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  1. Very nice. You are a true craftsman.
  2. Pendleton. "Let ur buck" Buffalo Trace Makers Mark Bulleit
  3. I have my dad's Remington Rand WWII issue 1911. Its in excellent condition. He was able to send it home somehow, in fact he sent two home and sold one later. Wish I had his M1 too.
  4. Welcome to the game, pard.
  5. Bailey Creek, I'll take you up on it. Send me a PM with the details. Much obliged, pard. Jake
  6. Looking to buy once fired or new 44 40 Starline brass. Anybody have any extra you'd be willing to part with? I'm asking for a new shooter. Thank you in advance, pards.
  7. Doing bookwork on the computer. Just figger it out for yourself. It's much safer.
  8. For me, what Sue said. Especially the foul language. It adds nothing to the story.
  9. So sorry to hear this. I also enjoyed reading her comments. Prayers for her family and friends.
  10. Henry ordered a couple of drinks for CJ and himself. He then replied to CJs question "ever since the war it seems like trouble has been following me around. I dont go lookin for it, it just finds me, I swear." CJ said "well maybe you just need a change of lifestyle. Maybe that purty young gal you was a talking to might be just what you need." Henry replied after thinkin a minute "you might be right and she shore nuff is a purty little thing for sure. Just then Captain John and Amos stepped through the swinging doors. Henry motioned them over to the table. As Captain John sat down he said "well things are still in one piece here as well as he noticed several of his crew scattered around the saloon. I've been going around town checking up on everyone and so far there's been no trouble caused by any of my boys. So I think it would be best if we head for home in the morning. Amos go around the saloon and let the boys know the plan." Amos got up and began making the rounds informing the cowboys in Captain John's crew. Henry said" Cap, I won't be heading back with you all. I've got some unfinished business with a gal I met. Her daddy has a ranch east of here a ways. I'm gonna go out there and continue where we left off when we were rudely interrupted. "What's her father's name?" Captain John asked. "I didnt get her last name or her daddy's name but he owns the Circle R ranch." Henry replied. Captain John said "Owen Richard's. I've met him. He seems to be a decent man. Henry we'll miss you on the ride home. Come see me in the morning and collect your pay. I sold the cattle and got a good price. All of you boys will get a little extra for helping get the cattle here in good shape. See you in the morning." Captain John got up from his chair as he finished his drink and as he and Amos headed for the door he paused and directed this remark to those in his crew "you boys stay out of trouble for the rest of the night. So far everyone has had a good time and no one has gotten thrown in jail. Let's keep it that way. Be ready to ride in the morning. Good night." He and Amos then left through the swinging doors. Henry and CJ had another couple of drinks and talked of what happened, the war and such. Henry then decided it was time to call it a night if he was going to get up early to collect his pay and get cleaned up to pay Anna Nichole a visit. Morning found the cowboys slowly getting ready to hit the trail. Some were saddling up others were in line at the chuckwagon where Captain John was doling out their pay. When Henry got his pay be began saying his goodbyes to his friends. As Santos and Cholo mounted their horses Henry waved to them and said "Hasta La Vista mi amigos." He then headed to the mercantile for some new clothes, the bathhouse and barber shop. He had also decided to ask brother Elmer to ride with him out to the Circle R ranch. Marshall Matt gave the ok for Elmer to accompany Henry. The two brothers saddled their horses and left town headed east. They came upon the ranch mid afternoon. When they got close to the gate of the ranch house, the sentry on the watch tower fired his Winchester into the air and hollered out "riders comin!"
