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  1. Hopeing you all will take time for reflection...and rest....
  2. I question why an FFL can't transfer to a buyer??? Hmmmmm... Give Cowboy Guns 2.0 in Clarksville, Tx a call. Ask for Tbone. Might even be able to 'trade' for a Cowboy gun. Maybe... you won't know untill you ask!
  3. Spray paint, glues, Cool Whip or Cheeze in a can....all need the AGE approval. They are all used in HUFFING...just one more way to get high. In the early '80s , I kept finding full cans of coolwhip that were 'flat'...finally caught the culprit. Sad.
  4. Daddy raised Fighting Cocks (when it was legal) It was something he and his mom did together. Call it post Depression Era stuff, I don't know...just know I grew up with it. There were over 400 fowl of somekind on the property. Dad built long rectangular structures with cinderblock...about 3' high...and then chicken wire up to a sheetmetal roof. There was a cinder block/chickenwire barrier down the center , making a double side. Each space per FC rooster was about 3' × 4'. The roost bar was a octangular dowel, about 3" diamiter. Also had a piece of plywood leaning against the wall for shade/protection. There were 2 of these long houses. For the laying hens, he built a large shed type building...several roost bars at varied levels. There were 2 cunderblocks knocked out for the hens to go in and out...and a large yard with chicken wire surrond, even on top. Inside was a run of chickenwire where a sunwindow would be. There was a rooster in with the hens from time to time...only when we were looking to incubate a batch...and he never looked good after he was done. Hens are mean. I can tell you, breaking water in the winter, and having to clean a pooped pen in July heat has caused me to NEVER want to keep chickens again!!!
  5. That is why dad did it. But...mice and snakes (except rattlers) can climb most things...soooooo.
  6. Shanley Shooter 20220507_094910.mp4
  7. How funny, on my phone it is sideways!!! This is Nick. Fasthammer's grandson. Shanley and Nick are in the Novice class.
  8. Sorry it is sideways!! Maybe one of y'all can flip it? 20220507_084423.mp4
  9. Turn out looks fabulous. The charity is for the local rape crisis center. A good cause. We have quite a few CAS contegency shooting PCC. Tbone Shanley Shooter Hellfire Hannah Mean Michelle Pinewood Kid Bud Guzzlin His dad (alias is evading me) Captain Clark Mica Mguire.... And a few others.
  10. But boy, oh boy, did us Farmington kids come up to Durango to the Copy Cat...the 3.2 beer club. 18 and up.
  11. Pro Steel... Tbone got Shanley hooked. I bought him a Diamondback to shoot the PCC... And the next CAC, Tbone announced adding PCP to the match. Well, needless to say, a trip to Camper World for a O2 monitor for $80 turned into $800!!! Gander Mountain had a 9mm Glock!!!
  12. Pistol Caliber Carbine, I think? 9mm... Also Pistol Caliber Pistol. I will post a video tomorrow.
  13. Heading to Butterfield Range War... A charity match that was Cops vs Lawmen. Now it is PCC. As I don't shoot it, I will try to get some great photos. Fast Hammer puts on a great match and proceeds go to a great cause!
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