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  1. My cat had dangling participles. We had them removed. I too keep mine covered. An athletic supporter is someone who cheers for their favorite sports team. Nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, it is all Greek to me. Maybe Subdeacon Joe can help us with the Greek translation. English wasn't my best subject. Bad English I can do just fine.
  2. We drown our turkeys (brine them). Ma puts some spices together, put the turkey in a 5 gallon pail we reserve just for this, cover the turkey with water and ice, put it in the walk in cooler (garage) overnight. Next day, recover the body, wipe the excess spices off, pat it dry, slather on butter, stuff the cavity with celery, onions and a couple carrots for flavor. Cover with foil and into a 300 degree oven for a couple hours or until that little pop up thing goes off. Take off the foil and leave for another 30 minutes. Turn off the oven and let it rest while the rest of the other food is prepared. Siphon off some drippings for gravy, home made mashed taters ( make them and am told by my grand daughter they are the best), some kind of veggie, home made dinner rolls, punkin pie, some other kind of fruit pie, usually apple and dressing in a side dish. I'd rather eat that than my taters. Canned or freshly candied cranberries, dill pickles, olives of some sort. Ma sometimes will make a disgusting brussels sprout dish. She thinks just because she par-fries them along with bacon that they taste good. Nope, no way. I let her have my portion. I'll have another piece of pie. The turkey is moist and delicious. Left overs are my favorite. We have a small gathering. Usually around 20 show up.
  3. Cool pics. I had not seen what the storage space looks like. I was told the high voltage thing by one of our engineers years ago when the Prius first came out and the wires were not specifically identified. I've been wondering how the people in Kalifornia have been liking their electric cars with the rolling black outs. How do they re-charge their cars?
  4. Here in Wisconsin the deer are almost like rodents. At least the southern part. We routinely see 18 to 20 deer in the field behind the house every night. I faile do mention that we live in the country on 176 acres of which about half is open (fields and homestead) and the other half is woods. The herd has been growing back some since I told those relatives that hunted on our property that they could take one deer per year. Bow, gun, holiday hunt, buck or doe. One deer. They quit hunting with me. I had one BIL and nephew who would take three off a piece. He didn't own any land and treated mine like it was his private preserve. My own son quit hunting because the numbers were down so bad. It also didn't help that about the same time a fairly large number of Amish families moved in and they shot everything, all the time. Divine providence, donchaknow. When I got my license the other day, it automatically spit out 3 doe tags along with the buck tag. But like I said, I'm going mainly to help my SIL and to get some down time. Big Sage, nicely done! That isn't on my bucket list but I wouldn't turn down the chance to go. What caliber did you reach out and touch them with?
  5. Interesting factoid, what they don't tell you about electric cars is that they operate on high voltage. It takes special training on the part of rescue workers to know where and how to cut you out of one so as to not get electrocuted. If the rescue team were to go in and start hacking around with the jaws of life like they do on engine powered cars, they could hit a live wire(s). You don't want to be messing around under the hood of an electric car.
  6. Well done by you both. Our season starts this Saturday. I take my SIL out as he is in a wheel chair. He has gotten a buck the last three years. I go hiking with a gun, read magazines, drink coffee and hot chocolate. I keep the cabin warm so he can come in from time to time to warm up. I may drop a doe this year for meat and to thin the herd a bit. That is unless a monster comes along.
  7. I don't much care what size they are. As long as I don't have to carry them and they don't sit on my lap. Dummy is laying here at my feet as we speak. She is mostly deaf and has cataracts but she doesn't like to leave my side. I tolerate cats only because I'm not a complete villain. I have one ounce of compassion.
  8. Now that he has weaponized a helmet, did they do a background check on him, indicating that he has no prior convictions or mental health issues and did he have a permit to possess that lethal helmet? It is those demon helmets to blame. Take away all the helmets! Fred(only being mildly sarcastic)Finagler
  9. When I'm sending emails, when first typing in the contact I want to send the email to there is a prompt or several that come up. Some of the prompts are bothersome so I set out yesterday to remove some. I first had intentions of deleting former business associates I have no contact with but in the process I came across numbers of friends and cowboy shooters that have ridden off into the sunset. It made me kind of sad and melancholy to think of these friends knowing I will never see them or hear from them. Their contact information just faded off into the deleted file bin. But on the other hand, I still have all of you ornery curs to keep me company. So set 'em up Bottles. I'm buying the first round for my friends. Past, present and future.
  10. My condolences. In the last two years I have list 4 BILs. In the last month a coworker, 53, passed from a pulmonary embolism. He was a basket case but still too young.
  11. My father still refers to his sons and daughters as his children. He still thinks of us as children.
  12. I bought a 25-20, saddle ring carbine, must be 12 -14 years ago. Barrel was in decent shape inside, decent bluing outside. Brown patina on the receiver. Was dirtier than mom's garden. Switched the butt stock for a shorter LOP for my daughter. Kept the original to switch back to. Paid $400 US dollars. About five years ago the guy came back to me indicating that if I ever considered selling it, he'd like to buy it back. I said if I did, I'd let him know but it would be at market prices which today would be around $1,000 to me. Maybe a bit more depending on my mood at the time.
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