  11. Anna Nichole replied " I tried a sip of daddy's whiskey once and I didnt like it, but thank you anyway". Henry said " if the barkeep can make something special and without alcohol for a lady, would you join me at a table and we could get to know each other better". Anna replied "I'd like that. I'll be at that table in the corner". Henry stepped up to the bar and said "barkeep, give me a whiskey and I need something special for a lady with no booze in it". The bartender was a large burly man named Ross. He was good natured but could handle the trouble that came along with running a saloon. He replied to Henry "I think I can make something the lady will like. I'll have one of the girls bring your drinks to the table". "Much obliged" Henry replied as he tossed a couple of coins on the bar and headed to the corner table where Anna Nichole was patiently waiting. As Henry sat down he couldn't help but admire Anna's reddish brown hair, the way she looked in her homemade dress and her overall attractiveness. Henry hadn't felt like this in a long time, maybe never. The saloon girl brought their drinks and set them on the table. Henry slid Anna's drink across the table to her, picked up his whiskey and proposed a toast. " Heres to the purtiest gal I've ever seen" Henry said. Anna blushed as they clinked their glasses. She cautiously took a sip and smiled. "That's very good. Thank you". "Dont thank me. Thank the barkeep. He said he had a special drink for a special lady. Looks like he knew what he was talking about". "Tell me about yourself, Henry. What brings you to town?" Anna asked. Henry replied "I came into town with the cattle drive. Had a little issue with some fellers, the Marshall got involved, but that's all cleared up now. I'm sure I look like the devil. I planned on getting cleaned up and getting some new clothes before I came in here but I just thought I needed to stop in here first. Im glad I did." "Im glad you did too. I might not have met you if you'd had been gettin a haircut a shave a bath and new clothes, all that you could desperately use, I might add, but I can't stay too long. "Why's that?" Henry asked. Anna replied " Daddy sent my brother and I into town to pick up supplies. Our wagon is loaded and my brother Ted likes the saloon on the other end of town. He'll probably be looking for me soon. I'd better go" Anna said as she finished her drink. "Wait, when will I see you again? How can I find you?" Henry asked. "My dad owns the circle R ranch about ten miles east of town. You can find me there. I'd be pleased if you'd come calling some time. But be prepared. Daddy and my brothers are all very protective of me." At that moment a cowboy who obviously had too many whiskeys staggered through the swinging doors. "Anna Nichole, what are you doing in here? I been lookin all over town for you. Who's that you're with?"
  12. Just a dusting of snow here south of Powell. Its -4 now.
  13. "I can't stand rudeness in a man, won't tolerate it." "I said I never had much use for one. I didnt say I didnt know how to use it."
  14. One of the cowboys they call Duke answered miss Margaret's question about where captain John was. He said " the captain had some business to take care of and then he's got the cattle to sell. You know the captain he's all business most all of the time. But I'm sure he'll stop in for a drink and to tell you hello at least." Duke said this while a young saloon girl named Louisa held on tightly to his arm. Duke looked right handsome after a bath, haircut and shave, new clothes and a new hat. Louisa wanted him to herself and didnt want any of the other girls to get any ideas of moving in on her man. Back at the jail Marshall Matt told Cholo and Santos that they were free to go and join their friends in the fun and they quickly skedadled out the door. Gradually the others who were gathered there, including Captain John made there way outside and off to do other things. Captain John was off to find the cattle buyer and stop by the bank. This left the three brothers, CJ and Deputy Hank in the office. When Matt brought up the deputy idea again Henry stopped him short and said "hold on Matt. I've got to think about that some. I've been alone and drifting for some time now and being tied down to being a lawman, well I don't know how that would feel. But you can be sure that if trouble gets stirred up I'll be there to back my brothers.
  15. Hoot, I believe I'll take that scale. I'll PM you my info to figger shipping.
  16. The drovers were just finishing gettin the cattle into pens beside the railroad tracks as CJ and Elmer walked up. They found Captain John leanin on the corral fence watching the cowboys and giving an order now and then. CJ stuck his hand out and Introduced himself and Elmer to the captain. Captain John replied " good to meet you both. I'm sure you have some instructions for my men." CJ replied " yes we do." Captain John stood up on the bottom fence rail, whistled and hollered " you boys gather round over here these deputies have some instructions for you." CJ then told Elmer to relay the instructions from Matt. Elmer began, "you men are welcome in our town. Congratulate on a successful drive. Feel free to go into any of the shops, stores, saloons and bath houses on main street. You can wear your guns anywhere EXCEPT in the saloons. Please drop your guns at the marshalls office before going to any saloon. If you bust up a saloon or cause any damage anywhere you will pay for it and be thrown in jail. Do not venture past the church into the residential part of town. Okay, have a good time in town. The cowboys start to whoop and move off when Captain John stopped them by hollering " hold it, not so fast I'm not done yet. What the deputy said goes or you'll answer to me. You'll pay for damage out of your pay and I'll leave you here in jail when we leave to head back home. Understood? Now Amos heres some money I want you to distribute evenly amongst the men. This is part of their pay. You boys will get the rest of your pay when I sell the cattle tomorrow. Now, take care of the horses, go get a bath and some new clothes. There's some purty gals waiting. And dont forget to drop those guns at the marshal's office. Now git!" CJ then told Captain John that Marshall Matt wanted to see him and asked him to go with them to to the office. As they were headed down there a stagecoach came rumbling into town. Marshall Matt instructed Hank to assist unloading the stage and to bring any mail back. Hank went on his way. CJ, Elmer and Captain John arrived at the office. Matt said, "John, good to see you again. Hope you had a good drive." The captain replied " we did for the most part. Good to see you again. Matt. What's going on here as he noticed Henry, Santos and Cholo sitting off to the side." Matt replied "well we're hoping you can help clear this up. Seems Henry shot those two guys that they were bringing into town for stealing horses. Even though he shot em in the back, " he's then interrupted by Hank runnin as fast as he could down the boardwalk with spurs ringin and hollering " Marshall Matt! Marshall Matt!" and as he burst in the door said "these here wanted posters were in the mail" as he handed them to the marshall. Matt said " slow down Hank let's see what ya got". As he looked at the posters he said, " well seems like Arkansas Charlie and his buddy Paco were both wanted for armed robbery, murder and horse theft. There's a $1000 reward for each of them dead or alive. This was issued by Judge Issac Parker." He then handed the posters to CJ to look over.
