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  1. I got shot 2 yesterday. Drove five hours today to be at a site tomorrow at 10:00 to train some folks. No three mile run. So far so good other than a really sore shoulder.
  2. I have a #3 in 22 Hornet and can’t fathom what one would be like in 45-70.
  3. Yes, that’s the missing section. Nose drip. Reach for handkerchief. Gun out. Hands out. Snot on face.
  4. I don’t like recoil either. To help with this gun we had the muzzle ported, and added a 1 inch thick soft rubber pad on the butt stock. I also drilled out the butt stock and added about a pound of lead. It is still stout but much more enjoyable to shoot.
  5. This afternoon around 4:45 I noticed my phone was missing. The last place I recalled having it was while getting a Covid vaccine around 10 this morning. I drove to the center and found it closed, then went to the lobby and tapped on the door to get the security guard’s attention. He looked to be in his late 60s, came over and opened the door. While explaining about the phone I felt a drop of snot dripping out of my nose due to all the pollen in the air. Before the sneeze began, the guard had broken the thumb strap and drawn his Glock halfway out of the holster.
  6. I can’t imagine Ruger buying Marlin and not bringing back the 1895/336 series and the 39 series of rimfires. Those are iconic as well as being best-in-class rifles.
  7. So yesterday I went to the club’s rifle range to sight in a Marlin 1895 in 45-70. It’s been trimmed to 16.5”, magnaported, refinished, and sports a compact Leopoldo Great brush gun. Anyway, we were all set up and waiting for 9:00am to go hot. I was the only non-black rifle on the line, which is not unusual any more. One guy came down and asked with all sincerity, “What is that?” When realizing he was serious, I let him handle the gun and showed him the cartridge. He was sufficiently curious and impressed, especially after the first round. He pulled up a picture
  8. Drinks on Colonel Cassidy! But is see all of us as fine wine. We don’t get old. We get better with age.
  9. “Ooh Child” by The Five Stairsteps. There’s a COVID version cover by a collaborative, but I must give credit where it is due...
  10. several saloon folks have talked about using flight tracking software to keep track of airplanes. My niece is flying a general aviation aircraft to Knoxville today. I have her call sign and the plane is equipped with ADSB. what would be the best package for me to keep track of her? Most of what I am seeing our basic apps used to track commercial aircraft flights.
  11. I just finished lunch of a ham sandwich made from a crusty sourdough loaf. My granddaughter doesn’t care for crust, so I ate hers too. :-)
  12. April. Women who work with tools have a special place in my heart.
  13. And as corn syrup or starch in about every other product in every aisle. But corn is at its best when sold at a fruit stand in July with its husk intact. Steam or roast it that night with a spot of butter and pepper and it’s just about perfect.
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