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  1. I haven't seen a flame thrower mentioned yet.....
  2. So Friday I was informed that I was exposed to the Wuhon crud. I was sent home for a two week paid vacation and told to quarantine. Ok, not a problem. I called home to spread the good news........ then called the County department of health to get tested. Today at 2:00. Results Weds. When I got home, Kaya was already getting the camper ready for my stay. Food, clothes, etc. As I was told to avoid contact I requested all my hunting clothes too. After all, there ain't nobody in my stand with me, right?!? Two weeks off during the early rut to hunt! Yee haw!! But, here's the reason for this post: 1. Look at your camper and think about if you had to live in it. Is it big enough to be comfy? Is it well stocked? 2. Put away the new guns. YOUR WIFE WILL SEE THEM IF YOU LEFT THEM OUT! 3. Thank your God for giving you the family around you. My wife is a strong woman and providing me with everything I need even before I know I need it. My daughter knew what gear I needed to hunt and even got my 1911 for me to keep in the camper. My son is keeping tabs on me because I will hide it if I need to go to the ER at some point. 4. The Saloon is a wonderful place to be. Keep the posts coming. It gives me something to do while I'm in prison..... There's more but I need to take another nap. Talk soon!
  3. Or the Patriots! What a goat rope!
  4. I have a pound that a pard gave me. I'll look up some loads and give it a try.
  5. She had the same look on her face when I walked up with a snake in both hands as she did when I fell in the fire. Horror, I believe it was. Lol
  6. Mom made me let them all go. And wash my hands.
  7. Love snakes. Always have. Used to catch Michigan rattlers often as a kid. We don't see them much anymore.
  8. My son is now a part time EMT, rather than full time. He has restrained and has had parents restrained so the child could be treated. I do not know all the details due to his following the laws about privacy.
  9. Na. He's harmless. And full of mices.
  10. This is not why I carry a gun. This is why I carry a club. You guys are worrying me.
  11. I worked an ambulance horn into my son's Colorado. Very effective! I laid on it next to a texter. I'm sure her rim and tire were repairable after she nailed the curb.
  12. The all I use other than Unique. I save Trail Boss for my big cases.
  13. I would carry a darn gun. In Indiana anyways self defense is self defense. I doesn't matter how many legs the critters have!
  14. I asked my wife for .44 special cases for Christmas. She got me a thousand. Can't have too many I guess........
  15. I did this for quite a few years. Then a friend asked if I wanted his special cases. Why not? I reset my dies and made some up. A full grain less powder required. Wow! What a difference for me.
  16. I shoot Specials quite a bit. But when I first bought my mag pistol I never would have considered shooting a "lesser" load. I bought a magnum and, by God, I'm shooting magnums!! I'm older now, hopefully some smarter, but certainly tired of beating myself up with full house loads!
  17. I bought two Ruger Wranglers yesterday. About ten minutes. Busy day in Indiana.
  18. Oh my! I showed Kaya that pic and said "Guess who!". She said "I still see her whooping your butt in man on man!". Girls don't forget nuthin! A huge congratulations from my family.
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