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  1. Maybe not. A couple of years ago our police chief left his sidearm in the men's room at the public library. It was never recovered and he's still the chief. I never heard of any disciplinary action at all.....if any was taken.
  2. I'm sorry, folks, but I don't respect not acknowledge and "American Flag" that varies from the official colors. It seems a disrespect for my flag. That includes flags 'honoring"LEOs, firefighters, American Indian, and any other splinter groups of any kind. I understand they think they are honoring the flag and their people at the same time but it just isn't right. I'm not n down anyone who chooses to connect their cause to the flag, but don't deface the flag doing it. I prefer keeping Old Glory red, white, and blue and using those colors and symbols on bunting rather
  3. Not the same, Joe, but thanks anyway. If it was I wouldn't buy it or even taste it ever again. That stuff will cauterize your guts.
  4. Joe, I don't know if there are any Orthodox parishes here, but if there is one you need to give us a look. You'd sure be welcome here. I'd see to it personally.
  5. I seem to remember seeing somewhere that they are going to be bringing them over with five inch barrels, too, and later some will be offered in nickel plate. Call Greg at Cimarron and ask him. You won't find many people friendlier or more helpful. Tell him I said "Hi!"
  6. Well, I'll be dipped. I went and looked on the carton and bottle and you're right. I been laboring under a misconception for nigh on 80 years now. Some days you learn something new no matter how hard you strive to remain ignorant. Thanks, Rick....but I still like Tabasco better than any of the literally hundred of others I've tried. My daughter signed me up for a hot sauce of the month club once. The hottest I ever tasted had a sweet looking little Mexican girl on the label. Deceiving! Sort of like suckling a flame thrower.
  7. Thought I had a 1951 Colt Detective Special locked down.Nearly new in the box. Guy backed out yesterday. Says his wife found out about it raised hell because she gave him the gun as a gift for their tenth wedding anniversary. Upside is that now I can pay cash for my new Uberti / Cimarron Arms First Model American when it get here in a couple of weeks. I turned one down in .45 Colt and am holding out for a .44 Russian / .44 Special with an 8" barrel. They will also be available in .44-40 and .357 before too long. SOOOOO much better that a Scofield or a 3
  8. You ain't gonna DIE! We got three inches last night and Mama Nature is taking it all back already.
  9. Hey, Chas, send me your phone number and / or email address.  I lost them (I'm old, you know.)

    1. Chas B. Wolfson, SASS #11104

      Chas B. Wolfson, SASS #11104

      :FlagAm: 480-721-6778 CP

               480-833-5820 HP




               Chas B. Wolfson / Apple Annie


               Dennis J. / Charlyne A. McCarthy

               1461 W. 7th Pl

               Mesa, AZ. 85201-4621 

  10. We got about three inches here and it's pretty much down to 1 1/2 now and melting fast.
  11. My son says the same thing about Tabasco sauce. I don't see how it can be "too vinegary" when there is no vingar in it. It's still my favorite. I don't like anything so hot my taste buds cease to function. Most of the others in the Tabasco heat range have so much added spice, etc. that I can't taste the sauce's base.
  12. I have an iMac with Safari 17. something and I love it. It's even better since I got rid of the whirly disc hard drive and had a digital unit installed.
  13. We gonna have to look at this jackass from now on? And listen to his blather, too? I can get that from the newspaper.
  14. 1. Central Arizona 2. Northern Arizona 3. Southern Arizona 4. Western Arizona 5. Eastern Arizona
  15. But they keep on screwing the rest of up, too.
  16. I haven't been Covidally separated from other people and places long enough to become so bored that I'll spend any time reading about dinosaurical butt holes. Bad enough when they take up about half of my newspaper.
  17. I never saw that sort of thing in the 40 years I lived in California, but it's not uncommon in this part of Arizona. Three friends and I had a group of young mothers and some of their very young kids pay for our meal....strangely enough, also at a cracker barrel... and several people clapped. I've had total strangers walk up and shake my hand and many just wave and thank me for my service. I've also had other veterans sit down and talk to me and become like brothers and sisters, if only for a few minutes. I'd like to see these stories get more public coverage.
  18. I burn sage to freshen the air in my house...and to appease the Apache and Navajo gods...and because I really like the smell.
  19. If at first you don't succeed, forget it. If it was meant to be it will happen. Of course I always plant things that thrive on abuse and neglect. Works better for me. Congratulations.
  20. I'll give you $5,000.00for that, and another $5.00 if you throw in the rifle. I could find an agent, get her on TV commercials and maybe into acting and make a fortune. That kid could sell ice cubes to a polar bear.
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