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  1. There was a place called The Original Mel's near us that on weekends offered steak and eggs with hash browns for $4.99. The steak was thin but always tender and tasty. Haven't been there in years, can't imagine what bidenomics has driven the price up to!!
  2. Male actor: Robert De Niro, totally despicable life form Female: Whoopie Goldberg, one of the most hate filled people on the planet. Just IMHO
  3. Praying that all went well yesterday, and that she is on the road to recovery. Praying for peace and strength to all of your family.
  4. I WANT ONE!!!! But that's a bit pricey for something used maybe once and then gathers dust on a shelf.
  5. I lived outside of Buttonwillow from '55 - '58, my Dad had a fairly large farm that backed up to the Elk Preserve, then my parents divorced and I moved with my Mom to Rosamond, CA. Dad kept the farm until he sold out in the late 90's.
  6. I've got the camo version and absolutely love it!!
  7. We want to thank everyone again for their kind thoughts and prayers. After a few tearful days of saying our goodbyes to Lacey, Filly and I began our search for a new furry family member. And so today we would like to introduce everyone to Hannah! She is a rescue, the shelter guess she is around 4, but Filly and I suspect she might be substantially younger. We've made an appointment with our vet for a check up and will get a more accurate estimate. She was submitted to the shelter as a stray, but she does show signs of at least minimal training. She is very shy, but showing signs already, after less than 24hrs of quite a sweet playful disposition. Our other GSD, Java, has his nose a wee bit out of joint but for 99% of the time he ignores her. Our family is full again, and we can remember Lacey with love and happiness as we learn to love and enjoy Hannah.
  8. We have 2 semi-auto's, .45ACP and .380, one revolver in .22, one semi-auto .30cal M1 carbine, one Mosin Nagant M44 in 7.62x54R, a shotgun and an adequate I believe, amount of ammo. Our area is a somewhat low to moderate risk area, for now, so I'm satisfied with our current level of armament.
  9. Lacey is now at the bridge being greeted by our past pooches. It was very calm and peaceful. The staff at our vet is very comforting and supportive. Filly and I want to thank everyone here in the saloon for their prayers and support. It means a great deal to us. Filly and I discussed things and after a few days of remembering her and comforting our male GSD Java, we will begin keeping our eyes and hearts open to finding another female GSD.
  10. 6 Yrs ago Filly and I rescued this gorgeous 5.5yr old German Shepherd female named Lacey. A diminutive 70lbs firecracker she kept us and our 105lb male GSD on our toes. Well, about a month or so ago we noticed that she was slowing down. At first we attributed it to her age, after all she was headed towards 12. But it got worse and a week ago we took her in for tests and xrays thinking arthritis. The tests showed arthritis alright, but also some disk disease. Then around midnight last Friday I got up and discovered her back legs are paralyzed. Back to the vet and the worst possible diagnosis. The paralysis is permanent with no hope of recovery. We brought her home and for rhe past 24 hrs cried and agonized over what was best for her. At last, this afternoon, Filly and I made the necessary decision. Tomorrow Lacey and I return to the vet where we will say goodbye. They say you get one special Heart Dog in your life. 6 yrs ago we lost Arlo, my Llewellyn Setter. He was my heart dog. Then we adopted Lacey, and I discovered you can have more than one Heart dog. When Arlo passed I didn't think anything would hurt as much. Turns out I was wrong.
  11. Grew up living in the Antelope Valley, not too far from Edwards Air Force Base. They put on one hell of an airshow on Armed Forces Day. Got to see the B-70 do a flyby, followed by a U-2. The wind was strong that day, and the U02 looked like a big bird as its wings were flexing several feet at the tip. When it got to center stage the pilot pointed up about 60° and s-l-o-w-l-y flew up and out of site! I too miss a good airshow.
  12. Just watched video of Sara Carter interviewing some of the radical Palestinian supporters protesting against Israel and showed one protestor screaming that all the stories of beheadings, murder and kidnapping by the terrorists are totally fake stories made up by the Israelis and her allies. The poor terrorists are the victims of unprovoked genocide. Talk about total BS denial!!
  13. We currently have two GSD's, an 11y.o. female and a 10y.o. male. Both rescues, the male when he was 1.5y.o. and the female was 6y.o. I'm dreading when their time comes as it may be close together. We can't afford a breeder, nor do we want the energy and antics of a puppy, so we will be haunting the local animal shelters. Don't see us being without at least one GSD for the rest of our time her on the planet.
  14. Well, it looks like I only got partially scammed by the little turds. I actually received a refund for one of the orders, but nothing on the other order for the same amount. . And now, suddenly, they are unreachable. The emails were coming from a no reply mailbox with a link to CustomerCar-VIP.com where I could track and send messages. Now the message app is not working, and the address CustomerCare-VIP.com comes back ERROR 505. So my warning is Do Not order from viuasde.com
  15. While what you say is true in most aspects, we've had great results contesting purchases with our credit union. I guess different institutions handle things differently.
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