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  1. Nothing specific...just all of it... I bought my son a "Come and Take It" baseball cap, for his upcoming birthday, and a tee shirt, that says the same thing. I liked the little Horned Toad figurine. I haven't seen a real one in many a year. The fire ants pretty much did them in, around here. After looking at this site, I need a flag pole in my yard. They have some really neat flags for sale. I figured you'd enjoy looking over the website...since...they can take the gal out of Texas, but the can't take the Texas out of the gal.
  2. This person is a comedian. It's an act. He takes stereotypes, and exaggerates them. His accent indicates he is not even from Texas....or is a transplant. Ha-sus, maria, and jehosephat!!!
  3. Miss Sue... Check out: "www.txtraders.com"
  4. This is really funny, I like this guy.....but.....actually....a lot of us natives pretty much think this way. Yep...I gotta admit...we do. It's: "God, guns, and let me be"...pretty much in that order. It's kinda like that James Stewart movie: The Far Country. In one scene Stewart's character says, that he doesn't need anyone else, that he can look after himself. That is pretty much our mindset. There ya go.
  5. "It is not good for the man to be alone". God - Genesis 2:18.
  6. Yep....it's just plain boring without the women. "Look out for the women. You never know whether they're going to scream, or faint, or go for a gun." Louis L'Amour - Mustang Man. "...pretty women sometimes can do things no man would attempt." Louis L'Amour - The Lonesome Gods. "A woman can always find something in a man worth having." Louis L'Amour - Conagher. "The deep sea can be fathomed, but who knows the heart of a woman?" Louis L'Amour - The Walking Drum.
  7. Oh no. Hasn't been dry for ten or so years now. Just beer and wine. But you can get margaritas in the Tex-Mex restaurants. We do have a pub, of sorts, in the downtown area. Of course there is Chili's, and a few other restaurants, like Logan's, that have a bar, but we don't have any liquor stores...you have to go over to Garrett, or south of Ennis, to buy whiskey...or up to Lancaster. Appleby's has a bar, as does the Rockett Cafe, in Rockett, east of town. We literally have a church on almost every street corner, plus the Southwestern Assembly of God University is here, so you'd think it
  8. One thing they have done right. I guess even a blind pig finds an acorn, once-in-a-while. National Tequila Day, and National Day of the American Cowboy. How awesome is that!!!! W.K.
  9. Today, July 24th, is national tequila day!!!! Yee-Haa!!! The local Tex-Mex restaurants, around these parts, have their tequila/margaritas on sale. It's a fairly big deal around here. Viva Anejo tequila !!!! Where is Speedy Gonzales when you really need him???
  10. Lots of reasons why. Paid megabucks. Have fan clubs, and adorning fans, that hang on every word they say. Ego. Self absorbed. Because many fans adore them, they think their opinion matters more than the non-famous people. They are used to getting their way, and having others pandering to their needs. They come to believe their own press. They obtain many privileges'...fly on private jets, or are in first class, so they come to expect it. They think their acting careers are important, and that they are not expendable. They think we need them.
  11. When the P.C. crowd was rattling their pie-holes, a few years ago, about changing the name of our high school football team to something other than the Indians...I suggested, if that happened, that we rebrand them the: Waxahachie N.D.N.'s. I was not worried about a name change. No one, that had lived around here longer than a month, wanted the name changed. Just some transplants from elsewhere. We indicated if they did not like it here, to take I-20 east or west, and be sure to take a large bag of fire ants, under each arm, with you, when you go...and don't slam the door at the bor
  12. I have been a Cleveland Indians' fan, since Moby Dick was a minnow. Way back to my days of little league baseball, in the late 1950's. To me, they will always be the Cleveland Indians. No amount of mental pressure, or P.C malarkey, will ever change that. W.K.
  13. Just want to say....the name, they decided upon, could have been worse. That they felt pressure, from the P.C. crowd, is what really irks me....less so the name they chose.
  14. When I was in the Navy, we were instructed that if we had something in our right hand, or were carrying something with our right arm, that we could solute with our left hand. Whether any of the other branches can do that, I have no idea.
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