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  1. In theory you could run coax, that's a wire made for antenna to radio connections, to an antenna mounted....somewhere. An antenna for FM radio would be ten feet, five feet, 2.5 feet or 1.25 feet. About. A random length of wire shoved into the back of a radio, may or may not work well. That connector you posted? Not gonna work for radio. I would purchase an antenna "system" designed for sailboats if it was me.
  2. Antennas are "tuned" for the frequency the're designed for. At the middle of the FM band, 98 Mhz a full wave antenna would be ten feet. Your vehicle antenna isn't that because it's probably a 1/2 or 1`/4 wave antenna OR, has coils that 'tune' it to the proper frequency. The coax run to the antenna isn't included in that measurement.
  3. Should be fine T-Bone. I've worked on several ranges that had them with no issues....except for idjits who use them as backstops because they think cardboard stops bullets, LOL. In all cases the walls were cinder block 8x8x16 concrete filled and they held up really well to angled strikes. Don't use split-face block. On narrow ranges this, according to one architect it was for sound mitigation because smooth face walls can cause an annoying echo. Apply sound mitigation panels instead or wood. Does the same thing but usually not a problem. The end bays at Winter Range, stages 11/12 fort & Coosie's have them. They use hay bales so the splatter doesn't dink the walls AND,, that splatter that's already traveling 20 degrees off a steel plate hits the wall at a nice angle to bounce it towards the shooters. Don't ask me how I know that, LOL. The latest range the S.O built ten years ago here uses that same design on all the bays. I still work there part time in my "retirement" LOL. They did take my suggestion leaving one bay on the end open on that side because there was no safety need and because of the land we weren't going to expand that way. That bay is actually quieter! (And the money we saved not building the wall was spent on another bathroom or a light pole or something LOL) Precast concrete would work, like jersey barriers only taller but the seams could be a riccochet problem. Maybe.
  4. What y'all said....but not as nice LOL
  5. I like the large charge bar. because its 'deep' I think the charges are more consistent over the thinner/longer opening using the small charge bar. I load, depending on the caliber, 3.8 to 5.5 Trailboss.
  6. Nope, other than our standard $35 fee. Legally, we could sell the items as unclaimed property for fees. But being legal don't make it right. So they sit. The shipper, they don't want the guns back, they got their money. I can see their point. In the greater scheme of things, flaky buyers like this are in the tenths of fractions of a percent. Ain't worth fretting about so these guns will sit in a corner until the boss decides to do something. Or not LOL.
  7. Yup. Ain't no way you're gonna compete with outdoor superstore when they sell guns at distributor cost. Or Palmetto when they sell ammo/stuff cheaper than I can get it from MY wholesalers LOL. Internet auction sites have driven up gun prices here and there but you're right; used it the way to go. I make less than 20% on new guns. A little more than that on 'stuff" but used guns, depending, I can make more. I like used guns. Too much, LOL. Transfers $35 bucks. Most goes smoothly. I have several firearms that were shipped in but the buyer has never picked them up despite repeated calls. One guy was denied right off, hasn't called back. Of course the piece of junk he bought from a pawn shop in FL isn't a Colt like the paperwork said, its a frankenstein gun that DEFINITELY not worth the 950 he paid for it. And they don't want it back LOL. Then there was a guy who threw a fit because I didn't have 4473's in spanish but when I got them in, hasn't returned for his weirdo internet deal gun and his cell# doesn't take incoming calls or messages. No response from that guy either. Its stuff like that that makes me think $35 ain't worth it LOL. But we do it anyway.
  8. "The Duncan-Carter Hearing Protection Act was delivered by GOP sponsors U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina and Rep. John Carter of Texas and aims to deregulate suppressors as a safety measure to help promote their use in protecting hearing." http://www.guns.com/2017/01/10/hearing-protection-act-introduced-to-new-congress/ I would urge y'all to contact your congress-critters and Senators about this bill. Remember suppressors and silencers are the same thing. Stress these devices would still require the same paperwork and background check, along with all the regulatory protections that a handgun would.
  9. Pro Ears 200 behind the neck @ 70 bucks Caldwell E-max behind the neck @25 bucks Howard leight, which is my new favorite (sorry ProEars) doesn't have a behind the neck model that I can find. I'd go with the ProEars, they're pretty good.
  10. ATF regulations ain't per'zactly easy to navigate much less the patchwork of laws across the US. MASS, NY, CA and a few others.....oh so not worth a sale. Should an out of state dealer/PP send a firearm and violate the law unknowingly....well, that ain't an excuse should you make an error. They'll hammer you. Not worth it.
