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  1. For BP I use Goex ffG, a felt pad, then a dab of Lyman patch lube. Seat the bullet for slight compression. The lube squeezed up the sides of the bullet and I wiped off what came out. Shoots like a champ. I load .45-70 the same way. Swiss fffG should shoot just dandy also. And, as above, I like APP also.
  2. Try that 260. It might just do the trick.
  3. I tried to come up with something, but I can't get the Beverley Hillbillies theme out of my head!
  4. And if you have any Unique, it's your best friend. Most accurate loads we make.
  5. Well, welcome to the Journey! There is a very good writeup on the Starline site about brass. It can make a surprising difference. Articles | Rifle, Handgun, and Pistol Brass (starlinebrass.com) Then there is bore size. Your bore may be actually larger than your chamber. They range from about .375 to .380. Depends on the manufacturer. Then, since you are shooting black, you need to try a softer bullet as well as BP lube. Lower pressures involved so softer is better. I cast the good old tried and true Lee 250 grain boolit. Listed as a 0.279 but mine drops at .380. Perfect as sized for my daughters H&R. Works fairly well in my Winchester 94. I use it to hunt with. Wish Johnboy was still here with us. Somewhere is a ton of info he put out at one time. Maybe someone knows where that is.
  6. I went ice fishing Friday afternoon. Wouldn't trust it today.
  7. Same here in northern Indiana. I'm worried about the old water mains in the town I run to start buckling.
  8. After reading General Yeager's book, I strongly believe she had as much to do with the X program as the flyers. She did a heck of a lot for "her boys" and their families!
  9. $900.00 is a pretty decent deal in today's market.
  10. Shake them to get the last drops off. I'm pretty sure you know how to do that!
  11. Oh, I know. Used to take quite a few away off the plating lines. The duct hoods were a favorite place.
  12. Could have been shot down over water around the Aleutians....
  13. Now thousands will try! It's Chicago. If they all just aim up at the same time (instead of at the nearest house or car), the pure volume of firepower would shred it!
  14. A ballon near Atlanta being tracked on Flightradar24. Same same?
  15. Never had an interest in having one -until now. There is one in pieces ready to build in my den. Nice evening project then make up some ammo for a short .300AAC.. Might have to make it fun with a binary trigger.
  16. I'm with Republic Wireless. $20.00/month and I bought a $250.00 phone. They piggyback on AT&T. Decent service. I even get signal at the cabin now. I may drop them for Verizon so I don't get service..... I think they are owned by Dish.
  17. 5.99 for 18 at Kroger here in the Fort.
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