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  1. Yup. Banker thought I caught it quick... I check bank statements about every 4 days!!! Have not had a scam in a few years! Hope to not see one again.
  2. Yup...figured that a .66 cent amount wouldn't be noticed!!! Oh YES, IT WAS!!!
  3. Scammers, hackers...whatever you call them. So, I notice a .66 cent charge on my card from hubby's card. I thought, that isn't enough for a stick of gum. Soooo...called it in to refuse the charge. Spent about 30 minutes telling an overseas call center dude that the charge was ABSOLUTELY not made. And fought with him to stop talking over me, allow me to finish answering his question before asking another! Finally, gives me a conf# that it is being reviewed. Next thing I know, hubby is trying to use his card for gas. Mind you, he is home, I am at the cabin! Thankfully we have a small account at another bank. After going into our bank to see what happened...our banker said to be safe, order a new card with new numbers, ect. Phishing scheme. Gave me a kudos for catching it so quick. The charge was made by Gilman MMG in White Bluff, TN.???? I can not fimd a company or associated anything to that name... So...be watchfull folks, they lie in wait
  4. Well...I kinda like Strider, er, I mean Aaragon!!! And Dang it!!! I just realized someone put The Return Of The King...in The Two Towers case! That blows tomorrow nights plan!!
  5. Shanley had to go back to work next 2 days...so, I am ending today with Hobbits!
  6. 2 if the 6 will be here with 4 of the 9 grandbbabies this week!! Yeehaw!
  7. I even met one of our Saloon Pards... Great meeting you D! Thanky for the kind words! Well folks...it finally happened!! Shanley buckled...and I DID NOT!! We had a great time at Adobe Walls this weekend, even with all the challenges that came. We arrived on Thursday. Had a great visit with folks before the match. It was hot, windy a bit...good acclimating weather Friday was swap meet for me...and Shanley ended up wrestlin' with a Bota...and the Bota won! Miss Ivy Lisa Powers got him back to the trailer in the golf cart...and with some helpful anti's...he was able to stand and move Saturday to shoot. (He was able to go down for pot luck...which despite the wind and some rain, was great) In order to insure he could shoot...I became the 'cart bitch'!!! If I didn't lose at least 5 pounds in the 102° heat...pushing that cart, shooting, and spotting, I don't know what else would work. Saturday was better than Friday on heat...but it was humid and hot. The stages were great, and the 'walk of shame' to return my clean match pin was dusty...but, our posse worked like a well oiled cog...had a blast...and had time to head back to cool down before Banquet. I was asked to assist Cat Balou with costume contest. We had 4 (Would have been 5, but Jackabite ( Steve Strickland ) was late Captain George Baylor won Military Baby B. Sassy won Silver Screen Burgandy Balou won 2nd Best Dressed Lady (had her great aunts hat...100 years old and fantastic) and Clara Barton won 1st Best Dressed Lady with her Ribbon dress (her and her mother's own pattern) with moccasins she made, including beautiful quill work. Banquet was AWESOME! And even though it started raining...those there stayed...helped Suzanne Ramblin' Rose Harris and Mad Dog celebrate their 54th (?) (That was pot luck night...but...it happened) Anniversary...got great prizes with door prize tickets, and had fun with that process, and stayed and visited and listened to Frosty Mac and Rickity Split play music. The rain continued through the night, and was great for sleeping. Not so much for the range, as it continued through the morning as well. The very wise decision to cancel the match, and score on the 5 stages from Saturday, as everyone shot the same stages, was made. Contacting folks through email was the best way to get the word out. Some still did not get it, and missed the notification. Some got the email, but were too late getting there for awards. Some opted to not come out as the roads were muddy. We all had a great time regardless of the challenging weather. Not one of us can control that, right? The club and officers and members worked dilligently to put on a great match...and it paid off!!! We will be back. Thank you all!
  8. Kid, I was told the Ruger was often jambing with the rigors of the game...but you are right...it could be operator. I only paid a couple $100 more for the Diamondback WITH optics already.
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