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  1. Never had an interest in having one -until now. There is one in pieces ready to build in my den. Nice evening project then make up some ammo for a short .300AAC.. Might have to make it fun with a binary trigger.
  2. I'm with Republic Wireless. $20.00/month and I bought a $250.00 phone. They piggyback on AT&T. Decent service. I even get signal at the cabin now. I may drop them for Verizon so I don't get service..... I think they are owned by Dish.
  3. 5.99 for 18 at Kroger here in the Fort.
  4. I bracket the quarter mark. .243 and .270.
  5. EXACTLY! I've bought more guns that way! LOL
  6. Got my limit of Unique for Kaya and some primers for my AR also. Now to tell my wife......
  7. As do I. Load as cast with Lee Alox.
  8. I pass a herd to and from work. Most of them are trimmed off. The couple that are not ain't as big as that one!
  9. When I look at it and read about the 360, why does .38-55 pop into my head?.....
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