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  1. The outfitter we used had a wall tent for 2 people. Would hold all of our stuff and had a stove in it. The "cots" were made on sight of small diameter log poles. A bit lumpy but we were too tired to care. I have no idea the maker but it was a wall tent. This was more than a one person set up. The tent I use anymore I put up in the middle of the hotel room. I don't sleep on the ground. I find it much more enjoyable hunting in my backyard, from the deck of my cabin in the woods or in the grocery store. I gave up the self abuse hunting method years ago. My brothe
  2. People don't know proper phone etiquette. There is an art and style to speaking on a phone that is different than speaking in person. Speaking in person, you have the advantage of sight so you can watch their lips. We all read lips to some extent. On a phone, all you can do is hear and like many of us, our hearing is compromised and we don't hear as well as we used to. Slow down, enunciate. It really torques me off when someone is trying to give me a number or leaves one as a message that you have to play the recording a half dozen times to write the number down. I make a habit of disti
  3. A good fencing pliers for barbed wire. Has two cutters, hammer and staple puller. A large lineman's pliers for other work. Those fancy circular cutters for wire rope so it doesn't come unwound. Can't have too many tools.
  4. Yup, I checked. Member since 95. 65 going on 28. My motto is, you are never too old to have a happy childhood. It is all up to you.
  5. I'm still hobbling around. I think I joined back in the 90s. That was the stone age for some.
  6. Good questions. I'll just stick to cowboy guns here as I would be typing a lot if I did all the calibers I have of "modern" firearms. 45 Colt, 44 mag, 38 special, 357 mag, 32 H&R mag, main match guns, along with some pocket pistols of various other calibers and big bore long range rifles. I load for me, Brave Star (son) and Prairie Wildcat (daughter). I bought my brothers rigs when he got out of cowboy shooting and I previously bought equipment hoping my other son or wife would shoot. Turns out it was/is just the 3 of us. The two 92s I already have are Winchester originals.
  7. Well mostly. I hate passing up a bargain. Went and looked at it. It is an old girl. Well used, tons of patina. Barrel in decent shape for its age. I'll see what it goes for and if I get it, I'll report back. Another one I was interested in is a Savage 99 in .308. Looked at that. Had a scope mounted to it. That didn't bother me as much as the fact that they took apart the Lyman tang mounted peep sight apart to fit the scope on. Why not just take the whole sight off? Now it has half the sight still on the gun. Then they removed the rear buckhorn sight to mount the scope
  8. I opened the side plate of a S&W 29 once. After looking inside I slowly and quietly put the side plate back on swearing to myself to never do that again. I watched a video of a "smith" taking apart a Winchester 74, semi auto .22. With all the warnings about this spring and that lever, I decided I would just bathe it in cleaning solution so I wouldn't have to take it apart. I had a picture of my 73 totally stripped down on my bench as my phone front page. Amazing all the little tiny parts, screws and springs that go into that thing. I am amazed at how something t
  9. Well, that's what I thought as well. Just hate to pass it up if it is really cheap. Going to the open house here in a bit to look it over. Hate to pass up a bargain.
  10. If you do and are interested, there is an online auction, local to me, that has several .22s, one .45 and another nickel plated .45. If you are interested, PM me and I'll send you a link. Not sure I can post it here without the moderator slapping me silly.
  11. Local online auction has a Winchester 92 in 25-20. I have 2 92s already. One is a rifle and the other a saddle ring carbine. So far, the one on the auction is cheap but there are 3 days to go. I'm holding back as I didn't shoot the two I already have. My daughter did but I got her a Marlin in 32 mag to match her pistols and the 92 went to the back of the safe. What do I need another one for? Silly question, I know. Why do I need any more of any of them? Loading for 25-20 is a pain with the extra steps in loading a bottle nosed cartridge vs. a straight wall cartridge. Annealing, trimm
  12. We have Disney + but not the subscription portion. Grandkids enjoy it. Parts of it I like also.
  13. Our mongrel is laying on the floor beside me. Part Cocker and Blue Heeler. Wants to be a cow dog. Her given name is Nellie because when she was young she was very headstrong and wouldn't mind. Mom called her Naughty Nellie after the Little House on the Prairie character. I started calling her Dummy F*@# but was admonished to not do that as the grandkids might hear. Mostly I call her Dummy. Doesn't matter as she is 12 and mostly deaf. Does respond to hand signals pretty well when she can see past her cataracts. She has some fatty tumors and a few growths on her. She snores like mad bu
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