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  1. Sounds like Pancho on the old TV Series “The Cisco Kid”. In the intro he would say “Hey Cisco let’s went”. CJ
  2. Jack was my grandfather. I never met him. So I used his name as part of my alias. That is his face on my avatar. I have only the one picture of him. It sat on my Mother’s dresser. I have read elsewhere that men named “Bob” are open, friendly, helpful, courteous and kind. Sort of like a Boy Scout. As I said “That’s me.” Cactus Jack Calder. CJ
  3. +100% If PT helps keep doing the exercises. My back surgery was 5+ years ago. If I miss exercises for a couple of days I feel it and it takes several days to get back to a low level of discomfort, not severe pain, again. Dr. told me he could not guarantee I would not have pain, only that I would not loose my leg function due to pinched nerve. He was correct! CJ
  4. A 6 year old kid joke, I told my Grandma, 73 years ago. What do you eat when your at the beach and you forgot your lunch? You eat the sand which is there! CJ
  5. # 321 December 7th At the 1962? World’s Fair in Flushing Meadow, NY, there was an exhibit that would provide a list of famous people born on your birthday. As I remember it, “Mary Queen of Scots” was born on my birthday. As I’m part Scot on my Mother’s side I was impressed by that vague relationship. In my youth there was much more made of the anniversary of the attack on Peal Harbor than there is today. When I was an elementary school student the teacher would always remind everyone that it was a sad date in history. CJ
  6. You ain’t justa woffin. BTDT Returning after an extended cruise, first liberty with the wife. Results, one 50+ YO Son and his family. CJ
  7. +1 It is amazing to those of us who are not limited by physical issues, what a person of determination can do by adapting to their situation. CJ
  8. Good call, Alpo. Quintacycles is a good descriptive word for those vehicles. Notice the steering is carried out by the two small wheels in the front, not the large drive wheel. Also, there is no single small wheel in the back to be in the Farthing position. The two small wheels in the rear are the support wheels not just balance wheels. Training wheels are set to allow the cycle to rock from side to side a small amount. Allowing the cyclist to learn to maintain the vehicle off of the training wheels support. CJ
  9. Had a friend I shared rides to work with. (Yeah I know, poor grammar) Anyway he used to say “The Lottery is up to xxx, I’m gunna bye one ticket. When I hit it, it’s half to the wife and I’m out of here.” It took me a while to realize he was serious. Never hit the numbers. His wife made him work until he was 70 to get the maximum SS, and we had a good pension (I still do). He passed at 72. Stress was probably a big factor. Moral: Don’t go for the big $ at the expense of your happiness and health. I took my pension ASAP. Glad I did. CJ
  10. Thumper I freely admit I’m a dog person not a cat guy. On the second date with my future wife, Susan, I was invited into the house to meet the DAD. It eventually turned out that her father and I became friends, not just related through attachment to my wife. However, her cat, Thumper, and never did become close. Thumper’s name was a result of him having six toes on each foot. Apparently the sixth toe was an extra and as the cat walked across hardwood floors the extra toe would make a little thumping sound. What do I know, I said I wasn’t a cat person. As Susan and I sat on the sofa, with an appropriate space between us, Thumper jumped up on the back of the sofa. He then proceeded to march across the back to the open space, jump down between us, turn to look at me, give me the evil eye and hissed at me threateningly. Sue picked up Thumper, carted him into her bedroom and shut the door on him. That cat had no use for me from then on, but he didn’t try to intimidate me after that. CJ
  11. Yeah, that’s why I said I noodle on it. Sometimes it sounds good and sometimes it sounds awful. I just try not repeat the awful parts. Since I don’t have anything written it is easy to get off on a musical tangent that ain’t so musical. Just keep noodling and you’ll find some nice sound occasionally. CJ
  12. I no longer have the wind to play the pipes. I try to play a Native American style of flute. It doesn’t take as much wind and I just noodle on it, not play written music. It all sounds like I know what I’m doing. I can make the flute from a PVC pipe and a small block of wood for a “Bird”. Look it up it’s fun and relaxing. PM me if you are interested. We aren’t that far apart (~2 1/2 hours). I have nieces in Waxhaw, NC, so I get over that way once in a while. CJ
  13. In 1962 I began attending college in Hoboken, NJ across the Hudson River from NYC. I lived at home and road a commuter train into Hoboken 6 days a week to attend classes. To get from the train station to school I walked along about 6 blocks of docks. During my time at school the Longshoremen’s Union went on strike and set up pickets. One day as I walked along the biggest man I’d ever seen pocked his index finger into my chest and asked, “Hey kid, what is the capital of Australia.” I responded, “Um, uh, Sidney? Melbourne?” He said, “No, it’s Canberra, and don’t you forget it.” Naturally I never have. After that abrupt introduction he turned out to be a friendly guy. He explained that he had served in the US Navy aboard the USS Canberra, the only US Navy ship named after a foreign city. He then explained that the USS Canberra was actually not named for the city but for the HMSA Canberra, which had been sunk in naval action protecting the US invasion of the Island of Guadalcanal. Of interest, possibly only to me, I later served in the US Navy aboard the USS Guadalcanal, LPH 7 from 1968 - 1970. Recently I looked up my old ship and found it has been scrapped. CJ
  14. The fellow with the cat is about what I sounded like when I marched with “Rockland County Irish Warpipes” in The St. Patrick’s Day Parade 1974 in Pearl River, NY. There was no Scottish band in the area. Half the band was Scot and the other half were Irish. The Pipe Major was a Scot and we played mostly traditional Scottish pieces. Lots of fun and camaraderie with all the men. CJ
  15. Joe, are they trying to tell you something? CJ
  16. That just means you value your lawn. Walk on the sidewalk, gravel, paved drive provided for that purpose. As to the loo pictured, I meant no offense. It was posted on another site as being from Australia. If the Aussies aren’t offended I figure I’m good. I can be as crotchety as the next guy, that one just hit my fancy. So did this one. CJ
  17. I’m from this generation and I am still kick’n. CJ
  18. I found a couple of pictures I thought y’all might enjoy. Here’s the first one. CJ
  19. Joker, You should get one like mine. 3’ tall, stores in a gunny sack hanging from a rafter in the attic. Just pull it out and let the Grandkids decorate it. CJ
  20. I’m stealing this to send to my Nieces husband. He is CPO in USCG Reserve. He was activated for two years right after 911. He is also a Professional Fire Fighter - Lieutenant. An all around good guy. CJ
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