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  1. After 12+ years on a tempurpedic we switched to sleep numberlas August, and won't go back. Yes, if you go with their i10 360 Smart bed with all the whistles and bells like we did they are ludicrously expensive. Ours is a split king, full adjustable base, adjusts to body position and has the dual heat/cooling pads. Total cost was right around $12,000. Worth Every single dollar.
  2. This drug has come up a few times in my research. I have an appt with my regular doctor in a few days and will ask him about it. The water we drink is filtered and I think I stay pretty well hydrated. I've taken the NSAIDS, the anti-inflammatories, the creams, heat and ice, and when the pain hits like it can they have zero effect on it. The only thing that works at all is a hard drug like Norco, and that at best just knocks it down into the 8-9 range. This is my fourth flare since Nov, and each one takes me out of action for 2-3 days.
  3. It's like gout but is caused by build up of calcium carbonate crystals instead of uric acid. The crystals get into the fluid of joints and holy mother of mercy do they cause pain. On the order of 12-15 on a scale of 10. This time it decided to hit right knee, hip, shoulder, elbow and wrist as well as left shoulder and wrist. 36 hours later all but both wrists have calmed down considerably. But the docs tell no me there ain't really nothing they can do except treat symptoms. Can't accept that. Nothing more useless feeling than not being able to use your hand because of the pain Amy suggestions??
  4. I have my Phonaks paired with my Android phone, and the call clarity and ability to adjust them is great.
  5. Just watched the replay, doesn't look intentional. Blaney had a run, Ryan blocked and when Blaney tried to go low they touched. They need to get rid of the super speedways. IMHO Prayers for Ryan Newman
  6. NO. A: I never was a fan of their style of music B: I don't do crowds. C: Last concert I went to was Peter-Paul & Mary back in the late 70's-early 80's, and you could barely hear the artists over the screaming of the audience. D. I don't do crowds well, at all.
  7. When we first joined the Sams here in Sacramento they had the tray of biscuits. I would grab a ray and throw them in the freezer, as they were the best I could find next to my Grandmothers. But after a couple of years they changed their inventory and they haven''t been seen since. Questions to management about getting them back seemed to fall on deaf ears. Do NOT like canned biscuits. But I will say that the 7-up biscuits are dang amazing!!
  8. I went through the hearing dept at Kaiser. I got the Phonak Model Audeo M30-R rechargeables for about $1750/pair after a $700 deduction for medicare coverage. $10,800 for a pair is mind-boggling. Who can afford that?
  9. I went through the same thing back in November. Don't remember exactly why, but I discovered I had been changed to independent. Might have been back in 2011 when I got my commercial license. I wish I had a picture of my ballot, because I had at least 6 names for President, Bill Weld from MA was one, and including Donald J. Trump. I believe the federal government should ignore all presidential ballots from this misbegotten political cesspool.
  10. When they finally got to what was the final restart with 6 cars left I was laughing like crazy. Didn't really care who won as long as it wasn't Dillon. And then out of nowhere came two rolling piles of scrap metal and blew them away!! Most entertaining finish in quite awhile!
  11. My Dad would 99.9% of the time eat what was placed in front of him without comment. On the 0.1% when it was REALLY something he didn't like, the harshest thing I ever heard him say was "I wouldn't mind not having that again."
  12. I don't agree with everything he says/does, sometimes would rather he toned down the rhetoric a notch or three, but Dammit, I think he's the best President we've had since Reagan, and I would love to be able to attend one of his rallies.
  13. Our continued prayers for both of you.
  14. Get rid of stages, get rid of guaranteed starting spots, get rid of all the aero, put at least 25% of the races on dirt. Now THAT would be a fun season to watch!!
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