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  1. Okay....If we have to be nit-picky about a joke... Most folks are too ignorant to know what the real budda looked like, and most could not care less. They have a mental image in their minds, historically accurate or not, of the statues of a little fat, short, man, that they have seen in shops, on the media, and in movies/television, or in the dorm room, put there by their room-mate, and they also have a mental image, accurate or not, about what a Greek "god" looked like. If the joke was historically accurate, it would not be humorous in the least, if, indeed, it ever was. S#*& Fire!!! I am done with this post. Color me gone. .
  2. My soul-mate...I was 20, she was 19, passed away before we could get married. At 26, after the military, and after graduation from college, I got married, and that was 45 years ago this past May. She would argue with a stop sign, but she doesn't mind me buying firearms, so even though she is not my soul-mate, she's a good Ole Texas Gal. She's half Cherokee, half Irish, all hard-headed. She told me once, as she was brandishing a baseball bat, that if I mess with her too much, I had better not ever go to sleep again. I think if islamic terrorists men had married a Texas woman, like the one I have, they would not be terrorists any longer, they would have no intact knees! Their "holy writings" indicate their men can beat their wives, if they displease them. With a Texas Gal, like I have, they would do that (maybe) once, and then the next day they would be permanently in a wheel chair. There can be a kinda "fear factor" in marriage. Be nice, or risk injury.
  3. Gotta have the former Waxahachie Gal daily fix....don't cha know.
  4. A kid went to his dad and asked him where babies come from. He said: Adam & Eve had babies, and and their kids grew up and had babies, and so on. The kid went to his mom, and asked her where babies come from. She said, well. we started out as goo in a river, and over a long time we grew to be apes, and later apes became humans. The kid rushed back to the dad and said you lied to me, and told him what mom had said. The dad then said, no, I did not lie to you. Your mom was talking about HER side of the family!
  5. My friend told me he had the body of a Greek god. I had to explain to him that buddha was NOT Greek!
  6. Is Google male, or female? Female....it doesn't let you finish a sentence before making a suggestion!
  7. Teacher: Okay kids, what does the chicken give you? Students: Eggs and meat. Teacher: What does the pig give you? Students: bacon! Teacher: What does the fat cow give you? Students: Homework!!!!
  8. A man was on one side of the river, and a blonde was on the other side. The man shouted to the blonde, that he needed help to get to the other side. The blonde shouted back..."you ARE on the other side!".
  9. Why did Mr. Hass, refuse to move to France? Because the French are famous for not pronouncing the letter "H".
  10. What's the best thing about Switzerland??? I don't know, but their flag is a big plus!
  11. We will pray for you forever, and love you twice as long.
  12. All children are born illegitimate. Later, when they learn to read, they are no longer illegitimate.
  13. I bought a kit from Ricochet Roy, off his website. It is precut, has the stitching holes, has the thread, a couple of leather needles, instructions, and you can choose your color. Some just make them from scratch, with their own leather, leather needles, thread, etc. I have done leatherwork since 1964, and have the tools, but I was lazy and and just bought the kit.
  14. I warned you I would write you an ode, if you disappeared. I always tell the truth.
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