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  1. There's this nasty virus, we've identified it as coming from a specific area in a specific country. All travel from that area/country is banned. Ok. We are instituting health checks at all ports of entry. Suspected cases are quarrantined. This is a really nasty bug. Ok. We have XXX cases here, XXXX cases there, this is spreading rapidly, much faster and deadlier than the normal flu. We might have to shut the country down. Not ok. The experts predict we could have at least 2.2 million dead if we don't shut down. Its a really, really, really bad bug. Holy crap! How'm I doing so far? After a month, some states shut down, some do not. Except for some specific locations, the numbers elsewhere aren't going up as fast or as much as anyone expects. More states shut down. By mid-april its obvious that this virus is a little different than the regular flu, might be a little deadlier but only to a small segment of the population. We're not seeing anything even remotely near the millions-cases millions dead. Not even. States institute stricter restrictions and many are now openly predicting this being the norm well into the summer. By the end of April/early May its obvious this is not nearly the threat they thought it was. The administration, namely the team the President has working on this 24/7 said as much. Blamed in part on faulty models, faulty data (the name china keeps coming up, LOL) and now they see that the curve has indeed been flattened, the healthcare system is no longer in danger of collapsing and in fact, through an effort from Corporate America, the Government and the military, the "crisis" is well in hand. The President reassures the Nation that his original month to "flatten the curve" has indeed worked its magic and here's a plan to get back to it. It is now the end of May. Just a week & 1/2 until Memorial Day. The total cases keep going up because we are doing more testing. The deaths are falling in most areas except those who um, put COVID patients in amongst the most vulnerable of us for example, or places that shut down late and did NOTHING to stop the spread or never shut down or enacted sanitation proceedures for their mass transit system. Hospitalizations are down too. Yet, we see States across the US who are ramping up restrictions. cracking down and extending their timetable until well into the summer. Despite their State having positive numbers. Am I on the right track so far? Our Congress reluctantly passed a trillions of dollars worth of "relief" called the Cares Act a couple months ago. Included in this was about two trillion bucks worth of BS graft, pork and corruption. The vast bulk of the money went not to the American people, but to special interests. They thought this was such a good idea the House presented The Heroes Act. THREE TRILLION dollars. Much the same as the Cares Act. On steroids. Police in select States are jailing hairdressers, ticketing barbers, restaurant owners, beachgoers, people walking on the dang street, going to church....heck in Chicago they singled out one specific church, towed all the cars from their parking lots AND she surrounding neighborhoods. The governor of one State has told her citizens if they do not end their protests, the lockdowns will be extended. In fact, in about nine States those governors apparently have every intention of keeping their people locked away for at least another few months. While the rest of the Nation seems to be getting back to it cautiously. It should be pretty effing obvious by now which "party" wants this to be political, wants to see America poorer and in ruins....over nothing. It probably never was all that. Conspiracy? Honest mistake? I think, a little of both got us to where we are today. Moving forward, there will be court cases galore. Some lawyers are gonna make a bunch of money litigating all these lockdown tickets. The Supreme Court apparently has about ten 2A cases in their pipline and the "word on the street" is the Justices are not happy with the way some States are infringing on the People's civil rights...not just the second amendment, My spidey sense says we're not quite through this but we ARE on the other side. For those of you still behind the wire, I feel for you and invite you to move to a Free State near you. Like the young lady who now works at my mechanic's shop. a Refugee from California, and couldn't stand the liberals anymore. If you can't do that, GET INVOLVED. Let your elected officials know what they are doing is wrong. Or right, depending on the case. You cannot sit idly by anymore. These people mean to have our Republic one way or another it would seem. I have to tell you, the vast majority of people I have talked to these past weeks know its mostly BS. They're willing to accept a little inconvenience for the greater good but what is happening in some places...uh-uh, no way jose. They're not with that. And they won't. We have to wait until September-November to see the result of all of this. You can expect much from the media in the way of misinformation, and you know the "second wave" is coming, be it real or not. They will use that to screw with the election. Its possible that by this time next year we will look back on this and see it as a rough patch, something more than it should have been but we're doing ok now. Or, we'll be looking at four more years of what we already went through because some of these people are not going to stop until they get their way. Those people, they have forgotten who they work for. Lets remind them loud and clear this November.
