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  1. Bow fishing in South Carolina In the early 80’s my folks moved to a town named ‘96’, South Carolina. Dad joined a local Archery Club. We were set to go down for a visit when he called and said bring your bow. When we arrived I found out we were going on a bow fishing outing with his club. Fishing was in the river below a hydroelectric dam. When they ran the generation fish congregated at the discharge to feed on the chum of other fish caught by the intake from the lake above the dam. The contest rules were simple; Only shoot “garbage fish” (Gar fish & Carp) One category was, who got the largest fish The other was, who got the most fish Well fishing wasn’t that great, we never got a shot. As we returned to the staging area, we were met by other club members who had a story to tell us Yankees. Only one fish had been taken all day. It was a fairly large Carp that would have been left on the river bank for Raccoon’s or other wildlife to harvest. However, a stranger, “from the states,” as they laughingly referred to northerners had asked to buy the fish. He was graciously given the fish gratis. Now they wanted me to explain just why a Yankee would want a garbage fish like a Carp? Residing in the metro area near NYC, obviously I would know what strange Yankees would do with such a prize. The only thing I could think of that perhaps as Carp was a semi white fish the man may have wanted to make Gefilte Fish. Not having actually eaten or even seen Gefilte Fish I was only aware of it through association with descendent’s of Eastern European immigrants. As I understand it Gefilte Fish is a sort of pickled fish delicacy. Yuck! Of course the good natured locals were sure I was trying to pull their leg with this outlandish made up word and delicacy. I’m not sure any of them ever believed my claim of such a weird food being made by crazy Yankees. None of the locals would ever have considered eating a Carp no matter how it was prepared. After all everyone knew it was a garbage fish! That’s the truth and I’m sticking too it! CJ
  2. Great news, still praying for your recovery. Dad had that type of surgery. Advice, don’t loose that pillow and hug it as they say. CJ
  3. I’m with Pat. I noticed that knee pain returned to higher levels, after 2-3 weeks when I stopped taking the same brand he posted. I’m sure “results may vary” is an accurate statement. CJ
  4. Ben Thaer Dun Thaht Two happy go lucky guys who “know everything “.
  5. Yep, I remember “John”, he was the police officer assigned to control the traffic light outside our elementary school. He was friendly and made sure all the kids had a safe crossing with a pleasant attitude. I joined the Safety Patrol because of him. CJ
  6. I took Plavix the first 10 years. Then the second Dr switched me to something else. Forgot what that was. Now I have AFib so they put me on Xeralto to prevent clots that migrate to your head and cause stokes. I’m still here, slower and creaky but still moving. CJ
  7. My Dad was wonderfully patient. I tell people I started repairing cars at five years old. Dad laid out the tools on the ground and slid underneath. Then he stuck out his hand and asked for the tool he wanted. Not knowing a thing about which tool was which I picked up the first one and handed it to him. He took it under the car then passed it back out and described what he wanted. Eventually I learned my tools and to distinguish between a 1/2” and 9/16” wrench. I learned a great deal from Dad. The most important lesson was patience. CJ
  8. I have two stents in my heart. The second was placed 10 years after the first, in an entirely different location. The second is now ten years old. The Dr who placed the second stent told me that you develop scar material where the stent is placed and you will not develop a blockage on scar tissue. I have no limitations based on having the stents. In fact I was experiencing limitations to my activity prior to the stents that was relieved by the stents eliminating the blockage. What J- Bar said is true. CJ
  9. Probably to cut rigging and sails. This reads as an instruction manual for the time of “Wooden Ships and Iron Men”. Of course you wouldn’t want to be in the way of a piece of iron a foot long traveling at the speeds produced from a cannon shot. CJ
  10. Prayers up from my son’s place in the UP. Get well soon 40. CJ
  11. My boss referenced below and his story were real. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! ROAST STUFFED CAMEL: Years ago I had a boss who had worked in the Middle East for several years. He loved to tell us youngsters about a delicacy he enjoyed over there. Roast Stuffed Camel Ingredients: 6 dozen Eggs, hard boiled and peeled. 6 Chickens, cleaned and plucked. 2 Sheep, cleaned and skinned. 1 Camel, large cleaned and shaved (do not remove the skin). 60 palm fronds. Preparation: Stuff 1 dozen Eggs into each Chicken and sew shut. Stuff 3 Chickens into each Sheep and sew shut. Stuff the Sheep into the Camel and sew shut. Cooking: Dig a 8’X8’X8’ pit and build a large fire in the pit. Once the fire is burned low cover with 2’ of dirt and a layer of Palm Fronds. Lower the Camel into the pit and cover with another layer of Palm Fronds. Then fill up with remaining dirt. Let cook for 8 hours, then remove from pit. Open Camel and remove Sheep. Throw away the Camel. Open Sheep and remove Chickens. Throw away the Sheep. Open Chickens and remove Eggs. Throw away the Eggs. Eat the Chickens. CJ
  12. Thanks Pards. As I said not likely to go there as right now the only .357 mag revolvers and rifle are my SASS guns. I had thought to look for a medium DA revolver for carry. CJ
  13. Ok, now a question from a novice in this +P stuff. Will a revolver made for .357 Mag handle .38 +P ammunition? I feel that it should but would not risk it unless I knew it was safe. That said I’m not likely to use either and just stick to .38 special. So count me just curious (though more serious than Alpo). CJ
  14. Got busy last night and forgot to say, Thank You Marshall. I captured that particular recipe as my SIL loves potato soup and I like Bacon. CJ
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