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  1. There is wisdom behind the twist. From the U S Military Multiservice Helicopter Sling Load: Basic Operations and Equipment manual: Same principle when using straps to secure loads.
  2. It must be "ultra-rare" at that.... at ten bids, the darn thing's up to $994~! After all, just how many "Winchester Korean H&R Carbine 03-A3 M1D Sniper" rifles could there possibly be?
  3. Having grown up with a family of truckers, I have always put a twist in the strap for the express purpose of preventing that "thrum" when zipping down the road. Moreover, I always use enough straps to not even be concerned about potential weakening or a strap parting for any reason. Edit: It annoys the heck outta me to see some semi- trundling down the highway with a set of flat straps buzzing like the Hickstown Choir's entire set of vocal cords. Grandpa would definitely not approve.
  4. You could sell the wood and buy a new car....
  5. In California, add an additional $20k for the now mandatory solar panels.
  6. Damn. That's a mighty high perch to fall from....
  7. Noodlin' through GB, lookin' at M1 carbines, when this popped up: Check it out here. By the way ~ it's a Springfield! (In the pictures, anyway...)
  8. Evidently it's a real place! https://brasstown.biz/ They even do custom loading~!
  9. So, my cousin's young son wants an IH Garand, and sent in his paperwork and $$ to the CMP about seven weeks ago. They understand that it takes a lengthy time to process, and don't expect status reports... but we're all curious - does anyone know if they at least acknowledge receipt of orders? (For what it's worth, about a week or so after his order was submitted they listed the rifle as "sold out.")
  10. Dangit, I missed it... thank Gawd! That movie came out the year I turned six. I had two teenage aunts who would look after me, and from time to time they'd take me to a movie. I remember one of those, The Night the World Exploded. I think I slept through most of it (or at least hid behind my fingers), but DID see the trailer (they were called "previews" back then!) for From Hell it Came. Scared the dickens outta me! Anyway, we lived in a rural area at the time. On the corner of the lane our house was on was an old, dead tree. And of course, not being one to miss
  11. I saw one short string... then they passed into the Earth's shadow. Later than last night... and they do seem to be spreading farther apart.
  12. Joe, does that thing have A/C? If so, is it efficient, and does its use shorten the driving range appreciably?
  13. Mebbe your new neighbors could be persuaded to install a plug-in on your side of the fence...
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