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  1. That's a p--- poor reason for me to get a TV and have to pay for all the crap that goes with it. I'll just remain blissfully ignorant.
  2. We waited too long to take action. We had been involved indirectly for a few years before Pearl Harbor and Americans were killed before that attack. Pearl Harbor forced the USA into a war that eventually took the lives of 10% if the worlds population and left us as the supreme leader of the world militarily, economically, scientifically, socially, and every other "ly" in the dictionary. Now, 78 years later we have thrown most of that away, and we're falling further behind everydat while out "former enemies" are thriving. Why?
  3. Kate is buried up here in or near Prescott. Stop off to say hello on the way to the cemetery.
  4. not that new. I think I first heard it about the time we moved to Arizona over five years ago.
  5. That looks like my babies, but we had revolving Cupola with .50 and 7.62 in "turret mounts" on the front. The grenade launcher was on an external pintle on the right of the cupola right above the 7.62. Had another external pintle next to the roof hatch at the right rear and a pair of "home made "swing away" MG mounts above the doors. I'd like to find one at a reasonable price. I'd Winnebago-ize it and go out on the freeway totally fearless.
  6. That's a keeper for sure. Valdez had "something for rabbits" in his shotgun and It became a touch word for some our group for a long time.
  7. Worst I ever ate was in Jackson Hole WY in 1982. Don't know what it really was but it wasn't (A) Mexican, (B) beef, (C) or edible. I refused to pay for it and the owner called the police. I went before a JP and ended up paying court costs and $25.00, but I was assured by the bailiff that none of it went back to the cafe.
  8. my question is about the distance. It seemed to take too long for 100 yards, near three seconds. I'd have guessed a lot further.
  9. Don't drive in the canal and it ceases to be an issue. High and dry is the way to go.
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