  11. I got one of those, won it at WR as a matter of fact and I still use it for WB !!! They didn't make very many, it was made by para and is pretty basic. Sweet running iron. If you're not going to buy it, tell me where it is and I will! $725 is a bit high but...
  12. Last gunshow I went to was the Crossroads/Small Arms in Dec. Me and my buddy got a table, filled it to the brim...twice and sold every gun we brought, LOL. Stuff like a Snider in .577 for $150 a Mauser 71/84 for $200 ( which like all my stuff was way more than I paid for it ) The wife's S&W Shield for what I had into it. ( No, that's already spent on her new Kimber, LOL. ) Yeah, I think we did ok. We usually do. There was a time when we would do a show and sell most of our stuff and have to make a run home during the day for more stuff. There was a time when prices were more reasonable, too. The internet sites are driving prices up. The internet in general is making it tough on brick & mortar stores like the one I work at ( Yeah, SEMI-retired now, LOL ) and gunshows reflect that but there are deals if you look for them. $11,000 for a Ramo1919 done up to look like a 1917 water cooled. What a deal. ( Actually, it really WAS a good deal ! ) Remington 1903A3 in exc condition, $575. Really good deal. S&W model 10 heavy barrel, nice, $700. Not a deal. Takeoff M4 uppers, 14.5" with bolt carriers in very well worn/desert pickup condition $500....definitely NOT a deal when I can get a brand new upper in pretty much any configuration for way less than that. 22 magnum in cci, rem, nice stock for $18/bx of 50. Powder primers, primers for $26/1000 My store price is $37 and I think Cabela's is $32. There were lots of collectibles; more than I had time for and that was a three day show. I did pick up a real nice vintage holster made by Texas lawman/detective Oliver Ball. No, gun shows aren't what they used to be but there's still deals and fun to be had !
  13. All of the information you seek is readily available on the internet, courtesy of Google, LOL. We no longer have airborne alerts and our readiness posture is the lowest it has ever been. Airborne alerts stopped right after the breakup of the Soviet Union. Ground alerts, except for ADIZ are no longer. That tip of the nuclear triad has been blunted. Nuclear duty in the armed forces isn't a joy. PRP, no lone zones, constant security checks and.....use of deadly force is authorized. I wouldn't know about gold in Air Force survival kits, I was in the Army and we didn't have no gold...LOL. We still have land based missiles, all are on 24/565 alert of course. We still have our nuclear submarines. Somewhere around 14 depending on who's figures you believe. Who knows how many are on patrol at any given time but they run with two crews to maximize the time spent at sea. 24 trident missiles apiece, each with up to 8 warheads but I think they're limited to three on each. Used to be the captain, weapons officer and exec had independent launch capability under very narrow circumstances. That all changed during Clinton. (Seems da hag didn't like it not being under her absolute control...LOL) Have they changed proceedures? I don't know. Been out of that for a long time. At one time with a Strategic Air Command run by Gen Curtis LeMay, no one dared attack us. Now? Not so much. I do believe that we are vulnerable to a first strike because of some of these current policies.
  14. Yes and more, LOL. The S&W action depends on two springs; trigger spring inside the rebound slide and the hammer spring. (mainspring) Both bust be matched, this is a SAFETY factor. The trigger spring must be of proper tension so it returns the trigger forward FASTER than the hammer spring pushes the hammer. I will be direct here; some nitwits (not you, other people I um...know) chop off a coil or two off the rebound spring and call it good. If you want to shoot yourself in the butt someday, this is a good plan. Here's why; The internal safeties on the S&W design DEPEND on proper weight springs to function correctly. There's a ledge on the rebound slide behind the trigger that contacts a matching ledge on the hammer. There's also a hammer block that also works off the rebound slide. Both of these DEPEND on that trigger spring (rebound spring) to power the slide forward BEFORE the hammer goes down. Changing only the rebound spring is a bad plan. Get the Wolff kit. Once installed there's a test to see if its done correctly. Unloaded. Cock the hammer, put a pencil down the bore resting on the breechface. Tap the trigger to release the hammer so the trigger springs forward. (I use a magic marker) If the spring tension is correct the pencil is going nowhere. If the trigger spring is too light the pencil will fly out of the barrel. This is why those kits come with one hammer spring and two or three rebound (trigger) springs.
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