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  1. That's a good price on a great rifle. I have two. One is priceless but the other is in the same shape as yours. It's worth the money your asking.
  2. There will be an "Englisher" along to run it shortly. See it all the time here. Last time I saw a 20' Rinker put in with a team of plow horses. More efficient way to poach. Here is a pic of some ice fishing a channel with NO public access. Must have been 400 fish on the ice.
  3. Loaned a brand spanking new Skil saw to my brother. The only time I handled it was when I put the blade on it. Got it back all dusty inside and out. He used it to score his new sidewalks. I lost my sh!# right there.
  4. I've been happy with my Lee 4-20. Drips sometimes but I've got a pair of vice grips on the stem. Just a quick turn back and forth and it stops. Many tens of thousands of bullets from that pot. If I was going to cast some serious long range bullets I would get the Lyman or RCBS. Better heat control.
  5. Have fun. I enjoy finding new loads. I've been lucky so far by loading mid-range to a tick below maximum loads. Max loads have never done as well for me no matter the caliber.
  6. Wow! Grant must be an alien to be on the History channel!! I'm enjoying it now. Can't sleep again.
  7. Been through a couple. Common here to get warnings. Never gets easier.
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