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  1. Not sure how to take that, Allie! When I stop laughing I'll answer! I sat with my son one time and we are four full subs. Went home and ate a supper my wife fixed. She never knew we stopped at Subway.
  2. OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY! We git to choose?!?! Yee Hawww!
  3. Nope. I'm a lefty. 89 in the left, 90 in the right.
  4. That's why I got invited to Canada! Huh. Thought it was my charming personality.
  5. ABSOLUTELY! Matt and my bride's checkbook made me a damn fine looking man. OK, they put cowboy duds on me but I can dream!
  6. I, like, literally feel that way to. Opps, used that wrong
  7. I really enjoy talking with the spectators, letting them check out the guns. We try to get them right up close to see how it works and show them that not all of us shoot like Deuce! Facebook, website, YouTube still I think. Kaya is normally very shy but she enjoys talking to the folks too when she can.
  8. Yee Haw! Don't do nuthin STOOPID!
  9. GO FOR IT! You'll love it.
  10. Lost my clean match at Indiana State last year that way...….. shhhh
  11. I have the .44 mag version. Might have to buy it a little brother.
  12. Just finished half a spice cake in a bowl of milk. No pie. Going back for fourths and fifths I think.
  13. I'd say the plane made a nice furrow. That looked to me like a thin lamp post or a fence, rather than a power line.
  14. If it's for SASS, skip the size die and get a Lee Factory Crimp Die . Crip and size on the press. Lube with liquid Alox.
  15. 1984. 15 years old. H&H Guns, State Street, Fort Wayne, IN. Mossberg Model 500 with bird and slug barrels. 179.00 +tax. Shot my first deer that year and a bunch of rabbits with it. Kicked like a mule with the 18.5" slug barrel and 1 oz. slugs. Sold it to a buddy for 150.00
  16. Oh my God I hope Kaya don't read that
  17. Yep. All but Emily at my house and it's in the works now.
  18. Enough to fill a rabbit...……………………………….Warren?
  19. Saw a bike out here yesterday. One. Guy looked like a Carhartt commercial. But the sun was out and it was in the mid 40s. Perfect. 57 and rain today. Winds to 50 mph.
  20. My 73 is a real Winchester...…..
  21. Well, lets make it this one. I miss rank points.....
  22. I thought it might but no restrictions at all. Casted 3000 .38s using it so far. I really like it. And yeah, good winter project. I'm going to make it all self contained so it stores nice on the shelf.
  23. But at least your primers aren't blue. Or are they? The world wonders.
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