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  1. I know Robert. He has been a good supporter and longtime vendor. He does some very nice leather work. If you have seen the three legged stools the winners at Winter Range and some other shoots...Gunsmoke being one...his business is Logo’s Leathercraft. This should clear up a little confusion as to his SASS number.
  2. Evil...figure out what you have...I might be interested in some of them...thanks
  3. North central Iowa this morning...7:25 am...outdoor thermometer is saying -22 degrees Fahrenheit. -39 with wind chill.
  4. Heaven forbid KR...something you are loading SMOKELESS in???
  5. I have been loading 32 S&W Long with 1.7 of Bullseye and a 100 grain bullet. Grandson has been taking down knockdowns easier than some peoples 38 loads
  6. Evil...just you going or the whole family??
  7. I suppose you traded your stuff for nanner splits...
  8. Also...check local ranges...especially indoor ranges. They may let you have the lead for cleaning out the bullet traps for them...or sell it to you for the scrap price
  9. Most gunsmiths I know cringe at the sound of WD-40...unless it is being used as a solvent. Lots of better products. I am using Mobil 1 red grease for things that need grease and for oil I use a 50/50 mix of motorkoat and 0/20 Mobil 1 oil.
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