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  1. I shoot predominately two handed. I shoot Bisleys. The regular Ruger grips are just too small for my extra large size hands. I now have 7 Bisley Vaqueros... They just feel better and give a better grip for ME...they may not be for everyone.
  2. We had a Pitbull that was a wonderful dog. Also Doberman Pincers. We have two now and had another one previously
  3. Monday??? What is this Monday you speak of??? This is just the first Saturday of the week...tomorrow is the second Saturday...
  4. I gave 1850 shipped for a pair of stainless Bisley Vaqueros this winter....some action work...but nor Jimmy’s fine work. Didn’t think I got hurt for the way things are now
  5. Great match put on by great folks. My first Land Run...but it won’t be my last. Had a great time and met more fine people. And of course saw a lot of old friends. Thanks to everyone involved. And Posse 11 rocked...
  6. Not going to leave here for a while yet...
  7. This morning in Emporia,Kansas...on the way to Land Run...
  8. Posse 11 for me. Guess I will be making a bunch of new friends too...don’t think there is anyone on my Posse I know....yet
  9. Door height of 13 feet 6 inches. Go with a 14 foot door. 13'6" is the maximum legal height. My 5th wheel is 13'3" with the a/c units
  10. David Cardin...make sure you have the chamber length checked before you use that 16 gauge. Some of the early 97's in 12 gauge and as I understand it...all of the 16 gauges were short chambers. A good gunsmith can fix that problem
  11. Verdigris Kid...prayers up for a good outcome from the surgery and a quick and complete recovery OMG
  12. Prayers up for family,friends,and the band
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