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  1. The only issue I see with that is you can't download for the semi. Nice guns and I'd love to own one.
  2. I found Mauser clips, Enfield clips, 5.56mm clips but only two SKS clips. If I run into more, which I know are here somewheres..... I'll give a shout. Your welcome to them.
  3. I like my 44 94. I has a lever action grow of a golf swing though. It will run 44 special really well. No recoil.
  4. Pat McManus was my mentor. I'm taking medication and wear a shock collar to try to stay married and out of jail.
  5. Let me see if I still have them around. Let you know when I can. Kinda buried I imagine.
  6. Ugly stain? I'm betting Uberti
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