  2. Now, maybe you understand. Some time ago, "some guy" said he would fundamentally change America. Since then, some people have been trying to do exactly that. Another guy said "never let a crisis go to waste". well, they sure are goin' full out on this one. Of course, we have no way of predicting how long any of this will go on. It only sticks if we allow it. The trial by jury system is a bedrock of our legal system. I understand your points Loophole, because I spent my entire adult life in law enforcement and spent some time in court myself. You are entirely correct. I, am retired. My son is not. He works for the same agency I did. He's still busting bad guys, booking them, writing tickets, taking reports, all of that. It hasn't stopped. Neither have our courts. Some hearings have always been done with the defendant in jail by TV. Others, the vast majority, must be in person. The defendant has that right. I can see some hearings being done telephonically, been party to that. I imagine its a good way these days to get things done now, but defendants, plaintiffs have rights. Period. This virus doesn't trump that. (no pun intended) Denying a defendant or plaintiff due process or a fair trial it likewise against the law. Am I being fairly clear here? As an officer of the Court its a responsibility to bring that to attention. However, under your circumstances, I don't blame you one bit for wanting to pull the pin. It only sticks if we allow it. This will end soon, its got to. If it doesn't, the people need to make that clear to their elected officials. Here's some interesting facts I've come across; So currently, many States are on the other side of some form of restrictions. The numbers of COVID infection vary as much by state as the baseball scores do during the season. Who the heck can make sense of who will ultimately be the division champ just by looking at the numbers halfway through the season, right? LOL. Wearing a mask. Social distancing. Hand sanitizer. Being aware of cross-contamination. If you're sick, stay the heck home! All good things to do. Our traditional flu/cold seasons might have been less if we had always done such things. Going to the store. Some now have aisles marked one way to limit people getting too close. Stickers on the ground while waiting in line, same deal. Changing the entrance/exit pattern. All of these are small things most of us are willing to follow because they are really small things and they might actually help. Putting thirty million people out of work isn't a small thing. Restricting people's right to travel, assemble peaceably, go to church, attend town council meetings or other public meetings our government is REQUIRED to make public those are violations of the law. Masks are not effective COVID isn't a big deal, its just the flu For each of these points and many more there is a complete 1000% view to the extreme other side and everything between. You can't even trust the media to fairly or accurately report ANYTHING. Thos numbers they parrot at the top of the news? The state's total cases for example. More testing, more numbers. It isn't anything but a number. By itself, means nothing. The total deaths in a state likewise MEAN NOTHING. Especially when we know some are padding those numbers. Two months ago our President, on advice from some pretty smart people advised shutting things down was the only way to "flatten the curve" meaning, prevent our healthcare system from becoming overloaded. The information known at the time was flawed and incomplete but it was what we had. Putting the Country on pause was not a small thing and all things considered, I think the President made the right call. However. Doing that did not, would not and WILL NOT prevent people from being infected. It won't limit the number, it would only spread those numbers over a longer period of time. That's all it did. We did that, our health care system is running just fine and most people's numbers are going in the right direction. So WHY then, are some states wanting to extend these restrictions longer? There's at least one governor who has publicly stated that if the "citizens" don't toe the line, there's always martial law. The President left it up to the states to decide for themselves the extent of the measures they would take. As was by the law, and common sense. Some states never did any type of restrictions. Others are ticketing people for sitting on the beach. Walking only dem rules sez, no sitting or lying. Or physically removing someone from the subway, kicking and screaming because they weren't wearing a mask. Or arresting someone because they went to a second residence in another city that they owned, in direct violation of "orders" Or visiting with a neighbor and violating "social distance". Its apparent some people are making this political. They're trying to win an election. Its obvious what they are doing and why people appear to be meekly putting up with clear constitutional infringements is beyond me.
  3. Wow. Boeing - 1 random walker - 0. Probably be listed as a COVID death.....
  4. LOL, I remember when I thought a 10 megabyte hard drive was big and a forty.....man I'll never fill that up LOL. Bell System teletype machines you hadda take offline to type a message on to paper tape, then switch and run the tape through the reader to send it. Fax machines with spinning rolls. Mimeographs. Overhead projectors. Rotary dial phones....LOL
  5. Yes. He did. Early on, many didn't believe because they thought it was a ploy to keep those masks for "themselves" IE healthcare workers. Depending on the type of mask, most don't seal 100%. When the mask gets moist, it can become less effective. Now with things opening up and the need for these to be available to businesses that require them, they are changing their tune on "necessary". Part of that is good science, part of that is self-serving. They cannot have it both ways.
  6. Saw that video. Thanks for the link! Yes, YT, like most of the "platforms" censor their member's content. Its nothing more than a blatant attempt to control the narrative. They ban what they dont agree with. Not very American but until we start hitting these people in the wallet, nothing will change. And even then, I doubt they will change unless somebody like dot gov makes'em. I have no reason to believe or disbelieve that video. It isn't any worse than the stuff already out there, not as bad as the flu, gonna kill us all, wear a mask, don't wear a mask, be over by summer, gonna come back with a vengence....all sorts of screwy stuff. So I keep it simple; I spend way too much time reading "the news" because I learned once that accurate information is handy to have. No, wouldn't give ya a warm bucket of spit for the alphabet mainstream media and what's left...well, you gotta mind who you believe. Like this here video. I keep it simple by trusting those people I have reason to trust and ignoring the rest. I focus on family and sustainment. Eventually I'll get back to shooting. Eventually this WILL be behind us but make no mistake, there are people at work using this for other ends. The current mantra coming from "those people" is we couldn't possibly "open" until we have universal testing of everyone. Mandatory vaccines. This...is.....a....sham. Stall. It is a STALL. Keep this going on for as long as possible. Ruin the economy=ruin The President. THAT's why the stall. LIke everything else they have tried, this hasn't worked. Even as I speak, things are coming back. For better or worse. Its going to happen and nothing those people do will change that.
