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  1. Why didn't that show up when I searched on it? Thanks for your help guys.
  2. It says 140 uf +/- 5%. 250 V. AC 50/60 Hz. 25/70/21 C P1 It has a model number of CBB65. I don't have the motor information at the moment. I'll have to get it.
  3. I did a search and a lot of hvac stuff came up. I'll check with our service techs. Thanks.
  4. Well the voltage might be the same but then that micro feraund (u with a funny f) thing will be much lower. I just don't know enough about one or the other to make sense of it. I may have to take it to work and let my maintenance guys look at it . Thanks for your help.
  5. I think my air compressor needs a new capacitor. Turn it on and it hums and tries to start but just can't get it done. Especially if it is cold out. The compressor is a cheap Briggs and Stratton unit and part are not available any longer. I need to find a suitable substitute and am like a monkey with an abacus looking at all the options. Ohms, volts, micro feraunds, I can't find a match. Some are close but others are way off. Anyone want to help out an electrically challenged cowboy?
  6. Back about 1988 we lived next to an old widower, Larry, who kept very much to himself. We would wave and be sociable when we saw him outside. We got used to the schedule he would keep. Our bedroom window faced his driveway and house. Late one night we heard voices talking to Larry. It was two young girls helping him get home. Larry was confused, took a drive and lost his way home. These two samaritans got him home. I went over and asked Larry if he needed any help. He deferred and went inside, I assumed to go to bed. I went back to bed also. Ma got me up the next morning and said I needed to check on Larry. I went over and banged on the door but no answer. Larry was mostly deaf and didn't wear hearing aids much so I banged a while before I started checking windows. Well, Larry had passed and after the police came, took Larry away, I closed up the place and locked it up. Someone got in contact with his daughter who I never met in the years we lived next to Larry. She showed up to sort out what she wanted and get rid of the rest. She was a tree hugger that worked for the forest service in Washington state. Lived in Port Angeles. One day I was in the back yard doing something and she comes over to me carrying two long guns. She was carrying each of them holding them pinched between two fingers as though touching them would pass on some kind of disease. She asks, do you have guns? I replied yes. She pushes the guns on me and says to take the guns. I was somewhat dumbfounded. I asked her if she wanted to sell them to me. No. Do you want me to sell them and give her the money. No. She just wanted them gone. She was deathly afraid of them. She gave them to me in return for helping her dad and watching over the house before she got there. (sewage backed up in the basement, cop had to break a window to get access and I got them both taken care of) One was a Winchester 97 take down and the other was a Remington .22 pump rifle. I had to get the Winchester fixed, wouldn't cycle properly and barrel shortened for CAS. I still have the .22 but my son wants it. Maybe. She was there for a couple weeks, rented a storage unit, moved a bunch of stuff, not that there was much there to begin with and we never saw her again.
  7. I thought the Kookaburra was just supposed to sit in the ol' gum tree. I guess you don't mess with the king of the bush.
  8. I like any kind of BBQ. I picked out KC as we have a shop there that I will get back to one day. In the tiny burg the shop is in they have a mom and pop place that makes great BBQ. In KC, our manager took us to a place, can't remember the name but it was outstanding. Had burnt ends, pork, beef and I think even chicken. I have to get back there. Memphis, Abalama, Mistressippi, even Kaintucky had great BBQ. I just need to get out. Mom has a rack of baby back ribs in the fridge I think I'll prep at lunch and she can set on the grill for dinner. Gonna have some good eats. Yum.
  9. I appreciate the suggestion but,,,, I live in rural/small town Wisconsin. Door Dash and Uber Eats are mere figments of our imagination. Besides, KFC, around here, doesn't do chicken fried chicken. They do fried chicken but not pounded flat like a steak. Now I'm hungry again.
  10. With this dang virus, I'm not traveling like I used to or should. I need to find a Texas Roadhouse or a Lone Star restaurant. I have a hankering for a good chicken fried chicken smothered in gravy. I really want to get back to KC and get some BBQ. Maybe I'll fire up the smoker this weekend. Somehow it always tastes better when someone else cooks it. If you asked for chicken fried chicken in Wisconsin, you get a funny look. BBQ is ok but just not the same. I wonder if I can get some delivered.
  11. I told the Mrs. that it is probably only a matter of time before one or both of us get the virus. She agreed but said if I get it and give it to her she will kill me. If I go missing, you'll know why. I too had a colonoscopy back in June and had to get tested then. I knew I was in for a treat when the nurse measured the test swab along side my head. I swear she cleaned out my ears from the inside, through my nose. I get to do it again as I'm having foot surgery next month. Oh, the joys of getting old.
  12. Impressive indeed. I quit watching the news. It is all editorialized, politicized garbage where talking heads tell themselves what they want to hear. I haven't really watched the news for the past couple weeks and I enjoy life more.
  13. I don't have too many favorites. I like lots of things. Depends on what mood I'm in. I do have a favorite wife. Been married to her 41 years, so she must be my favorite. I like her so much I married her twice, just to make sure. I have a favorite oldest daughter and a favorite youngest daughter. I have a favorite oldest son and a favorite youngest son. Other than that, SQUIRREL!
  14. I had a robin do that on one of our windows that had a tree just outside of it. He went after it so hard he bloodied himself. All we could figure out was that there was a next in the tree and he could see his reflection and tried to chase away the "intruder". Had woodpeckers start to drill holes in the wood trim of the house. It is cedar so the only thing I can figure is that there were bugs under the boards he was after. I filled holes, put up wire mesh to keep them away. It works fairly well. One still comes back once in a while and pecks at the vinyl siding. Stupid birds.
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