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  1. That cow's butt hole is hooked directly to a line running to the carburetor. This is AOC's solution to the energy crisis........
  2. And, if it's a male corpse, then there is semen. And, too many seamen up there, and the sheetrock will collapse
  3. Now that is an awesome memory. From that smile, it was certainly one of his best days too. And, I'm coming over for a cut of that venison back strap on Mon. I hope to make similar memories with Gkids, once they are older.
  4. YEP. USMC loves those half plane/half helicopter contraptions. The number of missions, and training exes they utilize them in makes the danger to success ratio very small.
  5. The way this thing is going for Russia right now, they'll take any warm body.....blind, crippled or crazy. WAIT, that last one would put Vlad on the front lines.
  6. Shoes with pompoms should only be worn by cheerleaders and drum majorettes.........armed guards, not so much.
  7. America - the land where current supply chain problems for baby formula and food staples is pre-empted by delivery of Christmas decorations 3.5 months early.
  8. SDJ, Wasn't that one used by the French already, to describe the ruling period of Charlemange ? I guess it could be Carolingian II
  9. I found the cougar. And, I also found a USMC scout sniper.
  10. Poe is a great Pard to do business with. He does things "the cowboy way".
  11. I like my taste buds, and my sense of smell. I'm a Cholula Green sauce kinda guy....eggs, pizza, grits.....
  12. Looks to me like the sergeant is full of himself, rather than following what the law states. "I'm not going to let you do it" as opposed to "the law restricts carrying firearms in public". Sends a real bad message about who is in charge..........
  13. No. Only result is you will immediately go to a higher tax bracket.......
  14. I ruck, as my exercise, at least once a week pretty near all year round. The Appalachian trail is just too close to pass up. From May til Oct I wear shorts. Unless the temp drops to 65 or below in May - Oct. and then it's jeans. Rest of the time it's jeans or khakis. Bugs fear my hairy legs.
  15. Sometimes; you not only are incapable of fixin' stupid......but, you can't even address the symptoms.
  16. All in on prayers for her healing.
  17. Seriously Gents, not to belabor this but.........do any of of us even believe he knows what the trigger is ????????? Or, for that matter where it is located.
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