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  1. Exactly! We bought a second small trailer. It is a Micro Lite with a slide. 20'. Great for 2 day match, ultra light and comfortable. At 58, we want the comforts, and being on range with folks makes it worth the haul. We normally just load gear and go...keeping sets of clothing and such in it at all times. I guess with me, the ease of hookup with the small guy is above hotels.
  2. We were saying that the other day!!! Hey, wait...you mean you drove by us???
  3. Forgot to mention draggin' your own toilet along! Hate gas station bathrooms!!!
  4. Check with Pony Soldier from Oklahoma on that!
  5. Okay, our last tent excursion/adventure... 10 years ago (ages 48) we decided, to save money and have a bit of fun, we would load up the 3 compartment tent we have (had 6 kids) and coleman stove, guns, guncart, clothes, food and camp chairs...in our little Toyota Corolla (42 mpg) and head above Denver, Co from Albq, NM for Co State shoot in Byers. Great first 4 hours...then a snow storm hit! White out conditions on Raton Pass...and I was driving!!! Well, after the next 4 hours, I felt pretty good. We set up the tent, visited with friends and got a goid night sleep. Oh..
  6. We best get to dry camp pretty early...I want my spot in the back!!! I like looking out at all those trees in the morning!!!
  7. My daughter just told me he had done that! My broher just got back to work in the field after months of no work...and now will most likely be laid off again!! Stupid choice to make.
  8. Got a friend who writes columns for Liberty Nation. Sounds like it would be right up your alley.
  9. Sorry pard, I saw Android and my mind went to phone.
  10. Lets not forget that they sponsor a bunch of our matches, in one form or another! I think we might drop in their shop in Mesa next week while we are in the area... I need some new bloomies!
  11. Have ya ever watched Hell to Watch...er, I mean Hell to Pay? How many rounds did Lasiter shoot from,his 2 six guns?? Was it 12? 14?
  12. It's been so long since I watched Young Guns...but didn't Billy live, like into old age and natural caused death??
  13. Praying for you. You know, God has a way of shutting a door, and opening a window... I feel the window is often the direction we are meant to go. Keep faith.
  14. We will be camping in dry camp, if I don't find you first!
  15. Hahahaha!!!! Love ya Reb! Been so long since I've seen you and my sweet Pat! What was my hair color last time we saw each other??? Was it Blue???
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