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  1. Hey HD, those are some nice lookin Rugers. Remind me a lot of those 44 40 Bisleys that I bought from you, which I still have and like a lot. These are even purtyier than mine.
  2. Good lookin rifle and excellent craftsmanship.
  3. Dead Eye Jake

    Big Drink

    Good news Glad for you.
  4. My neighbor has a driveway which is about an 1/8 mile long and often times people think it's a county road. So he put up these signs: First sign. Prayer is one way to meet your maker. Trespassing is faster Second sign. Turn around NOW! It has greatly reduced people driving into his yard.
  5. Prayers, and hoping for a successful surgery and quick recovery.
  6. Prayers up. May the Lord comfort them.
  7. Prayers for him, his family and friends. May the Lord comfort you all.
  8. LQ, mark that hammered double sold. I'll take it. Let me know where to send the gold. Thanks pard.
  9. Prayers up for him, his family and friends. God bless.
  10. Hey Oak Creek, Maybe the stage writers for Briggsdale and Pawnee can work that stencil into some of the scenarios when we get back to it. Good to hear from you and hope to shoot together soon.
  11. May he rest in peace and God comfort all who knew him.
  12. I have a set of 44 40 OM Vaqueros with Bisley grips and Super Blackhawk hammers. I think they're really easy to hold when shooting one handed Recently bought a set of 38 40 OM Vacgueros with plow handles. I just changed them out to Super Blackhawk hammers and it really makes them easy to shoot one handed as well. Even on days when my hands are a little stiff. Those lower hammers really make difference.
  13. An 88 year old friend of ours had it and beat it. He was in the hospital for a week or so. He has no idea where he picked it up.
  14. A truly fine piece of work. I always enjoy seeing pictures of your craftsmanship.
  15. Prayers and condolences to his family and friends. May Gods grace comfort them.
  16. Excellent work as usual. You are an extraordinary craftsman.
  17. Howdy Reb, I'll take that '66 off yore hands, pard. Let me know where to send the gold and I'll send it out on the next stage headed yore way. Much obliged, Dead Eye Jake
  18. Glad to hear the good news. Prayers for her and all will continue. God bless.
  19. More prayers and thoughts of her and family.
  20. Will continue prayers for her and family. God bless.
  21. There's some good news. Will continue to include her in our prayers.
  22. Prayers up for her, family and friends. Hoping for a speedy and complete recovery.
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