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  1. Kaya had a similar injury to her sternum. Listen to the docs! It's a slow process to full recovery. Don't let her push it Glad it wasn't as bad as it looks!
  2. Hey! I resemble that remark! I don't shoot flinters cause I'm a lefty. All that flash right between my eyes will give a guy a flinch! And I'm not buyin no more lefty guns.
  3. If you reversed the measurements I could help you out! Lol
  4. I would strip it all. Repair whats needs it, insulate, then side. The problem is the corners. They affect two sides each. Both need stripped to properly work the corners. That's just how I think though. I don't want to do repair four or six times. I don't want to insulate four or six times. I don't want to side four or six times. Once, once, once, once. All weather dependent and subject to whatever my wife thinks I oughta do.....
  5. I also carry a .45 -SOMETIMES. I carry smaller calibers for several reasons. 1. I shoot them well. 2. They conceal better than my .45. I DO NOT and WILL NOT open carry in public. 3. They don't make a .45 small enough to conceal on my frame adequately that is comfortable for me to shoot a lot. 4. I LIKE my smaller guns too. 5,6, 7, and 8. It annoys some freaking "EXPERT" that can't or won't understand the above facts and insists on telling me what to carry.
  6. I use a 125 grain RNFP pushed by 3.0 grains of Red Dot or 3.5 grains of Trail Boss. Winchester primers.
  7. Cold coming down here this weekend. 10-12F. I figure to have safe fishing ice by Wednesday or Thursday! YEE HAWWWW!!!!
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