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  1. I'd be glad to drive up and help you set it up. Then I could just drive a little north to the cabin.
  2. My wife swears (loudly) that she told me this. Daughter backs her up. I guess I do ignore people. RIP fine lady.
  3. I was going to go there but decided not to.
  4. My family is healthy and happy. All are in good places. My son started a full service lawn care service two years ago and is doing really well. I was truly worried about him spending so much on equipment. Still am, but he's doing well. Seeing him grow and take this so seriously makes me proud!
  5. For the love of God do not sent me home from a shoot covered in glitter! I'd never get to go again!
  6. I was in da UP some years ago. Was drunk and napping by noon. Got up and fished until dark. Then the lanterns lit up another party and over we went. A big social gathering where some fishing happened. Had a ton of fun. Glad it was only a three day trip. My liver couldn't handle any more.
  7. My 94 in 44 mag had a lever throw resembling a bad golf swing. Then I broke it and it took over a year to find an extractor. Great hunting rifle though.
  8. What do you call a cow that spies on another cow? A steakout.
  9. This one actually swam to the hole and looked at us. Then took off on a longgg run. It was all business after that.
  10. I've seen them harass ducks. The duck eventually lost.
  11. It is. Too big and pretty to keep. They are good eats though but I had a bucket of bluegills
  12. Caught a 32 incher one time that had a 16" sucker in its belly with four nice perch.
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