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  1. I'd like to see the most per capita. Let's get some population figures in here.
  2. ......and where can I get the metal frame gadget that we used to shape the top of our eight sided Marine utility covers? Be warned: when you get old this kind of question can get you committed by your kids or people who just don't understand.
  3. All it takes is one lead bullet in the brain pan or heart to stop a gunfight. Just be sure you get off the first and only shot. I'm really confident I have enough gut with my "new" every day carry gun, a Colt Detective Special with Hornady hollow points. No semblance of being under gunned.
  4. Carried one with 5 1/2" barrel for many years as a civilian and for one year in 'Nam.
  5. The hell I can't. Somebody would get his head in a zip lock bag to take home if he tried to to take mine.
  6. Slower burning? Black powder doesn't burn slowly, it EXPLODES! The flash is instantaneous.
  7. Last night while digging through a box of stuff that has been in storage for many moons I came across my old Swiss straight razor. This morning I went through all the steps to hone and strop it to get an edge that will split a gnat's hair. I still use Col Ichabod Conk's shaving soap so I lathered up and gave it a try. I'm going back to my 5 blade Gillette cartridge razor and hoping my right ear heals back before too long. (Damn shaky old hands.)
  8. Yeah, but you ain't got no options. Even the IRS, Social Security, Amazon. and girl Scout cookie sellers have you listed that way.
  9. The photographer seems determined to win the "I can sweep my camera all over hell more than anyone else" trophy.
  10. I understand that the school teachers there were viciously adept with their rulers. Kinda like Sister Mary Dracula.
  11. Hey, Chas, when you folks coming back north? Got a few new restaurants you might like, and some rediscovered old ones, too.
  12. I notice they don't say it's distributed by a place in The Texas. I tell folks I live in The Arizona Territory, but that's a different kettle with a different fish.
  13. Each of those critters could be handled with the judicious placement of a .22 round. Yeah, I know: I shouldn't say things like that. How about bringing back the guillotine instead?
  14. I'm in my third day of trying to simply change my phone number with Amazon so I can get shipping up dates. I nice lady at the local shipping depot (if you ever want to see a very busy, very efficient, and very colorful operation, go see one of their facilities) has incited me to come visit her on Monday and she'll fix it for me. I love the way Amazon gets their stuff to me but their web site is a disaster unless you're ordering something.
  15. Did you ever handle a Remington Model 51? I'll challenge your statement with that one. (No offense. Everyone has their own favorites. That's why they make so many flavors of ice cream.)
  16. Obfuscate? You been watching educational TV programs again, ain'tcha? I was an English teacher in one of my earlier iterations (Hey, if you can use big words so can I....so there!) and I had to look that one up.
  17. Most of the people I used to vote for are dead now. Whole "new" breed coming up, but most of them aren't kids, either.
  18. Been a life member since 1974 or75. I have never missed a copy of The Rifleman and I get a new membership card every year. No complaints.
  19. GET YOUR ASS TO A DOCTOR! Trust me when I tell you a head injury is nothing to ignore....unless you are potentially suicidal. Don't prove me right by dying or becoming permanently disabled. I'm rapidly running out of friends.
  20. That's one I meissed. Thank you. Losing a dog is hard and it never gets easier. You have my condolences and prayers.
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