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  1. If you guys haven't noticed, the "service" industries seem to be getting a tad bit light on the service part. I'm a bit tired of surly, grubby young'ns building my sammich-pizza-meal so I stick with Chik-Fil-A, Cane's, local momNpop pizza and sammich and mex'can food joint(s). I stay out of the fast food variety. I no longer partake of delivery as they're all going to grubhub or oober-something and service there....LOL. So I stick to local and take-out.
  2. New ones are going for 900. Vintage S&W Iron's been bringing a premium for quite a while. Round here prices I've seen (that actually sell) and what's online, yours because it's a dash-1 might bring a tad more. Or not. Depends. (<<--Standard Advice Disclaimer)But I 'spect you knew that already. Range would be from 900- to 1500.
  3. Interesting. Sometimes auctions, like gunshows, there are people who don't know what they have. It's simple. They don't know. It's called experience. Nothing wrong with being a newby and being confused by an 'oddity". But in confusion, there is profit, LOL. That S&W 681. My Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson by Supica/Nahas lists the following on page 268/69 in the 681 section which may be applicable. Two were made for NYPD in 38sp, DAO. 4" 465 were made for the ConRail Police. They had the not-wide hammer/trigger and a shorter 38sp length cylinder. The pistol in the pic above appears to have a 357-length cylinder. These pistols were marked CRPD over the trigger guard. There were runs made for other police departments/agencies, but do not appear to be 38's. The L frame series were typically357 magnum. In contrast, the Model 20 is an N frame, 38/44. (Yes there was a pre-20 version) N frame in 38 special, made for Austin City Police and others so yes, S&W made pistols in calibers that model wasn't originally chambered in either as a special order or small run. John Jovino's in NYC was famous for commissioning some of these oddities.
  4. Interestingly, the US seems lacking in certain production capabilities, namely, TNT and other boomie stuff for the makings of artillery shells and the like. State manufacturing is subject to "environmental regoolations". Production in say, Turkey, is not. Guess who's producing TNT for us? LOL. Why would other ammunition components be different? (think ADI powders and their not-so-easy availability)
  5. I know bupkus about boats, LOL. I was in the Army. I wanted safe, I dug a hole. I did not have to fear the ship sinking out from under me. neener-neener LOL. I do however, understand the "theory" of driving boats. And why big ones do not stop, turn or back up on a dime. Kinda like driving a semi. Conspiracy theories abound. Real or memorex? Dunno, don't care. I know these days, nothing is normal. Are there people who would do us harm? Yes. Would these people stoop to industrial sabotage, electrical grids, pipelines, infrastructure, etc? (big boats carrying goods to/from port hitting a bridge and bringing it down in the river thus blocking traffic to that port for an extended period...yeah, that fits the above, doesn't it?) Ask yourself this, every time you see one of these stories. Or why certain politicians, other people do what they do; Why? Who got/gets paid? Who benefits? SO I found this. No idea if the guy's on the level but seems pretty straight, far as I can see. Any of y'all a ship's captain or driver, have at it. To me, seemed to make a lot of sense in how this could have "accidentally" happened.
  6. A 200 foot AM radio tower doesn't fit in a pickup. It isn't a snatch & grab, LOL. So they would have been off air a while...and they didn't notice? LOL It's typical for the transmitter to be located a distance away from the broadcast studio. The transmitter is fed remotely by a microwave or internet/phone type. I suppose they could put a radio tuned to their freq in the engineer's booth, but you wouldn't want it in the studio itself because--> feedback. Probably cheaper to just monitor the outgoing signal.
  7. The practices a government employs in game/animal/natural resource management correlate directly to how they would treat people. Interesting, don't you think? Having already seen how this government treats its citizens, it shouldn't be a surprise they manage game this way.
  8. Good broad spectrum of videos from Sea To Shining Sea. I find it quite refreshing that a typically backward, stodgy, bunch of stick-in-the-muds like "cops" would actually embrace modern marketing and recruitment plans such as this to attract qualified applicants. I spent my entire adult life in the business. Forward thinking, progressive weren't terms I saw on a daily basis from the Command Staff. What I see in these videos are young minds, fresh ideas. Even the one from SFPD. That mirrors the values of the department, as do the others.
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