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  1. I have purchased some Duluth jeans that have a pocket watch pocket that seems appropriately placed and deep enough for a proper watch. Since I don’t carry a pocket watch the words ‘seems’ is pivotal to my expressed opinion. When sizing if you chose the relaxed fir the jeans are also appropriately cut in other areas to fit a mature figure. How’s that for weasel words? I do really believe their watch pocket would work, however, they may be pricey. Good Luck and if you do buy a pair lets us know about the pocket. Cactus Jack
  2. I LOVE IT! I’m an Engineer and my name is Bob! All my nieces know to ask Uncle Bob if they want something done RIGHT! I sometimes feel sorry for their husbands, none of whom are mechanically inclined! But not enough to pass on helping the girls out. CJ
  3. +1 My wife and I did the Verde Canyon RR several years ago. I am a Garden RR enthusiast, so I liked to visit excursion lines where ever we went. In one of John Wayne’s Westerns (I wish I knew which one) he drives a wagon past a large rock formation in the distance that resembles a campfire coffee pot. This formation is in Sedona. If you visit Sedona head up to the local airport. On the road up the mountain there is a lookout point where you can park and look out over Sedona proper. Out beyond the main drag is “The Coffee Pot”. It really looks just like a giant stone coffee pot. CJ
  4. Prayers for your wife and for you as well. Cactus Jack
  5. What about aluminum soda cans? I cut the top off and crimped the edge down so as not to get cut by the ragged edge. Not to advertise any specific product, but it’s initials are CC. I ordered the container/strainer, waiting on that to decant the bacon grease I saved so far. If it is contaminated I will trash it and start from scratch. It’s just that we don’t use that much bacon with just two people. I bake the whole package on racks in a earthen ware baking pan. Then I freeze part of the resulting slices for later use. So I have the grease of one whole package in the fridge in a aluminum can right now. CJ
  6. From this information I went to Amazon Prime and found several the least expensive is $9.99. The description is below. Bacon Grease Container with Strainer, 1.4L Oil Keeper Storage Can with Stainless Steel Fine Strainer for Kitchen Cooking Storing Fats Frying Oils CJ
  7. Alpo, you are a poet aficionado. Who knew. A bit from: ”The Yarn of the Nancy Bell” by W. S. Gilbert (of Gilbert & Sullivan) Oh, I am the Cook, and the Captain Bold, and the Mate of the Nancy Brig. And the Bos’ntite, and the Midshipmite, and the Crew of the Captain’s Gig. My Dad would often recite the entire piece at the diner table, until I had it mesmerized. I’ve thrilled my Grand’s with it a time or two, my Son just shakes his head. It’s all in good fun it is. If you look it up on YouTube you can find it sung by Bev Pegg. I can not figure out how to get a link to the video or I’d post it here. CJ
  8. Thank you. I will get it covered. I hesitated to pour it into a glass jar because it was hot and I didn’t want the glass to crack. CJ
  9. I have a question. How do you store Bacon Grease to keep it good? I have some in a small can in the refrigerator. Should it be in a tight sealed container? CJ
  10. We do that with Lebanon Bologna from PA. Sometimes I use Peanut Butter instead of Cream Cheese. Should I be calling it Pennsylvania Sushi?? It’s good either way, but I am inclined to use the PB more than the CC. mmgood! CJ
  11. Funny story: My father started me out when I was 5 years old. He laid out the tools on the ground in a row, sat me down next to them and crawled under the car. He stuck his hand out and said something like “give me the pliers.” I picked up something, probably a screwdriver and handed it to him. He would hand it back and tell me what to look for, like movable parts and I’d try again. I learned my tools quickly and by the first grade I could identify a 1/2” wrench by the symbol. Not saying I new my numbers, but I knew the symbol that represented the word he said. By 9 I could pull the single barrel carburetor off of a 1937 Buick, take it down stairs to the work bench clean it and rebuild it from the parts kit, then put it back on the engine. Dad would dribble a little gas in it while I stepped on the starter button. Once it was running I would adjust the idle stop and mixture needle. Dad was busy repacking the wheel bearing. Once my younger brother got trained up the wheel bearings were my job. I liked the carb better, not so messy. CJ
  12. Since I can buy Wrangler Jean by waist and length I don’t cuff them anymore. I’ve not seen anyone doing that since I was about 7 years old. That’s 70 years ago to be specific. I remember seeing John Wayne’s earlier movies where he had them cuffed and being surprised at it. On the other hand I’m no Fashion Mogul either, so who knows what todays hot youngsters are doing. My Granddaughter nearly had a coronary when I told “You jeans were showing through, but don’t worry I patched them up for you!” Of course I didn’t, but she yelled “Grandpa I paid $?? (too much) for those just the way they were.” Then we laughed and laughed, until I showed her the iron on patch material I had ‘left over’ and she cried in anguish. The kids know I’m a kidder so she got over it ……. eventually. CJ
  13. It’s a can opener for when she wants to rip you a new one! CJ
  14. Yeah, I was on a ship based in Norfolk, VA. The chief always said “If you can’t make it back in time, at least make it to Baltimore, MD before you call in.” I have forgotten the limit, but I think it was 150 miles, ~ 3 hours travel time. I used to ride with a buddy and meet my wife @ the NJ Turnpike /Garden State Parkway interchange. A lot of sailors past through that junction. One night my buddy didn’t show up there for the return trip. We hightailed it to the Port Authority Terminal in NYC so I could catch the last bus to NAVAL STATION NORFOLK. The bus dropped us off at the pier and I made morning muster in my Dress Blues. The Chief just smiled and assigned me Extra Military Instruction (EMI), (swinging over the side in a Bos’ns Chair chipping paint off the ship to you landlubbers). CJ
  15. Back in 68 & 69 I used to be the designated mast head light bulb changer. That’s a story for another time. Now I have to hang onto a third leg (pole, tree, or a wall) to look up at the mast. Not climbing up there anymore. At least I can still perambulate without falling down. I just keep an eye on the ground to make sure it doesn’t wander away. CJ
  16. Joe, That looks like the modern shinny version. I prefer the dreaded “Tactical Black” version, good old fashioned Cast Iron. They have enough mass that the follow through is devastating. Plus once properly prepared they don’t need Pam for nonstick service. CJ
  17. I must be really OLD, I remember $0.25/gal when I was a kid. Here in the Sandhills of NC we are currently paying $2.89/gal. That will not hold over the whole state I am sure. CJ
  18. Be sure you know your SASS Forums sign in first. 1. Go to setting 2. Find and select your browser settings 3. select ‘Clear History’ 4. You will have to sign in to the SASS Forums again. Good Luck! CJ
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