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  1. That was a great week!! And I laugh everytime I see the photo!!! Hugs for missing your cowboy today...we do to.
  2. Mom did all her schooling at SAGU! I remeber wirking at ChiChi's in Richland Hills. $5 for a year membership...any time anyone ordered a drink, had to look up their index card!! Yup...I'm that old!!!
  3. Wow! You prove to be more than just a handsome fella!!!
  4. In the past, for Nationals and EOT you had to be a conventioneer in order to wear your sidearms...so I would take a guess you need to be Conventioneer in order to shoot side match... But then again, you are first that I've heard ask the question. I am sure you will get a firm yes or no soon, by someone who is in the know
  5. Never heard of it...but hope it is a board game! We need more board games!!
  6. My daddy's big guy from about 50 yrs ago... Am I using it wrong???
  7. I wish I had had my camera ready...but was blocking a lane of traffic....soooo. We have two doe and a buck that pass the dining window each night about supper. Don't see the Elk in our area. But can hear them bugle sometimes off the upper mountain!
  8. I was kinda cringing on that...and the border around NM!!! (Probably from it becoming 'New Cali')
  9. I will take a soft, chunky-monkey over a hard tootsie roll ANYDAY!!!
  10. Oh...and just an add. BASF has a Tent area close to the range...near the arena. A primitive area. Does that mean Canvas only?? Hmmmm....
  11. When Shanley is sick (wich has been 2x in 22 years, praise God) we binge watch Band of Brothers (Yes, the Marine watches the Army movie) I put on Lord of the Rings...
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