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  1. I'll bet he thought that, too when they ran almost over his car. Bet he had to get his diaper changed, too.
  2. My ninereen month old Impala has a few dozen features that were "standard equipment". I actually use three of them the rest are so-called "high tech" crap.
  3. Okay, Rusty, tour pistol is sold.  I told the buyer I was stepping out of the picture.  take it from here.  He asked how you wanted to be paid and I told him you two could take it from here.


    His name is Tim Matthews and his phone number is 949-244-5450.  Tell him Tom Taylor gave you his number.


    Let me know how it all works out.


    Tom "40Rod"

  4. I just called the PO and the very nice lady apologized and told me they had no idea where it was. She told me she would "put a trace" on it and get back to me tomorrow morning. We'll see.
  5. I bought a sixgun from Cimarron 'bout a month ago, paid with a credit card and my FFL guy emailed them his bona fides. I got the gun delivered to my dealer in four days.....after a year and a half wait for the Covid to stall everything. From the time I got his call until I left with the gun was just about an hour. I suspect I set some sort of record for that 19 mile trip.
  6. That is precisely why I don't use them. Too many horror stories.
  7. I had a family of friends who had one of those they named Fang. They are both gone now and little Fang died ten years ago. She was a vicious little critter. If you weren't careful she would lick and cuddle you to death.
  8. I have nine pocket watches that I rotate and three more that don't work, but I keep them for sentimental reasons. I also have four very nice wrist watches that I keep for special occasions. I seem to recall wearing one of them back in January or February.
  9. I never had an issue with USPS until march 29 when I sent a cashier's check for a gun. It vanished. To cancel it will cost me $40.00. I sent another check that should get there today, but I'm not going to bet the rent on it. I don't do PayPal (but I may look into that.) The best way to send money, if you can afford it, is still Western Union. It takes at most two hours and it is the most reliable way I know. Unfortunately they don't do anything but messages and money transfers.
  10. .35. My dad bought it from a man he worked with in Oregon for the Fraser River Lumber Company (a Canadian outfit) by the name of Arch Simms. The gun was made in 1923, Dad got it in 1937, I bought it from him in 1965 when I graduated from college. I also got Stevens 520 (?) 12 gauge pump gun at the same time. Dad also bought it from Simms at the same time he got the Remington. Total cost for the two guns and a foot locker full of ammo was $15.00, a princely sum at the time. I had the Remington totally refurbished about two years ago and she's the pride of my colle
  11. And we have not truly fought, nonetheless won a "war" since 1945. We have a cease fire in Korea, still violated regularly by NK. W ran out on our allies in Vietnam. The whole middle East is one continuous (for well over five hundred years) screwed up mess.....and the list goes on. And none of this addresses the War on Poverty, War on Drugs, War on Crime, and any other so called WAR!!!
  12. Both of my kids were born in Army hospitals and got Social Security card within a week or two. Neither one got a dependent's card. And that was a lot more than five years ago.....like 45 years ago.
  13. I also put in 20 exterior solar pathway lights. They never get turned off, just come on and go off on the regular cycle like most solars.
  14. Over the years I have added lights from time to time. Up to nineteen now including two externals on my workshop and one inside. Leaves fifteen on in the house and one in the garage. I usually set them up and live with them a week or so before I actually leave, just to be sure they come on like when I'm home.
  15. My dog, a seven pound Chihuahua mix ,was called Ethel when we got her at age 1 1/2. Never called her that because I didn't want Lucy, Ricky and the other guy showing up. Curly and Phylis Cole came for a visit and "Hey Dog" took off to bring a toy for Phylis to play with. Phylis commented that she was "quite the little tornado" and Curly asked where we got that little trinket. From that moment on she has been Trinket The Tornado. Almost eight now and still as vibrant as then.
  16. Wouldn't you just LOVE to be referee in that match? I love bears. I like to watch bears. Bears are magnificent creatures. I don't trust bears..
  17. I don't know. The Russians had a humongous metal bi-wing single engine monster. I think it would be a toss up. I don't recall the name but Planes of Fame had one of those too.
  18. I understand all that, but my mind can't feature a viable move to Mars for any reason.....unless it becomes a military necessity.
  19. This is something that I personally don't understand and can't see any practical use for, but Lord, it does make me proud. On into the future with our heads and spirits high. Brace yourself Universe. We're coming.
  20. Don't care. Peanuts is peanuts and the fact that he had to sell it tells me I was right about his ability to run anything.
  21. A lady friend wants to get one for her husband and I can't seem to find any at any price. Doesn't have to be new, but it does have to be shootable. Thanks.
  22. Just found out they will work for my Remington 81 and my new / old Model 1908 Mannlicher. I'd like to find a dozen or so. Message me if you can help. Thanks.
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