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  1. I thought it was almost funny once, but now, not so much. If I never have to see that ....=........, ........., ....... again it would be just fine with me.
  2. If I had the funds I'd print a few thousand of these and hire some youngun's to stick them on windshields of cars across the city!!
  3. Back in '19 when my Mom passed, I went to Chase Bank and closed out her accounts to move them to the trust. Several months later I get a notice that her account has a balance of $0.02. That's right, two cents. I replied that she had passed and that I had closed her accounts, included copies of the forms that I had signed. For the past year I get notification from Chase about every two months that there is $0.02 in her account. After the third time I contacted them, I gave up and just shred the notices.
  4. Chuckles and the squad are WARNING SCOTUS? The height of their delusions is astounding. But then if SCOTUS actually listens, America is in for very scary times.
  5. Not sure I can agree with this one, only because IMHO Biden is nothing more than a sock-puppet for one world government Soros and his ilk. Bidens opinion on anything is whatever opinion they give him with his morning Metamucil.
  6. Utah Bob recommended Annin flags to us a few years ago and that's all we've bought since. Two years ago I put in a 35' telescoping pole with a solar light on the top to fly 24/7. I picked telescoping after a couple folks around here told me their flags had been stolen by cutting the lanyards. I put a clamp at each joint so if they want my flag they'll have to bring tools!
  7. Got my order, and WOW, that stuff is GOOD!!! Very, very strong, not so much in flavor but more in presence. The taste is very good, almost a hint of sweetness and the finish. Don't need to use half as much as other sea salts I have.
  8. I have a similar story to many here. East Coast Filly and I are staunch conservatives while our two sons accepted the koolaide. The younger son and his wife embrace the squad and would have preferred Bern over Biden. We get along because we never, ever, bring up politics.
  9. I ordered some Bully Sticks from WalMart for our GSD's. They have been sitting in a distribution center in So Cal since Jan 1, 2021. Waiting for USPS to accept it.
  10. Back when I was still hunting, I would make pheasant chili with a spice mixture I would get from Wild Eats. Hmmm, I need to see if they are still in business!
  11. Oh Lord, Bob, Lin and I are so sorry. I echo Watab Kid in praying your memories are good ones.
  12. Yup, learned that with the very first taste.
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