  17. Absolutely amazing work. You are a talented craftsman, bar none.
  18. Matt replied," now just hold on Elmer I know how you feel but my work here isn't done yet." He looked over at Henry who was lookin at the floor shaking his head with his fists clenched. Matt asked, "Henry, you alright?" I know this was a lot of bad news all at once, but it's done and all we can do now is move on." He replied as he looked up, "damn it, I shudda been there." Elmer asked " what if you had been what would you have done?" Henry started to reply, "I'll tell ya little brother", as CJ interrupted him, " maybe you could have shot some more men in the back?" Henry fired back "what are you gettin at mister?" CJ replied " I just want to know why you shot those two in the back I stead of letting the law take care of it. They weren't going to get far", Henry lowered his head, thought for a minute and replied," I had it in for Charlie for a long time and when those horses spooked and took off my mind went back to when he turned tail and ran and left us there. I guess I did what I wanted to back then". Just then the sound of cattle bawling, hooves pounding, and cowboys hooping and hollering was heard outside. Colo and Santos ran to the door and looked out. Santos hollered " it's our cattle and Captain John and everybody. They are here. Our cattle and our friends are here!"
  19. Everyone crowded into the small Marshall's office and filled what chairs there were and either sat on the extra desk or stood while Hank got the coffee going. Matt handled the introductions of his brothers to deputy CJ and Hank. When he got through introducing Henry as the oldest of the three. Henry broke in and said "I'll be damned, it's sure good to see you both again. I can't believe this is Elmer. Last time I saw you, you weren't more than a kid. Now look atcha. Hell, you're taller than I am and got a mustache and all. And Matt your all distinguished lookin bein a Marshall now. Hey Matt, hows the folks doin? Been so long since I've seen them, 1861 was the last, when I joined up and went off.
  20. Deputy C J Sabre then took over the scene and ordered our three friends to get off of their horses and then keep their hands up. He told Hank to go and fetch Marshall Matt. The Marshall arrived quickly and asked CJ what had happened. CJ replied " these three were bringing in a couple of guys horseback with their hands tied. Their horses spooked and took to runnin and this one with his hat pulled low turned his rifle on them and killed em both. They're with Captain John Anderson's outfit that's headed here now. Marshall Matt replied, "ok this is starting to make a little more sense now. Big Jim O'Coonor who has a big spread southwest of here and his ranch foreman were brought in to the doc after being shot by a couple of horse thieves. You boys can put your hands down now. We're gonna get this figgered out shortly. What's your names boys?" "I'm Clollo and I didnt do no shooting." "My name is Santos." Silence. Marshall Matt asked " and you?" "Names Henry" he said slow and low. Marshall Matt then told him to push his hat up so he could see his face. Henry slowly pushed his hat up and looked the Marshall in the face. Neither one recognized the other just yet. It had been several years and Henry was dusty from the trail and hadn't shaved in quite some time. The cowboy clothes he was wearing also made him look quite different. Henry was the oldest and Matt was the middle brother. Matt then asked him why he shot them instead of riding after them and getting control of the horses. Henry answered "I've had it in for Charlie for a long time. It was because of him that I almost died in the war. Our smaller cavalry unit was riding ahead doing some recon when we got hit by a small unit of Union infantry dug into to some rocks above us. We jumped off of the horses and took cover as best we could. Them blue bellies shot our horses and most of us. Charlie was coming up behind us with his boys and I heard him give the order to retreat and the bugle started blowing. Instead of giving us support he left us there to die. We finally were able to work some men around their flanks and took most of them out. The rest took off. By now we were so shot up it was terrible. I swore I'd get him one day. Matt had heard this story about the fight his brother had been in but the rest of war and many other circumstances had kept Henry a loner. Matt then stuck his hand out and said "Henry, it's me, Matt, your brother.
