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  1. OK, I'm jealous. It takes me that long just to find all the stuff I have on shelves, to clean the dang things.
  2. Fair warning to any of the younger set that may be reading this and laughing: YOUR TURN WILL COME!
  3. A safe trip and God Bless you both. Prayers are offered for a good outcome.
  4. Ah me! Getting older myself. But it sure beats the alternative! PS: I am thinking about changing my alias to the Cold Lake Grump though.
  5. Brought to you by the same folks trying to define "Assault Weapons" and change firearm laws.
  6. I quit, finally, for the last time, 44 years ago, when my wife became pregnant. That's when I started to put on weight, because everything started to taste so good! That said, I missed my pipes and cigars for 10 years before I threw out my pipes and other smoking paraphernalia.
  7. Your "Justice" system sounds a lot like our Canadian version. We now prefer to call it "The Legal Industry"
  8. Here in Canada, it's very simple. You join a drug dealing gang or other criminal enterprise and you're good to go. OH! You mean LEGALLY Carry Concealed. No time for that. It doesn't exist.
  9. I'm always a little, (OK, more than a little) apprehensive about trusting the security of these devices. Oh, I use them. I just don't trust their security. After an "Incident" with my PC, (that my service provider claimed could not happen, but did), I just don't entirely trust or place total reliance on them.
  10. Sponsored by The Wild Turkey Posse, July 15 to the 18th at the Grenville Fish and Game Club, near Prescott, Ontario, just off the 401 By the way, here's a message from Mike, from Canmore.
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