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  1. Cholla, Great stuff; however, there were no pictures! Here's praying for a speedy recovery.
  2. Some may consider a bionic eye from what they see in the movies, but for those who are blind or have some form of vision loss, can be implanted with a form of bionic eye to help them see better. This from JAMA, Journal of the American Medical Association: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamaophthalmology/fullarticle/1375731
  3. https://www.classicfm.com/discover-music/instruments/piano/technican-finds-isu-instruments-dumpster/ Excerpt from "Trouble Comes To Stone Creek "
  4. Pat, Here you go pard. https://order.justablink.us/156201962-1388386572.html There are many more similar type t-shirts. Do a GOOGLE (I know you like duckduckgo) search and type in "grumpy old navy veteran t shirt" for more purchase outings.
  5. I hear Pat Riot just wears this when he goes out shopping.
  6. I scanned a shrunk version* of my DD-214 that's still readable, and have it in my wallet. * 4" x 6" folded in quarters.
  7. Yul, Anyways love to see the work of a master craftsman. You never fail to amaze us.
  8. Not Metallica, Judas Priest or Iron Maiden, but someone who works with heavy metals! My wife is interested in doing some attorney artwork with various types of sheet metal of varying gauges. She has had me save sections from several pieces of scrap items such as the casing of an old microwave, or the side panels of our last dishwasher. I've got tin snips, but have been looking online at metal cutters such as: I also know there are nibbler attachments for a drill, but would like to get her something she is comfortable with. Looking for suggestions if you have dealt with this issue. Also, when working with cut sheet metal and it's sharp edges, are there a pair of specialized gloves that are work to protect yourself from cuts?
  9. On the bright side, not a chance of a grizzly bear mauling!
  10. Since there currently is no baseball, how about a little reminiscing. https://www.sluggermuseum.com/explore-the-museum/big-bat-and-big-glove
  11. Alpo, Maybe that’s why I didn’t like it, because he WASN’T in it.
  12. Oh yeah. I bet the butcher the other day that he couldn't reach the meat that was on the top shelf. He refused to take the bet, saying that the steaks were too high.
  13. Got to have one of these! Squirrels BEWARE.... XM42 Lite Flamethrower Shoots Up To 25 FT Of Face Melting Fun! https://gun.deals/product/x-products-xm-42-lite-flamethrower-black-529?utm_source=Wikiarms+Newsletter&utm_campaign=09c68590f5-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_4_15_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_7b8e71b25c-09c68590f5-339038521
  14. There are others, who believe they are safe as well... And there are those that know their vulnerability to it.....
  15. Alpo makes a great point, and one which I have tried to follow since I started posting. The majority of my edits result from posting either from my cell phone or tablet. Using both of these limits my ability to use the font I like , or any color variations. I try to make a point of using the EDIT box; however, there are times when I forget to use it. If the reason for the edit doesn't necessarily change the context of the post, then I may not use it (ie. spelling, word usage, etc.); however, I know, just as I do when I read others who have made an edit, that I am curious as to what they changed. The EDIT box appears on each post as such: Clicking on Edit yields this: Merely type the reason and click SAVE (unless you want to Cancel): Examples I have previously submitted:
  16. Ramblin, In my case, it was intentional!
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