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  1. Probably right. Sound editing is post-filming, and the editor probably has a standard audio clip for “handgun fired on indoor range”. I do know that Tom Selleck worked closely with Mike Venturino during the Quigley movie to be authentic in how he handled the Sharps. I thought that mindset might carry to TV but he probably wasn’t allowed.
  2. That noise is my personal pet peeve in shows. Blue Bloods is one of my favorite shows, largely because of Tom Selleck. In one episode he is at the range with his youngest son who is also an officer. He hands his son a Smith and Wesson revolver to let him try it. Bang bang bang. Clink clink clink. I was disappointed that Mr Selleck let this happen.
  3. That was my first thought about a preacher and a stripper. Great song!
  4. I still remember the first time I saw a Python in the gun case and the owner wouldn’t let me touch. Probably a good idea since I was about ten and drooling mightily over the gun. Mighta got it to rusting or something bad like that. It’s always been one of the most beautiful guns ever built in my not-so-humble opinion.
  5. I have an idea for a product that I haven’t seen anywhere else. I’d like to start making and selling them through a web site, but don’t have a clue about where to start. Etsy looks to be more craft oriented, whereas mine is more functional. Has anybody started a business like this? I’d like to,learn from your experience and hopefully not repeat mistakes. Please PM me if you’re willing to start a conversation along these lines. I appreciate any insight that can be offered.
  6. To me it’s just one of the gun’s quirks. It was especially noticeable when I wore muffs instead of ear plugs. The muffs’ plastic rested on the stock, and and spring noise came straight through while the other sounds were muffled.
  7. I’m sure if you go back far enough, the issue was whether the soldier was Protestant or “Papist”. Funeral formats are very important, or offensive, to certain individuals.
  8. A Glock was my CCW for years. Always had one, and only one, in the chamber. Author was a fool.
  9. This has been an ongoing issue since at least the 1960s. How much can an American soldier’s uniform, or any official DoD item, reflect a certain religion? How much can the military “require”? Chapel attendance during basic training used to be compulsory, as was chapel attendance at West Point. Both activities are now optional. How much jewelry reflecting personal expression of faith is allowed? Small necklaces used to be allowed, as long as they were invisible when in uniform. Not so much any more. What about hairstyles and head coverings? Absolutely nothing was allowed for years. Now we see yamakas and Sikh headgear in uniform. During Desert Shield/Storm, Army chaplains were required to remove their faith identifiers and were called “morale officers”. Veterans headstones now have myriad options for faith symbols. Discussions have gone gone on for years about how many chaplains of what faith should be allowed, how should they be distributed to the units, and how should they be promoted. Personally, I think it’s humorous how a thing such as the tags in the OP can cause groups to get so butt hurt. If a $2 metal stamping is all it takes to offend someone, or it’s removal is all it takes to offend someone, then I got nothing to help you.
  10. The heat pump water heaters are a semi-new technology with its own set of pros and cons. Pros - Uses less energy to maintain hot water in the tank, and to provide small amounts of hot water to a sink. Cons - Higher first cost. - Cost of repairing a compressor and refrigerant system if it goes down. - Sound of a compressor running in your basement or utility closet. - Unit must switch from heat pump to resistance heat for a shower, load of laundry, or other high demand for hot water. I have a gas water heater, but if gas isn’t available, a quality electric resistance heater with an extra insulating blanket is what I recommend.
  11. Having family in this state, and having lived in Alabama a number of years, your assessment is completely accurate. It is not a football game. It is a way of life.
  12. A refill of petit syrah. And a sandwich of honey baked ham.
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