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  1. Thank you Sedalia Dave, I was wondering if I was the only one that thought his "spacedhip" looked an awful like like a, well, ...... You know.
  2. East Coast Filly and I send our prayers asking for strength and healing of spirit for Bob and Carol.
  3. We're' predicted to hit 111° here in Elk Grove today. The problem is our AC has to work its ass off to keep the house 20° cooler, which means we hit 91° in the house!! Both East Coast Filly and I have conditions where heat really gets to us!!
  4. East Coast Filly and I will hold you both in our prayers for strength and healing.
  5. To protect the sneaky illegals identity?
  6. I'm old enough to have ridden in a passenger train over the loop, it was a fun experience looking down to see you were crossing over yourself!
  7. There is nothing I can say that wouldn't get me banned.
  8. Lord, I am getting so sick and tired of turning on the news and hearing something like this repeated multiple times per day. And if the "media" deigns to pick it up, the aggressor will of course be portrayed as some poor individual working their heart out trying to make a better life for themselves while being victimized by a racist country. And they have the gall to call ME entitled?
  9. Lost my Dad to C, Lin and I are praying for Carol, You and your family for healing and strength.
  10. A couple of months ago our local Lowes re-arranged 75-80% of their store. But they did it in stages. Moved some stuff, but not the signs. Then moved some signs, but not the stuff. Then moved both signs and stuff, but not to the same place. Extremely aggravating!!
  11. Just remember Hardpan, when you tell them they couldn't be more stupid, or weird,, they take it as a challenge!!
  12. I hear ya and agree, HC!! BJ and Captain Stubing were two of the good ones, may they Rest In Peace.
  13. Just heard a report that says the animal that did the shooting was telling his ex-wife, and maybe others, that he wanted to "Shoot people at work", but she said nothing as she "didn't believe him." Once again, inaction has cost lives. I realize that see/hear something, say something could easily be abused. But in this case, perhaps 9 people would be alive today if she had said something.
  14. Nothing coming from gruesom surprises me any more.
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