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  1. So sorry. My condolences to you all. May the Lord comfort you.
  2. Will continue praying for her and the family. Trust in the Lord.
  3. HD, This is some sad news. As others have said, take some time and reflect on what you enjoy the most about CAS. Hopefully you can find a way to continue that enjoyment. Sometimes we can get overly enthusiastic about something and after that initial enthusiasm starts to fade it seems like we dont enjoy it as much anymore. Maybe after some time you will feel that enthusiasm start to rebuild. Don't make any hasty decisions just yet. I enjoyed meeting you in Kansas last year and hoped we could shoot together again. Take care, pard.
  4. Grumpy little sucker, wasn't he? Sorry he got you and glad its getting better.
  5. Prayers for Terry's recovery, strength for his family and friends. Trust in the Lord.
  6. Just amazing how those 92's showed up everywhere.
  7. Since I'm semi retired from farming, and have a small cow herd, I'd probably say number 1 or number 10.
  8. Prayers for you both. Trust in the Lord.
  9. I had the same problem when I tried the spray lubes. Switched to a lube pad and Imperial Bio Green. Now the 45 70 and 45 110 cases glide in and out of the sizing die.
  10. Glad to hear the good news. Prayers for her and all will continue. God bless.
  11. More prayers and thoughts of her and family.
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