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  1. Just the plain ole SASS life badge, that you originally were issued. That says it all. Any embellishments beyond that, YOU add....such as: integrity, honor, genuine, friendly, helpful, kind, patient, humble, understanding, selfless, soft spoken...a servant-leader.
  2. I guess Colt could be the "gold standard", since USFA, Standard, AWA, Cimarron-Uberti/Pietta, are all clones of the 1873 Colt single action. That doesn't mean Colt is made better, just that it was the first, and the rest are all clones of it. Usually, we pay for the name. Colt could, and more often than not, has a higher purchasing value, and resale value. You are buying a name, you are buying history. I have a older ASM clone, with a "pinched frame". I paid $350 inflated yankee dollars for it, a few years back. I saw a Colt "pinched frame" for sale on one of the gun sites, a
  3. You make it....that should be sweet enough. You don't need sugar.
  4. If one goes to say Lowe's, or Home Depot, and buys some stump remover, it is pure potassium nitride (read the label on the container, to make sure it is pure 100% potassium nitride. Some are not quite 100%). I buy the old cheap brown, large round coffee filters. I put some water in a plastic container (with a lid), and add the powdered stump remover, stir it up, and then add in, one a time, the coffee filters, and let them soak for a while. Then I take them out of the solution, and hang them up to dry. When dry, I take them down, and cut them up. Bingo...you have made your ow
  5. Several years ago, ebay bought pay pal, or pay pal bought ebay, I can't remember which. Anyway, I used to do a lot of buying on ebay, using U.S. Postal money orders to pay for my winning bids. Then, ebay stated they would be only using pay pal for purchases, and stated it was for my own good, and safety. Horse...feathers. It was because ebay, and pay pal, had merged, and it was all about money, and profit. Follow the money. I was an avid ebay user, and I quit, cold turkey. Now, I do believe ebay, and pay pal, have mostly gone their separate ways, and you can now use pay
  6. Mutton tallow can be had on amazon, or ebay. Dixie Gun Works has it listed under "Lamb Tallow", and they show it to be in stock right now. With Dixie, you have to be pretty specific, sometimes, to find a product they carry. Mutton tallow will not show up. Lamb tallow will. My Two Bits. W.K.
  7. Very interesting post. Thank you. The ideas, and concepts, and possible solutions to problems, that exist, whether temporary, or more permanent, is always fascinating. Looking at it, it doesn't seem to really beat the old paper cartridge, in that, the paper cartridge system doesn't have any brass to try to remove. With paper cartridges, and with some practice, one can reload a percussion revolver almost, if not faster, than a single action cartridge revolver, since one has no brass empty cartridges to eject, before reloading. It did address the problem of loading s
  8. Like Dawg, I swab between shots....even with my smooth bores, and especially with rifled bores. I went to the local pharmacy, and purchased some alcohol swabs, that folks use on an injection site, for say, an insulin shot. They come in packets, and are square, and look like cleaning patches, but are soaked in alcohol. It works great. You run the alcohol patches, down the bore, to the breech, twist it, and bring it back up. The alcohol evaporates very fast, and cleans the bore, too. I have tried a patch with lube/oil/Hoppes, and I have to follow that up with a dry patch
  9. More sad news, on top of all the rest of the sad news. The future sure ain't what it used to be.
  10. Well...the logical conclusion is that a lot of folks are expecting really good things to happen with the Marlin rifles, that will be coming out. Many have already seen, and been witness to, the less-than-quality-product of the Marlin's, that have been produced by the former Remington company. Ruger has a lot to live up to, and, hopefully, they can. Most of us live in other States, but in this instance, we that love the Marlin's are all "from Missouri". It's a wait and see, thing, right now. There are extremely high expectations, and there are still a lot of folks that have older Marlin's
  11. Yep...all this may have been floating around for a good while...no arguments about that. Point is, it made the news I was listening to, and I was just blown away. Our high school mascot is the "Indians". There was talk about renaming the mascot, but public sentiment, around here, was heavily against it. So folks said...okay, we'll just rebrand the name to "NDN's"...if you try to change the name. We still have a statue of a Confederate soldier, on our court house lawn, that was put up in the early 20th century, and so far, it is still there. It makes a great educationa
  12. I bought the clone of Stewart's cowboy hat, from Golden Gate Western Wear, several years ago. They make a variety of movie cowboy hats. It is one of my favorite cowboy hats. I always think of Jimmy, when I put it on. Great article.
  13. I had some .58 cal. conical's, that looked kinda like that. I smeared some SPG lube on them, and they loaded/shot just fine.
  14. Best thing to do is drop facebook...if you are on it. If they do such things, you don't need it anyway. You stay with them, you are giving them tacit approval to censor whatever they want to, for any, or no, reason. You stay with them, you are enabling them to do such things, willy-nilly. I am beyond tired of this.
  15. Since I am a type II diabetic, a nurse at our doctor's office referred me to an older published book called: "Sugar Blues". I got a copy from amazon. You read that book, you may not ever use sugar again. The nurse switched me to something called "monk fruit". Now I know why there may be so many type II diabetics in this country. Read it for yourself.
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