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  1. I'll take a look at the web sites suggested. Thanks to all. I'm in the dairy state. Western stores are few and far between. The ones we do have cater to the rodeo set and rhinestone cowboys. Lots of jeans , pointy boots, straw hats and felt hats that look like you wear it to a performance at the Grand Ol' Opry.
  2. I am looking for a recommendation on where I can buy a good hat. I have enough years at my employer that I can get what I want up to a value of $450. I've looking for a quality silver belly hat and not really interested in rabbit fur hats. Part of my problem is my noggin is fairly large (7 5/8) and somewhat square, Scandinavian genetics. I'm not sure on the style exactly but I'm looking for a good hatter. I found the style I wanted at Texas Jack's when I visited Fredericksburg but couldn't find my size. I've got all the guns I want and other accoutrements. I think I want a hat.
  3. Prayers up for Jake and the family..
  4. Fascinating creatures. We get Ruby Throated hummers. We go through about a pint and a half of "sauce" a day. It isn't unusual to see 10 - 12 buzzing about the feeders. I saw something Sunday I hadn't seen before. Usually a male will guard the feeder and only let females and young birds feed from it. The males must have been on next duty because I didn't see many. One female had what looked to be a juvenile feeding from the same opening she was using at the same time she was. This juvenile actually landed on her back to continue feeding. Hummers a very protective of their feeding station. Had to be one of her brood.
  5. All of the pomp and circumstance that these flashy preachers use is the main reason I have little trust for organized religion. Their main goal is the advancement and preservation of their lifestyle. I've seen many good preachers who are genuinely more interested in the well being of their flocks than they are for their own well being. I adhere to the thought that a church is not a hotel for saints but a hospital for sinners. That being said, every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.
  6. An experience shooter I knew years ago told me to use the firearm you are most experienced using. Things I tell folks when they ask me is to operate/shoot/load/unload as much as you can tolerate. Become proficient enough that you can operate the firearm in the dark. Intruders aren't going to show up during the day or announce themselves and you don't want to turn on the lights to make sure you have loaded, cocked, safety off, ready to engage no matter what firearm you choose to use. Your mileage may vary. Your English is great.
  7. Well you know why so many people don't like cats? They don't know how to cook them. (I'm sorry Miss Allie)
  8. Another thing to consider is what load you will use. Most factory loads for 30-06 lean to the heavier side. Might go for something between 125 grain to 140 grain bullet. Should be light and fast. As long as your rate of twist will send it straight.
  9. I grew up in and live in a small town. Everyone knows most everyone else. When I was a kid, my parents would know I was in trouble in school before I did. If you ever need a helping hand, there are many folks who will reach out to do so.
  10. So last night I was going to mow one of the ridge roads. I was told beforehand that there were some trees that had fallen across them from storms that pass through so as a matter of course, I take a chain saw with me for just such situations. Let me preface. I have spend hundreds of hours working with chainsaws. Cutting fire wood mostly but some tree trimming and clean up. I file my own chains, blow out the debris at least once a year with compressed air, use only non-ethanol gas and high quality 2 stoke oil. I have a preference for Stihl products. Well actually, I only own Stihl saws. I currently have 3 of various sizes. So last night I'm getting my medium sized saw ready. I fill it with bar oil and mixed gas. When I get the offending tree, I fire up the saw and go through my typical warm up. As I begin to cut the tree, the saw dies. That's odd I says to myownself but now it doesn't want to fire back up as it usually does. I put it on full choke and get it to start. Let it warm up some and go back to the throttle and it dies again. I try it one more time but as it starts, I notice that there is a considerable amount of smoke coming out of the muffler. Shazbat. I open up the bar oil cap and sure enough the bar oil is very, very fluid. I open up the gas cap and you guessed it, the fluid is very thick. I put bar oil in the gas tank and mixed gas in the bar oil reservoir. A few invectives were expressed, I questioned my lineage and intelligence. I dumped what remained of both tanks out, got back on the tractor and finished mowing. I was able to move the offending tree out of the way with the bucket. You have to love heavy equipment. I got back to the shed, filled both tanks correctly, went to a downed tree in the yard that needed to be cleaned up, started the saw and it blew copious amounts of blue smoke for about a minute until the gas line had cleared out. Funny thing, the darn saw seemed to actually run better after the line cleared. Got that tree cleaned up, put my saw away and declared it Miller time. All I can say is that I can only blame this as a senior moment. Need to pay attention better next time butthead. What's your senior moment? You know you have had one.
  11. I'm a little afeared of hunting things that can hunt back. I'd take one if I needed to protect my home and family but I don't think I'd make a point to chase one down. I have relatives that do hunt bears in northern Wisconsin. There is a healthy population of them there. They brought back 20 pounds of fat that my wife rendered and made soap out of. She says it was the best soap she has ever made.
  12. Must get her good looks from her mother. My nephew took up dance in college as an elective. Got his degree, I forget in what, then went back to get a law degree. He now has his own Arthur Murray studio where he teaches dance. He and his wife used to dance competitively. Good luck to your daughter. Seems you taught her right.
  13. I'm looking forward to retiring and going to work for my wife and grandkids. I don't know what it is like to be uncommitted for more than a couple days at a time. I want to find out.
  14. I can tell you what I've found in barns. It wasn't cars nor guns. You had to move it with a shovel or fork.
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