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  1. There is no thinking in the thought process of the animals out there. I have major concerns for the innocents in the places where the elected "leaders" are planning to do away with or de-fund their police departments. Expect crime would skyrocket there.
  2. Clay Mosby


    Wow! Wouldn't be surprised if this video disappears before the day is out.
  3. I doubt it will help, the "professional" rioters will just find another excuse to instigate violence against America. We've got too many supporters of the rioters, from politicians to "celebrities" telling everyone they are just mis-understood and need to be allowed to express their feelings.
  4. East Coast Filly and I say Hallelujah!! Continuing our prayers for Carol and you.
  5. 8 years ago I shared this photo on FB. Don't remember anything about it except I think i think it's cool! Well yesterday when I open FB the first thing I see is a big announcement that this photo had been removed for violating their policy. Didn't say which policy, Seriously, 8 years after the fact?
  6. I recently saw a video (that I can no longer find ) in which some "official" was explaining that if they found so much as a single virus cell on the deceased it would be listed as a covid death. So if I was perfectly healthy, happened to shake hands with someone with the virus, then was immediately shot dead, I would be listed as a covid death if they found a single virus on me!! We're not being told anywhere near the whole truth, and various political agendas are being forced on us.
  7. Damn, PR, that sounds exactly like the diagnosis I received after my fusion. My L4-L5 opening is narrowing but not enough to warrant more surgery. Yet.
  8. Sorry I'm late to wish you well Pat Riot, hope all is going well. As the recipient of 3 back surgeries ending with an L5-S1 fusion, I can relate to the pain level after surgery. Listen to the docs and the PT folks. Don;t ask me how I know this.
  9. Darn! I know General Doolittle proved the B-25's could do short takeoffs, and I know the planes were likely at minimum weight, but the second B-25's takeoff was both super impressive and downright scary! I think if I'd been standing on the sidelines there I would have been creeping back and getting ready to duck!!
  10. Congratulations and God Bless you both for hanging in. My wife and I will hit the big Five-Oh this November. Our secret? I cook, she cleans, and we're best friends. Sure there were ups and downs, but that life.
  11. Only way they'd get one in me is if I was unconscious. And then they'd have to keep sharp objects away from me because I will cut the damn thing out.
  12. Here's what I saw this morning on FB..... oh never mind, I see you found it!
  13. Stay tuned, the sycophant to Gruesom mayor of LA got an emergency injunction or something to re-instate it. The battle ain't over.
  14. Tillamook Marionberry.
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