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  1. I recently watched a fellow deal with the mis-use of a Handicapped space. Mr. I'M Too Important and Too Busy to be Courteous, parked his vehicle in the handicapped space. He had no Handicapped sticker etc and had his hockey bag in the back of the car. When he returned to his car, he found shopping carts next to the driver and passenger side doors of his car. When he tried to move them, he found the c arts had been Zip-tied to the door handles. I hope his day got better after that.
  2. I always bring at least one back from the lot. I had a lady mention to me: " You're handicapped and using a cane. Why should you be doing that?" I replied: "Because I'm physically handicapped, not ignorant!" Besides, the grocery cart lets me use it like a walker.
  3. Sad how ignorant some people are. If anyone chastises them for their ignorance/stupidity/laziness, they get hurt feelings or want to start a fight.
  4. My first day of work for the City of Ottawa, 56 years ago.
  5. I guess I got lucky. I had some pants, I bought on special, back-ordered for about two weeks. I just got a notice they were now being shipped.
  6. I've seen a lot of things in the bush over the years, but I've never seen anything like that. Thanks for posting it.
  7. Yep! Ban them all. That'll work. Bans worked so well in Australia. Even created a whole new industry. Well, it was a criminal industry, but what the heyy! And they are so difficult to make.
  8. Getting ready for St. Patrick's Day. Irish cowboy friends coming over for corned beef and cabbage, Irish Tea Cake and some other dishes. Irish potables stocked in the frig and a selection Bushmills regular, Black Bush, Red Bush and Bushmills Single Malt along with Tellamore Dew to sample. Guest rooms are all set for stay-overs.
  9. I had already been gifted a Cooey Model 60 .22 repeater and a 12 ga single shot Cooey shotgun, when I bought a sporterized Lee Enfield in .303 British from The Hudson Bay Co in Edmonton, while there on a visit from further up north.
  10. Actually, I had been hoping my pee would glow in the dark, when I make one of my many nightly forays to the throne room, but no such luck. Oh well. Waiting for April 27 and the first match of the year for The Ottawa Valley Marauders. I figure (hope?) I'll be a lot better by then. Been loading up some .45's for the event and, hopefully, some practice before hand. Haven't shot since last August, do I'll have read up on which end goes BANG! and which way the cartridges go in. Hey, no laughing at the old timer. Now get off the snow covered lawn!
  11. That is actually an easy one to answer: Many US citizens and Canadian citizens long for the Good Olde days of Royalty. That's why, here in Canada, we elected the son of one former Prime Minister to lead the country and the US elected the Bushs and tried to elect the Clintons. Our own, homegrown versions of Royalty.
  12. Have a good, safe trip Jabez. We'll keep the fire going while you're away. Starting to feel a little better, after a rough week, following the completion of my radiation treatments. Continuing sweats and ...........other "potential problems" I was warned about. Let's say I was glad I followed advice and did a lot of Kegel exercises before and during my treatments. Staying close to home while getting ready for the radioactive seed implants. They're telling me I'll have to stay at least 10 feet away from children and pregnant women, so my neighbour Phat's kids are going to have to be told why they can't hang around old "uncle" Terry for a while. Good thing they're now old enough to understand. Apparently, I'll have to have a card explaining why all the bells and whistles go off if I try to cross the US/Canada border. I'll have to find out how long I'll be dangerous Getting ready for my St. Patrick's Day; Irish Tea Cake and Corned Beef & Cabbage dinner with Rooster, Red Storm and Clangity Jane joining us.
  13. But, But, But, if armed teachers might stop a maniac from shooting up a school and killing people, how could the anti's perform their ritual Grave Dance?
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