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  1. Nice looking parlor panther. I'm not a cat person but I don't mind other people keeping them for me visit once in awhile.
  2. Looks like a blind date I had in high school.
  3. I never seen a black cinnamon roll.
  4. Guy shoots and kills a man who was drawing on him, rides off into the badlands of New Mexico, goes back to Wicked Felina, and is shot down by a posse. For shooting the cowboy or stealing a horse to make his get away?
  5. You jaspers got too much time on yer hands.
  6. Why do you suppose those dumb-ass cowboys ride into town and then load their guns?
  7. I've seen those things for sale in novelty / specialty catalogs. Never much cared how it was done. I have other things to keep me occupied.
  8. When I was on Okinawa before We gave it back to the Japanese, there were hundreds of little three wheels Mitsubishi trucks on the island. Underpowered two and four cylinder two stroke engines and a two speed semi-automatic transmission. One was turning east off of Highway 1 onto Highway 5 below Kadena AFB and the road became fairly steep. He was carrying three twenty foot wooden telephone poles strapped up over the cab and sticking our the back about ten feet behind the cab. The weight shifted and his front wheel left the ground and the poles were dragging on the pavement behind. He didn't have the horse power to drag them and couldn't unstrap them so he simply got out, caught a cab, and left. Traffic was all bollixed up so I did a U turn and went home another way.
  9. I was an English teacher and thought about writing a couple of books entitled A More Better Way To Gooder Inglish and What College Lerned Me. I really upset a professor when I was in college. She was carrying on about where people are getting "where it's at". I raised my hand and when she called on me I said" Don't worry about it Doctor Jarvis. Most of us don't know where it's at either." Later on she told me that after supper she told her husband about and he cracked up. Then she got it.
  10. Whole heap of Mexicans, too, especially in the south west United States and territories.
  11. Buffalo Bison Cody: doesn't ring.
  12. I don't see any problem with this in Arizona.
  13. Hey, Pard, keep us posted on how she's getting along.
  14. You have them. I know how you must feel. I would have been married 53 years now. Give her a hug from a tired old guy you don't even know.
  15. I'm in Arizona, the GRAND CANYON STATE! Eat your heart out, Tex.
  16. NOT gonna run wires or cables out to the shop under gravel, grass, and concrete.
  17. That maybe the BINGO I've been looking for. I'll let you know.
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