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  1. Nope. 'Course I don't. However, they're not always wrong. But, I have heard plenty of stories from medical folk I've known, including the Former Missus Hardpan, who had been an E R nurse and hospital administrator for many years. And I had an employee who didn't show up for work one day; she was found comatose, and ultimately had a tapeworm removed from her brain. She survived, and even returned to work, but was... different. If you enjoy the stuff, by all means keep on enjoying it! I just choose not to. Although I do have fond memories of countless bowls of lomi-lomi.... By the way ~ this was local to us: https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2018/01/19/579130873/man-pulls-5-1-2-foot-long-tapeworm-out-of-his-body-blames-sushi-habit (I don't think I know the fella, but I do know the doctor)
  2. Back in the 80's, while I was living in the Bay Area, a local TV news program did a spot on sushi one night. They placed a variety of freshly prepared items under a microscope, and Lordy! but several of 'em were literally crawling with itsy bitsy worm-like critters. I'll pass. But I do like wasabi!
  3. As soon as I saw the title of the thread, I honestly expected THIS:
  4. Colt... I feel for ya, but be glad you're not in california.
  5. So Walter's on it... right?? You can see where all the efforts are focused here: https://www.energy.gov/ And here are Walter's deputies who are busy workin' on it: https://www.energy.gov/leadership
  6. A few years ago my son was staying with his mom in an "exclusive, secure, gated community" with an HOA. Three times while there their cars were broken into - so much for the security. But the camel's back was broken when they received a notice that the "derelict old Mercedes automobile abandoned in their driveway" MUST be removed. Abandoned? It was the Kid's daily driver. Derelict? Really??
  7. I bought regular gasoline last night for $5.65/ gallon at the local "bait and beer" stop - possibly the cheapest retailer in the county. And this is probably one of the lowest priced counties in the state. Here's a snap a cousin in Upland sent me last Friday... undoubtedly, it's gone up since then:
  8. Driving along one day with the Kid, back when he was still in his teens, I turned on the stereo with a Dean Martin CD inserted. Suddenly I realized that the Kid was singing along with "Ain't That a Hole In the Head..." Surprised, I looked at 'im and remarked "Hey! You know this song??" He looked at ME kinda surprised, and replied "Dad! It's DEAN MARTIN! Of COURSE I know his songs!" As if I wasn't astonished enough, I pulled up to my office building and dashed in to pick up something I'd left on my desk. It was Saturday, the office was closed, and a workman was installing new flooring. He had his sixteen-year-old son helping him... and that young man had the same Dean Martin CD playing!
  9. With that jerk running it I have immediately lost interest.
  10. A good ol' Texas thunderstorm can trump an eclipse ANY day~!
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