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  1. "Celebrate" is not the thing you should do. That is because of all the events leading up to the point of "celebrating" is a tragic, cruel, and awful thing. There is nothing to celebrate what led up to all this. The best you can do is be glad that real justice will prevail in this case, and that the person will get the correct punishment for the crime. Obviously, the state did not give punishment to fit the crime, but that will not be the last word. True, correct punishment, for this person, is ahead. Ideally, we would wish this person had not done all this, that has led up to this sure, and upcoming punishment. But, we don't live in an ideal world. If anything can be said, it is that this person will lose his life, soon, and then this person will be judged for this. Hebrews 10 : 30 & 31. No one escapes. We can also look forward to the fact that we will not forever remember all the bad things that have happened to us, or our loved ones. Isaiah 65:17 So "celebrate" is not what should be done. Just be glad that no one gets away with harming others. It is a sure thing, either in this life, or the next.
  2. Wish list for 2020. Things I'd like to see. 1. That Pietta would follow Uberti's lead, and eliminate all the unnecessary writing on the barrel, and/or hide it under the ejector housing. Just say ".44 W.C.F." and not "Cal 44-40", or ".45 Colt" instead of "Model P 45 Colt". Also, hide the inspectors marks, please. If Uberti can do it, then Pietta can do it as well. 2. The Bisley clones now have a one piece grip frame, like the Ruger's do. I know it was done to make the item cheaper to build, but I did not notice a cheaper price for the firearm. A clone of something should be patterned after the original, so how about going back to the original design, or lowering the price. 3. How about a Merwin Hulbert clone? We were teased with the possibility of having one, a few years ago, but alas, it came to nothing. I would buy a clone of that firearm. 4. Winchesters made in the U.S.A. again. 5. Marlin's with consistent quality, instead of inconsistent quality. 6. An 1860 Henry clone in .44 special/.44 Colt caliber. 7. The Colt Single Action being put on the regular production line, and with more calibers offered, and a lower price. They are simply too high in price. 8. A case hardened hammer on the Colt single action. 9. That Cimarron/Uberti would provide a kit to change over the 3 click retractable firing pin set up, to the traditional 4 click standard non-retractable firing pin set up. 10. That every gun owner, and their family, and their friends, would vote this year for candidates that support the 2nd Amendment, and support the gun owners, and the gun organizations. If we don't do this, we will be shooting with virtual firearms, on our laptops! Git-R-Done!!!
  3. Not sure what highway you are taking to get here, but if you are coming into Ft. Worth, stop in Springtown, northwest of Ft. Worth, at Two Wright Arms. I used to go to McBride's Gun Shop, in Austin, when I lived near Austin. They don't exclusively cater to just C.A.S. types, but they do have some selections. If you are from California, you might feel right at home in Austin. Leftists/Liberals galore!!! A tiny blue (misguided) island, in a sea of red!!! Don't go too near the U.T. campus. Your I.Q. will go down!!! Gig 'Em Aggies!!!! I can joke about it...I am a seventh generation Texan. Best of luck to you, and be safe. W.K.
  4. Yes sir, they are the V rear, and knife blade front sights. I have done nothing to them...no changes. I do pretty well with them...mostly. But...I don't fault anyone for making S.A.S.S. legal modifications, if that is what a person wants to do. To each his own. I can certainly understand wanting to modify the V rear, and that "cigarette-paper" thin front sight. I am sure if I did some modifications to my sights, on these revolvers, that I would have better results. My two bits. W.K.
  5. I have two Cimarron's, in .38 WCF, on black-powder frames. One has a 5 1/2 inch barrel, one has a 7 1/2 inch barrel. I was already sold on the .38 WCF, since I own a pre-war Colt single action in that caliber. Love these revolvers, and love the caliber. Congratulations on getting this. Ya done good! As the yuppies say..."enjoy":... My two bits. W.K.
  6. The Cimarron/Uberti models that have the black-powder frame, still have the 4 clicks, and the non-retractable firing pin. If you want the 3 click one, with a retractable firing pin, the smokeless frame model is the one you want. Cimarron also states this on their website. I prefer the black-powder frame models, myself. But...that is me...not anyone else. There ya go. My two bits. W.K.
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