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  1. I inherited my 1100 from my uncle. It was made in the second year of production, according to the serial number. I know there are many "more modern" semi-automatic shotguns available today. This one doesn't even have a vent rib. It shoots only 2 3/4 inch 12 gauge shells, and it is wood and metal, no plastic/polymer, no multi-choke capability. Mine is full choke. I could probably purchase another barrel for it, with a different choke, and probably with a vent rib. But, as they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. It shoots magnificently, and you can see the quality, in the design, and fit, and finish. I would not trade it for the newest, latest, shoot anything, design. Congratulations on finding the problem, and figuring it out. Ya done, good. W.K.
  2. Unfortunately, it may be more truth there than we care to admit. People are creatures of habit. They are raised in a certain religion, or political party, and they never seem to ask why do I believe this, or why do I vote this way, every time. They never bother to check out the facts, they just blindly go along with "what we've always done". As for politics, they never seem to realize that perhaps their party left them, years ago. For example: Take a look at the democratic party platform, if you can find it on-line, from say the 1950's, or early 1960's, and compare it to today's democratic party platform. You can do that with any party, but that one may be the most changed. People need to look up, and read, their party's political platform, to see what goals that party has, and is working toward. Regardless of what a candidate says, or promises, look at that party's platform. Usually, you can find what they are really wanting to accomplish. If they mostly match what you believe, then fine. If they don't, then vote accordingly. The party you always vote for, because great-grandpa, or grandpa, or pa, voted for, may not advocate, and stand, for the same things that they once did. If you are on this site, that means you have some sort of interest in firearms. If you care about this sport, and for hunting, and for self-defense, and for the right to be able to pass down an heirloom(s) to your child, or grandchild, then vote for that candidate that supports what you, and we, believe in. If all of us will vote that way, we can keep our freedoms. If not...we may lose them...a little at a time, or all at once. Do not let the news media, or Hollywood stars, or politicians, or your union, or someone you know, influence you. In the voting booth, it is just you and your sense of what you want to see happen, down the line. No candidate is perfect. We just have to do a tiny bit of research, and vote for the ones that supports us. It ain't rocket science.....or......is it?
  3. I don't guess we will see the 10th Mountain Division out in the Midland-Odessa area very soon. It is so flat out there that a pool table resembles western Colorado at the divide, by comparison. The highest thing out there is rattlesnake poopy. As I've said before, you can stand on top of your pickup, look to the horizon, and see the back of your own head.
  4. I am sorry you have that stupid waiting "rule" in your State. I can't imagine how anxious you are to get that Colt into your hands, and then out on the range. It's cruel, and unusual punishment to make you wait. I was stationed in Bainbridge, for a few months, but have never lived in Maryland long term. The people seemed nice, those few we saw off base, but back then they didn't have Dr. Pepper available there, and most never heard of it. The things I had to endure while in the military!!! Nice looking Colt.
  5. Also...according to the referenced site, well done Navy, and Army, as well. Well done U.S. Military.
  6. No wonder the Italian's lost so many battles. A Willys Jeep could take that thing out. Probably one reason they assassinated their own leader...stupid designs like this one. Q: Why do so many Italian men have moustaches? A: They want to resemble their mothers.
  7. Louis L'Amour observations....from his novels. "If legal action will not work...use lever action" " I had found no luck, and no opportunity except that I made." "Nobody got anywhere in this world by simply being content." "A ship does not sail with yesterday's wind." "Look out for the women. You never know whether they're going to scream, or faint, or go for a gun." "When a talking woman sits quiet, a man had better look at his hole card, and keep a horse saddled." "What of Itchakomi? Such a woman walks with the wind. Such a woman must be fought for...or stolen." "To disbelieve is easy; to scoff is simple; to have faith is harder." "He never knew when he was whipped....so....he never was." "Reading without thinking is as nothing, for a book is less important for what it says than for what it makes you think." "A man who wishes to kill...must also be ready to die." "Beware of those who would use violence, too often it is the violence they want and neither truth nor freedom."
