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  1. Good to see you back and posting here. Great saying on that mug. Gotta find me one. Nothing like an Oliva in the evening light.
  2. Have always hoped that Hollywood would turn another of Parker's Cole/Hitch novels into a movie (with Viggo M and Ed H. in same roles).
  3. I'm not thinking he was envisioning a hot tub on this trip. But rather that the pretty blue water was a tiny beautiful ocean, and he just had to get in.
  4. Good example of an actor previously trained in correct gun handling (whether it was Bad Boys 1, and/or multiple other movies).
  5. I will respectfully disagree with your comment #2. Simply look up Halle Berry or Keneua Reeves training at Taran Tactical for John Wick movies. They had to put in hours and hours of gun safety handling simply to get on the set. When our daughter lived in CA, she new a few of the women instructors at Taran. They were disciplined and tough with the actors, as needed. Whatever happened in this case will unlikely never be fully vetted. But some directors, investors, safety managers or others associated with some films......require it. Because they dislike lawsuits, and want to keep all their money.
  6. Yeah. There were probably other good scenes I forgot too. So many times, with US advert agency commercials, I can't even figure out what they were selling or promoting. This is what a winner looks like.
  7. I'm with Rye. I loved it . All the big plays were included the bunt in heels, climbing the outfield fence, a home plate sliding tag, runner rounding the bases on a hit to the outfield. Even the catcher taking one bouncing back off the plate. Exciting, memorable, fun,,,,,,,,what advertising should be.
  8. With all that mining, did they strike it rich or did they end up Baroque ?
  9. Good news. Prayers ongoing for her recovery. Stay strong.
  10. Prayers up for your recovery. Listen to what others have said and do the pt for a complete rehab.
  11. Awesome. I love a strong young woman who is proud of her life and able to show her growth in a fashion other than pencil measurements on a door frame. Go get 'em girl.
  12. West Virginia has been a hot retirement area for better part of 15 - 18 yrs. Low property and sales tax. Good hospitals/health care, low cost of living, plenty to do outdoors. Pretty certain it's in the top 5-8 or so states for retirement.
  13. Good for you Charlie! She's a keeper. And, good that your son and DIL are getting a needed break. I've not met my first grandchild as yet. She is headed stateside though, in 2 week, as Dad has dive school in FL. My DIL will alternate staying with her family (@2 hrs away) or with us for the following 7 weeks. Can't wait.
  14. Is that just because it's a left handed one?..........
  15. Yes and no. I buy my jeans long at 32 inseam (I'm really a 31) cuz I like to have a little bagginess, wrinkle with my cowboy boots. But, in any other shoe or flip flops, they get rolled up about 1".
  16. Canoodle = Chef Boyardee Beefaroni or Spaghetti & Meatballs ?????? That's the only can noodles I know of.......
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