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  1. Just stay close to John Wesley Hardin....enough hot air to keep you and your gear dry...
  2. How are you hoping to get on the road by 8:00 am when you don’t get up and going until about noon???
  3. VTI gunparts. They have hardened screws for Uberti and others. Look up their website. They have schematics and part numbers on them. They have been good people to work with so far for me
  4. ANY shoot is my favorite shoot. Because I get to see people that have similar interests and because I get to shoot...
  5. If you can find an actual jewelry store...ask the jeweler
  6. Congrats Evil. Now if Little Miss Lou Who changes to gunfighter...you might be in even more trouble...
  7. If memory serves me correctly...Smith and Wesson dropped 357sig from the M&P line because it wouldn't hold up. You can convert most Glock 40 cal to 357 sig with a barrel change. However...Glock recomends changing out the recoil spring at a rather low round count compared to other calibers. But you can use the springs yet for 40 cal
  8. I shoot traditional. I use a Remington R1as my main pistol. And a Springfield Milspec as a backup
  9. I quit using Winchester primers for cowboy loads. Too many that had to be hit 2 or 3 times to get them to go off
  10. I use trail boss in 38 spcl and 45 colt...along with 45 cowboy special for my derringer. Still have about 15 lbs of it...so I won’t be switching to anything else for a while
  11. Whenever I have sold a weapon to an individual...I ask for a valid ID and a concealed carry permit. Then I have a receipt book and write out a receipt with both their name and address. Put the make model and serial number on the receipt. Covers both of us. But I don't usually sell many...much to my wife's dislike.
  12. How come it takes everyone so long to get their entries in??? Mine has been in for months...
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