  21. Sam answered Captain John's question saying that they had been drifting around looking for work and hadn't found any and decided to catch up with the herd and plead for their jobs back. As the sun began to break the horizon and it became easier to see, Emmitt then looked at Charlie and Paco and said "hey you're the two we ran into at that ranch a ways back. You were trying to steal some horses when the rancher and his foreman caught you." Captain John asked " what else happened and why were you both there?" Sam answered we just happened upon this when we stopped by this ranch lookin for work. We had nothin to do with it, honest cap. These two shot the rancher and his foreman and then lit outa there on them stolen horses. The two men shot weren't hurt real bad so we helped patch em up so that a couple of the other guys there could get them into town in a wagon to the doc. We left there and now we're here." Emmitt asked how bout it cap, we've learned our lesson." Captain John thought for couple minutes on what to do, and still waving his revolver He then said "well, I've got a crew to get fed, horses saddled and a herd to get moving. We're already gettin a late start and I've got these two horse thieves to deal with. If I'd been there to witness this and had the time I'd hang you two myself. But I wasn't, and I hate horse thieves, so here's what were gonna do. Amos grab as many volunteers as you need and get breakfast going, pronto! Emmitt you and Sam are rehired, but you're gonna do the work of three men because I'm sending three men to escort these two into town to the Marshall. I'm sure he knows what's happened by now when those two shot men got to the doc. After breakfast I want Henry, Chollo and Santos to take these two into town. Henry, dont take any chances. Ride behind them rifles on them at all times until you deliver them to the marshall. The Marshall knows me tell him we'll be there soon. Now let's get things done. We're burnin daylight!"
  22. As the approaching horses neared the other horses that were tied to the picket line one of them nickered causing two of the picketed horse to whinny which awakened the cowboys. Captain John then got to his feet still holding his cocked revolver and hollered "whose out there? Show yourselves!" Charlie and Paco thought it best to act as innocent as possible since everyone was now awake. A voice in the darkness said " its us Cap, Emmitt and Sam". These were the two that Captain John sent down the trail earlier. "Ok to come into camp, sir?" Emmitt asked. The captain answered "come on in but come slow I've got my gun drawn and cocked". Emmitt answered back "thanks cap. We mean no harm". As they appeared in the dim firelight Captain John told two cowboys to keep an eye on them while I tend to these other two skunks while instructing Amos to "keep your gatling on our two guests". He then walked over to Charlie and poked the barrel of his revolver under Charlie's chin and gruffly said "now you both drop your belts and put your hands behind your backs. Henry, grab some rawhide and tie their hands. You other men your guns and belts are in a pile behind the chuckwagon get them collected and stay on alert. I've got to think what to do with these two come morning." He then turned and faced Emmitt and Sam and asked " now, just what do we owe the pleasure of seeing you two again?"
  23. As the visiting stranger unsaddled and threw his saddle near the fire, Captain John asked his name. He replied "I go by Arkansas Charlie." Where he threw his saddle positioned him almost directly across the camp fire from Henry, Santos and Cholo. The cowboys started forming a chow line to get a plate filled with bacon, cowboy beans, a hot biscuit and a cup of Amos's extra strong coffee. Arkansas Charlie was last to get a plate. As they all sat around eating and having coffee Charlie kept glancing toward Henry and his two friends. He said very little anyone. This made Cholo quite nervous and he whispered to Santos, "I dont like this. Something's gonna happen. I dont know when but it will. I can feel it. That Charlie is a bad hombre". One by one the talking ended the fire started to burn low and the cowboys drifted off to sleep.
  24. The cattle drovers and the herd were a days ride south of town and were setting up camp for the night. The cattle were settled into a tree lined pasture by a small creek. Amos the cook had the chuckwagon set up, the fly out and had a camp fire blazing as the drovers started drifting in after taking care of their horses. Captain John had a seat on a tree stump and was having a cup of Amos's coffee talking with the cowboys as they came up for coffee and to enjoy the fire while waiting for supper. Henry, Cholo and Santos had thrown their saddles on the ground and were lying back on them relaxing after a long day of riding drag. At that moment a horse was heard walking up in the brush and stopped with the rider barely visible in the firelight. The rider said "hello in camp, ok to come in? I could sure use a cup of coffee and something to eat if you can spare any". Captain John said "come on in I'm sure we have enough." As the rider dismounted and came closer Henry and his compadres recognized him as the cowboy Henry had a fist fight with in the saloon in Tasgosa. The fight was over a pretty senorita that Henry was buying drinks for. If the bartender hadn't intervened with the threat of using the double barrel he was holding who knows how it would have turned out since the man Henry was fighting wore an 1860 Army revolver on his hip and carried a smaller revolver in a shoulder holster. Henry was holding his own in the first fight but his opponent was obviously a professional gunman. The bartender didnt want his saloon broke up again and stopped the fight. A few choice parting words were exchanged and the gunman stomped out. Now over a month later they meet again at Captain John's campsite.
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