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  1. THERE IS HOPE. DO NOT DISPARE. There was real and actual life before computers and cell phones.
  2. Yeahbut, Here in Warshington, our gas is mo better. We have nicer taxes.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving, but remember, "IN ALL THINGS, MODERATION". EXCEPT THANKS!
  4. Well, 85 degrees and sunny here. OK, but one out of two ain't bad.
  5. Star Trek, Snarl Wreck. BOLERO is still too long.
  6. Three interesting articles, at least to me. 1. An American RiflemanI In The Battle For Germany... Page 48 About Buck Marsh and his M1 Garand. 2. Questions & Answers … Page 37 About Colt SAA "Frontier Six Shooter" 3. I Have This Old Gun ...Page 80 About Winchester's Model 37 Shotgun. My Dad got one for me when I was 11 years old. My first gun. That would have been 1949. Brought back a lot of memories. Sixteen Gauge it is. My Grandfather and Great Uncle would borrow it while I was away at school, and take it to shooting matches for a side of beef or pork. That gun brought home a lot of meat. I no longer have as I passed it along to my Grandson. He has it now.
  7. That has to be the longest song in the annals of music.
  8. But Pat, that is such harsh terms. Take them for a hot coco and give them a big hug. Or then maybe not.
  9. YOU SHOT BAMBI. SLIM! Congratulations to you and Kaya both. Nice looking animals. But the proof is in the tasting. When do you want me to come for supper?
  10. U. S. Gyreens came into existence November 10, 1775. Gosh, youse guys are old. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BROTHERS. Beg your pardon, Bob. Didn't see your earlier post.
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