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  1. LT Robert Harrsch was riding a Horsa glider towards France. RIP Uncle Bob.
  2. The cavalry shirt is marked XL. I’ll PM my address to send the check.
  3. CRK, There is no size marked in the shirt. I wear a 16 1/2 - 33 dress shirt and the frontier shirt fits me fine with room to maneuver the stages. I hope this helps tell you what you need to know.
  4. Well said, Doc and others. My wife and I live in a historic urban neighborhood that came to life in the 1880s to 1920s. Its culture has run the gambit from urban middle/upper class to downtrodden rental properties to the current diverse, revitalized, and renovated community. There are complex issues around such efforts in a community, and we actually see both sides and try hard to navigate to the greatest good.
  5. I was 6’ tall, 195lbs, and 36” waist when actively wearing these clothes. They fit well or slightly loose, which is how I liked it. Shipping will be via the smallest flat rate box possible. Cost of shipping is not included in the price. I’ll work with you to put multiple items in a medium flat rate box if possible. Personal checks accepted. - Colorful vest. Size XL. Generic manufacturer. $25. Sold pending funds. - Denim vest. Size L. Wah Maker. $30. Sold pending funds. - Pinstripe trousers. 36” waist. Classic Old West Styles. SASS logo suspenders buttons. $30. - Brown dungarees. Suspender buttons that look like shotgun bases. Generic manufacturer. $25. - Lighter brown dungarees. Suspender buttons were added. Generic manufacturer. $25. - Cavalry shirt. Wah Maker. $25. Sold Pending Funds - Frontier shirt. Generic manufacturer. $20. Sold pending funds.
  6. WC Field’s version had kids raised in the barrel and fed through the bung hole until teenagers. At that point, plug the bung hole.
  7. Good on you, Cyrus. We need more officers on the street with your heart and strength.
  8. Interesting comments from those who experienced both. I’m smarter now than five minutes ago. I think I’ll do my best to avoid either spray going forward. No need to do my own taste test.
  9. I can only speak personally about CS gas, but I hear the effect is similar. If only on the skin, it burns pretty bad, but in a way that just ticked me off at the butthead who thought it’d be funny to pop a canister while a bunch of us were sleeping. In the eyes or inhaled is a different matter. It temporarily shuts down breathing and vision, and tends to make bodily fluids squirt out the eyes, nose, and mouth. But after a few minutes, it’s just a irritant that the body adapts to. Embrace the suck and keep going.
  10. Nope. We love taking Jack to our local park, but wouldn’t think of going barefoot or lying down.
  11. Jennifer Gray and Patrick Swayze, plus a period of alcohol overconsumption, inspired me to learn dancing. 30+ years later, I’m much more sober, still dancing as my body allows, and still hopelessly in love with Ms. Gray.
  12. I’m sure there’s more to the story than this clip, but this is not a good situation under any circumstances.
  13. Stooperific? Moronogasmic? Ignoratonic? This could be fun!
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