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  1. WE got no leaders. Everyone is either attacking someone else or defending themselves against attacks (or both) and there ain't NOdamnbody running the country. I'd like to fire them all and start over from scratch.
  2. A lot of people put a lot of years into restoring that plane. I'm sad for them. It was a way of life to couple of guys I knew back in '79who spend every weekend. It doesn't say which prison. There are four within a couple of miles, all within three miles of where I used to live.
  3. I cannot fathom why someone would do that to themselves and pay for it to boot. Talk about mental cases.
  4. We had one of those. Wonder whatever happened to it. Wonder why we never got another one. HMMMM!
  5. I'm not even close to being perfect. Can I still look down on you? Well, can I?
  6. "I want a divorce." She got it and it lasted only eleven months. We then remarried and carried on for nearly forty more years until she passed away. If it ever got mentioned again we referred to it as "the incident."
  7. That doesn't look like southern California but they had one identical to that at Planes Of Fame in Chino, about 8 miles south of where we lived. I knew people from many aerospace industries who volunteered time, effort, expertise, sweat, and muscle over about 20 years to make that bugger fly.
  8. I hope you trip on your cutlass, sit on your hook, get splinters from your wooden leg, fall off the poop deck, and get your eye patch all water-logged and shrunk up. After that I hope the rest of your day turns out really lousy. Talk Like A Pirate Day my crusty old butt. Misfits.
  9. I bought two rifles at the same time from the PX on Okinawa in 1974. Both were chambered for 7mm RemingtonMagnum, both had identical scopes and mounts and both cost about the same amount: around $275.00. I even put identical slings on them. 1. A Remington 700ADL was a dream to shoot. Reasonable recoil, very accurate, and everything fit very well, and it was as durable as Gibraltar. 2. A Weatherby Vanguard was much less likable in every way. The recoil was a bit more pronounced (I never could figure out why), accuracy was more than disappointing (I even swapped the scopes from rifle to rifle with identical results), and I had it to the shop three times in the first seven months I was back stateside for minor but unforgivable crap. It was absolutely gorgeous, though, but I sold it anyway...for about $75.00 more than I paid for it at the PX. I kept the Remington until we moved here about five years ago and an elk-hunting friend bought it. I told him to make an offer and he got it for triple what I paid for it, but still much less than the going price. His first day of hunting was his last and it only lasted three hours until a trophy bull got too close and stood to still for too long. One shot, 125 yards, and the rest of the day getting it onto his truck and started back home.
  10. 3 quart Dutch oven with feet and a lid is more versatile, but I like your thinking. A 3 quart Dutch oven is large enough for a single guy to do anything but boil your laundry, and small enough to still be portable. If you have guests make it a BYODO party.
  11. It's a two barrel swivel breech .36. I've owned two and sold both. I decided I want another one and the company (Classic Arms) is out of business. Even Dixie Gun Works doesn't have any left. This is the same outfit that made the one you're talking about and a side-by-side pistol called Snake Eyes. They had a few others as well.
  12. I'll go with the ColtSAA .45 with a % 1/2" barrel. My first gun in 1960 and the last one I'll ever sell. I shot it so much that most of the gun has been replaced over the years, but it's still my go to gun when I just have to shoot something or go into withdrawal. My Uberti 73 in .44-40 with a 24" octagonal barrel that my wife bought me in 1980 for Christmas is a mighty close second.
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