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  1. For civilian use, does anyone have experience with dash cams? With all the crazy drivers out there, I am considering getting one for my own self. There are lots of them out there and I don't want to break the bank but want a decent one. Any help? Thanks
  2. I'm not a lawyer and I didn't play one on tv. I have stayed at Holiday Inn Express but don't think that will help. I do know in the dairy state there are different classes of felonies. I think the minor ones (yeah right, minor) that these will not exclude you from possession of a firearm. For example, if you are guilty of speeding, more than 20 MPH over, it is considered a felony. I don't think that qualifies. Check with your lawyer before trying.
  3. Hey Lefty. You left out the preferred manufacturer of torque wrenches of hobby mechanics. Guttentite. Works most every time.
  4. Must be 30 years ago. Driving on the freeway between Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. I'm in the center lane, semi/car hauler to my left. One of those God awful looking Olds Omegas had passed me on the right and was now about 4 cars ahead of me. Nice sunny day, not too much traffic. Without warning the back window of the Omega just blows out. The entire window, in one piece, fluttering in the breeze, headed my way. I couldn't go to the left, going to the right didn't seem feasible as the Olds was now braking and this entire window is in the air. I drifted as close to that semi as I could and t
  5. I've been keeping them in my devotions. I do think of them from time to time.
  6. Well I put on my big boy pants and called the number of the original owner of the badge that was sold at auction. Once I inquired of his alias, by golly, we both remember each other as we had shot together numbers of time. We talked for a good half hour about different shoots, other members, his wife's alzheimers, him being over 80 and a bit wobbly being his decision to sell out. Lives in an assisted living facility now, not far away. I asked him about his badge and he was disappointed that it was sold. He wanted to keep that but in the process of packing things up, it got misplaced and w
  7. Let's see. A lot of the guys I enjoyed shooting with got old. New guys started taking on more of the club management. Went from fun/goofy stages to 10,10,4 speed stages. They had a "famous" world champion come and give a seminar. This man, he is well respected and should be, commented on how the target placement was a sniper shoot, the targets were placed so far away from the firing line. Went from fun, maybe somewhat complicated stages where you might have to think about what you were doing, to speed stages. As fast as you could dump them. It was time to move along with other interest
  8. Cop pulled a fellow over. Walks up to the window. Gets the drivers paperwork and as the officer is writing out the ticket, the driver says, I suppose you expect me to buy tickets to the policeman's ball. The officer replies, policemen don't have ,,,,,,,,,, . The officer thought for a moment, stopped writing the ticket, tore it up and wished the driver a nice day.
  9. No, the auctioneer said he is very much alive. Just selling his stuff. I asked. Politely. (Is he daid?) No. I asked if "he was still with us". Auctioneer said I could give him a call. Seller left that open to anyone that had questions. Maybe I'll get his number later and quiz him down.
  10. Since those are his thoughts, so be it. If you want it, start bidding. Then, it's yours. Good luck,.... gr I did but once it got past $60.00 I backed off. The lot had a couple of miniature SAA revolvers and some kind of rubber band powered BB gun. I have no interest in the BB gun. The miniatures, maybe. I'll see if the auctioneer will give me the name of the buyer and see if they will sell it to me.
  11. I'm following an online auction and one of the lots has a shooters lifetime badge as one of the items in the lot. The auction is local to me, the owner is somewhat local to me but I have no idea who he is, alias or by real name. I'm sure I have shot with him somewhere as I make the rounds to the different clubs but I still don't know him. Just makes me kind of sad that he would let his badge go like this. I intend to give mine to my kids who shoot. His cowboy guns however are selling at handsome prices. I may end up with his coach gun (not that I need another coach gun). I may try to fi
  12. I know how to pronounce it and I know what it is. Still ,,,,,,, no. Just ,,,, no. That's not right. Anything that has cottage cheese as a center piece ,,,,,, no. Jello should have fruit in it. Iknowtomatosareafruit. Still ,,,,, no. You are a funny lady. Alpo, (shaking my head) you need to talk to someone. I've seen gross and this is what it looks like. That's funny right there, I don't care who you are.
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