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  1. We are truly sorry for your family's loss Doc. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Mark, Tracey, Joseph and Emily.
  2. .30 Carbine, paratroop stock. Absolutely hated shooting it. Hurt my cheek bad. Sure wish it was still around though.
  3. My FN FAL. Hands down. 20 rounds of .308. Would take down a tree with style! Looked like a toothpick factory in back. And yes, we did use the firewood for all the tree huggers out there. Shot up a couple old cars too. VERY impressive.
  4. I didn't either until I started casting my own boolits. The occasional fat one gets through.
  5. Michigan is the same. I have 40 acres but another 1000 acres of federal all around me. My grandpa had to quit hunting when he moved to Texas. Good luck pard.
  6. I really don't think so. It didn't hit us or ours. I think we should support the Saudies but not hit them "ourselves"
  7. I'm with War Griz. Paradise Pass. Then there is the three day shoot at Wolff's Rowdy Rangers. Then Tusco of course! Michigan and Ohio State shoots are always stellar. I've been hearing about Illinois and plan on attending. Oh oh oh Knob Creek! Can't forget about them! Then there's,............
  8. Always good to posse with ya!
  9. I'm an American. When my wife married me her title changed to Mrs.
  10. Reminds me of a Pat McManus story about a judge caught shooting pigeons out of his office window.
  11. Different situation altogether but when I got a speeding ticket with my buddies truck I had to get a statement from his agent that he had insurance
  12. We just went through Kaya getting hers not long ago. Then she bought her own truck! Got mad when I wrote a check to cover the taxes. It gets better I'm told. Just not quite yet.
  13. Yes, I have a truck. No, I won't help you move.
  14. Winchester is all we use. NEVER an issue. We run lighter springs but I refuse to be married to Federal primers.
  15. Did you mean to make a funny there Bob? Blow. Lol
  16. Unique, Red Dot, Trail Boss, in that order is my preferences. As far as bullets go, a midweight RNFP in your caliber of choice. Easy.
  17. We just made this for Kaya's truck. Triple locked. The top cover and tailgate lock too.
  18. My Joseph had a Spiderman fishing pole. Caught a lot of fish with that little thing. Kaya had a Barbie rod. Lost a big Musky right at the boat one time. They make great jigging rods for right over the side of the boat!
  19. What OLG said! I started with a 550 and we now have two. I will never need or want another press. My daughter read the manual and set up the second one by herself at 14. I think any adult should be able to figure it out. If you can read, you can use a progressive like the 550. READ READ READ. There are no mysteries to reloading. It's all in a good reloading manual. A good mentor cuts out a lot of fear in the process.
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