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  1. Wanna bet?? I still have a pair with pennies - and wear 'em~! Penny Loafers History!
  2. Ya ready for this? Grace Slick is 80 years old. How the heck did THAT ever happen? I'm surprised she didn't cash in her chips fifty years ago.
  3. I've long held that Lewis Carrol (aka "Charles Lutwidge Dodgson") had shared the Caterpillar's hookah... and it wasn't loaded with shisha.
  4. Which model is this scope? How old is it? What malfunctioned?
  5. Thanks, Tyrel ~ I had no idea. Might just have to start watching!
  6. As said, you're both going with our prayers. And we'll all be standing by for good news!
  7. Not a big Nascar fan, but... is this common? Pushing another car at high speed?
  8. I have a friend who happens to be a gerontologist ("old folks doctor"). He's the first person I ever heard use that phrase.
  9. Huh... that's encouraging! Graphics look like a vast improvement from thirty five years ago!
  10. In Sixgun Sheridan's "1980's Fads" thread, I mentioned spending countless hours playing Microsoft Flight Simulator on my old IBM PC Jr. Like everyone else, I've gone through a LOT of computers since then (1984). And I also upgraded the program a couple of times, keeping up with operating system progressions up through Windows XP. Last version I bought was Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Which, oddly enough, is not compatible with Windows 10. *Grump!* Might anyone know of any decent PC (Not X-Box) version that will work with Windows 10...? I know... 'way off topic. But we can't talk about guns and cookie recipes ALL the time!
  11. I will never forget the shock I experienced when the young lady selling me a movie ticket asked if I'd like my Senior Discount - age 50 qualified me. I didn't know whether to thank her or be somewhat indignant. Even worse is the realization that this was eighteen years ago.
  12. Perhaps there's some strength remaining in the state's motto!!
  13. The smile thing ~ reckon it depends on how much dental work you might be needin'....
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