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  1. When Momma has a mission, you ain't no way gonna change the direction of the wind.
  2. I am old and slow. Never quite got started. Still a work in process. All my guns and gear are virtual.
  3. Congratulations and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO OUR SOCIETY. Hope you can enjoy your retirement as much as I have enjoyed mine.
  4. It had us shaking our heads too Pat. Have no idea how much that fiasco cost, but It was a pretty penny. One up jobs are always big dollars with big numbers. Little numbers add up pretty quick also. Oh well, it was only tax payer's money. Ho Hum
  5. I have a VIRTUAL CZ Varmint. Bought it to keep up with Willie Wheelgun. It was used by the previous imagination, and came with scope rings but no scope. I fitted it with my virtual 3 X 9 Leupold scope. Sadly, Willie passed before we got to test drive it.I believe he had a virtual Savage of some sort.
  6. Over on the Cartoon Thread, there is a discussion about braille type used on an automobile. Reminded me of my other life. Before retirement, I worked for a Company that printed products on aluminum foil and sheets, in addition to other substrates. Story goes that one day we received an order from Portland, Oregon, yeah the one that is burning down, for Braille signs, for their transit stops. Signs to be printed with english lettering and Braille embossed wording (dots). Well, nobody in the office or plant could read Braille, so a person from outside was brought in to translate to the Art Department so embossing dies could be made for the Braille. So the signs were made, several hundred, one up for each stop. Major project. Rush Job. Apparently somebody dropped the ball because the Braille and English didn't mesh. The route signs all had the wrong route numbers. Whole project got scrapped. They would have sent riders to wrong destinations.
  7. That could be because of the trajectory.
  8. He has the experience, for sure. But, and there is always that ugly but, we will never get that hour back that he spent telling us about Big Al Capone's safe.
  9. Well, to add to this thread, the new and only caliber is 9 mm. If my memory is not completely gone, we went through this drill with the 10 mm. Then the price of ammunition told the true story. I suppose the FBI has deeper pockets than Joe Public.
  10. That is exactly what I am talking about. Got an email from Springfield armory, the new guys, with a picture of their new offering. I nearly threw up. Oh well, I don't have to buy them.
  11. Yeah, I know. But I am refering to the new models being touted to shoot 900 miles to 1/4 MOA and take down elephants in your yard. I guess I am just cranky.
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