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  1. With some of the aliases WE come up with I'll bet THEY can get pretty creative!
  2. Yes, yes she is. But I may be partial.
  3. I've got the saltiest piece of ground in Allen County. My wife has two hydrangeas next t the porch. She wonders why one is so much bigger and greener than the other.
  4. Had a highschool kid wipe out pretty good in front of the house last year. No hands on the bars and texting. Once I saw he was ok all I could do was laugh at him.
  5. I surely did. Was expecting her to cut loose with that there pistola.
  6. Back to the original topic: I wonder if those pistols come in blue?
  7. I love the color. And the truck. Plenty of power, all the options.
  8. Momma won't cut off body parts if I only get one
  9. A little passive aggressive there Pat but it works great.
  10. I'll get one as soon as I can scrape up some hidden Mon.... I mean uh.. nevermind. Looks decent.
  11. Looks like some of the scrappers that cruise around here on trash day.
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