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  1. After reading part of that opening statement, I didn't understand most of the words, but it did bring to mind The Tower of Bable. Now I am wondering how my wife and I managed to get through 62 years of marriage as just a man and a woman. I kinda like that myself, and I am certain my wife does too. The girls are grown and have their lives to live, and if I wasn't around she would have no one to correct or direct. She is a delight and we have fun in our own way.
  2. Well, my wife had a heart valve replacement, and survived it. At her age that is quite a gift. Actually she is also a gift. She is on the mend and getting stronger all the time. Allie, I don't have any limes, but I do have a little plastic squeeze bottle with what looks and smells like lime juice. No tree tho.
  3. Thanks for the info Colorado. I use breakfree and grease. Thinking of trying the Moble 1 grease though.
  4. Isn't WD 40 a fish oil base? It sticks in my mind that I larned that somewheres.
  5. I have seen that kind of snow on my deck. Not a pretty picture.
  6. I found Michigan a bad place for fishing and drinking. At least for me.
  7. Yep. But lunch in between. That made it an hour and change.
  8. Washington has a bounty on Pike. Dispute with BC about fish coming down from the Fraizer River and infesting Washington waters. I doubt that they are that big out here, but they are all teeth. Anything that threatens their sacred Rainbow trout is BAD, BAD, BAD.
  9. We are in a peculiar location. Sometimes we get 1" - 1 1/2 " of snow and some times we get 24" of snow. All do to our moist enviroment I suppose. But the mere hint of snow on the six o'clock weather report and there is panic in the air. Some of our transplanted friends from warmer climes seem to think that the faster they can spin their tires, the more traction they can create. And the harder they brake, the sooner they will stop skidding toward that tree. But it is very pretty in the Cascade Range and also in the Olympic Range. Did I mention that we have a lot of hills
  10. After 5 days, nothing. If anything, my breathing has improved slightly. Not certain that is revelant to the issue.
  11. As a matter of fact, it also glows in the light. Oh wait, that is my flashlight! Sorry.
  12. Nice article Dom. Hope you enjoy Missouri. I have roots in both Illinois, and Missouri, but Washington is a long way from either. Nice country back there, and nice people. Anyway, enjoy your retirement and family.
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