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  1. My wife has been in two bank robberies. Luckily, they were in and out with no injuries.
  2. Never in twenty years. It will now happen Saturday.
  3. Dad did his. Used a light bulb. I've suggested to my wife that a sock needed sewed up. Find them gone a bit later.
  4. Doors stay on? Hows the landing gear? Any loose panels?
  5. I get round steaks every year from our "high speed beef". Marinated overnight and cooked no more than medium rare over an oak coal fire.
  6. My wife's grandparents lived on Curdes Avenue here in Fort Wayne for 60 or more years. Pretty cool history.
  7. My memories come at bedtime, when I'm trying to get to sleep. Hours of them. All night last night.
  8. Alliant Powder - BE-86 Seems to be pretty versatile.
  9. The galloping part is a case of the shats. You know, the runs. Trots is another name.
  10. I shot in tennis shoes for two or more years after breaking both feet in a fall. A few people said things but were shut down by my pards right quick. NOBODY worth knowing will say a thing. Get him shooting.
  11. I glued caps into .40 cases. Perfect fit and the only good use for a .40.
  12. It's a "moped" gun. Fun to ride but I don't want my friends to see me on it.
  13. As a kid, our neighbor was ATC. He seemed laid back and cool but had a temper and drank a lot.
  14. I would snap up a couple. I had a Rossi many years ago. Darn fine gun.
  15. Legal here. No FMJ. A hard driven cast bullet does expand some. I've even recovered several round balls that were flat.
  16. A hard cast 250 grain bullet will do fine. You want MASS. Jacketed works, but I would stay with a soft point, rather than a hollow point. HP ammo can be kind of destructive to edible goodies or they may not even open at all. I've had both happen. If my round ball will drop deer, the hard cast most certainly does.
  17. Talked with Badger Mountain Charlie about sturgeon fishing once. Then trout, then salmon and steelhead in Michigan. Gonna need a bigger boat.
  18. I'm pretty glad I can say that I have never thought of that either!
  19. I bought a big jug of H335, thinking it would last me forever. Gone.
  20. I had to watch it again and again. I've had problems with little thugs like that. There's one not a problem anymore. Hopefully, his friends didn't learn anything by it.
  21. Scrapper here got their pee pee slapped pretty good for buying catalytic converters. Cop on site all the time now.
  22. My wife carries an 85. Nothing special but it shoots well. I have a spring kit for it somewhere.
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