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  1. My hand-me-down is finally dying, so it’s time for a new one. It it needs to see 22 caliber holes at 100 yards. I’d like to spend <$500 if possible. Anybody have ave a good recommendation?
  2. Practicing the crap fan contact in a simulator is what keeps crews alive in the real world. I was never a fan of UH-1 instrument simulators. They were full-motion and could induce bad vertigo if the instructor were feeling particularly challenging that session, but fighting vertigo was part of the training. On a long NVG mission one night I had a real case of vertigo set in. Even though it was a VFR flight, I was able to go to instruments and keep everything level and safe until it passed.
  3. I bet a beer you have a new scope in a week or so. Leopoldo is tops when it comes to quality from the factory, and service on the rare occasion it’s needed.
  4. Yup. I’m looking at that short wheelbase and high CG. Wouldn’t take much at all to induce a face plant.
  5. Good bye. Farewell. Amen. Thank you for the memories.
  6. Working in my shop while reading this. Milwaukee is a pro line with associated price point. I find Dewalt fills my needs perfectly.
  7. Stones? If the tickets were free I’d go. Elton John in Knoxville this June? Hell yes!
  8. It would be interesting to see this diagram in 3-D, or 3-view.
  9. We looked at their smallest one. Loved the style, the quality, the features. Pretty much everything about it. What swayed us against it was the weight. Even the smallest model required more than our four cylinder Subaru. We we opted for a teardrop trailer instead. http://tinycamper.com/teardrop550ultra.htm
  10. I think our favorite biscuits tend to be those we grew up with. Me, I have a partiality for the zillion layers of a Pilsbury biscuit from an exploding can, cause that’s what we had at both Grandma’s and our house. In bachelor-hood, Hardee’s biscuits took over because I could buy them one at a time, which was all I needed. Then an I got married, and my wife, among her many attributes, is an amazing cook. Including homemade breads.
  11. I enjoy baseball, especially minor league games and the rare seasons where my Reds give me hope. But the whole cheating scandal, and MLB’s non-response, has me less excited this spring. Until they grow a spine, strip the title, and either ban players or reinstate Pete Rose, there’s a little less joy in Mudville. I did get a chuckle out of KTLA’s response to the players’ comments at the link below. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/jose-altuve-astros-cheater-los-angeles-tv-station-021157567.html?bcmt=1
  12. The Colonel’s secret was a quality product at a fair price. And he was the first one selling chicken in a fast food environment. Today’s KFC has to compete with Chick-Fil-A, Zaxby’s, Popeye’s, Bojangles, and any number of wing joints. And they’re all better. Besides, the last few times I went to a KFC, the places were filthy.
  13. I has been a real friend, and gratefully has a few real friends.
  14. Back in the day, coffee woke me up enough to fully realize how much my head hurt and the world spun. I finally learned what caused the hurting and spinning in the first place, then started avoiding that to excess.
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