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  1. Cute Kid…missed one F*** MERGING
  2. would you let a stranger use your phone? It would depend on the situation, regarding the use of my phone away from home. I would probably do what @Blackwater 53393said if I felt something was shady. Regarding a knock at the door. I have had this happen several times. Each time I was armed. Each time the person was legitimately in need OR they saw the situation and placed a bogus call anyway so as not to get shot. Having a couple of nice sized dogs also was a swaying force.
  3. I like Jewel Staite. She’s sassy and cute. Morena Baccarin is another one of those women that has a young girl face. Unfortunately she looks too much like another girl I use to know and seriously dislike. Not Morena’s fault. Just my weird mental thing. She is very attractive.
  4. That’s terrible. Mojave Greens are aggressive as hell. So are Water Moccasins. They will come for you. I will avoid them, but if they come for me they die. I had a Mojave change direction 90 degrees to come at us when camping/shooting on BLM land outside Apple Valley, CA. My coachgun shredded the sonofasnake. My friend’s son kept the rattle. 5 segments. The snake was about 36” long.
  5. Yes, I know… I am 25 in my mind though. I always thought Heather Locklear looked too little girlish in the face. Huge turn off for me. Never liked women that looked or acted little girlish.
  6. I had teachers that taught the subject of English. I had teachers that taught the subject of literature. I had a teacher and a student teacher at the same time my last 6 months of my Senior year in high school that taught English and Literature. All others paled in comparison.
  7. I have seen this “cow leather” on shoe and boot descriptions. I think it is just so customers know it isn’t another kind of leather, like; wild animal skins, dog, cat, horse, etc. It also may be an import requirement. I am not really sure, but it doesn’t bother me. The more descriptive the better, I say.
  8. The problem is the game has a chain. A heavy string or light rope would be better.
  9. Thanks Joe I watched a semi town hall meeting years ago where GOA, NRA and a couple of other pro 2A reps were on a panel. The GOA guy appeared to disdain the NRA guy. The discussion broke down into a childish pizzing match between the GOA and NRA guys. It was truly disappointing.
  10. F*** YouTube! Here’s what I don’t get: Why can’t pro 2A groups form their own video channel? Why all the pomp and circumstance manipulative bull shtuff over YT? Every 2-3 years there’s a bunch of falderal about YT and we need to take action and blah blah blah… Gimme a flippin’ break! I’ll tell you why 2A groups don’t get together. Money and control. These a$$tards need to pull their heads out of their keisters and quit playing American Indian while their nation is overrun by lily white eyes with feelings. Idiots! There! Now I feel better.
  11. “No Bake” can mean don’t smoke dope before making.
  12. Yep, Gopher Snakes can cause some excitement when found in the wrong places.
  13. Here’s a link with 13 diamond patterned snakes. Most are rattlers but a couple are not. https://wildlifeinformer.com/snakes-with-diamond-patterns/
  14. I have lived all over the U.S. and traveled all over the lower 48 states. In general the West is desert like, but desert in California isn’t like the desert of other states. Desert areas are unique in different states. They’re even different within states. Elevation plays a big part in desert temps, vegetation, animal life. Personally, my favorite deserts for appearance only are in Arizona. For recreation, like; off-roading, camping, shooting, hiking, blowing stuff up, hiding bodies…uh…skip the last 2. California high desert. Mostly because I am very familiar with it. Some of Clint Eastwood’s films were set in the Joshua Tree area of California. That is also a beautiful desert area especially in the Spring. His production company Malpaso, owns land near Joshua Tree National Park.
  15. Hey, that wasn’t the tie you had on this morning, was it?
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