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  1. He is one of the better ex presidents we have ever had. happy birthday, President Carter.
  2. I was raised on Legos as were all my kids. I’m disappointed that they’ve shifted to selling kits with specialized parts and instructions. Part of the Legos’ draw was using rectilinear blocks and imagination to create stuff.
  3. They’re proportioning to the raises of senior management. As much as I hate the UAW, I have a hard time faulting their argument.
  4. Either route is fine by me. Play the game full tilt and run up the score, or give backup players valuable in-game experience. Those players are professionals and should learn from the butt whooping they received. Youth sports are a different story. I do support mercy rules to a degree. (But I still hate participation trophies!)
  5. Skeeter Skelton, Bill Jordan, and Elmer Keith were my favorites as a kid in the 70s, along with Peter Capstick when my mood swung to an African adventure. Those guys could sure fire my imagination and bring a smile to my face. I know the business model of gun magazines has changed and these guys couldn’t even write their good stuff, were they still alive. So goes life. Thank you for a fun trip down Memory Lane, Alpo.
  6. The mole who compromised the Sender Green mission was a spoiled rich snot nosed low-level functionary in a congressman's office. When John Clark found out who it was, he paid him a visit and used some of the retained heroin to inject the guy with a lethal overdose. That is, after he gave the guy a thorough understanding of just how badly he'd screwed up. "Hey, they took their chances." "And you, sir, took yours." Yes, Without Remorse is one of my all time favorite books. Might have to pull it out and read it again.
  7. Great book. One of Tom Clancy’s best. As to your original question, a good burn barrel would do the trick. But John Clark has a better idea…
  8. I’m troubled that I remember that ad. It was a Harrier.
  9. My wife and I are contemplating a camper van for the next phase of our outdoor life. An overwhelming number of sizes, features, options, etc. I know there’s some RV’ers in the Saloon and was hoping someone might have experience with the small ones. We’re grateful for any thoughts folks might share.
  10. Next chapter: https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/music/2023/09/12/oliver-anthony-cancels-cotton-eyed-joe-concert-high-ticket-prices/70830305007/
  11. In Ohio where I had my divorce, there is only no-fault divorce. Adultery or any other factor just doesn't matter. Changing the amount of child support requires action on the recipient's part. The court does not automatically review the payor's income and adjust accordingly.
  12. We live in an urban area where electric bikes are legal. They are quite popular, though none of them appear to be one of these 2 Wheel Drive electric mountain bikes.
  13. When a high profile donor wants to anonymously contribute to an institution, there are provisions and processes to honor the secrecy until an agreed to time. In this case, that time appears to have been Mr Buffett’s passing. Well done, Jimmy!
  14. Yes, that is a better choice of words. Bottom line: You cannot have too much lube in a BP rifle round. At least not that I’ve found.
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