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  1. Got to get my entry in....but planning to be there
  2. Thank you Heck. The gold will be in the mail tomorrow morning. I will include a note with my name and address.
  3. I will take the 250 30-06 and 1000 38 special. Let me know how much with shipping. Thank you very much. OMG
  4. Heck...do you know how much mine will be...including shipping. 1000 38 spcl and the 500 30-06? Thanks OMG
  5. Not a 30 inch...my guess is 24 inch
  6. Haven’t heard anything from you yet Heck...
  7. I usually run all brass...even new ...through the vibratory with corn cob media and some of the waxy polish. Just seems like they go through the sizing die so much easier. Even with carbide dies...which is all I use on straight wall cases. Get a Bulge Buster from Lee. When you get some rounds that won't go through the go-no go gauge...run them through the bulge buster in a single stage. Works wonders. Especially since I use all range brass for 45 acp.
  8. Try getting hold of Johnny Meadows or Doc Noper. They are two of the best SKB smiths around. Might be possible they would have the part or know where to get one
  9. For people who like a really light load. 45 Cowboy Special is basically a 45 Colt cut down to 45 acp case length. There used to be carriers available to convert rifles to shoot the special. I like it for light loads in my derringer. But I know some people...especially women folk...that like it
  10. Mine is bigger than you are looking for...but I have a Taurus Raging Bull 8 3/8 barrel 44 mag. Between being big and heavy along with the ported barrel...shooting full power loads out of it is about like shooting our cowboy loads...
  11. Bass Pro has really messed up Cabela's. The store north of me used to have a full parking lot. Now anytime you go past there...before the virus...can't blame it on that...the parking lot is only half full...if that. Quality of a lot of clothing has gone down.Prices have gone up. I don't do near the business there that I used to do.The Bargain Cave is a joke compared to what it used to be.
  12. Hello Heck...would you please message me where to send the money and the amount with shipping for the 30-06 (500 pieces) and 1000 38 brass Thanks OMG
  13. I use cowboy special cases with 3.5 grains of trail boss and a 200 grain bullet. Nice mild load.
  14. Just tried to send you a message. Says you cannot receive messages
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