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  1. I can't ever get on a space ship.....because I don't have that little mark on my drivers license.....because I don't have a birth certificate.....because i don't have any other documentation to prove I even exist............because IDGAS.....about so many things!!!!!
  2. We need more rules like we need more taxes.
  3. SASS alias list? Never heard of it, just assumed there must be one. How do I access it myself?
  4. Roger that. New actors and plots have all taken second ( or third, fourth, fifth, seventy third?) place to "special effects", overly loud music, political correctness, poor plot development, lousy editing, terrible acting, total lack of or way too much "emotion" or personality, and / or any form of watchable "entertainment". And many of them still don't know the difference between a six gun and a six pack.
  5. Had one of those back in 1978. Not pet friendly. Between the cats and dogs it sprung a leak about twice a month. Might not have been bad if we had goldfish.
  6. $7800.00? I got my SN series for just under three grand and spent about $250.00 more for pillows and bedding. Shop around.
  7. I've heard that this is as good as freezing but doesn't take up space in your freezer. Trouble is I have no idea how to dehydrate anything. My few disasters with my oven, microwave, and infrared cooker have all resulted in wasted food. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  8. someone needs to check some dates and facts. They are starting to sound like Californians.
  9. That pup is about to 1. be taught a painful lesson or 2. make a great friend.
  10. Great comeback and artfully done. Give your spokescat a sardine from me.
  11. Thanks to the Aussies for recognizing us in such a huge way. I truly hope we never have to do this again, any time or anywhere..... but we will if we need to.
  12. Go to your room. No TV for you tonight.
  13. Yeah, it does. I'm going to try that in about twenty minutes.
  14. Just before Christmas I got rid of my 25 year old California King Select Comfort mattress (Now called Sleep Number) because I just felt like it. The new one with all the fanciness in the controls is great, too, but the right side won't stay inflated....goes dead flat in about 7 hours. Since my wife passed away I haven't slept on that side but the dog does and she doesn't complain. I finally decided to get it fixed. I called and got an appointment for a tech to come up from Phoenix to fix it all up like new, which it really is you know. Also have a Queen size in the guest bedroom and a single on a fold out in the rear sunroom for overflow. I love the way you can set it and forget it until you decide to try something different. BTW, the air pumps on this one are so quiet that hardly hear them at all. MY grandson used to play on the old one and run the pumps because they sounded like a fire engine. He out grew that a long time ago and just bought Select Comfort of his own.
  15. My '57 was a four door sedan (210) in silver and white . Worst car I ever owned. Rust bucket, the "fans" on the sides kept coming off, couldn't keep the front end aligned, passenger sun shade would't stay up, and the back door left side window leaked like a screen door. Traded it for a 1937 Packard hearse. I wish I still had them both.
  16. Butch Wax. I never had low cut canvas shoes until the mid '90s or penny loafers ever (those were girls' footwear), but everything else on the list was mine.
  17. My sister still has hers: framed on a wall in her exercise room. I think she bought them at State Hardware in Logan, Utah about 1956.
  18. Elegant appearance. I've been aboard a few, but never left the dock.
  19. 501 shrink-to-fits go back to the late '40s in my world.
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