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  1. Someone must have seen the error of their way. They are trying to resurrect it now. Good it in with all their other makes.
  2. Textron bought Dixie and shut them down. Scag builds a number of good mschines. The Cheetah is supposed to be one of their better ones. You should also consider Exmark and Ferris. Gravely and Kubota make great mowers as well. Get the unit with the suspension seat. The mechanical suspension is a great seat. The air suspension is more money and the only real benefit to the air suspension is that it is easier and quicker to adjust. The ride is the same otherwise.
  3. Went to Tech did you?  I went to Suomi, 73-75.  I still go up there a few times a year.  Sometimes on business and sometimes on pleasure.  Great people, beautiful country.

    1. Trooper Ozzy

      Trooper Ozzy

      Your closest bar I was a regular at was Ginos

  4. I went to school up there. It's da YOOP, donchaknow. It may not be the end of the world but you can see it from there. If you like snow.
  5. Well I'm lost too, most of the time. For every revolution the wheel makes the axle would rotate 6:0, 6:12, 6:20. I don't know how that translates from Ford rear ends to GM. Our tach would reach about 6,700 RPMs. Engine builder was more comfortable with 6,200. Don't know what the top speed was, no speedometer, but the average speed on a 1/3 mile asphalt track was between 78 - 79 MPH, average. Most times we would do lap times of around 15.2 - 15.4. Down the straights they had to be pushing 90+.
  6. You damn right. In the summer the Illinois plates outnumber the Wisconsin plates. They think they own the place and we are servants. Those are just the tourists. FIBs that own property think they are royalty and doing us poor folks a favor buy spending a few shekels in our establishments. They drive like they own the roads, where ever and how ever they please. What I find interesting about Prince Pritzker is that he thinks so highly of Illinois that all of his vacation properties are OUT OF STATE! He said he went to his farm last weekend to get away. Farm my fanny. It is an equestrian center! In Wisconsin! Indoor riding ring, air conditioned buildings, stately lawns, set up for shows and events. He has a lake home a few miles away so he can cool his fat fanny off. If that isn't good enough, he can go to his farm in Florida. Another HUGE equestrian center for shows, training, etc. If things really get tough, he can go to his estate in the BAHAMAS! Or one of the many Hyatt Hotels his family owns. I'll see if I can find the link that highlights what this boob has. Here, you have to look at it to see this hypocrisy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5-vNvJapZQ . Interesting thing to me is that it seems that the last 4 governors of Illinois went to prison during or after their time in office. He can't get there too soon but guess where the prison is that they send them to? Wisconsin! Interesting thing about little Richie Daily, former mayor of Shitcago, he had a vacation home on Lake Michigan. Guess where. Indiana! These turds like their state so much that they escape it as often as possible. I have some SASS friends who live down under and they are great people. I wish they would escape to Wisconsin. It seems that those that are in and around Cook County are the biggest bunch of fools and crooks in the world today. So the rest of us hicks in the land of cheese, beer and cow manure refer to those people as flatlanders or FIBS. Welcome to Wisconsin, Now go home. As T. Bubba said, if it's tourist season, why can't we shoot them?
  7. I'm not casting asparagus on anyone but the gun on the right seems to resemble a Browning. Just an observation, I'll go away now.
  8. My experience, which is limited, a lower gear ratio in 1st will get you off from a standing start quicker but if you are looking for fuel mileage, most transmissions in its highest gear 3rd or 4th is a 1:1 ratio. A 3 speed in 3rd gear is 1:1. A 4 speed in 4th Gear is 1:1. Unless you use a transmission with OD, you aren't going to change your fuel mileage. What you can do is change the gear ratio in the rear end/axle but this is going to affect your stand start take off but help with the fuel economy. Will you notice the difference in the start? Only if you intend to drag race it but if you want it to have a high cool affect, sound out of the pipes, squeak the tires and just look overall cool, change the rear end. At the track, circle racing, we started with a 6:20 rear end, went to a 6:0, then went up to a 6:12. A 6:20 ran out of RPMs in the straights, a 6:0 didn't have enough lift off the corners. The 6:12 was the best we could do with the engine package we had. We never worried about the standing start. Never used 1st gear. Never worried about fuel economy either. For what it's worth, we ran a Ford 9" rear end on a GM metric chassis with Chevy Short Block. Lots of guys around here like the 9" rear ends as changing gears is way easier than GMs. You can still find gears for GMs but I don't have much experience with them.
  9. Those of youse guys that are professional and amateur gunsmiths, I am going to get me a bench block. I'm tired of holding a gun two handed and trying to put in a screw, drive a pin or fit a part with the third hand. I am looking for feedback on which bench block to get. I don't want the steel one and mar the finish on my guns so I am looking at the nylon one and the over sized one. Which is better. I won't be doing any AR work, just general stuff. Also, I'm considering a brass catcher. One of the reasons I don't shoot my semi-autos much is I hate hunting for brass in the grass. Any suggestions here? Thank you for your consideration.
  10. I think another strong reason why Cabela's sold was to settle the estate of the founder and his wife. After Dick and his wife passed, none of the kids had that kind of money to buyout the rest of the family or take a position large enough to control the company. The vulture capitalists probably had a heavy hand in the transaction but who could blame the family? Wave that kind of money under their nose? Sell it. I would. BP found after the deal was done that they had grossly over paid. I still won't go there.
  11. DCI Banks on Amazon +1 Hinterland on Netflix Both are British crime dramas. Interesting twists and turns.
  12. I heard Sydney, Nebraska is very depressed economically. I didn't care for BPS before and less now. I found their products poorly made and not appropriate for the season. I went in last fall expecting to find a winter jacket. Not a single one in the store. Not even ski wear. I find the same thing has happened with Gander/Camping World. I will look for a different company to buy my sporting goods from. I'm already set for ammo and accessories.
  13. Prayers up and a whiskey too for Pat! Get better soon.
  14. I've carried a Leatherman Wave for years. It needs a tune up but is still the handiest one I have found. I don't need to open up the whole tool to just get the blade out. I'm a bit frustrated with stainless steel blades. Darn things won't hold and edge and work harden when I try to sharpen it so bringing an edge back on it is the dickens. I am now carrying an old Barlow knife the keeps a great edge and is easy to sharpen. Someday I'm going to take my Leatherman apart and make a tool steel blade for it. My idea of a perfect multi-tool.
  15. A doctor cannot disclose your medical condition or what was done to treat you. If you tell the doc you broke the law, they can report it. Doctors report all kinds of suspicious activities by patients. Gun shot wounds are reported right away. Women and children with suspicious bruises or injuries get reported. I had to take my wife in once after she got smacked upside the head by a horse. If the nurse in the ER didn't know us, I probably would have gotten reported.
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