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  1. I wouldn’t start to begin with.
  2. It took many entries of it to end up in my auto correct dictionary(?). One problem with Apple’s word library is misspelled words end up there as well and can be a real nuisance. Take the word “and”. Often I will type what I think is “and” but what I actually typed was “snd” and “snd” became an auto correct Go-To for my phone. It took a long time for that not to be the case.
  3. Interesting pressure suits they’re wearing. Cool story. Thanks Dave. That is definitely a once in a lifetime experience.
  4. Auto communista Wanna hear something funny? I type “auto communista” as one word and my auto correct separated it into two words and “communista” pops up as a follow up to “auto” as I am typing it. Screenshot: Auto
  5. Manriki, huh? What could go wrong? When I was in the Navy I was a student of Shorin Ryu karate. One of the guys I became friends with had a Manriki. He had no idea how to use it. He wanted my help practicing and I adamantly declined. I told him that I am pretty sure these were designed by women. They will get you in the nuts. It’s only a matter of time. I learned this lesson through the practice and use of Nunchucks as a teenager. I got really good with them, but I can’t tell you how many times I clocked myself or hit myself in the nuts. I literally knocked myself out once. Weapons on strings, ropes or chains are like snakes. Just when you think you’ve got it trained it bites or chokes you. Luckily snakes don’t clobber you as well.
  6. Happy Birthday, Wyatt. So, you were born on the same day Lincoln died?…Me thinks your math is off…
  7. Like OJ Simpson the day of Alec Baldwin’s death will be a good day.
  8. https://www.bonappetit.com/uncategorized/article/how-to-cook-cicadas-according-to-3-richmond-va-chefs
  9. I hear that if that delivery guy goes to church and prays real hard God will forgive him. Something much much better than pineapple on pizza is hot dog on pizza. Use the pizza slice as a wrap for your hotdog. MUCH better than garbage pizza any day. Oh, I didn’t mean put a hotdog on pineapple pizza. That would go back to the pizza place or the trash, depending on my patience level.
  10. When I lived in Concord, NC and worked in Charlotte I can recall all the trepidation over the Cicadas coming out of stasis(?). It’s funny, I recall them only buzzing / singing after temps girl into the 90’s. The noise didn’t bother me at all. Perhaps it was a noise frequency that my tinnitus could get along with. When I was a kid in PA my brother and I would climb trees looking for their molted exoskeletons (skin). I recall that we had about 20 of them collected. When my Mom discovered them she made us dispose of them. We hid them for the later use of scaring people with them. Did you know that if you put one of these on a random church lady’s shoulder she will squeal loud enough to stop the minister in mid sentence and disrupt the goings on in the church for a few minutes? Did you also know the best way to detect the two little boys that pulled an epic prank in church is to look for the two that just cannot contain their laughter? Did you also know that oak makes a much more formidable paddle than pine? Still makes me laugh.
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