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  1. I believe the Phantom was the only model flown by both teams... Saw the Angels twice last month. Wow... they've had Hornets for over thirty years!
  2. I got to see the Angels once when they were flyin' 'em. Good show, considering they weren't all that nimble!
  3. Other than buying a shotgun, what exactly did she do or say? I've read several articles about this; oddly, I haven't found any specifics about anything she's said, other than vague references to "threats" and a "fascination with Columbine." I'm certainly not defending her, but it just seems curious. Did I miss the more detailed reports?
  4. I'm thinking this might be a good time to re-read Follett's The Pillars of the Earth.
  5. I'm in, DH... you and yours are now on my prayer list.
  6. Wow. I forgot to tune in tonight... was busy looking for Savage sight info on the 24hourcampfire site...
  7. That could be why the Navy abandoned San Francisco's Hunter's Point Naval Shipyard back in '94.
  8. That does bring back memories. I was at a Council level Cabinet Meeting a couple weeks ago. We were kinda startled but nevertheless laughed when we heard of a troop that had cancelled a weekend camping trip because of a chance of rain. Sheesh... the troop I'm associated with is quite used to hiking and camping in rain and snow.
  9. J Mark, that was downright philosophical! For what it's worth, I'm kinda glad Ms Allie is "terminally female." She's good at it, too...
  10. Hey, Palouse! I spent yesterday with ol' Hank and his crew... they said to give you their best! Trap shooting* at the Kingsburg Gun Club, then off to the ranch to tinker with Savage Model 20's. *I got beat by a girl ~ Hank's soon-to-be daughter-in-law. Using MY shotgun! Talked to Half-Breed Pete earlier ~ he's still doin' well in Arizona. Seems he's discovered early S&W's - his new passion - wants to build a modern version. You know Pete...!
  11. By chance, Bob, did you ever cross paths with Tiger's dad...?
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