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  1. I agree. I had a Chinese Norinco SKS that was very accurate. 1 MOA accurate with decent ammo. With Russian military ammo it was still pretty impressive. A friend of mine’s teenage son could outshoot me with it. We would have these impromptu shooting contests. My friend would joke with me about Howe his son beats me with my own gun every time. When his birthday came around I gave him my SKS and a case of ammo and a bunch of stripper clips. The kid was elated. He deserved that gun. Regarding AK47s. Shooting those I could understand how really tall people must feel trying to shoot regular sized guns. I have always felt they were designed to that European Standard of average sized males at 140 pounds and 5’ 7” tall.
  2. I have driven a couple of those rods into ground. That was work. I have seen those electric impact drivers used. They sure do a nice job. A lot better than the hammer and sweat method.
  3. Have you ever knelt on a Lego? This experience will make you speak sailor and Mommy will be summoned because Daddy’s saying bad words very loudly. Ah, the memories…
  4. Twice I have stepped on my daughter’s Legos in my bare feet. On the second incident we had a discussion about her picking up her Legos. I think she was 6 at the time. She promised to always pick up her Legos and she did. About a month later I stepped on a jack that was lying in the dining room floor. WOW! Did that hurt! A lot more than the Legos. The really odd thing was, in all three incidents I stepped on these little torture devices with my right foot and each time in the same spot on my foot. I think God was telling me TO TURN THE DARN LIGHT ON!
  5. Got It! Good evening. As you may or may not know I have been tasked with finding ways to reduce gun violence in the United States. My goal is not to reduce crime. As a matter of fact we allow more criminals to roam the streets so that you, my fellow Americans, will clamor for us to do more. By using monies that we receive from leftist billionaires we have loaded our progressive candidates into District Attorney positions in every major city. We have written initiatives and promoted them as one thing to get voters to vote to give criminals more free rein so that you, my fellow Americans, will rely on us even more to do something about the crime that we perpetuated upon the people of this country. So, you can rest assured that anything we do in this program will be done with the same fervor and deception that we have used in the past to get our way in this country. Thank you and go to hell. Good night. I really need to proofread better than Otto.
  6. Oh Damn! I guess I’ll have to change it.
  7. Definitely some good advice. I never delved into other cartridges with my ARs. A buddy of mine had several. His uppers were colored coded to the cartridge and his mag colors matched the color of the uppers. I commented to him that it must be expensive. He said he didn’t think too much about it until someone fired a mismatched cartridge in the wrong upper and ended up with new conversation ice breakers in the guise of scars he could talk about. I guess the guy needed some stitches.
  8. Rest In Peace, Mr. McCallum. When I was a little kid and to me, he were the coolest guy. Loved watching The Man from UNCLE. I looked everywhere for a toy gun like his.
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