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  1. She’s sittin’ there in the dark just cryin’ for you to take her out and press the bang button. My my dad always said there was no such th8 g as a gun too collectible to shoot. If he didn’t feel comfortable pulling the trigger, he’d sell it to someone who needed an overpriced safe queen.
  2. Glide. The F-4 was living proof you can make a brick fly if you strapped enough engine to it.
  3. My wife texted me last week that she was “ticked” about something. I quickly called back hoping to slay whatever dragon was causing angst at the moment. She answered the phone cheerfully with laud about her day. When I inquired what she might be ticked at, confusion reigned until she re-read her text. The desired adjective had been “tickled”, but autocorrect had dropped the “l”. But for a letter....
  4. One of my favorite adventure writers. On par with Tom Clancy.
  5. If the paper didn’t burn and the wood isn’t charred, the safe did not get hot enough to change the tempering.
  6. I second anything by Allen Eckert. His style is “historic dialogue”,where he puts you in situations as if they would have really happened. His research is meticulous, and his style is such that he makes for a fascinating read. Definitely not a fact-filled-but-dry-as-dirt history text book. I still count “The Frontiersman” as one of my favorites ever. Tecumseh, Simon Kenton, and Daniel Boone come absolutely to life in the interactions that occurred in the Ohio/Kentucky area.
  7. Outstanding idea, Forty! Good on ya.
  8. First presidential vote I cast as an 18 year old was for President Reagan. He set the standard that none have reached since.
  9. Am I the only one who uses a single-pour #2 cone filter to make a cup of coffee? Excellent coffee of whatever flavor or strength I want. Lowest cost. And the waste goes to compost.
  10. Interesting video, but still broke my heart to see the old growth brought down.
  11. I find a dehydrator gives more consistent results than an oven. I havent a recipe yet that didnt give good results. They’re all just a little different from each other.
  12. When you need a mortar but all you have is a cannon...
  13. Reveille, Reteat, Tattoo, and Taps still take me to a younger day. Getting blurry just hearing them in my mind’s ear.
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