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  1. I get yellow finches on our volunteers, not the feeders.
  2. I've smudged a chipmunk with my Blackhawk at the cabin. It was pretty traumatic for it, that's for sure!
  3. I would take my .44 mag if I had to choose. Mouse to moose, I'd be covered. I have a good selection of rifles and Blackhawks to choose from. Using some at the match I'm at now.
  4. Can you buy that by the drum? Enough to fill the bathtub would be good.
  5. I get letters for my acreage several times a month. They can all rot in hell.
  6. I hit a local truck stop occasionally. Best food and decent price. Never busy.
  7. I just threw all my cloths in together -along with a brand new red sweatshirt. I had pink jeans and underwear for a bit, but I never did laundry again.
  8. Illeagle... Is that an illegitimate beagle pup? Oh, he certainly is! Just not twice.
  9. DO NOT FLUSH DRUGS OR MEDS DOWN THE TOILLET. It doesn't get treated in my system and goes right to the river. Not good for the fishes.
  10. Oh, sure. Six people sitting around the fire. One has smoke in his face. Five fighting for his spot.
  11. Beautiful fall day here today. Started in the 50's and got to 73. Back down in the 50's now.
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