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  1. A few years ago California tried to sell a "tax" to offset the cost of gun related injuries showing up in emergency rooms. One idiot from hollywood was screaming that he tax should be $1.00 per round. The idea was that it would make ammo too expensive to buy, so guns wouldn't be so dangerous. Ammo suppliers made out like bandits as folks stocked up. Sort of like when the previous prez would come out with something anti-gun and gun sales would skyrocket. I agree that until now the anti's are trying the incremental approach, a tax here, a bit of legislation or restriction there. But now I guess the deception is over. Thanks to b. o. and others of the current crop of "hopefuls" are admitting that confiscation, whether legal or not is their ultimate goal.
  2. Against my better judgement the wife and I went into a Disks Sporting Goods today. She needed a plastic license holder on a lanyard for her bus pass, and they were next door to where we were. After wandering around the 90% clothes sections we discovered the fishing dept in the back corner. And imagine my surprise when against the back wall was a 30' section of wall lined with a double row of rifles and shotguns, along with what appeared to be a decent selection of ammo. Don't recall seeing any handguns, but wasn't really looking. We talked with the salesman for a minute and he said so far the ban has been on a store by store basis. He said not guarantee that they wouldn't eventually take guns out of all the stores, but for now the one in Elk Grove, CA is still selling.
  3. Unfortunately we live a mere 10 miles from the lunatic capitol/asylum of this once proud state. I would love to fly this, the Gadsden, and a few others but it would put a target on our house that I just don't want to deal with. Yeah, I'm a bit cowardly about this, but we're too vulnerable where we live. So Filly and I support in quiet behind the scenes ways.
  4. And MMH wins the kewpie doll!! Our son was told that was the reason, that they weren't making any more 2019 Special Edition parts. Happy ending, he went to the dealer yesterday and found a truck that with the exception of the color and the blacked out grill, was exactly what he tried to order and they immediately took $6000 of the price. So he has a truck, and he loves it. He's just not real thrilled with corporate.
  5. We did call another dealer and after some hemming and hawing and a couple of transfers to different managers they admitted that yeah, it was too late to order the 2019 version. I have no issue with having cut-off dates. My issue is not making sure customers and dealers know about them and when they are.
  6. 5 weeks ago, after several weeks of researching and consideration, my son orders himself a 2019 Special Edition F-150 dressed exactly the way he wanted, color, trim level, everything. Then, today, the dealer called him to let him know that in their infinite wisdom, Ford will not take his order because the 2020's will be available to order in a couple months. He is welcome to wait until November to order one, and they might start building them in February. This wasn't the dealers decision, but corporates. Now my son is being amazingly adult about it, after an initial few minutes of semi-ballistic WTFs, and after a little bit of discussion with me, headed off to the dealer to see what he could come up with. Turns out as much as he wanted the SE, he was paranoid that in our neck of the woods that truck would be a theft magnet. What irks me about the whole thing is why wasn't there any sort of notification to either the dealer or the customers that Special Editions have to be ordered by a certain date? Just really seems like pretty poor customer service to me.
  7. I remember how almost every house on our street was flying an American flag for a few weeks after the attack. Then they started fading away to where there are only 3 flags still flying today, ours, our next door neighbor and another near the end of the street. It's sad, but then the population of our street is radically different than it was 18 years ago.
  8. Prayers for quick healing Ben!!
  9. And this is why East Coast Filly absolutely refuses to have one of them things in the house! She's even a little freaked out by all the voice commands our new truck recognizes.
  10. Watched a video about a company that refurbishes them with turboprops.The refurbishment is so complete you end up with a zero hours airframe!!!
  11. I have to humbly admit that a few years ago when I could no longer physically participate in cowboy shooting, I had let my NRA membership lapse. Immediately after hearing about the latest insanity from San Francisco I remedied that lapse! I am now a registered terrorist and proud of it!
  12. I have never been more fearful for this country than over the last two years. I hear a group screaming that our President is trampling on the rule of law in our country, all while they themselves trample on it with both feet. This incident is just one of countless incidents across this nation where if one group does something they support, it's reasonable and expected, while if a different group does the exact same thing, they are the embodiment of evil. I never thought I would live in an America where I would be fearful of speaking out because of the threat of verbal or physical assault. I've seen it happen to people I know. I never thought I would live in an America where I am told several times daily that I am less important than someone that came into this country illegally. I feel like America's fighting for its very soul right now. And even if those fighting for the values that made America the greatest country in the world win, America is going to be fundamentally different when it's over.
  13. OLG I think I can count on one hand the number of times I've gotten the turbos spooled up, and always some time before I shut it down, But will keep it in mind.
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