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  1. Mernickle makes some really good holsters. A bit more than what you’ve indicated, but quality gear, custom made. www.mernickleholsters.com I’m very happy with mine.
  2. Great job Lawdog! Get ‘em started early. It’s our last chance at keeping our 2nd alive!!
  3. The pic shows my first attempt of trying a red dot for the bolts, didn’t work so bit the bullet and bought the 2nd Hawke that is specific for crossbows.
  4. Ha. It’s a FX Crown Continuum available with your choice of 177, 22, 25 or 30 cal barrels.I say barrels because with the Continuum you get 2 fitted to the case. A 380mm for pest/hunting and a mammoth 700mm for benchresting. The basic setup goes for about $1800. I have added the arrow kit ($200 when you can get ’em) which comes with a 30 cal barrel, 4 carbon fiber bolts and the corresponding pellet probe. I milled the Delrin to secure 7 bolts total with the barrel. They are made in Sweden. The best part is that they are shipped to your door. Least favorite part is having to fill the supply tan
  5. So does anyone know what is the reasoning behind the ear plugs? The report is minimal, well below the OSHA requirements.
  6. Thanks. Working on it. What I can say is this, the good Lord didn’t want to take me that day.
  7. Enjoy the stogie OUTSIDE . I have been known to partake in them...
  8. had a fire in the garage that superheated my reloading magazine. Got 15K primers and +/- 40 lbs powder out. Last 8# jug stuck to the shelf and tore open when I tried to pull it off the shelf. I introduced oxygen to superheated powder and FLASH
  9. Didn’t mean to rub noses. I have a completely different look at stuff these days. Please no hard feelings
  10. $59K helicopter ride, $18K/day ICU for 21 days, thousands in rehab, BUT I shot my first match 2 weeks ago...
  11. I’m hoping there is some sarcasm in your post. This is what can happen... YMMV
  12. Agreed. Our TV doesn’t seem to get anything other than Dragnet, Adam 12, Big Valley, Bonanza, Cheyenne and some other key ones...
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