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  1. We have some in Wisconsin. Old Reedsburg Road. LaValle Street come to top of mind.
  2. You know this how? Hmmmmm? Make sure you get it on video. You might win $10,000 on America's Funniest Videos.
  3. If you have a large enough account with them, they don't charge for much. Not everyone can do that though. My wife went into the local BMO branch, went up to the counter to withdraw some money or make some transaction. The girl behind the counter was new to her and started to give her some grief about the transaction, fees needed or some such, so wifey says, well I'll just take it all out and close the account. New girl goes back to talk to the head teller that a client wanted to close her account. The head teller came flying out, profusely apologizing, asking how she could be of service, how high and how much. At the time, wifey had high 5 figures or low 6 figures in the bank. It got their attention. I don't think new girl lasted long but I don't go in that bank much. Same branch, a few years later, lunchtime with wifey, we were doing a transaction in the drive through, I think a deposit. All the tellers were gone or busy. Assistant branch manager is taking care of us. Toady looking feller. I'm the one doing the transaction this time. I send in the check and deposit slip through the tube, get a voice on the other end, I'm going to need some ID, can you send your drivers license. This is a small town, everyone knows me. People I don't know, know who I am. Everyone but the Assistant Branch Manager. So I send my DL in through the tube. Someone must have come back from lunch because an animated voice comes over the intercom, Mr. Finagler, I' sorry, I just had to make sure it was you. Yeah, right I see him once in a while. He doesn't make much eye contact. Banks are all about fees. That is where they make their money.
  4. The railroad industry had to deal with operators sleeping in the cabs on long, lonely stretches of rail. They installed a button that the operator had to push periodically, like once every minute or two, to prove they were awake and attentive. If they didn't, the locomotive would stop and all H would break loose.
  5. The best driving school I found, for my oldest son, was to put him in a 4 cylinder race car (Bandit, Hornet, etc) on a short track. He learned evasive, defensive driving in a hurry. He also learned how to fix them at the same time. One bad habit he picked up was following too close. He drives on the road like he used to on the track. I tell him to back off when he drives. You will spend some quality time with him.
  6. Alpo: I think you are remembering an episode of How It's Made. The mechanized bread makers roll the dough flat(er) and then the conveyor takes it under a mesh that rolls it up and deposits it in a pan. It all comes out the same in the end.
  7. Mama never cursed no matter how angry she got and she could get mad. Worst I ever heard her say was, "wait until your father gets home". You knew you were in it deep then. Hell Bells? Used in these parts pretty regularly. Seems to be more of a good ol' boy lexicon. What is your major malfunction maggot? I think that was a line from Full Metal Jacket by Ermey (RIP). It works. Me? I use abbreviations and language translations. DF is a favorite. DB, dumb bee ach. Richard Kopf. No offense intended to any actual Richard Kopfs. Dick is a nickname for Richard. Kopf is German for head. You figure it out. I find that I have become quite proficient at using bad English, German, Finnish and some Spanish to put forward a stream of invectives when needed.
  8. A hard case to put a golf bag and contents is made for traveling with clubs. You'd have to do some mods to it to make it fit for long guns. I'm sure they sell these on-line. Looks like and has molded into the case some kind of golf logo. Golf bags are heavy so there will be no noticeable difference. I took a briefcase, padded it and use it to transport pistols. It locks and looks inconspicuous. I prefer the American Tourister plastic cases. I've not done it but a woman's makeup case would work as well as a small hard sided suitcase.
  9. Where was she when my son was racing. Would have been good to have in the pits.
  10. Really causes you to wonder what dirt Dale Jr. has on Bill and Hillary.
  11. Ask Mayobard. He is the resident Irish expert.
  12. I crossed Checkpoint Charlie in January of 75. Me and 40 other naive college students touring Germany. East Berlin was one of the most surreal and frightening places, at the same time, that I have been to. I can remember it very clearly.
  13. Go to your local farm and barn store. Buy a Have-A-Heart live trap or one like it. Take a tuna fish can sized container and put dog food in it. Set the can as far back in the trap as you can. Set the trap on the ground where they frequent. Sprinkle a few more pieces of dog food just inside the entrance to the trap. After you catch them, take them for a ride to a rural location. Feed them a lead pill and dispose of appropriately. I live in the country and can take coon, possums, skunks year round on my property as they are considered nuisance animals. They do a lot of damage to my wife's flower beds, our garden, try to tear into the chicken coop and kill our chickens at every opportunity. When we grew sweet corn, they would take out about a third of the corn. It is amazing how the ecosystem can support the high number of these animals as I take out more than 20 every year. They are like locusts. I use a .22 mag as a Long Rifle just makes them mad.
  14. Blinker is pretty common here in Wisconsin. So is bubbler.
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