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  1. As cheap as .30-30 ammo is just break it down and dispose. I'd reload those bullets though.
  2. I'm currently eying a .38-55 with the long barrel. I have a 94 in .30-30 (2) and one in .44. I picked up an unfired .30-30 made in the 70's to retire my Pa's .30-30. I just want a .38-55 so I'll sell the one I just bought. Regarding the lever throw: Closest thing to a golf swing I'll ever do!
  3. My fun was in the mid 80's. I think.....
  4. Had a banana seat on my bike....
  5. FWIW, I have brass that has been loaded at least a hundred times. I have never had a loose primer issue such as this. We don't load bottom end loads and use a firm crimp. I load it until it splits or shows a flaw. Kaya won't load ugly stained brass either. I will say that Kaya and I both shoot Winchester 73's so we do donate quite a bit of our empties to the brass Gods that live in front of the props. We are now getting some turnover there. To the OP: Your loading a good powder but maybe you want to add another tenth of a grain or two for a safety factor to go along with your crimping. You wont notice it.
  6. I couldn't find a meme that said I really want this sign but I have no need for it..... Sorry
  7. When I'm at my cabin it is incredibly loud. No background noise at all. The sound varies from a high pitch down to what sounds like a generator running in the distance.
  8. Not me! They make sense!
  9. I use those molds extensively. Loaded to the crimp groove in a 38 case they fed through Marlin 94s, 73s, Henry's, and my 92 Rossi. The 92 would hickup occasionally though. Great bullet. If I hadn't just gotten a new one I'd jump on this.
  10. Yup. I'll never renew again either! One and done. Once Kaya gets hers the whole family will have them.
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