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  1. Where does it speak on Duelist style having any specific wardrobe qualifications? Only 2 costume specific catagories... No hat reqirement in the other catagories. Only 2 outlawed hats: SB's and ballcaps.... Why the question???
  2. Yes. I asked this very question to friends who raise cattle...as the dairy barn was full of 'sway back' , skinny cows, and the beef barn was full of super solid animals. The dairy cows hain job is to produce milk...so all they eat goes to that energy. I thought it odd that they looked so unhealthy!!!
  3. Not that I am aware of. Goes back to 'Shadey Brady' style...and again hats NOT required except for the 2 costume specific catagories. Then again...your question's double speak could warrant the answer that green is the correct response!
  4. We start LR tomorrow, and it's a busy day today...so give me a day or two...I'll find out!
  5. I am sure it will be great. As with all previous matches, various Long Range options are held... Now, are you asking for just what EOT has in order? Or are you curious about how long range side matches are run in general? If it is the latter...there are many that can speak on their experiences from past WR and EOT long range.
  6. Prayers, Widder. Bittersweet times! This past week would have been our youngest grandson's 2nd birthday. Keep the faith for reunion...that keeps me going.
  7. He hasn't made it to Bar 3 yet....but soon!!!
  8. Here at OKC Gun Club... We are in Dry Camp (5 stand area) Our view out the back window.
  9. And yet...had they both left the fruit alone, and obeyed their 'father'...they would have lived blissfully naked, and not have been ashamed!!!
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