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  1. I used 1.5 grains of Bullseye and a 123 grain bullet sized to .358 which is undersize in the 38 S&W bore but keeps pressure down. I have seen others use cut down 38 special cases with no ill results but I DON"T recommend it. I sold my H&R so I now have several boxes of 38 S&W that are surplus to my needs will probably sell them for components only at Black Gold next year.
  2. Yes, they were quick and knew the answers, but Matt gave a couple of answers, including his answer on Final Jeopardy, that were far out in left field. He knows better! He took a dive.
  3. Looks like the boy threw the game. I wonder if he just got tired of being on or if someone threatened his family if he didn't loose tonight.
  4. Oh Dear Lord! Please spare me from these botique creations, and let me enjoy my pancakes or my eggs or my hash browns as separate dishes and not jumbled together as if someone had already eaten them once. Duffield
  5. I am not a cat person, but cats like me for reasons I do not understand. My wife had four when we got hitched, and the one that "Doesn't like men..." decided he was my best buddy. Sigh! Litter boxes do not stink if you clean them daily, and a little cat hair never hurt anyone. I have seen a dog dart in front of a car, but anyone who swerves to hit an animal deserves whatever anyone else does to him (If you hang him, you can reuse the rope). Duffield (who prefers dogs)
  6. I believe that after WWI the Germans converted many Mausers to single shot shotguns in an attempt to get a little foreign currency to help pay their war reparations.
  7. It will be the accountants who reduce the number of powders made. The only thing that they care about is the bottom line, and to hell with the customer. If they only have to make three, that cuts their costs down considerably. Duffield
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