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  1. Personally, if you have a way to stay on range, stay on range. Many private rentals of RVs... And about the same cost. Dry camping, but water/sewer trucks available as needed. Generators go off at 10:30pm. Moriarty has plenty of hotels...several B&Bs in the East Mountains.
  2. Awww, Grizz...we love you too!!! Even that grouchy dude that wears purple!!! (Phantom)
  3. Awwww...thanks sweetie!!! The fill is less than $10 , and we like being on range...but am excited to see you!!! (Besides..don't want to have to lock up my underwear!!!!)
  4. Awwwww....thanks!!!! And thank you for the info on the KOA... we want to fill water once we're close!
  5. Question: Is the KOA at 6 and 50 between the range and GJ...or is it before? Coming Lizzard Head up to Whitewater.
  6. Really? After my froggy rendition last time? I'd be honored.
  7. Shanley Shooter and I finally got our registration in! I think it has been 5years!!! Can't wait to get there!!! Singin'
  8. Four Bucks....there is a spot at our table for breakfast every morning!!!
  9. I dissagree just the tiniest with Larson E. Using APP, I can sometimes get 3 uses out of my hulls...and they were once shot to start with!!! AND many don't reload their shells...so we ask fir them at matches... Seldom fo we need to purchase hulls! Never have soaked them or run them through anything.
  10. There is a spigot, just to the left of the bath house, there at the left of your space... not to hook up to...but to fill up with. We are in the same loop with you. You are a bit after 12 o clock....we are just about 7 !!
  11. That is awesome!!! Will be there Feb 15th. Please stop in and say hello!!!
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