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  1. Wow. That'll teach him to have his head in the cockpit LOL. I learned to fly in a 172; 1961 B model with the Continental 145hp O-300. Later models had 175hp. Got chewed on by ATC going into Tucson one day. Tower asked me to "expedite" which I did. Firewalled it and got up to a whole 120kts LOL. A few minutes later Mr Cranky says 73 X-ray, I said you need to expedite! You have a Beech KingAir at your six, closing. I told him I was peadaling as fast as I could so either clear me for a missed approach or, let me do a 360 for spacing. Mr Cranky says 'say type aircraft.' I told him. Before he could answer the KingAir pilot, chuckling, told him it was ok, he'd throttle back because that poor guy in the 172 has only 145 horses LOL. Out of all the A/C I flew, the 172 was my favorite. I miss old 73X-ray.
  2. Been doing business with Brownell's for 35+ years. Their tech support is tops. Customer service is fantastic. Returns, problems, all taken care with a cheerful smile. Gunsmith Kinks is one of the best references for gunsmiths.
  3. On another forum some random guy posted about his experiences in a couple Tennessee gunshops. According to random guy, people were engaged, aware and "ready to take action". Yeah, right. Lets face it. Ninety percent of the people in this country aren't even aware of the crimes committed by their own government in the name of impeachment, much less the previous two scams to oust the President which also failed. They seem to be totally unaware that the Ukrainian phone call was instigated by suggestions to the President by his own National Security Council. The same one the whistleblower worked at, and which the good Col Vindman confirmed just who that was during his testimony to the intelligence committee. In short, it was another scam to oust the President , probably masterminded by a certain former CIA director. Maybe. These people watch cable/network news and seem to be totally disconnected from reality. There's a difference between talking and doing. As long as there's beer in the fridge and a game on the telly, they're all hat and no cattle. I will however, applaud the loud and raucus objections by the citizens of Virginia. Make no mistake however, the democrats will not stop. What they will do next now that they have everybody's attention is walk back from the confiscation and "settle" for a limited ban and registration, etc. That is the same thing and the people of Virginia should have one answer. NO. Its quite obvious that the democratic party is not that anymore. They have morphed into something entirely new. Those pleasant dinners President Ronnie Reagan had with Speaker Tip O'Neil after a contentious day of arguments in the House, pleasant discourse, REAL compromise...those days are gone. Whatever the democrats are now, they mean to force their will upon the rest of us by any means necessary. Across the Nation crime is down. The media of course uses any excuse to amplify what fits their narrative and supress that which does not. There's only one reason they want our guns. Just one. Their focus on weaponry is not substantiated by the facts. It has nothing to do with safety. Guess what it is? Nuff said.
  4. LOL. That's five minutes I won't get back...., not really worth it but I can see the talent it took. They're clearly having fun so...what? One generation gave us Benny Goodman. The Anderw Sisters. Spike Jones.......Another gave us Elvis, Buddy Holly, The Beatles. This generation gives us Blue Man Group with Crayon tubes. I suppose its the best they can do!
  5. A mechanical geometric computer. The FDC for naval guns and the TDC in submarines, same thing. For its day, quite the gizmos!!! I've only seen one, was on display at a gun show few years back. Don't remember if it was for sale but I bet it was a lot!
  6. Thats what the weatherguessers aroud here are saying. Middle of the week. Tomorrow I'm going to fix (hopefully, LOL) two leaks I found in the shed after the storm last week and that will, hopefully be that.
  7. No. After three years of watching the various stooges, commies, deep-staters and assorted traitors undermine our democracy, I want to give them a free shot to change the Constitution at will? I don't think so. With a few exceptions the "government" has lost my trust. They're gonna have to EARN that back.
  8. The officers can do a "protective sweep" looking for threats, not "stuff". Anything in plain sight that's illegal is fair game. For instance, if you're in the habit of leaving a kilo of heroin on the kitchen table, you're gonna kiss the donkey LOL. They can't look in drawers or in little boxes a human can't fit. Its just for officer safety. Anything they DO see that may be part of the crime they can use as probable cause to get a search warrant. Takes probably cause to get that, not mere suspicion. Under most circumstances its unlikely they'd go that far. But it happens. So the cops come to my house after I smoke some evil-doer. I tell them he kicked in the front door, made threats, was holding a deadly weapon and I defended myself. The gun I used was a 12ga shotgun. Dead dork's got 12ga holes in him. My wife saw the whole thing and her story matches. There's not really going to be anything the cops would be able to use in that to GET a warrant like, what are they looking for? Um judge, we thought he might have another gun he used and hid it. What makes you think that. Um, he's Dubious....LOL, judge ain't gonna give'em a warrant on that.
  9. Unique as I remember, was dirtier LOL. Been a while since I used it. By calling TB dirty I could have been clearer. Its dirtier than Bullseye. Then again, most everything else is LOL.
  10. Hokay. If the problems started after you changed bullets, and everything else component-wise is the same its either an equipment problem or those bullets. Powder measure or crimp would be my first guess. See below. Trailboss is a bulky fast burning powder. From my own testing I know it is not position sensitive, temperature sensitive and is one of the most consistent powders I use. It takes about .3 tenths of a grain to even change the average FPS a noticeable amount. Its dirty, but its good. Trailboss however, doesn't like light loads. Deviate from the book and you'll pay LOL. The IMR/Hodgdon website says 5.5 grains in 45LC is a starting load for a 200 grain bullet. Trailboss doesn't like lite loads. (did I repeat myself? Must be important LOL) Go below the minimum and you'll get poofs. Its a pressure thing. If the crimp is too loose ( an undersize bullet would have the effect of doing that if the neck sizing/crimp remains the same OR....if one or both of those things is out of whack. Its a pressure thing.
  11. That ain't "Fry Bread". LOL Need to find ya some indians for that'n.
  12. Its been long enough that I can watch scenes like this. Some of you will understand. Thanks for sharing that Joe. Those of you who "get" what Col Moore was saying, congratulations. If you also "got" what them other two didn't get (in real life that is)....congratulations again. Thus endeth the lesson. They should have left this scene in but I understand why they didn't. It would have changed that wonderful ending. I'm ok with that.
  13. You are absolutely right Charlie T. "Francis" did us a huge favor being so open about taking everyones guns. Make no mistake, they're not going to stop at AR's. That's just for breakfast. "Sniper rifles", high caliber weapons, you name it they will eventually face a ban with no grandfathering. And I mean all. They mean to disarm us and keep us defenseless. They have no facts that support their position so they make stuff up. Just watching the news is an exercise in lying and deceit. If we're lucky Trump will win in 2020 but I fear what's going to happen by 2024 with millions of newly-turned 18 voters who received a top quality socialist education at our expense.
  14. "The Duncan-Carter Hearing Protection Act was delivered by GOP sponsors U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina and Rep. John Carter of Texas and aims to deregulate suppressors as a safety measure to help promote their use in protecting hearing." http://www.guns.com/2017/01/10/hearing-protection-act-introduced-to-new-congress/ I would urge y'all to contact your congress-critters and Senators about this bill. Remember suppressors and silencers are the same thing. Stress these devices would still require the same paperwork and background check, along with all the regulatory protections that a handgun would.
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