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  1. So... is it comparable to the JAG series that ran from '95 to '05... with Catherine Bell?
  2. Well... Turner's Outdoorsman is taking pre-orders at $179.98... https://www.turners.com/all-products/browse/keyword/wrangler?utm_source=PRE-ORDER+SPECIAL+-+Ruger+Wrangler+.22lr+&utm_campaign=Ruger+Pre-order+Special&utm_medium=email Uh... do I need a new toy...?
  3. I worked with a fella whose dad flew P-39's in the Pacific (he even dropped a Zero!). When he came home after the war he set out to follow his life's ambition and became a dairyman. For the remainder of his life he lamented not buying a surplus Airacobra... "But I could buy two heifers for what one airplane sold for!" He had his dairy and continued as a reservist, finally retiring as a Lt Colonel with a two-seater - don't recall if it was a Cessna or Piper... but it warn't no fighter.
  4. In some of the movies they do these outrageously graceful 40-foot leaps, usually in slow motion. And they seem more into stabbing with long, sharp nails than biting necks...
  5. SDJ's Vinegar Taster's thread brought back a memory... Over thirty years ago some of my Chinese friends decided I needed to experience some "cultural diversity." To this end, they brought me a number of VHS movies, including several with vampire themes. "They don't turn into bats and fly, Rocko! [my OTHER alias] They HOP!" Indeed they do! Some of the films were actually quite good. This sample is one of the more campy ones, but will give a hint. (Compared to the better ones, this is like the TV Batman vs some of the modern movies.)
  6. Let's see... how to put this delicately: Noting where this occurred, I'm a mite curious as to the driver's origin and license status.
  7. Not a problem. "Block" is not solid; cylinders are replaceable, likely done as a set at rebuild time. Depending on use, MTBMO (Mean Time Between Major Overhaul) for the Merlin can range between 100 hours to 1200+ hours. That "+" can be a lot of hours!
  8. So, as a follow-up to the recent thread about Dana Delany in a new program called *The Code*... Has anybody seen the show? And other than Ms Delany being in it, is it worth watching...?
  9. Well, this'll surely answer that age-old question about what to start the kids with...
  10. Alas... not legal for hunting in California. Contains evil plumbum.
  11. Maybe that's what happened with this knot-head kid: Colorado Teen Fined $20k For Shooting Moose while Elk Hunting He said the moose was too far away to clearly identify. Sheesh...!
  12. Huh... Four and a half million for the P-51. But it come with TWENTY spare engines?? Would that be a lifetime supply...?
  13. In California, what Pat sez. Plus you'd better hope by Golly that they're bona fide natural citizens... if they're "illegal" citizens you'd be in deep yogurt.
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