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  1. I got me a .32 caliber round ball mold and a wrist rocket. I will likely never run out of ammo. Bought a box of .25 caliber round ball as well. Good fun with the grandson. Lock your wife and your dog out of the house for an hour. See which one will be glad to see you when you let them in. Now that is living dangerously.
  2. Because it's there. Doesn't make any sense but whatever.
  3. She is going to break many hearts someday.
  4. Better start searching for cow pies to burn for warmth and cooking. I'm sure they can find a lot of them in and around the capitol. Building or living in a building with a single source of heat is foolish. Having a fire place is good if nothing but the aesthetic properties it has.
  5. Cocoa Wheats. Used to love them. Now I can't stand the taste or texture. Circus peanuts. I ate a whole bag once. Won't do that again. I never could do canned pasta. I'm not sure Spaghettio's are pasta. Those little Os never break down. I get a hankering for them once in a great while but I have to be really hungry.
  6. Cold is a state of mind. Wisconsin has good housing, low property taxes, as long as you don't live on a lake, there are a number of clubs to shoot at, good medical facilities, good schools and nice people , lots of trees, lakes, parks hills and valley and the dairy aire isn't too bad. Water? Boy howdy, we have water. You can't go 5 miles and not hit water somewhere. You can buy 40, 80, 120 acres and have your own Eden. I'd look at central, south central, south west Wisconsin were I looking. Today, the sun is shining and it is supposed to be a high of 12 degrees. It is a beautiful day
  7. I think the high yesterday was -1 in America's Dairyland. Kind of balmy after a start of -17.
  8. -17 degrees here in the Dairyland. A bit chilly. Plant manager in KS is telling us of rolling black outs so they sent everyone home. Two operations in MX are being shut down because it is below freezing and the government, who controls the power and gas, is focusing on the residential, so everyone gets to go home. I was outside for 2 hours yesterday moving snow. My truck wouldn't start so I used the tractor. As I'm bracing against the wind, that made it cold, I remembered that I had some starting fluid. That diesel jumped to life once it got a taste of ether. The silver lin
  9. I thought when I got the swab test they were cleaning my ears from the inside.
  10. Here is an Alpo-esque question. If someone was in outer space, no oxygen, no gravity, if an astronaut were to fire a gun, would it go bang? Is there enough oxygen in the case to ignite the powder and fire the round? The same question only using a vacuum chamber. If you suck all the air out, would the round fire? Now my head hurts.
  11. I remember that smile. Heartbreaker. I think she is sitting in the wagon I loaned you. It was a cold day for sure.
  12. Went to the LGS and they had a collection from a collector that had a number of old S&Ws, Hopkins & Allen, another old maker whose name escapes me at the moment. #1s, 1 1/2, lots of different calibers. Seemed to be reasonably priced. Must have been 18 - 20 of them. If you are interested, message me and I'll get the phone number of the shop for you. Shop is located in Richland Center, WI.
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