  8. I was wondering (I can't "wander" because of the risk of catching the danged virus)... anyway... I was wondering about some 2020 firearm stats in the U.S. 2020 stat.... there are about 120 million firearms owned by 100 million Americans. 2020 stat...43% of Americans live in a home where there are firearms. 2020 stat...5 million new, FIRST TIME, gun owners have been added, so far, THIS YEAR!!!! That tells me that if all the firearms owners, and their families, and their friends, and acquaintances, voted in the upcoming election, we might be able to retain our 2nd Amendment RIGHT for the PEOPLE (that's us) to keep and bear arms. Amazing....5 million new, first time, gun owners, this year so far. No wonder things are in short supply right now. Now that's a good temporary problem to have...a shortage because of new, first time, buyers. Hopefully that will also add more members to the 5 million already in the N.R.A., and also add members to S.A.S.S., and the other gun organizations too. I do not, or should not, have to tell you who to vote for....vote for those candidates that support our sport, and our hobby, and our Constitutional Rights! VOTE!!! GetRDone!!! Or...don't vote, but if you don't, you'd better stock up on Chap-Stick!!! W.K. "He never knew when he was whipped....so....he never was!" - Louis L'Amour.
  9. All of us, our families, and friends, better vote this year, or else we will only be passing down stories, and pictures. I have one son, and one grandson to pass my stuff down to. If push comes to shove, and we lose this election, all I will be able to pass down to them is the map showing where I buried them. If all the firearm owner don't vote, you better have a big stash of Chap-Stick...is all I can say. W.K.
  10. I was truly hoping she would retire, long ago. Just because I disagree with someone, I would never wish them to pass away. Ideally, we wish them to change their mind, or, as I said, retire. This may open a possibility of a more conservative justice to be on the Supreme Court. To me, that is a good thing. Whoever the President announces for the job, it will never be accepted by the liberal/socialists in Congress. So, as usual, they will start their character assination, as soon as the candidate is revealed. Like as not, someone from the distant past will bring up allegations of an intimate nature...unless perhaps the candidate is a woman...but even then you never know. Not too difficult to figure out why some folks wait years and years to bring this to the attention of the media. If something that bad happened, why did they wait to bring it all out? Seems to happen every time. I wonder if we should consider money, and "fifteen minutes of fame", as being two of the "reasons" why this is brought up years, and years after it allegedly happened? Liberals are so predictable. Same thing, over and over. Well, you know the old saying about what one definition of insanity is.... Looks like all this is shaping up to be a dual cow-chip slinging event. One for the election, and now one for the Supreme Court nomination. Question is: how fresh will the cow-chips be? W.K.
  11. Saw them for sale on Amazon. Didn't see one in a round metal container, but in a 24 pack box, and the rolls individually wrapped. Too bad they can't make a Twinkie that tastes good. They are as dry as a year-old cow chip, and the filling is tasteless. I remember when they were big, and moist, and super good. The future ain't what it used to be.
  12. I am beyond sick of them. I have my flintlock fowling piece ready to load, and shoot the first emu I see. At least "Flo" isn't bad to look at...better than that buttock-ugly bird! I mute all political commercials...I already know the candidates that support us.
  13. One thing to do. During the early morning, go out to your pickup, and stand on the top of it, and look toward the horizon. It is so flat out there, that you can see the back of your own head.
  14. That's how a certain organization finally got their tax exempt status. They flooded the courts, and congress, and the I.R.S., with letters, for years, until a spineless I.R.S. official gave in to their demands, and granted the request. By what they have done, they are not eligible for a tax exempt status, but no one has the guts, to revoke it, regardless of the documented evidence that has been gathered. That shows that a group of folks, that are committed for the long run, may be able to get their way. I have been called naïve, but it will take the surety of a lawsuit, time and time again, to get their attention. It may not be they are afraid of a lawsuit, but what they don't count on, or want, is the surety of a lawsuit, time and time again. That's where a group of folks have the advantage over just one person. Together, we can make a difference. Together, we have to make a difference, if we don't want to see our country turn into (more of) a socialist state, or worse.
  15. I was watching an astro-physicist, the other night on t.v... He stated that if any microbes are found on Mars, for example, that a simple DNA test will confirm they came from Earth, as a result of a comet, or asteroid, or meteor strike, that will cause some Earth matter to be hurled into space, and eventually landing on the other planets in our solar system. He said we have discovered samples of other planet's material on Earth, as a result of such things happening on other planets. He said if discovered, there will be an initial burst of publicity that life has been discovered elsewhere, but...after the test is done on the samples, provided they can do the testing from the probes, we have landed there, or whether they are somehow able to bring samples back, the DNA test will show they are from Earth. Very interesting interview.
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