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  1. My Father in law, my Father and my uncles were laid to rest with a bugler playing the Last Post and the Rouse. My FIL and my Dad's service were also attended by a Piper playing the Lament, "Flowers of the Forest".
  2. I just soaked mine in Varsol for a couple of days, then dried them out. Didn't even have to take apart, but I did anyway, just to make sure they were nice and clean.
  3. * Clarification: I'd post some real doozies from our Parliamentarians, but 99% of my USA Pards would never understand them. The only exception being our Dear Leader!
  4. When I was a kid and lived in God's Country* my Father and I could start hunting ducks and geese, in August, under a No Limit, Provincial Pest License, issued to farmers. We were "hired" by the farmer to shoot migratory birds off their grainfields. The only stipulation was we could not hunt within 100 yards of any body of water or slough. The birds would have raised their hatchlings and would be flying with them, into the grainfields, doing thousands of dollars damage, destroying far more than what they ate. * ALBERTA
  5. I was interested to learn that Adolph Hitler's nephew was a US Navy sailor in WWII, serving as a Medical Corpsman afloat. Another tidbit I recall from many decades ago: a LIFE magazine article about Joseph Stalin's daughter living in the US.
  6. It only rated an Honorable Mention and she is now on the "Ones To Watch" list.
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