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  1. Well... got 'er done. Attempted to go the "no sealant" route, but ended up coating one side of the gasket lightly to hold it in place while starting a couple of bolts - that danged think had seven of 'em! BUT! When I got the old pump off it was itself just fine - the earlier gasket had failed. Hunh! Put the new one on anyway.
  2. Okay, so that's one vote for no sealant, and one Uncle Joe (yes, I had an Uncle Joe ~ ace shadetree mechanic!) suggestion. Except he used cardboard shoe boxes instead of paper bags. Keep 'em coming, folks!
  3. Weather permitting, I plan on replacing the water pump in my '01 Dodge Ram 3.9 V-6 tomorrow. So... it's been a while, but I've changed a bunch of water pumps in my life. And I've always applied a sealant to the gasket. But now, it seems that this simple process has become a bit controversial - some say sealant on both sides of the gasket, some say only on one side, and some say DON'T use a sealant. Heck... Half-Breed Pete sez he recommends something called Gaskacinch. "We used to use that back in the 'sixties - we liked it 'cuz it had a girl's legs on the label! Plus it'll stop yer belts from squealing." So, what do y'all do? And if you used a sealant, which? I seem to recall using Permatex #2 quite a lot back "in the day."
  4. Close to forty years ago I was hunting up in northern california's Siskiyou County. It had been a looong day, and I was hiking back to the ranch headquarters where Hank and I were staying. Anyway, I carrying my Arisaka Type 99, and a day pack with necessities and a canteen. But nothing to munch on - and I was hungry. I finally realized that I was skirting a potato field! And I'm here to tell you, a fresh, dug-up, raw spud made an appreciated snack. Peel and all. (I did get a buck the next day )
  5. I grew up bein' told "all the vitamins are in the peel!" True or not, I like 'em unpeeled. And the 'skins with trimmings. Don' matter much... ain't allowed to eat 'em anymore anyhow.
  6. My all-time favorite .22. Middle of my junior year of high school I transferred to one of the worst schools in the nation - Castlemont, in Oakland, california. The only thing that saved my sanity was JROTC. Toward the end of the year I happened to be in the armory one afternoon when the rifle team was doing some post-season fun "practice," and one of the team members asked the coach if I could take a few shots. So, I was handed ear muffs, a Remington 40x, and a loading block with ten rounds of .22 target ammo. With a bare rifle (no shooting jacket, gloves, palm rest, or other enhancing equipment) I proceeded to shoot the targets in order, offhand. The coach gazed through his spotting scope, had me safe the rifle then ordered another target hung. "Do that again." I did. My first ten rounds scored 79, the second 89. Well, I was invited to join the team, and at the beginning of my senior year I was issued the sweetest Model 52, and whatever else I wanted - sights, sling, jacket, glove, adjustable butthook, aluminum palm rest - which I immedietly scrapped in favor of one I carved from a hunk of 2x4. As I recall, we came out on top that season - I was high scorer on our team, and second highest in the Greater Bay Area for 1968 - '69. I've lusted after a Model 52 of my very own ever since - never happened, and not likely to at this point in my life. I'll have to be happy with the Model 75 laagering in my safe - the '75 used to be referred to as "the poor man's 52."
  7. Not to cast a pallor on the celebration, but... remember, gavin gets to appoint her successor. And you can be sure we won't like it.
  8. "Temu." Never looked for 'em, but every time I fire up my computer there are pop-up screens for Temu. Annoying as hell; can't figure out how to stop it. And no, I have never ordered anything from 'em, and not likely to.
  9. 'Tis at that - nine nine ounce "jars." Now, if he mis-typed and accidently added an extra zero, it would still be $60/ pound. Which MIGHT be almost believable in today's already absurd world.
  10. This has gotta be a joke. If it is, someone needs a humor adjustment. If it ain't, someone needs an attitude adjustment. https://www.gunbroker.com/Ammunition-Reloading/search?Keywords=trail boss powder
  11. Built in early 1969 at Seffner by Garlits Chassis shop. this was the first dragster to successfully emply a planetary two-speed transmission reaching a top speed of 240 MPH and 6.51 second ET. Unfortunately, this success nearly cost Don his life. In a freak transmission explosion at Long Beach, California on March 8, 1970 Don lost part of his right foot and injured a spectator. It was this accident that led to the development of the rear engine car.
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