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  1. Tess D'faith Tess Tament Ernie Swages Harry Beast Gopher Pizza
  2. That's about the size of my $243.00 batch from yesterday.......and that's just for my dog and me.
  3. So now I have to worry about what some anti-gun left wing puke thinks about my gates? Let go to intialese: TS, they can KMA and the useless SOBs can avoid me like I do them. I don't bother them (although I would love to in ways they couldn't recover from). I simply DGAS about them or their BS opinions and their DA comments about me and mine. Let's get real, boys and girls. I'm not ever going to be bent by their PC crap....and you shouldn't either.
  4. C. U. Layter Sue D. Bastards Howdy Dooit L. B. Dare L. B. Darned Sandy Beaches Hy Naybor Cooly Zeals Rip Snorter
  5. Sure save me a lot of effort and cleaning up pine needles. This past Christmas I put a string of lights on the rubber tree in my dining room.
  6. Had a governor who couldn't even pronounce California.
  7. Leprechaun army! Beware the" little people." We had those in ROTC: BAR, M-1 rifle, M-1 and M-2 carbine, 1911 pistol, M-1A1 submachine gun, and generic Browning light machine gun. Also had huge slide rules for instruction. I would love to get any one of those now.
  8. One more really good example of why I support retroactive birth control.
  9. A highly contagious malady that has infected many Americans from the White House to the most lowly common people. Beware of it and look out for the symptoms: Calls to raise taxes. Defunding or doing away with military a police agencies. Attempts to disarm citizens and other efforts to ignore or do way with the Bill Of Rights. Ignoring the Constitution and other laws to further their agendas. Opening our borders to criminals, terrorists and anyone else. Giving benefits who almost everyone except honest, hard working citizens. Deliberately causing gender confusions. Creating racial and other problems. Taking over schools, news media, and product ads to attack our children. Lying about practically everything. Belittling our history, traditions and in general, our entire way of life. Allowing alien agencies to attack our economy, health, products without interference. Giving, aid, comfort, arms, and technology to our real and potential enemies. Turning our backs on our allies and supporting their enemies. Interfering with our free election processes. Filing false charges against their political opponents. And the list goes on........and on!
  10. No matter what it costs it's almost 65 years too late.... but thanks anyway.
  11. ...mentioned in another post is one of my favorite movies because his co-star Janet Munro, reminds me so much of my late wife.
  12. I didn't know the story behind it but remember the killing of Stopanato. I'd forgotten about until his name came up on my computer.
  13. I worked for triplets way back when: Roy, Loy, and Coy. They didn't look, act, or sound alike.
  14. BTW, I am an identical twin. I'm three years older than my sister.
  15. Jean and Joan in high school. Not identical in any way. Eula and Beula, my father' sisters. I never met them nor knew much about them except they were spinster ladies who lived in a Christian community of some sort. Then there were twins whose names I can't recall. Couldn't tell them apart until the freshman year of high school when one developed boobs and the other grew a mustache and sideburns.
  16. Isn't that cute? JFWIW I agree that berets are stupid headgear, I don't care who wears them. Sort of a beanie on steroids, but useless for anything but a status symbol. If I were Special Forces type soldier I would be grossly offended by every other military group that wore them.
  17. I had an Ithaca .22 single shot .22 that used a similar action. It was fun so I bought a .310 Cadet. Never fired it because I couldn't find ammo and needed the money, so I sold it.
  18. That look just oozes "Go ahead. Test me! I dare you to."
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