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  1. And your point is? You say that like it is unusual.
  2. HUH! All I ever got was my SECRET DECODER RING, WITH A SECRET COMPARTMENT FOR SECRET MESSAGES. But then, I never had any secret messages of importance, so it was all a big bust for General Foods and the Lone Ranger.
  3. Then what would explain Washington State? We don't dangle, but we do attract some fringe.
  4. Be careful of what you wish for, Pilgrims.
  5. I remember something about a place where the sun doesn't shine......can't recall all of the details. That could really blow his mind.
  6. I just finished reading House to House by S/Sgt. David Bellavia, about service in the Iraq War. I could not put it down. Partially, because of my time with A Company 2-2 Infantry, but because of the sheer impact of this man. All I know of Medal of Honor recipients is what I have read in some official narrative. This guy bares his soul in the book. He has humbled my opinion of my service record. I feel honored to have served in the same outfit and Company, but I have to say, he brought back memories of the men I had the honor to serve with. We had some Giants in their own right, such as Col. Ward, First Sgt. Willingham, and SSGT Buxton. These were men of Leadership. I was just a skinny wet nosed kid, but I would followed them anywhere. God bless all those that serve with honor.
  7. I donno, I like the Pirates, Henry. The Cardinals can beat them.
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