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  1. There are times I pray we could actually accede to their demands. Make sure they and their sycophants are stripped of any and all policing efforts and publicly announced as being police free. Like many here, my disgust at the animals that use these tragic incidents as an excuse to loot, burn, and destroy is extreme. Our politicians are trying to reverse the roles and make criminals the victims. In this case it appears that the person was a victim of an egregious mistake, but he was not the saint the media and various "groups" want us to believe as part of their "agenda". You don't have wa
  2. I find myself looking for excuses to NOT leave the house, not usual for me. Before this mess most weekends the wife and I were out doing errands and various other activities.
  3. To those that drive and like electric vehicles, good on ya. If the gummint wants me to drive an electric, they can give me one, I won't buy one, just a personal preference. I read a report once on the massive amount of pollution created to make the batteries for electric cars.
  4. Always been a fan of spam, especially spam, eggs and home fries. Some of the flavors they've tried have been okay, some, not so much. Might give this recipe a try sometime.
  5. You're right HC. And meanwhile I can no longer fly because I didn't feel like trying to prove 6 ways from Sunday that I was born iin this once great nation 70 years ago, have lived here ever since, served my time in the military, paid my taxes, and voted. But if I went to Mexico and then snuck back in claiming to be an illegal, I'd get free housing, medical care and education and housing and a voter registration card and get flown around the country on the taxpayers dime. Oops, sorry about the rant.
  6. So sorry to hear this UB. I lost my mother to it in 2019. It is an evil, nasty disease. Prayers for her, you, and all family involved.
  7. IIRC isn't the newly minted Surgeon General the one that claimed gun ownership was a mental illness? As usual the anti's are not letting a crisis go to waste.
  8. That's him Lady Gambler!!! Many thanks for the memory jog!! Walks Under was a hoot to shoot with. I clearly remember one stage where he was shooting his muzzle loading rifle. 10 shots, taking his time, and telling an uproariously funny story the entire time!
  9. You're right, it was Preacher Joe and Moss E. Horn. The fellow that often showed up with Papa Bear was a short fella, fantastic sense of humor, shot black powder and often wore a Union Civil War outfit. It's been at least 13-14 years since I last shot at Cowboy Town.
  10. Thanks Allile, that was the hint I needed. His Alias is/was? Papa Bear. Do you know if he's still with us? What brought him to mind was a match in which one of his well stuffed black powder shotgun shells was left in the bowl on a stage and a newbie picked it out not knowing what it was. The resulting BOOOM!! had her eyes the size of saucers. He and I think the alias was Preacher Joe? used to hang out together. Sorry to hear about Shelby.
  11. Morning Allie Mo, Back when East Coast Filly and I were active shooters, there was a fellow that often shot with us that we were trying to remember his alias. He started out as a very large fellow, then had the surgery and lost a whole other persons worth of weight. He had a gun cart that looked like a frontier wagon, shot black powder, and often wore beaded and fringed shirt or coat. Had grey hair worn in a pony tail. Hos alias is on the tip of our tongue, driving us nuts.
  12. The individual currently in the oval office is nothing more than a sock-puppet, parroting what his handlers and the teleprompter tell him to say. There is nothing else I can say about them without getting banned from the saloon.
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