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  1. Good buddy Cain carried a large carpet bag. Wore his pistols...broke down his shotty and stowed it in the bag along with his ammo...carried his rifle open and on his shoulder.
  2. It has been a good season...and next month is the snowiest!!! Looks like we will need another trip up before EOT...
  3. The cabin...and this is AFTER we removed several feet... Home wasn't too bad...gone by noon the next day!
  4. You boys ALL need to grab a Snickers!!! I enjoyed seeing Ashleigh Loy, Lisa Powers from Mernickle Leather and Jim, The Engraver in the background of the first video. If you have ever been to Shot Show, you know it is like being in a bee hive...TONS of folks and NOISE.
  5. The newest hype...usually in womens fashions on FB is MADE IN CHARLOTTE,NC... They are pushing the made in America. BUT... Research and you see the items are NOT made anywhere in the USA. The pages are being run out of country. Unfortunately folks get scammed. I fell for it on boots one time. Got $40 of the $60 back...but paid $20 for $10 boots. Hmmm and ugh!
  6. Blessings to ALL! Happy and Blessed New Year to All!!! I have 2 resolutions: 1) to be kinder to myself 2) that when we do see each other, that I will have my teeth in!!!
  7. Not for many, many years. They usually wear ball cap or visor.
  8. I cared for my grandmother for 3 years. Early on, I could actually work a 3 hour shift, as I had meals on wheels set up to come while I was gone, and she would be occupied with lunch when I returned. That did not last long. The nights of waking up in the middle of rhe night, finding she had gone to the freezer and eating frozen RAW hamburger...or many other things... She was docile and happy early on. She soon did not know me, became combative at the drop of the hat. It is ALL about HER well being now...she is passed a threshold that she now needs professional trained help. We were blessed that we had put her on a waiting list for a home near by the prior year. They took her in the very day we could no longer 'contain' her. Prayers and love...she really needs to be in an organized/structured environment with proffessionals.
  9. We have at least 6 of us born around Christmas...I just happen to be the Christmas Eve baby... It is all great!
  10. Thanks Reb! Pray you and Pat are well! Love you two soooooooo much!
  11. Shanley says to reverse #'s...I am 06 this year!!!
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