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  1. My Uncle was still in England, as replacements they didn't go over for a few days. . My former next door neighbor, and my daughter's FIL was a medic in the first wave on OMAHA. He survived the war to share his Great grandchildren with me, but succumber to Cancer after the war.We did manage to share a brew or three on occasion.
  2. Not really, Rye. The Cards were in the game strong, until the game was called.
  3. I would reckon that in 1944, the C47s would be loading in England.
  4. Not certain about that fact, Hardpan. The May issue of THE AMERICAN RIFLEMAN magazine had an article about his conversation with a worker in Michigan about the Second Amendment. Joe didn't look like he had gotten any smarter since his last public outing. I believe this guy was an auto worker in a union, and packing heat. Joe told him that he was full of s--t and wanted to take him outside to settle the matter. Joe seems to want to settle a lot of disagreements in the parking lot. Not certain that is a prudent move for a man of his age, unless he is going to rely on his body guards.
  5. There ae two classes of people in BMC's world. One class will accept all people for what the are. The other class will not tolerate divergent thought or action. I seek the first group, I abhor the second.
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