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  1. Well, it sorta does make sense; Generally, and in no way implies this is true across the board but "generally", TRD's have more money to spend than SK's... S.K. = Skinny Youngun's T.R.D. = You really can't guess???LOL Tubby ROUND Dudes/Dudettes
  2. We dumped cable years ago and haven't looked back. I don't even watch TV news that much anymore it's so bad. (I get my information from more reliable sources) As for entertainment There's always a good WWII movie on or something made prior to oh, 2000 give or take. I have seen some programs and movies made in the last few years but not very many. So far, every sitcom or series show on "network" TV these days is crap. Total crap. American Pickers, Shipping Wars (LOL) American Restoration, Storage Wars (BIG LOL) and the like, Pawn Stars (there's a Cajun Pawn Stars too) Each, believe
  3. The salute is rendered as a sign of respect. Both given and received. Clear? MP's were required to know ALL the ranks of the services and woe betide the lowly enlisted who failed to render a salute to a Naval Officer. (how could you miss all that gold braid and shiny stuff? LOL) Or, the lowly enlisted who saluted a Navy Chief Petty Officer. (well, they wear round hats like offcers, hey? LOL) Upon the approach of a general officer, not just any old general but YOUR general, you'd best snap to upon his approach and HOLD that salute until he finishes chewing your butt for an infractio
  4. Colt's with hammer shrouds were popular. Once uopn a time. As much as I love my Colt's, the S&W J's are hard to beat as a pocket piece. Either a 642, which is DA only and has an internal hammer or the 638 which had a built in hammer shroud not a screw on one like Colt and is DA/SA. I would stay away from the J-frame "Bodyguard". It has a different type of cylinder latch on top of the frame not the side. Unlatches when you don't want it to in a pocket and such. Me no likee.
  5. "Nearly got us killed to death" LOVE it!!!!! I especially loved the part about parking the thing blocking the doors. Used that method myself once. Worked very well.
  6. Me no likee 'lectronics LOL. Well, not when it comes to cars. The first "new" vehicle I ever bought was a 1985 Ford F150. It had the "new" electronic ignition module which for no reason whatsoever would occasionally die. Never when it was running, always when parked and a couple times happened when the clutch was popped and the truck stalled. Then it didn't start. Happened once downtown parked at a meter which was just running out as I stood under the hood fiddling when the parking enforcement officer came by. I hustled to dump some coin in the meter and she held up a hand asking if I had trou
  7. Well. I see I ain't the only one to do the Duke's Of Hazzard roadway jump contest with a patrol car LOL. Mine was a 1977 Ford Maverick. Freshly repainted, new engine, suspension, the works. Going too fast, not paying attention and I paid for it. $820.43 if memory serves. See, in the Army, most they can take from an enlisted man is a month''s pay. 77 Ford or million dollar tank, all they get is a month LOL. (Officers now hehehe, they got to pay the full ride. You gonna stay in until you're ninety to pay it off LOL) Then there was the case of the runaway car. Went to a call to a
  8. I bought a Canon A-1 from the PX in Nuernberg circi 1979. Still have it. Still works. I used film up to oh, about 2003 or four or something even though I had to go digital at work for making classroom presentations. I didn't get a digital SLR until 2011. Oh. LOL. Thanks to a camera guy who has recently closed up for a well earned retirement, I've several different SLR's. All film. And digital. They are all my favorites! However. The Pentax Spotmatic is a classic and so is the K1000. There are still places that repair film cameras and develop film. Not as easy as it once
  9. Crossed sticks. Leather covered where the rifle rests on it. three inch spikes for feet. Off a bench I prefer bags. There's plenty out there of different types. Sand filled are more stable. Poly beads are easier to carry. My favorite rest for the rear of the stock is one I made out of a couple of GI socks and poly beads. Squeeze it to raise the toe and the barrel goes down and vice versa. Came in very handy when I rolled out of the squad car and ended up holding a perimeter from a fixed position. A solid bagged in firearm eliminates most of the shooter induced error.
  10. One of my favorite actors. Yesterday's episode was where Flint, The Major, Wooster and Hawks take a stagecoach that ends up being hijacked by mexican revolutionaries but, because the woman was an old flame of Flint's they managed to make it to St Loius on time thus saving Cly Gallagher's stage line. Robert Fuller wasn't a bad scout, yet another unappreciated actor. In fact, this series had quite a few outstanding actors. I watch it every day on MeTv.
  11. Very good analysis Joe. I for one, think you're spot on!
  12. LOL, Irish Ike is spot on. Two terms in AZ and if you do some research, may find that other states have similar; Eminent Domain Adverse Posession Among others. In our fair city (which is a metro area of a number of cojoining cities all laid out in more or less the same grid system for hundreds of square miles) there was this little patch of road about a mile long that fronted about fifteen landowners. When the property was originally subdivided and sold, since it was "way out there" no one thought to account for the alignment of what is, today, a major east/west road
  13. Oh yeah. I have to agree Mark, the Eagle GF grips are the best I've used. Darned near perfect.
  14. Rob does a lot of that. My daily carry is a defcon. Most comfortable holster I've ever used. He made a cowboy rig for my wifr Cimarron that is terrific. On his page, under holsters you'll see the different types. Some of them might look familiar, Threepersons, SD Myres and the like. The shootist and 120 along with others are vintage lines based on old western holsters. He makes a lot of holsters for people still carrying SA's.
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