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  1. My daughter is getting a free ride(mostly) at Purdue University. All she needs to do is do well, and her employer picks up the tab. She works full time for a very good company that see her potential like her mom and I do.
  2. Bike ramps on a gravel road. Climbing hundred year old pine trees. See the whole town it seemed like. Fishing at the lake or stream all day. Just be home for supper. Later, riding bikes all over Fort Wayne. We moved here just before I was old enough to get into real trouble. I bought a 69 Camaro for my first car at 16. I don't tell those stories at home.
  3. I used to have a couple books like this. One was a zero pilot who made it through the war. The other was a Stuka pilot on the Russian Front. Bothers me that I can't remember their names. Many years ago since I read them.
  4. I'd hate to see the list of cookies on your desktop. Might want to clear that out.
  5. I can't imagine one at full gear. Just semi I think I could feel my organs in my chest when it went off.
  6. This sounds exactly like a conversation I had many years ago with a couple buddies over a beer and a bong. Too funny.
  7. So, what's everyone doing this weekend? Headed to the cabin with my bride. Should be a nice time.
  8. Change your bedtime snack. Sunthin don't agree with you.
  9. Direct burial, lead sheathed. I know a guy. Lol.
  10. Hold your shorts, ladies and gents. Goin for a picture. Back in a bit!
  11. I prefer the smaller ones myself.
  12. First nice day with wet ground today. Bet I find some by the end of the week.
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