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  1. I'm loading 2.6 grain a of Trail Boss under 115 train bullet from Missouri Bullet. I load these for my Mrs. She shoots them in rifle and pistol with no issues.
  2. Sorry to hear that little bug got to you but glad you beat him and are on the mend. Good for you!
  3. Just installed runnin iron hammers in my wife's Uberti Cattleman 32 wcf. She likes em. Much easier to reach the hammer with small hands.
  4. Hey HD, those are some nice lookin Rugers. Remind me a lot of those 44 40 Bisleys that I bought from you, which I still have and like a lot. These are even purtyier than mine.
  5. Good lookin rifle and excellent craftsmanship.
  6. Glad to hear the good news. Prayers for her and all will continue. God bless.
  7. More prayers and thoughts of her and family.
  8. Will continue prayers for her and family. God bless.
  9. There's some good news. Will continue to include her in our prayers.
  10. Prayers up for her, family and friends. Hoping for a speedy and complete recovery.
  11. Dead Eye Jake SASS #105569 Pawnee Station Vindicators Shooting 1 year
  12. These pictures and stories are great. Very enjoyable. Thanks for posting. I'm a new shooter and didn't realize how different things were back then. Those action stages like the Chinese laundry, outhouse, horseback, barber chair, etc. had to be a lot of fun to shoot. Not so much emphasis on time just get through it and have fun doing it. Again, thanks and if you have more please post them.
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