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  1. Felco or Kline 2000series are the best choices. JMTCW
  2. I plan on getting to my first one this month. I will be able to help with spotting until I heal up. Gives me that carrot I need in front of my nose
  3. Same. Let’s hear it for the ‘62 kids!! Just joined up, but am lookin forward to lotsa shootin’ and lotsa new pards!
  4. We have a Cal-Ranch store up in Carson City. It’s like a TractorSupply on steroids. About the size of a Wal-Mart. First walk through took almost 3 hours Clothing and boots on one side. Tools, tack, chickens and RV stuff bout in the middle, camp gear and GUNS stuck in the left corner. Awesome
  5. Stuff like that reminds me of the Helmes man (spell?) a boatload of baked wonders in an old panel van, bottom drawer had the GOOD donuts
  6. Yessir!! But only come through the neighborhood once a month. I’m gunna get fat!!
  7. Now that brought a big’ol smile to my face. Shepherd looks young- 7 to 9 months? Mine were the same with water, couldn’t ever quite figure it out, bit had fun with it nonetheless. Great video!
  8. Have owned, rescued and generally put up with a dozen or so breeds. But my favorite and current best friend is the German Shepard. Blessed to have two at one time, the older black taught the younger blonde every thing she could before leaving us. The pair when we had both:
  9. 39A Mountie would be the cats pajamas. Lost one many moons ago...
  10. “All around the mulberry bush...” Oh boy
  11. Yeppers. Didn’t want to miss out Mrs. got the tell-tale picture
  12. Not yet. Honestly, that goal was what got me up
  13. So I’m reading a book on the couch, enjoying the afternoon with the doggo at my feet, and I start to hear some crazy music. It rings a bell but I can’t put my finger on it. Thought the Mrs. had something playing on her phone while she is outside weeding her flowers. All of a sudden, she yells out ‘there’s an ice cream truck coming down the street’. Gets me off the couch in a nanosecond looking for my wallet, the doggo’s barking and I end up outside before the truck passes. Doesn’t sell regular packaged ice cream, but I bought some shaved ice anyway... The driver said they might star
  14. Dang. Was thinking of getting some soon. I’ve got some ACP’s- can they be used for lc’s? I’d be happy to share what I’ve got...
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