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  1. The rim thickness on the 455 is a bit thinner than the schofield or the LC which are almost but not quite the same. The schofield will probably work. The 45 AR is about double the rim thickness. ACP cases with moon clips are quite a bit bulkier than those others. The 45AR cases were specifically designed for the 1917. On the frame, left side by barrel is a british military proof. Left side gripframe rear, the top one is a british broad arrow, also a british military mark. . The other proofs below the broad arrow look to be standard British nitro proofs but I can't tell, too small LOL. Canadian marks were C or DC, Dominion of Canada sometimes with a crown. If it was RCMP it would have that or just MP.
  2. Well. Aren't you a little ray of sunshine The media has spent a month or so telling "us" the election is going to get stolen by..............(insert either candidate here). Their hope appears to be barring a total blowout for one party or the other, they will be able to "de-legitimize" he-who-shall-not-be-named LOL so if he wins a second term, they can tie the electoral college up until the Congress must act. They could of course declare that other girl....I mean that other guy LOL the winner.....either way, the decision will go to the courts. I cannot envision any decision that would be acceptable to the American people IE; no matter which way they swing the cat, about half of America gonna be upset. Given the circumstances of that, I dare say, that it will be an "S" show of epic proportions. And now, we have another little problem....... If there were to be a legal challenge to the election, the electoral college or Congress using their duly empowered Constitutional powers to decide said election it would ultimately make its way through the state and federal courts to.....oh boy.........you're gonna be shocked......wait for it........oh./...ooh./....oohhh......OOOOOO!!!! The Supreme Court. Their present makeup currently is four conservative justices, three of the other sort and Chief Justice John Roberts. I will say only that any animosity Justice Roberts may or may not feel towards the President was earned. (Sorry Mr President, you had that coming) However, I do not envy CJ Roberts in his capacity as he MUST put his personal beliefs aside and rule according to law. And I believe he will do so. The question is, will the opposition party accept their decision? Will the American people? To add some fuel to that little dumpster fire, every democrat I can think of has already gone on record against appointing anyone to the Supreme Court until AFTER, not just the election but the inauguration. At least two so-called republicans have already done pretty much the same thing. Can you imagine these people exercising their Constitutional powers after a contested election/ Electoral College results? I don't much like people playing games of this magnitude with my Country.
  3. First, a story Some years ago I went into Cabelas. On my way to the Gun Library, I walked through the ammo stacks looking for some of Hornady's which at the time, they were making runs of nearly obsolete ammunition like 6.5 Carcano, 7.7 jap, 455 Eley. They had four boxes of the 455 and haveng several revolvers in that caliber took two, not wanting to be greedy, LOL. In the G-L, my attention was eventually drawn to a S&W Hand Ejector exactly like the one the OP posted. For $199. (even back then those were going for upwards of $400. I asked the guy why it was so cheap, thinking it surely had some internal issues. He says nothing, except its in a caliber you can't get. Uh-huh. On the way out to cash out, I grabbed those other two boxes of 455, LOL. The correct caliber for both of these revolvers is .455 Eley or .455 Webley. Same thing, different names. Bullet diameter was .454. The S&W isn't a 1917, it's a Hand Ejector. Many had the cylinder or breechface shaved to accept the thicker rimmed 45 S&W (Schofield) The original load was a 200 grain bullet @ 700fps. Some also had the cylinders reamed for 45LC and for 45ACP with moon clips. These were also issued in Canada and the OP's has the proper proof on the frame next to the barrel. Nice pistols!
  4. If that disturbed ya Bob, don't even think of tuning in to the Oscars.....LOL
  5. What Pat said Hardpan, Hogdon's site. Universal is one of my go-to powders for most anything like Trailboss LOL. Hogdon's site lists TB, Universal, Clays, titegroup for 200gr bullets in LC. With starting loads the LC cases get a little blowby, a little extra dirty chamber but go a little heavier elminates that. (My normal load uses bullseye with 250RNFP. Its peppy but very accurate and more importantly, the wife likes it LOL. )
  6. The false positive 90 percent story was New York Times dated 08/29/2020 titled "Your coronavirus test is positive. Maybe it shouldn't be." Of course it is the Times..... The other story that referenced they (the CDC) revised their numbers for the week prior (to 08/30) 153,504 because only six percent of those actually died from covid rather than the other issues those folks had was in several places, 247sports still shows on the first page of google but breitbart, gateway pundit and the others do not. The page CDC had that table I had bookmarked and now that's not active. Imagine that. And when you search google you get those "fact-checker sites about this article and NPR, other news sites I have no use for because...you can guess why LOL. I already caught my State (AZ) cooking the books. Of course the states get paid by the feds. Why do you think they test-test-test and code as many patients/deaths they can as covid? Ever wonder why the news only reports total cases and deaths? They report NONE of the other metrics. I certainly don't appreciate my own government, on several levels I might add, fail to provide complete, accurate and timely information. None of this should be political but sadly, it sure seems to be. And you sure can't rely on ANY of the media to pass on accurate information. Bottom line is, you take precautions and hope for the best. Its a respiratory virus, not the krakken from the crab nebula. I'm glad you're taking it seriously Hardpan. I do too as a matter of fact and I have several in my family who are not only "at risk" but some are first responders risking their lives EVERY DAY. So kindly keep your cavalier comments to yourself, my friend. Fair enough?
