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  1. There is a stiffener for hats...check your local western wear stores
  2. In that area...I am going to say as far as fishing...the big things would be Crappie...Bass...Panfish...and CATFISH
  3. The Lyman is what I use. I have a Frankford Arsenal vibratory cleaner...don't like it. I have two Cabelas brand vibratory I like much better. They seem to vibrate twice as hard as the Frankford. The wet tumbler Frankfords I have seen have about half the capacity of my Lyman
  4. You might give Ahlmans gun shop...Morristown , Minnesota a call.
  5. I use the carbon fibre inserts in my rifles. Haven't had any problems with them
  6. My condolences. Always hard to go through
  7. I finally quit procrastinating...signed up at the monthly yesterday.
  8. You want to entice people to come...not scare them away...
  9. You are a master of your craft.
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