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  1. A lacey VW? Herbie does not approve. (My son and I own this one)
  2. Close friend, (Brother from another Mother) and I pranked one another from time to time. He bought a used car and claimed he knew these cars inside out and could always fix them. UMM. OK One night I took leads from an EB cap and pulled the lead off a spark plug, then wrapped the thin wire around the spark plug and grounded it to the block. Car ran. Sort of. With misses and backfires. Took him a while to find it.
  3. Be thankful you don't have our incompetent leadership. Our Prime Ministers delays and romance with the Chinese Government's vaccine maker has left us almost high and dry. No vaccines delivered for a week or two and even then, only in drips and draps. "But He Has Such Nice Hair!"
  4. Mine's a lot smaller. I'm hoping to get the CFO to approve it for Concealed Carry. Here it is in it's Presentation Case above a quarter.
  5. One of our winter sports. We're trying to get it into the Olympics.
  6. Good Canadian Canola Oil, (Formerly known as Rape Seed Oil until it got politically incorrect)
  7. With the Leftists and the Globalists, there is no reasoning, facts or compromises that can be made. They are liars. Given the Canadian experience, any inch given is taken as an agreement to go beyond what was originally agreed to and encourages more demands for further surrenders. Canadian law mandated the registration of all handguns in 1934 with the promise it would end gun violence and stop violent crime. (Try not to laugh - It's rather sad actually) Guess What? IT AIN'T WORKING! It seems only the law abiding obey the law. WHODA THUNK IT?!?!?! I
  8. "They ain't trying to take our guns!" Yeah - Right ! Here in Canada, we thought(hoped) that too. Now we find more and more being banned regularly. The latest? ALL AR platforms by ALL makers. And Wait! There's more!!!
  9. Cold weather and grease or heavier oils are not your friend. I lost a shot at a nice moose when the firing pin would not fall in my M695 Tikka when we were hunting up around Geraldton, Ontario. Had to use gasoline to flush the bolt and run it w/o any lube for the duration of the hunt. I now clean out the bolts before any cold weather trips and replace any lubes with a cold weather oil. FYI: Any build-up of WD-40 is not your friend.
  10. MIGHT be a .32 short rimfire. There were a lot made in that calibre by many manufacturers. If it's a .32 rimfire, I understand ammunition is no longer made and any around sells for over $100.00++ per 50, if you can find it. This one was carried by an uncle, a long time ago and was used for the purpose it was intended.
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