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  1. Slim, You don't get anything for your grill, if you shoot a mouse with .44 mag. Don't ask me how I know.........
  2. .45 Colt. All week, and twice on Sunday.
  3. I think Pepsi stole it, to give to their contest winner from the 80s who never got his. Just a theory.
  4. They'll just say the brakes failed on his gurney during transport.
  5. Very impressive. She didn't even have to flush somewhere in the middle.
  6. It takes leather balls to play rugby. Men's or Women's.............
  7. Seriously, is this really enjoying travelling ? Or is it a physics, math, geography and Where'e Waldo stress inducing excursion ? I'd have an EV if I never needed to travel more that 150- 200 miles/trip. With children and grandchildren in multiple states.....this ain't ever happening for this guy.
  8. Ever see a EV with a roof rack and kayaks, or snow boards or luggage carrier? Yeah, me neither.........
  9. "He left me" - Paden in Silverado
  10. So you think you'll be able to see fine detail when you're in a nursing home? Interesting
  11. I thought we was talking about Buddy Lee. https://images.app.goo.gl/E5XHKZacE8FxnpuWA
  12. Video has some great special effect with the Stones, on the varies billboards from different eras, doing vocals and riffs from this new song. The woman in the car has some great special effects in her upper half. And, in the words of Richard Boone, to John Wayne in Big Jake...."I thought you (The Stones) was dead"
  13. Seamus, Thank you Sir. It was a total pleasure spending the weekend with you, Cayenne Kay, and the entire Posse 3 gang doing this sport we all enjoy. It was a complete "....stay for the people" experience.
  14. Yeah, and 12x the amount of water to douse them is environmentally sound too.
  15. This woman understood completely “necessity as the mother of invention”.
  16. I used to drink Powers Three Swallows. I have not been able to find it , near me, for years. I’m a Jamesons guy for good now. Their Black Barrel tops my list.
  17. He’d best be sleeping with one eye open for a week or more.
  18. Many years ago (late 80s) I attended Dad Vail Regatta, on the Schuylkill River, several years in a row. Great atmosphere and wonderful picnic location on the shore. If he has anything to do with the event, he was a top notch planner/organizer.
  19. True - rules change. But ,on any Fall weekend since the beginning of time, if Bama, GA, TN, LSU, FL, SC etc... actually pick up a first down with the play you described......it would run, in replay, ad nauseum, on the Sports segment of your local news from 7 different angles. So, your television must be off in the Fall.
  20. Good stuff and very interesting. I was dumbfounded by the joint European marketing segment.
  21. Pretty sure you ain't from SEC territory if you don't know the answer to those questions. You may not even be from Big 10 or Big 12 country. You may however be from CA (PAC 12)
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