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  1. I am using 335 grain bullets sized .377. Seems to do well
  2. We have a local bar in the little town I live near. The owner has had a lot of health problems...but she keeps the place going with the help of her son. She gives a LOT back to the community too. No qualms about supporting her. Had breakfast there this mornng. A three egg ham and cheese omlette with a little onion...hash browns with a little onion... wheat toast and water. Ten dollars and just a little change. Leave what you want for a tip. Decent food and for todays market...not bad prices. She has two dinner specials everyday that are nine daoolars. You won't leave hungry
  3. For a 38/357 american size pvs tube can be used and works well. 45 colt you pretty much need to find a metric size pvc tube. Any of the American sizes are either too tight or too loose to work well.
  4. I shoot Ruger Bisley's. They are...as I have been told...closer to a number 5 Kieth grip frame than an original Bisley grip. I like the Ruger...not all people do...but then I seem to have an extra large economy size hand. I have trouble finding gloves that fit properly...or at all. I have held a couple of the Uberti Bisley's and they are quite a bit different. I don't know if I could get used to them or not. It would be interesting to try shooting one of them some day.
  5. The bigger question is…what do they need a diversion for THIS time…
  6. I went from corncob to ultra sonic to wet tumbling. I like the wet tumbling best. But after I wet tumble and dry...I do run them through corn cob with some polish...just because they go through the dies easier
  7. They had to figure out how to pay for all the money they gave away during and since the "pandemic"
  8. Razor??? Those are for shaving aren't they? Complete waste of time. Also expensive. I have probably been able to afford several more guns with the money saved by noy buying razors...let alone the extra sleep by not having to get up earlier to shave
  9. In the last year and a half or so...my electric bills have about doubled
  10. I have been to the museum last summer. Going to get there again this summer before it closes. Lots of nice bikes there. Surprised me though...didn't see ant Crockers there. Did find out that there were two Ariel fours...a little different engine design.
  11. I have been loading 5.7 grains of Unique with a 230 round nose. I chronographed a couple rounds at Land Run last fall. They chronoed at 830 t0 850. I think I will cut back to 5.5 grains and see what that does. A case gauge is invaluable for any of the rimless rounds since Glock and 1 or 2 others use an unsupported chamber. If the round won't fall in and out of the gauge...it will cause problems. Lee has what they call a Bulge Buster...well worth the money. You need a Lee factory crimp die and a Bulge buster kit. I think I gave around 38 dollars for the pair. Take the guts out of the factory crimp die and put the parts from the bulge buster in. It comes with a little bin that goes on top and uses a kind of rod with a dimple out of the center so you can run live rounds through it. If I get a round that hangs up in the case gauge...I run it through the bulge buster...normally problem solved
  12. also calls their freeways "THE". At least in Ontario. Take The 401 to The 402 and go east
  13. I would be afraid to use a masterpiece like that....I think I would be afraid to even haul it around from match to match
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