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  1. Good on ya. I mean it. I wrestled in high school. I never want to be that light again. 126 pounds. The waistband on my underwear bridged my hips. I graduated from college at 165. It would be nice to be that light but I feel good and my clothes fit. 40 years of a sedentary occupation, back and hip injury so I am just lucky to be motoring. I do what I want in my own time. Would I like to be lighter? Sure, who wouldn't but I made myself a promise in high school that I would never be hungry again. My wife is a great cook to boot.
  2. I have found that as I age, picking something up off the floor/ground requires some forethought and planning.
  3. Illinois requires a Firearms Owner Identification D(something). refer to it as a FOID card. I tried to buy ammo at a Cabela's north of Chitcago and was denied as I didn't have a FOID card and was from out of state. I wonder if mineral spirits wouldn't be a substitute for turpentine.
  4. Looked at them on Bud's website. Pretty guns but not sure about the price or that it would make me faster. Might get some style points though.
  5. Reminds me of a line in Joe Diffie's song, Prop me up beside the juke box. Just remember I like blondes. Pretty girl.
  6. My wife has dreams where I did something naughty or was fooling around with some bimbo. She wakes up and is mad as hell at me for the rest of the day. I can't win.
  7. The Circus World Museum in Baraboo, Wisconsin is one of the largest depositories of all things circus. Wagons, costumes, a history of all circus' and the largest library of circus posters in the world. Baraboo is the original home of the Ringling Brothers and was their winter HQ for many years until they settled on Sarasota. There are a number of homes the Ringlings built in Baraboo which are still standing and owned by private businesses/people. the Ringlings are buried in the local cemetery. Not much to note there but they did have some large mausoleums built to be entombed in, if you are into that. The Ringlings later joined with Barnum and Bailey. The Gollmar Brothers and Coleman Brothers also started their circuses in Baraboo but never reached the heights of the Ringling Brothers, Barnum, Bailey Circus. The museum has a few live acts as a part of the program, a clown act, some small animals, a steam powered calliope (pronounced cal-e-ope) and a wagon rebuilding shop. They used to do an elephant ride or a camel ride but I don't know if they still do with all the animal rights groups and their interventions. Those animals may not be in their "native" environment but they are pampered. Things you learn growing up in and around a small town.
  8. I have a niece that is vegetarian most of the time. She looks anorexic. I don't fault you for what you live, don't fault me for how I live. I didn't get to the top of the food chain to eat plants. I like how Alf (remember him?) referred to salads. Food that food eats. Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
  9. I'd like to take a lawn chair and just follow you around to watch future episodes of your book. You crack me up.
  10. I would echo a lot of what has been said here. There are a lot of variables in play here. Your trailer type, size, load rating, layout, amenities, load distribution and personal preference. I prefer the units that have an aluminum frame work with fiberglass panels. I believe they are sturdier than the "stick and tin" trailers but there are still a lot of the old style stick and tin trailers our there. I learned the hard way and I was lucky, don't discount your tow vehicle. Get it sized right, oversize it if you can. What the dealer will tell you and the owners manual will tell you that you can haul XXX pounds, take it with a grain of salt. Sure you can but for how long and under what conditions. Don't underestimate your tires. The mistake I made was using light truck tires. Even with a load stabilizer and trailer hitch sway brake, that trailer pushed my truck around terribly. I was never so scared hauling that trailer. I had to use the trailer brake controller in the cab to keep it straight. Check the load rating on your tires. Personally, I wouldn't use anything less than and E rating unless I was hauling a trailer that was less than 3000 pounds or 14 feet long. Make sure you remember to use the trailering mode as well. I forgot once and burned up a transmission. That was ugly. Good luck to you.
  11. Wife and I have been together 43 years. Now that the kids are gone, we get along better. Retirement is gleaming in the distance. She doesn't want or need another man. I don't want to put up with someone else's family baggage and I wouldn't ask anyone to put up with mine and there is a TON. If there ever was to be another woman, she better be rich because I'm not going to do a durn thing but clip coupons.
  12. I got to tour her back in the later 80s. Wife's nephew was on board and the KH was in San Diego. He got us below decks in the hanger bay amongst other places. He said the crew would play football down there. It was huge. He served in the officers mess. He found it enjoyable.
  13. Can anyone recommend a laser engraver to checker some pistol grips of mine? I know Mogollon Drifter did this but haven't been to any shoots in the last few years where I would have met up with him and don't have his contact info. Who else out there does this kind of work? Thanks for your help. As a side note, I picked up a set of checkering tools and tried my hand at it. I need a lot of practice before I will go butchering up something that would be seen in public. It worked but it is pretty crude.
  14. My older brother had a knife like this that he brought back from Switzerland back in about 69 or 70. He was 19 or 20 at the time but because they were still illegal in Wisconsin, our mother took it away from him and hid it. He got it back later when he got his own place. Cool knife.
  15. Horses. Dangerous on both ends and crafty in the middle. Sherlock Holmes.
  16. I lived out my horse fantasy years back. One of God's most beautiful creatures. A lot of work. I went a bit overboard and bought all the equipment to do hay, built a shed big enough to store the hay, house the horses and the equipment. I learned in a hurry ownership is a lot different than renting at a stable. Bought all the tack for 4 riders, wife and a couple of kids that showed an interest. Just didn't ride them enough and when I did, they seemed to forget their manners/training and we had a couple mini rodeos. Horses were getting older, starting to have some health issues, so it was time to sell them. I kept my saddle and tack but sold the rest last year. Wife and I talk about getting a couple to put in the pasture out front of the house. Nothing as pretty to looking out the window to see a couple horses grazing. If we got more horses I'd have to do a lot of improvements to fences, water tanks, feed bunks, etc. Still have the lean to they would shelter under. The shed is full of cars, tractors, trucks and a mini excavator. I'd never make hay again. I'd buy it and store it in round bales. A couple of guys and I were talking the other day about the price of gas, getting to work on a moped or other fuel efficient manner. I mentioned that the Amish horses my neighbors had were looking better all the time. It didn't come out right. But a 6 mile ride to work on a horse just doesn't seem like a good idea.
  17. If you can find them. Seems the manufacturers loose interest after 10 years.
  18. Here in Wisconsin we have Ashwaubenon, Muskego, Waukesha, Suamico, Minoqua, the Chequamegon National Forest. These are Native American names/designations. In NC you have Charlotte. Most pronounce it CHARlotte. In MI they have Charlotte which they pronounce charLOTTE and they will correct you.
  19. We have cities like that in the US as well. One that sticks out in my mind is Worchester, MA. It is pronounced, Wooster. How they got Wooster out of Worchester is beyond me.
  20. When the Ukrainian army was handing out firearms, automatic ones by the look at them, how silent the lame stream media was about civilians having arms? A few even mentioned how those civilians were going to defend their country. Imagine that? People with guns. Can you hear the 2nd amendment being recited? Hmmmmm. Highlights the difference between subjects and citizens. Our politicians should take note but they won't. It doesn't fit their narrative. Of course that could never happen in the US. (sarcasm mode off)
  21. She looked like a little school girl, giddy to play with her new Slow Joe toy. She didn't tear up Joe's speech either.
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