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  1. I've been retired since 2005 and still wake up every morning within fifteen minutes of 5:30
  2. I'm not familiar with this gun, but a 1917A1 Browning (and it's offsprings) wouldn't do that, even as great as it is, and I doubt or M-60 could, either.
  3. starring Tom Hanks. I had never heard of it until a friend recommended it. It's a western, but not your usual western. It's very well acted, a photo miracle, and will suck you in until you won't be able to stop watching. There are some things out of whack, but I overlooked them after the first two or three. It's now my turn to recommend it to you. I fully intend to let it simmer a bit and then watch it again, maybe at Christmas time.
  4. I have no use for USPS anymore. I sent a cashiers check for some merchandise. It never arrived. The bank charged me $30.00 to cancel it. I sent a personal check and it never arrived. The bank charged me $5.00 to stop payment on it I sent a personal check via USP envelope and it was received in two days and I had the purchase two days after that. It cost me $7.00 to mail it via UPS. Neither one of the first two checks ever arrived and neither one was ever cashed.
  5. That first ol' boy burning charcoal shoots like I do: smoky, deliberate, slow, and not too accurately. I was a lot better when I was wearing a younger man's clothes.
  6. My 20 year old grandson called his dad (my son) and asked to be driven to the hospital. He was having difficulty breathing and was vomiting violently. He was admitted to the ER at the largest hospital in Las Vegas. This was seven days into the bout diagnosed as COVID and the meds failed. He had been at home for a week. Last call was about an hour ago and he's responding to treatment, but likely won't be going home for a day or two. I've know people who tested positive for the virus but none have had this serious a reaction to it. I'll call again in an hour to check on him.
  7. for someone who needs one "Upton O'Goode. You're welcome.
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