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  1. What he said. Race horses aren't let out of their stalls much either for fear they will hurt themselves. Horses is really dumbest. Wild horses and pastured horses don't have as much need for shoes as the hooves wear down on their own. Shod horses need the shoes pulled from time to time, trim the hooves and re-shod. If you ride a lot, ride on asphalt, concrete or rocky surfaces a lot, shoe your horses. If you don't ride much, not a need to shoe them. At least that was my experience when I had jugheads. Man are they dumb. If they aren't dumb, they are mean.
  2. Congratulations! I myself have 8 with one on the way. I learned 2 things about grandkids. 1 - you look forward to them coming to visit and 2 - you look forward to them going home. Makes me and grandma tired.
  3. Had the HS ring. Didn't wear it much after HS. Wear a wedding ring but should take it off when wrenching. Knew guys that wore their wedding ring on a chain around their neck. Have some other rings my wife bought me but don't wear them much. Don't have the calluses on my fingers to have them on long.
  4. For the same reason people keep fire extinguishers. I hope I never have to use it.
  5. Being of Norwegian distraction, it ain't so bad. I have lineage tracing some of my great, greats going back to 1400, 1200 AD. I know for certain that all of my grandparents came from Norway. My son did a 23 and Me test and it came back as having some infinitesimal amount of north African in him. My wife attributes this to long ago travelers but I said it is from her side of the family. Her side is a dukes mixture of Norwegian, English, German and others unknown. Who knows, we could be related!
  6. I was raised on casseroles. Mom had to figure out a way to disguise leftovers because dad didn't like leftovers. I don't mind them. I think of them like pot pies and the like. It was either casseroles or soup at our house. We ate a lot of soup too. Good thing dad traveled a lot. I got tired of meat and potatoes, meat and potatoes, meat and potatoes. My poor mother never could count on what time dad would come home from work so more often than not, the meat was cooked to the point it was unrecognizable. Pork was cooked extra well done so you wouldn't get sick from trichinosis. Old school cooking. Mom could make gravy and gravy was required. Not so much as a condiment but more as a beverage to rehydrate the meat. My wife can whip up a great casserole. Church food is always a little suspect. I make a point to have my wife point out which one she brought so I know I'll get something decent to eat. I was raised in the Lutheran church. The church ladies have written books on the many ways to make Jello. Much of it is inedible.
  7. I have two pair of the red ones, as modeled by J Bar and somewhere my wife found and old time set that are actually made of wool. I haven't been brave enough to wear those.
  8. I've lived all my life in the south. Southern Wisconsin. Except for a couple of years at college in da UP, ya hey? The problems we deal with are flat landers that invade us (peoples from Illinois, Indiana and Iowa). The Illinois people think they own the place and drive terribly. I met a very nice man turkey hunting in Florida. He was from NC but originally from MN. He was of German/Norwegian extraction so he wasn't half bad. We were talking about different hunting customs. Deer hunting. In Wisconsin, you shoot a deer, you gut it out there in the woods. My friend was familiar with this custom as being the same in MN but said if you were to hunt on the Baptist minister's property in NC and you left an empty fifth bottle in his deer stand, the minister would give you a lecture on the evils of strong drink. However, if the minister found a gut pile on his property, that you had left, said minister would condemn you soul to damnation and never talk to you again. I didn't understand such vehemence as crows, racoons, possums and such have to eat also. Down south you are supposed to take the entire animal out before eviscerating it. I found that unique.
  9. My son had disc surgery early last December. He suffered much as you are now. When he went in, the procedure only took about a half hour. The doc said that they normally have to cut the bulged disc from around the nerves but in his case the nerves were pushed out of the way. The only pain he had after the surgery was from the incision. 6 weeks later, he is back to his onery self. He had his surgery done at Gunderson Lutheran in Lacrosse, WI. Not a big operation but very well qualified. His surgery was out patient.
  10. Scary business. Glad you are ok. Go for the dwarf trees, of any kind. We planted some poplar trees 26 years ago and now they are scary big. One is too close to the shed and will most likely require a professional logger to take it down. If I do it and screw it up, land it on the shed, SWMBO'd, will never let me live it down.
  11. Finlandia University - FU. A small, private, university in da UP (upper peninsula of Michigan). No, really, ya hey. OSHA - a small town in northern Wisconsin.
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