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  1. The smoke here is supposed to be coming from the fires in Canada
  2. I am in South Dakota right now. The smoke from the fires far to the north is really bad here. Just seems to keep getting worse the farther west I go
  3. I will take it. Let me know where to send the gold. Fair warning…I am away from home and it may take about a week to a week and a half…unless you are willing to take a personal check. I have no problem giving you the time to make sure it clears
  4. Check Online Outpost. Nice people to do business with and they have hardened steel levers
  5. Doc Noper is good on SKB’s. The early 100’s have a single locking lug. Later ones have a double locking lug. Mine is a single lug and I haven’t had any trouble with it for our game.
  6. Welcome. I have my son and grandson shooting with me now
  7. If you can get a gasoline powered generator…I would go that route. You will have to carry an awful lot of extra tanks for propane power
  8. Congratulations Stuffer. Hope to see you again one of these days
  9. Get several loading manuals. Check data between a couple of them. I have five or six manuals I compare. Older manuels are not always accurate as some powders have changed slightly over the years. Better safe than cheap.
  10. Get you a set of Belt Mountain locking base pins. Should put a stop to the problem. They make both regular and locking pins.
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