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  1. Holy CRAP! I just paid 2.33 and thought it was too high!
  2. My beagle mix Sammy turned 15 in October. Stiff and cranky till mealtime. Looks like a puppy then!!
  3. Kaya has been VERY happy with the Hornady Interloc in her .243. We have recovered two of three bullets (coyotes don't stop them very well!) on the offside of both bucks. BIG bodied bucks. No lungs left, hearts shredded. Perfect little mushrooms they were. Hard to believe such a little bullet could scramble a deers insides like that. Might have to try the Sierras and see how accurate they can be out of her gun.
  4. Federal. But I would avoid being tied to one primer. Your guns should be tuned to pop those Winchester's too. We've been caught needing Federals and there were none to be had. All just my opinion of course.
  5. I was 15. A little forky. Still have it in the den.
  6. Absolutely fantastic! Thrilled for you both. I woke up this morning to find out Kaya went hunting without me! She has her buck but wants a coyote now. So here I sit......
  7. Go Michig......... Nevermind. Carry on
  8. I turned it when the dim bulb under the lamp shade started making noises.
  9. Good luck! Best time I have spent with my kids has been in the deer blinds.
  10. I seem to remember Adam causing some issues. Probably caused by having the hottest mom in television history!!
  11. I wish. I came back after a year away. I had only learned how to walk again about a month before. The casts were long gone. I had fell about 20' and shattered both legs. They were going to amputate them but my bride refused to allow it. The guys and gals were, and still are, wonderful with it. Everywhere I went made every effort to make it possible for me to participate. I can never pay it back but I'll keep trying.
  12. I shot with a walker once. Then a cane. Get out and have fun.
  13. Slept in until 7:00 Saturday before I had to go. Was up at 4:00 but I slept in till 7:00!
  14. Absolutely! Kaya and I both shot our deer this year with our homerolled ammo. Pretty cool to us.
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