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  1. BASF has DRY CAMP spots. Can get on the other waiting lists.
  2. Sometimes, trying to preform a tough piece...it feels like that! You must assimulate, and become one to get it right!
  3. These conversations happen more often than they should!!!
  4. Shanley Shooter never dissapoints!! 20230725_190252.mp4
  5. Back Country Outfitters Pagosa/Chimney Rock Colorado... We've been seeing good size Elk and Deer in their area!!!
  6. Domingues Red... aka Austin Massey in the Grand Junction area. Gateway Kid...do you have info?
  7. Shanley still employed...but, if someone brought us a check for the NM property today, paperwork would be turned in tomorrow! Yes, no alarms to be set...do things as we choose in the time frame we choose! Peace is not meant to be out of reach.
  8. Grands are important...but they can come visit! Blessed, for sure. Daddy built the cabin in '62! Was blessed he trusted us in its care!
  9. The San Juans of the Rockies. Also the edge of the Wimanuchue Wilderness...beautiful! We have a beautiful home here in the High Dessert of NM...but really enjoy being less than a mile from a beautiful lake/resevoir and pines/fur/aspen!!
  10. We have been taking things up to the cabin each trip...giving things to kids from the house... We are getting closer to our cabin living!
  11. Their Dress Uniform, hanging in the closet. (Daddy had his Army, and Shanley has his Dress Blues)
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