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  1. Folks, he said not ejecting the EMPTIES is the problem. I would look at the extractor not holding the cases against the bolt face, or the ejector not kicking hard enoùgh.
  2. Good on the homeowners. I hope they are not prosecuted for defending themselves.
  3. Option #4. And shake the dust of that place off your feet.
  4. Bat Masterson, in a letter to Colt, ordering a revolver, stater that he would pay extra for special work.
  5. What threat do you have to guard against? If six shots will be enough a single action revolver will do the job, IF you are proficient with it. If you need more than six shots it is not so good. What ever you choose, get some snap caps and practice a lot
  6. Let's not forget that the MSM spreads their actions all over the evening .news without getting the facts straight.
  7. Coal Seams are rated by how difficult they are to work. Number 9 is the most difficult.
  8. I don't believe the parts out only one Church.
  9. The trail camera that Wal-Mart sells will work for your purpose. Get several of them so that you can get different camera angels.
  10. He had LOTS of help from Generals Longstreet and Rosecrans, left to his own devises he might ñot have done so good
  11. Even the worst officer can be taught something by a good NCO
  12. We use that mix. We have always had red feeders, that cobalt blue is interesting.
  13. This spring I bought a pair of Danner Recurve boots and am delighted with them. They are light and give my ankles good support. Duffield
  14. We have already booked with our outfitter in South Africa for 2023. Duffield
  15. I used duct tape to repair the rotor blades on my Huey after the pilot had pruned a palmetto with them, it got us back to our base,
  16. I have been bidding on Gunbroker since the mid '90s. I have won a lot of auctions on guns, ammo and etc. and always satisfied. Until just recently. I bid on a lot of 40 "Once fired 300 H&H magnum" brass, and did a "buy it now" as that brass is hard to find these days. The auction showed a picture of a plastic bag full of brass. You could see that it had brass in it. When the package arrived, I found that thew brass had been shortened and blown out into a wildcat of some sort, possibly a 30/338 which was popular before the 300 Winchester magnum was released. I sent the seller a message asking how he wanted to handle this, and received the following reply: hi i told and showed my boss the email message you sent me after he got done lecturing me for 5 min about how he checks every single item before its listed for sale and how im a fool for not bieng able to tell when someone is trying to pull an okie doke switcheroo on me . my boss then said all auctions are listed as is no refunds or exchanges and stopped talking about it so i personaly can not do anything about it as its his show his goods for sale i am just the only one that can use the computer and understand online selling platforms with that said i would like to apologize for the problems and inconveience his errors and arrogance have caused you . respectfully Now, I realize that I should have looked more closely at the picture, and questioned the seller about the length of the brass and asked whether it had been modified in any way, and I will not be bankrupt because of what I paid for it. I consider this to be a cheap lesson, and will keep it in mind in future transactions. The seller is probably ignorant of what 300 H&H brass should look like and how long it should be, and was probably not intentionally dishonest. However, I am more than a little irked by his response and his lack of integrity. Meanwhile, the search for real, usable 300 H&H brass continues. Duffield
  17. Your Remington 700 is an excellent rifle for your antelope hunt your question is about your stock and my answer is to use the stock that you want to use and glass bed it from one end to the other. This after almost 30 years of hunting antelope and shooting prairie dogs in Wyoming and West Texas. Good luck on your hunt.
  18. Your butcher shafted you. That happened to me, I got about 60 pounds from a cow elk. I used a different butcher after that.
  19. Sadly, I do not have a link to the photo. Her sponsor' logo Flav-R-PAC was prominently displayed. Very prominently displayed.
  20. I am watching the drag races at Bristol. I have never seen a tee shirt as hilarious as the one worn by Brittany Force. I am sure it was provided by her sponsor.
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