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  1. I deer hunt with my CAS rifles and my left side pistol. I got them in .44 mag to serve both purposes. I did get a .357 73 just for cowboy though I did that later.
  2. Hoping to see some new fawns soon. The girls seem to be thinner now.
  3. I try to eradicate them whenever I can. They eat ground nesting bird eggs and I like my turkies and partidges. I saw a momma and five young ones in a drain pipe thanks to my beagle. Shot all six. A couple hours later my boy and I saw six more in the same place. Got all six. This was just down the road from the cabin and downwind. Of course the wind changed and the scent of twelve little stinkers blew right to the girls at the cabin. Momma was not happy...
  4. When I was a teenager my pa, who was strictly anti abortion, decided that the age limit on aborting a fetus should be raised to 18 years old.
  5. Two in my safe right now. Might have to pull my .410 out and wipe it down with some Hoppes. No better smell than a fired .410 shell.
  6. That's a good price on a great rifle. I have two. One is priceless but the other is in the same shape as yours. It's worth the money your asking.
  7. There will be an "Englisher" along to run it shortly. See it all the time here. Last time I saw a 20' Rinker put in with a team of plow horses. More efficient way to poach. Here is a pic of some ice fishing a channel with NO public access. Must have been 400 fish on the ice.
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