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  1. It's a really strange culture that has taken root in America. With the politicalization of the media and its full on endorsement of the progressive ideology there is a a group that has been given tacit permission to declare themselves judge, jury and executioner of what is permissible to think, say or do. Anything else is to immediately be attacked and destroyed.They are hell bent to remove anything they disagree with and their minds are totally closed.
  2. I wouldn't mind the wait if I knew that up front. They could've told me that. It's the constantly moving date that has me a bit concerned.
  3. A few months ago I saw an ad for a non-metal grill cleaning brush from a startup company called Grill Rescue. The idea was a wet temp resistant pad that you got wet and basically deglazed the grill with steam as you scrubbed. No more wire brushes that could possibly cause injury from bits breaking off and getting into food the next time you used the grill. Now I had been using a homemade version of this for years, but mine was a heavy duty steel scrubbie dunked in a bowl of water and held in some tongs. After seeing the ads a few times and checking out their webpage in mid-October I decided to order one, expecting since it was a startup it might be 3-4 weeks before I saw it. Well, 3 weeks went by and I contacted them for an update and was told shipments would be the end of November. Ok, they must've gotten a lot of pre-orders. So I contacted them a couple days ago for an update. "Well," they wrote back, "you ordered Oct 13th, therefore we estimate sometime in mid-January before we begin shipping those orders." What the heck? They are telling me they got so many orders they have a 3 month backlog? Better be a damn good product to have to spend that much and wait this long to get!! I just get suspicious when everytime a deadline is reached the goalposts get moved further out.
  4. Finally got in to see the ortho Dr. My prosthesis is fine, good for hopefully many more years. Turns out my severe pain a few weeks ago was the result of what he called "pseudogout". Instead of uric acid base, the crystals in the joint fluid were calcium based. Whatever they were made off they hurt like hell. I describe it as my knee passing its version of a kidney stone. Unfortunately he told there is no prevention for future attacks, all they can do is treat the pain and inflammation when it hits. Fun!
  5. The turkey/stuffing/cranberry sauce with mayo on white bread sandwich the day after!!
  6. You're making false assumptions about me Red. Our roof and fence were done by crews that were Spanish speaking but also had excellent English skills. There was never an issue and I passed on a 5 star rating on them. On the two contractors so far we've had over to quote for some concrete work, well, after several attempts to explain what we wanted I wasn't sure they understood me. When I'm spending several thousand dollars I want the contractor to understand exactly what I want done. I don't think it's unreasonable to want the person doing the work to understand, directly fromme, what I want done.
  7. We're getting some work done on our house, roof, painting, landscaping, etc, and we're finding it very difficult to find contractors that speak English well enough to make themselves understood. It has nothing to do with race or country of origin, but we have specific requirements for the work being done and I don't want to go through an interpreter and maybe get what I want done. I'm a born and raised American living in America dammit, and I should not be forced to learn a second language to live in my own country.
  8. Yul, we have the same machine and love it. We buy the pods at Sams Club and the cost is reasonable.
  9. As an aside here's something I tried with ours that was amazing. Took a three pound tri-tip, seasoned it, and plopped it in a sous vide at 125 degrees for 11 hours. Then fired up the searing feature on our pellet smoker and finished it up to 130 degrees. The thing had a crust and you could cut it with a fork!! Congrats on the new smoker. We love ours, it is amazing. Our first was a charcoal grill with a firebox on one end, practically useless though I was able to smoke a couple butts on it.
  10. Prayers for the victims and their families. I read yesterday that bill clinton blamed the shooting on the GOP winning an election is 1994, And as usual the media was in full "screw the facts get "a" story out there."
  11. We bought the Pit Boss Pro-1100 at Lowes this past summer an so far we love it. The hopper holds 35 pounds of pellets, it has dual food temp probes, a temperature probe for the thermostat, easy to clean and even has a feature allowing you to sear steaks and tri-tips.The fit and finish is good, and it seems very sturdily made. It was $599
  12. I remember the registration holders! And my Grandpa called the curb whiskers "curb feelers" And the last time I had to parallel park was in 2012 driving an 18 wheeler with a 53' trailer!
  13. Thanks for all the info guys. I have a call into my Primary Physician about the Ortho referral. Believe me I don't want to go through that again any time soon!
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