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  1. I'd say it's mostly musicians -- and especially those of us who were in high school band -- who hear the several parts, distinct and separate, while we are hearing them together. Absolutely gorgeous, thank you, Subdeacon!
  2. Oh dear! I've seen generators of that general type at work -- they're not Generac, but I'll mention this link to the boss -- thank you for this!
  3. 401. A PROPER YOUNG LADY "Jacob." "Yes, sir." "I understand you laid hands on the schoolteacher." "I did, sir." "You threatened to rip her arm off and stuff it down her neck." "I did, sir." "You dragged her out of the schoolhouse and threw her down the stairs." "I did not, sir." "Oh?" "I dragged her to the back door, sir, and then I kicked her in the backside just as hard as I could." "So you kicked the schoolmarm out of her own schoolhouse." "I did, sir." "And then what happened?" "Sarah took over the schoolhouse while I to
  4. ... you must understand I have a terrible condition ... it's called Hoof in Mouth, and it strikes me at the worst times ... ... I'm afraid if I offer comment, the hind hoof is going right in between the pearly whites ...
  5. My hand on your shoulder, my friend. Your duty and your caregiving do you much honor, and show your good character. Still standing up on my knees for you both!
  6. 400. JINGLE GHOST Like most strong men, Linn tended to attract those who weren't quite as strong. Matter of fact, the young especially tended to gravitate toward him, and so it was no great surprise when a little girl came up the boardwalk toward him with a purposeful gait. She also had her bottom lip stuck out some and she didn't look terribly happy, so Linn went down on one knee and said "Why hello Sunshine, you look like you lost your best friend!" The little girl regarded the pale eyed lawman solemnly and then said "Shewiff, my dog's a ghostie." Linn frowned a lit
  7. 399. DISAPPOINTED AGAIN "You wanted to see me." The County Commissioner looked up, surprised: Willamina planned her arrival carefully, at a time and in a place the man was not expecting. "Sheriff," he said without rising. "I'm about to have dinner, will you join me?" "You're buying?" Willamina's question was gently voiced, her expression carefully neutral, and the Commissioner had the distinct feeling she'd gotten the upper hand a second time, in very rapid succession. He looked up as the waitress appeared, and Willamina noted his grimace. She could almost
  8. 398. THE WEAKER VESSEL or, The Preacher's Poor Failin' Memory! The Reverend John Burnett was like a kid with a new toy. He'd asked for, and received, permission to embarrass the Sheriff in his Sunday sermon. She listened to what he had planned, she considered it, she smiled quietly and made a phone call, then she rose from her desk and said, "I think that is a wonderful idea." Not exactly what the good Reverend expected, when his honest words were, "Sheriff, I'd like to embarrass you in front of God and everybody for our Sunday service." He described the main prem
  9. 397. KNIVES! "What's Rick doing under the pumper?" Chief Fitzgerald turned, surprised: as usual, the Sheriff's entry had been absolutely soundless, in spite of her wearing heels. "I know it's him. I recognize his legs." Fitz raised an eyebrow. "He's wearing pants, too, Sheriff. You got X-ray vision or something?" Willamina raised the red-and-white cooler she carried. "I've got some Lake Erie walleye for you is what I've got!" she laughed. There was a BANG from under the pumper, and the legs jerked: Rick wallowed out from under the Kenworth, pressing a soiled ra
  10. I understand military porpoises wear a similar device on their nose. It consists of a large bore trochar that will inject CO2 into any swimmer that may be intent on sabotaging a US ship.
  11. My partner and I were off duty and heading somewhere in my pickup truck. She was an excellent partner but everyone has a flaw, and hers was her sneeze. When she sneezed, she screamed -- I kid thee not -- it was a full-throated scream every time she sneezed, and she got madder'n hell with me when I would lean forward, steer for a moment with my elbows while I covered my ears to keep from being deafened!
  12. 396. GOOD LYE SOAP The German Irishman carefully pared long, curled shavings off the rectangular cake. His parings were uniform, thin, curled: a half dozen and he slid them to the side of his smooth pine cutting board, another half dozen joined the first: he carefully stood the curls on their side, sliced them vertically, and finally diced the slices in uniform, tiny cubes -- his work was precise, which reflected everything else that he did. Once he had a pile of diced-up lye soap, he wiped his knife blade carefully, folded it and dropped it back in his pocket: he carried his
  13. You mean other than not knowing I had adult onset asthma and my backside was draggin' so bad you could hear the scrape as I walked -- or the kidney stone that insisted on attacking me at the unloading table? (I bent over on agony and scared the poor unloading officer near to death, he thought I was having a heart attack!) I am a patient and longsuffering man, and it takes a great deal to get on my wrong side, but at one shoot, one RO did, with one try, and that was almost it for me. The only time I nearly quit -- I didn't come back for a year -- the RO told me not to do "that", but
  14. Calam, yes please, very interested! My wife's Dodge Charger has one of those screens that controls everything. I do NOT like it! My Jeep, of the same vintage, might be the last model year that lacks that beastly screen ... I'd be happy to go back to standard steering, Stove Bolt Six, carbureted, standard shift, half ton pickup, something simple enough a shade tree mechanic could keep it tuned up and running!
  15. I was not yet a lawman when I thought I'd found my first dead friend. Some stories I won't tell, others I'll edit discreetly, and one I just posted in Short Stories, with many changes to protect a man I called friend. He was a full head taller than me, nicest guy you'd ever want to meet, I would not want to light his fuse because the quiet ones are the deep ones. We got an officer down call and hit the saddle: upon arrival there were at least two hundred cruisers, half a thousand uniforms and not a single shotgun in sight. Dead of winter, snow packed in the concrete steps,
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