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  1. We belong to a Credit Union and use debit cards. When some yahoo got the number and tried to charge around $800 at Lego Land, they notified us immediately and we had a new card and every thing back in less than 24 hours.
  2. I've had ties to California since 1955 when I was adopted by a family living in Buttonwillow, CA. Lived here till I went in the Army in 1970. Went to live in Massachussetts until 1996 when the wife and I moved back to CA. I didn't realize until after we'd been here a while how much it had changed, and boy has it gotten way worse the last 24 years. I say that to say this: I love everything about California except the politics. The country, the scenery, the people away from the coastal cities. And I get really tired of people painting everyone in this state with the same brush. Yes, California is ruled by SF, LA and SD while the rest of the state is there to shut up and do as they're told. Sanctuary policies, illegals welcomed with open arms and kneeling at the altar of climate change has made the political situation as close to a third world cesspool as you can get. But, California is more than those three dumpsters. We just don't have the numbers to compete with importation of millions that have been sold on the "free stuff", the protection from consequences of criminal behavior be it immigration, assault, etc, etc. Will California survive the reign of Gruesom? I don't know. It depends a lot on the results of Nov 3, 2020. But the wife and I will survive. Like I said, I love California, and every election we cast our vote, hoping that maybe this time there will be enough to make a difference. But to be honest, if we could afford it, and I could convince the wife to leave friends and start anew, the only thing California would see of us is the rear license plate on our pickup. But since I can't, we have to keep our heads down, be as prepared as possible, and keep fighting for sanity anf fairness in this once great state.
  3. On recommendations I bought the Laskey basic set. So far it is kicking my butt big time. There is a technique to it I just can't seem to get the hang of. My son is a fledgling knife maker, got all kinds of grinders and sharpeners and such so I hand them off to him.
  4. My better half is very, very worried about what will happen if the anarchists win in November. We've been somewhat insulated from the insanity here near the state capital. Some protests and unrest but so far not the pillage and destruction of other liberal enclaves. I myself am concerned, but not sure exactly what my reaction will be if pushed I would hope that I react with courage and honor. Never, ever did I believe that I would see the future of this nation teetering on the brink as it is now. Perhaps it was that complacency that allowed us to get here, I don't know I hold tight to faith in God, and in the strength in numbers of those that are waiting quietly for the election to make their will heard. I also believe the left will use every underhanded method possible to skew the outcome away from legitimacy. America is at a tipping point.
  5. When I was driving a semi I spent many a 10hr break at the Pilot in Weed, and went through many more times. Incredible scenery with Mt. Shasta in the background. And WINDY!!!!!
  6. When the kids were younger and we were camping regularly I carried the two-bladed Buck. Then for several years I carried the Swiss Army. For the last couple of years I've carried the small folder I got from the NRA for rejoining. It's small, unobtrusive, and my eldest, a fledgling knife maker, put a razor sharp edge on it for me.
  7. Rest in Peace Ma'am. Could not stand the way she politicized her position on the court the last few years, but you have to admire her passion for defending women's rights.
  8. It's already been announced, both Biden and Harris are calling it the "Harris" administration. The lame stream called it a verbal slip, yeah, right!
  9. I love Necco's! (Except for the chocolate) Didn't know they were back, will have to look for some.
  10. CMA's, Oscars, Golden Globe are all the same, a self-indulgent bunch of arrogant panderers using them as an excuse to bash Trump and conservatives. Yeah there are a few decent folk among them but by and large most ain't worth pi**ing on if they was on fire.
  11. Heard a report a few weeks back about a fellow charged with misdemeanor trespass. His crime? He went through an upscale neighborhood putting Trump signs on all the lawns!
  12. Rest In Peace Dame DIana Rigg, Rest In Peace
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