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  1. As a healthy snack full of protein, Ann and I enjoy a plate of sliced apple and a glob of peanut butter (crunchy is better) to dip them in. Sort of the lazy man's version of the caramel apple!
  2. BQ, I still have several of the Mystic Moods albums in vinyl.
  3. For some, it's always been a fantasy to have a Tattoo of their own!
  4. Dang, and I've been trying to shoot them. With the current ammo shortage, I'm going to have to consider this alternative!
  5. @Pat Riot, SASS #13748, Insinuates that if you are an avid eater of cheese curls, then a 12 gallon plastic bucket to keep them fresh, would be a worthwhile ancillary purchase.
  6. I heard that just a little crack you'd become oblivious to any sound!
  7. Birdgun, It was White's move which was followed by my taking his Knight.
  8. I play chess online whenever I am relaxing (I'm Black): After looking extensively, I found the set I would like to be able to afford: Throne of Kings Chess Set:
  9. I'm now retired. Yesterday was my last official day of going to work. To top it off, it was also my Birthday. Freedom has never felt so good. The rest of my life now will be to forever continue to be devoted to my lovely wife who had my back all these working years.
  10. While they attempt to break in, I'm in the backyard.....
  11. Central Florida statistics through 03.07 2021. We live in Lake County.
  12. Ann and I just finished watching.... Wholesome and well done.
  13. The Rifleman appears to only hit the trifecta. A great shooter beats that!
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