five round internal magazine introduced in 1906 and made in 1921. Same with my 1911 pistol.
  9. Look good, but I druther have the Hammer Classic with hammers and 30" barrels. That's why they make chocolate and vanilla ice cream: everyone has their own taste in things.
  10. I have a roof top solar electrical system. I didn't ue up any land that could be used for anything else, not any land of any kind. $123.00 month lease and my highest bill since moving to Arizona was $31.60 compared to a couple of southern California months that ran over $400.00
  11. My accent wall in the living room i the same as one we had in California. I couldn't recall the name of the color and called a friend. He had done the same color on opposing walls in his rec room. He didn't know the name either but said his wife called it Dr. Pepper red. Dead on. I got a half gallon at SW and have enough left to do inside ofwindow wells and door frames.
  12. I had a friend who collected "rare"guns in the belief that they were valuable. I broke him of that when he bought a South African shotgun that had special 12 gauge ammo in a grip magazine, could be run as a semi-auto or pump gun, and a whole plethora of other useless crap. He gave $500.00 for it in 1990 and a couple of years late couldn't get $50.00 for it. I finally convinced him that there were very few of them made because they weren't worth a damn. When he died his widow almost gave most of his collection away. She did get a fair price for his collection of Ruger single actions. He claimed to have one of every model, caliber, configuration, and combination that Ruger ever made.
  13. Wasn't a chastisement, just a "welcome to the clan" greeting.
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