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  1. Now Oat, he's just underprivileged and misunderstood. Where's your compassion man?
  2. It has rained one to three day of every week this year, I think. Or snowed, which could still happen. THAT is a Midwest Thing.
  3. Sounds like me ice fishing for bluegills with two pound test line. Six and a half pound dog fish! For the first ten minutes I had on a record bass. I gave it to a buddy to bait his traps.
  4. I missed another shoot today! Dang it man! No call there Spoon. All good.
  5. You sold for that many smokes and candy bars?!?! You must really be something!!!!
  6. We had a clear sky here too. I looked at the moon through a twelve power rifle scope. Purty
  7. Me too! But now the potted plants are all in too.
  8. But... I got to be on here at 6:00, the garden is now planted, the camper is opened up, the boat is cleared off and now I'm going to melt down some scrap lead.
  9. I got up and dressed at 5:30 this morning. Got my coffee made and went in to kiss my wife goodbye. Hey, wait. It's not Monday...... Will someone please tell me that they have done that before. Please.
  10. I quit going years ago. Lots of knives, beef jerky and tee-shirts. Over priced crap guns. $30.00 to park and walk in here.
  11. Indiana allows high power rifle on all private lands. Straight wall, shotgun and muzzleloader on public. After hunting public for so many years I agree. Some real winners out there.
  12. No idea where it is now but that hung in our dining room my entire childhood.
  13. My nephew was a Ranger with four trips over to Azzcrackastan. He is sure a big fan of the A10. So I am too. Like any tool you use it where it is most applicable. Hell of a tool to have in your bag.
  14. Didn't say what I would be doing while I had the western on......
  15. I wonder what the cost of me fishing in Michigan was to the local growers? We lived off apples, peaches, black, blue, and strawberries all day while we fished the creeks around us. LOL
  16. I will never be the man my father was. Gone 20 years this past March. Talk to him every day.
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