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  1. I'm sorry, but that is about as funny as a barbed wire jock strap.
  2. When did you get busted to Corporal, Corporal?
  3. I am deeply saddened for the son and the rest of the clan. I pray they can move beyond it all.
  4. And now two in one day? Maybe there is a Santa Claus.
  5. Looks like it. I ordered it and figure for under $20.00 delivered it's worth a shot. I swear that wasn't on there yesterday when I first checked. Thanks, Pat. I'll let you know.
  6. put that kid in the inferno before it's too late.
  7. I hope his brothers and sisters, the Grands, are still alive and well.
  8. Semper fi. You are a true example of what this country needs.
  9. Still nothing, Pat. The one I have is about 30 years old and is very simple: one piece of ballistic nylon, folded and sewn with two heavy nylon belt loops and a two piece Velcro strip. Nothing fancy, nothing padded, nothing high tech (except the materials), no metals, no moulded plastics, no camouflage, nothing complicated. Very flat and durable. If I had a source for the materials and a decent sewing machine I could make my own, in probably under an hour a piece. If I knew where to get the materials I might be able to find a seamstress locally to make them for me. I'd like to get a few of them because if I have three I could put two seven round mags in each one, plus a mag plus one round in the pipe in the gun and have a fifty round package of disaster for someone on my belt. I already have that combo for my 1911 all done up in nice leather. Hard to walk with all that weight, but I'd give it a go. "Back when" I carried a pair of SAAs with five rounds in each one and two El Paso saddlery money belts with forty five rounds in each belt. I could go anywhere I wanted, I just couldn't go there fast.
  10. Kind of like 1911s. They will always be there...somewhere. And cockroaches and ants.
  11. I wonder if any of these idiots realize how many people they are alienating....people who will NEVER vote for them and who may actively campaign against them... by this incessant violation of our peace and tranquility.
  12. I know an old man who collects Parkers. Some cost more that a good used car.
  13. Back in 1966 after arriving on Okinawa and still finding my way around, I was walking to work (didn't have a car yet) and crossed a baseball diamond where I found a pocket knife. I tried to find the owner and ended up carrying it for years, through typhoons, seismic shocks, a tour in 'Nam, dreadfully cold winters, and other dangerous and trying times, even a year teaching a sixth grade class in Utah (Where I was allowed to keep a .357 in my personal locker by my desk! Find THAT today!) Any old way I carried it always and used it almost daily...the knife, not the gun...until we moved here six years ago where I broke the large blade while whittling a small hole in a pine door frame. I kept it for some reason and have looked for a replacement ever since. It is stainless Imperial Diamond Edge 383 three blade stockman style with "jigged bone" scales.. Over all length closed is a hair under 3 1/2 inches, The broken blade was around 2 3/4 inches and the other two both about 1 3/4 inches. It has a silver colored diamond with DE and an arrow inlet into the scale on he right side as the knife is laying on its back. The broken blade is etched with a crown in a diamond followed by "DiamondEdge 383". The bolsters are plain, not "banded" nor otherwise decorated. A search of the internet has proved to be fruitless so far, except for one site that listed one, but it had already been sold.
  14. Already did. They (and everyone else, apparently) have double flaps and plastic belt loops and snaps and all the stuff I do NOT need. I have found most Blackhawk stuff to be bulky, padded and generally useless for my needs. They are not alone. Thanks anyway.
  15. Star 'Firestar" M-43 in 9mm. I bought in about 1988 and carried in my boot for nearly 20 years. The Starvel finish wore out and the outside took a real beating, but it still works like a new gun. I have five magazines for it with seven rounds in each one. My gunsmith friend here put a new cerracoat (sp?) black finish on it. Still looks like warmed over crap, but it will serve another 20 years or so. After all those years and a box car full of ammo it never once failed to fire and wasn't very picky about what brand I had. Heavy for a 9mm, but it helps hold the recoil down. The three white dot sights are stock and the only modification I made on the gun was to remove the safety that kept it from firing with the mag out. Good choice because before that it wouldn't drop an empty mag. You had to pull it out. Now it almost ejects them like it is spring driven. I think I'll start carrying it again in case a .45 acp RIA 1911 with seven magazines isn't sufficient. I need another Uncle Mike's double mag pouch with a single velcro fastened flap. They seem to have gone gadget-inspired gimmicky on me in thirty plus years.
  16. They best not mess with her. The way I see it she doesn't need a rifle or a bow, she can just "cute them to death".
  17. Some days you learn something in spite of doing your best not to.
  18. Looks like self inflicted birth control (maybe even retroactive) in the making.
  19. When he grows into his head he'll be a giant. Love the color combo. My chihuahua min-pin mix vanishes in the yard if she isn't moving. If she's in the weeds even that doesn't help. Her wagging tail gives her away a lot. Of course being a gigantic eleven pounds doesn't hurt either. I have thought of renting her out to the Department of Defense as a great camouflage pattern...or maybe the Israelis.
  20. Yeah. It's really tough to lose a good friend and some of the best friends I've had sported four paws and a tail that wagged.
  21. I won't settle for less than a buck three eighty.
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