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  1. Ammo seems to be slowly coming back. Prices don't seem to be coming down....yet. I'll wait.
  2. Many lessons in life have to be learned by first hand experience. If we are blessed, we learn them, and are not killed, maimed, or otherwise injured, in the process. Just giving advice, or statements, or referring to your own personal experiences, may just not get the point across...especially to a teenager. Youth is wasted on the young...as the old saying goes. Maybe. But looking back, I was no different. I had to learn the hard way, on a lot of things. It sorta stays with you, when you have to learn it by first hand experience, and the hard way.
  3. We are told how bad meat is, but the truth is, it is carbs/sugar/aspartame that are the villains. The epidemic of type 2 diabetes is the result...much to delight of the mainstream medical, and pharmaceutical companies, and the makers of the A1C home testing machines. I cut carbs, and for the first time since 2010, I got off all type 2 meds, and reversed the disease, and even got off my blood pressure medicine. Did it without a prescription, too. I bet that ticks big pharma off...I also reckon that will but a big time crimp in my doctor's Roll Royce payment plan. Now ain't th
  4. Was watching an interview, last night. It seems that in New York City, if you are not a resident, it is a felony to even touch a firearm, in a gun shop/sporting goods store. The gun shop owner said he has to check your I.D., and if you are not a resident, he cannot allow you to even touch a firearm, much less pick one up to look it over. I had no earthy idea. There just aren't any adequate words to describe such idiocy. Certainly no words that don't involve a lot of profanity.
  5. Litre? Oh, right...Canada is in with the rest of the planet on globalism measurements, and temperatures, and such. I forgot. My bad. As far as I can tell, not yet. If left up to ole sniffin' joe, and his leftist/socialist gang, like as not, we will see such foolishness, at some point. I think they should just tax the people that voted for him, and his ilk...and leave the rest of us alone. My Two Bits. W.K.
  6. Me too.... Never really had an interest in owning an A-R until ole "beto" (not his real name, by the way) started plainly telling us what the liberal/leftist-demo-rats really wanted to do, much to the leftists horror at the truth finally being revealed (as if most of us, that have two brain cells working in synch didn't already know). So, I went out and bought two. They will be passing out Eskimo pies in hell, before they take them, or even find them. "The RIGHT of the People to keep and bear arms shall NOT be infringed."
  7. Any politician that opposes the 2nd Amendment has broken his/her oath of office. You know the one that says: I solemnly swear to preserve, protect, and defend, the Constitution of the United States of America, so help me God." They should be impeached, and removed from office, if they fail that oath....or have a recall vote, and removed from office. Yeah, yeah, I know....ain't gonna happen. What "should be", and "what is" are many light-years apart. Lincoln's words have turned out to be incorrect. We no longer have a government "of the people, by the p
  8. For me, I will wait it out, and not shoot. I flat refuse to buy at those prices. The law of supply and demand can be slow in correcting things. Patience is demanded, but having patience is not an easy thing to do. I keep hearing that "they" are making ammunition, and components, 24/7 to catch up. I hope so. I see no evidence of that on the shelves around here, but that is all I have to go on, is what I can see around here. Thankfully, if I get the urge to shoot, I have quite a few pounds of black powder, and a good supply of flints, and quite a few boxes of lead round bullets
  9. We shall pray for a complete recovery for you. Thanks for the update. Keep us posted on your progress.
  10. Well...as it turns out, not doing much tomorrow. Of course my Mom passed away years ago. Our son wanted his Mom to come over tomorrow for an early supper, but she had to decline, because she is in too much pain right now. I will give her a card, and fix her lunch, if she feels up to eating. That's about it, around here, on the wind-swept prairie. So much for the "golden years". And so it goes. W.K.
  11. My Dad was drafted into the Army in 1942, and went to the Pacific Theater, in an Army amphibious division. Many years ago I asked him, and his best friend, who served in the Army in Europe, if they ever thought they would lose the war. Both, without hesitation, said "no". Since then, I have asked every World War 2 veteran, that I have encountered, the same question. Every one, that I asked said the same thing..."no". Those men, and women were, indeed, the greatest generation. W.K.
  12. I have been going to gun shows since the 1960's. From my own personal experience, it is the exception, and not the rule, that you find a real bargain, or a price that is really attractive. It takes a lot of looking. In over 50 years, of going to gun shows, I have found only about five, or six items that I considered a good buy, and a fair price. The best experience I ever had was...I was leaving the gun show, and encountered a man walking into the show, with the exact rifle I had been looking for, for at least three years. I asked him the caliber, then I asked the price. Bought it before
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