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  1. Weather has been nice. Tents look like they are up. Should be fun. Looking forward to meeting a lot of people
  2. Very nice work and a very nice man to do business with. I would highly recommend him.. I love the loading blocks I got from him
  3. Prayers up for friends and family. We have been losing too many good cowboys
  4. I live in Iowa...but I carry insurance on my golf cart and have a separate insurance card for it
  5. Another one of the truly great actors gone. I wish some of these newer actors would take some life lessons from some of the older guys and gals. But I forgot...now we do away with history...
  6. I think he must have gotten confused. The only thread I can remember was a guy that after about a dozen rounds, part of the locking lug broke off. I haven’t really ever seen anything bad about either an SKB or Browning BSS. Haven’t heard anything bad about Baikals either...other than they are not being brought into the country anymore.
  7. I think the thread he is referring to was about Stoeger shotguns
  8. I can’t remember if it was Ritchie or JP... There is some local lore about what happened. It was cold and bad weather. But some of the local “gossip” could possibly have some credibility. There was never an autopsy on the pilot. And there were never any lawsuits over the crash.
  9. Waylon lost his seat on a coin toss. I live right in that area. They finally put a marker up where the crash sight was. The last owner of the Surf restored the inside to pretty much as it was then. Really a neat place. I was there New Years Eve. I believe it is a non-profit that has the Surf Ballroom now. It was last weekend they had the Winter Dance Party. A remembrance of those three and the music. There are people from all over the country that come to it. Every year there are quite a few from England that come over. The British Buddy Holley Society.
  10. Guess I am luckier than some. Most of my kids and grandkids are interested in hunting and fishing. I think my one son and grandson are going to start shooting cowboy this summer. Be using my guns...but at least getting them started. If I can get the other son and future daughter-in-law to a match or two...may have more shooting
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