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  1. A moon in my drain Taste the rainbow
  2. Yes, we called it the “Dixie cup” hat or cover.
  3. To add to The Lord of the Rings” discussion in pictures…
  4. Could be that someone actually cares about copyright infringement. OR Using Waffle House in a publicized meme by someone that works for or is part of a company that could be sued for copyright or trademark infringement might be the reason. Regardless, I don’t know a thing about this modern variation of the Ring Trilogy (read the books years ago) I just thought it was a cool picture.
  5. Your comment jogged a memory I had from the late 70’s and early 80’s. I recall certain politicians stating that the other party’s plans would make it so bad that senior citizens would have to resort to eating canned dog food. It was a stupid sensationalist ploy. I recall going to the store and figuring out that pound for pound one could buy cheap meat cuts for less than the cost of canned dog food. I mostly did this to shut the lady up that I rented a room from. She was a dyed in the wool political idiot and believed everything her favorite party and their useful idiots spewed. It took someone in the media a few years (early 80’s) to make the same comparison.
  6. My wife brought home cookies one night about 20 years ago. There were gingerbread men and sandwich cookies and a couple of other types. They smelled great. After dinner she took my daughter to the store to pick up something she needed for school. I decided to try some of those cookies. They smelled great but tasted all wrong. I threw the ones that I bit into in the garbage. Since I was getting up at 03:00 I went to bed. The next day my wife and daughter were in the kitchen and as I walked in my wife says “So, what did you think of those cookies?” I said “They’re awful. Where in the hell did you get those things?” They both started laughing hysterically. Finally my wife says “Pet Smart. Those are cookies for the dogs.” They knew I had tried them because there were cookies missing from the bag.
  7. Thank you Ooh, Katella Bakery and Deli. I am pretty sure they make the best carrot cake in the world. Otto got me again.
  8. Wasn’t Bitumax a failed attempt at electronic entertainment? I’ll show myself out now….
  9. Oh, I do. After interacting with you I feel like Special Ed.
  10. Glad you weren’t hurt worse @Forty Rod SASS 3935 One of the reasons I mostly use plastic ammo cans vs metal now is I dropped a 50 cal. can half full of 9mm ammo on my left foot a couple of years ago. Luckily I didn’t break anything.
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