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  1. Depending how you “scale” them, these might fit in your collection:
  2. Not normally, but one of the beautiful traits of the Blackhawk platform is the hard points for hanging all sorts of toys. Machine guns. Mini-guns. M-2s. Spare fuel tanks. Even 2.75” rockets and Hellfires.
  3. Practical joking treads a fine line between humor and assholery. I’ve been the butt of jokes and played a few myself, but they never caused permanent harm, took up too much time, or were pulled on anybody but very good friends who knew where my heart was.
  4. Too funny! I was fortunate that I never had to do more than counseling sessions with a few of my soldiers. And with no cellphones and such, the concept of a helicopter mom had not come about yet.
  5. Folks, I have more experience in and around the LGBTQ community than probably anyone here in the Saloon. I can say with quite certainty that the referenced quotation was from someone with far more emotional challenges than simple gender identity. Please do not internalize it as being representative of the community as a whole. And please say a prayer for this person, that they would find peace.
  6. Shame you couldn’t have got his tail number. He would have lost his wings.
  7. My son and his wife told us three weeks ago that our granddaughter is getting a little sibling in September
  8. I’ve used WD40 and Break Free for years to keep the guns running smoothly. But then I got to looking at the white lithium grease I use on tools. It applies as an aerosol, and when the solvent evaporated leaves a thin layer of grease. Works great on gears and sprockets, and was wondering how it might work on trigger mechanisms and other metal on metal contact points. Of course, it would not go anywhere in contact with hot powder gases. I’ve seen what wrong lube will do to a Garand operating rod or an M-16 bolt carrier. As always, the Saloon’s wisdom is much appreciated.
  9. I was at my local gun store today picking up a new shotgun from out of state. Two women walked in, one asking the man behind the counter which 9 mm she should get for home defense and carry. The clerk said he would be with them in a minute after he finished my paperwork, during which I could not help but overhear them talking. One woman, who obviously had some experience at these decisions, was trying to convince her friend to look into a J frame. (I am not here to reignite the classic debate, but the woman was giving sound advice which those of us who like J frames would
  10. Mary Anne! Ruger! It ain’t the Saloon unless there’s an active argument among friends.
  11. Looks like Alpo and I have identical tastes in carry guns. I still recommend the larger rubber grips for your mom. Larger surface area means less pressure on the hands during recoil.
  12. Unless their instruments find someone wearing a tinfoil hat. Then they Inspect how Flight-y the person might be. It’s in the Code and Algorithm.
  13. They check navigational aids, instrument landing systems, and other such things to verify accuracy. The large oval course is probably a holding pattern over a marker of some sort.
  14. I’ve been impressed by this tent when seeing it in campgrounds. https://www.rei.com/product/147958/rei-co-op-kingdom-6-tent Goes up easy. Sheds water. Sturdy in the wind. And instead of just an air mattress, think about getting a collapsible bed frame to get you further off the ground. A lot easier on the knees getting up and down.
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