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  1. Steam locomotives. Gotta love 'em. I over-heard an old man say, one time, as he saw a steam locomotive pass by, and the whistle blew (and he was talking to himself) "Don't call to me now...I'm too old to go with you". Then he said: "They're like a living thing". I heard that old man say those words over 60 years ago, and I still remembered it, and it still makes me melancholy to think of his words.
  2. It should be just as easy to be more authentic, than unauthentic, in western props, on t.v., and in the movies. Like as not, they used what they had available, from the movie prop department, and figured no one would notice or care. I noticed, and I care, but I am just one, and I have no influence.
  3. The price of gasoline is down, because demand is down. Demand is down, because of the high price of fuel, which factors out to the high price of groceries, and everything else. It may seem like the price is down, and will continue to drop, but this is just a lull in the process. Around here, we have a severe drought. Diesel, and gasoline is expensive. Feed is expensive. Ranchers are selling off their herds, because of this, and meat prices are going through the roof, pretty soon, as is milk, and butter. Fuel, drought, expensive feed, expensive or no fertilizer, and the ranchers/farmers can't produce as much, or at all. Many are selling their land, since they can't make a living on it, and guess who is buying up the land. The Chinese!!! Costs to get goods and services, from point A to point B, are getting more expensive, not less expensive. As I said, this is a short lull in the process. It will get worse. When the idiots in Washington cut off the spigots of fossil fuels, it first gets expensive, and then it gets in short supply. That is coming up too. Gas shortages. We all dang well better do our part, in correcting this, and getting this country back on the right path. That means look at the problems and vote for the candidate that you believe will do his/her part in correcting this. We have but a short window of opportunity to act, to turn this mess around. We can't stand another two and half years of going in the wrong direction. Just look how bad it has gotten in just 18 months!!!! Get Er Done!
  4. River Junction Trade Company. Various styles, that won't bankrupt you.
  5. Dang...even a hockey puck contains more than two ingredients!!! My "cathead" biscuits have: flour, baking soda, baking powder, cream of tartar, buttermilk, sugar, salt, melted butter, yeast. Biscuits that have both yeast, and baking powder, are puro Tejano. "I go to the oven to see if they're done. I open that door, and I pull out my gun. Then I fan three times, with a crack, crack, crack, Them biscuits smile, and the slugs bounce back. They're done to a turn, what a tasty snack. Oh, I got the biscuit blues."
  6. Heck, I recently purchased some old 1940's Warner Brothers cartoons, from E-bay, and it has a warning label on the box, saying not suitable for children: "violence, stereotyping, some graphic scenes". Give me a break!!! Wimp/nannie/whinny Nambi-Pambi's. Today's "woke" generation needs to toughen up, and get a life!!!
  7. My Dad had just finished up on Okinawa, and they had been transferred to another island to resupply, in anticipation of going ashore on mainland Japan, when the two atomic bombs were dropped. Dad told me that, before the bombs were dropped, their commanding officers told them, that they expected a million casualties. He had fought in Leyte, and then Okinawa, and this time, he said he figured his number would be up. He said they were told that divisions from the European theater, would be transported there, to fight, but it would take a while for them to make the trip. They told them it could be 1947, or 1948, at least, before they might force Japan to surrender, based on what they had seen up until then. He told me he had no clue about the atomic bomb, and fully expected to be in the initial invasion. He was in the 96th (Amphibious) Infantry Division, U.S. Army.
  8. Convicted police murderers, as well as any murderer in the first degree, need to stay in jail, until the victims are resurrected, at the last day. If the victims can't come out of their box, until the Lord returns, then neither should the ones that put them there. Someone ends a life, by cold blooded murder, then they forfeit their freedom, for life. Or, if you live here, and are found guilty, you may forfeit your life as well. Nope...not politically correct...but then again, I don't care.
  9. I got an e-mail from a "ProArmory" that they are offering ammunition for sale. The prices are not a bargain, but not through the roof, either. I do not know if this is legit, or not, and I was wondering if anyone had done business with them. I have never bought anything from them, just wondering if anyone else out there has. I looked through their choices, and 99.999% of what they had to offer, they were out of...typical for today's ammunition companies. Thanks. W.K.
  10. I bet those Ruskie paratroops would have loved it if Depends had been available back then. Of course they may have torn them, sliding off that wing, like that.
  11. At my F.F.L. dealer...I plunk down my drivers' license, my license to carry, fill out the paperwork, lay down my $20 bucks for the transfer, and walk out the door. The only "wait time" I have, is waiting on the item I ordered to get to my F.F.L. Dealer. I did that very thing last Thursday. Here, if you have a license to carry, they are not required to call anyone, and they don't. All this changes in November, and again in 2024. The Cavalry is coming...IF you do your part, and vote!
  12. Ya done great! A good ole TEXAS GAL!!! So proud of ya. W.K.
  13. Just one more example, among many examples, of how stupid big city mayors can be. Just because he is a mayor in the Red State of Texas, doesn't mean our big cities here are exempt from stupid mayors, and stupid ideas. I love it that their ignorance cost them some money, and caused them some embarrassment. Stupid is, as stupid does.
