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  1. My thought exactly. I expanded the photo and clearly saw a dog. But at first glance it was a man.
  2. “Is anyone really that stupid?“ I don’t even need to follow the link to answer the question. Yes, regardless of the behavior in question, there will always be someone who is that stupid.
  3. That turbine is small by most standards. In the US they go up to 400’ towers plus blades.
  4. A 105mm can add so much to the William Tell, the 1812, Stars and Stripes forever, and so many others. Love me some well timed cannon shots!
  5. But aren’t we glad that those strange and unsettled minds make our world better?
  6. Cross firing is way easier than you think. In my old bullseye days there was a sheet of paper hung about a foot behind the target. It showed which hits were real and which lane the crossfire came from.
  7. Mr Keith was one of my childhood heroes, along with Skeeter Skelton and Bill Jordan. I got to meet all three of them at various times at NRA conventions. Amazing men for a 12-year-old kid to shake hands with.
  8. Like others have said, your friend will let you know when it is time. I’ve had to put down three dogs. It was never easy, but always the right thing to do. My only thought to add would be for you to be there with your friend as the vet does what needs to be done. Cuddle them. Love them. Whisper to them. Be with them as they go forward. Let your loving words be the last thing they hear this side of Heaven.
  9. As a practicing engineer for 30+ years who’s also been adjunct faculty at an engineering, I can say with sincerity that I’ve never solved a quadratic, never used calculus, and never used a differential equation since earning my BSME.
  10. That’s one of my bucket list guns. WH, I like your approach with that pistol. Should serve you well in the woods.
  11. If you take a given magnet, and attach it to a piece of thin sheet metal, and then attach it to a thicker piece, will it hold on tighter to the thicker piece of metal? My wife and I are thinking about building a sheet metal wall that the grandkids can use for magnetic alphabets and figures. We have also seen where people use magnets to attach tubes and ramps and such to build pathways for balls to slide around in. I am wondering if thicker sheet-metal would allow us to use heavier tubes. I appreciate any insight the Saloon can offer.
  12. I don’t think their intention is to be ladylike. I once watched a women’s sevens match between Army and Navy. Talk about some tough women! Glad they’re all on our side.
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