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  1. I must be really OLD, I remember $0.25/gal when I was a kid. Here in the Sandhills of NC we are currently paying $2.89/gal. That will not hold over the whole state I am sure. CJ
  2. Be sure you know your SASS Forums sign in first. 1. Go to setting 2. Find and select your browser settings 3. select ‘Clear History’ 4. You will have to sign in to the SASS Forums again. Good Luck! CJ
  3. I just reviewed what I do each week. Man I’m exhausted just thinking about it. I don’t know how I have time to visit the Saloon let alone post a response. It’s a wonder I ever had time to work for a living. I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice it to say, there ain’t no time left over for any of that work stuff since I retired! CJ
  4. I notice that everyone I’ve seen with a circle rocket have over 1K of posts. I don’t have more than 1K posts and I am not a Space Cadet. Maybe it’s a badge marker? CJ
  5. If you touch it, it says “Share, Add to Photos, Copy”. What you get is the image of the little circle with the rocket. I wonder why someone thinks I would want the image. If it tied to the particular poster’s information it might have been useful. We already had that capacity without the little rocket circle. So back to Alpo’s OP. What’s it’s purpose? CJ That little picture that you use to represent you!
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