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  1. Nice lookin rifle, Irish Red. I'll take it off yer hands.
  2. Happy Birthday Bill. That was some fine shooting. I hope I'm doing as well as you when I reach 84. Have a great day!
  3. Hillbilly Drifter, you sure do have some nice guns. I will take those Bisleys. I'll partner them up with the rifle I bought from you.
  4. Looking to buy a newer model 73 Winchester, Uberti, Cimmaron, etc in 38 40. Prefer a twenty inch short rifle. Thought I'd check here first. Thanks.
  5. Cobra Kid, I'll take #8. I will pm my email.
  6. My 97 is a 30 inch barrel takedown. I didn't want to cut it since the gun is in real nice condition. I ran across a 97 front end on Gunbroker that was in similar condition as mine and 30 inch. Had a gunsmith cut it down to 24 inches and adjust it to fit my receiver. So far I like it really well.
  7. Great job. Simple design and looks very functional.
  8. I am still planning to use my wood cart most of the time.
  9. Thanks for the recent replies and ideas. All are much appreciated.
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