  7. Banks round these parts go from open counters to ones surrounded by lexan. Some have guards, some do not. Window dressing., mostly. Makes some people feel safe(er) I guess.
  8. I am watching Indiana Jones "negotiate" with Bellock right now, LOL. Had leftover meatloaf, real mashed taters, mixed veggies. Having a nice glass of lemonade to go with my Indiana Jones...ooohhh...bad dates LOL.
  9. LOL. Lister bags. Remember them? Ours always had a musty/moldy taste. Water buffalos were either diesel flavored or mogas LOL. 5 gal water cans had different spouts than fuel cans and were clearly marked. Yeah, wasn't unusual. You always smelled before you poured. The "new" scepter water cans are better. Hard to see how anybody could mix'em up but if they can use the wrong fuel in an M1941 stove, hummer, APC, the odd assorted helicopter or cargo plane probably got fueled with the wrong stuff filling cans wasn't so hard a mistake. I've heard the B-52 actually has a type rating to use diesel/fuel oil but I don't know that personally....I was Army and they wouldn't let us play with the big-boy toys.....probably just as well.
  10. Wavian is pretty good. I've got some NATO cans from a local surplus store, they are almost identical to the Wavian cans, different manufacturers but the spouts match up so I can use the commercial Wavian spouts. There is a diffeence between fuel cans and water cans, they are not interchangeable. The NATO surplus cans vary in quality depending on the vendor. The ones I have were $34.95. I do not buy used cans sight unseen because you never know what you are going to get, LOL. I inspect the interior to make sure the liner is intact and that the cap seals properly. I also try to match what was in them before but cleaning them is no big deal. The German ones I've been getting are marked with what they had in them before, gas or diesel So I went with that and then added markings so I don't put gas in the diesel or vice versa.....LOL.
  11. Dork. That the best halloween costume he could come up with middle of spring? LOL. He should have dressed in scrubs and a mask...health care worker. then he could Karen all he wanted to.
  12. The safety holds the firing pin in and has to go way way forward to get the safety out. About an inch. Without seeing the thing, my best guess is the firing pin went a little too far forward for some reason and is hung up on the safety which may or may not be out of place. Probably not because when its properly assembled, the safety shouldn't have enough side play to work out past the slot.
  13. Oh. We lawyers now? Most States seem to be relying on their "emergency" statutes, either listed in their State's Constitution or, laws passed by the legislature. NONE of those trumps the Constitutional protections of the enumerated rights listed. United States Code Title 18, section 242; Deprivation of rights under color of law. Its a felony. You use "The law" to deprive some hapless citizen of their civil rights, you can go to jail. The US AG has been very clear on this. Of course they been using "reasonable" or "Common sense" to whittle away at our rights for some time now. Penalties. Again, most of these penalties for violating masks, hold yer breath in public, stay at home, essential travel.....I bet you find as I did there are no such penalties listed under these statutes so police have reverted to "offenses against public order" laws. Citations issued would go in front of a judge. Under the current circumstances it would be a sucker bet to go against what a judge wouldn't or would do. There's a difference between being right and being legal. You get the right sort of cop, you get one answer. You get the other sort....well, that's how YouTube keeps making money LOL. I think its all going to be a moot point here shortly. I'm sure they have a totally different and new crisis scheduled for June. Maybe July......
  14. DOD guidlines sez bandannas/gaitors are good enough so that's good enough for me. Masks don't so much protect you as they do prevent you from infectin' others. Staying six feet (or more) away from people, properly sanitizing your hands, not touching your face and avoiding cross-contamination will do more than masks will. But they prolly help. Mind what you touch, like touchpads at the register, don't use them and then touch yourself, your wallet or anything else without sannying your hands. Seeing how people are just makes me angry. I can't blame'em for being a little scared, they're just doing what they're told is advisable. Most of'em never worked in a field (apparently) where they had to use PPE so they don't know. Don't get me started on the poor reporting we have in this Country that seems to be all about scaring people half to death with crap. Our governor still hasn't said a dang thing and his order expires Thursday. Of course the stupid little demmycrap Phoenix mayor says we couldn't possibly open anything. Leave it up to her, she'd have us all on 100% house arrest until next Christmas. But I don't live in Phx no more, so she can stick that where the sun don't shine....Her own city council already shut her down once but she apparently is too dense to get the message. Sad.
  15. Oh yeah. I done stimulated the economy quite enough lately, thank you very much. Grand to the dentist to fix a broken tooth. was the smallest...LOL. I'm-a skeered to go near my mechnic's shop.....last time he got me for $1500. I have in fact, spent more'n my fair share of money stimulating various local businesses. Cimarron is gonna use her half for groceries and stimulate the credit company. Dubious is gonna stimulate dot gov because that oughts to almost cover what we owed from last year. If I got anything left after I pay my bills next month, I got me some more stimulatin' planned LOL.
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