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  1. I read that on the box, but I can't imagine a .22 short of any brand breaking 1000 fps out of a 2" barrel. I guess that little bitch is hotter that I figured. Reason I'm asking is I picked up a very nice Navy Arms / Uberti 1A Sharps pepper box copy made back in the last century and decided to see what it can do. At fifteen feet two of the barrels shoot right through the same hole about a half inch high at 12 o'clock, one is inch high at 1 o'clock and the last on is 2 inches high at 2 o'clock. Pretty consistent for five loads. Not bad for something with a 2 inch barrel, a grip the size of half a Fig Newton, a hammer pull that will rupture a tendon in your hand, and really teeny-weeny little sights, but with a nice two and a half pound pull trigger pull. I'm thinking of fitting with a red dot sight, a pickinniny rail, a laser sight, a flashlight, a bipod, sonic range finder, a trail camera, a sound suppressor, and a bayonet. Might have it Magna-Ported and camouflage coated too, and am looking at a tactical stock with folding grips fore and aft. I mean, all the cool dudes do that with their guns, don't they?
  2. Well, what a revoltin' development this is.
  3. Go to your room. No supper for you, no TV, no phone calls, and five demerits.
  4. Those aren't allowed any more: choking hazard! Send some to your favorite politician.
  5. Thta's " shotted" you Aussie hick. Read one of my books: A More Better way To Gooder English What Collage Learned Me (Both sold well up in the teens, mostly to Mom for keepsakes and Dad who was a very embarrassed college professor.)
  6. 26 what? Happy anniversary and best wishes for more.
  7. Ate Phishy Phriday lunch at the local senior center with a friend today. No idea what it was but the man cooking really did a grand and glorious job on it (except for the veggie side dish which was all manner of greens. I don't eat greens as a rule.)
  8. Two friends and I spent an hour in a makeshift jail in Jackson Hole in 1963. We were on our ay from Logan Utah to aan Air Force base to pick up some stuff his dad had shipped home from Greece and stopped over for supper. there was some sort of celebration going on and none of us were wearing cowboy hats so we got put up on the hoosegow. A posse showed up with a "judge" after an hour and we were convicted and sentenced to a free dinner, a straw cowboy hat, and a book apiece of tickets for free ride and food and such. Went back up that way in 1982 for a reunion and found a cafe on a rooftop that served to absolute worst so-called Mexican food I ever ate. Went to an IHOP or Denny's or something for the next three days...except for a wonderful Fraternity banquet. Second night there we sat up watching the Perseid (SP?) meteor showers like you've never seen them anywhere else.
  9. Okay, then. You just stick by that and you'll fool enough people to maybe get yourself elected.
  10. My son bought a home and the HOA started in on things the previous owner had done. He got a set of the rules, talked it over with his neighbors and got elected to the HOA. Two years later he got elected President. Things are enforced if they are in the covenants and they have changed some of the covenants. Everyone is happy because the new HOA directors do not make things up and everything is open to discussion and modification. Even so, I would never accept an HOA.
  11. Made great bait cans for fishing worms and rock rollers.
  12. bob, I've seen some gilly suits that could do a good job at it. Now....how come you never see Navy camo suits with the guys hiding in the water? If I was in deep water I'D WANT TO BE SEEN. Dumbest military decision ever. Some Admirals brother-in-law made a fortune out of those.
  13. And we're supposed to be afraid of this dumb a-- country?
  14. Getting in and out would be a PITA and the ground clearance might keep you off of most roads.
  15. I think it would be courteous to tell them there wasn't room inside, but that you'd be happy to tie a rope to them and drive them behind the car for a few hundred miles.
  16. While someone was trying to get me with that I'd leisurely beat him to death with baseball sized rock or a sock full of sand...or a sturdy foot long stick.
  17. Old buddy, I learned that in junior high school, way back before they invented the metric system. When are you folks coming back up my way?
  18. Looks like the local "news media experts" got involved or it's a deliberate not-too-subtle effort to demonize revolvers along with those evil new-fangled automatic "over-the-counter machine guns".
  19. I spent a lot of tie in Japan and Okinawa (both before and after we gave it back to Japan). I never developed a taste for sushi, but there are some Japanese dishes I do like. Most Japanese food is beautifully decorative, but the portions are way too small.....and I'm not a big eater. Now, wasabi! Wasabi is NOT a food nor a condiment. It's the devil's version of slow-motion nitro glycerine. It will burn you and keep on burning you until it's out of your system.
  20. But, Bob, the county sheriff said he was gonna be sent to collect you and I just thought.....!
  21. Yeah. He ain't free but he ain't very expensive either. Compare that to me: folks say I ain't worth nothin'. Hurts my feelings. Seems there's a big difference between worthless and priceless.
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