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  1. I have a few primers, that I purchased, but haven't reloaded yet. I switched to shooting my flintlocks, until the time (if it ever comes) when availability, and prices, are back so some sort of fairness. That may take a long, long time, but I can't see paying out the kazoo for primers, when and if you can find them, that is. I have black powder, and enough patching material, and bullets, and lube, to shoot for a long time. Since they are flintlocks, I can always find a piece of chert, or some flint, from Britain, or France, or an arrowhead, to use, for ignition. I don't need no stinkin' primers. No cow patty is safe. W.K.
  2. Our Governor is leaving the decisions up to the mayors of the cities to decide what they want to do. Gee...what a concept! Letting those closest to the problem decide. That sounds like....no....it can't be....that sounds like a....Republic. W.K.
  3. Badges....oops....I mean primers? I ain't got no primers. I don't need no stinkin' primers!! Percussion caps? I ain't got no percussion caps. I don't need no stinkin' percussion caps!!! I switched to shooting my flintlocks. There ain't no shortage of Chert, or arrowheads, because of the chinee virus, and flint, that originates in Britain, or France, is still available...so far. Got enough cans of the holy black, and lead round bullets, and enough old shirt tails/pillow cases, for patching material. Knap them rocks into shape, and chinch them down, in yer hammer jaws, and you're off to the range. No cow patty is safe. W.K.
  4. I think it was Lloyd that lost a finger, or fingers, in an accident, and then wore a glove to hide the fact. It did not seem to slow him down one bit. Gotta have a lot of respect for him, and for his tenacity.
  5. I guess my question (ridiculous as it is) would be: have the strict firearms rules eliminated crimes committed with firearms? Be interesting to see the statistics that are generated, after such laws are passed. Yet, I wonder, would the stats be slanted toward a particular stance?
  6. If all the folks that go to church, vote. If all the firearm owners, vote. If all the military folks, vote. If all the business owners, that have had a successful last four years, vote. If anyone that has an I.R.A., or 401(k), votes..... Then hopefully we can still have our freedoms to buy, and use, our firearms, in a peaceful way, and we can enjoy our sport, and encourage others to join us. No...this is NOT the ONLY issue involved this time. But, since this is a firearms site, and firearms are used in our sport, then I merely limited the issue to this one item...which is firearms. I voted last week, and it was not crowded when we went. I don't trust the post office, so I went in person. The early voting location was at the First Methodist Church. I told my wife, that while I was waiting in line, the pastor happened to sneeze on me. I told her, that since it was the Methodist church, and they sprinkle, instead of immerse, that he had baptized me, and now I am a Methodist!!!!
  7. Many years ago, a friend of mine, and a bunch of his buddies, pooled their money, and bought a full scale reproduction cannon. They built a period carriage to mount it on. They decided to go check it out by driving down to he coast, and setting it up on a more or less isolated beach, and firing it out over the Gulf. They got to the beach, and set up the cannon, and pointed it toward the Gulf, and let loose with a few rounds. They noticed a large tanker, plowing along, parallel to the beach, but it seemed it was way out of range. So...on a whim...they loaded up and let loose in the direction of the tanker. Well, as it so happened, the round metal cannon ball, they shot, hit the water just right, and skipped along the surface of the water, like when you throw a rock in a pond...it just skipped and skipped. All of a sudden they heard a big "clang". The cannon ball had actually wacked the side of the tanker, and that was the "clang: they heard!!! Needless to say, they packed up and hauled out of there, and back to East Texas...wondering if the ship's crew had had any idea of what had happened. Obviously, they never took the cannon to the beach again. I often wondered if that cannon ball had put a dent in the side of the tanker. He said they did not bother to check it out, they were too busy packing up to get the heck out of there. I guess, if one wants to obtain a cannon, then getting a few folks together, and pooling their resources, would be a way to get one. They are not cheap. Remembering that story, I would definitely avoid the coast to practice.
  8. "If legal action doesn't work, try lever action." - Louis L'Amour
  9. I can never read a beautiful woman's mind. So.... Tell me. W.K.
  10. I can relate to you. Since January, twelve friends have died...one from Covid-19, and one of those that died was my mother-in-law. I was elected to speak at her funeral. One of the twelve, a girl I graduated with from high school, was out for a morning walk, and was hit and killed by a car...just last Monday!!! I'm just blown away!!! I have never experienced so many friends to pass on, before...all within this year...and the dang year is not even done with yet!!!! I have had it cross my mind that I hope this is not going to be the beginning of some tough times. So....you ain't alone in this boat, Pard. I am beyond ready for some (for lack of a better word) "normalcy", for a change. But, we may have a "new normal", and I am not sure I will like it. W.K.
  11. Back in 1919, my Great-Grandfather, and his oldest son (my grandfather's brother) were walking home down one of the dirt county roads, where they lived. They spotted a suitcase laying in the ditch, beside the road. They picked it up, and took it home. Inside they found a lot of clothing, and a 1911 Colt automatic. Many years later, my uncle, since he and his spouse had no children, give the .45 to me. I said that to say, that if Sgt. York turned in his Colt 1911, perhaps someone there decided to steal it. If they had an idea who's pistol it was, that might have been an incentive. From how I obtained my 1911, it may not have been all that difficult to steal one, back then. So many were manufactured, and there were no computer entries to keep up with them, that it could have been turned in, and no corresponding paper work may have been produced, or...paperwork was produced, the pistol could have been easily misplaced, either by accident, or on purpose. The serial number on mine indicates it was shipped in 1918. Yet, it ended up in a ditch, in a suitcase, by the side of a dirt county road, in 1919. Either York's rifle, or pistol, would be a tremendous find, if located. They could still be out there, in someone's suitcase, or, in an attic. Stranger things have happened.
  12. His rifle, and his Colt .45 1911, were lost, or stolen, on the trip home. Some still argue about the type of rifle, but his son said he did trade it for an '03, because he did not like the sights on the Enfield. When he was in combat, he was very low on ammunition, for his rifle, and he was charged by several German soldiers. He pulled his Colt, and killed about four of them. As he told it later, he shot them from back to front, like his daddy shot birds with his Remington model 11, back in the day. The good ole U.S. of A. gave him a ticker tape parade, and the State of Tennessee bought him a farm. Later, the good ole I.R.S. slapped him with a $25,000 fine for "back taxes". He had donated some money to the religious school he helped set up with proceeds of his tours, and from the movie they made starring Gary Cooper. He want out to "Hollywierd" to be consultant on the movie. They had a different mindset, than they do today. Makes you wonder how he would be received today, if he were still alive. Makes you wonder how that movie would be received today, had it (if it) been made today. Donations had to be solicited to help pay the i.r.s. fine. Nothing like the I.R.S., aka Gestapo, (and congress for creating it) to ruin your life.
  13. Awesome, fantastic, news. Prayers are answered. A great victory. Time will tell, but I have to think it will be great for our sport.
  14. Would you care to be more specific, for us Red State-ers?
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