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  1. Missed seeing you and Eleanor this year. The scores are listed at least partially on the Cedar Valley Vigilantes website. Go to the results page and Gunsmoke 2020 should be listed.
  2. When running the shorter rounds in cylinders...you may want to get a slix scraper. I thought I was getting my 357 chambers scrubbed out real good when cleaning with a brush...until I got a slix scraper. I was amazed at how much buildup was left in the chambers.
  3. There is a rounded part on the trigger that when pulled actuates the rod going up behind the firing pin to hold it out. I think on mine the curved piece on the trigger bent down a bit and wouldn't hold the firing pin out far enough. The rod that goes up through the hammer looks kind of like a long 73 firing pin. On the thicker part there is almost like a mortice cut and a pin holds it and a return spring in place. The firing pin also has a mortice cut with the retaining pin . I took the actuator rod out and cut a piece of drill bit to put behind the firing pin to make it like a solid pin. Got it trimmed to where the firing pin protrudes about the same as on my other revolvers. Haven't had any trouble since.
  4. A big thank you to the board and everyone else involved with getting another Midwest Regional Championship....otherwise known as Gunsmoke ...in the books. And thanks to Mogollon Drifter for everything you did also. Great to see a lot of people...but really missed seeing some that didn’t make it this year. Hope to see everyone next year. And congratulations to all the winners.
  5. The last I knew...they didn’t have the old style setup for the shortstroked smokewagons. I got one of each the last pair I ordered. After about a year...had trouble with the new style one. Was told not able to replace the new style with old style. Weren’t making the old style parts. Will have to see if they have old style parts now. Shooting Rugers now...probably won’t go back for more Uberti’s. Very happy with the Rugers.
  6. There was a commercial made 22 rifle for about 140 dollars... I think it was a Savage or Stevens . It was a smooth bore
  7. Don’t get me wrong...the Browning BL22 is a very good rifle....but my own grandsons had better luck and liked the Henry better than the Browning. That short stroke is harder to rack than the Henry.
  8. Before the Browning...look at a Henry youth model. They are not as hard to cycle as a Browning and can be had with a youth stock.
  9. Here's to feeling better after...and prayers everything goes well
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