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  1. I saw Rye leave his tools off to the side, out of the way when he was done "tuning" the pianer. It couldn't sound any worse iffin he had "tuned it" with a Greener. If we can't get a better player or stop smashing the thing to pieces every Friday night I'm going to take it out back and introduce that thing to some of Nobel's finest! I was thankful that he had at least tried though. I'll buy him a beer on the house next time he's in -BUT HIS HORSE DON'T GIT NO MORE! I'm hoping that it's a quiet night around the Saloon tonight. I got to drinking some with the customers last night and I'm a feeling a little poorly. Wouldn't be so bad except I got into some 'shine, then some tequila, a couple of beers...… I think. I'm thinking I remember a couple of, ah, lets just say 'portly' young ladies came by in a buggy looking for some companionship and none of us were that drunk until after they left...…. How did my suspenders get over there anyways? Oh well. Time to open this dump up. Some cowpoke might want an early beer or a bite to eat. Kinda upsets my stomach.
  2. Wait till winter when the fur is prime.
  3. The otters are protected up here. The beavers not so much. I think you need a nuisance permit but I'm not sure. A 12 gauge with #4 buck would work well.
  4. We're running .38 Specials with 125 grain RNFP from a Lee mold at 1.415 out of our stock 73 Winchesters. Smooth as butter. 3.0 grain Red Dot or 3.5 grains Trail Boss. We ran Deuce's 105 grain bullet for a while but ran out long ago.
  5. I had a silver maple growing between the overhead lines feeding my house and my neighbors. We were waiting for it to come down in a storm. Two tree companies said it would be north of a grand to take out -if WE did the cleanup. One day the power company guy was walking the lines checking for tree intrusion and my wife caught up with him. Next thing I know it's cut down and all the small limbs were gone. We burned that tree for three years in the fireplace and my buddy had camp wood for at least that long. All free but for a little sweat!
  6. I've got a plastic 55 gallon drum that might help ya!
  7. In all fairness to Marlin it was Straight Arrow running the gun. But, that being said, and there are far more knowledgeable folks here than me, here goes. You can take the stock off and bed the mating surfaces to get a nice tight mating between stock and receiver. Fill all the gaps to make even contact. Most of the cracking can be avoided that way. Others can give better answers.
  8. Ham, mashed potatoes, some kind of green stuff. (vegetables?)Rolls. Now chocolate pie with ice cream, hot fudge, cool whip. Then there's another pie I haven't seen yet
  9. Happy Easter all! Drank my coffee and had my roll at a match this morning. Kaya and I went up to Sturgis and shot at Hidden Valley. Great time!
  10. The one time I beat 20 seconds I was smiling so big I almost swallered my face! Then Kaya beat me by 2 seconds.....
  11. Tough critters. I've shot clean through them with rimfires and they kept right on going. Maybe a hollow point in the .22 mag. I prefer my deer rifles now.
  12. With some of the aliases WE come up with I'll bet THEY can get pretty creative!
  13. I've got the saltiest piece of ground in Allen County. My wife has two hydrangeas next t the porch. She wonders why one is so much bigger and greener than the other.
  14. Had a highschool kid wipe out pretty good in front of the house last year. No hands on the bars and texting. Once I saw he was ok all I could do was laugh at him.
  15. I surely did. Was expecting her to cut loose with that there pistola.
  16. Back to the original topic: I wonder if those pistols come in blue?
  17. I love the color. And the truck. Plenty of power, all the options.
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