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  1. We, here in Canada had been at war with Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, since September, 1939. My Father was in the RCAF (had been since 1936) and was recently married to my Mother when the attack occurred. My Mother related that when he came home from duty that Sunday, he stated, "Myrt! The Americans will now be fully in. We just won the war"
  2. Gatoraid seems to help. Or you can just stay drunk.
  3. I use TB in my .45-70, with excellent accuracy and pleasant to experience recoil. I'm running 350 grain lead bullets over a charge of 15.5 gr of TB
  4. My Bishop, the Canon Sacristy of the Cathedral, the Incumbent Priest at my parish and I sat in a strip club interviewing adult entertainers, at a Gentleman's Club, to determine what we could do to help them, as part of our Diocese Outreach Program. It earned some strange looks and some comments from the customers, because of our collars and the fact we had the women coming and going to our table for a number of hours. We were able to help some of the women, who wanted help or to get out of the lifestyle they were in. That made it a worthwhile effort and the Outreach program continues to this day in one form or another
  5. Prayers heading south from this side of the Medicine Line.
  6. GOOD NEWS! I'm glad to hear she finished treatment and rang the bell!!
  7. Bad news boys and girls. Santa may be a little late this year.
  8. Many decades ago, a salesman brought in his vests to demo them to our Police Dept. As the Purchasing Agent, I attended the demo to observe. The vest used stopped a .45 ACP, but the Staff Superintendent observed that what we ran into more frequently was a BHP with sten ammo. Pat then proceeded to fire a couple of rounds into the vest and they penetrated through to the back. It was a number of years before we finally bought and issued better resistant vests to all the officers.
  9. I now have to use braces on both knees and I find walking is painful. The posses I shoot with are great! I try to help where I can; spotting, score-keeping, load and unload tables, but mostly they just let me sit and enjoy. The only concession I have made, (at my own behest) was to switch from a cross-draw rig to a strong left side and strong right side rig, after the first time my knee started to give way when I did the cross-draw dance. I leave the cane(s) and hobble from station to station in a stage, if it's required, and have a lot of fun whooping it up. My scores are near the bottom, but Who Cares?!
  10. I thought you were talking about the Ottawa U Gee-Gee's and the Carleton Ravens for the Panda.
  11. How did they taste? Do you cook possum and squirrel together or treat them as separate dishes?
  12. Try Holland America. SWMBO and I found their ships and people more to our liking. They seemed to cater to an older crowd; smaller "Vista" ships etc.
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