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  1. Really?! I thought cold weather for you was anything under 70!
  2. To put that in perspective, I aim 30 inches or so high at 400 with my 270. Your lobbing them in. Aim HIGH.
  3. They aren't barnburners even loaded hot. But, my daughters rifle puts them on a 300 yard target pretty easy. Aim higher! lol. Her load is 10.0 grains of Unique with a 250 grain Lee bullet. If that thing gets there yours will too. Tall quality sights required.
  4. We are truly sorry for your family's loss Doc. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Mark, Tracey, Joseph and Emily.
  5. .30 Carbine, paratroop stock. Absolutely hated shooting it. Hurt my cheek bad. Sure wish it was still around though.
  6. My FN FAL. Hands down. 20 rounds of .308. Would take down a tree with style! Looked like a toothpick factory in back. And yes, we did use the firewood for all the tree huggers out there. Shot up a couple old cars too. VERY impressive.
  7. I didn't either until I started casting my own boolits. The occasional fat one gets through.
  8. Michigan is the same. I have 40 acres but another 1000 acres of federal all around me. My grandpa had to quit hunting when he moved to Texas. Good luck pard.
  9. I really don't think so. It didn't hit us or ours. I think we should support the Saudies but not hit them "ourselves"
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