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  1. Yes, but John Fogarty is already inside using it.
  2. Yep. Up on The Hill they all think they are actors. They play a dual role of being both "above and below" the laws they've been hired to establish. Not an easy thing to pull off.
  3. Powers is good Irish. Their Three Swallows used to be wonderful. Not sure if it's still made. And again, my view of inexpensive may be totally different from yours.
  4. She'll be getting attention shortly anyway. I understand that Nancy Pelosi bitch slapped her, and the other 3 goofballs in Gang of Four, in her new book. And, she's on record as calling them immature. Stopped jus short of saying "not office holding worthy".
  5. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Especially when other contestants are armed, as part of their job requirement.
  6. The day you start seeing, in advance, where a thread on this Forum is headed. Buy a lottery ticket.
  7. Congrats Col Cassidy! Make mine a Jamesons Caskmate Stout Edition.
  8. Mushrooms sauteed in red wine with a bit of garlic Or, sometime as as steak comes off the grille, it goes under the broiler to melt and crust blue cheese crumbles on top
  9. Greetings! I'm downsizing the cowboy loading equipment and want to trade 1:1. I reload on a Dillon SDB. I want to swap .45 Colt parts for .38 Sp parts. Here's the parts list I want to swap .45 Colt SDB dies .45 Colt SDB tool head .45 Colt shell plate and pins (buttons) Large primer slide Large primer magazine feed tube Large primer pick up tube If anybody loads on SDB and wants to swap for same parts in .38 Sp, let me know here on Classifieds. Oh, and I'll pay my shipping costs, and you pay yours. Thanks for looking.
  10. The questions above are all well and good. But, how do you train the dogs to point or flush them? That, to me, would be the real trick.
  11. It's the UK. Bound to rain a few inches in 2 - 3 hrs. It will float free on its own.
  12. Anything Idris works in is magic. Beast of No Nation, Molly's Game, No Good Deed, Bastille Day...... I'm a fan. As if you couldn't tell.
  13. Good one. Only for me, also throw in a 5th frame. Me massaging her feet, on my lap, with her lying on the couch....
  14. That one is easier for guys to get, than for gals.
  15. Robert Duvall us Gus McRae (Lonesome Dove) Daniel Day Lewis as Abraham Lincoln (Lincoin) Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill (Darkest Hour) Walton Goggins as Boyd Crowder (Justified) Ian McShane as Al Sweringen (Deadwood)
  16. Happy Birthday, Mrs Utah Bob! Bob, Keep working on your dance moves. You gotta be getting better......
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