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  1. You're forgetting side match pistols and some .45-70's for long range fun!
  2. All the more reason to make sure you vote is counted!
  3. Having one right now. Just made a fresh pot. Join me in one?
  4. Now there is a picture I would require eye bleach after seeing!
  5. Unfortunately, this type of media silence is not just limited to Chicago. We see similar actions or inaction, here in Canada, from much of the print media and, believe it or not, our National public broadcaster, the CBC in addition to the other networks. Here, the CBC is granted 1.5+Billion dollars each year, while the newspaper industry shares 700 million and rising. What have been laughingly called reporters are now either wanna-be fiction writers or are too lazy to dig out a story, while independents, like The Rebel are ostracized, physically attacked and generally and specifically prevented from asking legitimate questions.
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