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  1. He’s 96 years old and still kicking. My son follows his twitter feed. Says it’s hilarious in all the right ways. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chuck_Yeager
  2. “You are one stumble away from permanent paralysis.” This was how the doc communicated the severity of my C3/4/5 vertebrae. I’m glad to say it is now mostly stable.
  3. This is an economic/business decision that will be spun as socially “aware”.
  4. But what if her horse half identifies as a stallion?
  5. As a life long Reds fan, I watched my share of Red Sox games, especially the ‘75 series. Carl Yastrzemski was always one of my favorites. My neighbor scored his card in a pack of Topps gum and was the instant hero of our block.
  6. Looks like a must-see for a guys night out. Wife would not be interested.
  7. I have complained when I thought settlements were unfairly low, and been grateful when slightly higher than expected. Maybe that counts as “offsetting”.
  8. Knoxville, TN’s mayor race is up for grabs this fall. We actually have two decent candidates from which to choose. My wife and I have homelessness as our litmus test. It’s complicated. We understand, and have sympathy for the mentally ill, but we want to walk downtown without them sleeping on benches.
  9. Marlin 1894 in 44mag. At the height of my cowboy shooting I was going through 500 rounds/month. Or maybe a Remington Nylon 66. There were more than one occasions when I went through 500-1000 rounds in a day.
  10. We’ve streamed the first three hours or so. I really like it.
  11. What Slim said. We should be doing what we can de-escalate the situation. With us now having petroleum independence, this is not directly our fight. However, any instability in that part of the world gives us cause for concern. Striking Iran will not help the situation.
  12. Yes, I guess I forgot to mention that I mostly agree with your original point. American petroleum independence is a comfortable state of being. Every barrel of oil in the Permian Basin just jumped in value. But it I don’t think the US was Iran’s target. Iran and Saudi Arabia have been fighting a proxy war in Yemen since 2015. Iran just escalated the war in a fashion that should make everyone a little more nervous, regardless of energy independence.
  13. Yes, “us vets” of every war, including me, create terms to dehumanize and degrade the enemy. As you said, it makes it easier to use violence against them. But then we come home, get on with our lives, and mature a little. Terms once used in anger are set aside. And under no circumstances do I find it acceptable to rehash terms from wartime and apply them broad-brush to denigrate the people of an entire country, nor a population of legal US immigrants.
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