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  1. Ohohohoh! I forgot about the casting stuff and the totes in the garage!
  2. And the one that gets my wife the most: The entire room dedicated to reloading. And clothes. And safes. And...
  3. Didn't see anyone mention the camper yet but you have time.
  4. A GOOD friend found 10,000 Winchester SPP s and bought 8000 for me. They were 39.00/1000 but I got them! I need to send him a bottle.
  5. Oh, no. We're hunting out of HER truck this year.
  6. Ohh God I sure hope Kaya don't see this!
  7. The Ruger M77, the Winchester M70, the Remington 700 are still out there.
  8. My son can't outshoot the old man. My daughter we won't discuss.....
  9. Nope. Remembered the lift leg. The grinding sound is my teeth!
  10. I told her to stop shooting cattle. My wife and kids bought me a hoist!
  11. Looked it up. It appears that they are the successful bidder for all Marlin assets! Hell, I might buy one then!
  12. We had to call my son to help us with Kaya's buck last year. We couldn't get it to budge. Never saw one that big.
  13. Season opener is October 1st for stick and string here. Kaya and I are going out. Over the counter tags. We can only shoot one buck per year but I think if I wanted I could shoot seven does without putting in for a draw. This year for firearms we are going to hunt opening day here in Indiana on the 14th then leave for the cabin that night. The opener there is Sunday the 15th.
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