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  1. Dang, Alpo. You’re two for two on your commentary. I was thinking the same but you said it quicker and better.
  2. Seeing Ian and having had several near misses from tornados, I’m pondering what items should go in a knapsack for when you first come out of the house. I’m talking that you’ve sheltered in the basement, your neighborhood took a direct hit, the storm has passed, and you’re walking out for the first time. What do you want to have with you as your neighborhood comes to grips and helps each other? Medical supplies? Tools to shut off broken utilities? A crowbar? Flashlights? Im building such a bag in a 20 liter rucksack and am curious about the Saloon’s collective wisdom.
  3. This person is obviously smart enough to figure out how to commit crimes. He's just made choices in tattoos that are way outside the mainstream of society. Self-destructive? Unemployable by a "mainstream" company? Probably a little touched in the head? Yes to all three. But not "disabled" and not worthy of a society paying for food and shelter. And I'm about as hard core liberal as you'll find in the Saloon.
  4. Short stroke kits and tuned guns don’t make champions. Time, ammo, and practice make winners. I’m happy for folks who enjoy tuned guns, but don’t think for a minute you’re at a disadvantage because your shooting “stock”.
  5. I think the oligarchs are going to remove him at some point. They want to get back to making money selling stuff, and for that they need trade with everyone else who’s isolating them with Vlad doing what he’s doing.
  6. No! Not at all interchangeable. I don’t know the history of how the powders got named that way. It’s caused more than one bad outcome.
  7. I don’t believe it was the pigs he was thinking about riding…
  8. I bought a Bond derringer for that exact reason. Just had to have it. A 410 cylinder-fed shotgun? No need to have one, but happy for those who do.
  9. Soldiers being soldiers and making the best humor in a very bad situation. Any language. Any situation. Soldiers gonna make the best of the situation, then go do it again.
  10. I have numerous J-frames from which too choose. The favorite is an alloy frame with shrouded hammer. The second favorite is steel frame with a bobbed hammer. Other than weight, no difference.
  11. Glad folks are being observant, but the correct No Call was made. Next shooter.
  12. +1 for real black powder. Pyrodex has its place in the world, in simple muzzleloaders where you can remove and scrub the whole barrel. It will rust the guts out of a revolver or shotgun with their mechanisms.
  13. Interesting. My wife and I were wondering why sailors were pulling (and restraining) the carriage. I suppose this day was inevitable, but it still feels odd. Tonight's toast shall be "God Save The King". Wisdom and strength for His Majesty.
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