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  1. In an interview a few years ago she told about the time she saw her name in an American history textbook. She said that is when she knew she had truly had an impact.
  2. It’s not quite that simplistic. My first wife had some knockout curves and was about 5’-4” tall. It didn’t matter how she dressed. Sometimes she’d rock the cleavage just to get a reaction and make me smile. Most times she was quite modest to the point of almost hiding her curves. It didn’t matter. Men, with an average height near 6’, would go to great lengths to look past her face and eyes and go straight for the ta-tas. As much as the marriage did not end well, I learned a valuable lesson about respectfully engaging women by making the conscious choice to look directly into their eyes, even before beginning the conversation. However, an unintended consequence of that habit occurred when a female colleague, who I got along with quite well, made a comment about how “engaged” I was and always seemed to be interested in what she said. She mentioned the constant eye contact, and we had the friendship that allowed me to tell her about my ex’s situation. She chuckled and said she wished all men had my perspective.
  3. The good coaches choked back a little bile, rinsed their mouths, and came to class even more determined to teach their students proper debate.
  4. For the win! The Ruger #1 is still the most beautiful modern rifle ever built. Its lines to me are as elegant as a Pennsylvania flintlock, an 1874 Sharps, a Winchester 73, or a Winchester Model 21.
  5. I see no reason to expect anything substantial to be different. Neither man has the stage presence and bearing of a Ronald Reagan or Ross Perot, so I don’t expect this to suddenly turn into a discussion of substance, much less elegance. Donald Trump has shown for three years, and a decade prior to that in reality tv, that he is barely capable of a complete and cogent sentence, much less 90 minutes of sustained thoughtful respectful exchange. I expect Joe Biden to spend more time speaking directly to the camera and doing his best to ignore distractions. Unless the moderator is given a mute button, which Trump’s team will never agree to, my prediction is more of the same. Sad day for sure.
  6. Go load some 38-55 so I have enough ammo to try out my new MVA sights on the Sharps next weekend, or... Prep for my granddaughter’s first camping trip with us this weekend. Gotta make sure we have plenty of fun food and blankets for my girl. Or... Take a shower and curl up with Tom Sawyer. Been a few years since the last time through. Time to get reacquainted with Hannibal. Such momentous decisions.
  7. Here’s your challenge... https://www.bostonglobe.com/2020/09/21/metro/this-somerville-resident-hasnt-been-able-get-large-safe-out-his-home-nor-has-anyone-else/
  8. It’s the part about launching from his deck into backyard oblivion that makes me sad. At least mine hit the far wall and fell to the floor.
  9. I forgot about that one, Henry. It looked like a handy brush gun for sure.
  10. I don’t recall ever seeing a Ruger lever gun. I’d love to see them bring back the Marlin camp carbine in 9mm and 45acp.
  11. What’s the intended purpose? If personal carry, her accuracy standards are way too high. Many other factors to consider like size, weight, ergonomics, reliability, etc.
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