  14. My wife was diagnosed with stage 4 uterine cancer in 2016. She had the hysterectomy. She was not offered radiation. They told her she had to have a port put in her chest, and have 6 months of chemo, once a week, for 6 hours at a time, using two bottles of chemo per treatment. After the 6 months were up, she would have to have chemo, once a month, for the rest of her life, no guarantees on how long that might be. We toured the oncology lab, where the folks were receiving chemo. We got back to the car, and she turned to me and said: "I am not doing that. Get on-line and find an alternative". So...I did. Her cancer doctor told her, when she found out she was refusing chemo...and I quote: "you are going to die". So much for a "bed side manner". I didn't say it, at the time, but I wanted to say: "well, you know Doc...it just ain't up to you!" We never found out what the lifetime of chemo would have cost us, money wise. We pursued the homeopathic route...which costs about $10,000 per year. My insurance won't pay anything for "non-approved medical treatments", so unless it is a standard test, that the insurance company approves, it comes out of my pocket. Thank you, insurance company. Everyone confronted, by this sort of thing has to make a decision, as to what route they want to follow, or can afford to follow. No route is cheap. No, this doesn't compare to the high price of ammunition. We are all making big pharma rich, with questionable results, sometimes.
  15. My question is...who packed her suitcase? A drug dealer? Didn't she pack it? Didn't she bother to look into her suitcase, to see what was there, before she got there? Shouldn't she know that it is a different world, beyond the American borders, and that other countries can be much more strict about bringing in, what that country considers, as an illegal drug? Bulletin: Pack your own baggage, and double check it. If you use drugs, stop using them, before you depart. How do you know another country won't take a blood sample, to see what you have in your system? Avoid a totalitarian country, that is at odds with the U.S.A., and disrespects our leaders (who doesn't?)...and, when you get caught, take your punishment, because you alone are responsible for what you did. She is very much anti-American, but she is begging ole sleepy joe to rescue her. Heck...he hasn't got the juice to rescue himself. Nine years, at a labor camp, is a tough sentence, but sometimes, a person reaps what they sow. My Two Bits. W.K.
  16. My favorite was Vin calling the Kirk Gibson at bat. Kirk was injured, and did not even start the game. Lasorda put Kirk in, to pinch-hit. It was bottom of the 9th inning, and Kirk had a call of 3 balls, and 2 strikes, with one man on first, and the Dodgers down one run. Kirk could hardly walk, much less run down to first base, so bunting was not an option. Go on to youtube, and watch the call. Vin was THE BEST. You will be greatly missed Vin. Until we see you again...rest in peace.
  17. The governor, and the D.A.'s won't like this. It is too much positive publicity for the argument FOR an armed citizen. Oh, wait...the news media out there probably will mostly ignore this story, so not that many may be aware of this. The eternal choice of mortal man...to endure oppression...or to resist!!!
  18. Just saw some .45-70's sell on a gun website for $3.55 per round, not including the shipping and tax!!! A person with 1 (one) transaction paid that!!! Green-horn rookies!!! I have to hope, and believe, that, at some point-in-time, supply will catch up with demand, and prices will come down to some saner levels. Of course, it may not happen in my lifetime. Meanwhile, as I wait for sane prices, and my .45-70's await the return of primers, brass, and even new cartridges, they will only be brought out to clean, and invoke positive memories. If the ammunition factories are working 24/7/365, then the .45-70 must be way down on the list, way past 9mm, and 5.56mm. I even saw 10 or 12 boxes of .300 Blackout, on Monday, at the local-yokel feed store. You'd think .45-70 would be more prevalent than .300 Blackout, for cryin' in a bucket!!! Good thing I have flintlocks to shoot. So far, there are no shortages of rocks that create a spark...or old underdrawers to create patches! My Two Bits. W.K.
  19. I guess that is one reason 45-70 cartridges are so expensive, right now. They are more popular than they have ever been, and rightfully so. I have two rifles that shoot the 45-70. I need more.
  20. The communist party is the one with diarrhea of the mouth. They rightly perceive this present administration of weakness, and being indecisive. Bottom line, from what I can understand, they want their way, and are trying to intimidate with words, and threats. Had the election of 2020 been honest, we would not be having this discussion right now. They will push this thing as far as the "president" will allow them to...which, all things considered, will be a long way. But...be of good cheer...the Cavalry is coming...IF you do your part, that is.
  21. Great point. We don't realize how things can change in just a few seconds. We don't realize how fleeting life is. We don't realize the importance of things, until they are gone. Yeah...make the chili...while there is yet time.
  22. Didn't think sleepy joe had the cojones to do something like this, all things considered. It's too bad that someone slides so far into evil, that we think it is a good thing that they got zapped. But...ole zawahiri made that list. Live by the sword, die by the sword...in this case, die by the drone. I bet he'd like a popsicle, right about now.
  23. Moving can be a good thing. Especially if you are moving from a State that is anti-2nd amendment, and has high taxes, to a State that is firearm friendly, and has lower taxes. I don't know any sane person that likes high taxes (or any taxes, for that matter).
  24. If everyone had an electric vehicle, the electric grid would collapse. We are years, if not forever, away from a solution for this. Until, and if, our scientists discover a clean, abundant, cheap, source of energy (and that ain't wind, or solar), then we have to have fossil fuels, or nuclear. I heard the founder of the National Weather Agency, the other day, state (before they could shut him up), that man made climate change is not a scientifically sustainable fact. He said, in no uncertain terms, that climate change is a load of pig manure. Finally, the truth is out of the bag.
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