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  1. The sale isn't done yet. Like I said, I'm not a 97 guy. There are no manufacturer names or marks on this gun. It just has a W.F. & Co. pressed into the buttstock. It has an interesting sling with what looks old fastener on the stock, it goes up and wraps around the barrel and back to the base of the sling. The gun locks up good an tight. Barrels are not pitted so it was taken care of. The receiver does have some interesting engraving on it. I doubt that I will buy it but thought it was interesting. No documentation so it is most like fake. Thanks for the inputs.
  2. I get to look at this gun and the others on the auction in a bit. How would I identify it as being a reproduction? The pictures of the stock sure make it look old. Current bid is $255.00 I'm sure it will go higher. Everything has been going high on the auctions. The model 97 from the NY police department is at $355. A model 97, unaltered is at $185. I have a 97 and don't really use it so I doubt I'll bid on it. An old Colt 45, with the presentation box, is at $3500 and rising. Just for grins and giggles.
  3. Following a local auction, being held on the internet and there is WF coach gun on the bill. I thought these were only seen in people's imagination. The day they have for viewing, I'm going to go look it over just so I can say I actually held one. The pictures are interesting.
  4. Larry, I hope you don't mind but I requested to posse with you at EOT. 

    1. Chili Pepper Kid, SASS #60463

      Chili Pepper Kid, SASS #60463

      That's great! Usually Capt. Jim Midnight from Iowa is our posse marshal and he runs a good posse. 

  5. The Badger Steam and Gas show is next week.
  6. My wife has a magnet on the fridge that reads, no man was ever killed while washing the dishes.
  7. I have his snail mail address if that helps.
  8. Planes have been buzzing over my house for days. Been to the event twice.
  9. I speak from personal experience, separated ribs hurt more than broken ones. Sit back and take it easy for a week or two.
  10. Relish those moments. Mark it on the calendar. They don't come around often.
  11. Who cut the cheese? As a cheesehead, I hate to tell you but what she was using is not cheese. Still it was interesting if not a bit of a sacrilegious thing to do to "cheese".
  12. I was in the man cave the other night trying to load some bullets. I get what was left of a partial brick and found the receipt from 2002. I purchased the brick for $17.95. Glad I stocked up.
  13. I'm 67. Turn the page in September. Last January I was diagnosed with A-fib. What a PITA. I had visions of traveling more. I still plan to buy a small motorhome and pack up my cowboy gear, mom and hit the road. I'd like to do the next EOT in AZ. Take our time getting there and take our time getting home again. Other than the A-fib, I'm healthy as can be. I work from home on Fridays. Heck, I work everyday. Check, answer emails, take phone calls everyday but Fridays I slow down a bit. Planning on getting my hands looked at. Dupuytren's contracture. Makes your fingers curl up. Hard to get a glove on my left hand. Starting to grow in my right. It is genetic. My brothers have it also. It doesn't affect my grip but it can be a bit painful if I need to flatten my hand. I am seriously thinking of making retirement a full time occupation come January. 50 years with the same company is enough. We have a succession plan in place and capable people. I have one last project to help complete and I will be done.
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