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  1. There's an Antonov at Planes of fame in Chino, CA. Biggest dang biplane you ever saw.
  2. Not bragging about how good we have it in Arizona, nor am I belittling those who have to put up with gun control. Just pointing out that after 40 years in California my wife and I threw it all up in the air and walked out from under it. No bragging, no regrets, no reason to ever go back, even for a short visit. C'mon over for a spell and see for yourself why.
  3. Darn near as cute as my pup, but then the world is full of cute dogs in second place. You done good.
  4. I used to think the Brits were nuts for paying royalty and other aristocrats and nobility exorbitant salaries and benefits packages to just be decorative and not really have a purpose or do anything valuable. Then I looked at our federal and state....and county and city and township governments....and HOAs and other useless people.
  5. You don't want to get me started on roundabouts and the idiots who think they really work.
  6. My dog understands 'NO", and would never do it again. She's a timid little beastie unless you're a cat anywhere or a stranger coming onto her turf.
  7. I can accept that to a degree, but too many people I know (like my sister) just fawn and drool over everything British, especially if it has to do with their dignitary ilk.
  8. I've known two Sikhs, both among the most noble of men. I respect them totally.
  9. Two hundred and some odd years ago we fought and won freedom from the British Empire. I don't care about their royalty, nobility, titles, or socail structure, etc. I can't understand those who do. No offense intended to our friends and allies, it's just the way I am.
  10. Nicely put. Coyotes are more staccato and "yappy" while wolves are more drawn out, and if my memory serves me, which it often doesn't any more, they are a higher pitch than a wolf.
  11. I don't know about that. Seems a distance of fifteen or twenty miles would give them time to stop....if they knew or cared that a car was in the crossing.
  12. Coyotes are a bane to home owners around here, people who moved into "the wilderness" and now bitch about the wilderness killing their pets and endangering their kids. I hear the dogs singing every few nights, but they don't come into my neighborhood. They stay up on the mountainside and feed at the new homes further north. Used to hear a lot of wolves when I was at Yellowstone but that's been seven decades ago and I suppose they are getting scarce up there now. I haven't been back there in many years. Their song is different than coyotes, butI can't describe how.
  13. Except bleeding from an artery. That was one of my dad's sayings.
  14. There you go. I've started dozens of books thatI'll never finish. same thing when Iwas writing books. If I got to where I was boring myself I'd quit.
  15. I rescued a Connecticut Arms Co "Hammond Bulldog" single shot.44 rim fire derringer (biggest damn derringer you ever saw) from a demeaning life as a table lamp. It had what I believe was an original nickel plate finish, which made it very rare, and before being converted had about a 90% finish. The innards had ben stripped and filled with something like J B Weld, and two holes had been drilled and tapped to mount it to the oak base. All in all it had a beautiful external appearance, but it was ruined as a collector's item. None of the conversion is very obvious unless you look closely. I gave $10.00 for it at a yard sale in Pomona in 1995, did a very quick and easy clean up and it is still a place holder in my collection with a place of honor in a frame with four other guns.
  16. I agree with all of the above. How's the horse?
  17. It bothers me that this reinforces the image the libs have of us gun owners.
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