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  1. When we would go to the Air Races outside of Lancaster, CA in the 60's, several of the pilots were going to Canada and buying WWII surplus fighters cheap.
  2. I would love to get an F-14 Tomcat. There is just something about that plane that screams "Pick Me! Pick Me!!" For piston powered it would have to be the F-7F Tiger Cat
  3. I cannot begin to list all the ways that that is SOOOOOO WRONG!!
  4. Having toured the Dom Cathedral in Germany, I understand when they say access to the roof of those old cathedrals is often limited to very narrow enclosed stairways and a fire in the wrong spot could really make it dang near impossible to get at right away.One report I saw said they even tried to get water from fire boats on the Seine
  5. Thanks for the info Allie Mo, I hope he is well and decides to return someday. I miss getting a chuckle from his cartoons.
  6. I'm often not the swiftest to catch on to something, I usually eventually get there. So what did I miss? I just recently realized that I hadn't seen anything from him in awhile. Is he ok?
  7. Our neighborhood is going on 40 years old. No homeowners association thinking they are anointed by God, thankfully!!
  8. This would almost be funny except apparently you can wander up from the desert, take a simple test in your native language, and you're granted a driver's license without background verification, and can wander where you will in America. But if you were born here, or a naturalized Citizen or Legal Resident, you have to jump through hoops, provide multiple forms of incontrovertible proof of existence and residency, just to be able to fly from one state to another. Think about that.
  9. Did some research on line and found a kit offered by an American owned company called Old Glory Flag. The pole is rated at 70MPH and we ordered the 20' telescoping version. It also has a solar powered light option for night time display. The kit comes with a flag, but we will continue to get our flags from Annin. Thanks for the input folks.
  10. I sent an email to the Sheriffs Dept with photos. I'd thought about surveillance cameras before as our neighborhood isn't like it was when we moved here 20 years ago, Might have to consider them again. There is a young man on our block that has some serious mental issues. Our next door neighbor also flies a flag, and she told me that last year this man had ripped the entire pole and flag assembly down and tried to burn it. His mother replaced everything, but I don't know if anything else was done. When Mom finally passes on, we are going to start looking for a saner state and place to live!! Good advice about wind rating Sedalia Dave, hadn't considered there might be wind-free flag poles out there!!
  11. A couple months ago we replaced our flag with a new Annin Tough-Tex outdoor flag. Our flag is lit so it's out almost 24/7 and we wanted their toughest outdoor product. This morning while going out to put out the trash barrels I glanced at the flag and noticed this! At first I thought it was a tear, and was disappointed that the flag was failing so quickly. Then I looked closer and realized that someone had help a flame to it in an attempt to burn it down!! This flag is attached to our house with one of those 45 degree poles, and there is a chance it could have ignated the trim around the garage door!! It's a good thing I didn't catch the bastard in the act, I probably would have hurt myself trying to hurt them. Lesson learned, i'm researching flag poles now. I already sent an email to Annin thanking them for a well made product. As far as I can tell the flame went out as soon as the ignition was removed.
  12. Did you hear gruesome's latest? They're talking about turning Lombard St. into a toll road! Or maybe make you get a reservation to drive on it!! People gotta stop asking them if they could be any more stupid, they continue to take that as a challenge. East Coast Filly has to renew here license this year, we'll have to see how it goes.
  13. I agree, I found it strangely compelling! Listened ll they way through both songs. What an incredible bass voice, and really kool looking instruments.
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