  7. Oh, the CDC said. Well, well, well I'll get right on it Is this the same CDC that recently revised their death numbers, that something like 90+ percent of the death numbers shouldn't have been covid because those people had co-morbidities and died from that not the other stuff? Only six percent of the reported 130k-something deaths were actually covid..... The same CDC that's also saying our test is too sensitive and up to 90 percent were false positives? That CDC? LOL Right there with ya guys, I do believe we've been played. Some people are bound to have their hind parts chapped because they don't like to look foolish.....so they just keep up the "appearance". Geez.
  8. I'm one of them guys stopped getting the flu shot because.....ummmmm......I dunno why LOL. Don't remember. Might have been a bad reaction one year, no idea. Been a while since I had one. Not taking the flu shot is kind of like a running joke between me and my doc because he knows my background and the second thing Uncle Sam likes to do to new recruits is seventy-eleven different shots. I did get my tetanus booster recently, the hepB series (from work) and a couple different pneumonia shots. I see my doc next week for routine stuff and I have already notified him I will be accepting the regular flu shot this year. (I think he's looking forward to it, LOL.) I will not however, be taking any covid vaccine for the forseeable future. I well remember all the times their vaccines caused some weirdo malady and I'm not gonna be no crash test dummy for dot gov. Oh, and they can't make me. Like to see'em try. I'm bout purt near fed up with their fake pandemic anyhoo.
  9. Guy inna jetpack near LAX? Gettin' sucked into a turbofan or cleaved in two by a wing will end that foolishness most ricky-tick LOL. Self-correcting problem, the way I see it.....LOL
  10. I have Amazon Prime and found this on the IMDB app and watched it yesterday. All I can say is it is a very powerful movie. Colin Firth was simply stunning as was the young man who played his "young character" Jeremy Irvine. Hrroyuki Sanada was just...awesome. I shall not give away the plot but you need to know, if you're a vet, it will evoke an emotional response. It is a deeply moving film of a type I rarely see these days. It has HEART.
  11. My pick is HP. For years I used inkjet so I could print photos. I must have wasted thousands over the years on replacing dried up inkjet cartridges! I currently use an HP laser printer/scanner/copier/fax. The cost per page dropped dramatically. And they don't dry up. Mine uses four cartridges (color) and the printer tells me how many pages I have left until one or more is empty. I will never go back to ink.
  12. Its not a tank. It's an M60 AVLB. Only gun on that thing would be the pistol in the TC's holster....LOL. But it is armored. Mostly.
  13. Yeah. Drop that sonova....right off the Empire State Building. Then burn it. LOL
  14. Ladders, wheelbarrows, auto parts, wheels with tires on them, buckets of paint and other stuff, wire, rope, string mule tape (got me about a hunnert feet one time....and the spool at the end of course LOL) couches, chairs....the only thing I'm sure of is I ain't seen all types of junk. Yet. LOL Funniest was a couple decades ago in Houston. There's this freeway ring goes around town. Pretty handy. -I650 or something. Me and my partner was going from the airport to the jail, "He" was driving. We're behind one of those stakebed two ton trucks with every type of construction crap loaded on to it up to the top rail. About six feet high. At the top, like a cherry on a sundae was this wheelbarrow. Wasn't strapped. Soon as that truck hit oh.....sixty that wheelbarrow became a sail I saw it coming; Leon....Leon.....LEON!!! WHeelbarrow! as it tipped up and flew back at us. leon does the shimmy-sham-shimmy leftie/rightie just missing the thing as it landed square in front of our rental car. Then I heard the eeeeeEEEEE!!!! BASH!, looked through the back window to see the car (one of'em) center punch that thing. Which was when I noticed the wheelbarrow tire going boing-boing-boing and into another car. BOING! Got one more boing out of it before it went over the wall into opposing traffic.....eeeEEEEE BASH! It was only funny because it wasn't US going eeeEEE-BASH!
  15. American Rifleman is the only gun mag I still get. I enjoy the collector pieces and was entertained by the New Frontier article. The rest of it was pretty typical. Just because they're repetitive (doom & gloom, send us money or else, most important election ever, send more money now) doesn't mean they're wrong.
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