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  1. She just texted me. She has been in Texas and is back home now.
  2. Travel over to Springtown, just west of Ft. Worth, to Two Wright Arms. He has a small shop and keeps some inventory. You can also access his website, on line, to see many of the things he has to offer. My Two Bits. W.K.
  3. Uh...yes, I was making a "funny", since the lyrics included the word "supper time", which was loosely the subject of the original post here. Yes, the song is "Summertime", composed in 1934, by George Gershwin, for his opera "Porgy and Bess". However, the lyrics are by DuBose Heyward, the author of the novel "Porgy", upon which the opera was based. However, the song is said to be co-credited by Gershwin, by some.
  4. Around these parts... Dinner = meal at noon +/-. Supper = Evening meal. In the Bible, it was the last supper, not the last dinner. "Supper time, and the livin' is easy. The fish are jumpin', and the cotton is high. Oh, your daddy's rich, and your ma is good lookin'. So, hush little baby, don't you cry."
  5. I was reading a western novel, last year, and the main character said he like the smell of cordite after firing his revolver. The novel was set in the American west in the 1870's. At that time period, he would have been smelling black powder, not cordite. Only a glaring error, I suppose, to someone like me, and not someone who is not involved in the sport.
  6. You-tube needs to know that a bunch of us are upset over their policies, even though we should be able to watch Miks's videos on another platform. They need to understand that the people, that make the decisions, will pay the price of losing their audience, and thus, the sponsors will potentially lose some business. Mike as over 99,000 subscribers, so perhaps if more than me contact them, instead of rolling over, and making excuses, then perhaps it will get their attention. Mike made some comments on another forum, and someone objected, and sent a complaint to You-tube. As usual, for these type medias, such as You-tube, "tweeter", face-bookie, etc., they are run by people that are afraid, and have no courage to stand up to the "woke"/socialist crowd, and they seem put their interests first, over the rest of the folks. Yep, You-tube has "rules". But...rules (and law), are words, words have to have exact meaning. When the rules, and when law, does not have exact meaning, then the courts will throw them out. In this case, the "court" of public opinion says if anyone makes a statement, on another site, then only that site has a right to examine if their "rules" have been broken. Yes, it is their company, and their "rules", and that is what you sign up for. But...if no "rules" were broken, or discovered in the past, on your site, then how come he is being punished now, because of some woke creatin objecting to something that was said on another format? The main problem is the management of You-tube, and their arbitrary interpretation of the "rules", and their lack of a backbone. Like as not, the "powers-that-be", at You-tube, don't know a firearm from a hot rock.
  7. The woke/anti-2nd Amendment crowd is trying to intimidate our friend Mike Beliveau, also known as "duelist1954", and permanently ban all his instructive youtube videos. As we all know, they tried to ban Hickok45 a while back. YouTube will cave to the woke/anti-2nd Amendment crowd, unless we the People raise cane with them. This is all in response to some things Mike stated on facebook, and has nothing to do with YouTube, yet YouTube has already banned two of his instructional videos, and Mike may be permanently banned from YouTube. One of the videos that was banned was his instructional video on how to make paper cartridges for a percussion Sharps, and the other one was on tools for cap and ball revolvers. If Mike gets two more videos banned, then he will be off YouTube. I personally think this is stupid, and reflects directly back on YouTube, and it's so called "leadership". All of Mike's videos are about historical firearms, and never about "bump stocks", and "triggers", or any so called "illegal" stuff. If you have ever seen his videos, they are very entertaining, and instructional. Mike has over 99,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, and those of us in this sport need to support him, and protest this injustice, to YouTube. I am just warning all of you that someone(s) is trying to censor Mike because someone(s) on facebook decided to try and silence and ban Mike from the media because of their sick agenda, and youtube may be spinless enough to cave on this. Let it not be said you were not warned of this. I just did. Just sayin' W.K.
  8. If someone is born in the U.S.A., or have gotten their citizenship papers, and if they leave their socialist/liberal/woke/c.r.t. blue state politics where they came from, and vote accordingly, then welcome. In fact, you can come sit by us in Cowboy Church. Our church had a clay pigeon shoot, a couple of Saturdays ago, and you can borrow my Parker, and take a turn. I'll even give each family member a MAGA cap.
  9. I have several Colt letters. While I can look up the serial numbers, to see what year it was made, the letter can let me know where it was shipped, and to whom. It can describe the Colt, which can let me know the details of what it looked like, when it was shipped...such as, barrel length, finish, caliber, engraving or not, perhaps the type of grips, and anything that might be a custom order. It can tell me how many Colt's were in that shipment. It can indicate what I have in my hand, is what left the factory. It can tell me if it had been returned to the factory for work or modifications. If I am considering buying a Colt, the letter can be a big factor in my buying it, or not. I am glad I got the Colt letters, and I would not hesitate to order one again. To me, it is valuable, and it can enhance the value of the Colt. It was worth the price, and the wait, to me, to get the letter. Obviously, as much as we would want the old Colt to be able to speak (I have often heard someone say, "if this old Colt could just speak, no telling where it has been, what is has done, and who owned it), the letter can, in a limited way, speak some of these things.
  10. With the direction we have been forced to take, in the last 19 months, it is going to get worse. Even getting out and voting, in November, it will take a while to get this locomotive back on track, and chugging down the right track. There was once a title of a book that said: "Tough times don't last, but tough people do". While I do believe that is true, I wonder who is tough enough to endure what is coming down the trail at us. I reckon we will find out.
  11. My great-grandfather was a real Texas cowboy, pushing longhorns up the trail in 1875. My dad, who knew him, said the old-time cowboys loved sugar, but back then it was not very available, or the cook would run out of sugar fairly quickly, and the towns were few and far between to buy more. Dad said later in his life, when sugar was more plentiful, he would put sugar on his beans before he ate them. So, perhaps, the sugar went in, and on, more than just their coffee, and thus they did consume more sugar, per cowboy, than we might consider.
  12. At least once a week, I get someone else's mail in my mailbox. It is not always a neighbor's mail. Many times it is mail that should have been delivered across town. Back when I was a boy, the post office had a slot for out-of-town mail, and a separate one for in-town mail. Not anymore. All mail goes to Dallas, and then back here to deliver. Mail for in-town takes 4 to 5 days to deliver. Makes zero sense, which is typical for the post office. Common sense, like Elvis, has left the building.
  13. Even Jesus said, "why do you call me 'Lord, Lord', and don't do the things that I say?" Just because someone says something, or supposedly believes a certain way, does not mean they accept it, or necessarily believes it, or even takes it seriously. We are all hypocrites, in some way, and that is just the facts. We may have no idea what they have been going through, up until the time we encountered them. The young woman, that cut you off in traffic, may be trying to get home to be with her kids, before she has to leave and work that second job to make ends meet (thanks to vacation-joe)...and she may have a "Jesus" bumper sticker on her car. That old couple, going so slowly in the grocery store, may be taking their time, because they know this will be the last time they get to go grocery shopping together, and they are savoring the moment...and he may have a small cross pinned on his lapel. Or...the people we encounter could just be selfish, self-centered jerks, that only think of themselves, and don't take their faith seriously. No all Christians are that way, just as not all postal employees lose it and shoot everyone in sight, and just as not all cops love doughnuts. But like a lot of things, the actions of a few, ruin it for the majority of the others. We expect a certain thing, and when that doesn't happen, it stands out, and we remember it, and can come to think it is more the norm, and not the exception.
  14. The Queen of England has, at long last, met the King of the Universe.
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