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  1. A friend of mine uses a drill press and a Forstner bit. Made a holder and set the stop on the drill press. He says it works great
  2. There was one at the gun show today Evil…adjustable sight model. On a table across the end closest to where you were. Can’t remember the price….but looked to be new in box
  3. I am very sad to hear this. Larry was a nice person that did a lot for all the shooting sports. He will definitely be missed. My heartfelt condolences to Mike, Marty(Coyote Cap) , Mogollon Drifter and the rest of the family.
  4. Lots of great shooters this year at Gunsmoke. Congrats Deuce
  5. Congratulations to both. Both are a couple of nice guys. Glad you could make it up north to see us
  6. Congratulations Vic and Kat. Wish we could have visited a little more this year…
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