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  1. It would thrill me to death if she dated a cowboy kid. They've seen her shoot and I would know his folks. And we are surrounded by the nicest folks in the world! You misunderstand. She bought it herself!
  2. Nope. She went to duelist so I'm just ahead of her!!
  3. Im in the Red Dot camp with Unique as a close second. Not much you can't do with them
  4. My wife got a live one in the Kirby. Things built like a tank though. She was some upset though. And if you want to clean the innards of a vacuum just pick up a couple ounces of shot.
  5. I never thought I could shoot in the low twenties until I got tired of getting beat up on by a little girl. I got a lot of advice on how to step it up mixed in with all the laughter!
  6. Thank folks like Linn Keller that turn our sewage into clean water prior to discharge into our rivers. The Cuyahoga is now a trophy fishery.
  7. We just had a new shooter stage his shells. It's no advantage and he got to shoot. No big deal.
  8. After those four primers just go 'click' you can say you loaded a bunch of crappy ammo
  9. Oh man. Can't wait to see it. Have to miss Saturday ☹️
  10. Their Scouts -they just pee off the deck
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