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  1. Noz............................
  2. Here's a rare June 6 D-Day picture taken behind Nazi lines showing Panzer Cat defying orders to advance to Normandy.
  3. The cry of those who got used to life with Covid-19 and have a computer.
  4. Hopefully the Bar Association will have the intestinal fortitude to pull their license to practice. If not, well, we'll know just how committed they are to the rule of law.
  5. My family lost 3 members on Juno. Two days later, another's Typhoon went in while attacking ground targets.
  6. Another round of prayer for this courageous lady heading south of the Medicine Line.
  7. In my family's case, when they closed, grocery store, the community lost a little league etc. supporter. In addition to the usual grocery items, they lost the bake shop, butcher shop, beer sales and an employer. They heard from some encouraging them to re-open, but the video showed the same people looting the store. So, my uncle decided: No Thanks!
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