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  1. I shoot a 73 in .38 and .44 Special in my Blackhawks. Love the 44.
  2. What is wrong with you? This is the Saloon!
  3. Sorry for the spell check calling you Oat. LMBO! I have none either. I see the arrest notices here every day. There are people I just look at now and know what should be done. I won't go any further in concern that I would be labelled a radical right winger.
  4. Now Oat, he's just underprivileged and misunderstood. Where's your compassion man?
  5. It has rained one to three day of every week this year, I think. Or snowed, which could still happen. THAT is a Midwest Thing.
  6. Sounds like me ice fishing for bluegills with two pound test line. Six and a half pound dog fish! For the first ten minutes I had on a record bass. I gave it to a buddy to bait his traps.
  7. I missed another shoot today! Dang it man! No call there Spoon. All good.
  8. Not allowed to do that.....
  9. You sold for that many smokes and candy bars?!?! You must really be something!!!!
  10. We had a clear sky here too. I looked at the moon through a twelve power rifle scope. Purty
  11. Me too! But now the potted plants are all in too.
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