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  1. My son…Hotshot Ron …took a 20 foot fall at work this morning. No head injuries…but he shattered his left hip above the femur and shattered his left forearm…not sure about the involvement of the wrist. He came out of surgery for the hip a little while ago…but not going to work on the forearm until probably sometime next week. Could sure use some prayers for him and his family. Will take him a while to recover from this one. Thanks OMG
  2. I have a Ruger and a couple of Buckmarks. I like them all. A friend of mine bought a Smith and Wesson performance center Victory. Smith should be ashamed of building such a piece of crap...and their quality control. Last I knew...they had sent him a shipping label to return it.
  3. Try Branson Lakeside campground
  4. When Uberti came out with that piece of crap safety retractable firing pin...they became the best sales force Pietta and Ruger could have hoped for
  5. I had a Henry 45 lever gun when I first started SASS. It lasted a couple matches and went down the road. For hunting and plinking...would be alright. Even as a novice...I couldn't get it to run as fast as a factory stock 73 Uberti. Also...being in 45 colt...and me being left handed...every shot was like getting a glaucoma test. A puff of smoke right in the eyes courtesy of the side ejection port.
  6. I have an Iver Johnson 10mm 6inch bbl. I really didn't think with the limited amount I have used it...that recoil was really any worse than my 5 inch 45 acp.I actually thought my Glock 35 with a 357 sig bbl had more snap.
  7. Congratulations JB. Wish I could have been there to see you get the award
  8. There is a stiffener for hats...check your local western wear stores
  9. In that area...I am going to say as far as fishing...the big things would be Crappie...Bass...Panfish...and CATFISH
  10. The Lyman is what I use. I have a Frankford Arsenal vibratory cleaner...don't like it. I have two Cabelas brand vibratory I like much better. They seem to vibrate twice as hard as the Frankford. The wet tumbler Frankfords I have seen have about half the capacity of my Lyman
  11. You might give Ahlmans gun shop...Morristown , Minnesota a call.
  12. I use the carbon fibre inserts in my rifles. Haven't had any problems with them
  13. My condolences. Always hard to go through
  14. I finally quit procrastinating...signed up at the monthly yesterday.
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